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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 11, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> lot of qualified students ride from ordinary qualify but they could not get in because of budget cuts. >> budget cuts mean that students now carry half the cost of their public education. about $2.3 billion. that is too much for many and it has forced it to% drop in qualify high-school graduates getting into uc and csu in the past five years. >> increasing number of students are eligible. and applying to uc but they're not getting in. >> for those that do get in, the burdens are greater than ever. >> that is at the cost of my grades going down. so is going to be a battle between what i can do to help out my family, and getting the right education to read >> everyone knows the state budget is in the red but this researcher says that higher education is taking a disproportionate cut. in romans are also declining in the california state university schools like san fransisco state. >> i have a lot of friends and
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community college right now, and they are not it's going to csu or state school because it is too expensive and they don't feel that it is worth it to leave a state school it's a much debt .. >> we'll budgets are tight, the higher education crisis is also a matter of priorities. prison costs have risen to the level of university funding. >> we spend 65 percent more on corrections that we do for uc and csu. the corrections budget as continue to go up even though over that time span from the early 2000's until today the prison population has changed very little. >> shifting budget priorities may not be the result of thoughtful deliberation and planning. >> johnson says that california's economic growth needs more and more workers with higher level of education and he says right now the pass that uc an csu is on will not produce enough. reporting live in san fransisco, cbs 5. >> a moment of glory fall by a lot of head scratching at dublin high school. u.s. news and world report released its list of best high-
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school, dublin came in 12th. that was highest ranking for the bay area. but in this case it was kind of like the teacher giving you an and a when you really deserved a be had. u.s. o'clock, kristin harris is here with the math mistake that shot a school to the top. >> double in high-school principal carol saw it first on line that u.s. news and world report, her school ranking the fall specifies will not country. >> i was thrilled because i was believed that we're number one. >> 12 was by far the highest level ever been ranked nationally. she was all set to celebrate when she took a closer look at the data. >> what is not accurate is that it says we have 493 students. >> in fact the school has about 1650 students. the district believes the numbers got mixed up when they were converting to a new data system. >> would discover that the magazine, very likely, used enrollment numbers that were inaccurate. >> the numbers is do the
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results. but state testing scores have risen for five years straight. this chemistry teacher says that her students are driven. >> they amaze me. their tenacity, the way to go after the information, they inspire me. >> but what the seniors most excited about are the physical changes on campus. >> it has been very exciting to have brand new facilities. >> a wi-fi ready student union in the works in the district is pirating a bring your own device program allows students to learn using their own i-pass and smart-phone stuff. a brand new engineering facility is next, if the community passes a bond measure next month. even though the school not in fact the rank no. 12 in the country ... >> this is a high-performance school that could not get a better place and the students cannot get a better school. >> in dublin, cbs 5. >> the superintendent has contacted the department of education and is working on getting u.s. news the real numbers.
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he says by doing so the school was teaching students a lesson in integrity. for the list of bay area top schools, or to read the entire u.s. news and world report, go to and click on latest bay area news. >> since teachers are now one vote away from a strike. last night the union overwhelmingly voted to walk off of the job. members are angry over recent layoffs of more than 200 teachers as well as a new contract imposed by the district that includes $30 million in concessions from teachers over two years. >> this, that they're talking about, is a permanent elimination of quality in our schools. this is permanent damage to our students. >> the district says that they need to cover an estimated $80 million budget shortfall over two years and the union still must vote one more time to approve a strike. >> a motorcade of the s u v with tinted windows, not president,
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take a look at a high-profile rival of mark zuckerberg. he rolled into the crown plaza hotel in palo alto this afternoon. billions on the line as he tries to sell investors on his company's initial public stock offering. len ramirez is here with what happened behind closed doors. >> there is no doubt that this is one of the most anticipated and quite possibly the biggest ipo in silicon valley history. so naturally there was a lot of interest and in fact a lot of excitement as the facebook ipo road show rolled into palo alto. >> it was their version of a star-studded premiere, lights and cameras, security and even a few well-known holes in attendance. >> and more companies to like? >> when a few. >> which ones? >> and no comment. >> as if on cue, the star of the show mark zuckerberg and his entourage arrived in a caravan of luxury s u v. one potential investor described the
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>> ceo like this. >> he was cool and calm and collected. great body language. you know, seems like a very humble guy. >> humble for someone with a net worth of $17 billion unlike last week in your city, he left his could be in the closet for today's meeting, with about 200 investors at the crown plaza hotel in palo alto. the facebook initial offering thought to be just one week away, the so-called ipo road show is a chance for fund managers and major investors to meet with mark zuckerberg and gauge the value of his company. >> industry subdued. people are trying to figure out what it's worth. it is a real business and it will go someplace but people are trying to figure what it is worse. we will all make that decision. >> one factor is the $1 billion that he agreed to pay for the popular photoshopping application. >> it was brought up but quickly squashed. my thoughts on that, i think he is a visionary, and what ever he felt was in the best interest for him to do with this company was his decision.
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>> investors also have questions today about the long-term profitability prospects for facebook as well as mark zuckerberg is ability to function as the ceo of a publicly traded company. they say it is a whole different ball game when you add people trading shares on the stock market to a company's next. >> that is real money. and a lot of it. thank you very much. >> prices nationwide dropping, but it could be a one-two punch when it comes to gasoline prices in california. prices jumped as much as 16¢ per gallon last week, and they could rise as much as 20¢ in the next few days. as of today, the average price in california is $4.25 for unleaded. the state's highest price is $4.33 in san fransisco and the national average $3.73. >> it is funny how is more expensive in some areas. >> they are but they are. i don't like them but what will we do? >> experts blamed shortages on
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refinery problems of facilities producing california's cleaner- burning gas and that has kept west coast inventories low, driving prices higher. to check out the best prices in your area, you can go to the pump patrol page on just click. >> she is the mother that everyone is buzzing about, the cbs 5 exclusive, we talk to the parents of time magazine's cover mother. how the story traces directly back to them ... >> marine mammals robbed of their hearing. what we have heard about the problems west naval sonar, now we're learning just how bad it really is. >> they carry the same weapons as police officers, but with only 14 hours of training. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >>
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>> this photograph certainly has the nation talking. it seems that everyone has an opinion on the mother who is now the new face of a attachment parenting. it turns out that she grew up here in the bay area and in a cbs 5 exclusive, we spoke with her parents, and they explain that this is exactly the way she was raised. >> it was a world wind and it has not stopped. >> tom and margie have their phones ringing off the hook. the 26 year-old daughter has become an overnight crusader. >> she has really really a lot of confidence in herself. >> fresh off the press this morning, her time magazine cover getting a second and third look. but her parents say it is time people turn the page. >> the photograph is great because of the reason it is going to bring people to look at what she is trying to bring
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to light. and, as i said, it has been ... >> the article is about attachment parenting, encouraging breast feeding into toddlerhood and co sleeping. the apple does not fall too far from the tree. attachment parenting was not something she read in a book, is something she learned from her parents' death. a look at this photograph, an intimate moment between herself and her parents captured candidly. she was nursed until 26 years old. her mother took similar heat that her daughters facing now. >> i had to go through a lot in the 1980's, that's, i was affected because people did not want to see me nursing. as much as i was, or that was all coming out. i was kind of, what is a word, picked on. >> their daughter taking over a cause that they started decades
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ago. >> i spoke to her last night and he was coming in from everywhere. and i said " are you ok with this? and she said " yes daddy, i will take the heat. i can do it. >> i'm excited to see what she does next. because, i have all the confidence in the world in her. she takes after me. >> in san ramon, cbs 5. >> headlines around the bay area, the search for missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar getting some national attention. the case will be featured on the tv series " america's most wanted ". it airs on the lifetime network. the search resumed in south the reservoirs' today and continue on the ground in morgan hill. and a 15 year-old san jose high school student has admitted to bringing an air gun onto campus. the incident sparked an all-day lockdown at independence high school on wednesday. police surrounded the school after someone said that is all i man talk a handgun into his
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clothing and lock onto campus. the student has been cited. >> the navy is out with a new look at the impact of sonar on marine life including dolphins and whales. pastor tells us that the effects are much worse than previously reported. >> that is the sound of sonar. and this the release by earth's justice, the group says you can see the direct effect on these purposes as they're driven to the shore to try and get away. the u.s. navy laid study says that sonar, as well as explosive testing, candescent and even kill up to 1600 marine mammals premier. >> i'm very surprised at the camera with a number and that is that's just the tip of the iceberg. the impact on marine mammals is much more dramatic than we ever thought. >> his environmental compares the testing areas to a war zone and says that actual harm is far greater than the navy and mets. >> 40 million instances of harm to marine animals. temporary hearing loss,
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permanent hearing loss, and of course there will be instances of outright death. >> even temporary hearing loss is very serious. >> mammals depend upon their ability to here for all their life functions, to find food, to find mates, to know where they're going when they're migrating and what not. they depend upon a the same way that we depend upon sight. >> the only defense that they have is the law which protect the animals in their native tim pat. >> they're not opposed to the navy training with sonar, that is what the navy to be selective about where they do it. >> the best way to do that is to keep the navy sonar out of areas that are critically important to marine mammals. >> you see them all over the place. the banks and malls. there on like police but with one big difference. how private security guards can
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get a license to carry weapon without ever firing a real bullets. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it is like,,,,,,,,
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here is an explanation in a story you will only see on cbs 5. >> inside of the billboards along, gossip flies faster than a foil wrapped in hair dye. no one expected that outside bullets would be flying. >> you are thinking " holy smokes ". >> next door to is to be shot, the chase bank was being robbed. >> i had to get down.
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>> the two robbers never got off a shot, it was the armed security guard that was firing. >> he was held at gunpoint himself, he was asked to throw his gun, and when they were taking off he was able to get back to his feet, able to grabbed his gun and get it together and shoot. >> and run out the door guns blazing, trying to hit the getaway car. >> anyone working here could have been getting out of their car and have been shot. >> certainly a police officer would not have run out shooting his gun so why would they trained security guard? consider this ... to qualify for a basic guard card, the state requires 40 hours of training to qualify to carry loaded gun, there's 40 more hours of training with 6 at the firing range. some longtime instructors say those requirements are not enough. >> considering what police officers go through, the months
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and months of training, a security officer has the same weapons, and he has two days of training for firearms. >> what bothers him even more is a new trend in the industry. some armed security guards are getting trained and qualified without ever having fired live bullets. >> the state will give them a fire on scarred. >> in the bay area, there's one school during security guards using a legal simulator. a loss prevention group in oakland says >> a very good high-tech system. >> 9 mm are retrofitted with compressed air to simulate the kick of real ammunition. this lead instructor says even law enforcement uses the laser shot program and if actually has advantages over traditional firing range training. >> nervousness about the weapon firing, nervous about the weapon blowing up in your face. all that is a little bit more relaxed in the simulation. >> how relaxed? without any of
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the classroom training, markets put me through a video scenario. >> i need both of you to step back ... >> that happens pretty quick. >> and then the test to qualify, shooting a laser at a target. >> it is six rounds per second. amy and breeze and a squeeze. >> he passed, you got 230 out of 250. but your grouping is not to bad to read >> technical passing the shooting requirement to become an armed guard and never once did i fiery real bullets. >> some people would say, are you telling me that security guard in my bank has qualified, he is carrying a weapon and a freshly shot? >> that is a real-life scenario. that could actually happen. >> very good ...
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>> so why is the state allowing it? >> the technology changed, the regulations have not kept pace. >> he is with the state department of consumer affairs which regulates the security guard industry. >> there's nothing in the regulation that specifically authorizes or prohibits the use of laser based simulators. >> on the states website we found that the stalled out clearly the simulator may be used to qualify. so how did that wording get at it? >> it was probably in for the regulations as they stand. probably because we have questions, or have had questions about it. >> pressure from the industry needs to encourage new applicants. >> it is much less expensive to do it this way. >> they say that is no excuse and they're complaining, loudly, at stake here is like this one. >> it is up to you, as that of his bureau, to put a stop to this nonsense. >> to we have a vested interest in having individuals
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trained more? absolutely. we want more training, requirements for the security officer. that is all we're saying. >> back at her beauty shop, andrea agrees. >> when anyone is allowed to oregon, you are assuming they are professionals but in the end you are finding out, yes. that may not be. >> the loss prevention group in oakland says that ideally both the simulator and live fire training combined would be the best thing. the state is considering changing the regulatory language but the department of consumer affairs says that could take close to a year. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening everyone. we had a very summertime weather pattern today, from 65 degrees in half moon bay, to 91 degrees in concord, which averages about 72 degrees above normal. take a look at current temperatures for your friday evening. 50 now, and stockton with low clouds and fog in pacifica.
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to the low '80s in san jose, and also in santa rosa is still 86 degrees in livermore. we still have time to head on out to oakland a's baseball as they play host to the for tigers. game time to mature at 66th but it is pretty breezy with a western and up to 20 m.p.h.. look at that figure of fog working its way over the golden gate bridge end into the bay. we will have coastal clouds overnight tonight. and into the bay actually. then it will turn out to be a sunny and one day for your saturday. statewide we're talking about partly cloudy conditions in eureka and also in moderate due to the marine layer otherwise mid-90s throughout the central valley. low seventies in the high sierra and 84 degrees with the sun shined in yosemite. tonight mainly clear away from the bay. into the '40's and 50's. mid-50s in mountain view, the other was the pollen count is very high for your saturday. blame it on all the stuff that is blowing out there. a northwest is f-15 ushering the
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pollen in, otherwise 60s in the beaches and 80s in the peninsula. 92 in morgan hill. low ninety's towards brentwood and the further north you go, napa at 90 degrees. stinson beach remains in the mid-60's. the cbs 5 7 day forcast calls for a slight cool down on mother's day. otherwise we do see that return of the marine layer by tuesday. that is or can point forecast. >> the bay area has certainly seen its share of national championships but this this story is not about professional sports. as dawn for shows us it is a story straight out of the tv show " ugly " about an underdog team that went onto national's and came home a winner. >> ♪ >> the oakton school for the arts is singing its own praises these days. the charter school places a special emphasis on theater, art, and of course music. >> ♪ >> this professionally trained
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singer teaches local arts to a special group of students passing of capella and call themselves oakland crush ". >> students have set the standard, so extremely high. >> so high that a qualified as the wild card entry to the international championship high- school of kapell competition held in new york. >> as a wild card, they were just glad to be there. but the cellphone video shows something crazy happening. >> ♪ >> they wanwon! international high-school champions. >> i instantly started crying, we were jumping up and down.
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everyone was crying. you should have seen the parents, it was so funny, there were trying to get on the stage. >> but that was not all, their lead vocalist won the national outstanding soloists award. >> ♪ >> congratulations cantu the new national championships! in oakland, cbs 5. >> the president is in reno but yesterday managed to fit in some fun. what he did with actor george clooney before leaving los angeles. >> gop presidential candidate mitt romney still answering questions about an alleged bullying incidents from high- school. i am gristly, a former classmate says it was not just bullying, it was assault. mom? hmm?
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for only $14.95 a month for 12 months. at&t. ♪ >> president obama was in reno today focusing on the economy. last night the president raised a record $15 million. at a hollywood fund-raiser at
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the home of george clooney. in reno he was asked who won a basketball game that he played with actor george clooney and toby mcguire. >> as you might expect, you know, i think that we are all winners because no one got hurt. >> he met with a family who benefited from a program to refinance their home. they are now saving $240 per month. >> just about all anyone that is talking about when the name mitt romney comes up but now his camp is trying to change the conversation from allegations of high-school bullying, to the economy. grace lee tells us why it does not seem to be working. >> it does not seem to be working in part of what making the story's a powerful is that there are multiple classmates that spoke to the washington post. while a man not all agree with his politics, they do agree on what happened that day in michigan so long ago in 1965.
6:32 pm
>> mitt romney is campaigning in north carolina, hundreds of miles from his home state of michigan to read but one story from his past is sticking close. an alleged pulling incident that happened at his prep school in a detroit suburb. >> i did some stupid things in high-school. and if anyone feels that they were offended by that, i apologize. >> washington post article quoted a former classmate saying that mitt romney and a group of his friends held down a nonconformist and presumed homosexuals, and cut off his long blond hair. a former classmate says that he saw it in the incident still haunts him. >> it was sort of an indelible memory. all those that were involved, it stay with us. this was not a prank. this was an assault. >> in fact, the two were accused of being a bully.
6:33 pm
and the people around you all remember the incident, but you don't, that is a problem for mitt romney. politically. >> this criminal law professor says that if mitt romney had a certain mindset, and it happen now, it could be considered a hate crime. >> if that is motivated by or hatred for a group that is protected by law, and risky sexual orientation, yes that would be a crime .. >> that may be why this can't issued a statement from another former classmate who said " mitt romney never had a malicious bone in his body, trying to imply or characterize him as a bully is absurd ". and his campaign adviser was adamant on cnn that the store was getting blown out of proportion. >> the real question is, is mitt romney a bully? in the answer is no. >> the alleged victim died of cancer in 2004. since the story broke his family has said that the portrayal of
6:34 pm
him is factually incorrect. and they're disappointed that he will be used to further a political agenda. the family also said that if he was alive today, he would be furious about that story. >> thank you. she is a california doctor seen in political ads slamming the proposed tobacco tax measure on the june ballot. today governor jerry brown booted her from the state advisory panel. >> it raises $735 million of tobacco taxes. not one penny goes to new funding for cancer treatments. >> donna porter, governor brown, and five others were removed from the committee identified toxins. proposition 29 would add $1 taxi's pack of cigarettes for anti-smoking programs in resorts. in the advertisement she wants it would create a bureaucracy and send tax dollars out of state. many of us have had that sinking feeling when you cannot balance power accounts. imagine how a man feels that
6:35 pm
caused the nation's largest bank to lose $2 billion. the loss at j.p. morgan chase was caused by a trader who was actually managing the strategy to balance risk. the news is even more surprising given the bank's history. >> and the financial crisis erupted, j.p. morgan chase was the best bank that came out of that. they did not have the risky trades that many of their competitors had, so jimmy diamond, the ceo, was called king of wall street. >> he previously call this revelation a tempest in teapot and now we're learning that there may be an additional $1 billion loss to come. stocks closed lower in the wake of the jp morgan stunning announcement. the bank is blamed for the dow 34 point drop, the snb is also down while the nasdaq numbers nudged up slightly. >> hundreds of bay area families gathering tonight to fight for safer streets. among the key issues, crime and prostitution. kristin airs and open with how those families are fighting
6:36 pm
back. >> that is right, moments ago the street was full of protesters and now they are on the march along international boulevard, speaking out against prostitution. residents say that this area remains heavily played by prostitution. the march comes one year after a similar march against prostitution. at that time residents called on the city to take drastic measures to stop sex trafficking. since then the city has installed 20 surveillance cameras had a number of businesses along international boulevard. merchants tell me that has helped to stop some violent crimes but prostitution has persisted. >> because this is our life. children live here. i hope to see those young girls have a ... to do something else better than selling themselves here. >> all of this is happening in the midst of a legal battle over what has become known as the prostitution motel, this is all happening just about cady corner
6:37 pm
from the national lodge. just one block from this area and residents say that they are waiting on a judge's ruling on whether that motel should be shut down for a year. for allegedly turning a blind eye to prostitution. unclear when that ruling will happen, but in the meantime residents, merchants, all out here along with the city of oakland mayor to take a stand against prostitution. >> the former brother-in-law of jennifer hudson is found guilty of murdering the singer's mother, brother, and 7 year-old nephew. the 31 year-old william balfour was convicted of breaking into the hudson family home and shooting the three family members in 2008. he faces life in prison without parole. hudson's eyes filled with tears and she bit her lip as that verdict was read. she left the courtroom without saying anything. >> it has been crumbling stretch of roadway until now. what finally got the work done on mt. diablo?
6:38 pm
>> and a crackdown on,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:40 pm
>> for the first time, the amgen tour of california cycling race will include a climb of mount diablo. during that stage of the race writers will make the challenging climb up the c-net boulevard. but some freeways roadworks has moved away for the cyclist. >> the right up this scenic boulevard is as smooth as butter but for many years, it was anything but smooth. >> there were pot holes all over, from that stretch of the road all the way down to that side. it was pretty bad. you could easily wipe out and get into a bad accident. >> around one month ago they paved 1 mi. of new roadway inn
6:41 pm
and attached some of the other rough spots. at a cost of $100,000. >> it is beautiful >> after years of struggling with the road it took the amgen bicycle tore to influence lawmakers to get the work done. it is part of the tour route going over mt. diablo. just rides this 4 times per week. >> i am happy, if that is what it took, that is cool. >> this road is an easement through the neighborhood to the park. both neighbors and the state are responsible to maintain the roadway. the state senator had to push to get this $100,000 up keep approved. he told me by phone today that they're working out a formula for the neighbors to pay their fair share of the road work. this swanky neighborhood is by the southern entrance to the state park in lies in the shadow of mount diablo. bicyclist know enough about this easement. >> i understand it is a burden and i cannot understand the logistics. i'm sure it is a complicated issue for residents who bear the
6:42 pm
ownership of it. but i'm very happy that it was done. i think it is a great decision. it is a well used road. >> it will be really well use next week when the tour starts. at mt. diablo, cbs 5. >> the state is trying to shut down an automobile repair shop in redwood city that officials it was caught doing unnecessary and expensive repairs. here is julie watch to explains. >> this is not happen very often but it is a good reminder to car owners to be careful about who you let repair your vehicle. earlier this week a service station owner put no contest to a misdemeanor. the state launched an investigation into his shop in redwood city after receiving complaints. according to court documents, he did unnecessary repairs on to undercover vehicles back in 2010 and 2011. he has been sentenced to 30 days in county jail. the state is now going after his license to operate a repair
6:43 pm
shop. we recently heard from the east bay's the word that says that he ended up with what might officially be the worst seat on a united airlines flight. he writes " the secret of, so i ask to move to another seat, i could not set their breathing, for six hours, when the crew moved me, they charge me $63 and said there was nothing they could do ". that is when our consumer watch team stepped in, convincing the airline to refund his money and give him $100 credit for his trouble. united says that he was initially charged because the second seat was an upgrade. and if you find yourself searching for the absolute best deal on flowers this mother's day, the odds are that you configure mother for that. according to a poll, 26 percent of respondents identified their mother as the most influential family member when it comes to managing money. they attribute that to mothers close interaction with kids and the fact she handles many of the day-to-day spending decisions. father's day of course is just around a corner and wish to point out that that did come in
6:44 pm
a close second at 21%. and remember that if you have a consumer complaint, give us a call, yes, you could be influential. >> kids learn to say " daddy " first cell that is a fair trade. >> is that true? >> they seem to, at least mine did. that's why will give in on the flowers. thank you. >> over here in the weather center, good evening everyone. take a look at the day's highs, a very summertime weather pattern. now the day that will warm the most this weekend, with a pinpoint forecasts. >> the tiger woods rally back and make the cut at the players ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families...
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>> >> welcome back to cbs 5, it was 65 degrees today, that was in half moon bay. otherwise it was 90 degrees in concord but step outside to dublin, they have the fly is up
6:48 pm
at valley christian elementary school. they just lower down but i wanted them to keep them up so you could see the gusting wind. western at 14. otherwise 60 degrees and san fransisco and 86 degrees throughout the valley. i find this interesting. it is the satellite and radar. that is a surge of low clouds and fog working its way through in northern direction. if you want to know what that looks like to be inside of that, let's take you to the golden gate bridge. live weather camera, it is stockton, 51 degrees there. western wind, 16. blustery. coastal cloudiness denied otherwise more will pan out to be a sunny and warmer day in the extended forecast calls for a mild weekend. five pressure continues to build and as it does it will send out the air mass and the pollen count will be high. tonight overnight '40's and 50's otherwise the pollen count. it was terrific, tomorrow the same. it looks like very high pollen
6:49 pm
counts for mulberry and oak and grasses. yorkton. forecast kick started with the coast into the 60s. otherwise seventies coming from south san fransisco into belmonts. 90 each in sunnyvale and campbell. east of the bay we're talking northwestern went up to 50 m.p.h., 92 in brentwood. as well as danville and black hawk. to the north of napa in the mid- 80's. low ninety's in sonoma and 87 degrees in santa rosa. make sure that you have some block this weekend, the 7 day forcast calls for sunday, mother's day, a few degrees cooler especially along the coast of the saturation of the low clouds and fog. and then we hang on to the sudden weather pattern until we cool down to seasonal greetings by this time next week. meanwhile this weekend i will be taking in the dana king at open art studio show in sausalito. yes i will. but you may be heading to the
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>> players championship is last
6:53 pm
tuneup before next week's u.s. open. will tiger win? right now he will just try to make the cut. dennis has the same routine before he'd start datea newscast. he gets it in all for an eagle. tiger woods hoping a new pair of shoes with changes luck. where is mars blackmun? tiger rattled off four straight birdies and finished with a round of 60 to get to two under par. most important, tiger woods made the cut. matt kuchar shot a 68 for the second day in a row to grab a share of the lead after sinking a long birdie on 13. dustin johnson are tied at 8 under par. >> did you get a lot out of this round? >> i probably could have gone one or two more on it but i played very well today. very consistent, and, nothing spectacular.
6:54 pm
just very solid golf. >> it is only the middle of may but jim hardball is in midseason form. here is his response when asked what he wanted to see from the rockies during this week's minicamp. >> creative destruction. >> creative destruction? first- round pick a j jenkins is one of the new faces on the field. and while he was winded after his first practice, jenkins hopes to improve his conditioning when he runs the legendary hill with jerry rice. >> i would not ride a moped up that thing. >> the hill is two and a half miles up, up, up, and we ran it for time. my best time was 15 minutes. >> 2 1/2 miles up? >> that is challenging. you cannot challenge a go at something he always does. >> i want to at least try it.
6:55 pm
he is one of the best receivers ever, want to do what he does because i want to be there one day. >> for more football coverage june in monday night at 7:00. one on one with head coach dennis allen in a half hour special on both the forty-niners and the raiders. the giants placed ryan theriot on the disabled list with an elbow injury. relief pitcher shane luke's was called up from fresno. 50 years after he left the university of iowa, former coach don nelson will finally received his diploma tomorrow. the 71 year-old nelson went back to school to make up the 10 credits needed for his degree in physical education. it is part of a big summer for nelson will also be inducted into the basketball hall of fame in august. earlier this week the park's owner called kevin garnett the dirtiest player in the league. he led the celtics to a game 6 win at eliminating a letter from the playoffs.
6:56 pm
>> out to sea thank you to the owner for giving me some extra gas tonight. >> barnett did not stop there averaging 19 points and 10 rebounds in the first round. he is also out to silence his critics that say he is too old. >> i do not want to come off long here. so you tell me if i'm out of line. but you guys, i take my craft very seriously. and i guess being 35, soon to be 36, not 37, 76, look it up. you guys calling me old, that number just fuel the fire. i appreciate you. whoever is writing the old comments and all that, keep doing that, i appreciate. i don't read your comment but it gets back to me. >> his birthday as next week, he averages a double double in the playoffs. it is crazy to call him old. >> i will take that kind,,
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