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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> a mother and daughter shot to death inside their pleasanton home. the relative who's now a person of interest. >> how suspected robber in oakland escape from the back of a patrol car >> it will be hot in spots but we're cooling down towards the coast. >> no major incidents so far all across the bay area. will look at your morning commute coming up >> good morning everyone >> it is 5:00 now, we begin with a quiet east bay neighborhood surprised by the killings of a mother and daughter. >> lisa washington is in pleasanton where police are looking for a suspect >> as you might imagine police say the circumstances surrounding the shooting are
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still under investigation. they say it was the husband and father who found his wife and daughter when he returned home around 6:00 monday evening. police say that both a mother and daughter had been shot. they have not said if they had found the murder weapon but investigators did work throughout the night looking for evidence inside the home after they were able to get a search warrant. they say the husband and father found his wife and daughter and say he is not a suspect but he is a person of interest >> the officers and countered a 37 year-old amy freeman burton had fatal gunshot wounds. they also encountered her 13 year-old daughter who also had been shot >> the daughter was taken to a local hospital to be treated but she later died from injuries. of course police are still investigating and they say that neighbors do not need to worry about a killer on the loose.
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>> a burglary suspect escapes from a patrol car and is still at large. the escape happened last night at about 745 near the corner of sixth and jefferson street. police say that somehow, the 19 year-old managed to slip out of handcuffs and open the back door of the patrol car. he was last seen running north on jefferson in a blue shirt and blue jeans >> oakland police have with an officer. investigators say the 18 year- old had a concealed weapon when an officer chased him down sunday morning. the officer believes that he posed a threat. oakland city council has a closed-door meeting on thursday to review a plan for internal investigations into the police response to occupy protests last fall.
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officials met a deadline yesterday when they submitted a plan to a court-appointed monitor. the monitor has criticized the oakland police over their planning for protests. >> this morning federal officials are dissecting a bomb that was designed to take down an american jetliner. the cia says al qaeda in yemen wanted to use it to blow up a passenger plane headed for the u.s.. officials say the latest plot is the work of this man here. he is best known for a plot to bring down an airplane over detroit also with an underwear bomb. >> this is a very clever guy, very good at making bombs. he is probably al qaeda number one threat to the united states directly. >> the cia says he had yet to pick a target or buy an airplane ticket and it is not clear if the bomb would have gone through security.
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>> i guess an a-plus is the best grade you can get. >> you deserve a gold star >> it has been feeling really nice the last few days. i think we will keep going in most spots although we will begin to see some changes on the coast. temperatures right now, 53 degrees in pacifica. 54 degrees in livermore with clear skies. this fog is what i'm talking about right here as high pressure begins to weaken just a little bit. it is staying warm outside, usually in the 60s or mid-70s. some places as much as 16 degrees above the average for this time of year. san francisco checking in at 74 degrees, at 10 degrees above the average. >> we will take you outside for a live look at 101 on the
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trimble exit and everything still looks good. elsewhere, the bay bridge toll plaza, still some road work on the upper deck but it is very quiet this morning. they did go ahead and cancel a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge just about 15 minutes ago. i guess it is no longer needed. they're doing a lane change right now across the golden gate bridge. you will still find some road work through marin county. they have to left lanes blocked off until 6:00 this morning but they usually tend to wrap things up a little bit earlier. no fog advisory's but just a heads up. obviously they're doing those lane changes which is why you see those trucks with flashing lights. that is traffic, back to you.
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>> a young east bay girl is in the hospital after a dog attack her. the dog bit the girl's face and legs in concord. the girl was then airlifted to children's hospital in oakland after the attack that happened around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. neighbors tell us it was the family dog that actually attacked her. >> this is horrible. >> the dog has reportedly been euthanize that >> is potentially significant lead in the search for sierra lamar. investigators are looking for a car that appears to be a red volkswagen jeddah, in mid 1990's model like this one here, but with a black hood. the sheriff's department says it developed the lead witness accounts and surveillance videos.
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>> detectives are now thinking it is more than a coincidence that this vehicle was observed in the video surveillance >> meanwhile, investigators determined there is no connection between the case and an empty box of handcuffs and condoms found earlier >> police in the east bay have released sketches of the men wanted for kidnapping a driver at gunpoint. officers say they forced the driver into the truck, cab of a truck. rob him of his cash and dropped him off in the oakland hills. the cab was later found abandoned in oakland. for home invasion robbers are all at large after holding up several people in of walnut creek home. it happened just after midnight on country would court. investigators say to women not on the door of the home claiming their car had broken down. once they got inside, two men
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jumped out and began robbing the five people. >> one of the males was armed with a handgun and proceeded to force all the residents into a common area and then continued to ransack the house looking for various items to steal >> walnut creek police say this was not a random crime. they say the victims do know the suspects and officers are familiar with them as well. >> occupied activist who took over land near berkeley says they have laid out plans for them to leave. it wants assurances that researchers to do agricultural work there will stop using pesticides and other chemicals. officials say the occupation has already disrupted research. there could be a court battle in the case of suspended sherrif ross mirkarimi.
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the chronicle reports that mirkarimi wife eliana lopez is fighting to keep the video taken by her neighbor from going to the mayor. >> the chinese human rights advocate has said that the chinese government will investigate abuses that he and his family have suffered. he says unofficial hand is citizens complaints has visited him in the hospital three times now. he made worldwide headlines by fleeing house arrest from the u.s. embassy about one week ago. >> everything is on the table >> the startling report on the nation's obesity problem >> what a stunned mother forgot to do after a run in with a knife wielding man. >> she has suntanned her way into a household name.,,,,,,,,,,
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>> united airlines pilots have been handing out flyers warning passengers about possible safety issues at airports across the country including right here in san francisco. it is all part of the pilots' union attempt to break a
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deadlock. the pilots say that since 911 united has increasingly outsourced pilots to regional carriers. they claim that they do not always told pilots to the same rigorous standards of larger airlines. >> if you continue to use that expertise by outsourcing, the quality of the level of the product and to guarantee that people expect from the product basically stopped to exist. >> for its part, united airlines says it is committed to reaching an agreement that is fair for both company and the employees. >> a pleasanton woman and her 13 year-old daughter have been shot to death in their home. police are not looking for any suspects in the killings. bomb experts are trying to determine whether an al qaeda explosive device could have got past standard air force security. the cia says it obtained a
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device meant when it foiled a plot to blow up a u.s. airliner. the senate is expected to vote on a democratic plan that will keep student loan rates from dublin. >> i think once called it sneaky and you called the creepy, but we have some more fog >> no official advisories issued but we can see it on a few of the traffic cameras. i want to take you to oakland, the main lines at the nimitz actually look pretty good but we have been following what sounds like a small structure fire. there might still be some roads blocked in the area but it sounds like the fire itself is under control. 9910 macarthur. westbound highway 4 is not too bad this morning. pretty quiet all along westbound and eastbound highway 4. a similar story on west down 580. so far we have not seen
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anything and it is a pretty good commute so far. this is some of that fog we have been talking about so you may find some road work between larkspur and sausalito blocking a couple of left lanes. not causing any major issues this morning all the way into san francisco. if you have an early morning flight to catch at sfo everything looks pretty good this morning everything is still on time >> we are seeing some fog outside this morning. a couple of patches making its way inside the bay, a sign that high pressure is beginning to decrease. '40's and 50's inland, as we head to the afternoon that temperature will still be soaring and low 90s in the
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valley. seventies and a few eighties around the bay and '50s and '60s towards the coast line. this crop is beginning to dig in and it will bring some cooler air, stronger sea breezes a specially tomorrow into thursday. temperatures are still above average for this time of year. a computer model picks up on some of that fog early this morning. tonight it looks like a fog will surge back on shore and move further inside the day over tonight and into tomorrow morning. 87 degrees in san jose, 84 in fremont. still some low 90s possible today but after today that probably comes to an end and then you will find the sea breeze kicking in in daly city. still a warm 86 degrees in santa rosa. by friday the offshore when
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returns and next weekend again looks super. those temperatures getting near 90 degrees in the hottest spots inland. >> a mother and her young daughter are ok after an attack in massachusetts. the suspect is still at large this morning. the man had a knife when he tried to steal the woman's purse outside a store. the woman took off running and left her four year-old girl behind. the man stabbed a woman when she tried to get back into the store. same-sex marriages on the ballot in north carolina. recent polls suggest the marriage amendment act will pass. it will define marriages between a man and woman >> there are presidential primaries today even though the nominees of both major parties are pretty much determined. yesterday rick santorum finally endorsed his party's likely nominee.
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he sent a late night e-mail to supporters are urging them to help mitt romney defeat the president in november. meanwhile the president will be in new york today talking about his election year to do list for congress. he wants lawmakers to revisit proposals aimed at families helped refinance their mortgages. one proposal would eliminate tax incentives for companies that ship jobs overseas. >> a new studies suggests that 36 percent of all americans are obese. the leader of the study says that at this rate, 42 percent of americans will be obese by the year 2030. lawmakers in new jersey are moving to ban teenager's from using tanning beds after a growing number of cases have emerged with kids with skin cancer. the american cancer society says that within the last 10 years skin cancer rates in new
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jersey have increased 43% >> this is an issue in which with an effective public response and laws we can actually change it and begin to reduce the incidence of these cancers and why shouldn't we? >> the bill would ban anyone younger than 18 from using a sun tanning bed. it has been a busy week for the sun tanning mother >> there she is, she has made her way into the headlines and now she has been immortalized as an action figure. the new doll sells for $30 on line. she gained notoriety after being charged for allegedly sneaking her daughter into a sun tanning bed a few weeks ago. the saturday night live skit was hilarious. >> she could have a real issue >> i think she definitely does
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>> changes coming to the bay area, temperatures still hot in wind and a little bit cooler along the coastline. much cooler temperatures come in our way and we will talk about that coming up >> 522, artist, as kincaid died from an accidental overdose of alcohol and valium. he died about one month ago. the autopsy concluded he had stopped breathing because of alcohol and prescription tranquilizers in his system. his brother said he had a relapse of problems right before he died. >> yahoo! ceo scott thompson says he is sorry but he has no plans to resign. he wrote a memo to employees apologizing for his inaccuracies but he did not explain why he listed a bachelor's degree when he does not have one. a hedge fund that owns part of yahoo! has increased its effort to oust him. have you ever thought about
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what would happen to on-line profile when you're gone? the governments of the state planning recommendations now advise people to make plans for their social networking pages. the government suggest appointing someone you trust as an online executor. >> california lawmakers tossed around a lot of proposals >> but nothing like this one >> will you marry me? she said yes! >> he was worried for a moment. the democratic lawmaker popped the question on the assembly floor yesterday. his bride to be thought she was there to celebrate the anniversary but now she is engaged. a great story to tell.
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>> a san francisco giants player busted for doping. also the u.s. stops al qaeda from blowing up a plane. >> police in pleasanton are investigating after a mother and her 13 year-old daughter are shot to death inside their home. we will tell you to found the victims >> a suspect,,,,,,,,,,
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>> pleasant in these usually a pretty good counsel of this is something out of the ordinary >> and mother and daughter
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killed in a quiet east bay neighborhood. a crucial piece of missing evidence from this murder mystery. >> a little bit of fog has moved back in on the coastline. >> here is a live but look at the south bay. traffic is moving along just fine but we do have some late running road work in the east bay. >> good morning everyone. >> it is 529, a lot of unanswered questions this morning in pleasanton where a mother and daughter were found shot to death. >> please a washington is there live with the shooting was in a quiet neighborhood and has people on edge. >> we're standing in front of the home in pleasanton, it is a pretty quiet cul-de-sac. police say it was the husband and father who found his wife and daughter when he returned home around 6:00 monday evening. police say it was 37 year-old
5:30 am
amy freeman burton who was dead and her daughter had been shot. the daughter was taken to the local hospital where she died of her injuries. police were able to get a search warrant when they went inside and began to look for evidence. they say both the mother and daughter had been shot but they had not said if they had found the murder weapon. they say the neighbors in this area do not need to worry about a killer on loose >> at this point i would say there isn't anything for them to be too concerned about but we are investigating >> this is usually a quiet neighborhood in pleasanton is usually a pretty good town so this is out of the ordinary >> police say the husband and father is not a suspect in the case and he is not in custody but they do say he is a person of interest. they're asking anyone with any information to give them a call.
5:31 am
>> firefighters are mopping up in oakland where a vacant building caught fire. it happened at 99th avenue and macarthur boulevard. three engines responded and firefighters were able to put the fire out quickly. traffic is apparently blocked off in that area. >> a burglary suspect is on the loose after escaping from an oakland cop car but how did he get out of the handcuffs? >> it sounds a little bit like a disappearing act. offers, also furs, officers are still scratching their heads. around 745 last night, oakland police thought they caught a suspect and a job well done is
5:32 am
what they thought, i am sure. as they were heading back to detain him he took off from the police car. when the officer makes a call about the break he tells his colleagues he has no idea how he did it but the handcuffs are still in the back of the car. officers searched the area where the suspect did the disappearing act. the suspect is described as a 19 year-old male about 6 ft. tall, 200 lbs. with a mustache and medium complexion. he was being investigated for attempted burglary and possession of stolen property. if they find him i'm sure the first question they will ask is how did you do it? >> new this morning, president obama's counter-terrorism adviser says the discovery of an underwear bombing plot shows al qaeda remains a big threat.
5:33 am
they say al qaeda mourn to blow up his airplane headed for the u.s.. officials say the latest plot is the work of the same man who is best known for the christmas plot to bring down an airplane over detroit with an underwear bomb. this latest devices a lot more sophisticated. >> this is a very clever guy who's very good at making bombs. he is probably al qaeda on the arabian peninsula number one threat directly. >> is not clear if the underwear bomb would have gone through airport security in the first place >> 82 year-old girl is expected to recover from a series of dog bites. episcopal bishop the girl on her face and legs. they say the girl was conscious when she got there yesterday afternoon. she was airlifted to the
5:34 am
hospital in stable condition. the dog has reportedly been euthanize >> occupy activists camped out on uc-berkeley land of says it wants to continue access to a 10 a. tract of land in albany and it wants assurances that researchers who do agricultural work there will stop using pesticides and other chemicals. officials say the occupation has already disrupted their research >> let's get a look at the weather >> the weather is fabulous. don't you think the fog is neat as it moves in? some people think it is creepy but we're getting some more showing up outside today. it is looking mostly clear in the better part of the bay area. mostly clear skies in treasure island.
5:35 am
couple will still squeeze in one more hot day. by the afternoon, hot in some of the valleys. 87 in san jose, 91 in walnut creek. inside the day, a little bit of a breeze but still very comfortable. 79 degrees in a word, much cooler weather along the way. >> we are hearing from our radio partners about a good size backup right now on 205. apparently there is some late running roadwork. they only have one lane open to traffic so things are starting to stack up. we will let you know when they finally wrap that up. they're scheduled to add about 6:00 this morning. in the meantime the rest of the bay area is actually looking pretty good.
5:36 am
in 18 minute drive time in those westbound lanes. no major brake lights to richmond or berkeley. we have another accident, this one involving a deer which is still inland's locking up to two lanes of traffic. no major delays yet, everything is a quick ride down was down 24. westbound 237, no major issues this morning heading out of milpitas. coming up we will get a check at mass transit >> investigators are now looking for a specific car in their search for missing morgan hill teenager's sierra lamar. the car appears to be a red volkswagen jeddah like this when you see but with a black hood. the santa clara county sheriff's department says it came up with a description for
5:37 am
witness accounts and video surveillance. investigators say the car was seen at the time and place that sierra lamar was last seen march 16th >> detectives are now thinking, is it more than a coincidence? >> investigators have ruled out any connection between the case in an empty handcuffed boxed and condoms found in an earlier search. authorities in two states are trying to find two young girls whose mother and sister have been found dead. the fbi is suspected kidnappers still has the girls. their mother and sister were found dead behind the house >> police have identified the suspect shot and killed by an officer in east oakland as a high-school senior that was close to graduation. investigators say he had a concealed weapon when officers
5:38 am
chased him down sunday morning. the officer believes chief pose a threat, firing four shots, three of them hit the suspect in the fourth hit the officer in the leg. the oakland city council will review a plan for internal investigations into the police response. the details of the plan will not be made public prior to the decision. the court-appointed monitor is now tracking oakland police reform >> there could be a battle over the video at the center of the domestic violence case against suspended sherrif ross mirkarimi. the mayor wants to video as evidenced by the chronicle reports that eliana lopez is fighting to keep the video taken by her neighbor from going to the mayor. >> a setback in the battle of silicon valley titans. why both bull and oracle are
5:39 am
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>> back now at 5:42 a.m., future markets are down this morning as wal-marwall street follows the european stock index. your continued the slide that started after voters left grease without a new government. if you want to buy a house and this is good timing. mortgage rates have hit record lows. here with how you can take advantage and save a lot money, is jill schlesinger from cbs money watch .com. >> ok, so let's start with the
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rates, how well are they? >> 30-year fixed-rate mortgages averaged 3.8%, that is astounding. 15 year rates at a close to 3%. rates on a five-year adjustable, 2.85. it starts with a two. i cannot believe that. >> i remember my first house in the early '90s was 8.5 and i thought that was a great rate. how do we know when it is the right time? you have to be a house for a while to refinance? >> yes, there's a good rule of thumb, if you can recoup closing cost within 24 months, then refinancing can be worth it. i found a great refinancing calculator. h s h .com, terrific, it helps to understand whether to make sense to refinance for you and your situation. >> anything else we should know
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about refinancing? >> to qualify for these rates you'll the 20% equity in your home, i know that may not be possible for a lot of homeowners, but if so, check your credit scores before applying. you can get reports from all three agencies free of charge at the annual credit report .com. that is not the singing pirates. this is a different one. if there are any problems in your credit reporting to correct the mistakes before you start to refinance. this process is painful. it is very painful. to not pay your mortgage broker. it is just the way it is. you need to have patience. to save money, i promise you the pain is worth it. on cbs money watch .com we have 5 refinancing mistakes not to make. >> they're being sticklers now because i were six years ago it would refinance into anything but now you need to have your ducks in a row? >> absolutely. there's really no way to get around this. so take a deep breath and prepare for the long process.
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>> think so much. >> today the student loan debate comes to a head in the united states senate. a vote expected on a proposal to keep interest rates on federal student loans from dublin on july 1st. democrats and republicans both want to keep those rates were they are. their disagreement is how to pay for that. the rates were temporarily lowered four years ago. >> 5:45 a.m., california state university trustees seem to be responding to criticisms over plans to give 10% pay raises 2 campus president says. there were expected to amend the proposal today. many students, and faculty expressed outrage over the original plan. >> 5:45 a.m., let's get another check our weather. >> i am feeling so good today. just to be here with you guys. it is amazing what three hours
5:46 am
of sleep can do for you. feeling so good. if you are headed out of the door today, we have changes in the works. patches of fog moving along the coastline but still mostly clear along the bay. and that is a sign of a ridge of high pressure beginning to weaken a little bit. areas of fog along the immediate coast line. patchy stuff inside the bay with temperatures in the '40's and 50's. still a hot day inland, 80s and 90s. plenty of seven is in sight of the bay. and some 60s out towards the coastline. high-pressure still holding on but weakening somewhat. a trough is beginning to dig in and out of the gulf alaska and moving overhead as we go into the middle of the week. that will help to cool down some mergers and bring in low clouds and fog. some patchy form is more likely to break away as we head towards the afternoon. just a few patches along our coastline and the tonight starting to fill back in, pushing further are short tonight into tomorrow.
5:47 am
we'll see strong receive breezes. still the temperatures hot in spots, 88 in morgan hill and 88 in campbell. 79 degrees in hayward and a little breezy by the afternoon. 90 degrees in danville in and 90 and his bird and 89 degrees in the napa valley. as you get into the bay the image will be in the seventies and sixties. and 67 at stinson beach. the next few days, some cooler weather on the way. then i pressure builds in and the offshore wind cranks up. for the fourth weekend in a row, can you believe it? absolutely gorgeous. >> a good-looking 7 day forcast. thankyou. outside a good-looking commute with no metering lights so he would like to beat the rush, had out now. it will be turned on within the next half-hour. no road work on the upper deck, a smooth ride into san fransisco from the east bay. dizzy was down 580 as you get
5:48 am
closer to the dublin pleasanton area. in fact lets go to the math, to assure you the drive time still in the green but even see some brake lights coming out of the altamont pass. up to 60 minutes in the westbound lanes. near the dublin interchange but still good through livermore. west on highway 4, through the antioch exits. sluggish through pittsburgh. and heading out to the golden gate bridge, this is some of that sneaking fog that lawrence has been talking about. they did do some lane changes earlier, you can see the trucks driving past right there. overall not to bad and getting into doyle drive and san fransisco. we did have a high wind advisory from the san mateo bridge, but they canceled it just before 5:00 a.m.. all along the peninsula to looks great. pass sfo if you have an early
5:49 am
morning flight. check in with mass transit, everything is good to go so far. a stream number-one, 3, muni, caltrans and your ferry's reporting no delay. that is traffic, back to you guys. >> thanks. the jury in the oracle vs. who will trial is deadlocked at a pivotal point. yesterday a federal jury in san francisco said that cool did infringed copyright when they develop their android software. but jurors could not decided school used parts of the programming system fairly under copyright law. that means that oracle probably won't win major damages. google is moving for a mistrial at that part of the case. n.c., indiana, west virginia, getting busy holding presidential primaries even though the nominees of both of the major parties is already determined. rick santorum making some news, finally throwing his endorsements over to mr. mitt romney. he said a late 1902 supporters
5:50 am
are urging them to help mitt romney defeat president barack obama in november. prince harry is the proud new owner of a humanitarian leadership award. >> he was honored in washington last night by a think tank, the atlantic council. the award was presented by colin powell to joke that this year's ceremony at a record number of young single women attending. chris harris charities include walking with a wounded which retrains and educates military veterans and provides help for wounded service members. >> he was kind of the rebel prince but now he is running into quite the humanitarian. just a good guy. he was down and south america, to great stuff. >> it is 5:50 a.m., a major recall from chrysler, the problems found in the braking system. >> a home run saving cats that is doubly amazing. see how two players go head
5:51 am
[ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> one more hot day in spots, still 80s and 90s england with a sea breeze cooling down near the
5:54 am
coastline. more on that coming up. >> here is a live look at conditions across the golden gate bridge. some of that creepy or romantic fog. so far looks pretty good through marin county. coming up, a check of other bay area bridges. >> sad news in the literary world. a beloved children's author has died at the age of 83. she is best known for books like where the wild things are and in the night kitchen. his longtime caretaker said he had a stroke friday at a hospital in connecticut. he won the caldecott medal award for where the wild things are and was turned into a movie in 2009. >> 5:54 a.m. and chrysler is recalling 190,000 cars because of a flaw with a braking system. the recall involving the 2012 chrysler 300 and the dodge charger sedan. automaker says there is a fuse in those cars that can overheat and that can cause the anti-lock
5:55 am
brakes and electronic stability control system to malfunction. owners can bring the cars to chrysler dealers and it will replace that use for you for free. new morning fog parents of young drivers. tripoli reports a drivers risk of death increases 44% to one carrying one passenger younger than 21 and no older passengers in the vehicle. the risk is double with two young passengers but the research also finds that the risks plummet's by 62 percent when there is an adult watching over that teenager. >> google will hit the road in nevada to test drive theirself driving a car. the silver state is the first to give them a license application to drive its autonomous car on public roads. the cars will need to have special license plates with red backgrounds and an insanity symbol on the left inside. the self driving cars have already gone through limited test runs in nevada and california. we will see if that catches on. passengers in san fransisco may have a new way to get on board.
5:56 am
pending final approval, the muni transit system will allow passengers to get on to any door, not just the front door beginning in july. the director says this is an effort to speed up what he calls the slowest transit system in the united states. today the golden gate bridge will open to improve facilities at the visitor center. the new center includes expanded displays of artifacts and photographs. this year marks the seventh five years since the bridge first opened. >> a reliever for the giants has been busted for flunking a drug test and has been suspended for 100 games. he violated baseball's drug program testing positive for weight-loss drug that has also been used as a performance enhancer. this is his second suspension for the 30 year-old. he was banned back in 2006 for 50 games. he will appeal the ruling and is blaming the positive test on his children's cough medicine .. >> a robbery caught on tape in texas.
5:57 am
>> it happened at a baseball game, it looked like mason freeman from the san antonio missions had a home run but look at an outfielder going over, tracking the ball down, he catches it. is that a home run? he fell over the fence? >> that is a home run. says the weather man. a home run and quite a highlight also. >> pretty fun to watch. >> why not. what is it, aa or aaa? i'm sure they are on your skin and everything else. >> for some reason i don't think that is a home run, if you tumble over the wall. >> it went over the wall. home run. >> enough said, when it comes to weather and sports, he knows it all. >> in the next half-hour, the bay area on the big screen. >> where locals are getting a close encounter with movie stars? >> dad stew drunk to drive so he hands over the keys. the surprise officers found
5:58 am
behind the wheel ... >> we are live in pleasanton where police are investigating after a mother and her 13 year- old daughter are shot to death instead of their home. >> and ope [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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