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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 11, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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heaviness gas prices are creeping up again the big spike is coming soon. the president obama's star- studded night how much money to the atlas campaign pocket and now what challenges does he face ahead? we're live in san jose at the heritage rose garden to talk about a big event of course it we can forecast is also coming up. so far no major hot spots no major accidents botero work. good morning. it's friday so happy about it. time now is for 30. president obama's heads to know by today. he turned his attention now to the economy and he is live in the news room with a record- setting dinner that president attended last night. it wasn't your typical backyard evening barbecue. it was a star-studded
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event with the president taking away $50 million extra. there is a lot more riding on obama's as a toss angeles the fund-raising event happens just a day after the president announces support for gay marriage and political supports haven't started talking haven't stopped talking nonsense cluny's dinner was no exception and luckily for the president to the marriage is a popular issue at the hollywood crowd. the president is speech over eight 10th and actors court. thing the real reason people were there is because of george clooney mr. obama's said they liked me but they love him. the event drought hollywood's crowned a la creme. jack black to acquire and vendor start robert downey jr.. about 150 people paid a hefty price tag
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$40,000 to attend now it is a big price tag but for all, and had a big fund-raising results. if you want to include was raised online then definitely i think this sets a record for presidential fund-raising. even though he left los angeles with extra change in his pocket critics obama's same as the port of gay marriage could cost him votes in some states as we mentioned earlier he had to about today the key state in his campaign and this time is focusing his attention on its economy will want to know that obama's ranks second in the nation of foreclosed homes and the highest unemployment in the countries and will have to see. it will have after-tax in the campaign trail by the newsroom. vice-president joe biden has apologized for putting president up, and a rather tough position on gay marriage biden publicly give his support days after the president did this past weekend to white house says the president knew biden spoke
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from hard. never on the issue is on apology over allegations he was a bully and high-school. i'm sure like other people i've done stupid things and has led by offended by anybody have course apologize. 46 years ago running and several friends at a prestigious high school held that another student and cut off his hair the presumptive republican nominee says he doesn't remember the incident but also doesn't dispute that happened. young is ceo says he is not the person who had a computer science degree to his resonate scott thompson had a private meeting yesterday with young executives to explain what happened to according to business insider thompson said executive placement firm included nonexistent three years ago and he had not reviewed the resinous cents. except this expect see the price of a pump increases to have closer to memorial day weekend with
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problems joking supplies of clean and gas prices could jump 20¢ the next few days west coast gas inventories are at their lowest level in 20 years. besides taking friday off he's hanging ounce in the rose garden centers say. if that's not the treaty that kicked me out. enough was enough after yesterday's a point up. . at the heritage rose garden and senate say 3600 roses surrounding right now is a beautiful sight in the sun comes out. mean a lot festivities going on this against any can't forget about mother's day either they're starting out on the cool site in some spots in the '40's and '50's on the bank 59 degrees right here in san as a where rats although it does still chilly at here right now. all those who have today will not is warmer temperatures outside high pressure building in nicely and that's to begin to crank up the temperatures
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setting what looks like a great weekend on top for us amateurs will start to warm today many east threatening the '90s is to have since the afternoon of the '70s and '80s around the 60s along the coastline will be here live all along talking about the heritage gardens and also very special and coming up was also to elizabeth in traffic. thank you laura is looking dead. he is a live look ahead to neda san francisco this is where we have an accident into the bushes those in this outcome lands of 11 we just learned that they did croplands along ramage a major traffic issue some more visual distractions anything else for the golden gate kid bridges looking great this morning and we need to say that all weekend long traffic conditions overnight with roadwork between sir kenneth francis drake and falsely on the southbound lanes caltrans is
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scheduled to wrap up by 6:00 this morning that its traffic back to you. thank you let that 2435 now what of the fbi's 10 most wanted as committed suicide this a day after he was promised at amazes suspects of killing joann came and 14 year-old daughter and tennessee is $2 will believe it kidnapped by yemen were both from alive but gunned down mississippi. as for the fbi said they shot themselves yesterday as they're moving in to arrest him. the case of the missing morgan hill teenagers sierra lamar's will be the german national crime-fighting show tonight. america's most wanted on lifetime include an interview with sears father. the 50 year- old finished eight weeks ago this morning earlier this week a car wanted in connection with the case was located. a funeral services plan today and work for high school senior in who was murdered 18 year-old osama fet died late last month that the day after he was that the party
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in fremont is suspect is now custody at the case this evening services and for 6:00 at the moral high school family plans to have them. when he was born. this morning will hear from the mother of oscar grant concern in the former bart police officer convicted of killing her son. wanted johnson will be at the district attorney's office in oakland to denounce an appeal filed by johannes missouri who wants his involuntary manslaughter conviction overturned a defense attorney says that messily cannot get a job and law- enforcement with a felony on his record. 47 now some people and once that is a neighbor had say they're fed up with being ripped up by homeless people their people live on the city's east side near tully road in canada creek the site of an elaborate homeless camp neighbors say there nearby homes have been broken into and items have been stolen one man says the squatters have uses water and electricity to charge up their
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cellphones. we're stuck. living with this and i feel like we're in the ec should send to it's pretty terrific. status as a police say clearing out encampments isn't very easy it involves social services shelters hospitals counselors and police officers. all from apartments right now better dealing with shrinking budgets. the time as for 38 $2 billion down the drain. the big blow to the banking industry coming up. and swimming solo the world upside movement centered around a lonely bay area well.,,
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are rolling off federal extended benefits program california's jobless rate is now 11% its lowest mark in three years. a major blow to the banking industry j.p. morgan chase disclosed it lost $2 billion over the past six weeks the largest bank in the country says the losses came from a sale of trading strategy that was supposed to help manage risk while the ceo blamed heirs sloppiness and bad judgment is that it could cost the bank up to $1 billion. governor brown's past tax hike initiative to protect schools and public safety is now beginning to take shape he submitted the first of more than a million signatures to the registrar of voters yesterday this comes a week after he announced it collected enough signatures to qualify the measure for the november ballot. the governor may clear the plan is crucial to balance in the state budget. protect public safety and get california on a solid fiscal footing for the first time in 10
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years. we're getting there is, to take longer than november. the state is facing a $9.2 billion budget deficit but that is expected to change on monday when the governor estimates as mayor of vision. its shoddy finances that the state comptroller wants to find out john cheung says he's asked for dozens of documents but only if he were found his request to meet with staff were often ignored or canceled the mayor says the comptroller is just politicking. tonight our city clerk said that we provided the auditors that were here. the two boxes of documents that went through those 52 boxes and requested some more information that we did turn over to them. residents turned up at a town hall meeting to complain that they too have been asked asking city officials questions but cannot get any answers. time now is for 42 the deal is not done just yet. the federal review of face of an
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histogram + roommate wanted the online posting of this killer well without a companion. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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whether in the bay area looking is the sell-off on this friday where: spots according to the '50s now we are heating up in time for the mother's day weekend more on that coming out. and here's a live look at the minutes right after oakland are times air-traffic showing things looking pretty good this morning heading for the macarthur day for a look at the morning commute just moments away. to equate it was a lucky day for a swimmer rescue from
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the rocks in san francisco firefighters say man was caught up in a strong waves yesterday that mr. bush among to the rocks firefighters had to come in and help them scaled a 200 ft. cliff the swimmer on a separate few scratches and has quite a story to tell a vallejo woman says six flags discovery kingdom is breaking the law because the killer whale is living in a pool all by itself and 19 year-old well and now demands the six flags finds her it will make the on-line petition has attracted hundreds of signatures. the best thing in my opinion for would be to send back to her family in france where she came from if they can't find a companion for. six flags responded sank due to recent compatibility issues she and her companion for the last seven years have been separated. federal health advisers have endorsed the first drug shown to prevent hiv infection
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and a fringe administration panel recommended approval of your vita for help the people in high risk of contracting the virus that causes aids. the bill as currently used to treat people already infected with hiv the full fda is expected to decide by june 15th whether to follow the recommendation. an oakland raiders facing a drunken-driving charges after being pulled over on the bay bridge. . darius who were was driving on the lower deck last month when an officer noticed him speeding and weaving through traffic the 25 year-old was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. the denver nuggets have excuse the player from the team after investigators in the internet crimes against children unit surged through his home press birdman anderson has not been arrested nor has the warrant an issue for his arrest the team is your statement saying he cannot take part in any team lead activities as he deals with this investigation.
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federal regulators are taking a closer look high-tech merger the ftc's review in casebooks purchase of about sharing site into a gram for $1 billion the financial times reports that the ftc has started to gather information for some of these books rivals the investigation could delay the closing of this book and in saddam's big deal and today marks shepherd talks about the company's initial public offering that expect the week from today he is expected to meet with prospective investors and asset managers in pola said the meeting will not be up to the public or the press. in the bill that bans employees is now moving for the california assembly approved yesterday and now heads off to the senate several other states are considering similar bans. the tour california bicycle race will kick off its 2012 run into account the sunday stage
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one will be around trap with a start and finish lines both in santa rosa other bay area stages included monday from san francisco tapped last tuesday's stage three will run from san assays seen it yeast foothills to livermore and it is unlikely all see any of the cyclists looking like this guy. police in houston tx arrested a man for riding a unicycle naked. the former teacher was not drunk or impaired he told officers he does like the way it felt he was charged with indecent exposure as you can imagine. it seems like it would hurt. the son of your alarm clock make you fat? one more thing that makes this fat. researchers say there's a chance. they study the phenomenon called social jet lag it's when people wake up at one time during the week and slip
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them on the weekends. scientists found out sleeping patterns are a good predictor broadway their prices to try to maintain a regular sleeping schedule for better health in the long run szeged's what happened to 30 on the weekend. happening. meanwhile doctors wanted to gain weight and lp for its researchers in st. louis want people to eat fast food for three months that could determine why some of these people develop diabetes and heart problems and others to not the job pays $3,500 and you have to already be overweight and game 5% of your weight. participants will be involved in a weight-loss program afterwards. let's get. and so confused gain weight, lose weight. for new names for the it and chicks living on the top of san jose city hall. more than 1200 falcon's voted in this year's naming contest while winning names are ratio under
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and kobolds. three checks for born on easter sunday and another one hatched the day after they're all expected to learn how to fly a few weeks and then they'll leave the nest. from falcon chicks to rare lobsters. this is a 1 1/8 to 30 million cats. is there red and black out lobster that was discovered in maine and was saved from the cooking pot and staff noticed its striking colorations there. the lobster will take up residence at a marine biology center in rhode island. for cute beagles' thrilled and grateful to get cited research lab in san diego just release them to a dog rescue group they've been used for testing since birth so this is the first time that actually seen sunshine achy can imagine that the rescue group says it can reveal the name of the lab because the researchers whenever call them again.
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i think the greatest thing is when the ec then drive off in their new home its on money and your heart sinks and on the other hand he can help but smile because you know that i've fulfilled my job and save them admit them well and now merely cement the wild. the specific beagles were not abused and to they were held in as regulated by the usda. prince charles and his wife camilla and avenue career in broadcasting. let you take a look they both try to do a little weather. this afternoon be cold and wet and windy. obiit cold weather and when that when the cosmos to scotland the the weather during the noon news on abc stations gotland. by all accounts the princely meteorologist read some of the of the teleprompter with an occasional at live. he's always
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happen at least he smiles. little bit of energy. this oddity would go well with that. and it looks like it isn't clear whether coming out parents as saying this is an amazing card and if you want to get out and check it out. it is just loaded it the largest collection in the western hemisphere. that is amazing and it is gorgeous at your you want to amount to have roses that are over 500 years old. you can take a walk around and of course is looking mighty beautiful we can't do that. as we head to the next couple of days and bad for beginning to see some changes already high pressure now built into the bay area and we're looking at some great weather ahead. temperatures will soar to crank
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up a bit today and will start to be hot especially as yet it landed and these numbers will be something else average of high pressure is really striking just-in-time the weekend to get ready for mother's day is looking that is right to see some of those temperatures soaring well into the 80s in the south bay and san sam as a major way to these bases have been as high as 90 in antioch and said the day. '70s and the san francisco 79 in oakland about 65 degrees in daly city. over the next couple of days or mcclure to slip on sunday in was a few more high clouds drifting across the skies and that looks like those temperatures warm back up again. very special event taking place this weekend will talk more about this in a bid to but this is the be the match be the one run and that's all we're trying to find matches for
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people with cancer and return to talk more about that coming up a few minutes the first we're going to send it back to elisabeth who is back in force today. that was impressive. is a cold up there? yes i'm freezing. let's go outside it back out to the bay bridge toll plaza where it's actually nice and lights we hope we can say that a lot this morning so far appears to the case we don't have any major incidents on the roadways this is a live look of the metering lights and it's actually pretty get all the way to san francisco. elsewhere to the dublin interchanged not too bad across the stretch to pleasanton 50 minute drive time coming out of their altamont pass on the west family the 580 all the out for the dublin and pleasanton area no major delays all the way to livermore were following this accident this with lines of the dairy and shoulder car drove off the road in some bushes out and 112 south san francisco so again mazzini delays right now which
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according to that little guy 40 mi. per hour so it's been a much at the limit of a letdown for the south bay. there is some road work schedules on eastbound 84 scheduled according to caltrans and about 6:00 in the morning they may pick that up a little bit early and quick notes caltrans is and will shut down the bridge over the memorial day weekend but they're not expected to cause any major problems. that's traffic back to you. thanks. wardrobe malfunction for a pro baseball player ranger pitcher robin ross was warming up in the bullpen and didn't realize he had the wrong jersey on. ross was wearing gray and the rest of the team had blue one. someone from abroad in the proper jersey and a welcome to the texas rangers paul. the ec didn't go out and pitch. we're celebrating mother's day a little bit early here. the morning crew is sharing her mom
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they felt as if you take a look roger one of our writers sent in this photo of mom and dad and his favorite memory of mama's from his childhood in the middle of the night she helped him deliver the sunday morning daily news which was an afternoon paper with the rest of the leakey says that his first job in the news business. and is still working way downstairs. bob sent in this christmas fun of and his family missed and that and mom's lap. to equate to his digs are worse than by the way as a great photo. did we its and mac index snapped this photo of mom and her granddaughter. and finally a shot from 1998 to attract a producer gian franco. that is her mom and your brother james the beautiful family there. did we would love to share your photos of mom along with your
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city and your favorite memory of mom and research for cbs san francisco facebook and will stress a more photos drop the mornings to stay tuned for that. time now for 57 is supposed to be the tallest building in america. by that distinction may now be out of reach for the new world trade center. and meth by mel the elaborate scheme to smuggle the drugs into a california jail. also gas prices are about to go up big time the major increase and what is behind it. and president the bomber had a star-studded night in hollywood raising a few extra campaign dollars,,,,,,,,,,
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