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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 9, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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think that same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> the president opposed same- sex marriage when he ran his campaign in 2008, instead he supported civil unions. today he aknowledge a change of heart after speaking with friends, family, and staff. >> i was sensitive to the fact that for a lot of people, the word " marriage " was something that involves very powerful traditions, religious beliefs, and so forth. >> i think the politics have probably favored the president on this now. i would have to imagine this was a political calculation to read >> this political professor says that does not diminish just how big the president's declaration is. >> if you look at a sisterly and nationally, it is hard to overstate how important this is in terms of people who have been active in the movement for gay and lesbian equality in the country .. >> with the presumed republican nominee opposing the issue.
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>> my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and woman. >> this is republican chair says he believes this last-minute move could hurt the president. >> this is a very risky choice given that the south probably will not like this and other swing states will show concern about his election year conversion. >> reason: supports the president's stance. an nbc wall street journal poll shows that 49 percent of americans support same-sex marriage. 40 percent oppose it. in the bay area of the numbers are even stronger. our survey shows that 61 percent supported it and 32 percent disagree. >> the national polls favor the president, but the race to the white house is a state-by-state race. if you need at least 278 electoral or votes to win. what is likely to be the deciding factor is the swing states. we'll see how they break down on the same sex issue. seven states in red are the ones opposed to same-sex marriage.
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the two in blue, new hampshire and iowa, or four same-sex marriage. now how this plays out, we're just sorry to have to see in november. >> thank you. well, there's reason to celebrate in the castro. this is 18th and castro where a big guard is posted outside of the bank of america there. people have been signing all afternoon saying " thank you president barack obama, you have my vote against a fabulous ". >> we also found others with mixed feelings about the president's announcement. chris harris checked in with people in a variety of bay area neighborhoods, she is in dublin tonight. >> as expected, passionate views on all sides of this issue. some people that we spoke to praise the president's announcement and others panned him. >> nowhere is the divide over same-sex marriage more clear than in california were the former san francisco mayor gavin newsom briefly legalized gay marriage, applauded the president's announcement. >> the day when you stand on
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courage and conviction and principal, you send a message about who you are, your character, it transcends the issue. for me, this is a statement of leadership and a statement of character. >> at the castro district today the reaction was jubilant. >> i think that it is wonderful. it just cuts through a lot, it is a great civil rights statements. it is where america should be. >> i like the idea personally. i hope will not hurt the president's chances of the election because, you know, i think that it was mainly why he was being cagey before hand. >> outside of the bay area of north in walnut grove california, >> gay marriage is not for me. i mean, marriage should be between two people, a man and woman. >> i don't like it. a husband and wife. it should be a husband and wife. no, days, i like them, but you know, it is not right ..
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>> organizations like catholics for the common good say that this all the president's announcement coming. >> in fact i think that it helps to clarify its so that people won't be confused with him trying to straddle the fence. >> gay marriage opponents believe that his announcement could turn the presidential election on its head. >> him coming out and clarifying his position makes marriage a major issue in the upcoming campaign. i think that is going to have a major impacts. >> the question of course now is what kind of impact this will have. some predicted that it would fire up the president's base. others said that it could hurt some state democrat chances at reelection. >> thank you so much. now coming up at 6:30 p.m., more on the politics of supporting same-sex marriage. including, what could be a huge pay for the president. you can see more of the president's interview as well as
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additional reaction from politicians across the country on our website, just click on the story. >> the oakland mayor says that she is staying put. despite her continued on popularity. she is probably right. that is because the effort to oust her from office appears to be fizzling. phil matier is an oakland to tell us why. >> that is right. it is not because of lack of controversy. between the high crime rate and deficit and ongoing problems in oakland with occupied. the mayor is having a rough ride. but for right now she seems to be getting a reprieve. here is the story. >> why they don't totally agree with me on everything, people want us to work on the issues that i'm working on. >> that was mayor jean claude on why she says the recall efforts against her are fading. and with the deadline for the first petition recall one week away, even the backers say that there's little chance it will get the 20,000 signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.
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>> there's no doubt that people want to vote on recalling of the mayor. people are not happy with her performance, they maybe not happy with the way the recall campaign was run frankly. >> saw what happened? after all, according to a recent independent poll, about three out of four oakland voters are not happy with her performance so far. >> i don't like her. >> she is doing a mediocre job. >> the same poll found that a majority of oakland voters, even those that disagree with her were not ready to recall her. >> it is a waste of money. >> supporters tell us that it came down to money. >> you need the money to hire a cancer to get 20,000 signatures, and for whatever reason, the finances were not forthcoming. >> much of the furor over her performance originates from her handling, or mishandling, of last year's pilot occupied demonstrations. >> how big a role does occupy
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and voter anger played into this? >> there's a split. there are people that thought they should never have the right to even be protesting and then there are people that think that they never should have been ... >> occupied is coming back, it is the season for it. the crime rate has not gone down and is continuing to rise. yesterday, oakton got another piece of bad news. $29 million that i thought there were born to get has just taken back by the state which means they're going to have to scramble to even keep cops hired and is on the streets to get that new academy class that she has promised. it is not over for her. but right now she has dodge a few bullets. >> thank you. >> there is an ouster in the works. uc-berkeley battling to retake the land from occupied protesters who have been forming in four weeks. a school and has now beaten up police presence, throwing up concrete barricades and initiating legal action.
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the protesters have no plans to leave anytime soon. in fact, they are dismissing this as just a scare tactic. >> as you can see behind the protesters are still here, the police are here as well and have been here all along and they're about to get more company because there is a protest march headed this way from north berkeley. when they get here they will hold a community pot luck eight as a sign of solidarity. >> people are very dedicated to seeing this become an actual farm. >> they're proud of their hard work. they have we did and planted an urban community garden but this morning another reminder that the occupied the form protesters don't have rights to the land. as uc-berkeley police moved in and put up barricades. protesters were one. >> if people interfere or resist officers, force would be used against them if necessary enforced could have included chemical agents. >> the cars left but the people were allowed to stay. >> people are rushing around trying to collect all of the
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farm tools, the chickens have been moved off site. >> not a typical farm. here you confine people carrying gas masks and fuel from occupy oakland and berkeley tree sitters. but the work continues. >> on the second day here they come off or watterson now we're trucking water in. we are using wheel barrows from the street. >> the universities of the war plan for research and education but one professor starting a tomato experiments says that he supports the movements. >> this is more to be putting pressure to escalate things into something i don't think will be positive for the people inside or for the image of the university. >> the university escalated this by filing a lawsuit against 59 individuals and up to one under 59 protesters accusing them of illegal occupation. they also seek monetary awards for the cost of the trust us, attorney's fees, and charges them read. >> a file this lawsuit and on the other side is a " we're still open to talking to you in reaching some kind of a peaceful
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agreement, but we find that it's disingenuous. >> the protesters say that it would be willing to work with universities so that the professor could continue their efforts. however they say that would only be during a transition because ultimately they want to see this all become a community forum. >> thank you. >> a lockdown at a san jose high school ended peacefully after police investigated reports of someone entering the campus with a gun. officers searched suspects at independence high school and found no one with a weapon on site. some students made a makeshift bathroom while they were locked in their classrooms. police said that they had to take this all seriously. >> across the country we have seen the types of school violence that can occur. and that definitely plays into how we handle these types of situations we need to treated like the real deal and if nothing else it is a great training opportunity not only for the faculty and students before officers. >> please bhave around 30
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percent of the officers at the school lockdown. >> accused of gunning down a father and his two sons. tonight a guilty verdict. what the victim's family has to say. >> talk about expensive gasoline. how much this oil tanker needs to pay for spilling 400 gal. of fuel in the bay. >> i did not know him personally but i went up and asked him if i could take his picture. and he said " yes ". >> a weekly trip to costco turns into a modeling gigs for one ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> they waited for years, but finally one san fransisco family sought justice in the trial of the man accused of killing three relatives. the alleged gang member edward ramos was accused of killing a
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father and his two sons. he had mistaken them for rival gang members. joe vasquez was in court to see the verdict along with relatives of those that died. >> it was highly emotional inside of the courtroom here today, as the verdict was read, the family members and friends at first burst into muscle applause, and then tears started flowing. and the victim's widow crying out loud at every single time of the word " verdict but aren't, guilty " was read. >> after a week of deliberations, the jury decided that he was guilty of three counts of first-degree murder, as well as attempted murder. interestingly enough the jury was hung on to lesser charges including one that identified him as the triggerman. >> my family as we did a very long time and justice has been served today and we're thankful for everyone that has helped us out. >> tony and his sons were on the way back from a family picnic in
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june 2001 there were shot. tony and his sons michael and mass your kilt he is a key witness. he swears that the driver was holding the gun. in the course of the trial a member of the notorious m s 13 gang admitted that he was driving the car when the drive- by shooting happened but claims that another guy was the triggerman. he says that he was in the front passenger seat when he held out at what he thought was a rival gang member, then suddenly reached over him and fired out the driver's side window. in an effort to plant doubt in the jurors' mind the defense did a photograph reenact and of the shooting showing this picture to the jury saying that it was shot from what would have been angers point of view. who was holding the gun? the driver or the passenger? in this re-enactment it turns out that you're looking at the passengers arm. >> i believe there was reasonable doubt ... >> as alternate juror does not want to be identified. >> in a split-second, with the
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unimaginable dramatic series, i don't know how certain you could be about which handed was. >> they aknowledge that they could not reach a unanimous agreement. and that was the triggerman in the case. but the rest of their verdicts and the rest of their findings made crystal clear what they did understand and what it did find, that this was a gang retaliation murder. plant, carried out, with multiple victims. >> ramos is expected to get a term of life in prison without the possibility of parole. sentencing will be june 4th. reporting live, joe vasquez, cbs 5. >> thousands of san fransisco teachers could soon walk off the job. upset over a plan by the school board to lay off more than 200 teachers and eight administrative workers. the board of education predicts a budget shortfall of more than $83 million over the next two years. that is if governor brown's tax mr. passes in november.
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>> all that we are saying are " let's do the same concessions we have had for the last two years, carry them over for another two years and we're there ". >> there's no more room to cut, at what point do we reach the tipping point? >> the district wants more furlough days and to eliminate sabbaticals. the teachers union will vote tomorrow on a possible strike. it will announce their decision friday morning. other bay area airlines, a strong chemical order prompted a bizarre hazmat call in menlo park overnight. it was coming from a beaker in the back of a pickup truck outside of the biotechnology firm. investigators think that a man may have been using the acid inside to refine gold. however they are still looking into that. the owner of an oil tanker that spilled 400 gal. of fuel into the san francisco bay will pay nearly $2 million to settle the case. the dubai star overflowed in 2009 well being refueled. following a stretch of alameda county coastline. the money will go to habitat
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restoration, public recreation, and civil penalties. combing every last inch for clues, volunteers from the class did foundation joined in the hunt for missing teenager sierra lamar it in morgan hill. the foundation is one of three groups helping her family look for her after she disappeared on her way to school march 16th. the santa clara county sheriff's office has received 1600 tips in this case. >> it is not your run-of-the- mill peak show. what makes this gentleman club one of a crime? and why they're looking at having to shut the doors? >> i just thought that he fits the image in my head perfectly. >> a chance meeting making history, how unsuspecting shoppers became the model,,,,,,,
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>> >> a song one said " video killed the real star ". now the internet may be killing the strip club star. the nation's only unionized people show review, the lusty lady in san fransisco, may need to shut down. here is mike sugerman with what is causing revenue to drop. >> this is a peek behind the peace show. not that we can show you that much, this is not cable. >> we're trying to save the peace show. >> it is not your run-of-the- mill to show, it is the only employee-owned unionized strip club in the nation. they have been sitting here since 1976. and iconic only in san fransisco kind of place. our bill is the main currency here but there are not in of dollar bills being spent and more. >> the workers' cooperative, the unionization are tied to a business model that is obsolete. >> obviously the things that can
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people can get on the net from home, and they're not coming out as much as they used to. >> on that chris ken salazar and princess, agree. also that there is a $20,000 tax bill and the dancers now make half of what they used to taking home about minimum wage. that is about its business wise. >> we have had a steady decline in revenue since repurchase this place and it will not get better. >> we don't need that much but we need a little bit of money to get over the long. >> an offer to buy the place for $25,000, they bought for $400,000, that was turned around and turned into bitter feelings. they either need to sell or raise money. people are leaving. >> this place is extremely important to the people but still to work here. it is also important to the people in other places that believe that we can be a model for change in this industry. >> she shows off her body but would rather face not be seen on tv. it is a bumpy time for the bomb and grind.
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one of the places that make san fransisco the city it is will not disappear, without a peep. mike sugerman, cbs 5 . the >> i am still trying to figure out why that story is right before weather? because you heard that i won a densey cole for mother's day? actually i would like some warm weather for mother's day. let's go outside right now. it is alive cbs 5 whether camera. it is gorgeous. current temperatures in and around the bay area right now 59 degrees in san mateo and san francisco. 75 degrees. as i get away you can see the trees on a busy side. that drop, it is about 73 degrees now with the wind out of the northwest at 15 m.p.h.. the fog will return tonight and even stream inland. tomorrow become sunny and then
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have an extended forecast with a war mother's day in the offing. overnight into the '40's and 50's with a win continuing to blow up to 15 out of the northwest. it is the futurecast and you can see the fog right now just hanging off the coast trying to push on shore but by the commute tomorrow morning, it hangs tight to the san mateo coast but then everyone enjoys a sunshine day. and similar temperatures to what we experience today. which is still above normal for this time of the year. average high and 7 cisco 64 banking on 68 but notice inland locations where you feel the difference. a good 11 degrees above average in livermore and concord. 10 degrees above normal in santa rosa. we're sneezing and wheezing. the pollen count is off the charts. tomorrow temperatures warming into the 60s at the beaches. 73 degrees in san mateo. in burlingame, otherwise 80 degrees and call out so, and 84
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degrees in morgan hill. 85 in gilroy. topping off in the mid 80s in brentwood and tracy and oakland. the wind rotating to the northwest and the afternoon hours. up to 15 mi. per hour. no. spanning the fifties and seventies in the north bay all the way to 86 degrees in sonoma. san fransisco four degrees above average. the extended forecast says the warmest day, on saturday, and mother's day sunny and bright in the '60s through the '70s into the 80s. >> 2 men who met by chance at costco have been reunited thanks to a very special award. here is the meeting with the man who inspired. >> sometimes we're there an hour and a half. >> the store about two men that have only met once. >> my drawing was of an old man that i met at costco. i did not know him personally but i went up and asked him if i
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could take his picture. and he said " yes ". >> that picture taken in february was turned into this charcoal drawing. and it wound up winning a congressional our competition for high school artist. >> i just thought that he fit the image in my head perfectly. i give up hope because i did not know an old man that i could photograph. so i was kind of defeated and then i saw this man in his 80s walk up, and he was wearing a usa had and had the perfect look. >> i have a lot of patriotism. i reaffirmed that by serving four years in the military. that is about as patriotic as you can get. >> but there's one thing the artist forget appartists for go. his name. but it was not hard to find. he still comes weekly to this costco to hang out with his buddies. >> i understand that you still
6:27 pm
look at pretty girls? >> of course they do, if i do not, there's something wrong with me. >> 2 men, one young, the other young at heart, making history. the picture that he drew is on its way to washington d.c.. >> i'm going to have to live long enough to go see it. >> his portrait entitled " american pride " is going to congress and will hang there for a whole year. reporting from san jose, cbs 5. >> an unprecedented move by the president. we will take another look at what his support of gay marriage means for his campaign. >> a man that al qaeda trusted with its latest on turned out to be a double agent. >> the documents are critical to our community being able to recover our own history. >> bay area history, the fed's wanted to destroy. now has a permanent home.,,,,,,,
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>> >> our top story now at 630 p.m., the president said today
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what no other sitting president has said before. in an interview with good morning america, he came out on quizzically in support of same- sex marriage. >> at a certain point i have just concluded that, for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and a firm that i think that same-sex couples and should be able to get married. >> the president has been under mounting pressure to weigh in on the subject. but up until now he would only say that his position was involving. the battle over same-sex marriage has a unique story here in california. we're the only state that has ever allowed and then disallowed it. it began in san fransisco in 2004. over a time span of one month san fransisco issued 4000 marriage licenses to same-sex couples under the direction of then mayor gavin newsom. but the practice was outlawed in 2008 with the passage of
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proposition 8. that man has since been ruled unconstitutional but same-sex unions are still on hold statewide pending appeals. here was now a lieutenant governor avenue some reaction to the president's announcement. >> if you told me this eight years ago, i would not have believed it. i question that i would ever have seen in my lifetime. we're frustrated with politicians say one thing privately and doing something publicly. but now he is saying publicly what alatas suspected he may have been saying privately, and he did it at a vulnerable time. and that is a weak real courage. >> reason: supports the president's stance, priestly is here to talk about that and the political impact that this endorsement gives just six months out from the election. >> if you look at the national polls, they show that support is growing rapidly for same-sex marriage.
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in an nbc wall street journal poll, 49 percent of americans supported and 40 percent oppose it. take a look at this, the exclusive cbs 5 survey taken just this afternoon. among those in the bay area, 61 percent agree with the president, that we should allow gay marriage, and 32 percent disagree. joining me now to talk about all of this is cbs 5 political analyst. starting out, we look at these national polls but really it is a state-by-state race to get to the white house, will that affect the president? >> all of this could affect the president down the road. and that is probably part of the reason that on monday, and even today to some extent, although i think many people are delighted he took a public position on this. he is still giving a new wants to his position. because of the state-by-state concern he has. the reality is that certain states in the south and battlegrounds is like ohio, where in the big cities there are catholic populations, there are different points of view
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about this issue. this issue friends to become a 2012 what abortion has been for the last 30 years, a very divisive polarizing political issue. a moral and religious issue. and the reality i think is bad just like with abortion, the majority of americans have already said what they think about its and the difference with same-sex marriage and mersa quality is that united states supreme court has not yet weighed in. no matter what to do politically they have not waited in and say that sexuality it's the same kind of protection as race or gender or ethnicity. all the president is doing to do is taking a political calculation but if you listen to his statement carefully also said he was not going to force states to go along with this. so if you are in the l g b t community, what were delighted, you are also a little bit disappointed because he can force the legal system to make real changes that people want in their lifetime to see.
6:35 pm
the kind of thing that gavin newsom was talking about. >> talking about this political line, is the president using young adults that tend to support gay marriage vs african american democrats and hispanic democrats who have typically supported him, is this a smart move? >> he is probably correctly assuming that people in the african-american community who are as diverse as anyone else, but he probably is safely assume that a majority of them will support him regardless of his position on this issue. the may not agree with him but the majority of them who are religious, will follow him on this. this is a calculation that he is making with other voters. and again, all he has done was say " this is my personal conviction about the scope. he has not taken a forward step to change the law. that is the sort of thing that would make this a more politically difficult issue for him. if he really wanted to show courage she needs to take the next step and force the issue legally to bring the changes in all 50 states for anyone who is gay or lesbian. >> ok, thanks for joining us
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tonight. now, the president is heading to the west coast where he will be in los angeles tomorrow night for a fund-raiser with actor george clooney for a $40,000 per ticket defense. george clooney starred in a play based on the trial of a proposition 8 gay marriage band. and next month the president will attend a fund-raiser with leaders from the l g b t community. reportedly they were having a hard time selling those tickets, that is until today. it is going to be a hot ticket now. >> the man that al qaeda trusted with his latest bomb turned out to be a double agent. instead of getting on in their plan for america, he handed over the device to u.s. officials thaw. for when the bombing attempt. the double agent also give the u.s. information that led to the drone strike that killed al qaeda chief in yemen. but there's no indication that intelligence officials are any closer to the bomb making mastermind. >> when does the bomb maker go down? my question here would not
6:37 pm
be simply did we stop the plot? my question would be " did we get enough information to stop the slaughter, and that is the bomb maker in the field ". >> the double agent's cover has been blown, and he has removed himself from the operation which cost the cia gave valuable intelligence asset. >> have a documented history of the first chinese settlers in america saved from destruction. america saved from destruction. the creative way som,, when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing...
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and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> bay area history that was almost lost forever. marriage licenses and birth certificates and photographs from thousands of local families. the fed's wanted to destroy all that. now that thousands of asian american files have a home in the national archives. >> linda yee shows how some
6:40 pm
descendants are sharing their stories and joins us from the studios in a celebration of asian-pacific american heritage. >> it is an amazing story of these artists. i did speak to them and they found a really interesting way to share their joy. at discovering what some long- lost family history. >> immigration photos, documents and other artifacts from 100 years ago. now interpreted as through articles from their descendants. >> these documents are critical to our community being able to recover our own history. what really did happen? and then it starts you on this trail, you become a detective. >> it was a trail of heartbreak, the history of chinese settlers. but their stories were headed to
6:41 pm
destruction by the u.s. government in silicon to white flight saved the immigration files. families can now view them at the national archives in san bruno. >> yes, that is my picture ... >> she expresses her family's history in dance. using the photographs and documents that she found in the archives. >> i wanted to honor my grandparents and all four of them came over as paper sons and tapered daughters to the united states because of the 1882 exclusion act. so this creating eight piece like this is a way to honor their experiences as well as the 170,000 chinese that were processed on angel island. >> the records review of the harsh scrutiny the asian immigrants experienced. it is demonstrated in a multimedia show. >> surprisingly, in those files that are in the hands today, they are documents that families have never seen. in no? it is amazing.
6:42 pm
photographs. maps. >> the first 43,000 files of immigrants that entered the united states before 1910 are now stored at the archives. and families can view them beginning this summer. >> so the national archives in san bruno will be getting thousands of files transferred to them every five years. so now it will be very exciting for the families that don't know a lot about their family history. >> what a treasure. that is a wonderful story. how fun. >> for more information on how to view the files, log onto cbs 5 .com and click on the news link. >> i am here in the weather center and not only do we have your forecast but we also have your weekend outlook for mother's day. the change that you need to know about. but first here's dennis with sports. >> the a's got some results on their injured rookie slugger. we'll have them for you.
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and mothers, do not let your,,,,
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>> live from the weather center, let's head outdoors to the coast where the current air to enter has dropped into the low 50s and the wind is blowing out of the west at 15. current air temperature from 59 degrees in san mateo. 75 degrees throughout the try valley. we do have a little subtle change in the forecast coming up. a little change in the hands of fog that will be developing. but that is about it. meanwhile let's see if we can get this up to get it going for us. again, temperatures are pretty much falling rapidly with that wind. 85 degrees in morgan hill, livermore 82 degrees. meanwhile tell me the is sitting at 65 degrees. we to have fought moving into the bay area later tonight with the numbers into the '40's and 50's. meanwhile high-pressure, building in again. after the flooding ridge from
6:47 pm
this area of low pressure will to the north of the bay area. this is the one that will provide us with sunny skies but a little bit of a change in the weekend. mother's day will not be the most warm day. but saturday will be. we will feature the 7 day forcast but meanwhile i hear you sneezing out there, the pollen count remains on the wholhigh side. '70s and '80s and the peninsula to the mid 80s across the santa clara valley and the northwest wind at 15 east of the bank. 86 in brentwood and then go north to napa at 85. that is bested by sonoma at 86 degrees in 60s at the beaches. the extended forecast calls for temperatures warmer by friday and then you're changed over the weekend. mother's day does not like the warmest but saturday does. but it is still unseasonably mild with temperatures in the east and that is your point forecast. >> thankyou. getting kids excited about science can be tough. but we were talking about the ipods, they are all yours.
6:48 pm
churn chin introduces us to a man who has their full attention in this week's jefferson awards. >> two dozen students at thurgood marshall high school in san fransisco or creating speakers for their ipods. seventh disco state university professor martin landau lease this unique design class. >> the more they can be passionate about what they're doing, the more detailed look get into it and the better result it will get in terms of their education. >> martin founded industrial design our reach, in 2003. it inspires innovation and invention among low-income and underserved teenagers. carefree bins class uses high- tech tools that martin has purchased through donations and grants. >> we are ashley making something, they're using their hands in their mind in a creative way. >> students like the 17 year-old quincy, and says the class work his interest in a design career. >> i have the ability to create what i wanted to.
6:49 pm
instead of being told to pay for our. >> two dozen design students from san fransisco stake get credits to mentor and teach the daily high-school class at thurgood marshall. the assistant director says the young artists are encouraged to make mistakes. >> the faster you make mistakes than the faster you won and the more you learn. >> just look at their projects. >> this solar power lighting device. >> the class is showing students that they can be curious, creative, and continent. in fact the museum will display their projects in california themed community bench. each student's intricately laser cut their own designs. >> they were so hard and then is wonderful. they merely want to share with their family. >> i like these changes. >> he says that martin inspires them to stretch their imaginations. >> it is just passion. when he speaks, you're automatically in case with him. you believe in what he believes
6:50 pm
in. >> judy dropped plans to pursue accounting after this design class and now a design student in college, she will return to mentor. >> this program actually let me think out of the box in do things beyond what i ever thought i could. >> when you see them discover something new in himself. that is really what i delight in. >> so for inspiring creativity and confidence for design, this week's jefferson award goes to martin. >> nominate your local heroes for jefferson were online at click the connect button a,,
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[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers.
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fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t.
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>> a winning record in plenty of good stories surrounding the a's but they still look like npr. they skip brandon mccarthy with a sore shoulder. facing toronto, a former cal standout, a rough couple starts but better today. five and two-thirds innings. the first time that cow had both
6:54 pm
starting pitchers in the first game but in the fourth he went over the middle of the plate. goodbye. a two run blast to right field. the blue jays up 2/0. it was three at bats in place of suspense. making sure is pitcher gets the wind. goes deep in the seventh. the fourth straight start. i will give you a silver lining, for more let's go to oakland. >> the oakland a's could have used him today, instead the slugger remain sidelined with a hand injury. he told me after the game he was relieved that nothing is broken. >> no brakes, good news. a strained muscle in the back of his hand. >> even though he is not hidden, he is a good presence.
6:55 pm
so i'm happy about it. i asked him how he is doing. it is very good news for us. >> at this point it does not appear that we will blow anyone out multiple days in a row. so we need to be timely in the hitting and execute and play good defense. we have good pitching. you know, recently it has been weak have more timely hitting and that will be key for us. >> he is listed as day to day and we will see if he can swing the bat tomorrow when the tigers come to town for a four game series. >> who says that you need to bring a glove to the ballpark to get a foul ball? in san diego no one touches a foul ball but it landed in his beer. i am guessing the beer probably cost more than the baseball, and evidently you really work up a first when you're watching the san diego padres. the old school raiders would have loved this hockey.
6:56 pm
he goes headhunting, a french player has been banned for four games, they brought a stretcher out for him, but he actually got up, and skated off under his own power. the most famous hair cells of all time, elvis presley, olympic gold medalist dorothy hamill, maybe? how about jennifer anniston? yes. a spurs fans might add his name to the list. tinley park inspired a fan to get a tony parker hair cut. the hair cut is actually on the nba players face on the back of his head. >> that is his hair? >> yes. that is not a slam dunk. in the words of rodney dangerfield, it looks good on you ... >> is that a tattoo? >> no, that,,
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