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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 7, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> it seems like they're interested in making sure that their image is good. verses, really looking at the crime on the streets. >> it is not the department's decision. they are under a federal court order to investigate each and every complaint in a timely matter. >> the more people that we assign to administrative things, the less people we have to do crime enforcement. >> they are extremely stretched and it affects every area. >> according to a recent survey, in the past year, vaccaville had 12 complaints against it, fairfield 14, richmond 68. an oakland? 1332. over 1000 of the oakland complaints stem from the occupied demonstrations last year. the complaints ranged from the near fatal wounding of an iraqi war veteran with a beanbag from a gun, to people nearly upset about this on tv. for example the got a call in here from tennessee one day.
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someone was a setback there about what they were seeing on network news about occupy oakland. nonetheless, they had to take the reports, that you take a look at it and had to send a letter in response. all of which takes time. >> we investigate all complaints, we take them from a riding sources, e-mail or telephone, just walking in the door. >> not necessary complaints from people that felt that they were harassed, it could be that they saw on tv? >> the vast majority of occupy complaints were from third-party people that most is all things on tv they did not like. >> and with those kind of numbers, even with this many cops investigating, it is still difficult. that is one of the reasons why the mayor, the city manager, city council, and the police department are saying " what we need to do is bring in people from the outside, contract this work out and get those cops out of the offices and back on the streets until we can sort out these complaints. >> the numbers that you gave
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us, 1332 complaints? there's really no way to filter those before they come in, they do need to take them all with the same severity? >> it is one of the ironies but under the consent, they need to look at them. now, of those, to be honest only about 40 or 50 appear to be someone that was actually involved in something and has a complete that might go somewhere. but given the way things are in today's society, everything needs to be answered, even if it is under an avalanche. >> thank you so much. >> it could be the biggest break in the nearly two month-long search for sierra lamar. she vanished back in march and now investigators are fairly certain that a car like this one had something to do with her disappearance. len ramirez tells us that it has a very distinctive feature that should make it easy to spot. >> that is right, we're talking about a red car with a black hood, a compact jet at seen in this area where she was going to
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catch the bus that morning. she of course never made it to the boss that morning and now they think that car may have something to do with her disappearance. the car in question is a 1990's volkswagen jeddah, red in color with a contrasting black colored hood. shares investigators say that witnesses saw a car like this one in the area of her disappearance of a morning of march 16th. surveillance video from private homes, businesses, and even school buses, confirmed the cars presence where herself on imports were found. investigators say it is not a coincidence. >> we will not say exactly where the car was observed, on what streets. but in those general areas. the car was observed and witnesses have corroborated that. >> it is a very big step to ridge >> she runs a towing business and has been one of the lead volunteers in the search for sierra lamar. she called it a potentially big break in the case and says that with national media attention and thousands a low volunteers, that make and model of car will
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be scrutinized. >> i think that we will all keep our eyes open for this vehicle. can maybe pay attention of our surroundings and what we have seen in the past few months. >> other pieces of potential evidence are now being dismissed. investigators say that crime laboratory analysis of an empty box of handcuffs in use, on a dead-end road near her home are unrelated to the case. >> at this time they haven't ruled out in association with her disappearance. >> within one week of her disappearance here in morgan hill, there were two other attempted kidnappings of young teenaged girls. one in san jose and the other in walnut creek. in both of those cases red compact cars were identified as the suspect's vehicle. the shares apartment here in santa clara county is investigating the possibility of a connection between those cases and the the sierra lamar case but at this point they say that there is no connection that they know about. reporting live in morgan hill, cbs 5.
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>> pgd still looking for the source of a mysterious over that led to the evacuation of a school in walnut creek. beginning 8:15 a.m.. police received several calls reporting a strong smell of natural gas. it was right in the area of high-school. >> we wanted to get them out to the football field which is safe, outside of the buildings. so we just want to make sure that there were as safe as possible. >> the smell dissipated after an hour but as i said, pg&e's still investigating. >> of vallejo police officer killed in the line of duty was honored today at the state capitol. he died after being shot last november while chasing a suspected kidnapperobber. he was among 18 honorees at the annual lawn for a memorial ceremony in sacramento. their names were also added to a memorial honoring those killed in the line of duty. every may ceremonies are held across the country to pay tribute to fan officers.
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>> the bay area quickly gaining distinction for suburban farming. but we're not talking about community gardens or tomatoes. instead, police and fire departments have their hands full with the fallout from indoor marijuana farms. here's patrick with the story. >> the whole seconds or was on fire. i put my shoes on as soon as i could. >> that was his first instinct earlier this year, when the house across the street went up in flames. >> the whole second story was all bedroom so i figured that everyone was upstairs, and foster's is on fire than it is going to be a bad situation. >> he did not to show his face. he lives in a home in this quiet neighborhood that was hit hard by the recession. the house on fire was a rental. >> i-80 ran and banged on the door, there was no answer. >> he did what he thought was the right thing to do. >> i kicked the front door and into not see anyone. >> when the funds were put out a found that no one was living there at all.
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just a front for a marijuana growing house. >> just a fear that i could have seriously been injured. >> the vallejo police department is sympathetic to his frustration, but budget cuts have simply taken their toll. >> we currently do not have enough. we used to beat a strength of 145 and we're down to 92. and, the narcotics unit was the first unit to be eliminated. >> not just vallejo, this canyon caught fire over the weekend, also a growing operation, and with shrinking budgets for police and fire departments there is little that they can do. >> with housing market is, people are losing their homes, sitting in the neighborhoods. it is an easy target for people to come in and set up shop. >> as far as he is concerned he has no regrets to read >> you said you did not risk your life but you did? >> i did, i ran into a burning building. most people would not do that .. >> seat
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>> in less than a week nearly 100,000 californians will lose part of their unemployment benefits. kristin harris reports that it is actually a side effect of the state's falling jobless rate. >> that is correct. right now there are 1 million people in california that are getting unemployment benefits and starting saturday about 93,000 of them will lose if those benefits. currently the way that unemployment worse is that back before the recession, it worked for about 23 weeks, that was how long you got unemployment. after that, the government extended it to 99 weeks. now the feds are scaling that extension back to 79 weeks. that means no more benefits for the chronically unemployed. some job-seekers at oakland employment development department told us the news put them in a complete panic. telephones have been ringing nonstop at that office was job- seekers concerned about the cost. experts tell us the federal government's decision was part of a complex formula that factor
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in the states a slightly improved unemployment rates. from 12% a few years ago to 11 percent now. >> they are about 1.1 million californians will collect unemployment. about 93,000 will be affected right away. but as of the end of this week, a member of them who have been receiving unemployment will see the benefits and. >> it is i don't find a job by then, what will happen? so i am actually looking as hard, if not harder than i was before. >> california is not the only state that will see some of these unemployment benefit cutbacks. the same thing is happening in colorado, illinois, connecticut and north carolina. >> an al qaeda plot to foil. the new kind of bomb discovered by cia. it it was designed to blow up a u.s. found airplane.
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>> robbery and home invasion in a quiet woman creek neighborhood. how the attackers tried to their victims into opening the door? >> they were just kind of walking up, across the street, i said " oh my god ". >> it is a little bit of,,,,,,,,
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>> five people were robbed at gunpoint in their own home. the criminals ransacks the town hall near the intersection of .. boulevard and dan cross road in waldie creek. here's joe vasquez with the ploy the robbers used to get inside of that home. >> police say that the perpetrators trick the people inside of the house into letting
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them in and then held at gunpoint on the floor while they robbed them. nestled in a nice area of what creek, the townhomes of country would court are strangers to violent crimes. that changed with a home in invasion-robbery just after midnight. police say that it started with a ruse. two women knocked on the door of the homeless and their car had broken down and asked to use the telephone. once there were led inside to men that were with elise jumped out of hiding and began robbing the residents. >> one of the males was armed with a handgun and proceeded to force all the residents into a common area, and continue to ransack the house. looking for various items to steal. >> police say the five people inside of the home in the 1600 block of country would court were made to give up some unspecified items. and when one of them did not move quickly enough, one of the robbers hit him in the face with a fist. >> it is unbelievable, this is just homey and we do not get strangers and crazy people
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around here. >> police say the crime was not random as the robbers knew and targeted the victim's death. the cops say that they know the victims also. >> we have been to the residence before. >> meaning police have responded for other crimes in the past? >> correct. >> police are not elaborating on the past crimes of the victims but they are saying that there were witnesses to the getaway. and that those witnesses described a white pickup truck getting away from this neighborhood. if you have any information you asked to call the warm up creek police department. >> other bay area headlines tonight, police in east every lease the sketches of the men wanted for kidnapping a taxicab driver at gunpoint. officers say that the two forced the driver into the trunk of his taxi in an apartment complex in antioch a week and a half ago. robbing him of cash and dropping them off in the oakland hills on arms. a san jose company launching a new test, a noninvasive test to detect problem pregnancies as
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early as possible. the produce army prenatal test which looks for extra chromosomes that lead to concessions such as down's syndrome. it can be performed as early as 10 weeks with a simple blood drawing. the test should be widely available next month. and in san fransisco the jury in the oracle vs. google trial is deadlocked on a key point. the rule that google did infringe copyrights when a developer andros software for cell phones. the jury could not decide whether google only used parts of the programming platform that are freely available. now google is moving for a mistrial and oracle probably will not win major damages. >> safeway will stop buying pork products from suppliers that keep pigs confined in crates. most suppliers put their pigs into a restoration of craig's which are the same with and flags as a pig's body. safeway announced it will buy from suppliers that treat their pigs more humanely. other companies like burger king
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and mcdonald's plan to buy pork from pigs not kept in great stuff. safeway is based in pleasanton. the backlash over pink slime has forced beef companies to close three processing plants. the company suspended operations at those plants in march because they lost so much business after the national outcry against the ammonia treated beef filler. 650 jobs will be lost when those plants officially closed. >> the business,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> united airlines pilots handing out pamphlets warning passengers about possible safety issues at airports across the country. including sfo. this is part of the pilot
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union's attempt to break a deadlock on a three-year-old contract talk. pilots say that since 9/11 united has increasingly outsourced flights to regional carriers and they claim the regional airlines do not always hold pilots to the same rigorous standards as larger airlines. >> if you continue to lose that expertise and that form for pilots to go to, the level of the product and a guarantee people expect from that product, starts to stop existing. >> united airlines says they're committed to reaching an agreement that is fair for the company and employees. >> walgreen's appears to be testing the business theory that more is better. we heard today that another store is planned for san francisco. so mike sugerman is here on the numbers game. >> to find me a walgreen's ... >> i found 18 places matching
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walgreen's, 14 of them are fairly close to you. >> how many can you put in one town? one city? >> the answer to that is 67. that is how many there are in the 49 square miles of san fransisco. >> really? why? >> peta's apparently we like to spend money there but it does not seem to be enough. >> what are you building here? >> walgreen's. >> near fisherman's wharf, 7 cisco's 68th walgreen in the pipeline. just in case that you need a walgreen's before that one is done, you can come here, this one is two blocks away. this one is five blocks away. >> there used to be a lot of merrill's. they're taking over now. i guess that if you choose to you want to shop from then they can make it profitable or not. >> i would rather see a local business. >> it is going into the old tower records store that last sold records six years ago.
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and because of san fransisco high-schools the planning codes you can build a chain like a walgreen's, here, but you can't over here. that is ok .. at this isn't. >> amazing! they sell a lot of drugs here, san fransisco, come and get your drugs! >> walgreen's did not return calls but we do know that this one will sell fresh meat and produce. as well as drugs. and it will have a parking lot which is gold in this town. by the way, there are more than 50 starbucks in the city. and seven trader joe's. >> never too many trader joe's, right? >> after the weekend and today, you need those drug stores to buy sunscreen? >> you need an ice-cream store after a day like today. this was indicative of a summertime weather pattern with a 30 degree temperatures then across the bay area.
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this is one of the most warm locations in the bay area, looking at mt. diablo where we had 89 degrees. the bay area's temperatures 63 pacifica today. 89 in oakland. 93 for the last spot in gilroy otherwise a pair of 90s in fairfield and livermore which humidity down to 13%. wind gusting up to 25. currently we're still into the '70s and '80s across the bay area. a very slow cool down. what is gone on with this picture? take a good looks. nothing. absolutely nothing. we have adjusted to the north of us and we are under the influence of high pressure, tonight clear skies, official son down at 8 06 p.m. and it will be spectacular. otherwise tomorrow will be a repeat performance. nothing but sunny skies and very similar temperatures. the extended forecast calls for an unseasonably warm mother's day inland. i will share the 7 day forcast with you. the first, the overnight lows
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into the fifties tonight, 54 in concord and across the bay in mountain view. 53 san fransisco backing for south san fransisco. the pollen count will be on the high side tomorrow, blame it on the mulberry and the oak and the grasses. it has been absolutely terrific in the past 48 hours. if you suffer from allergies and you know what i'm talking about. tomorrow daytime highs close to what we experience today. 91 in morgan hill and 91 degrees in gilroy. otherwise 86 in san jose with an average high around the low to mid 70's. east of the day 90 in danville. brentwood and tracy and oakland, going further to the north towards napa at 88 degrees. north of the golden gate bridge, 60s at the beaches, nearly 90. low ninety's in sonoma. and to the south of the golden gate bridge 72 degrees in san francisco with advertise in the low 60s and mid-60's at the beaches. a big change for wednesday. that will, come in the form of
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a slackening ridge of high pressure. the inch upwards by sunday. mother's day. talking about highs from 78 at the seashore, where the coast will be clear, to the low '80s near the bay. with 92 degrees inland. alan, did you have a good week and? >> spectacular. >> the latest movie of the popular sci-fi series is being filmed in livermore laboratories. the star trek siegel features the same cast as the movie released in 2009. the filming is being done at a highly secured government laboratory. so it is a closed set. they're using laboratories national ignition facility. people in the community are already getting a close encounter with the stars. >> if you do not count the rose show. pleasanton is normally a quiet town, until now. >> they were just walking up across the street, and i said " oh my god ".
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>> on wed. venus cafe got a close encounter with cast members of the new star trek film. the crew has been filming scenes for the sequel at lawrence livermore laboratory when they arrived at the cafe for breakfast. >> it does not seem like many of the customers knew who they work. >> a young mr. scott in the film, like the omelet so much that he came back again. and this time he put it on twitter. >> the food is good enough so that he is texting where he is. i hope more people come in. >> this all has locals pretty excited. >> that would be pretty cool. >> come back tomorrow when he is here. >> there have been other sightings, like at this hooters where a 17 year-old from livermore got a picture with a cast member. but only this cafe got a return visit. >> you never know when these guys might show up here again, so the manager says that your best bet is to eat breakfast your everyday.
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>> even if they do not only return to where actors have breakfasted before, the manager will always have the memories. >> i wish it would have brought out more customers for venus cafe. >> coming up, al qaeda bomb threat. sorted. the piece of clothing transformed into a bomb designed to blow up on a u.s. bound airplane. >> did you know this election year could be totally different from years past? i will tell you why it could be all about crossing those party lines. >> mark zuckerberg takes the show on the road. what the trip to new york,,,,,,,
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>> our top story at 6:30 p.m., the cia says that have dismantled and al qaeda plot to blow up a u.s. bound airplane with an upgraded underwear bomb. randall is here with how the explosives just might have slipped past airport security. >> pentagon officials say that a plot by a yemen based al qaeda affiliate involved using a bomb inside of the passengers underwear to blow up u.s. bound airliner.
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the bomb was said to be an upgrade of a similar device that failed to detonate over detroit on christmas day 2009. law-enforcement sources say the latest device does not contain any metal. meaning it would have been able to make it past airport metal detectors. it may have been discovered through the new full body scanners depending on skill of the tsa agent. it is believed to be the work of a master bomb maker who built the first underwear barm as well as explosives planted in side printer cartridges that were shipped to the united states on cargo airlines in 2010 >> a very clever guy, very good at making bombs. he is probably their number one threat to the united states directly. >> the white house says the president was first informed about a plot last month and was told that the device posed no threat to the public. officials say the cia seized the explosive before the bomber had selected a target flight or purchase tickets. authorities have not revealed
6:31 pm
what happened to the suspect. >> this incident makes clear that this country needs to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country. and we will do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> federal transportation officials say there will be no noticeable changes in airport security because of this plot. >> election day now less than a month away, the first day that california voters can start casting their ballots by mail. in the ad campaign 2012 report grace lee explains what has changed this year that could shake up some of the races. >> we now have an open primary system, since california voted in proposition 14 which means you now and not to vote within your party. for this june primary, remember that you have more choices. proposition 14 says in effect that you can vote for any candidate no matter what party were in.
6:32 pm
the top two candidates from the primary will move onto the general election. >> it is going to be a crazy wild election season and i do not think that anyone knows exactly what will happen. >> what effect could this have this election year? it will no longer be the traditional republican vs. democrat. >> advocates for the reform say that it gives people more choice, and potentially elects more moderates to office. my own research suggests that the second part may not be as large an effect as people might want to see but we might see a few more moderate some had previously. >> it is playing out in his district which includes areas from cupertino to san jose. a former republican, he is running as an independent against the democratic incumbent. no republicans are on the ballot. wolseley's that proposition 14 will break out what he says is a stagnant state legislature. >> we are returning representation back to the neighborhoods, and away from party bosses in sacramento and
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special interests. >> walsh could have a difficult fight . he is known for banning shark fin soup in california and spoke to us from sacramento saying that his advantage is his experience. >> we balance the budget for 3 1/2 years straight. have been very difficult budgets. >> as for the effects of proposition 14 on his race, he says that actually hurts everyone. >> there are a lot of races where the same party members will go on to november and will be competing with the same philosophical bent. in november, and so that is a disadvantage for our democracy. >> what you should also watch for, has your district changed? it moves drastically for his district. and a lot of policy experts believe that redistricting could have an even bigger effect this election than the open primary. >> thank you. vice president joe biden just heated up the same-sex marriage debate heading into his boss's
6:34 pm
reelection campaign. hear his what he told me to press sunday. >> i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men million men and women marrying women, and heterosexual men are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights all the civil liberties, quite frankly i don't see much of a distinction beyond that. >> the president has taken the official position that his views on same-sex marriage are evolving. his word. the president kicked off his general election campaign in a high over the weekend. and today mitt romney held a rally of his home in the key battleground states. it is the third trip to ohio in three weeks for the gop nominee. a new usa today gallup poll puts mitt romney dead even with the president in ohio and 11 other swing states. >> stock markets tumbling on sweeping political changes in europe. the dow fell as many as 60 points in early trading, but
6:35 pm
gained about half of that back. the nasdaq and s&p 500 both saw small gains. and in france voters ousted the president there. in favor of a socialist. in a general election greek voters for support behind a political parties that were against the bailout deal. and the german chancellor party lost control of the northern states. >> not just for restaurant meals, wine tastings. how daily deal websites are helping people fill holes in their insurance coverage. >> and do you hate the thought,,
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>> look closely in the crush of photographers, you can spot a facebook ceo.
6:38 pm
he and several top executives open their first round of meetings with potential investors in new york city. it is the first stop in a two week cross-country road show to promote the company's $10 billion ipo. >> don't have health insurance? julie wants shows us how daily deal websites are giving the uninsured, and the under in short, a chance at affordable health care. >> it is a dental visit that she has put off for nearly one year. >> i just started working at a small startup or do not have dental insurance. >> rather than buying her own dental coverage she discovered a dream deal on living social .com. a full dental exam plus teeth cleaning and x-rays for $59. more than $300 savings. >> i thought " this is clearly telling me that i need to go see the dentist. >> daily deal websites offer more than dental visits. meet a doctor with a $25 living social deal for chiropractic care.
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>> i wanted to make this more available to people that normally cannot afford to come in. >> she says that it is a good way to advertise. totally worth giving living social 50 percent of every deal. >> do not expect to find deals on major surgery, doctors mainly offer discounts for elective services like eye exams, lease it i surgery and even plastic surgery. >> they're targeting new patients. usually new patients that are fairly young and healthy, and probably have money but do not necessarily have insurance. >> but this health care business consultant says buyer beware. >> i would be careful about the up selling, once a dentist have you in the office they tried to find some kind of a problem. >> but she says that she had no problem with her dentist and she will be looking for another dental daily deal next year. >> this really was a happy medium, where did not need to get insurance. i could afford to pay out-of- pocket. >> experts say these daily deal
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websites generally do confirm that the doctors and practitioners are licensed but you should never rely on that alone. be sure to do your homework, check on-line feedback can ratings before seeing any medical practitioner. remember that if you have a consumer problem or question and give us a call. >> chrysler recalling 119,000 cars because of a flaw with the breaking system. the recall involves the 2011, 2012, chrysler 300 and dodge charger sedan. the car maker says the fuse in those cars can overheat and that can cause the anti-lock brakes and electronics the building control systems to malfunction. owners of those cars can take them to chrysler dealers and have the fuse replaced. >> if you have been sneezing, or your eyes are itchy, it is probably because of the pollen. i know that i have been suffering. we will have your pollen count report coming up. >> the giants take on the dodgers.
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>> we are following breaking news out of concord, working to confirm these reports that a pitbull has mauled a two year- old girl. this attack happened around 5:00 tonight on .. boulevard. the girl is alive. a website reports that she suffered a dramatic injuries to her faced, head, and legs. a medical helicopter took her to the children's hospital in oakland. we're monitoring the situation and we will bring you an update as we get more information during this newscast. >> thank you. yoga, paley of finance? there are many novel work at regiment's these days the only one can claim the distinction of being the first sport to ever spread across the world through youtube. elizabeth cook shows us that it is literally jumping from the internet to a park near you. >> made famous on the big
6:45 pm
screen, made a slightly infamous on the internet. made fun of on the office, and now for its next trick. >> essentially when you hit mainstream it is not just the youtube sensation. the blacks who want to learn about it .. >> but mainstream does not look like this. it looks more like this. >> i saw it on the internet first on youtube. >> now they're taking classes on a saturday morning. >> there are angles of where you are putting your feet in reaching. >> taking lessons from a guy that used to spend his weekends sitting in front of a computer. >> i was not very physical or athletic but i had a lot of energy. so when i found this it was a way to play. >> we can class is an internet
6:46 pm
groups. the first jim is right here in rocklin. the free flow academy opened barely three weeks ago and have already outgrown their space. >> we're seeing similar trends in the community like what happened in the martial arts community in the 1970's. >> kids love it and girls to. >> there's nothing inherently male or female about it. >> there are some casualties. >> i fell on my wrist. i will show you in four more weeks. >> when ucf for the first time it is easy to make the connection between gymnastics, or maybe even martial arts. but the essence of what this sport is really about is looking at the world differently. >> it sounds like you look at the world as a gin? >> that is right, it lets me play, you get to be a kid again. running around in jumping on stuff. i'm 43. >> there's something about this that really keeps you curious
6:47 pm
and keeps you exploring constantly. >> the human body can do so many things. it is capable of doing a lot of stuff. there's a lot of potential and want to open up. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, what a weekend, and what a day. one of the warmest day so far this year. let's head outside right now to take a look at some of the statistics. those are the temperatures recorded today in the bay area. 70 degrees in san fransisco when typically this time of the we should be at 64. that is 14 degrees above average. san jose at 88 degrees, livermore at 90, gilroy topping off at 93 degrees and a slow cool down tonight. temperatures into the '70s and '80s, a little bit on the breezy side. and with that wind, in santa rosa, 86 degrees, pleasanton still in the mid 80s in san fransisco cool. in oakland is in the low '80s. 75 currently at this hour in
6:48 pm
hayward. a live cbs whether camera from dublin looking at mt. diablo shows 84 degrees there at this hour with clear skies, the wind is breezy out of the west at 14. official sundown at 8:06 p.m. and the coast is clear. tomorrow you can bank on one more day of identical conditions. the extended forecast calls for a warm up mother's day but wait until you see what happens between now and then. tonight into the 50s. very mild overnight .. 523 union city. this is the eastern pacific satellite. and this does not have a lot on on. we have an area of low pressure sideswiping the pacific northwest otherwise we are under the influence of high pressure. huge strong ridge drying out that this year. today we got it down to 13 percent timidity. bone dry in livermore and tomorrow identical. the pollen count is extremely high. to suffer from allergies you know what i'm talking about. the past couple of days have been terrific and tomorrow will
6:49 pm
be the same except the wind is piling back out of the southwest so you will notice mawr ave haze in the atmosphere. today it was postcard perfect but tomorrow the air quality will be compromised due to the warmer air mass. and the pollutants are sitting very close to the surface. speaking of the surface, temperatures in the 60s at the beaches, eighties and seventies around the peninsula. 87 degrees in santa clara, low ninety's in morgan hill and gilroy. 90 at the delta, acting through discovery day. 90 in danville. the highs up to 91 degrees in sonoma. 72 in san fransisco still coming down from today's 78 degrees. the extended forecast shows the return of a marine layer. cool this wednesday and ends thursday with scrub out the marine layer with an abundance of sunshine warning to the low ninety's away from the day in
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>> even before they take the field in los angeles for their most important series of the season, the giants have five key players already on the disabled list and now they're real lever has been busted for flunking a
6:53 pm
drug test and has been suspended 100 games. the 30 year-old reliever violated baseball's drug testing program, tested positive for a weight-loss drug that is also used as a performance enhancing drug. this is his second drug suspension after being banned 50 games in 2006. he has been a valuable member of the bullpen for the past three years, he struggled a little bit this year with an average of 5.06 but this comes at a time when they can hardly afford to lose any more players. >> i think every year is a new lesson and we will learn again. we got hit with the injury bug and they're trying to battle back. no one will ever replace the all-star people that we lost with wilson and panda but everyone can cheer and we will do all right. >> baseball 101. if you decide to throw a beanball, never did make it to anyone. the phillies pitcher hit national's price harper.
6:54 pm
no big deal, right? ron, the mistake came after the din that he admitted that he threat the rookie. check out, he got a back brace all template so the rookie got the last laugh and major-league baseball suspended him for five games. the national general manager said " i have never seen a more classless, doubtless, chicken act in my entire 30 years of baseball. harper stole home plate. michael phelps says that he will retire after the 2012 london olympics. he will be the headliner of the summer games. the u.s. rowing team will go under the radar. is there there at all. the rowing team trains in oakland, the men's eight must come in first place in the final qualifier in switzerland at the end of this month to qualify for london. if they do not and it will be the first time ever that the men's eight miss the olympics. three bay area rowers hope to make it to london.
6:55 pm
>> i called my family after practice and were extremely excited. >> it means a lot. it has definitely been a blessing the whole way through. even the first time and before that. it has been a blessing to have the opportunity. >> it is a lot of sleepless nights and you are nervous. you shove them off the docks and you hope and say prayers that they can do it. >> the raiders leading tackler with silver and black. the city will make $6.2 million and both sides, to agree to a long-term deal. just in case that you missed it. the favored course of they became one of the kentucky derby. >> i will have another has one clear race. >> here is a guy that had one
6:56 pm
too many. he lost control, a light went tumbling. look at how smoothly he slid. get ran out of pictures of the use the designated hitter who seems to be a better pitcher than here. he had never pitched in a big- league game before but threw two scoreless innings and becomes the first american league position player to get the win since jimmy carter was in the oval office. now it's time for the cbs 5 exclusive. >> a high fly ball, get hit deep into left-center, look out. they both go into the bullpen. >> two players over the fence, austin wakes makes the catch to prevent a home run in the minor league game. have a nice trip and see you next fall. >>,,
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