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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 10, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> it did not take long, within hours of making history by becoming the first sitting president to support same-sex marriage, a new advertising was out for the obama campaign highlighting the differences between her presumed to gop nominee mitt romney and the president. >> i do not favor marriage between people of the same gender ... >> -ask for donations and it seems to be working. president's supporters show $3 million today in seattle and a los angeles at the home of actor george clooney, 150 celebrities are expected paying a single ticket price of $40,000. many in the crowd have fought against proposition 8 including actor and director rob reiner. >> they say the politics makes strange bedfellows. you don't have a stranger bedfellows. >> he's referring to a dream team that he hired to fight the ban on same-sex marriage in
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california. conservative attorney ted olson things we faced off with democrat david boyce in bush first court. >> we heard people when we tell them they're no good. >> it is not just rallying liberals, the president's decision has reportedly boosted both sides. >> i think that it will energize all those evangelical christians who had misgivings about voting for a mormon. >> it is also fueling the fire on a washington post or that alleges mitt romney bullied a gay high-school students. reportedly he and his friends held down the screaming victim while they cut off his hair. mitt romney says that he does not remember the incident from 1965. >> i'm sure like other people i have done stupid things in high school and if i offended anyone i apologize. >> now back to the obama fund- raiser. the president is expected to land in los angeles 20 minutes from now and expecting to rub elbows with hollywood celebrities.
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>> after months of controversy the bart board today approved a contract to begin replacing their aging train cars. the vote was unanimous but it does not sit well with some union workers. here's chris and theirs to explain why. >> that is right, union workers were hoping for a last-minute miracle. they did not get it. the board voted unanimously to have a canadian company build their new train cars, partially on foreign soil. >> after weeks of running a controversial advertising campaign ... >> i can't believe that art wants to give their railcar contract to a company that will send jobs overseas instead of putting more americans to work. >> hours of public comment before the bart board of directors. >> on behalf of american workers, i really hope that you will reconsider this ... >> the vote came. that means the contract to design 410 of the sleek new train cars will go to a canadian company. a company that will get a third
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of its labor from overseas. >> course i'm disappointed. >> union officials backed a french company to build a new rail cars, it would have killed 95 percent of the cars in the united states, compared to 66%. but their bid for the contract was more expensive by $180 million. and in the and the bart board could not be convinced to put the project on hold. we'll bidders formulated new plants around american jobs. >> we do need to approve this contract today. >> we need the cars and we need the jobs right now. so i'm very convinced that we should accept this bid. >> the real tragedy she says, is of the 5000 jobs the contract will create, none will be in the bay area. >> we need to do more for the bay area. and we did not. >> it is a missed opportunity, just like we stated with the bay bridge projects. with most of the ironwork on that same going out to china.
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>> those new cars are expected to be on the tracks by 2017. that will be just as the bart san jose extension is completed. >> a swimmer since tonight after being rescued from the rocks at lands' end in san fransisco. chopper flies overhead as the rest operation got under way. the swimmer got caught up in the surf before becoming stranded. firefighters used ropes to help him to the top of the 200 ft. cliffs. he escaped with only scratches on his arms. >> fire destroyed a home in contra costa county today. it broke out early this afternoon and david brass sent us these photographs while the fire was burning. he tells us that the fire was threatening other homes and firefighters got there they did need to call in a second alarm. no reports of anyone becoming heard. it is unclear how the fire started. >> burned to the ground before they were even finished. the fire in santa clara destroyed six town homes under construction.
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and as bad as it was, len ramirez tells us that this one could have been worse. >> that is right. shortly after this fire started, came reports that a suspicious person or persons were seen in the area. that will all be part of this investigation which will be very thorough. >> members of the santa clara county arson task force spent the day combing through the rubble of burned out townhomes, looking for clues to the fire's origin. >> this is a common practice that we use on large fires, to help investigate the events. >> and what an event it was, flames could be seen for miles away beginning around 10:00 p.m. last night, burning the bare wood frames of two town homes under construction of the el camino and santa clara. >> that is the biggest fire i have ever seen a >> he is a former volunteer firefighter that shot this video last night. >> there were people on their balconies still standing there watching across the parking area, 90 ft. away just watching
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the thing burn down. you can imagine what they're feeling. >> ok and framed wood construction is a veritable lumberyard, a lot of bt use, no sugar or any stucco to stop the fire. >> the fire spread to three other townhomes before firefighters could bring it under control. well over 100 residents had to be evacuated and golf ball sized flying embers threaten other homes blocks away. >> and then we heard something pounding, i was thinking they were shooting outside or something. i just tried to take my wallet and my party, peer >> " watched it on the news last night. it was devastating. >> the president of the developer says the fire destroyed a town homes that had already been sold even though they were still in the early stages of construction. >> first and foremost, we are just so thankful that no one was injured.
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>> several of the families that were evacuated last night still have not been led back into their homes. i just checked with one of the families right now and a say that the plastic piping that brings water into their building actually melted from that intense. heat from the fire. so those pipes are having to be replaced right now. they're hopeful they can get into their house tonight so they do not need to spend a second night at a friend's house. >> thank you. new details tonight about the man shot and killed during a standoff with police in san fransisco. he was wanted in connection with the murder of his mother. officers say the 41 year-old dennis hughes a shot at them when they showed up at his girlfriend's apartment in the city last night. he then began firing randomly. that is when police called in a sharpshooter. the body of diane hughes was found tuesday in the home that the to have shared. her s u v was found near the standoff. >> why this killer whale solo status is against the law.
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the bay area woman who is leading a campaign to do something about it >> skyscrapers do not need to be the things that crushed the ground. >> old world architecture meets new-age communications. the internet company breathing new life into a day area landmarks. >> who was paying for the multimillion-dollar sports complex? >> the entire project has been funded through private donations. >> so why has that official video vanished? we follow the,,,
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>> a vallejo woman says that a whale at six flags discovery kingdom needs a companion. and she says the theme park is breaking the law by not providing one. joe vasquez is at six flags, i understand that she has hundreds
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of supporters? >> peta's, a lot of friends. she is 19 years old, she is a teenager, she wants companionship. so what that she is a killer whale. this is video shot from chopper 5 earlier this afternoon of the killer whale. she is alone right now. she seems to be waving hello. she had a companion here for seven years but park officials say that they were not compatible. so six months ago they moved the companion. a dolphin, to another part of the park. federal law says that a marine mammals must be housed with another animal of the same or related species. enter when the bruno. she has started an on-line petition, she is from vallejo, a small-business owner, she says that she has signed up with change .org and facebook and she has 700 people who have signed a petition. essentially she calls the treatment cruel and illegal and she wants to put pressure on the feds to pressure six flags
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discovery can dump to hurry up and get the whale inmate. >> working on it is one thing but doing it is another. it is the law. so i understand it they have an issue, but it has been almost six months that she is alone. and in my opinion, such a creature needs to be with a companion. it makes me happy that people support it, and people understand what needs to be done for these animals. and that if there is a long place, it should be abided by. >> discovered kingdom says that they're working on it, they issued a statement that reads " do to recent compatibility issues, the killer whale and her companion, a bottle most often, have been separated, and we're working to find a suitable companion for her. we understand from a source here at the park at this effort has been well under way it since well before that petition started. but this is certainly getting a lot of attention. stay tuned to see if we hear an announcement soon. and she will be getting a
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companion at some light. >> i love it, it is like match .com for whales. let us know how this turns out. >> we will see how it works out. >> other bay area headlines, the search for sierra lamar resume today at 2 santa clara county waterways. dive team swept the reservoirs' looking for suspicious objects. investigators stress that there's no indication the missing teenager from morgan hill was there but they're simply trying to rule out any possibility. the lawyer for a cinder felt teenager accused of stealing a celebrity chef lamborghini wants his clients tried as a juvenile. the 17 year-old is also charged with attempted murder in another case. he was in grant county court today but he did not enter a plea however we're told that he smiled when he saw off news photographers. his lawyer filed a challenge and the prosecutors made errors when they charged him and as an adult. another success for bike to work
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day. muni says the number of people taking part increased 66% over last five years. this is the 18th year for the annual bike tour day. >> the city of san fransisco getting a five-star rating from yelp. the popular online reviews site just signed a deal to move their headquarters into one of the city's first skyscrapers. sac king has a look at what makes the landmark building so unique. >> it is hard to believe that in 1925 this building was state of the art. and the tallest building in san francisco. >> this hour really defines what towers used to be all about. proud and sorting things that ascended to the heavens like a big natural cliffs. >> the building was only and use by pacific telephone company. by the time was built until was purchased by developers, for one on the $70 million >> 1 match record technology
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creates better spaced and anything that has been created to. >> space that is internet company will be taken. moving in their 800 employees next year, taking up eight floors. >> this building has been vacant for five years, all the construction going on is to get ready for their new tenants. but they're not replacing any of the original items that give it character like this store for 1925. >> he has been heading up the $50 million upgrade it. >> it has weathered a couple of earthquakes but it was not built to the seismic codes that we have today some of the main things we're doing is inserting the seismic upgrade. >> the 26 story building once alone as the city's first skyscraper. the historic building is now getting an exterior facelift. but inside it's timeless details will remain untouched. >> there is a real drama to this building. the reason skyscraper's went out of fashion and people thought tall buildings in the '60s and '70s and '80s, and now is that
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there were just seen as these kind of monolithic shoeboxes. buildings like this had style and drum up. >> in san francisco, cbs 5. >> classic stuff. a couple years ago cal made this promise. >> the entire project has been funded through private donations. >> now that video is gone. ♪
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>> we have some live pictures now of los angeles international airport. president barack obama has just arrived for a high dollar dinner at the home of actor george clooney. at the sold-out fund-raiser is
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expected to net nearly $50 million for his reelection campaign. tickets were $40,000 each. they were not sold out just a few days ago. the president made another $3 million just a few hours ago at an event in seattle washington. the outpouring of support and cash comes just one day after the president came out in favor of same-sex marriage. there the president's plan is landing at lax and the president will be deplaning in just a bit. >> college football is a great tradition, it can mean a lot of money for university. but it is costing a small fortune to earthquake retrofit cal's building. just as there raising tuition and cutting the number of courses, we take a closer look at how they have changed their story about how they plan to pay for that stadium. from above construction of uc- berkeley is new stadium and
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adjoining sports complex is moving according to plan. players will kick off the football season this fall at the new state-of-the-art facility. the overall cost for the two projects is more than $450 million. in this video, university officials said that financing was in place and came from outside sources. >> the entire project has been funded through private donations ... >> the idea that this is privately funded is put out there, but it is not the case. >> in fact, the university has borrowed the bulk of that money using student tuition as collateral. the credit rating service movies specifically gave the university and a 1 rating, because of the university's ability to raise revenue by hiking tuition and living in out-of-state applicants that pay more. this tenured professor is a vocal opponent of making large
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expenditures in the name of sports. >> they're the sacred cow, they're permitted to build the biggest structure we have ever seen on campus. they can do it with borrowed money. they're committed to overspend their budget year in and year out. >> according to a 2010 university report, loan payments for the first 20 years will hover around 19 million annually. and the following 10 years they will balloon to about $50 million. all this to be covered by collegiate activities, as a department that has only been able to pay its bills in recent years with the help of millions of additional money that comes from the chancellor's office. stadium finance experts say the situation could get worse. >> i feel very sorry for the faculty and students of cow because i think that there will be a huge problem if you years from now. >> right now we are enhancing revenues with increased revenue from tax 12 meteorites, and philanthropy, and we are enhancing it with sales of the endowment and seating in the
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stadium. and we are enhancing it was naming rights and ticket fees and we will be enhancing it was corporate events. >> that endowment seeding program is crucial to the financing plan. fans pay between 4200 $20,000 for the rights to the best seats in the house. they get those rights for the 50 years. the contract and to cancel that any time. so for the fund has over $35 million of cash on hand and a total of $145 million in seeking contracts to be paid overtime. a far cry from what is needed say finance experts. >> at this point, being 50 percent there in terms of cash in the bank, half way their if everything comes out the way you planned it from those people that made the down payment, is really scary. >> in 2009 the university said that all of the money was now a
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over 60 percent of the seats under contract to maintain that they're getting their financial targets and how. >> we have no financial issue for liz the next 26 years. >> the school's academic center says there's no money trouble for now adding that there may be plenty of time to cut programs or raise more money is needed. but a wait-and-see approach is not comforting to everyone. >> 30 years is a very long time, a lot of things change. >> he points to examples of what he believes are those made by the university to rewrite history. >> not a penny of that came from taxpayers ... >> remember that video that make claims about private financing? it has now been taken down and thought that with another bid meeting all the talk about money. when first asked about it, the berkeley chief spokesperson said he did not remember >> i do not know anything about the video. >> but when reminded that his department created and posted a video, he dismissed its importance. >> it was a poor choice of words ... >> just retrofitting the stadium is costing $321 million. by comparison, the new stadium
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at stanford that opened in 2006 and is a little smaller cost about $90 million. if you have a story idea log onto and click on connect and scroll down to send an e-mail. >> it is not summer, officially, but it feels like it. >> especially with the wide range of temperatures across the bay area. 63 in half moon bay and 85 degrees in livermore. cooler than yesterday but we're going to warm up for your friday. cbs 5 weather can looking at san fransisco were the high was 71, up from the average high of 64 degrees. from 65 degrees but the western wind is increasing between 10 and 50 m.p.h.. even 60 m.p.h. at the seashore. at ocean beach the coast is clear. but it is breezy. 53 degrees with western wind at 16. tonight the fog will return in the overnight hours. sunny and warmer for your friday and the extended forecast calls for a marvelous mother's day.
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we have that coming up tonight. 49 in pacifica, your getaway friday, highs in the '90s drop the central valley. just about 70 in the high sierra. upper 50s in eureka and mid-60's in monterey. more moderate air quality. a bit of a hazy atmosphere except in san fransisco, the closer argue to the coast. the pollen count remains extremely high. off the charts high. blame it on the mulberry and the oak and the grasses. you're temperatures for friday, 60s at the beach is an seventies around the peninsula bumping up to the low '80s and call alto. 88 degrees in brentwood. also in tracy and oakley, 84 in petaluma. the extended forecast does call for warmer conditions on saturday. and mid 80s in the inland areas sunday. that is or pinpoint forecasts. >> thank you very much.
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a change of plans for the debt riddled u.s. postal service. they have dropped plans to close thousands of post offices, especially in rural areas. mike sugerman is here with a compromise that keeps the tradition alive while saving the postal service money. >> you will not find mailboxes on the driveways and the hills of san mateo. not on the homes with a fancy gates nor on the ones with the dirt driveways. comedown to stage road, the stagecoach stop is still here, that's where these to get their mail. when this upcoming they had to leave the mail somewhere and they did that in a hotel for a while and then the build a new post office. that was 80 years ago. >> keep his post office open. please. >> the post office was one of 3900 in the country to be on a list foreclosure. there was a huge outcry. and it worked. washington has decided to keep
6:27 pm
all of the rural ones like this in the united states open. >> i am happy about that. very happy about it. i do not know what people would do if there was not a post office around here. >> she rings the bell when someone buys a round of drugs but the post office staying open seemed to unworthy of the bell. >> thank god because these places are institutions. more than a place to just drop off mail. people meet and talk and communicate. it is a small community center. >> he waxes poetically about the importance of the post office .. >> a lot of farming town center around the post office. believe it or not, a lot of that remains in the united states. >> instead of closing thousands of rural post offices. hours will be cut. officials say that will save half a billion dollars and keep a tradition alive. >> they are not just four words
6:28 pm
of encouragement. how post cards are at the center of an elaborate jailed drug scheme. >> the rules are changing to help thousands in california keep their homes. have you may qualify for a pr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> mortgage rates dropped to another record low. for some that means it is even easier to take that step to buy a new home. the 30-year fixed-rate mortgages averaged 3.83 percent this week. that is down slightly from last week's average. almost a whole point lower from this time last year. $100,000 cut from your mortgage. it can happen as part of a new federal program aimed at cutting principles for home owners that are under water. julie watts explains how you can qualify. >> fear of foreclosure. the details vary but we hear similar stories every day. >> they're stealing our house. >> i am in a position to pay and you are in a position to come stay in my home, why can't we work together? >> a state-run program is
6:32 pm
attempting to do that, they're changing the rules. so that thousands more californians may qualify for a principal reduction of up to $100,000, without requiring any money from their bank. >> it certainly may make more people qualify. >> this housing advocate explains the program has been around for awhile but until now homeowners only qualified as the bank servicing their loan agreed to match the principal reduction dollar for dollar. not many banks did so not many californians have been able to take advantage of the federal grant money set aside to keep them in their homes. >> it is two years later but finally they are making requirements that will disburse more of the money to the people who need it. >> the bank no longer needs to match the loan but they will have to agree to modify the loan. loring interest or extending the terms. the home must be your primary residence, and worth less than you owe. the loan must have originated before january 2010 and you have
6:33 pm
to prove financial hardship. spousal income must also fall below the limit for your county. in the bay area that ranges between $110,000 up to $124,000. new terms expected to help 10 times as many homeowners stay in their homes. >> there are some other changes like the structure of the loan. for more information head to watch. the program also offers up to one under $25,000 to struggle and homeowners to help them catch up on missed payments. so more than just a principal reduction. >> this is very helpful for a lot of people. >> they're hoping 9000 people will qualify which may not seem like a lot but compared to the 900 some that often before, it is a big increase. >> governor jerry brown a tax hike initiative to protect schools and public safety is beginning to take shape. today the governor submitted the first of more than 1 million signatures to the registrar of
6:34 pm
voters. this comes one week after he announced that he had collected enough signatures to qualify the measure for the november ballot. he made it clear that the plan is crucial to balancing the state's budget. >> stop further cuts in education, protect public safety, and did california on a solid fiscal footing for the first time in 10 years. we're getting there, it will take longer than november. >> today the state is facing a $9.2 billion budget deficit but that is expected to change on monday when the governor submits his revision. >> a wife busted after investigators say that she sent methamphetamine so postcards to her husband in jail. derrick shore is here with how they say the library scheme worked. >> at first glance there sweet rose cards to an inmate. but officers say that these are more than just words of support, these are drug laced letters.
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>> they were determined to be methamphetamine at >> that is right, methamphetamine. narcotics detectives say it was an elaborate operation spearheaded by this wife. to smuggle the drug into the yuba county jail by soaking them in liquid methamphetamine. >> the person just puts it in a liquid to bring it back to its methamphetamine state. >> the recipient was her husband, being held behind bars for an incident that cbs 13 covered back in december, where he was accused of kidnapping a man and eventually leading deputies on a high-speed chase and stand off. >> a lot of stuff, gone. >> neighbors in the well groomed neighborhood where he was living say his home has become well- known. >> we suspected something like this. there were a lot of people coming and going. >> narcotics officers arrested her and for others in the home just yesterday. thanks to a jail guard tipping him off.
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>> methamphetamine by and far is the most heart drug we're seeing. >> that was derrick shore reporting. detectives are still trying to figure out if nelson was reselling the methamphetamine or only using it for himself. >> in syria, a pair of suicide car bombings rocked the streets, killing 55 and injuring hundreds. the rush hour attacks near a military intelligence building for the shredded a u.n.-brokered ceasefire declared last month. they are the deadliest attack since the uprising against president the began 14 months ago. so far no one is claiming responsibility. >> this is not your average study aid, the extreme that students are going to to prepare for college entrance exams. >> this is not something that would have chosen. >> a few places in the nation >> a few places in the nation teach this, what are these kid,,
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>> you might think that students here are under incredible pressure to get good grades. but take a look at some photographs from china. get the energy drinks, your eyes do not deceive you. students are using an ivy drip hanging from plaster ceilings. it feeds them amino acids designed to help them concentrate. >> in the bay area there's a movement designed to aknowledge the pressure on high-school students. removing the stigma associated with getting help. >> being a teenager can be tough. being an asian american teenager can mean walking a cultural divide. sometimes with a feeling of being alone. >> students have to deal with a lot of grief and loss, especially in the asian community. expressing their emotions is difficult for them.
6:40 pm
>> it can sometimes erupt into violence. virginia tech and the oikos university have put a the spotlight on mental-health care in the asian-american community. this presentation is a launch party for the " friends to make a difference " campaign. part of a national effort geared to reducing the stigma that some asian teenagers and adults feel about seeking mental health care. >> it really hurts that i have to see them go through this. i just want them to feel safe in a safe community. >> the statistics are sobering. a recent report found that asian-americans and pacific island girls have a highighest rate of depression compared to any other racial or ethnic groups. the research says they have a higher rate of suicide and caucasians, african-americans, and latinas. educators and community members are here to break that trend. on this third annual asian pacific american mental health
6:41 pm
day. it is all designed to get these kids talking. >> there's no stigma and should not be a stigma attached to this and people should be comparable to talk about their mental health issues like their physical issues. >> more presentations are in the works. organizers plan to roll up a campaign in full force in the fall. in san fransisco, cbs 5. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, we still have a wide variety of temperatures on or thursday evening. from the mid 50's at the beaches to the 80s inland. your full mother's day forecast coming up. >> ken tiger woods regain his form at the players championship, and randy,,,,,,,,,
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>> welcome back to i would this news right here on cbs 5. good evening everyone. it was ride to work day. you could not ask for better weather. let's go ahead and head out to mt. diablo were alive cbs five weather camera and you can see the trees moving around because the current wind there are out
6:45 pm
of the last 15 and air temperatures at 79 in dublin, livermore at 80 degrees. 50 degrees cooler in san fransisco after a high of 71. we do have high-pressure reestablishing its position over the eastern pacific. meanwhile you cannot see invisibly but we have a shield of low clouds and fog off the coast that will be pushing back on shore later tonight. as the high bills, our temperatures will trend upward and we will have it warmer weekend in the offing. live cbs 5 with the camera pans a beautiful picture of san fransisco right out there. that is where we will see the fog developing in the overnight hours. otherwise sunny and warmer and unseasonably warm weekend and ahead. santa cruz 70 degrees tomorrow. southwest light winds at 5 m.p.h.. morning fog on saturday then sunshine at 73 degrees. tonight into the 50s except behind in pacific up at 49 degrees. clear skies until after midnight. widespread low clouds and fog. the pollen count is off the
6:46 pm
charts. mulberry, oak, and the grass count remains high. your highs for friday into the 60s at the beaches. the wind blowing and the west at 50 m.p.h. were sitting tomorrow to the northwest. 81 in mountain view. brown the peninsula from south san fransisco into bell moss, into the '70s. east a number is 86 degrees for the most part around dublin. a degree warmer than that in san ramon. 88 in brentwood and a further north you go up to now but in the mid and high 80s all the way into sonoma and glen ellen. mid 80s in santa rosa and south of the golden gate bridge, seventies and san fransisco. average high of 64. mid-60's will become an around daly city. the extended forecast calls for a jump up in the temperature on saturday. between 67 and 90 degrees for your saturday as high pressure strengthens and began to relax on sunday. that will allow for some cooler temperatures for mother's day but not that bad at all. 63 at the beaches and 85 degrees
6:47 pm
inland. if you have any kind of weekend plans, make them outdoors. enjoy it. >> speaking of outdoors, that is a place for families to dine in shot and be entertained for generations. we are live at 239. is it locals night? >> it is locals might. 50 percent off if your local. comedown. 50% off all kinds of goodies in food until 9:00 p.m. and they're doing this because we're coming alive. >> you get the idea that this is a tourist attraction in this is all like a big tourist trap. but these are mom-and-pop operations down here. people have had it in the family for decades. tonight is a great night to come down and check out exactly what pier 39 is all about. >> have to admit that i do not get here often enough but now that i am out here, it is a cool in summer and winter to replace to beat. and when you look around, i
6:48 pm
thought that you were told to check out that guy. >> at 7:00 tonight, troy and i will be live along with marcus d. from 97.3. he will be checking out some of the food and we will check out the attractions. this is all happening live at pier 39. we will see you 10 minutes from now. >> let's go to break, we'll see you soon.
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>> talking about football, dennis says it is made for crying out loud. >> i am old enough to remember the time when football players at the last game, they went and did their second job. a real job. but it is a full-time gig right now. the 40-signed a six of their seven draft picks tonight. a.j. jenkins is the only selection yet to sign. the rockets hit the field tomorrow and today some of the veterans including randy moss just turned 35 and did not play football last year but his teammates say they cannot tell. >> pistol to believe that he mr.
6:52 pm
your football. from my perspective i do not see anything. he is one of those guys that everything he touches, he seems to catch. it makes you look good as a quarterback. that is always nice. >> yes, are you ready for some football? join us monday night. the forty-niners and raiders preview at 7:00. one team's trash is another team's treasure. granted angry gets four days to prove to be sure what they're missing. >> what an improvement. it did not take him long to win over fans and teammates in oakland. he played 12 seasons in detroit and we will get to see his former teammates tonight in oakland. he goes from a team with the six highest payroll in the league to dead last. but at this point in the season, the a's are sporting a better record. >> a little different, seeing
6:53 pm
them everywhere for many years. i like his uniform also. i'm not feeling bad about it. there are a lot of rookies and young players. but i like it. it is a difference. these guys are eager and want to win and play well. and play hard. that is right up my alley. >> another disastrous day for the tiger woods at the players championship. five bogeys, two over par 74. if he does not get his act together he will miss back-to- back cops. nothing compared to get this pga champion that could not seem to find the island green. three tee shots into water before eventually got on. he settled for a 9 after the round, he withdrew citing personal reasons. he finished the back nine with five birdies, he shares the lead with martin layered at seven under par. joline henderson taking on no. 2
6:54 pm
arizona state in berkeley. henderson, the reigning pitcher of the year struck out eight and picked up her 30th win of the year. the bears scored on a walk to tie the game. the winner of the three games that also wins the tax 12. go bears exhibition point to the california school for the blind offers students everything from rock climbing to kayaking. but for the first time in the school's 150 year history they have introduced tennis. there are no future professional tennis players in fremont but the california school for the wine made it possible for them to simply try the sport. >> we had students in here that never held a tennis racket. >> this is not something that we probably would have chosen. it would have been like " blind kids playing football? " it is about that aall wendish. >> oat they credit massachusetts
6:55 pm
high-school junior for introducing them to tennis. >> i really wanted to find a way to give back and to share what i have learned with other people. it was really an internship in japan when i was first introduced to blind test that really started the program. >> from the east coast to arrange for to bay area >> volunteers to keep the program running. the california school for the blind is now just the third school in the nation to teach adaptive tentennis. the japanese were the first to develop the rattling all that all. >> we have a ball going back and forth. instead of just one way. >> we have gone to the point where some can bali. >> i have become better since i have started planning this. but i can still find places to improve. >> it gets me up and active. it is a sport that i can do. >> advocates are working to get
6:56 pm
a sports recognized by the international paralympics committee. in fremont they have a more childlike approach. >> what you like most about coming after school and playing tennis? >> i guess just not doing my homework right away ... >> honest answer. why does it always come down to homework? the program has been successful enough or they have been able to keep it running through the summer. >> i love that a young person designed and created this and pushed for it to happen. >> it is pretty amazing with the sound of the ball how they can anticipate where it is and hit it back room. we have done several stories on the school for the blind and they always seem to top the last. story we did. >> we should go back in the year and see how they're doing. " >> who says there's not a professional out there? >> thankyou. we're coming back
6:57 pm
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