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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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would this news in high- definition. >> i am live at the scene of a huge fire overnight and it is still smoking this morning. we have a live report. >> police still on the scene of a deadly san fransisco standoff. the suspect shooting from an apartment window and one officer daring move to take him down. >> a cool sea breeze kicking in, and temperatures will bottom out today but much warmer weather on its way. >> how are you getting to work today? how about a bicycle? why more people are writing to wheels today. we will all the details coming up. >> it is thursday may 10th. >> it is 6:00 a.m., and witnesses took out their smart phones and their cameras for a monster fire down in the silicon valley. >> the flames burned down three homes under construction. ann mackovic in santa clara right now with that.
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>> these buildings behind me were going to be town homes. there were wooden frames but now as you can see there's not much left. still smoking this morning. several hours after the fire. i am here near el camino and scott boulevard in santa clara. firefighters are watching for hot spots this morning. investigators will be here at first like to try and figure out how this fire started here in the wooden frames. two buildings that would have been town homes. take a look at the flames around 10:00 p.m.. home video sent to us by a witness. flames shooting 100 ft. into the air and the heat was so intense that spread oilers were going off and the surrounding buildings. windows were breaking. between 305 hundred people had to be evacuated from those surrounding buildings. i'm here with the battalion chiefs, with the fire department. you did an amazing job last
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night. when we look at how close these other towns are to the buildings that burned, how did you keep them safe? >> in the initial strategy it was to confine the buildingfireo the two buildings that you see that are now destroyed. it was a large volume of fire so technically we had to do is get a large volume of water between the buildings that were burning and those to stucco buildings that you see that not burned. you can see there's a large amount of heat. windows are broken and there is jarring, add white building, some fired did get into the attic so we quickly extinguished that. >> when will people be able to return home? >> unfortunately the units on the end of those two buildings have significant water damage. the heat inside of the buildings was so intense that actually activated the fire sprinklers. there was no fire in the bill is the best records were activated because it was so hot. a significant amount of water damage. in 426 of the units. our goal is to get as many people back in as the can.
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but unfortunately there will be four to six units that will not be habitable for a few days. >> he mentioned golf ball sized embers? >> we have several reports of a number showers south of the same. we have reports of that. i walked around the structure, walking on embers the size of golf balls. significant exposure hazard for flying brands and like to pass on our thanks to the santa clara police officers who did a wonderful job patrolling downwind for ambers'. in fact we called the san jose police helicopter that uses infrared orbiting the scene to look for hot spots. thanks to those guys. >> think you for joining us this morning. investigators will be here on cnn this morning. right now live in santa clara, cbs 5. >> this morning in east oakland a manhunt continues for a suspect involved in a police shooting. a perimeter has been set up around 8000 block of macarthur boulevard and a swat team has responded to the area.
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the suspect took off during a car stopped, one or two officers opened fire on that suspects who was not hit. the suspect's gun had been found but is believed to have left the area. >> and san fransisco, a violent standoff ends with police killing a suspect. the showdown happened at the apartment building near post and hyde street in the nob hill neighborhood. police say the suspect was firing wildly at the time. neighbors had to evacuate. >> good morning. that is right, they evacuated the neighbors. we're live outside of that apartment building but were told by officers that they're now allowed back inside. we have not seen anyone go in or out. we have seen the police presence outside of this building decrease. when we first got here there were three cars and others just won keeping watch over the building which was a big crime scene yesterday. the whole incident started at 8:45 p.m., police officers knocked on the apartment door of this building in the 800 block
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of post street and that is when officers say the gunman's girlfriend open the door and then he started shooting at officers. we're talking multiple shots. through the windows, for the floors and walls. the gunman even started setting fires in side of the apartment. >> the suspects was in the deep room of the apartment, we were tempted to talk to him when he produced the weapon. and then sevastopol is officers came onto the scene for backup and shots were fired by the suspect. >> it turns out that police can to the apartment to talk to the man about the murder of a 66 year old woman who was found beat to death at her home on tuesday. officers say that he was a person of interest in that case. they did not release the name of the gunman but we are expecting more information later on this subject. officers will be holding a press conference to give us more details about last night's incident. >> a orange county teenager
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appearing in court today for a plea hearing over a drive-by shooting and the theft of a celebrity chefs lamborghini. he's accused of rappelling down into a seventh disco building and stealing a pricey car. he also faces charges of attempted murder and commercial burglary. >> facing a bit of trouble. >> yes. >> it is 6 06 a.m., with a check on the weather. lots of people biking to work. they want that my school weather in the morning when their biking. >> a round the bay area today, we do have some pettifog along the coastline. temperatures cool spots especially in some of the ballast. dropping down 44 degrees in santa rosa. fifties instead of the bay and that fog and '40's and pacific up. we will be warm. temperatures usually in the '60s and mid-70s.
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as much as 11 degrees above the average. livermore checking in at 85 degrees. getting that sea breeze in san fransisco. 68 degrees. more on the warm up coming up analysis check on the roads. >> let's head straight to chopper five out and about this morning with a live look at the conditions of the golden gate bridge. it is a bike to work day so you may see some extra bicyclist on the road was this morning to use caution. hopefully less cars will be on the road this morning. we'll have more coming up in a few minutes but traffic conditions along the golden gate bridge look very good. not the case at the bay bridge where you're getting busy. no metering lights but traffic is certainly stacking up. not too bad if you have fast track. to the maps we go. if you are headed on 880 this morning, there is a broken-down vehicles. it is taking a little bit of time for them to clear from the roadway so you may see some slight delays in that area. 880 itself northbound if you're headed out of oakland towards the maze, so far so good but break lights once you get the
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bay bridge toll plaza. that is a look at your time severed traffic. >> you may see some specks on our way to work today, it is the 18th annual bicycle to work day. and traffic reporter elizabeth wiener at the golden gate bridge where people are getting into gear. you don't have any spandex on but that is ok. >> i know, i do not have any appropriate like we're on. no spandex, no bicycle shoes. but i am here and we have a lot people and spends this morning. more than 200 energizer stations all across the bay area. we are here in the north end of the golden gate bridge. let me show you what is gone on. we have dr. todd, a bicycle enthusiasts on a stationary bike this morning. so that people can give that a world. also a lot of free bicycle stuff being given out at these different enterprises stations across the bay area. bicycle paths, flyers, free coffee, bagels, really wanting to get the word out that people should ride to work on their bicycles.
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two wheels instead of four. i think that chopper 5 is overhead showing you some of the scene from this area as well. expect to see more bicycle riders a, on the road. and with me is i am a living with the bay area bicycle coalition. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for joining us, it is a little bit cold today but a little bit of a bike ride will warm you up. >> you expect this to be the biggest bike to work day ever? >> each year we try to grow it and get more writers involved and really what we're trying to do is encourage new writers to come on board. new writers are encouraged to come to one of these energizer stations and find out more information about the local possible resources and maybe get motivated, gets stimulated. and new writers, obviously this is a great day to start out because you have these great energizer stations, with all this great stuff, great things to eat and take home. resources and information. that is really what want to do, encourage new writers.
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an expert riders are of course writing every day to work. so those are the leaders. those are the leaders in the community and they're really taking on a roll of encouraging those new writers to get on their bicycles and get rolling. >> the bay area must be one of the best places to ride a bicycle? i read every 43 mi. of new bicycle lanes in the past year-and-a-half in the bay area. >> we do have a beautiful area, plenty of room for more bicycle lanes, but there is definitely a beautiful area. and the weather is quite conducive. so we're one of the largest bicycle to work days in the nation, and i think that san fransisco is a perfect place to bike. if you don't like, you should bike. >> thank you diana, so they have these energizer station set up just for the morning commute to and i guess that several of them will be set up for the evening commute home .. so you can then ride your bicycle home to wherever your going. so if you're driving, of course expect to see extra bicycles on the road.
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extra careful. >> that is good advice. thank you so much. >> one day after coming out in favor of gay marriage the president will be right here in california today, down in los angeles for a big fund-raising dinner with actor george clooney. tickets cost $40,000, they will have the dinner at george clooney is house. george clooney starred in a play about the gay marriage band. next month the president will attend a fund-raiser with leaders from the gay community. he became the first president ever to some port gay marriage. he spoke with good morning america on abc. >> i hesitated on gay marriage, in part because i thought that civil unions would be sufficient. >> the president has been under mounting pressure to weigh in on the topic. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani says that he thinks it was a political move. >> i think it will help with his base. i think it will hurt a little in
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showing that shifting positions he will take on a moral issue like this. because he is for it and then against it and then for it. but it is only marginal. it depends on how this will play an ohio and how this will play in north carolina and how will play in the 10 states that matter. >> he says the country is evenly divided on the gay marriage issue. it is 6:12 a.m., tsa and hot water accused of wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on screening machines. >> and a toddler, a terror threat. the mistake to put an 18 month old girl on the no-fly list. >> he is like my son. >> a beloved show dog st,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77.
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>> here's a look at today's top stories. san fransisco police shot and killed a man in a nob hill apartment. they say the man fired at officers and set fires one the want to talk to them about a murder in sonoma county. fire investigators will access a damage apartment from a five alarm blaze in santa clara. the fire destroyed three town homes that were under construction, dozens of neighbors are still evaluating. bodies have been located after a deadly airplane crash in indonesia. the aircraft was on a demonstration flight for potential buyers when it crashed into a mountain. 45 people were on board. >> police in utah have two brothers in jail suspected of killing a man in the san jose rose garden area. they were both arrested yesterday in salt lake city after an officer recognize them from fugitive photographs. the brothers were both named suspects last month after 51
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year-old man was stabbed outside of a home on cleveland avenue. the stabbing lead to a police standoff. but the two suspects had taken off. how about some traffic? on this thursday. it is bicycle day. >> it is, a bicycle to work day. it is all about traffic right now. let's head over to chopper 5. look at this, lots of people gathering at 24th st. bart station. you can see everyone getting ready for the bicycle to work day. lots of extra bucks on the roadways so be extra cautious, you'll see some 2 wheel friends out there. lots of people expect on the streets so be very careful. they're gathering at that the fourth st. bart station. let's head over to the bay bridge. so far traffic is actually a bit this year. we're starting to see traffic stacking up. very slow going. not a bad ride in fast-track plans. traffic looks pretty good for
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the fast-track plans. the golden gate bridge getting busy out of marin county because of some road work but once you get to the golden gate bridge you can see the traffic is light headed into san fransisco. 30 minutes from 582 the golden gate bridge toll plaza. that roadwork is north and southbound, alternating lines in the area for paving work. hoping to have that wrapped up within the next few minutes you may see some delays but once you pass this towards the golden gate bridge traffic looks much better. elsewhere antioch is starting to stack up. seeing slow conditions as you work your way near summerville. lots of yellow. a little bit of red so speeds may dip under 25 mi. per hour through there. once you get through that area into pittsburgh in the east shore freeway traffic looks much better. the extra volume as you work your way to the bay bridge toll plaza. westlawn 580 slow and go. 25 minute ride from the altamont pass. some yellow on the census indicating slow and go speeds under 40 mi. per hour.
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that is traffic. >> we have some nice weather coming our way. to buttress will probably bottomed out in the bay area and that will not even be that bad. a few patches of fog along the coast of the was mostly clear skies in the bay and the valleys. a little cool in spots but this afternoon, let it warm sunshine, especially inland. this the beginning of what looks like much warmer weather going into tomorrow. still the trough continues to sit along the west coast premiere with a bit of a breeze for the afternoon keeping tempters down along the beaches. but many of the bell still in the 80s in the afternoon hours. patchy fog along the san mateo coastline. that will likely sweep away this afternoon. but that sea breeze will continue so the temperatures are going to stay down along the coastline. highs in the '60s. some eighties in the santa clara valley. 75 degrees in a word. is the temperatures running well into the 80s in brentwood and antioch. 79 degrees and a delta breeze in
6:20 am
vallejo. and out to the beach is we're looking at 63 degrees in daly city. 68 in san fransisco. still mid-70s into oakland and 80s in the santa rosa area. the next couple of days we will see what much of it is coming our way. the weekend looks great with high pressure building and, onshore winds likely to blow. some 80s and 90s showing up in the valleys. cooler next monday. that is a look at whether. back to you. >> cleanup underway in louisiana. pile on whether caught on tape when a tornado ripped the roof off of a mobile home in grand island. it tornado blew through the area it did just a couple of seconds. fortunately no injuries. but that is scary video. some house republicans are choosing the transportation security administration of wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. they say that tsa has been locking up $184 million in unused screening equipment and a dallas warehouse and this has gone on for years. house committee report also says
6:21 am
the agency purchased more explosive trees detectors than necessary. the tsa responded by saying they got a discount on those detectors by purchasing more. a new jersey family wants to know how they're two year-old girl ended up on the no-fly list. >> a found out when they tried to fly home from fort lauderdale. tsa asian stop them in the airport. 30 minutes later the parents were told that they could read board the jet blue airplane. but they say there was no apology and no explanation. >> the whole situation was bizarre. it was completely bizarre. it made no sense. >> tsa says it is an airline issue. the agency says that because the family had boarding passes, it means that been cleared by tsa and were not on the no-fly list. the teachers' union in san fransisco will vote on a possible strike. the school board decided to lay off 210 teachers and eight administrative workers. the district also wants more
6:22 am
furlough days and to eliminate sabbaticals. it is 6:21 a.m., a great dane with $27,000 was stolen. the owners this book freak to get him back. >> deer doubles in action, a,,,,
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>> 6:25 a.m., a canine mystery in santa cruz county where the man says that someone stole one of his two great danes. it it is a 175 lb dog believed to be taken tuesday. it is a big-time show dog worth $27,000. robinson believes that someone was casing him and stole the dog while he made a quick trip to the store. >> he did not have a caller on so they had to bring their own
6:26 am
collar and leash to take him out. how they got him, i don't know. >> his other great dane was not taken, he says the thief also left a number of valuable items alone as well. >> the story comes with a warning not to try this at home. you've probably never seen this done before. a skateboard is set on fire, and then he jumps over a moving car. it was done for a reality show pilot. not in hollywood. the producers are in the sierra foothills and say they got tired of working in los angeles in the hope it they can do the show from auburn. a little daring there. >> that does not make sense. >> another sign of the summer olympics, another sign is just around a corner. >> the flame that will burn during the london games left columbia greece. the birthplace of the ancient olympics. a mirror was used to focus raise from the sun that in turn lit the torch.
6:27 am
nearly 500 torchbearers will take turns carrying the flames. the 1,800 mi. before it is handed over to the london game organizers in athens. the games open up in london on july the 27. always fun. >> a school tradition. 60 6:00 a.m., banning the bronze. strict orders against that tanning mother. >> and wild whether in arizona. >>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> your watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good morning everyone, it is
6:31 am
thursday may 10th. >> it is 6:30 a.m., a developing story has some people still out of their homes in san fransisco this morning. police used deadly force to end a dangerous situation at apartment building near hyde street in the lower nob hill neighborhood. kate is there with more on how the standoff turned deadly overnight. good morning. >> good morning. some residents were evacuated from the apartment building but we're told by officers that they're now allowed back in their apartments. we did see one person go in but we do not know if he was a resident of that building. we know that officers are still on standby keeping an eye on the apartment where the shooter was from. still an active crime scene. it will continued investigation. this whole incident started last night just before 9:00 a.m.. the officers wanted to speak to the gunman about a murder, as soon as the man's girlfriend
6:32 am
open the apartment door, things got ugly fast. >> he is a person of interest in a homicide, officers were tried to make contact with him when he opened fire. >> over the course of the next hour the suspects filefired multiple shots through walls and doors. >> not only did the government should through the walls but he also tried to set fires in the apartment building. officers could not get all the neighbors out of the building with the chaos oregon and that is when the decision was made to take him out about an hour after this all began. since police shot and killed the gunman from outside the apartment building. they have not released the name of that gunman but we're expecting more information later on this morning as it will be holding a press conference crown 11:00 a.m.. we will keep you updated throughout the day. we're live in downtown san francisco. >> a manhunt in oakland this morning has police looking for a shooting suspect. we're on the phone now with
6:33 am
radio reporter margie shafer, and updating the story from east oakland. >> good morning. police say that shots were fired at the suspect after he fled from a car armed with a gun. shots were fired by either one or two officers. the suspect is not believed to be hit. the gunman is one of several auctions of a car stopped in the 7900 block in east oakland last night just after 7:00. the police lieutenant said they have a good idea who he is. the have a person of interest but investigators are still looking into things before the can release his name. the gunman then ditched his weapon which has been recovered, a several block area was cordoned off and scoured throughout the night. police believe the wanted man was able to get out of the perimeter before was completely set up, so the investigation continues. reporting live in east oakland, cbs 5. >> thank you. >> a massive fire in santa clara burns down three town homes
6:34 am
under construction and right now neighbors are out of their homes and smoke is still coming out of some of that debris. ann mackovic is here with the witness the caught fire on tape and joins us with more. >> good morning, we're waiting for investigators to show up to try and figure out exactly how this fire started. you mentioned that the smoke is still coming from the rubble here. these were what was going to be townhome similar to the ones that are right next door but now it is going to be back to the drawing board for the construction company that just lost two of their buildings. take a look at the flames last night. this was around 10:00 p.m., this is home video sent to us by a witness. flames were shooting 100 ft. into the air. the heat was so intense that the sprinklers were gone off in the surrounding buildings. windows were breaking, between 3:00 305 hundred people had to be evacuated. >> several cars were burned and
6:35 am
melted as well. it took firefighters an hour and a half to put the fire out. here's a look from chopper five overhead last night. the fire isent to call all size embers into the air falling blocks away. the chp had to use an infrared helicopter to help firefighters find the embers and put them out before they became huge fires of their own. back out here live now this morning, on el camino and scott boulevard in santa clara, residents of the three surrounding buildings here are still out of their homes. that is about 100 people. firefighters are not sure when it will be able to return. >> thank you. how about some weather? judging from the bay bridge right now, it looks good out there? >> we love looking behind us at
6:36 am
these beautiful views. >> what a nice start to the day, sunshine outside. a couple patches of fog along the coastline. a little cool as you head into the valleys. some of those centers down to the four is at this hour. santa rosa checking in at 44 degrees in san was a 52 and 50 degrees in san francisco. by the afternoon we're looking at a natomas with temperatures down just a little. 83 degrees and one in santa clara, had 83 in san jose. the state senators moving into the 80s. 84 and walnut creek. you get inside of the maze and there's a strong sea breeze with temperatures in the upper 60s. 74 and very nice and oakland with the badgers warming up from here. let's check on the roads. >> they cover much, let's go live to chopper 5. it is bicycle to work day and we saw a group of bicyclist gather at the 24th st. bart station. they were expecting a large group to attend this bike to work day.
6:37 am
they're now headed for city streets in san francisco. we're expecting to see a lot bicycles on the roadway. we'll have more in just a few minutes so you might see some more busy conditions but keep your eyes peeled. let's check the three conditions. the metering lights are on and traffic is stacked up in the fast track lands. slow and go until 880 overpass. elsewhere, if you're headed out and about, there are construction happening along 101. paving work happening. you might see slight delays. at the golden gate bridge no troubles, traffic very light into san fransisco across the golden gate bridge. >> you might see more bicyclist on the road today because it is the 18th annual bicycle to work day and elisabeth is at the golden gate bridge right now where 2 wheel commuters are getting a little bit of stuff for their commute. >> what a fine morning. a great day with a great view
6:38 am
of the golden gate bridge. i am here on this stationary bike. i'm not wearing the appropriate here. but check out this energizer station. a lot of food and snacks for bicyclist to pick up before the ride to work. and if we go out to chopper 5, a lot of commuters out there. this is one group that often rides together. the call themselves the convoy. a lot of these people ride several days per week from san fransisco to silicon valley. it all started with a small number of google voice that has now grown to thousand members at work at many different companies all over the peninsula and the south bay. they say the 40 mi. trek takes a couple of hours and they're always looking for more people to join in. >> i am really excited, having so many people on bicycles is a great way to get the message out that anyone can do it, not just people that wear spandex and have fancy bikes.
6:39 am
we have these energizer stations during the morning commute. some of them for the evening commute as well. you could check them out on line. if you're driving to work than be extra careful. there are going to be more bicyclist on the road. especially today. back to you. by the way, i keep getting twitter messages from lawrence, i guess that he bicycle to work? >> he started that rumor, but i'm not believing it. ok. thanks. >> one day after coming out in favor of gay marriage, the president is right here in california, in southern california, for a fund-raiser with actor george clooney. tickets a whopping $40,000 for that event. he starred in a play that was based on the trial for proposition 8, the gay marriage band. next month the president will attend a fund-raiser with leaders from the l g b t
6:40 am
community. today his campaign released internet video, entitled " mitt romney is back roads on the quality ". >> place certain point i just concluded that, for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and a firm that's i think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> the president has been under mounting pressure to weigh in on the subject. his announcement brought mixed reactions. >> i don't like it. no. a husband and wife should be a husband and wife. >> it is a great civil-rights a statement. it is where america should be. this is gone to cost him some politically. >> it is polarizing. mayor gavin newsom said that he was surprised that the president would make such an announcement
6:41 am
before the november election. if you like to see more of that interview in reaction from politicians across the country that check out our website 6:40 a.m., the big road show for facebook before the ipo is off to a rocky start. the mark zuckerberg no show appearances. >> it is not unusual for companies to try to lure talented but this morning and entire state is trying to recruit bay area talent. >> the market opened up 10 minutes ago, let's check on the early numbers. a better day to day with,,,,,,
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> take a look at this. parts of arizona recovering from
6:45 am
a powerful dust storm. the wild weather hit the area yesterday, creating havoc with air quality, travel, and outdoor events. the state even warned drivers to take extra precaution because of limited or zero visibility. to southwest airlines flights had to be delayed. you can see the people hanging on for dear life. >> that would have ruined bicycle to work day. >> thank goodness we have good weather. >> no kidding. just for the record, my car is downstairs because ito did in the high my bike. that is why it took forever to get here. >> we're starting out with mostly clear skies, a couple patches of fog along the coastline, is the outside as well. the cloud cover will dissipate in the afternoon. lots of sunshine and warm england this weekend. high pressure begins to kick back in. temperatures soaring to bottom out today as we catch a bit of a breeze especially along the
6:46 am
coastal areas. then we warm things up as high pressure builds an. pettifog along the san mateo county coastline. that will become mostly sunny, although staying cool at the beaches. some 60s along the coast one but as you get inside of the day, the south bay is looking good in the '80s. 75 and breezy into a word. upper eighties in brentwood and antioch. 79 and a delta breeze of vallejo and as you approach the bay temperatures in the seven is into oakland. 68 in san fransisco and a warm 83 degrees in santa rosa. the next couple days we warm things up once again. looking great into saturday and sunday. temperatures much warmer all round the bay area. cooling off on monday. looking great, plenty of sunshine, a little bit hot in lent. >> sounds good. we're seeing extra volume on the roadway, especially some of the more business paths. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:47 am
slow and go beyond the 880 overpass. elsewhere traffic starting to get a bit busy as you work your way on 580. slow and go speeds. if we jump over to 101. northbound, it looks like we have some debris in the roadway that has been there for half an hour. so they are clear in it to the right side so there might be some slight delays and on how long it takes to get out of the roadway. u.i.c. back up in that area. the past there is not bad into sfo. 880 dealing with a broken-down vehicles. so far it looks like they may have cleared it, a lot of green on the roadway. the rest of 880 looks like this, looking good. a little dizzy into a word. we'll check mass transit and a few minutes. back to you. >> hiring could be on the upswing. here now is jason brooks with cbs money watch .com. >> good morning. certainly a good signal after we saw a a jobless claims jumped
6:48 am
higher in march and for most of april. the labor department says that claims fell by 1000 to 367,000. that was after four week average at 379,000. that is still 4000 above a level that economists say signals a job growth. but we'll take a snooze especially in light of all the problems going on in europe that has led the dow to six losing streak, earnings went on the market. san jose network cisco topped expectations on both profit and revenue. a profit of $2.2 billion and revenue of $11.6 billion but the ceo warns that the rest of the year may not be so hot with a lot of purchasing managers very cautious because of the debt problems in europe, and that is weighing on their shares. right now cisco is giving up almost 8%. that is dragging down the blue chips and the technology sector. despite losing $90 million in
6:49 am
the last quarter, revenue is dropping down also. the companies as their model sedan is ahead of schedule and will roll off the assembly line in fremont starting next month. that is boosting their forecast for the rest of the year. their shares are shooting higher. right now they're up by 12.5%. overall a good start for the market for a change. the dow up by 60 points. nasdaq in six and the s&p is up by nine. back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:49 a.m., the facebook ceo talking with potential investors as the company prepares to go public with their stock. the ipo is expected next friday. the mercury news reports that mark zuckerberg is expected to meet with prospective investors in the silicon valley. that will happen tomorrow. he has been criticized for missing similar meetings this weekend. his attire also. we will see what he wears tomorrow.
6:50 am
>> recruiters from michigan are in santa clara county right now to lure some of the high techs brightest people to the wolverine state. >> quality of life in silicon valley is difficult to be to but the cost of living of course is very high. and michigan boosters are using that as leverage. this recruiter used to work for the city of san jose. >> in moving from here, to there, i have three times the house for 40 percent of the money. >> promotional videos also tout michigan's culture, natural beauty, and abundance of technology jobs. but not much is said about a cold winter weather near the great lakes. >> michigan ... california? i think we win. . go michigan. >> time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> and erica hill joins us with a mystery gas that she will unveil. good morning. >> i do. good morning to you. i will make you wait on that one
6:51 am
can tell you about the other guests will have on the show. a lot of talk about the president's now being the first u.s. president to support same- sex marriage. and the question that comes after that, what kind of a role with this play in the upcoming election? mayor rudy guiliani will be here with us. he has said in the past republican party should get out of people's bedrooms. does he still feel that way as we head into an election? we'll talk about that. we also have with us in studio 57 someone that i think you know pretty well. you know it is someone that i love and adore. >> good morning bay area. no touching. i have to tell you, gail king's seed is still warm. it feels good. if she thinks that she's coming back here tomorrow, forget about it. we're doing a big story on broadway.
6:52 am
also, what does eric hill do on her day off? we will run around york and have the take next week. >> we will have fun things for you to do or your next trip out here. >> is shoes sopping involved? >> absolutely not for me. but the family shoe shopping is on her list. you guys are looking good. >> we were wondering where you work. >> he came over for dinner last night. and he still is our friend, because when my kids were screaming uncontrollably all night. but he said that he missed you guys. >> i did, that was after we were playing " show me your belly button coat, me and the kids. >> we miss you also. and erica, thank you so much. remember that cbs this morning starts at 7:00. >> have fun and we'll see you next week. >> the new jersey mother with an
6:53 am
extreme tan needs to find a new salon. >> her favorite spot for bronzing sessions can come in here anymore. they're blocking her. they ordered workers to keep her out. officers arrested last month for allegedly taking that five year- old daughter to a tanning booth. several salons have even posted for photographs so that employees will recognize her. i think that she is pretty easy to spot to reissues' glowing. >> it is 6:53 a.m., coming up a check on the top stories plus pedal power in the bay area. >> you said it, pedal power, mom? hmm?
6:54 am
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he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
6:57 am
>> time now is 6:56 a.m., tenants forced out by gunfire returned to a san fransisco apartment building. a neighbor took this picture last night. police for keeping watch over the apartment as it went to talk with a man in the next unit. police say that man opens fire on the officers and then set fires in the building. the man was then shot and killed. he was wanted in connection with a murder in sonoma county. freetown homes being built are now a total loss following a massive fire in santa clara. fire investigators will be on scene this morning to check out the damage. the flames forced dozens of neighbors out of their homes. witnesses saw the flames shooting 10 stories high overnight. it is the 18th annual bicycle to work day. >> elisabeth is at the golden gate bridge with spandex commuters. >> now i am wearing a bicycle helmet. i'm getting your pressured to do reporter involvement. we're at one of more than 200
6:58 am
energizing stations in the bay area. check out how busy it is getting here. so this is where a lot bicyclist can come to get a free cup of coffee, a bagel, and bicycle stuff. their expecting this to be the biggest bicycle day yet. gorgeous weather. and san fransisco action crunched some numbers and is a 71 percent more people are riding bicycles in san fransisco that just five years ago. san fransisco also added 23 mi. of new bike lanes in just the last year and a half. a lot of people ride their bicycles to work every day. but this day is more geared to a new riders. so there are some pros and cons with riding your bicycle to work. conns, helmut terror. i am expecting to get back after this. but you can burn calories and save money so is a great way to avoid traffic on the roads. that is live from the golden gate bridge. back to you guys. >> your helmet matches the
6:59 am
jacket. >> that is what they said. i do what i can. >> you need to peddle back, so we will see you in a couple hours? >> her hair will look it anyway. her hair will look good anyway. >> lawrence, not so much. >> if there's not much that you can do with this thing. >> if you're headed from the bay area we have '40's and '50's right now. by the afternoon, we're bottoming out with a richer still running above the average. well into the 80s in mind. '60s and '70s in the bay. the next couple of days to start to warm things up with high pressure building in, temperatures soared into the 80s and 90s and betty's bus. a cool down on monday. >> adding the roads this morning, busy at a pleasanton and the bay bridge but mass transit is a good choice. bart running on time. hayes and muni and caltrans and ferries are all running free. so far traffic is very busy


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