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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 11, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> >> you are watching cbs 5 i would this news in high- definition. >> happy friday everyone and good afternoon. >> you might want to think about filling up your tank now as opposed to later. >> a good idea because gasoline prices are set to spike drastically over the next
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couple of days in the bay area. ann mackovic explains the sudden surge. >> it is too expensive. >> if you are filling up your gas tank any time soon prepare for the 1/2 punch. >> i really need gasoline otherwise a what i went and looked for another station. >> the price may not have gotten better. the average price in the bay area is $4.34 in san fransisco and $4.26 in oakland. it is up about eight times since the end of april and prices are expected to jump up to 20ยข over the next few days. drivers like michael are already planning for it. >> i need to make a living. i'm self-employed. and so, i just pass it on. >> as californians to the big box, nationally prices have been dropping steadily for the past month to an average of $3.74. >> is more expensive in certain areas than others. >> for now experts blame it on
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refinery problems in recent outages at facilities producing california special blend of cleaner burning gasoline. west coast inventories are at their lowest levels in 20 years. >> that really sounds like it is be s. >> consider this, according to cast buddy .com, the price of gasoline is a dollar higher than it was on this day two years ago. >> they are what they are. i don't like them but were going to do? >> in emeryville, ann mackovic, cbs 5. >> for the best prices in your area check out the pump patrol page on >> the largest bank in the country says they lost $2 billion over the past six weeks. j.p. morgan chase says the loss comes from a failed trading strategy. here now is decent books with kcbs and cbs money watch .com. this is a big loss? >> a big loss on some levels. besides the $2 billion, we need
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to think back to less than four years ago when the financial crisis erupted. j.p. morgan chase was the best bank that came out of that. they did not have the risky trades that many of their competitors had. so the ceo was called king of wall street and was able to withstand all of that. and as recently as a few weeks ago, jimmy diamond, pretty much shrugged off concerns about the investment unit that made these trades. it turns out that the london office for j.p. morgan chase did make those trades under a trader called the london well. involving a lot of complex derivatives trades that even diamond had a tough time explaining to reporters today. he did admit that everything was poorly executed and poorly monitored and a lot of improvement needs to be done. and that hedge is over. but there's a huge trust factor not only for j.p. morgan chase but for the rest of the financial industry as a whole. + we do not know the full scope of what is damage will be because of the size of j.p. morgan chase.
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there is so much exposure they're trying to unwind all of them but we could see other financial units also getting hit hard. it has had an impact on wall street but not as bad as you may expect. financial sector is getting hit pretty hard to afford to let we got a surprising rise in consumer sentiment. the highest level in four years. the dow lower by just 15 points. nasdaq up by nine. s&p down one. g tim ega j.p. morgan chase this is the story that is not going to end anytime soon. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> now to campaign 2012, the president in reno nevada right now at this hour discussing more is released. let's listen into the president ... >> i will take her word for it that she is a pretty good cop. a piece they have lived in this house for 14 years.
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she works your by helping secure loans for farmers and ranchers. paul is a retired electrical contractor who started a family business with her son. last year, with mortgage rates at historic lows, the keller's decided credit would make sense for them to refinance. the thought that it would be easy. since they are current on their mortgage, and they make their payments on time. so this is an example ... >> you are listening in to the president as he wraps up a west coast were in seattle. and scores down in los angeles last night, seattle yesterday and an read a right now talking about the economy. voters are calling the economy the number one issue in the election but barack obama has been wrapped up as you know in the same-sex marriage issue for days now. and mitt romney spent thursday responding to a report that he believed a classmate in high school. randall reports from the white house that both cadidates are now trying to get back on message.
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>> president barack obama and his republican challenger are trying to bring the campaign focus back to the economy. the president is in reno nevada to address the mortgage crisis. last night he attended a record- setting fund-raiser at george clooney hollywood mansion. and reportedly netted the obama campaign $50 million. at a fund-raising stop in seattle where the cameras were allowed in, the president talk about his administration's attempt to recover from the financial crisis. >> manufacturers started to invest in america again ... consistently adding jobs for the first time since the 1990's. >> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney trying to make the case that he is the best candidate to turn around the economy. he hopes to stick to that message today. and moved beyond questions about some alleged misbehavior in high-school. the allegations stem from a washington post report that mitt romney helped pin down a fellow student and cut his hair 49 years ago. mitt romney says that he does not remember the incident but
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apologized to anyone that he may have harmed. at an event in north carolina mitt romney was back on message. >> right now we're finding people across the country that are experiencing some hard times. and i think that one of the reasons is because we have a president who has installed some of the old liberal policies from the past. >> on saturday he had sued liberty university in virginia where he will make his case to a socially conservative audience that strong families are key to a strong economy. at the white house, randall pink stan cbs 5. >> he was at the forefront of same-sex couples rights when he was the mayor's efforts is was in no surprise that was then the governor gavin newsom supports the president's stance on gay marriage. he spoke exclusively to phil matier. >> so now, do you feel vindicated? >> i don't know about vindicated but i am proud of him and i do think there's a lot courage to do this. there is a lot of risk but as mayor brown says, they don't do
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things without real consideration and they obviously feel that they can withstand that assault. >> the president did say that although he supports same-sex marriage, it should be up to the states to decide if it is legal. >> the family of an unarmed man shot and killed by a former bart officer is outraged by johannes mehserle request to have his involuntary manslaughter conviction overturned. his lawyer argued this week that the shooting death of the 22 year-old oscar grant was a tragic mistake, not involuntary manslaughter. he maintains that he meant to use his taser but i suddenly grabbed a gun plenty shot grants on new years day three years ago. >> if a person can commit, gross negligence, how can he be allowed back on the streets to protect and serve again? >> the appeals court now has three months to issue a written decision. >> testing matter of moments we will find out if san fransisco
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teachers are one step closer to striking. yesterday 6000 members of united educators of san francisco voted on a first of two required strike votes. last week the district declared an impasse in contract talks. the district wants to cut $30 million from teachers' salaries while teachers want a 2 percent pay hike. other bay area stories. friends and family getting ready to say goodbye to a high-school football star at was stabbed to death. the funeral service will be held tonight for the 18 year-old of new work. he will be buried in american samoa where he was born. police have sealed off a patch of uc-berkeley lamb that has been occupied by protesters for nearly three weeks now. they oppose the tract off to pedestrian traffic, lock the gate and shut off water but protesters are staying on the farmland, demanding that the university turn over the land to community groups. for urban farming. >> the search for sierra lamar resumes today. why the case is about to get a
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national spotlight. >> called the ultimate wake up call, how your alarm clock could be making you fat. >> a conehead idea could cost a florida teacher her job. the unusual punishment as she gave students that has administrators a little angry. >> i am in the cbs 5 weather center, it is time to throw out, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week.
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>> a florida high-school teacher's job in jeopardy after pictures of her students wearing this plastic dog: surfaced on facebook. the science teacher says that she used the code as punishment when students were late for class.
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at least one student says that it was fun and not meant to embarrass anyone. the teacher says that it was all meant as a joke but the school was not laughing and actually fired at teacher. she is now appealing. >> to kidnap girls have been reunited with their family finally after being rescued from the man wanted by the fbi for killing her mother and sister. kidnapper at amaze came to a dramatic and last night two weeks after he disappeared when the 12 year-old and her sister, acting on the set the stores closed in on the three behind a small mississippi church. >> officers immediately issued commands to add a maze, to show his hands. maze's pulled a semiautomatic pistol from his waistband, and shot himself in the head. >> the girls were suffering from exposure and dehydration and poison ivy but were otherwise unharmed. officials say that he was a close family friend of the
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family and thought he was their father. >> sherrif's teams will search open fields and construction sites in south morgan hill tonight, looking for missing teenager sierra lamar. her disappearance will be featured on america's most wanted. on the lifetime network tonight. the 15 year-old vanished eight weeks ago today. earlier this week a car wanted in connection with the case was located. well, some good news for mom. spending for mother's day expected to jump this year. >> good news for you. >> things are getting so hot their melting. how this overheating problem was traced to energy efficiency. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the 2012 tour of california bicycle race gets underway in sonoma county this sunday. stage one will be a round trip with a start and finish line in santa rosa. other bay area stages include monday from san fransisco down the pacific coast. and then tuesday stage three will run from san jose through the scenic east foothills. on to livermore. i can guarantee that it is wrong to be hot. >> i was in san jose earlier and right biked up into the station. got your just in time. a lot of sunshine out in the bay area, still a couple patches of fog along the coastline but we're looking good right now and i think that this weekend is
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going to be fantastic with temperatures running of 81 degrees in concord and 82 in livermore. 67 degrees in san fransisco and 79 degrees in san jose. towards the afternoon getting hyped in spots. temperatures could soar into the 80s and 90s. tonight mostly clear, just at a patchy fog along the coast but an even warmer start to the weekend. high-pressure looks to be building in for least another day or so and then it will weaken slightly into mother's day but other was looking good. temperatures going to be fantastic for all weekend. maybe on the hot side especially today and tomorrow. 85 degrees, 86 in san jose, 60 degrees and pacifica, patches of fog moving in there and sunshine. 80s and 90s in land. 90 in antioch. and 89 degrees in livermore. inside of the bay you will find 79 degrees in oakland and 74 in san fransisco and about 86 degrees. nice and warm in santa rosa. the weekend looks great, is going to stay dry for mother's
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day. if you more clouds coming our way, cooling down on sunday. more cooling on monday before we wanted tempters backed up once again for the middle of next week. speaking of mother's day, it should be a good one with most sunny skies and some patchy fog out of the coast. otherwise looking great to take your mother out for brunch. and do not forget, this saturday, tomorrow morning, be the match run or they're trying to get together bone marrow donors and cancer patients and you can get out there and enjoy. you don't need to sign up just get down to guadalupe park. temperatures about 80 degrees in the afternoon when they're running. as the latest from here. back to you. >> windows gets so hot that they can all things around them and it turns out that is one of the dangerous side effects of this energy efficient windows. julie watts has one neighbors story. >> we all know that the sun's rays can be damaging, but this damaging? >> the siding is melting, anything plastic on the car was melting.
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>> heather initial thought was a defect in her toyota prius and she noticed this ... a reflection of a highly coated energy-efficient windows next door directing a concentrated beam of light into her car port. with a timid to reading of 120 degrees in just five minutes. >> this window is what is causing the damage. >> but one on the left is a normal clear window. >> the scientific engineer explains a normal window reflects anywhere between 10 and 30 percent of the sun's rays. but the lead certified windows being installed in most new buildings have a highly reflective coating that reflects up to 40 percent. and is not just the beam bouncing off of the window that is a problem. it is the angle of the class. >> the window will never be totally flat because of the trapped air inside of two glass claims. >> uses a tool to demonstrate that when it is cold outside the pressure within the double pane window creates a concave piece of glass which magnifies the sun's rays, combined with just the right low winter sun angle and a high reflectivity of
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energy-efficient windows, you get a beam of light strong enough to melt plastic. most of the cases have been on the east coast with large areas of melted vinyl siding so he was surprised to hear about the melt in your in california. but heather suspects hers lemonte the last. >> a lot of people probably of damage out there that they don't know is the windows are being caused of that. >> the national association of home builders is now investigating the issue and as you might imagine, there is a lot of money at stake here. the saving grace for the window industry at this point is that there has not been a high number of reported cases. but a little scary there. >> now they know when those do that, if you more people will come knocking. >> good news for mothers out there. mother's day spending on the rise. this year the average american will spend $152 on their gifts, $12 more than the average person spent last year. the national retail federation
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estimates appreciative sons and daughters across the country will spend $18.6 billion for sending flowers on sunday were not alone, two-thirds of consumers will be buying the same guests. lawrence has mother's day and his wife's birthday. >> here is a segue, could the sound of your alarm clock make you fat? german researchers say that there's a chance that it could. they studied a phenomenon called social jet lag when people wake up, at one time during the weekend and on the weekends they sleep in. scientists found that sleeping patterns are a good predictor of your body wastes and their advice is to try and maintain a regular sleeping schedule for better health in the long run. >> 2 of the most famous familie, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today's tip of the day will be green peppers. new fields are coming into the growing areas, they're coming to market at a great rate in the prices are coming down to read a few months ago there were very expensive and now they're half of the price which is good for everyone. the selection is so important to some of the year. if you love stuffed peppers like i do, right now is the best time. why? because they're big.
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when you buy them nice and green like this, all around. very important. check the tops. check the crown. the stem needs to be on. if it sits on your hand like this that means it is nice and fresh. and it is nice for thick walls to saute or stuff. like i said, when you bring them home, put them in the refrigerator right away. they're full of nutrition and great no matter how you prepare them. you can even grill them because they're so good. i am your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. but stuffed with sausage and a coat and mozzarella on top, some bread crumbs, that is a beautiful thing. >> we want to break your some breaking news, their partners at kcbs radio confirmed the san fransisco teachers' union has voted to authorize a strike. the union has instructed 33 years. a second vote to actually what is needed but we're waiting for that to come down and they just authorized one.
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>> 33 years? finally, at noon, some of the most famous zoo families met for the very first time. >> we are talking at the arm family and family that inspired the movie that came out last year " we bought a zoo ". the family says they share a special bond, especially the kids. >> most people say " i have a little dog and it is my favorite thing ". and i say " i have a little tighter and he is my favorite thing ". >> because they live in a zoo as well, they're so much alike. >> the family says they plan to,
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