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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 8, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> there has been a new break in the search for sierra lamar. investigators have found the car they were looking for in connection with the south bay teenagers disappearance. so far there being tight-lipped about what, if anything, they have learned from that car. but len ramirez tells us that they still want to hear from anyone that has seen that car recently. >> that is right, finding the car was a very significant development and no doubt a big moral boost for sierra lamar and her family. but a lot of questions are not answered by the finding of the car. there's still no sign of sierra lamar. she has not been seen or heard from in almost two months and investigators say that they do not want to jeopardize the investigation by giving up too much information. >> we do have the vehicle in custody, in 1990 volkswagen shed at that is believed to be associated with the case. >> the biggest break in the case so far.
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investigators are now combing through the car for evidence for clues to sierra lamar and her disappearance. these are surveillance video of the car driving in the morgan hill area around the time she went missing. but the sherrif sergeant is not saying that when or where the red car was found, or who it belongs to. >> we don't have a person of interest yet so we are hoping that some evidence, if anything that will be yielded from the car, will lead us in that direction. >> what is significant is that it was released to the media yesterday. and now we actually, law enforcement has the car. >> she says the development will boost energy in the case, now almost two months old. >> i see this as something physical, and it is going to definitely speed up the progress, as far as coming up with answers, leading us closer
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to sierra lamar. >> the photographs to not show a driver or sierra in the car and investigators are not saying what role they think it played in her disappearance. they're still looking for help to find those answers >> detectives cannot stress enough that they need people to come forward, with any information they have about this red volkswagen jeddah. if they saw it on the day that she disappeared on march 16th, before or shortly after her disappearance. >> investigators are asking anyone with information that could help in this investigation to call the santa clara county sheriff's department. in the meantime the shares department is conducting searches of waterways, and reservoirs, and cattle stock tanks in the area. tomorrow volunteers will be gathering again at burnett middle school, they will be going out to continue the search for sierra lamar in the area. >> thankyou. a mother and father are facing child endangerment charges tonight after their two year-old son was mauled by the family
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pitbull. it is the second time any state toddler has been attacked by a dog in as many days. here is what has happened to the pitbull in this most recent attack. >> the dog is here at the animal shelter in dublin, under quarantine and being examined for rabies. the boy is likely going to need surgery and it looks as if his parents are going to need an attorney. >> the alameda county sheriff's department says that 2:00 a.m. a six year-old pitbull german shepherd mix attached a two yearattack the two year-old boy. he was taken to a hostile cuts to his cheek and here and i. >> the child will certainly need to have surgery to repair the injuries. they're not life-threatening. >> the sheriffs department says the 36 year-old father, and mother, were arrested on charges of child endangerment. the mother however was released to the hospital to get treatment to a cut on her finger, perhaps an injury from the dog.
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the house was a mess. >> this house was in terrible condition. it was not fit for a child to live there. >> authorities say they have not pinpointed where the attack occurred. >> we're looking into all avenues, whether this attack occurred in the house, or whether it occurred outside of the house. we were unable to find any physical evidence to corroborate 100 percent of their story. >> neighbors say the family has lived here for decades and occasionally see the grandchild. >> i have seen the dogs on the streets. they're not necessarily aggressive. >> they're very well behaved. as far as i know. >> the family did not want to talk to reporters but did let a neighbor inside. when he left he said the jobless ok and he got the impression the injury was minor. >> they are concerned, but they realize that it is not as serious as some people are thinking. claiming. so, i think it is kind of a non
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issue. >> the child is now in the custody of child protective services. the dog will remain at the shelter for 30 days, it will be scheduling a vicious dog hearing. >> the police said that they were having trouble getting accurate information from the family but i am wondering, this happened at 2:00 in the morning. was a child sleeping when this happened? >> the 3 right now there have been told is that maybe the child got out of bed, and ran into the dog. maybe the dog came in. but they have not found any physical evidence of where the child was actually attacked. >> animal service workers have euthanize to the pitbull in yesterday's attack on a two year-old concord girl. she was flown to hospital yesterday evening with non-life threatening injuries to her face, legs, and neck. the dog is being tested for rabies. results are expected within days. >> pleasanton police are investigating the shooting death
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of a mother and her 13 year-old daughter. investigators say that the woman's husband, the girl's stepfather, called 9 1 1 after finding the two of them last night. police found a gun at the scene but have not determined whether it was the gun used in the shootings. the husband is not a suspect. >> because he discovered the body, and the bodies. and called 9 1 1, he was the only other residents in the home. he is a person of interest. the only person that we have at the scene so far. >> the family had just moved to the neighborhood from the midwest in december. >> a soldier from alameda has died in afghanistan. staff sergeant thomas fogarty was killed sunday when enemy forces attacked his unit was an explosive device. that is according to the department of defense. he was 30 years old, and a member of the 25th infantry division. >> california's tax collection goals are falling painfully short of projections. the state controller says that april will really hurt. we are behind $2.5 billion for
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the month, but a study% less than expected. the state is now $3.5 billion behind its tax calls for the fiscal year. the governor will release an updated budget plan monday. some california lawmakers say that they have a plan to save state parks. more than 50 parks set to close this summer because of budget cuts. today democratic senators announced a proposal that they say it would keep the gates open. their plan is to shift millions of dollars from existing state accounts like road maintenance and a septic system repairs, to cover park cost. the senate subcommittee will hear the proposal tomorrow. a long time bay area researcher has found herself caught in the middle of the latest occupied protest. mike sugerman spoke to the uc berkeley scientist that says that protesters are threatening her life's work. >> the occupation of the nit tracking now in its third week.
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police come every day but let them stay. as you say there are now protest to the protesters. >> normally this is a corn field. >> it is fair to say that she knows this plot of land better than anyone else alive. >> the work that we have been doing for 30 years is studying basic processes in plants. >> 30 years of this land in albany to read starting as a graduate student. her research for the agriculture department could help corn survive drought conditions. but not today. her field are, for the first time, off limits. normally she would be preparing the plants. >> 60,000 plants. >> this is occupy the farm, protesters calling with a renegade plot. dr. sarah haze is a veteran of the '60s movement and an organic farmer. the fields of research have become collateral damage in the occupied movement. >> why is my corn in a way of
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your flight? >> she came to talk to the occupied protesters. they have talked before and farmers decide the course together. their latest proposal >> we allow you to continue to do your research this year, and allow the eastern field to remain as a community garden. >> that would be fine, says the doctor but you see will not help her as long as occupied is here. >> i would have to become an occupied protester to form? because you're not going to leave, and so i need to join you in order to get my corn planted. >> it is not like they're even on opposite sides of the issue. they seem to be fighting the same battles but she does not like the potential outcome that she sees. >> the end of this will be the university going " to hell with the agricultural states, we'll just put in some buildings ". >> eventually she left, not feeling any better than when she came. >> they say " come on in, plant your plants, they say it is the university that is stopping the
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research from golan. so the standoff here continues. >> because the university is funding yet, so there will not be any money for it? is that the understanding? >> that is part of it but mostly they need the tractors to come in here, too till land, and it won't come in here well occupied is still here. so that is why she says that she cannot to her research. occupied protesters say that they will help her. >> what is her window of time to get the corn in the ground? >> june 1st, about two weeks. >> just one can ruin an entire neighborhood. the tricks that banks are using to avoid steep fines on foreclosed homes becoming eyesores to read >> they're popping up all over the bay area. safety measures from bicyclist that you just cannot miss. >> we have some of the very old ones during >> and up close look at the
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>> in the battle against blight, there is a problem gray area that is an open door for the eyesores. a bay area city wants to all banks more responsible. but the mayor of oakland told kristen airs how she thinks the banks are trying to avoid accountability. >> and abandoned home, overgrown weeds, a mattress strewn across a lawn. francisco says it is a scene that has become commonplace in his east oakland neighborhood. >> the use it as a dump. they throw a lot of wood and garbage, it used to be a nice neighborhood but now this
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trashy. >> the foreclosures have been destroying entire neighborhoods. >> 2 years ago the city of oakland crack down on banks, requiring them to register and cleanup foreclosed properties or face fines of $1,000 per day. >> we have collected $1.4 million in fees. >> except for one critical loophole, the problem is that these homes are not foreclosed, not yet. they are in the fall, and she believes that banks are purposely refrain from foreclosing to keep from having to clean them up. >> some banks delayed a ton from sending the notice, that the buildings are about to be put into foreclosure, until the actual closing of foreclosure. >> in the meantime the home falls in disrepair traditional it should be responsible to keep the house clean. >> the ordinance would maintain a home as soon as it went into default and if a tenant to remain on site the bank would be forced to to all utilities on.
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for dozens of activists that showed up at a committee meeting today, this is a necessity that could change blight in oakland. the ordinance was expected to pass today's committee hearing, it would go forward to the city council for a vote on may 15th. >> thank you. >> another potential financial blow to uc students, they could soon face significantly higher tuition, again. university officials are considering a plan to raise tuition by six percent this fall. that is if the state does not increase funding by $125 million for the upcoming academic year. the increase would nearly double what students paid five years ago. the amount of that proposed tuition hike could change based on the state's ever-changing budget situation. >> new developments in the suspended san fransisco sherrif's ethics case. a superior court judge delayed a hearing to decide if a video of
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his wife's bruised arm will be used in the hearing. the city attorney's office wants to use the video which purportedly shows a tearful woman complaining to a neighbor that her husband had repeatedly abused her. her attorney says the release of the video would publicly humiliate her clients. >> no crime victims should have their image go viral. and that is my concern. it is hurt in particular, and crime victims in general. >> a judge ordered both sides back in court one week from today. other bay area headlines now, thursday his bicycle to work day and you may notice a lot of cyclists on these bright green bicycle lanes. at least seven bay area cities have either put them in or have plans to install them. they're designed to make it easier for drivers and cyclist to recognize the lanes. officers in the most dangerous city in california are getting ready to honor their fallen colleagues. tomorrow will be the 16th annual
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police officer memorial in oakland. they will honor 51 officers that died in one of duty. >> we go underground to investigate the bay area sewer system, it is causing a stink. that is in two minutes. >> go ahead, gathered near the tv set and take a good look at today's high temperatures across the bay area. 65 in half moon bay, 30 degrees warmer in gilroy. toothpaste is not formulated for cleaning dentures, the abrasives in the toothpaste actually create those micro fine scratches in the denture, and that's where bacteria can grow and thrive. these are the very bacteria that can cause bad breath.
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>> we have watched a colossal effort to prepare for the next earthquake. those projects, like the bay bridge, usually on fold in plain sight but the last big job still to be done lies just beneath your feet. a phenomenon that no unexpected
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is making an already bad problem even worse. >> another rainstorm comes to the bay area, and with it, another test for what you might call an antique. >> who started building this during the gold rush. there is still 53 mi. a brick sewers and it could fail in multiple places. >> today we get a close look at them. first a mandatory safety training. >> it takes three or four breaths before you pass out ... >> then a jumpsuit, air quality testing equipment and finally, into a sewer tunnel that dates back to the second world war. and this is not even one of the older ones. >> we have some of the very old ones in the mid-1800s. >> they're all taking a beating. >> this is a see right here, so we would have this sealed up. we're looking for any missing bricks, that would be down here. >> the elements and the traffic and everything else is bombarding the system?
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>> everything that happens aboveground affects what is happening belowground. big trucks are constantly shaking the ground. >> shuffling along we are surrounded by a patchwork of connections. new and old. >> we inspect them to make sure there's no infiltration. >> it is not just killing sewage. >> is a combined system, it is rain water, and sewage that all runs in one system. >> a strong enough rain injured in an underground traffic jam. >> the uc how this is right here, this was a slow line, >> that is when the real problems start. >> what happened two weeks ago with folsom st., and the rain. >> you can see that pretty stuff, that is all sewage ... >> it has nowhere to go because these are full so it comes out of the events. >> then there is a challenge far more powerful than a rain storm. sea levels have risen 8 in. in the past century and city
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engineers are planning for another 16 in. of rising by the year 2015. >> when i came here in 1990, there was never a time when the tide was actually higher than the sewer. last year we had seven events. that saltwater is now coming into the system. >> salt water flooding an already wounded infrastructure. >> it starts to deteriorate ... >> replacing the tunnels will cost billions of dollars. and utility officials ask you to consider the alternative to an effective source system. >> without it we would be a third world country within 30 days. >> what will a full-scale sewage replacement due to your neighborhood? just as people live along cesar chavez street. >> we will have to tear apart parts of the city to fix it, there's no way around it. >> ripping out the gold rush past hopefully in time for the city seismic future. >> how ambitious is this plan?
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right now the city only replaces 5 mi. of sewer line every iran that could soon jumped to 70 mi. per year. if you have a story ideologue onto and you can click on connect and scroll down to closer look to send me an e- mail. >> on the eighth day of the month of may we had the warmest day so far this current warming trend. topping off at 95 degrees in gilroy, 93 in livermore. and that number is well above the average of 74 degrees. 68 degrees in san fransisco, five degrees above normal, 88 in san jose. i am suspect of that 84 degrees in san to rosa. i think it is warmer than that when you take into consideration that was 87 in san the cell. right now a la cbs 5 weather camera looking out to the inland areas where we currently have 87 degrees in livermore. 64 in san mateo and also in san
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francisco. we do have a few cirrus clouds whipping across, a change in the atmosphere but tomorrow the air quality will be improving, except north of the golden gate bridge, due to the wind. it will increase out of the west. good air quality east of the day. your weather headlines, a pocket of fog at the beach is tonight's overnight otherwise tomorrow, a cooler day. you'll feel the difference in the inland locations. some modest cooling along the coast and then unseasonably warm day slated for mother's day. tonight overnight with a starry sky, '40's and '50's, 53 mountain view and low 50's in napa. the pollen count. you're sneezing and coughing, we have the pollen count on the high side. and speaking of highs, tomorrow's numbers in the 60s at the beaches. temperatures in the low '80s in the santa clara valley. an average high of 74. west wind between 15, 86 degrees
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in brentwood and oakley. to the no. 84 degrees, and napa, while pleasanton tops off at 86 after a high of 94 degrees. and we will have the numbers run from the 60s at the coast, all the way through the '70s and into the 80s. san fransisco at 68 and low '80s in daly city. the extended forecast calls for a few degrees cooler by thursday. then high-pressure begins to strengthen on friday. that will set the stage for a dry weekend. humidity and on mother's day, 90 degrees in inland areas and a dry pattern continuing through this time next week. that is or pinpoint forecasts. >> astronomers call it a stellar murder. they say that they found evidence of a super massive black hole eating a star that got too close. this computer simulation by nasa shows the black hole spewing out an orange arc of helium after sucking and shredding the
6:26 pm
start. the star was 2.7 billion light years away, scientists have spotted so-called stellar murders before. but this is the first time that they have identified what got devoured. >> the plot to blow up a u.s. bound airplane, what we're learning tonight about the c.i.a.'s secret that stopped it. >> you may be the fastest text message around. but how is your handwriting? i will tell you how penmanship can affect this year's election. >> i had a woman see a photograph of her father for the first time, and she burst into tears in the research room. >> it was headed for storage to be locked away for eternity. be l[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it!
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we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. >> >> many young california voters may be disenfranchising themselves, and not even realizing it. grace lee shows us that many are literally signing away their voice in the political process. >> that is right. we all know that most teenagers and young adults spend more
6:30 pm
time texting instead of using a pen. and the registrar believes it is affecting their handwriting. the problem is that it is so bad that i have had to throw out ballots. >> it is beautiful and nice to get a letter because you think " here's a hand writing i recognize and remember ". it is very personal. >> does the upcoming generation hold handwriting in high esteem? we decided to ask berkeley students how long it had been since then picked up a pen. >> when was less than you can grow something? >> yesterday. >> what was it? >> it was an exam. >> what about outside of school? >> i cannot think of one. >> i definitely think that some of the riding is being lost. it is going into a laptop or computer. >> and contra costa county the county registrar believes that it is a trend among young adults and says that it could have huge ramifications. >> you are saying that this
6:31 pm
could affect the outcome? >> yes, we have had elections word as to those one way or the other. >> his research shows that voters under the age of 40 are malarkey to have their boats storm out because the signatures are in a consistent meaning that the signature on the registration does not match the one on their mail in ballot envelope. he says that to reject a ballot the differences are stark and showed us the example. >> we compare those. that is a comparison. that would pass. that does not. this ballot, would never be open, would be set aside a challenge, they go to a challenge board and another board looks at it and they say " it does not match, and it would never be opened. >> is it sad that you're seeing is in younger people? >> it is sad because this is the most underrepresented group in the voter registration goals. >> he says that voters on the age of 35 represents a whopping half of all rejected ballots. his advice, pick an official
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signature and stick to it. >> is this happening in other places? in his words, we are as typical a suburban community as you can get and he believes that if it happens here it happens everywhere. >> thank you. another clean sweep for mitt romney, the gop nominee in waiting collected three more primary wins in indiana, n.c., and west virginia. that should put the former massachusetts governor within 200 delegates of officially clinching the republican presidential nomination. but there was much more than that happening in today's contest. voters in north carolina just slammed the door shut on same- sex marriages. they approved a constitutional amendment to defining marriage as a union between a man and woman. n.c. becomes the 30th state to adopt such a ban. and in indiana the long serving republican in the senate is out. senator richard lugar lost his reelection primary race to the state treasurer, ending nearly
6:33 pm
four decades of service. murdoch was backed by the tea party which argued the 80 year- old man had become " too moderate ". and democrats in wisconsin picking a nominee to challenge republican gov. scott walker in a june recall election. he and other republicans fighting for their political lives after pushing through a law that strips most unionized public workers of their collective bargaining rights. >> a student loan interest rate debate is stalled on capitol hill. the democratic sponsored bill would extend low interest rates on federal subsidized loans for another year. but today senate republicans blocked it from moving forward because they don't agree on how to pay for it. >> this is a manufactured controversy. we all agree that rates should not be allowed to go up. >> but 71 5 million students will see their interest rates doubled this summer if both sides don't come to an agreement.
6:34 pm
>> developing news, in the foiled al qaeda plot to bring down a jetliner, the would be a farmer was an undercover operative working with the cia. sources say he was an intelligence agent who convinced the terror network into giving him the new nonmetallic bomb. it had been designed to easily pass through airport security and right now the fbi is dismantling that the vice. >> bomb analysts are going through right now, to see exactly what this device is capable of. can it penetrates our detection systems? and what do we need to do to guard against it? >> ad agency the device is a more refined version of the so- called underwater bomb that malfunction on board an airplane in detroit 2009. the undercover operative is now safely out of yemen. >> it is unclear when the trial george zimmerman will begin. he is the neighborhood watch volunteer accused of murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. today his lawyer waved his client's right to a speedy trial.
6:35 pm
he wants to request more time to ready a defense. ms. zimmerman has pled not guilty to second-degree murder claiming self-defense. he was released on bail two weeks ago. >> for the first time the fda could recommend some people take an hiv drug as a preventive measure. drug regulators are discussing the popular medication this week. if the plan is approved, the maker of the drug would be allowed to market it to people who are at high risk of contracting hiv through sexual intercourse. critics of the plan say the drug only works when it is taken daily and that some may often forget to take the medication. >> do you owe more on your home than it is actually worth? coming up, mortgage help could be coming your way. >> i said basically " over my dead body ". >> the feds wanted to,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> if you owe more on your home than it is worth and you may want to check the mail. on the consumer watch. chilly watts tells one of the nation's largest banks has sent out letters that could lead to a principal reduction for people. >> for some, bank of america says they have contacted some of their more than 200,000 eligible customers as part of the $25 billion settlement with five major banks over those allegations of foreclosure abuse. qualifying customers must owe more than the property is worth and be at least two months behind on payments. but they could see the ping is reduced by an average of 30%. bank of america expects to contact all canada's by september. and for government-backed student loans, the news is not so good today. the interest rate is still going to double on july 1st. unless something is done. that is because the senate blocked a proposal that would have extended lower interest rates for students by raising taxes on corporations. both democrats and republicans
6:39 pm
contend it will not let the rate increases happened. they just cannot agree on how to make up the $5 billion it could cost. if congress fails to extend lower rates than millions may end up paying about $1,000 more per year. and you cannot believe everything that you read on the internet, it turns out that holds true for facebook. consumer reports found one out of every four facebook users lies on their profile. and it is not just to impress old friends from high school. often it is to protect their privacy. some facebook liars say the use incorrect or incomplete names to hide from employers and others list fake birth dates to foil potential identity thieves. but millions of users also have over share, they don't set the privacy controls and reveal all of their post to binh thai luc two their entire networks and a share travel plans that could be viewed by would-be burglars. something to think about. when testing privacy settings mosul don't even touch them.
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>> thank you. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening everyone. go ahead and take a look at the contour map because today we had a good 30 degree temperatures then. from the coast at 65 all the way to gilroy at 95 degrees. now the cool down and the areas that will experience it, as i would this news continues on cbs 5. >> i.m. at the coliseum or the oakland a's play tonight, they have suffered what could be a potentially very serious situation. we will tell you what happened to the a's ro,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> bay area history that was almost lost forever. marriage licenses, birth certificates, photographs. from thousands of local families. the fed's wanted to destroy it all, or. . linda yee is here with what it took to save and what people can learn about their past. >> the chinese that came in as
6:44 pm
merchants and laborers and railroad workers. emigration interrogation transcript. artifacts, in some cases 100 years old. >> marriage, lineage documents from china, that are like 8 ft. long and in silk. i have seen a file of a chinese immigrant where they put his whole leather wallet in the final. he was killed in a gambling raid in oakland. >> a time capsule in the national archives building in san bruno. >> just the other day i had a woman see the photograph of her father for the first time. she burst into tears in the research room. so just those kinds of this rule reactions make you realize how much this means to our researchers. >> the government targeted most of the dusty files for destruction. others were headed for storage in the national archives limestone caves in misery. locked away for eternity. >> and i said basically " over
6:45 pm
our dead bodies ". >> a coalition of community groups fought to keep the historic documents in the bay area. it took 15 years, four presidents, and a final push by the late congressman and congress woman jackie spirit to save the collection. asian immigrant records one century old are now preserved in climate controlled rooms. open for public viewing for the first time beginning this summer. rosalynn from the national japanese american historical society says that the files documents evasion contributions to california and american history. >> it is an immigration case filed, of an 18 year-old woman when she came to be married. >> people have buried their past, world war two was not good for japanese americans having gone through the incarceration camps so there's a lot buried history that could be investigated and further
6:46 pm
revealed. >> it is also personal for her, she got a preview of her grandparents history that has been stored for 70 years. >> the details of all of their addresses, their places of business, what they did, how much money they brought over, it is all there in the archives. >> this is one of the rare finds at the archives. it is actually the marriage certificate of my grandparents. they brought with them from china and it list three generations of our family and even tells what villages they were from. 43,000 alien case files for those that enter the united states before 1910 were released in the first phase. millions more will follow in the coming years. descendants now have a window to their past. >> and for more information on the immigration files, contact the national archives. you can find a link at, just click on news. >> from the cbs 5 weather
6:47 pm
center, good evening everyone. we had a 30 degree temperatures stand in the area similar to a summertime weather pattern and now on tuesday evening alive cbs 5 whether cameras showing you the city of san fransisco where today we cool 10 degrees but still topping off in the high 60s. look at the flags there. the wind blowing out of the west at 80 m.p.h.. 61 degrees. clear skies but cool conditions. we will see pockets of fog at blinding the immediate seashore. a modest cool down for wednesday and the extended forecast calls for a bump in the temperatures by mother's day. '40's and '50's overnight, pacific at 50 degrees. otherwise we do have a beautiful area of low pressure will to the north of the bay area. and the only way it is affecting us is that it is banging against the ridge of high pressure. flattening it out so we will have cooling tomorrow and then the weather pattern holds for a couple of days before high- pressure expands and builds in
6:48 pm
and there's a war began on tap. the numbers tomorrow, still averaging above normal for some of the year by four degrees in san fransisco. 12 degrees in concord. 74 is the average high in livermore, forecasting 85 degrees but that is down from today's high of 93 degrees. and there you have the temperature forecasts for san jose and santa rosa. air quality tomorrow will be on the moderate side, north of the golden gate bridge. other was a big problem for many people, including me, it happens to be the pollen and it remains on the high side so if you suffer from allergies, another problematic day tomorrow. even though the wind is more western, but along the coast once the fog lifts we will have numbers in the '60s. between san mateo and belmont into birling game in the low seventies and we pump up to the 80s in redwood city and to palo alto. 80s common throughout the santa clara valley.
6:49 pm
it was 94 in pleasanton and that will cool to 86 tomorrow but the him if he remains very dry. than 60 in the forecast for stinson beach and then jumping through the '70s in mill valley all the way to the mid 80s in sonoma. low 60s will be common with a bit of a sea breeze in daly city. the extended forecast calls for a slight cooling tomorrow, then we hold on to that weather pattern thursday and numbers increase friday through the weekend. 90 on mother's day, with a dry weather pattern,,
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6:52 pm
>> hello everyone from the coliseum where the oakland a's, with a 15/14 record host the toronto blue jays but we have bad news. let's show you the rookie slugger who was hitting batting practice tonight, and he was hitting bombs when he hit a soft fly ball to right, then he left the batting cage grabbing his wrist in pain. he was on able to pull his batting glove off of his right hand because his left hand was injured. he has been cut from the lineup tonight, we do not have further
6:53 pm
information on his condition, we will try to get an update. this was supposed to be a rebuilding year for the oakland athletics in fact many so-called experts said that he was building a team for a new stadium down in san jose but in the famous words of gomer pyle ... >> surprise surprise surprise ". a surprising the from the oakland athletics, as they have a 15/14 record, he is hosting the blue jays tonight. they have the second place record in the american league west. it just came back from a winning road trip that saw them take five out of nine games from the tough american league east including two out of three from tampa bay who have lost one game at home before oak lawn came to town. the a's are third in the american league. you incredible 10 for a great deal of that success. the a's relievers have a 2.59 era and had not allowed an
6:54 pm
earned run in 15 and two-thirds innings. ryan cook is the man leading the charge. the right-handed reliever has yet to allow a run in 14 and two-thirds innings. brian cook is off to a great start. before we talk about yourself, there was an injury in the batting cage tonight. did you hear anything in the clubhouse? >> i have not. i have not had a chance to speak with him. he was down there getting treatment. hopefully he will get back out there tomorrow or as soon as possible. he is one heck of a player. >> he is one guy you can ill afford to lose. let's talk about yourself, no runs all-out. have you ever had that kind of a street? >> not that i know of. i do not even know, i cannot have told you that there. >> that is news to you? >> i mean, going back to last season, i cannot tell you. but when i go out there i'm just trying to make pitches and get
6:55 pm
the ball to the closers hands. and hopefully get us a win. if i make good pitches it gives us a better shot. >> you had four strikeouts against baltimore in one inning. you join and exclusive list. has that ever happen in your career? >> i have never done that before, that was fun. that was a blast. i was locked in that night and the results took care of themselves. >> you made baseball history. people believe that when you join the team it was a rebuilding year but it does not appear that way. a game over 0.500, do you feel that your in that mode or can the a's be a contender? >> you never feel as a team that your in rebuilding mode. the goal is to go out there and win every night. want to win and we want to win now. every chance we have the opportunity to do that, we're going to give it everything we have. >> you did not want to be a baseball player, your father was a drag racer and you were racing cars, was that your true passion?
6:56 pm
>> i love them both the same. i don't want that message to be twisted. i was definitely in love with baseball as well. but i mean, >> there's nothing like the thrill of driving a race car? >> i mean, yes, i can say that. >> congratulations, and continued success. >> thank you. >> we have more breaking news. josh hamilton, the rangers slugger had four home runs in one game tonight against baltimore. 16 players have hit four home runs in the game including the giants' willie mays, josh hamilton making it 3 tonight. let's go back to san fransisco. >> thank you so much. we want to update the top story tonight. investigators questioning a man in connection to a fire at a tire warehouse in antioch. at a warehouse and two nearby businesses heavily damaged.
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