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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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construction. >> the sea breezes blowing, the fog is moving in on the coastlines, we will talk more about a coming up >> caltrans is very busy. >> good morning everyone. >> a huge fire ripped through a south bay neighborhood destroying homes and damaging cars >> neighbors were shocked by the flames that could be seen for miles. >> witnesses actually, the fire on tape >> it was a stunning fire, dozens of not hundreds of people were gathered here at the plaza in santa clara to watch. this is what remains here. you can see the wooden frames of the buildings, melted portable toilets, and smoke is still coming up. about 100 square feet of new construction up in flames.
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the fire started at around 10:00 last night. it took firefighters about 1.5 hours to put it out. look at this video by a homeowner. there was a driveway in between firefighters say, there was nothing suspicious about the fire but the challenge they had overnight was the sheer volume of fire. flames were shooting about 100 ft. into the air. between three and 500 people were originally evacuated from the buildings nearby. >> there were people on their balcony is just standing there watching it. you can imagine what they're feeling. >> most of the people were allowed back into their homes overnight. three buildings are still evacuated meaning 100 people are still out of their homes and
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some of the nearby buildings had keep damage with broken windows. the heat from the fire set off the sprinklers in nearby buildings. another problem they were having overnight was golf ball sized embers that were falling as far away as el camino about a block away. firefighters had to use an infrared helicopter to try to seek out some of those embers as they fell. investigators will be out your starting their investigation at first light this morning and firefighters think they will be here throughout the day to make sure nothing reignite. >> police plan to give us more details later this morning on a developing story in san francisco >> officers and the violent standoff by killing the suspect >> kate is in san francisco
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where police say they killed the man after he opened fire. >> officers are actually still on standby keeping watch over the area. earlier after the shooting they were checking in with nearby neighbors to make sure nobody was injured in last night's standoff. it all happened at about 8:45 p.m.. police officers knocked on the door of apartment when they say the gunman's girlfriend open the door and then he started shooting at officers. multiple shots through the windows and walls and officers say he barricaded himself in the apartment. >> the suspect was in the deeper end of the apartment and we were attempting to talk to him when he produced a weapon and police officers came on the scene for backup and shots were fired by the suspect. >> it turns out that police came to talk to the gunman about the
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murder that happened in their area and officers say he was a person of interest in that case. the good news in all of this is that nobody else was injured. there are officers still here on scene and they say that people were residents of the apartment building are now back inside although we have not seen anyone since we have been here. >> oakland police are trying to find a suspect they say attacked an officer last night in east oakland. the swat team and police have been searching the area but no signs of a suspect get >> police in utah have two brothers in jail suspected of killing a man in san jose's rose garden area. jonathan and brian best were arrested yesterday in salt lake city after an officer arrested, recognize them from fugitive photos.
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it was later determined the two suspects had fled before officers arrived. they're now in jail in salt lake city >> yesterday was really nice. i'm liking what you are giving us. >> i'm glad because i will keep bringing it. the weather will start to improve a bit as we head into the next couple of days. patchy fog out towards the coastline, temperatures of little bit cool in spots. 53 in san jose and 50 degrees in san francisco. by the afternoon, average temperatures usually in the '50s and '60s. five, 10, 11 degrees above average. 83 degrees in san jose.
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temperatures much warmer on the way and we will have more on that. >> we will head straight to the golden gate bridge, they just finished the lane changes and wrapped up early morning construction. no delays into san francisco. here is a live look at 880, so far not a bad ride. westbound 580, road worked there, one lane is closed and it might cause a bit of it back up. roadwork starts at the mason heads towards powell street. that should be wrapped up in the next few minutes as well. >> drivers might see more bicyclist during the morning commute on a bike to work day >> elisabeth is at golden gate bridge with all the early risers.
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>> we've seen a small trickle of people that they're expecting a bigger crowds to come at about 530 once the commute really gets under way. fortunately for me and everyone around here this bike is stationary. i did not where the approach, if i'd known what i was doing i would have worn the appropriate footwear. let me show you what is going on next to me. they're setting things up for the bike riders a little bit later this morning. bagels, coffee, they're putting out hats and bike lights. earlier this week we actually caught up with a group of bike commuters who do this all the time. they call themselves the commuter convoy. this is video that one of them took on his iphone. a lot of them right several
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days per week from san francisco to silicon valley. it started about seven years ago and now the group has grown to thousands of members. they say the 40 mi. trek takes a couple of hours and they are always looking for more people to join in. >> if you leave at 630 in the morning and get to work around 830 or nine in his practical and in some cases it can get you to work faster if there is a rack on 101. >> if you want to bite the work is a good way to save some money and avoid the traffic. if you are driving, be a little extra careful because there are more bike riders than usual on the roads. >> it seems better to go in
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groups anyway because you can encourage each other on the way. >> yes, and it is probably safer because you are paddling with cars right next to sometimes the groups of people, 30 or 40 of them on average. there's a group of about 500 bicycle riders who are heading out towards the mission district. a big day for biking. >> president obama will be in l.a. today one day after his push for same-sex marriage. the fund-raising event is with actor george clooney and tickets cost $40,000. george clooney starred in a play that was based on the proposition 8 k marriage ban. >> president obama became the first president ever to announce his support for gay marriage. good morning america's robin roberts.
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>> at a certain point i have concluded that for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and a firm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> the president has been under mounting pressure to weigh in on the topic. his announcement brought mixed reactions >> i'd like it, a husband and wife should be a husband and wife >> is a great civil-rights statement and it is where america ought to be. it will cost him some politically >> gavin newsom who introduced k marriage in san francisco said he was surprised that the president would make such an announcement before the election. so what about the likely rival? he is making his stance perfectly clear. >> my position is the same on gay marriage as it has been from the beginning and that is that
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marriage is the relationship between a man and woman. >> mitt romney also says he is opposed to civil unions that offer the same rights as marriage. >> click on the story on our home page >> more than 40 people are dead from two explosions in damascus. the damage the headquarters of military intelligence as people were arriving from work. the syrian government blamed terrorists for the attack but there has been no claim of responsibility. members of the extended family of a blind chinese activists say that around one dozen of his relatives are under some kind of house arrest. that is according to activists who have been in touch with the family. the dissidents flight from house arrest set off a diplomatic dispute. >> coming up, how a toddler
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>> let's take a look at some of the top stories this morning. mass of flames lit up the south bay sky over night. incredible video of three unbuilt town homes burning down following a big fire. the cause is still under investigation. set fires when they talk to him about a murder in sonoma county. the search continues for a suspect who was wanted for attacking a police officer in east oakland. it is unknown whether the suspect shot at the officers but we're told no one was injured by that gunfire. >> a teenager is set to appear in court for a plea hearing over a drive-by shooting and the theft of a celebrity chefs lamborghini. max weight of san rafael is accused of stealing the car in san francisco. he also faces charges of attempted murder and burglary.
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>> i had some stuff in stores like three doors down from that of lamborghini. since everyone is riding the bike to work you have an easy day >> so far hopefully it will stay that way. use caution as you see them cruising down the roadways. here is a live look at 580 in pleasanton. we see extra volume but typical. mass transit is a good choice. right on time. no delays to report this morning. you can see a few cars working their way south bound out of marin county into san francisco. 13 minutes now, southbound 101 to the golden gate toll plaza.
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we're still seeing lots of green so so far no problems for a ride to work. we're seeing some slight delays as you work your way through their but once you get past the section of roadway the traffic looks pretty nice. 880 northbound, some construction near the mays. that is a look at traffic and it is a very nice forecast as well. >> it took me about three hours to ride to work today and i feel invigorated! we have a sea breeze kicking in with patchy fog towards the coastline. a little chilly in some of the valleys. by the afternoon these temperatures bottom out but run well above the average. well into the 80s inland. plenty of '70s inside debate.
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sunshine into the afternoon but the ridge is weakening. not pumping in very much cold air. we have the sea breeze blowing which will bring the temperature's down towards the coast. temperatures at the beaches will be a little bit cool today, probably the '60s. a little bit of a sea breeze will continue. 83 in morgan hill. 75 degrees in hayward and east bay numbers running into the '70s. but inside the day you will feel the breeze just a bit. 83 in santa rosa. 70 in sausalito. the next couple of days,
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temperatures warm up very nicely and saturday and sunday look great. don't forget, mother's day is on sunday and it should be beautiful. >> the cleanup is underway in the mississippi delta area of louisiana where a tornado tore the roof off of a mobile home. the tornado blew through the area in just a few seconds. there were no injuries. this morning, rescuers have started recovering bodies from a deadly airplane crash in indonesia. the russian-made aircraft was on a demonstration flight for potential buyers. it appears to of ended 20 minutes after takeoff yesterday. >> a ritual in india is facing a lot of criticism and for good reason. babies are tossed from the roof as part of a ritual.
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parents believe it makes the child stronger. the practice is also defended by daddy goatees and priests. the u.s. postal service is backing off a previous plan to close thousands of post offices nationwide. instead it will cut hours at 13,000 facilities in an effort to save $500 million per year. the plan to introduce shorter hours what happened over the next couple of years. the united nations investigator plans to recommend the government returns the black hills to the native americans. human rights official says the move would be a big step towards reconciliation. the government offered to sell the land back to the tribe in 1980 but they refused and insisted the land be given to them.
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>> coming up, the lighting of the olympic torch >> he is like my son >> a beloved showed august:, how was the thief able to sneak,,,,,
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>> a two year-old girl ends up on a no-fly list. agents stop the family in fort lauderdale. the parents say no one could explain how the little girl ended up on the no-fly list. 30 minutes later they were told they could read board the plane but they say there were no apologies and absolutely no explanation. >> there is a canine history where a man says someone stole one of his two dogs. the 175 lb dog is believed to have been taken tuesday in scotts valley. he is a show dog worth $27,000. the owner believes that someone was casing him and stole the dog while you made a trip to the store >> he didn't have a caller on said they had to bring their own to take him out. how they got him, i don't know >> the other dog was not taken and he says the thief left other valuables alone
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>> one of the famous flying wallendas took on the challenge of crossing the boston harbor to yesterday. he did it on a 1 in. thick wire cable. it took about 15 minutes and he made it. he is gearing up across niagara falls next month. the 1,800 ft. walk will take about a half-hour. >> he did slip a little bit >> not in a million years >> he says he really needs to focus. >> that is crazy stuff. >> a flame that will burn and during the london olympic games was lit today at the birthplace of the olympics. a mirror was used to focus rays of the sun to light the torch. it will be carried for 1,800
5:26 am
mi. before it is handed over in athens. the games open up july 27th. >> i end up watching them all night and with these hours, we sure will have fun. >> the sun tanning mother banned from the salons that made her famous. >> how they will keep her out, coming up >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married >> president obama is risky election move and the strong reaction from the bay area. a star-studded fundraiser in hollywood >> san francisco police shoot and kill a man after a dangerous standoff in a nob hill neighborhood. coming up we will tell you how there is also a homicide suspect in sonoma county. >> right now about 100 people are evacuated and firefig,,,,,,,
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>> some home video pitching flames shooting 100 ft. into the sky in silicon valley. the damage to homes under construction >> a little bit cooler by the afternoon, i will talk about that coming up >> pedal power, a day dedicated to taking two wheels to work. >> it is thursday may 10th, a good morning everyone. >> we begin this morning with a developing story. >> a deadly shooting by san francisco police ended in a standoff.
5:31 am
>> kate is in san francisco where police are letting people back into their apartments. she joins us with the very latest. >> police officers told us that residents in the apartment building are allowed back in a we have not seen anyone come back in or out since we have been here but we do know there is still a san francisco police are on standby monitoring the area after the incident that occurred yesterday. the officer involved shooting happened around 845 or 9:00 last night. police officers came to the apartment to question a man about a murdered in sonoma county and when his girlfriend open the door for the officers, things got ugly >> he is a person of interest in a homicide. officers were trying to make contact with him when he opened fire >> i heard the suspect fire
5:32 am
multiples of three floors and walls. the building had other people inside >> officers evacuated neighbors in the building but they could not all get out and that is when san francisco police decided it was too dangerous so at 10:00 p.m. an officer shot and killed the suspect from outside the apartment. offs if officers told us the apartment building is not a crime scene but the apartment where the gunman is shooting from is but residents are allowed back again. back to you. >> this morning the manhunt continues in oakland for a suspect involved in a police shooting. slot has been searching the area in east oakland. police say suspect took off during a stop. one or two officers opened fire on the suspect was not hit. the suspect's gun was found but he is believed to of left the area >> firefighters are still searching for the cause of a big
5:33 am
fire in santa clara. the video is amazing. >> they have not even been able to start their investigation yet. they will at first light and it will take awhile because there's not much left of the buildings. you can see melted port of pole toilets and wooden frames of two buildings. take a look at the flames from last night. the fire broke out at around 10:00 p.m.. this video was sent to us by a witness. flames were shooting about 100 ft. in the air. flames were so intense that sprinklers were going off in surrounding buildings. windows were breaking, between 300-500 people had to be evacuated.
5:34 am
>> several cars were burned and melted as well. fire out. here is a look from chopper five overhead last night. the fire encompassed about 100 square feet and sent golf ball sized ember about a block away. the chp used a helicopter to help find the embers and put them out. there will be smoke and water damage involving about 100 people. >> two brothers suspected in the murder of a san jose man are now in jail in utah. they were arrested yesterday in salt lake city after an officer recognize them from puget of photos. a stabbing led to a big police
5:35 am
standoff but it was later determined the two suspects had fled before the officers had arrived. a marin county teenager is due to appear in court for a plea hearing over a drive-by shooting and the theft of a celebrity chefs lamborghini. that's the way it is accused of stealing an expensive car. he also faces charges of attempted murder and commercial burglary. >> a lot of people are biking to work so they want warm weather >> they do. >> it was about a 3 hour trek for me but i look good and i feel fabulous. not a bad day to get around by car or bike. a little bit of fog out towards the coast line but looking good so far. forties' towards the santa rosa
5:36 am
area, 53 in san jose. by the afternoon, not bad. temperatures cooler than they have been. as high as 86 degrees in antioch. 85 in pleasanton. a little bit of a sea breeze, 68 degrees in san francisco, 70 in sausalito. >> not too bad on the roadways right now. so far so good. metering lights are off and it not a lot of volume as you will it work your way out of oakland into san francisco. not a bad ride on the golden gate bridge. we still see a few things northbound near 37. everything has wrapped up at 101 so no delays in that area.
5:37 am
extra volume on the southbound side of 880 as you work your way towards a word. speeds are dipping lower than 40 m.p.h. in the yellow areas. >> today is bike to work day. >> elisabeth is at golden gate bridge to explain this week's prize is that they are getting today for all of that effort. >> i did not wear my spandex today but i have seen a lot of spandex so far this morning. this is what they're giving out at over 200 energizer stations across the bay area. this is filled with information
5:38 am
about the bike challenged and getting people encouraged to ride two wheels instead of four on their way to work. if we pan over it looks like we see some traffic here. the coffee just arrived and we have some people heading our way at vista point. with me is dr. todd, thanks for joining me. your best advice for people who have maybe never ridden a bike to work? >> the best thing is to make sure you have a safe route and a safe bicycle. we definitely want to encourage people to ride their bikes to work but even if your not, we want to encourage people to exercise because that is truly the best medicine. it makes you feel better, improves your mood and improves our health. >> what about people who say they don't want to show up sweaty to work?
5:39 am
>> what i would encourage people to do is go for a walk during one of your brakes or a walk during lunch. find something you enjoy doing and get outside and exercise because it is truly the most important thing you can do for yourself. >> do you ride to work every day or how often? >> as often as i can but i ride my bike almost every day because that is what i enjoy doing. it's really the key to finding an exercise program you are consistent with is doing something you enjoy. you have to find your thing and get out and do it every day. >> thank you for joining us this morning. it is starting to get a little bit busy at this station across the golden gate bridge. they expect this to be one of the biggest bike to work days they have had so far.
5:40 am
>> one day after coming out in favor of gay marriage president obama will be in california in l.a. for a fund-raiser with actor george clooney. tickets cost $40,000. clooney started to play based on the trial over proposition 8. next month the president will attend a fund-raiser with leaders from the lesbian gay bisexual transvestite community. >> he spoke with good morning america >> at a certain point i have concluded that for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and a firm that i think same-sex couples should be able to get married >> the president has been under mounting pressure to weigh in on
5:41 am
the suspect, subjects. >> i don't like it, i think a husband and wife should be a husband and wife >> it is a great civil rights statement and it is where america ought to be. this will cost him some politically >> gavin newsom, the former mayor here, was introduced a marriage to the city was surprised the president would make such a big announcement before the november election. you can see more of the interview in get reaction from all across the country on dot com. the facebook ipo is just one week away now >> is it worth the money to invest? >> blowing dust is catching drivers off guard.
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>> back now at 5:44 a.m., the facebook c o is talking with potential investors as the company now prepares to go public with their stock next week. the ipo expected next friday. mercury news reports that mark zuckerberg is expected to meet with investors and the silicon valley tomorrow. he has been criticized for missing similar meetings earlier this week in new york. >> and for wearing a hoodie. >> yes, of a steamy to grow a little bit. with just over a week to the ipo, the question is, should you buy? here to talk about whether it is worth your money is jill schlesinger, cbs money watch .com. >> when facebook goes public, will it to buy and? the big
5:46 am
question is, is it worth it? >> 85% of the new offering is distributed to big players, a mutual-fund companies and pension plans. those are the largest clients of the major wall street banks that manage the ipo. historically only 15 percent of the ipo " too old investors like you and me. and of those, pretty much it has been shut out unless you have a very big account with one of the firms. but last week facebook said online trading from the trade would sell shares to the public. that led some to speculate that may be a higher percentage of the offering could go to retail investors. but just having an account at the trade or any of the underwriters does not guarantee you access to shares at the ipo price. it is going to be hard to get a piece of this action. >> even if you could, is and the general rule that if everyone buys the stock, shouldn't you think it is not a good deal? but in a year from now when it is $400 per share to say " why didn't i buy stock?
5:47 am
>> isn't that the beauty of investing, you can always second-guess yourself. research shows that i to performance has actually been kind of spotty because when they become public new stocks tend to underperform the overall market by nearly one-third in the three years after going public. nearly a half action when-on their returns. i know you think facebook will be different. it will be google or apple. but it could be passed off, and you could lose all your money. maybe more safe way of buying in would be to actually buy a no- load index fund that would include facebook automatically. that we don't need to take the risk of buying the ipo. on money watch .com have five questions investors should ask about this book. one of the question should be " why does he keep wearing that hoodie? i don't know. >> jill schlesinger, cbs money watch .com, gridding vice. thank you. >> yelp giving the city of san
5:48 am
francisco 5 stars. the on-line reviews site is committed to stay in the city to release 2020. today will announce the signing of a lease. the new space will accommodate around 800 employees. >> parts of arizona recovering from a powerful dust storm. the wild weather hit the tucson area yesterday creating some havoc with air quality, travel, at outdoor events. the state even warned drivers to take extra precautions because of limited or zero visibility. to southwest airlines flights and had to be delayed. this is pretty typical in arizona, as happens at least once a year? >> yes again thunderstorms rolling through and it is very dusty. and then you get that. around the bay area today, we're looking at patchy fog along the coastline. clear skies and the valley. another decent de all of these
5:49 am
temperatures down a little bit in the '40's and 50's. cool inland to start by the afternoon we are on the warm side as we see the temperatures soaring into the 80s. some eighties in the santa clara valley. and we should get some sunshine along the coastline in the afternoon. but the ridge is kind of backing off. along the west coast we have a cool sea breeze. not enough to drop the temperatures that much. many of these numbers from 5 to 10 degrees above the average. patchy fog dissipating in the afternoon and we're left with sunshine along the beaches. other two bidders will stay cool with a sea breeze. 60s along the immediate coast line and 80s as you make your way into the south bay and in east bay the ultimate result in the '70s and upper eighties by the afternoon in brentwood antioch and as a given set of the day that breeze will belong stronger. 63 degrees in daly city. and it should be a warm 83 degrees in santa rosa. the next couple of days were on to start arming its image as back up as high pressure builds in.
5:50 am
a weak offshore wind kicking in, the mergers in the '80s and '90s. 60s along the coast. >> we're going to go straight out to check the commit along the east shore freeway. you cannot get more accurate than mobile 5 cruise along your university through berkeley. a few cars on the road with but overall traffic looks pretty good. elsewhere, as you work your way to the bay bridge, the westbound freeway not a bad ride at all. traffic looks pretty good headed to the bay bridge toll plaza. let's check some of the bridges. you can see the golden gate bridge not doing too badly. of course it is a bike to work day so you may see more bikes on the roadways today so be careful as you cruise around the bay area this morning but still a nice ride it as you work your way from 582 the golden gate bridge toll plaza. here's a look at conditions for mass transit. always a good choice to avoid delays on the freeways. everything is looking very good. let's a live look at the bay
5:51 am
bridge toll plaza where traffic is still very light. not a bad ride as you work your way to the bay bridge toll plaza. so, easy and breezy right now. >> thank you. right now members of the fda are meeting at the nation's capital. they are expected to decide whether to give the green light to until for the purpose of preventing hiv. the pill has long been used to treat people with hiv. but it could become the first drug to prevent healthy people from becoming infected. >> attending mother is back in the news and is no longer welcome at the salon that inadvertently made her very famous. >> they ordered the workers to keep her out. officers arrested her last month for allegedly taking her five year-old daughter into a can improve with her. several tanning salon supposed to photograph so that employees will recognize her. i think a lot of people recognize her now. >> any woman that walks into a tanning salon that looks like
5:52 am
her, should be leaving. >> so much for the california dream. the state trying to lure some of the best minds out of the bay area. >> a stunt driver, a furry, and an a,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> march may provide overnight
5:55 am
rides between san fransisco and the east bay. the transit agency is looking at a pilot program to use ac transit and county connection buses for the service on saturday and sunday mornings after the train stop running. the examiner reports that trains can be used for overnight service because that is when they do maintenance on the tracks. bart board members being urged to buy american when it comes to adding new train cars to their fleets. they meet this morning in oakland. activist plan a rally prior to the meeting saying they have petitions from our writers: 4 are to negotiate for a better contract for those new cars. >> well it is 5:55 a.m., recruiters from michigan in santa clara county trying to lure some of the high-tech brightest people to wolverines stake. the cost of living in the silicon valley is very high and
5:56 am
michigan boosters are using that as some leverage. one recruiter used to work for the city of san jose. >> in moving from here to there, i have three times the house, for 40 percent of the money. >> promotional videos also tout michigan's culture and natural beauty and abundance of jobs. but not much is said about a cold weather and their great legs. i spent a year there. it was negative for the day i drove it to detroit. i left 11 months later, happily. >> the want to keep out of it. >> sports car stunt turned sour at an ancient site in china. it was part of the 20th anniversary of for our business in the chinese market. the special addition a ferrari, which is worth nearly $1 million, on top of the 600 year- old wall performing donuts. the stunt left skid marks on the structure but experts from the preservation bureau said that the real damage might come
5:57 am
later. the sports car might have stressed the structure. >> the wall is definitely more valuable than the car? >> i would say so. >> it is 5:56 a.m., hundreds of millions of dollars in airport screening equipment not touch. >> how the tsa is accused of wasting your money, coming up. >> i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> the president takes sides in the battle over gay marriage. the backlash and a pricey fund- raiser in los angeles. >> is suspected murder shot and killed licenses to police after a dangerous standoff. coming up, we will show you how some officers are still on standby and how residents are allowed back in this apartment building. >> a huge fire overnight in the still smoking building. what is stunning is how,,,,,,,,,
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