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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 11, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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he better fill up at the pump by
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prices carries 20¢ a the next few days. and the blockbuster fund-raiser for president, his jokes about george clooney coming up. and her mother's day we have a pretty good idea for you plus a very special event coming up this began with details on that coming up. and so far mass transit is often a great start to everything is on time for bart will check your rate roadways coming up. i am frank calico is for a 501 would begin with the economy will be the main topic rather with president barack obama speaks today in reno nevada he is heading there this morning after a profitable evening in southern california. kate is in our newsroom with the record numbers from the presidential fundraiser the morning. those record numbers actually are about $15 million is what the president will be taking away and his campaign pocket and take a look right now this was president of, arriving
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into lax to post to attend a star-studded event hosted by the actor george clooney the event came just a day after the president made his big announcements supporting same- sex marriage now he was a big hit with clays crowd the event wasn't close it cluny's basketball backyard shielded by tens and obama's gave a 19 minute speech addressing is big announcements his opponent as well as a few choice jokes for his party host a fund-raiser drew quite a crowd including hollywood's big names like our streisand, jack black, a toby mcguire and avengers star robert downey jr.. the event also had quite the priced at 150 people paid $40,000 to dine with the president for and also $3 donations and to enter a lottery but of course like any lottery chances as slim. i didn't win unfortunately. did we had disappointing is that for you?
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terribly disappointing president warehouse only times. the least secretive son was a house over there. at the end of the day obama's added $15 million to his campaign cash and now he is bound for nevada. and possibly the first real test of the what some are calling a bold move in his campaign. now originally the president was sent to make his announcement for his support for gay marriage and week later but joe biden's announcement moved up obama's will live in the newsroom cbs five. vice- president joe biden has apologized for putting presidential, and the top position of gay marriage publicly getting a support days before the president did the white house says the president knew biden spoke from heart. all was met ronnie bullion high- school? if so he same story. he
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sang story. if i offended anybody of the stupid things that down and has collette apologize. according to the post raw meat and his friends how bible for now and leak on the stand and fall in the double agent in yemen u.s. forces and the operation early when someone leaked out information to the associated press dap withheld the information until the operation was over. the leak could make it harder to recruit future informants. to that effect of the you have to protect your people. the agent posed as a suicide bomber and until today terrorist group and wanted to bomb an airline had for the united states this week. the agents turned a bomb over to the american authorities experts say the double agent is probably not
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hiding with a new identity. expecting to see the price of the pompous and closer to memorial day weekend with refinery problems joking supplies for california's special blend of cleaner-burning gas prices could jump 20¢ in the next few days. west coast gas inventories are at their lowest level in 20 years. and here's a look at the average gas prices in the bay area and san francisco's the highest at $4.34 oakland and san as saying both had more than 4 1/4. gas prices are a big reason why americans are growing more pessimistic about the economy that according to way new associated press almost two-thirds of americans surveyed disapprove of president obama's handling of gas prices. that's up from 58% in february. 505 now what is the number- one flour to give your mom on mother's day? arose.
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lawrence's down at the heritage rose garden and yet with all flowers. good morning. guest today i acted myself going all the way to san a state with the heritage rose garden and the scourge gorgeous out here 3600 roses out to you live for mother's day we have some great weather coming our way in fact were expecting not to sunshine outside and warm temperatures around the bay area. a local to start in spots that the bush is running in the '50s and also into the sixties but i think as the head and for the afternoon will squeeze in plenty of sunshine as high pressure builds an overhead and budgets set the stage for what looks like a spectacular weekend to these temperatures just beginning to warm up with eighties and maybe 97 today plenty of '70s and '80s around the bay and '60s out for the coastline looking like a fantastic weekend will talk more about mothers in forecast was a very special events taking place in san jose coming up right now is traffic with those of it. both nice it gives from on this
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weekend to talk about mass transit to said that are assigned time will change happened there is closure on the 24th street mission station apparently there's some sort of police activity making phone calls not to figure out exactly what is going on. and rehearing that the 24th street mission statement stations close in the meantime seeking news 16th street that is open still you can see all the different routes and the can just pass through the 24th street mission station in the meantime will let you know as soon as the real friends back out to the roadways he is live look at the golden gate bridge just one lonely car passing by so everything is so far nice and like all the way to murrain county heading to san francisco 5 07 now you lose seo says he is not the person who at the computer science degree to his regiment. scot thompson had a private meeting yesterday with yeah look. executives to explain exactly what according to business insider thompson said an executive placement firm
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included in nonexistence to green as background information that happened years ago and yet the review the resonates since then. tonight's episode of america's most wanted will feature missing morgan help teenagers sierra lamar's. the 15 year-old damaged eight weeks ago this morning and earlier this week a car wanted in connection with the case was located. this morning we'll hear from the mother of oscar grant concerning the former part police officer convicted of killing her son. one that johnson will be at the district attorney's office in oakland to denounce an appeal filed by johannes messily who wants his involuntary manslaughter conviction overturned the defense attorney says he cannot get a job in law enforcement that the felony eyes record. in this amendment is over with to missing girls were found alive and well atomies accused of killing a woman and her 14 year-old daughter and tennessee 12 and april daughters for then kidnapped and found alive in mississippi yesterday. that is
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where the fbi says he then shot himself as a swat team is moving in to make the arrest. i would like to have seen their faces charges he took the easy way out. the mother-in-law says the motive may have been made is believed that he was the father of the two younger girls the girls have been treated at hospitals and released to their father authorities say they were suffering from exposure, dehydration and poison ivy but were in pretty good shape. in sacramento valley woman is behind bars this morning accused of running and methamphetamine scheme by mail. he was at narcotics detectives say she spent postcards snow so to the drugs to has been in the serving time in jail. the person receiving it just puts in a liquid to bring it back to its meth embedded in state. detectives are still trying to determine if the husband was reselling the meth or just using himself behind bars.
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some people in one sense and never had said they had enough of homeless people living nearby. the lid their toll road and patti creekside of a less elaborate homeless camp neighbors say there nearby homes had been broken into and adams have been stolen one man says that people used as water hold and electricity to charge their cellphones. we're stuck in a village in parentheses. and it's pretty horrific. san as a police say clearing out encampments and of several other service departments that you're dealing with shrinking budgets and a toddler and no fat less. plus a flight attendants take down an unruly passenger when he tried to do in mid-air will tell you. to do in mid-air will tell you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bedtime now is 513 here's a look at this morning's top story is j.p. morgan chase disclosed that $2 billion of the past six weeks the steel plant bears sloppiness and bad judgment. and says it could cost the bank up
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to $1 billion more. the state budget will be released on monday governor jerry brown has warned people to brace for another round of a difficult budget pact. he's a myth signatures yesterday for his tax hike initiative. and expect to see the price of the pump increase about 20¢ as the head closer to memorial day weekend that is because refinery problems are choking supplies from california special blend of queen burning gas. have lots of water weekend torrence outside and now he is found hanging out with roses in san as a loving every bit of it. happy friday i'm taking time to smell roses today. i merely symbolic and they look beautiful. melissa is a fantastic garden. is the heritage rose garden center as a 3600 rose plants here is the largest public rose gardens in the entire western hemisphere and it is something fantastic to see it can wait till the sun comes up looking debt and we're
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expecting beautiful sunshine and the set is a area and looks like you'll be spectacular weather and disrespecting high pressure ever had to bring as beautiful weather of the next couple of days this is also publicly maintained and the volunteers come here to take care of all of these roses and some of them did back 500 years. but stock whether we've got plenty of sunshine come your way for today with a gorgeous friday it is going to be outside as temperatures been condemned by high-pressure pipe and now looks like will stay warm today but in to the weekend if you have some plans to the me want to bring you a drink with feud is going to be warm in the san is a area 86 degrees the '60s were the coastline and her as high as 91 in brentwood today with 85 degrees in the napa valley as as temperatures soared to the '80s '60s and '70s right into san francisco. the next couple of days there mother's day coming up don't forget about that some people whether and local it down
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just a little bit for mother's day and then is to get into monday more cooling and clouds continue to move across our skies and restart a war right back up toward the middle of next week. there is a big event next weekend and we talk about that coming up is be the match be the one we're trying to get together own marrow donors to see if we can match them up and that is what this run is all about who have special guest coming up in a few minutes but now we will toss it over to traffic. we actually have a few braking situations the first one is in berkeley this one involves a union pacific railroad trains were hearing about an accident involving a train versus car at this point we don't know how bad the damage is and what the extent of injuries if any but will let you know this is by camellia street and third street sell again as he can see from this map that we have made that area of the train tracks that runs parallel to the shore freeway so again this is in berkeley the train accident and third will let you know if it
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causes any serious delays are any problems in that area. in the meantime we have learned a little bit more information about this incident on bart to the 24th street mission station the shutdown right now and apparently there was a stalling on the platform and so police are out there right now again monster with the extent of injuries that this but we do know that one suspect is in custody cell they're just passing through that 24 street station and in the meantime you can use 16th street as an alternate that does open this morning with other bart bart lines that are in fact on time sell things like that tend to have another ripple effects will monitor them closely. in the meantime your roadways are not too bad here's a live look at our sensors coming out of my past a few bright lights getting closer to livermore but nothing really to impacter drive time still on the clear up for the dublin and change in a quick check of the east bay dry times are pretty much in the clear the matter we're going so it looks good dollar up toward downtown
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oakland sell here you go you're popular routes across the east bay once in the east shore freeway looks pretty good bus found 24 out of on the creek with a 13 minute drive heading toward the shore for leno problems all the way to berkeley and the rebel and looking for the south bay crews have had 11283 much all the way down to a downtown san as same with the accidents looking pretty dead and key cbs to get the latest traffic information with 1 069 fm back to you. the entire storm only lasted for several minutes but it did damage and loss of this hours and i would imagine a few cars. they can be seen scattered over the lawn of a local hospital. the hailstones did not give a little harm to the crops as well. for performers to entertain passengers on the
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costa concordat are suing the luxury liners owners now the operators for $200 million in the lawsuit alleges gross negligence in the deadly crash of the coast of italy that happened in january. a similar lawsuit is taking asking for more than half a billion dollars in damages on behalf of the dozen of plaintiffs aboard the ship. jet blue is in blaming the computer glitch for putting the top and government no-fly less. in florida girl and her parents were moved from florida to new jersey the the essentially cleared the child to fly that the parent said there were too embarrassed to get back on the plane. passengers who fly the san francisco may soon be able to pay an annual fee to bypass security lines. the board of supervisors is expected to approve a three-year contract for the company called all clear. under that plan travelers to pay $179 the year or $229 per
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waking up with us the 24th street mission bart station is shut down right now. a lot of police activity on the platform and joining us live over the phone is an alison spokesperson for bart good morning can you tell us was going on? the station has been closed since 443 this morning and part police are investigating the and assaults that may have taken place at the station. so until that investigation is complete will keep trains running through to make sure the police are able to gather whatever information they're able to. can you tell us what kind of an assault? i don't have any information in regards to the person who was apparently stabbed to but they have been taken to hospital. beyond that i do not know what the details
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are. did ways as is causing a ripple effect are that the delays right now? the were no delays. essentially the only impact is that you cannot get on or off at the 24th street station everything else those running on time. as an alternate the 16th street missions does remain open. around the bay area we have mostly clear skies a few patches of fog toward the coastline but it is going to be a great day to day will talk about that and are weekend forecast coming up back to you. an unruly passenger who forced a plane to make an emergency landing may have had a medical condition passengers on the philadelphia bound flights save four year-old man tried to open an emergency cabinet during that flight and tried to do it twice. a flight attendant pulled him away and subdued him. as soon as a lady screamed
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what are you doing? he immediately rushed to the man cited notice was going on. michael and is also faces charges of interfering with the flight crew his family hopes the charges will be dropped because he does suffer from a medical condition. a vallejo woman is accusing a local theme park breaking the law because the killer whale is living in a poll by itself the 19 year-old well is at six flags discovery condemn an animal activist when deeper now is demanding the six flags find her diplomates her on-line petition has attracted hundreds of signatures. the best thing in my opinion for her would be to send back to her family and friends for she came from if they cannot find a companion for her six flags respond with a written statement saying to the reason compatibility issues she and her companion for the last seven years have been separated. did wait is supposed to be the
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tallest building in the country but that is no longer the case for the one world trade center new york according to the journal the developer is now dropping a plan to enclose the 408 ft. antenna on top of the building apparently it's just too expensive and too treacherous to maintain. the genes will save about $20 million. , o'brien will visit the late show with david letterman next week for the first time in 13 years. the cbs late night host replace letterman as host of nbc's late night in 1993 after letterman left in some shell and you can expect plenty of talk about a letdown and now there are huge fans but both lost these nine shows salal o'brien's parents of letterman will air may 17th and should be hilarious. 526 now smaller at had smaller price. apple may be making its popular tabla more affordable and as mayor brahmi
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have a high school bullying side? why the high-school nominee is now apologizing for his,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. chevron with techron. everyone is frightened 11 by michele greco. it is 530 yen will start at some breaking news in san francisco the 24th street bart station shut down. and those of the joint is now you just spoke with art spokesperson. jim nelson he says there was a stabbing on the platform we do not now at this point how serious the injuries were voted to understand that possibly one
5:31 am
suspect was taken into custody for what is the syntax? the 24 stations that remain shut down to the cannot get on or off there's a lot of police activity on the platform they are out there continuing our investigation is a basically trains are just running through and not stopping. we have learned that this is not cause any major delays so it is not causing a ripple effect while police are still out there still in the meantime you can use the 16th street mission station which does remain open at this point we do not have a estimated time when there will clear that station will let you know as soon as they do in the meantime a quick check of the roadways everyone looks pretty dead except as part problem we've been dealing with everything is very quiet. in the east bay nice and quiet pass the coliseum all the way down toward the downtown oakland exit. remain shut down while police investigated stabbing on a platform that is a check of traffic back see you. 531 now uc-berkeley
5:32 am
tightening its grip on a piece of land east they had occupied their say they're to snap went to leave and mackovic is live where police and sealed up the land and is keeping the protesters away? note people are welcoming in analysis here behind this venice pier is a lock on the gate and also that is new that was put in an yesterday trying to keep people from coming into the encampment that people have been hopping the fence there are to uc- berkeley police officers wreck be on that fence that and not actively enforcing this right now but they are letting anybody who comes in no that they are trespassing and could be subject to arrest. occupiers have been here for almost three weeks this is a 10 a. site be on the fence owned by uc berkeley university filed a lawsuit this week against them for creating a legal and can't dot the occupiers are protesting planned housing and commercial
5:33 am
development near by and say they want this land to be a farm feed to the community that this particular plot is used for agricultural research for uc- berkeley and that is supposed to begin this month so the standoff could be escalating at some point in the future and in the meantime please are standing by. we do want to give you an update on some breaking news we told you about this possible stabbing at 24 street bart station that station has been closed for and a little bit about an hour now we're told that 24 street bart station is not open and went to get more details for you and give them to you as the time goes on. his is 533 president obama's had to that today after a very profitable live in southern california is big fund- raiser in los angeles came a day after he announced his support for gay marriage which is a popular issue of course the hollywood crowd. a star-studded
5:34 am
event a $15 million in president barack obama as campaign, the president gave a speech under a tent outside it george clooney is mentioned in the hollywood hills and give about 90 minutes speech thanking actor even poking a little fun saying the real reason people were there was because of george clooney. he brought else on and do it that the event drew hollywood scrambling cram including barbra streisand's jack black to the mcguire and robert downey jr. among others about 150 people take for granted plates with the price tag of rope, a big fund- raising results. if you want to include all was raised online then it's definitely a record for presidential fund-raising. mr. bauman now heads often about this morning which is a key state in his campaign to focus on the economy and when he appears a little later today in reno. to avenue sampras's
5:35 am
president of, for taking political risks risk and will be coming up talking with willie brown. meanwhile joe biden has apologized for putting president abominate top position of gay marriage biden publicly gave his support days before the president then and the white house says the president in new brighton was speaking from his heart. met ronnie is apologizing of allegations that he was a bully in high school. did we hampshire like other foci done stupid things and has cool and if i offended anybody but i apologize. according to the washington post 46 years ago rummy and several friends at his prestigious high school held down another student and cut off his hair. the presumptive republican nominee says he doesn't remember the incident but he also doesn't dispute that happens. get ready for some serious sticker shock at the pump as we head closer to moral to weekend.
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what refinery problems joking the cleaner burning gas prices could jump 20¢ in the next few days west coast gas inventories at the lowest level in 20 years and here's a look at the average gas prices in the bay area san francisco is the highest at $4.34 oakland and san as they're not too far behind both have more than four in the quarter so that those tanks filled up our right to buy. and just about ready to get on my bike again it is chilly and here the sun is just coming up and of course that is starting to mix the atmosphere a little bit so we're catching a breeze now but it is gorgeous the rose garden is looking beautiful in the sun is coming up on the birds are beginning to church and what a great day ahead we'll see some fantastic weather over the next couple of days as the high pressure builds and never had green with it plenty of sunshine and very nice weather with temperatures in the forties and fifties as we head toward the afternoon average will strike somewhat
5:37 am
today which will create these temperatures up and will start to get that hot inland's. 80s and 90s and the enormous and tear it areas is yet toward seven day. looking at '70s and toward san francisco and '60's for the coastline not tell you what these next couple of days will be spectacular what about mother's day? will talk about that and the rest of your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes back to you. a heavy sweater on is not enough. stay warm get back in the light truck. thank you laura. 537 now some people in months and is in neighborhood say they're being ripped of that up of being ripped off by homeless people. the site of an elaborate homeless camp there nearby homes have been an squatters that used the water and electricity to charge up their cellphones. we are stopped. living with
5:38 am
this and i feel like we're under siege. and so it's pretty terrific. san is a police say clearing up the encampment is not an easy task of all social services shelters hospitals counselors and of course help from the police as well all from apartment right now that in dealing with shrinking budgets. one of the fbi's 10 most wanted has committed suicide just a day after he was put on the less. he was suspected of killing chile and spain and her 14 year-old daughter and tenn. the 12 end date year-old daughters were believed to be kidnapped by him and were found alive and mississippi. as for the fbi says he shot themselves yesterday the case of missing teenagers sierra lamar's will be featured a crime-fighting show tonight america's most wanted on lifetime he managed
5:39 am
eight weeks ago this morning earlier this week earlier the car at the connection was located. dip leads in the eastern portion of that country the attack is among several involving insurgents disguised in military uniforms. is 539 right now yahoo ceo pointing fingers who is who he was blaming proposed amazon recipe in a major blow to the banking industry to,,,,,,,,,
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>> stock futures are lower this morning on the shocking news that j.p. morgan chase lost $2 billion in just six weeks. >> ashley morrison is live with
5:43 am
us in n.y., was the fallout this morning? >> good morning. there was quite a bit of shock with this announcement from j.p. morgan chase. and it did send shockwaves overseas as well. slow growth in china said overseas markets tumbling. on wall street, blue chips however broke a 6 day losing streak with the dow up 20 points while the nasdaq was down 1. j.p. morgan chase did make a stunning announcement admitting they had lost $2 billion in a matter of weeks. the money was in a derivatives portfolio that was actually designed to help control jp morgan risk. in a conference call the c o characterized the losses as a result of sloppiness and bad judgment. the bank had expected to make a 200 million profit for this quarter and are now saying that they will lose $800 million. there were certainly some shocking news coming from the
5:44 am
nation's largest bank. >> we're all wondering how this will affect banks? >> immediately after that announcement sent shares of their stock tumbling 7% in after hours trading. other bank stocks also fell as well. of course bad judgment and bad trades and sloppiness, as the ceo jamie diamond says, results in such a big loss. it really does shake investors' confidence when we're just trying to build confidence in banks. so yes, it does not settle well for investors that are looking at the banks these days. we'll see what happens today on wall street. >> and what has happened on wall street for the last three or four years. it is amazing that that could even happen. >> a lot of people are shocked. >> thank you. meanwhile yahoo ceo scott thompson says he is not the person that added a computer science degree to his resume'. he had a private meeting yesterday with a guy who
5:45 am
executives to explain what happened and according to business insiders he said an executive at the firm included the nonexistent degree in his background information, it happened years ago and he has never reviewed his resume' since then. >> the fcc is reviewing the facebook purchase of photoshopping site is a gram for $1 billion. the financial times reports that the ftc has started gathering information for some of facebook rivals. the investigation could delay the closing of the facebook deal. >> more than 200,000 long-term jobless americans will lose their on employment checks and it all starts tomorrow. nearly half of them live right here in california. eight states are rolling off federal extended benefits program. california's jobless rate is now at 11%. that is high but it is the lowest mark in the state in three years. >> it is 5:45 a.m. and we'll check in with lawrence, actual
5:46 am
to go to traffic first with elizabeth. >> good morning guys, we have been talking about the 24th street mission station being closed. it has now once again reopened and board is back on time. for an hour now police have been investigating a static on the platform that had the station shut down. right around for 40 5:00 a.m.. again, everything is back on time and police have cleared the scene. a cme and caltrans ferries pretty much ready to go on all bart lines right now. now we're just hearing of a capitol corridor delays because of this incident involving a union pacific railroad train on the tracks in berkeley. camilla street and third street. we have learned that drain 518 is running behind schedule between berkeley and richmond. again that is an incident on the tracks their peer camellia streets. let's crosseyed 4 a live look at the time saver traffic cameras.
5:47 am
nice and quiet across this stretch your a hundred 8267. 883 oak lawn pretty quiet all the way up to the downtown oakland spots. all these headlights are southbound traffic. easier to see this time of the money. as you get closer to hide streak. it not been acting in a your drive times, everything pretty much in the clear threat the east bay. even though we are starting to see some bright lights now coming out of the altamont pass. drive time is still good, 15 minutes to the double-digit changed, that is a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> lawrence is live down at the rose garden in san jose. >> it is looking good right now as the sun is coming up. a glorious day and much nicer weather ahead. we have been talking about a program that will be taking place tomorrow, a fund-raiser for a very special events. we're joined here with cynthia
5:48 am
carlson, you are here from be the match. thank you for joining us. now tell us about be the match, what is that all about? >> it is an organization that helps people have diseases like leukemia and lymphoma. what we do is enter people into the registry to be available for people as a transplant, bone marrow or stem cell transplant. we help people with unpaid medical cost and then we do research for science for bone marrow transplantation. >> how many people are affected? >> any one time there are 10,000 patients who are searching for a bone marrow or stem cell transplants. and we just reached a mile marker of 10 million people on the registry. >> it is not an invasive things for people to come and? what kind of procedure to they have to actually do to see if there are a match? >> and any marrow registration donor drives people fill out the
5:49 am
form and then we do a cheeks' what, we have four slots, and some of the mouth, where people swap their cheeks and then we take those cells and have them tested and that is what we go by in the registry. it is a big data base. >> right here is the room? >> we're very excited, setting up for very first annual san jose be the one run. here at the gardens. these funds are going to help beat the match. the organization will help pay for those three things that we have. mostly to help people enter the registry. it cost us about $100. >> i hope that a lot of people turn out here, the weather will be fantastic so there should be no reason why people should not show up here. if you plan on doing it, it looks like the temperatures will be heat up into the 80s. we'll crank those numbers up all around the bay area. if you want to get out here and help out, the weather is warm to be spectacular. high-pressure taking over, a
5:50 am
fantastic friday as the ridge will build over. some temperatures getting a little bit hot especially in land. along the coastline you get a bit of a sea breeze but the ridge is strengthening now so we're talking about some great weather ahead, the festivities and mother's day. 80s in san jose today, 60s along the coastline, which is eating up with low ninety's in the warmer spots in places like brentwood and antioch when you get in the day you will feel lacy agrees with temperatures in the '60s, '70s into san fransisco and the next couple of days that rich a tax is out on saturday, cooling off just a little bit 4 mother's day. more cooling as we headed to the beginning of next week but if you want to get out and give a hand here, be the match, be the one run right here at guadalupe park tomorrow morning if you want to come out. that is the latest from here. >> the can't use the weather as an excuse not to be out there. >> justice lot of the cheek and
5:51 am
you'll see if you are a match. >> thank you. it is 5:50 a.m., bart awarded a contract to build their new freight cars to eight company but union leaders one of the french company to do it because 95 percent of the cars would have been made right here in america compared to just over half from that other company. part shows bombardier because they could get the job done faster and for less money. 20124 of california bicycle race will get rolling and sonoma county this sunday. >> stage one will be round trip with a start and finish line both in santa rosa. other bay area stages include monday services go through the pacific coast. tuesday's stage three will run from san jose through the scenic east foothills to livermore. timeout is 5:51 a.m., how you can score free flours for mother can score free flours for mother this valentine's at progressive, you can bundle
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5:55 am
prevent hiv infection. the food and drug administration panel recommended the drug truvada for people at high risk of contracting the virus that causes aids. it is currently used to treat people already infected with hiv. the full fda will decide by june 15th whether to follow the recommendation. >> a smaller version of the ipad will be less expensive and offer less storage than the full-size model, according to the website. here's a mockup of what it would look like from the back. it will have the same resolution as the current version and will come in between 200 and $250. golden gate park is honoring mothers with free flowers this weekend. park workers will hand out blossoms to the first 100 mothers that visit the gardens this mother's day. it will be stationed by the conservatory of flowers. the japanese tea garden and a botanical garden. a great little if there.
5:56 am
>> have you been up there yet? >> i have. i was there a few weeks ago. sending an early mother's day shout out to all mothers. >> mothers are getting a shout out via photos on the set. i believe that is can in the upper left side with his mother anita and his redheaded brother brian. >> producer kristen and her mother took this picture by fisherman's wharf. her favorite memory of mother is shopping and bonding trips. kristen says that she is the best at finding bargains. on want to go shopping with her mother. >> and elizabeth winger. there she is, hanging out, a bay area native, she has the shades on, looking good. finally, lawrence with his mother, some of your sentence photographs of their mothers for facebook and we'll have those in the 6:00 hour.
5:57 am
lawrence and his mother are so sweet. >> it is 5:56 a.m., in the next half-hour, did time magazine go too far? the cover photo that sparked a national debate. >> prepare to be clobbered, a new warning for drivers about a huge spike in gas prices coming up. >> police appeared to be coming down on occupiers out here on the farm with a live report coming up. >>,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> right now the gaia is locked in police are standing by. but true to form the occupied protesters are not heeding their warnings. we have a live report. >> , the nation's largest bank lost $2 billion in just six weeks.


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