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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> police cars still on the scene after a dangerous shootout and a standoff in downtown san francisco. >> today we hit rock bottom and even that won't be that bad. >> no accidents right now but lots of road work and i will tell you which free ways to avoid >> good morning everyone, it is thursday may 10th. >> new this morning, a huge fire destroyed three town homes that were under construction in santa clara. fire crews check for hot spots overnight. they reported seeing 100 ft. flames when they arrived on the scene. the fire also damaged several vehicles and to buildings nearby. no one was hurt and the investigation into what caused the fire starts at sunrise >> a deadly shooting by san
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francisco police ended in a dangerous standoff at an apartment building in the lower knob hill neighborhood. police say they killed a man after he fired several shots at the officers. >> that's right, they said he fired those shots over the course of an hour and because of the fact that the residents were still inside the building, he was too dangerous of a threat and they had taken out. o incident started around 845 last night when police officers came to this apartment to question the man about a murder in sonoma county and things got ugly fast. >> the person of interest in a homicide in brauner park. officers were trying to make contact with him when he opened fire >> he fired multiple shots through floors and walls and the building had other people
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inside. >> officers evacuated as many people as they could but they could not get everyone out. at around 10:00 p.m. and officer shot and killed the suspect from outside the apartment. we do see that there are a couple of police cars on standby hanging out outside the apartment building. we expect to get more information later this morning. >> police are trying to find a suspect they say attacked an officer in east oakland last night. it happened last night at 79th avenue and macarthur boulevard. no sign of the suspect just yet >> two brothers suspected in the murder of san jose man are now in custody in utah. they were arrested yesterday in salt lake city after an officer recognized them from fugitive photos. they were named as suspects last month not long after a 51 year-old was stabbed outside a
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home on cleveland avenue. it led to a police standoff but it was determined that two suspects fled before officers arrived. more than 40 people are dead from two explosions in syria this morning. the blast damaged the headquarters of syrian military intelligence as people were arriving for work. i also left many cars in ruins outside the building. there have been no claims of responsibility. >> just one day after making an historic announcement the president will be here in california in l.a. for a fund- raiser with george clooney. tickets cost $40,000 each. clooney started in a play that was based on proposition 8. next month the president will attend a fund-raiser with leaders from the late, gay lesbian bisexual transvestite community. >> at a certain point i
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concluded that for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and a firm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> the president has been under mounting pressure to weigh-in. >> i'll like it, a husband and wife should be a husband and wife >> it is a big civil-rights statement where america should be. >> gavin newsom said he was surprised that he would, the president would make such an announcement before the november election. you can see more of the president's interview and reaction from >> let's get a look at the weather.
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>> what did you say? >> we are hitting rock bottom today >> but that is like 72 >> five or 10 degrees above average for this time of year, very nice. temperatures are 45 in santa rosa, 51 in livermore, 49 in pacifica. i pressure is headed southward which is allowing the trough to creep in. temperatures will bottom out today but not bad at all. after this warm-up right towards mother's day weekend. 60s out towards the coast line, more on the weekend forecast including mother's day, coming up. >> the roadways are off to a good start as far as accidents go. caltrans is very busy this morning working on 880.
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still pretty quiet as you take a live look near the colosseum. roadwork along highway 70 near the summit. back to you. >> today is bike to work day and people aren't courage to commute on their bike >> elizabeth joins us near the golden gate bridge to explain how organizers are promoting the event. do you have your bike out there? >> no. we came here in a truck this morning but it is a pretty cool view. we're near the north tower and this is supposed to be one of the largest bike to work days ever. we are at one of 200 energizer stations around the bay area. they have ginger ale, later on this morning they will have coffee and bagels to support of
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the bike riders that they expect to come through. earlier this week we caught up with a group of bike commuters who often ride together called the commuter convoy and this is video that one rider took on his iphone. a lot of them right several days per week from san francisco to their jobs in silicon valley and it started with a small number of google employees seven years ago. the group has grown to thousands of members who work at many different companies. they say the 40 mi. trek takes a couple of hours and they're always looking for more people to join in >> i'm really excited because having so many people on bikes is a great way to get the message out that anybody can do it, not only people who dress in spandex with fancy by experience bikes. >> avoid traffic backups and maybe even save some money for
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mass transit. these stations are set up all across the bay area and you can book online to find out where they are. >> we are a little disappointed you didn't bike from the east bay. >> there are a lot of excuses, helmet here, we have heard the mall. but when you get to work at 330 in the morning, that is my excuse. >> it is for 38, bright minds on-line and dine >> why the state of michigan has its eyes on bay area college students. >> a beloved show dog stolen again. out a fiefs not away with a,,,,
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>> the u.s. postal service is
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backing off a previous plan to close thousands of post offices. instead it will cut hours at 13,000 rural facilities in an effort to save $500 million per year. the plan would happen over the next two years and be completed by 2014. today a teachers union will vote on a possible strike. they decided to lay off 210 teachers and eight administrators. they also want more furlough days and to eliminate sabbaticals >> recruiters from michigan are in santa clara county trying to lure high-tech people to the wolverine state. the cost of living in the valley is extremely high and michigan boosters are using as leverage. >> moving from here to there, i have three times the house for 40 percent of the money >> promotional videos also tell
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michigan's culture, natural beauty, abundance of technology jobs and available money in research and venture capital but not much is said about the very cold winter. >> facebook ceo is talking with potential investors as the company prepares to go public. the ipo is expected next friday. reports a marked sukkur berg is reached expected to meet with asset managers in silicon valley tomorrow. he has been criticized for missing some meetings this week. yelp is giving the city of san francisco 5 stars. the on-line review site is committed to staying in the city through 2020. it will announce the signing of the least today. a new space will accommodate 800 employees >> let the games begin >> the lighting of the olympic torch >> the strict order against the
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sun tanning mother, coming up >> de you ever but dial on your cell,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it looks like temperatures are bottoming out around the bay area today but really not that bad. we have a weekend warm-up and we will have more on that coming up >> we also have roadwork to contend with out of marin county ended here at 880 >> right now more than 1000 people are helping reach a passenger plane that crashed in indonesia. the russian craft was on a demonstration flight for
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potential buyers. it appears to ended 20 minutes after takeoff yesterday. the wreckage was just down on top of the mountain. >> in airplane bound for sfo had to make an emergency landing in denver. a spokesperson said the captain noticed an engine vibration that was out of the ordinary. bart board members are being urged to buy american when it comes to adding new train cars to its fleet. the board meets this morning and activists plan a rally prior to the meeting. they say they have petitions from clients >> a man in santa cruz county is on a desperate search to get back when it is too great gains. the dog is believed to have been stolen tuesday from outside his mobile home in scotts
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valley. he is a show dog worth about $27,000. robinson believes someone who was chasing him stole his dog while he made a quick trip to the store. >> he didn't have a caller on said they had to bring their own collar and leash to take him out. how they got him, i don't know >> robinson's other great game was not taken and he says the thief left other valuables alone as well >> a parolee in georgia pick the wrong grocer's store for shoplifting trip. surveillance video caught the suspect being taken down by a 17 year-old employee. robert bradford said he forced the suspect to the floor after the suspect punch another employee. he is in a program for teenagers interested in becoming police officers >> he is well on his way. the budget battle takes center stage today.
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they will vote on a budget for 2013 but the president has promised to veto the republican sponsored bill. a measure that both parties can agree upon, the pentagon will be hit with a budget cut of some $55 billion starting january 1st. the fda is taking a look at and will consider approval of a drug that blocks potential cancer and heart risk but today the drug company is presenting new data that it believes shows the drug is safe >> those energy-efficient windows that are supposed to save you money wound up costing money. plastic was melting on her new toyota prius and it turned out it was being caused by the
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energy-efficient window next door. engineers say they reflect three times the light of a normal window >> a lot of people probably have damage and they aren't aware is the windows that is causing it >> there have not been a high number of reported cases >> the most famous hair stylist in the world has died at the age of 84. vidal sassoon launched his creative cuts in the '60s. he was credited for inventing the bob. he died in his home after suffering leukemia. the so-called sun tanning mother has been banned from our favorite salon, planet son. they ordered workers to keep for out. she was arrested for allegedly taking her five year-old daughter into canning but with her. they posted hurt photo so
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employees will recognize her but she is not too hard to notice. what countries are the best and worst for mothers? >> the state of the world mothers report look it education health economic status and health and nutrition of children, the u.s. came in 25th, up several spots from last year because of better care for teenage mothers. an academic dream come true for an ivy league janitor >> the 52 year-old student will graduate from columbia university next week with honors. he moved to the u.s. from yugoslavia nearly 20 years ago. his full-time job as a campus custodian has allowed him to take class is in the tuition exemption program. it took him seven years to learn english and another 12 years to graduate with a bachelor's in the classics >> i would rather clean
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bathrooms two or three years and get a master's in get more money and a better job and stuff like that >> he is an ivy league graduate now. he said the toughest part was learning ancient greek. an incredible storm hit arizona from north to south and east to west. >> the storm hit the tucson area creating havoc. drivers were warned to take extra precaution because of a sudden appearance of limited or zero visibility. to southwest airlines flights had to be delayed. >> they get hit with these and they are terrible for your car's paint job. it just sandblasts the side of your car. in the bay area we are bottoming out and it doesn't
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look like it will be that bad. only upward from here as we head into the weekend. a couple of patches of fog at the coast line. temperatures in the '40's and '50's. well into the 80s in the warmer spots. the ridge is sliding to the south and the trough is camped out. we're catching a sea breeze. that patch of fog will try to break up and as we head to the afternoon, even the coastline looking at sunshine. big changes in the weather as you see 60s there. numbers today, not bad. 83 degrees in san jose. upper 80s towards brentwood and antioch.
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84 degrees in the napa valley. '60s and '70s, plenty of sunshine. the next couple of days, high pressure will begin to stick back in and temperatures will begin warming up tomorrow. a few more clouds coming our way as a weak disturbance slides through the bay area. mother's day, looking good. we could see nineties in the inland areas >> so far we are accident free with lots of good news to report. just a few cars headed to the papers but overall, a very nice ride. no word on any road work on the bay bridge. let's go south to the maps and show you the conditions. so far no delays on 880. 101 and 280 are also problem
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free. a few extra cars and the roadway's southbound as you head into a word. look out for roadwork on northbound 101 from shoreline to embarcadero. it has caused a problem in the early morning areas, ours. highway 17 near the summit, roadwork of the southbound side alternating lanes. that should be wrapped up before 6:00 this morning. so far no delays and as you work your way across the span.
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a live look at the golden gate bridge and so far, no troubles to report. it is bike to work day so you might see some extra people on the roadway. >> will you ever take a call in your random breathing on the other line, it is a big problem for 911 operators. it happens when people accident to dial in number when they sit on their phones. a new report shows that many calls are false alarms. the people behind the call are calling for an awareness campaign to reduce those calls. >> i'm so guilty of that because i keep it in my back pocket and you run around and people listen to what your doing. >> you don't hang up right away because you want to hear what is going on >> big bucks for a big picture
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of the king >> one of the double elvis paintings by anti-war hall sold for $70 million at an auction. this is one of 22 versions that he did. it is done with silkscreen ink and spray paint on canvas. you hear about die-hard sports fans all the time >> but then there are the super fans. a san antonio spurs fans got a tony parker hair cut on the back of his head. it is for 56, you know it as mount rushmore >> why the u.s. is being urged
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to hand over the famous mount. >> 18 year-old girl on the no- fly list. how the family found out the hard way >> firefighters are still on scene after a huge fire. flames shooting up about 100 ft. in the air. >> and developing story out of san francisco, a dangerous standoff ends in a deadly shooting. coming up will tell you how,,,,
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>> a murder, a barricade and a police shooting. while officers shot and killed a man in san francisco. >> firefighters will begin their investigation into what started a huge fire overnight.


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