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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 8, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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much clearer picture of the case. when you're asking students to make sacrifices? fancy dinners with cases of wine, for a catered lunches that adds up to a small fortune. the questionable spending by cows that officials all well tuition is skyrocketing. he tried for years to denounce the have and couldn't until he met this woman. and somebody except is very easy for the mind to doing. up thousands of people say she has a cure them of everything from smoking, anxiety slid trouble and even of reading. and just
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one session. am a believer. could you make a living and taking. it's the biggest break in the case so far investigators found the car they say is linked to is your lamar's disappearance. and tonight kid to learn to detectives now have a new high-tech help that is giving them a much clearer picture. detectives will much say what led them to the red jell-o with a black hood where it was found was in its. they know who it was registered to but no one is in custody. and it is not the only good news in this case. we do believe she is out their lives. we do not have any information that would contradict that. surveillance cameras spotted the car the morning she disappeared. investigators would not confirm that but it looks as if the driver is a lawn. but it is unclear what is inside the trunk. the areas that she is out there like but we cannot confirm
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that. and his weekly meeting says dad was anxious but optimistic about today's news. i have been helpful and staying positive. the whole time and i asked still feel that way. for weeks divers have been telling the reservoirs near her home looking for evidence using this 12 year-old son are device. but it broke last week. normally gives a green the pixilated image of items at the bottom of the water like this tire. compare that fuzzy image to this one. of the rim of a card taken from their brand new 3 the summer. the new sonar lets them work faster and identify mysterious objects like the sun and rowboats and a fraction of the time. to use an analogy is like going from a black-and- white tv to an hdtv. for the areas we have a scandal without a doubt we can say it is clear. this is a significant development they hope will lead to a big break in the case. and
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even though they have the car they want anybody who remembers anything about it to give them a call. cantos cbs five. developing news at a concord. police a looking for a hit-and-run driver who struck for year-old child tonight. police say the truck hit the girl around 630 who was playing in a yard near her home and stumbled into the street somehow. this happened in their sixth enclave in. please investigate whether they drive the child or she may have been knocked on top of it. she was airlifted to the children's hospital with a foot in head injury she is expected to survive. it was a family people that tactic to year-old boy in the castro. that little boys in protective custody because police say his house was a mess. chilly this morning the six year-old pit bull german shepherd mix small boy inside the home. paramedics took the child to a hospital with cuts to his cheek and die parents are
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now facing child endangerment charges. this house was in terrible condition. it was not fit for a child to live there. and just last night in call curtis family but bull attacked a two year-old girl. she has injuries to her face, legs, and neck. juliet's on assigned to how the family dog may be about to pounce. what checkered this german shepherd mix now pays the fees county animal shelter to attack a two year-old boy in sight is castro valley home. this is the second dog attack of the east bay in the last 24 hours. and growls is actually giving a warning that it is about to attack. dog trainers karen and john with forecasters say oftentimes the pet owner is to blame for a dog vicious or erratic behavior. unfortunately people mistreat them, they use them as weapons. the abuse them.
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most dogs become very fearful and to present to attacking. there are warning signs pleading empty but the aggressive behavior. and visual cues. one shall always be watching the dog's body language. if the mouth closes and the dogs there is an their ears go up. when it is frightened and afford a tax that is what happens. and the general rule is to never leave children along with a dog. kids should never be left alone with dogs. because something can trigger an attack with a dog you never know what's going to happen and children can defend themselves. and oftentimes an angry dog acts out of fear as the that the ball from the castro valley is being housed here tonight at the east county animal shelter and
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dublin. police have arrested a man accused of setting off illegal fireworks which have sparked a fire at a tire shop. the flames broke out around 4:00 this afternoon and blue star tires on the pittsburgh highway. and upholstery store and auto repair shop on either side were also damaged. two people were hurt and investigators arrested the tire shop employee on suspicion of unlawfully causing a fire. it looks like the cia had alcott a fool from the very start. the agency says the man picks and undetectable bomb on to an american jetliner was in fact a double agent. and to the terraced handed the bomber explosive was an enhanced version of the underwear bomb that failed to go off over detroit in 2009. it was the latest misfire for alcott is arabian peninsula which has reportedly come close to carrying out such an attack.
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to the arabian peninsula are the closest to osama bin laden version of pat. that is why they feel that this is their duty they feel that is their obligation to continue the bin lot and vice regardless of what other outside edge and in different areas are doing. the fbi is now analyzing that after the bomb to learn its secrets. a big blow to students and that they block the bill to extend low interest rates on student loans which means his back to the drawing board. interest rates on federally subsidized loans are said to double july 1st. the uc system says it may be forced to raise tuition and other 6% in state funding keeps falling short. as forecasted students there is no question. their rates are rising by 9% this fall. and they're angry. a few dozen students showed
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up tonight outside the long beach home of chancellor charles reed. they're angry about what they feel is outrageous spending by his office at a time when students and faculty are having to cut back. david goldstein shows us how cal state officials are wining and dining. the house did students are angry. angrier tuition hikes. protests have included arrests have a spray now some students are drinking just shoes in a hunger strike. but on this day our hidden cameras found no shortage of kidder food to the csu chancellor is office. we obtained the credit card statements from last year and uncovered tens of thousands of dollars in catered meals + expensive dinners, car service rides mostly on taxpayer money.
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i think that it's ridiculous and it disgusts me as a student. there are nearly a half-million students in the cal state system that will all be affected by california's budget crunch. there's already talk of freezing and romans, eliminating class sizes and tuition is going up 9% this fall. that is more than 300% in the past decade. but it hasn't stopped the this spending. this $840 bill from earhart's catering is typical of some of the charges we found for food. which is brought in for meetings and we uncovered receipts for breakfast and lunch from chicken dijon to lasagna. the mills weren't expensive per person but adds up. more than $110,000 in catering bills for 2011. that is enough to pay tuition for 18 students for one year. orden find dozens of causes that are being cancelled. do get catered meals?
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as know my mom cooks for me sometimes. is 19 year-old sophomore is on a hunger strike so far she has $8,000 in student loans and can't even get the causes she needs to graduate. and modesto a's major and because my registration date was delayed at wasn't able to get any class's so i am falling behind with that because there is no class is available and that hundred $10,000. we caught up to chancellor dr. charles reed students have made read the poster child for excessive spending by hanging this banner on campus with his salary in clear view. reed also gets to live in a house paid for by the university and drive a state-funded car. what to say to students and faculty when they see that you're asking them to make sacrifices? and our of this is isolated. and so to be much more efficient and we provide a lot of lunches and sometimes
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practice for all the 23 campus groups that come to our office to work. but it is not exactly isolated a google search the area shows at least 10 restaurants less than a mile from his office. and what about the catering? as said it would provide meals to the employees from droughts the 23 campuses. thats tax money is in it? sometimes it is sometimes it isn't. and is not just catering we found a receipt for 60 people at the restaurant in manhattan beach. the food costs almost $2,500 they have 35 bottles of wine for around 1200. the total is more than $5,000 that works out to a $85 a person. it was charged to see is your credit card. csu policy says operating funds may not be used to pay for alcoholic beverages. but
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university spokesman e-mail does clammy the tenor was paid for with non state dollars. we asked for proof that she never provided. this again was charged sons is your credit cards. everything's has reimbursed the we haven't seen the proof. have a credit card receipts and there is no reimbursement there. he claims he wasn't at that dinner but according to his guest list he was at one that's got seafood grill in costa mesa last february. the check here totals over $1,500 for 17 people. including a eight orders of sea bass for $264 that is $33 each. and $240 worth of alcohol, was also charged in a csu credit card but university spokesperson says the money was reimbursed by the david and lucille packard foundation as part of a grants that went way teacher preparation summit. this mill
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according to the guest list was a pre summit dinner. and finally we uncovered received for car service writes mostly to the airport to totaling mostly $10,000 encumbrances let one of the western lax the cost taxpayers more than 70,000. all totaled we down to more than three-quarters of a million dollars charged on csu credit cards last year. that could pay tuition for 127 students for one year. the faculty find these sorts of expenditure is disappointing because they have been facing budget cuts for the past five years. by reed says there will be no changes. is that money wisely spent? absolutely. how can you say that? when iraqis do is make sacrifices? cps 5. this payment and took its.
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what is dave rader california bar for stuffed animals. sure you can text but how is your handwriting? the impact it have on the election. they area vp has struggled with an addiction for years. and how this woman cure him in a ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing...
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and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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know why the state rated a hotel bar. not for underage drinkers but because of stuffed animals on the walls. fish and game
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wardens confiscated a stuffed wolverine any red tail hawk that had been on display at the georgetown hotel and bar in the foothills for half a century. the problem is the wolverine is an endangered species and is illegal to stuff the bird of prey. the warrants did not have a warrant but says say they have probable cause and after receipt. the waves he he treated me as i am here to do this and there's nothing you can do. to kids ignore the law. the department plans to donate the stuffed animals to a place where they can be studied. ted gaines called the whole incident out bridges. you may be the world's best text message% but can you actually write your own name? if not you may actually change the outcome of an election. the registrar says voters under the age of 40 are more and more likely to have their votes thrown out. and that happens
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when the signature on their registration doesn't match the one on their mailing ballots to be asked students how long has been sent they actually picked up a pen to write their name. when was the last time you he wrote something? yesterday was an exam. what about next outside of school? a bitterly can think of one. the registrar says voters of the age of 35 represent half of all the rejected ballots. he admits the public has a legitimate interest and where he goes but governor brown is still my giving up where he went over the weekend the governor says he still has to have a few moments of privacy he's left the city handful of times since becoming governor again mostly for official business the
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former governor arnold schwarzenegger also did not reveal his vacation where about. how many times did you try to break the bad habits? or more seriously have you ever dealt with an addiction or anxiety issues? there's a woman who has helped thousands of people and we have heard success story after success story. didn't call her the bad habit breaker in she says she can help keep tackle addiction waking sleep problems even athletic performance issues of any single session. many people including the bay area celebrities whereby her. cabinet is the kind of guy who gets things done. he is chief operating officer of the largest family business in the silicon valley. anything to do a site construction we can do. but there's one thing he could not do costs dump the debt.
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he was addicted to chewing tobacco. the father of to try to quit many times. as strong as i believe i am a nicotine control me. he knew she needed help but it wasn't going to find it in the form of a pillar patch for treatment. instead he founded here in the middle of the arizona desert. in scottsdale cavan's sought help from this woman. is this that the can use that is effective today and for the rest of your life. it is a medical had a therapist uses hypnosis to treat clients for any number of problems. addiction to pain way to even too lenient athletic performance. it is mean knowing how to talk to your body to get to doing it. and a typical session starts with talking with declined to identify issues spill feelings and emotions. in
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this case there is a tobacco addiction. part of the minds as i wanted to i wanted to wanted sponger remember? she talks about how the mind works and the dangers of to ask tobacco. the relaxation begins. i would like to create a shower of relaxation. by just using the power of her voice she helps the individual going to an almost dreamlike states. and it's not what you see in the movies. i wasn't walking around cracking like a duck. she explains how during hypnosis the mind can become more focused on changing the behavior. after a single three hours session and how it can know about her in the first place? look no further and then the ball park. as the best thing i did the best money ever spent. san francisco giants manager saw her a year ago. he wanted to quit his four your habit of dipping. i didn't know any better
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when i first started playing baseball. my grandparents had a tobacco farm and we ought to his kids. during the team's road trip to arizona but he but the session. all i know is when it was over she said how long do think you're in the chair? as a half- hour. and she says you're in that chair over three hours. the telex you are. and as i know i missed the game. fat the giant'' manager made the game but he lost the habit. this story was picked up by news wires in even espn. and the phones started ringing off the hook. it's the first day there were 200 calls. ever since a steady stream of people as far away as thailand has beaten a path to her door. i'm a believer. am absolutely but she was amazing. honestly i feel good to help people in this is not easy. it's so addicting. both men
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believe had is gone for good. jackson has no doubt in his mind over matter. it is very easy for the mind to do is. this session costs about $300 most people pay out of pocket but kevin says he has already paid off at their peak bell as well as his airline ticket to phoenix with all th,,e
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weather pattern in the bay area 68 degrees and a half moon base and 95 in gilroy 9568 current lead 58 degrees clear skies tonight pockets of fraud and some modest pulling tomorrow and then a warm-up for mother's day tonight into the '40's and '50's and was 53 degrees overnight in oakland and this is interesting to watch the formation of the thought by the morning commute trying to move into the bay and then retreats very rapidly but lenders around the san mateo coast that allows some significant cooling around the peninsula and beaches for wednesday otherwise we're
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talking about high pollen count still is well we're sure that with you but first things first the temperatures will still be above normal even though we do have that cool down anywhere between four and 12 degrees above average but tumbling out of the '90s there is your palin account. it's bad. and friday and saturday will be even worse but meanwhile your numbers 60 along the beaches temperatures into the mid 80s across the south bay 86 in brentwood west winds to 15 and up to 84 in santa rosa the extended forecast calls for the dry weather pattern in warmer,,,,
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from tonight's lineup against the blue jays after he hurt his wrist in batting practice there is no word gets and a friend darrow and on the bases loaded branch the newcomer had the six walked off grand slam in franchise history these bidets
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two games over 500. no clowning around tonight for the giants in l.a. concur shot with 6 and 1 lifetime against the giants sixth in the breton island about that. to nothing san francisco. ryan allows just one run but let to the bases loaded the eighth inning. bring on how the lopez out of the bullpen he gets on trade to ground into the inning ending double play the giants can run and win two to one. that the tuesday night top five. the devils as bad as the fires in case tonight. and number for the lakers had a chance to close at denver budget bill mcgee help to stave off elimination with 21 points and denver lives in another game. no. 3 the giants' defense right now wishes they had that. travis issue moot now with the brewers and the be to read things and ham. members to the illinois high school pitcher brian elders deliver the pitch
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amazingly the bird kept flying. given up for the bird. finally rangers slugger josh hamilton began as the 16th player in major-league history to hit four home runs in the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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