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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> i hope he is ok because we need him home >> he left work and has not been seen since. the search for a missing bay area transit worker who disappeared without a trace >> facebook co-founder no longer friends with america, how much he stands to give up by giving up his citizenship >> this is not just in the court room. the special justice that takes into account the sacrifices they have made for their country >> what you need to do when you move your pet from one city to the next or risk never getting
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your tax return. >> one family will be back out searching bay area freeways looking for a man who never made it home from work. ray has left his job to o'clock yesterday afternoon. he may have taken a couple of different routes home to tracy. we talk to his wife who was waiting by the phone for any news. >> sheila is clinging to hope tonight >> hopefully he is ok. wherever he is i hope he is ok because we need them all >> tonight and 63 year-old ray hassle is missing without a trace of >> i have called both cell phones several times but he didn't answer. this is not like him >> that is because the 15 year veteran bus supervisor is a live five of spokesperson. >> he is go to work, leave and
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get on the train, go to work, come home. >> on wednesday the employees planned date picnic so instead of taking the train he drove to san jose where he spent all night wednesday and most of yesterday grilling for co- workers >> i didn't see him get into his car, he was speaking with another co-worker when i drove off >> he called coworkers from the freeway but by last night he had not reached home. his family hip erode retracing his route. >> traffic is good depending on what time he leaves he would go 680 to 580 and come straight year. if the traffic on 680 is backed up you would take 84 and the back roads says all that is where the dread creeps and because it is a winding road with steep drop off/ >> if he went to sleep and went
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off the side >> adding to that fear, he is diabetic and requires oral medication twice per day and as likely not taken any since yesterday morning. he was last seen driving a green honda accord similar to this one. an ordinary car that this family is desperately hoping you can help find >> look for anything out of place because his car is green and if he went off it will blend in. just keep an eye out for him because we need him home. >> here is the car they want you to look out for, a 2001 green honda accord with california plates. tracy police tell me they have a sign that a detective to the case and they tell me and back onto highway 84. at this hour they have found
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nothing and no one. this family is desperate for some assistance. >> hundreds of people crowded into a high-school gymnasium today. >> it were there to say goodbye to a star athlete. >> to his classmates he was 250 lbs. and 5 ft. 11 in. of toughness. pocketful more than 500 people gathered inside the gym to pay their last respects. this teacher said he had a tender side this is all for me that was so cool because he had this ability to make people feel safe and make them feel valued. >> he was one of the top football players in the league and on track to play in community college >> i will not ever get to see
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him play at that next level >> he was stabbed to death at a party in fremont nearly two weeks ago. his close friend was also stabbed back in 2010 in connection with an argument from another party. he said his nephew was getting on the right path but has a stern message >> inaudible >> 18 year-old abraham hate of fremont has been charged with murder with a gain enhancement. his remains will be flown back to his native homeland of samoa. >> the clock is ticking right now in albany.
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occupiers of taken over a plot owned by uc-berkeley have less than 11 hours to decide their next move. the university has ordered them to clear out by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and if they do they say they will not pursue a lawsuit or charges. if they do not leave the university says it will do everything in its power to clear them out >> a new tactic to help occupy vandals pay, they want your help identifying them so they can be called into court. >> facebook co-founder is giving up his u.s. citizenship. brazilian foreign edgardo sovereign who lives in singapore could face a billion dollar tax bill after facebook goes public.
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renouncing his u.s. citizenship could help him reduce that and help him avoid taxes on future investments. the better known co-founder of facebook made a high-profile appearance today. mark zuckerberg is looking for lots of money. >> it was silicon valley's version of a star-studded premiere with heightened security and a few well-known people in attendance. as if on cue, a star of the show mark zuckerberg and his entourage arrived in a caravan. one potential investor described the ceo like this. >> he was, and collected it with great body language and he seems like a humble guy >> humble for someone with a net worth of $17 billion. unlike last week he left his hooded sweatshirt in the closet.
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with the initial ipo thought to be one week away this road show is a chance for fund managers and major investors to meet with zuckerberg and gauge the value of his company. >> i think people believe it is a real business but are trying to figure out what it is worth so we will make that decision >> one factor weighing on minds is the $1 billion zuckerberg paid for instagram >> i think mark is a visionary and i think whatever he felt was in the best interest for him to do with his decision >> investors also had questions about the long-term profitability for facebook as well as mark zuckerberg ability to function as ceo of a publicly traded company.
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>> president obama's campaign is already capitalizing on his decision to come out for gay marriage. >> you can log on to the president's website and pick up items that read l g b t four obama. last night hollywood's elite were spending quite a bit more raising money for the president at a dinner costing $40,000 per plate. the president tried to steer the debate back to the economy. you urged republicans to pass legislation to help avoid any foreclosures. >> it is teacher appreciation week but san francisco teachers are not feeling the love. they just voted to strike if necessary. the district says it needs to cover and $80 million shortfall.
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one more vote is needed to officially approve a strike. a national honor has turned into a huge embarrassment for one bay area high school. dublin high was ranked the 12th best high-school in the country but it turns out the map was all wrong. the magazine thought the school had 493 students but the moment is actually more than three times that. >> we discovered that the magazine very likely used in the room and numbers that were inaccurate >> the district believes it occurred when they switch to a new data system. dublin high does have a 98 percent graduation rate. >> some bay area pet owners are being caught by surprise with a big bill in the mail from the city for what they failed to do when they moved. >> she thought she knew
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everything about taking care of her dog until last month when she was blindsided by a bill for nearly $500 and it seemed the dog was partly to blame. when she and her family moved to fremont they did not inform fremont that the dog had moved >> we moved with the dog and we didn't tell fremont >> it turns out that fremont has an unusual law requiring pet owners to update the city of any change in their animal status including moving or passing away. violators face escalating fines up to a maximum of $1,000 >> if the database is not updated with current information then it becomes useless. we know that people move and we do send notices when licenses are due for renewal >> but she says she never got the notices because they all
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went to our old address >> the fact that you move does not prevent you from having that responsibility >> that is how the fine grew from $60 to nearly $500. she only found out about it when the city of fremont took the money directly out of her state tax refund. >> i got this letter saying that money had been intercepted on behalf of the city of fremont >> we call dozens of other cities and counties and found that sonoma county was the only one that required to notify them if your pet moves or passes away but there's no penalty there and many other cities did say they appreciate notification. she protested her fine and it was dismissed. the dog is happy in his new home. >> >> it is something almost every car owner worries about, is or
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ought mechanic trying to rip you off. the state is cracking down. the bay area man going to jail for unnecessary repair jobs >> you will hear from the parents of the the time magazine cover c'mon. what she appear experienced them as a child that helps explain her views on breast feeding ,,
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>> a crack down on auto mechanics is putting the owner of a barrier of shop in jail. ace undercover sting caught him doing unnecessary repairs on to undercover vehicles at two different times so he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor following the investigation. >> we want to make sure that when consumers take their cars in to an auto repair shop,
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they're not lied to or cheated >> he would not talk to us on camera but he says he did nothing wrong >> they serve their country and now many bay area veterans need help. >> the state inspector general says disability claims could take more than eight years to process at the oakland veteran affairs prod program but one program is showing promise. an innovative court in the south bay is helping them put their lives back together >> good for you! sizzle art celebrates each day his sober. the retired chief navy petty officer did time for drugs in domestic violence. >> suicidal, i actually went through the motions of picking my burial plot >> today? >> it is like starting new
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>> the difference >> good morning to all of you and we welcome you to the veterans treatment corp. >> this judge has held court at the superior court room for four years. >> they have been punished and they paid their price yet their wounded in ways that we don't necessarily recognized. >> veterans often return home with unhealed war wounds. veterans who do get into trouble can end up in the judge's court to do battle against an internal enemy from drug addiction to posttraumatic stress disorder >> we make a treatment part of their probation because we want to stop them from coming back to the system again and again >> edwin completed his mental health and drug treatment program. as a veterans or graduate he gets crime clear from his record
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>> i feel much better >> there were 12 courts in california. this one in san jose is the only one in the bay area. about 140 veterans come to court each month. what they find is unprecedented. county and administration staff in court offering one-stop shopping for help >> in part i think it works because we bring the services to them >> the judge himself becomes cheerleader and coach >> the judge says he has graduated dozens of veterans but only 12 percent have committed a new crime. >> with more troops returning home, the veterans court stands ready to offer an army of
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support. >> the judge says there are plans to take the various second veterans court to san mateo county. >> it turns out the mother photographed on the cover of time magazine breast-feeding her four year-old son is from the bay area and when you hear what her parents have to say about how she was raised it all makes sense. the story will only see on cbs five. >> it was a whirlwind and it has not stopped >> their phones are ringing off the hook, their daughter has become an overnight crusaders. >> she has really really gain confidence in herself and what she's doing >> fresh off the press, her magazine covers getting a second and third look but parents say it is time people turn to page
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>> is a pout attachment parenting urging breast feeding into toddlerhood, coast sleeping and baby carrying. it was not something she read in a book but something she learned from her parents. jamie was nursed until she was 6 years old. her mother took similar heat that her daughter is facing now >> i had to go through a lot in the '80s and i was affected because people did not want to see me nursing as much as i was war that was all coming out and i was kind of picked on. >> their daughter taking over a cause they started decades ago >> i talked over last night and asked if she was ok and she said
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yes. i can do it >> i'm excited to watch and see what jamie does next because i have all the confidence in the world in her. she takes after me. >> some fans of pink floyd's a wall are taking to the water for a whole different kind of experience. the multimedia show is that at&t park tonight. some chose to experience it in mccovey cove for free. great sound but they cannot see anything >> we saw it last year in san jose so we thought this would be another extension of it >> they say that during,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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>> he has won his share of surfing awards and out a
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guinness world record goes to gerry mcnamara who is writing a 70 ft. high waves off the coast of portugal. it is the largest wave ever served on record and a new world record. >> good evening. today we had highs from 65 degrees in half moon bay to 91 degrees in concord. bright lights of double and where currently we have air temperatures in the sixties compared with san francisco with fog and 53 degrees. this is very interesting, watched the fog deck, it rolls up the coast and in northerly direction from the south and this is what we are experiencing now. for whether headline suggests that the fog is so thick we will
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have condensation in the form of drizzle. it will pan out to be a sunny and warmer day. 45 mi. inland we have the extension of the low cloud deck but then it retreats and then pushes back on short into mother's day. we start off gray on mother's day but we warm up to 87 degrees. the pollen count is on the high side and temperatures into the low 90s to the south, 92 degrees to the east. low 90s toward sonoma and extended forecast calls for sunshine,,,,,,,,
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>> madison bumgarner has allowed only 15 runs this season but eight of them have come from his two starts against the diamondbacks. paul gould schmidt hit a two run shot in the fifth. the diamondbacks win 5-2 to snap on garner five game winning
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streak. josh rhetoric is the people's champion the right-field bleachers. he was 4-4 and had his first career to home run game but nobody in an oakland uniform is our right now then brand in late. his fourth home run in five games, the a's beat the tigers 11-4. the cardinals retire tony la russa no. and you have to think it is only a matter of time until they as to the same thing. albert pool halls as knocked out as many catchers as he has hit home runs. don nelson will finally receive a degree from the university of iowa 50 years after he left the school to play in the nba. orioles catcher matt weeder takes the hit and hangs on for the out. and number one, tiger woods had
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four straight birdies to make the cut at the players championship. he is six strokes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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