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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  May 13, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening i'm ann
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notarangelo. a major shake-up at gatto ceo scott thompson resigned after under fire for patting his resin made. don knapp with two is in and out. ever since yahoo co-founder jerry ng it turned out microsoft's offer and watch the stock drop in half shareholders on happy now will find out how shareholders feel about this change. yahoos fourth ceo in five years is out but down by mansion on is resin made that had a computer degree he did not have. after controversy the board approved russ levenson as the new ceo of the onetime prominent internet company stockholders were unhappy with the direction chiao who was going in, i don't think it was
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necessary is that thompson but it was a shake-up on the board that was more important at technology log levenson rights today's announcement let laid to rest the unfortunate distractions. levenson and is looking to accelerate the process made and enhance stockholder value. that's what they hope scott thompson would do yah hoo struggling for years they've been tremendous eyeballs in their sights that not been able to leverage that as facebook it's ready for an ipo that could reach $100 billion tell shareholders want action. that to come up with a better social media strategy they have nothing, google is at least trying yobbo watches facebook thrive it needs to beef up its media it has a lot of
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eyeballs but not enough profitability. you might say today is the first day the rest of yacht whose live. despite her unpopularity oakland mayor will keep your job. organizers for the committee to recall the mayor announced they did not get the 20,000 signatures needed to put a recall on the balanced. according to a recent poll 3 at 4 open boaters not happy with their performance the same poll found majority of voters think that she is not doing a good job not ready for a recall because it is too costly. the man not agree with me every with everything but they know i'm working on the issues they want. gov. brown releases his revised budget tomorrow and sacramento based upon a higher than anticipated budget deficit.
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we now face a $16 billion hole the governor blantyre deficit on lower tax revenue, cuts to education and public safety are not acceptable. it wants to increase taxes on the highest earners an increase sales taxes. democrats said they will help the governor sell the proposal between now and november all of us aggressive in talking about the importance of the governor's tax measure it could be a hard sell voters are resistant to increase taxes republicans have reacted by saying there must be more cuts. five days later it is the hottest political news, president obama's support of same-sex marriage was the hot topic on the sunday morning talk shows and. critics said the revelation will cost them a second term, he is shifting away from focusing on the economy. supporters applaud the president
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saying he is headed in the right direction. he has gone 95% of the white but federal rights is important. in 1967 the federal courts adjudicated the quality it is not a flip-flop there is no political calculus in this it is not smart it is going to do it for a political point of view it does not make sense the debate went from politicians to parishioners. same-sex marriage a focal point for christians and evangelicals in the african american community. anne mackovic with more in most churches pastors failed certain things have to address for your congregation the hot topic this with obama support of same-sex marriage i did have a debate with myself, should i or should not i
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but i decided it was important for me to say something at the risk of alienating conservative parishioners he made it part of his sermon. it was important in my mind to be committed to equality and justice for all meaning everybody and that is what i shared with the congregation those who wanted to speak on camera supported him. fabulous i was glad that he let it be known he approved of that to the congregation there may be mixed thoughts on the sermon but what remains to be seen the effect of the president's remarks on the ballot box. former san francisco mayor will the brown spoke about this morning on cbs 5 it will require some of us to reaffirm because african- americans and latinos are not naturally on the upside of same- sex marriage they are on the downside
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@ corte part of democratic constituencies they are very diverse views just like all over the country that is the point important to acknowledge the individual choice of the american anne mackovic cbs 5. someone is taking responsibility after the financial crisis that started one person from one company apologizing. we want deal but thousands did not listen results on a crack down from distracted drivers we are focused on what is happening tonight, coastal drizzle will develop. changes on tuesday in the meantime the sun sinks in the west when the toward the,,,,,,,,
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a small quake should sonoma county this morning. men and 23. nine it was 24 mi. north of
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santa rosa. no reports of damage or injury the area as prone to frequent earthquakes. a high-ranking employees from j.p. morgan chase expects to resign tomorrow as a result of the financial crisis. dorothy jones reports the ceo is apologizing from mistakes that cost billions of dollars. a man who runs the nation's largest bank is apologizing for $2 billion in trading losses. a u.k.-based trader nicknamed the london well manage the investments. the strategy we had was vetted and monitored it should never have happened c e o jimmy diamond said he was wrong to ignore warning signs and insists the bank not in danger of failing. they'll learn a lot of money this quarter we hurt ourselves and credibility and we have to
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fully pay the price for that the price of j.p. morgan chase stock dropped 10% friday, the sec has launched an investigation. more than three years after the financial crisis lawmakers say the banking industry is taking on too much risk spirit senator carl levin pushed legislation called the evoked role it is not taken effect yet it's stops banks from making trades for its own profit. you must be careful the regulators are not undermined by the huge effort to weaken the rule by putting in a huge loophole diamond insists the rule would i have applied in this case because the trades were designed to hedge against risk not make money for the bank. 13 the luck the number one
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celebration if you have wondered how weird san francisco candy will show you the festival. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one at a five traffic tickets cannot last month went to a distracted driver in the bay area. compared to the entire state, cell phone calls texts and other distractions lead to 6000 citations locally during national distracted driving
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awareness month. 30,000 issued statewide. in one case an officer responding to emergency with some on, at ten lebron the call the would not change lance police say the driver was texting. the largest cycling event kicked off in santa rosa. dozens of the world's top cyclists rode 120 mi. around some accounted for stage one of the amgen tour of california. the event has national appeal. we wanted to see this part of the country and what better to see the door the cyclists start in san francisco marina district and finished in aptos. tuesday stage 3 from san jose to livermore. the ridge and then los angeles one week from today. for those and superstitious millard the celebration focused on the no. 13 in san francisco.
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the 13th annual where it street fair celebrated on the 13th of may there are 13 stages for live performances spanning 13 city blocks. the street fair on our street between first and mccumber streets vendor selling clothing jewelry and art. it is family friendly and very safe never had a violent incident at ten elimination to get in close to the world peace through technology organization. it goes until 10:00 tonight hopefully you had a happy mother's day and in jordan with maybe a sweater or two. it was chilly as we forecasted yesterday. it's going to stack the deck stacked in your favor.
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now we look at numbers and they did fall by as much as 20 degrees in the bay area. we look at one of the significant faults in the bay area mount diablo still rises up at the rate of 2 mm per year. that could spring a magnitude next week or in 100 years. and the bay area we look at the things to cloud up to nine it is clear on shoreline but clouds moved in. potential for drizzle tomorrow morning. high pressure builds and over the bay area. if you're heading out tonight clear along the coastline now the low clouds will russian tonight clear and chilly in the bay temperatures mostly in the '50s. on-time lamps use seat high pressure off shore.
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atmospheric pressure fell and things cool down it will continue to cool tomorrow by few degrees. we will get drizzle tomorrow morning along the coast sunday later. and sunny inland. on future cast the low clouds push and, and everything pops as forget to afternoon, we get sunshine again. will get low clouds in the morning and clearing in afternoon. temperatures rise to '70s and south bay. in east bay the numbers like this, 75 degrees at brentwood and 70 at napa. 574 bodega bay tomorrow. sunny letter in the day emperor daley we warm up on tuesday, later in the week we warm up next week in the and the numbers and '80s again.
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a typical summertime pattern for the bay area. the a's had to be the best pitcher in the league an,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, up
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we define a cure for these baseball injuries they're holding their own house the a's are the a's are
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without suspect this and they finish the holmes down with the jemile weeks and without brandon edge. the ring out of the lineup today. justin per lander did not need help. he made one mistake the only run he allowed in seven innings. weeks was out of the line and a check out this catch by his replacement. jerry parker lows the bases in the sixth and would leave after throwing 112 pitches. he walks in the go-ahead run and that was the difference the tigers when three-one to split the series. the giants five runs and last night's game against arizona the most they scored in one game all
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month. san francisco called up charlie culbertson making his big league debut and his family was on hand berries u.s. celebrates his 34th birthday. arizona gets a 1-0 lead. is barry zito allowed three runs in six innings. melky cabrera with more hits today this drives in a run. san francisco in the theft this goes to the cheap seats it gives the giants a 6-3 lead. culbertson's dad became emotional his son steps up to the plate he gave his family a thrill his first big-league hit. giants when that 7-3. is barry zito 2-1 on the seas and preparing and the playoffs lakers about the nuggets to
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advance to second round. today ellas of the team trying to win game 7. he was being wrestling with zack randolph plans are to come by needed gimcrack the 60 point plateau after three quarters. the clippers' bench to go over. l i b samantha's 82-72 to win the series for only the third time in franchise history they take on the san antonio spurs in second round. lebron james presented with this third mvp award. lebron takes over in the fourth, the heat beat the pacers 95-86. golf at the players championship tagger a bad start three bogeys in this double bogey a final- round 73 he finished one under
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par and 12 shots back. the third round later fell apart with six bogeys. that opens the door for met coucher, aligned and birdie on 16 he fires is 70 in wins by two strokes. he wins over $1 million and lives up to theft on the world rankings. amgen tour of california gets underway in santa rosa. levi leipheimer is competing. at the later has a punctured back tire he made it way to the front of the pack and wins the final sprint. 44 years since manchester city has won an english league title. they had to win their final match. man sitting down one goal, of
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the corner a hatter ties to game. two minutes later, man city's scores twice to win an clemens' first title since 1968. they edged the rival manchester united on goal differential. the earthquakes can hopefully get back in the win column. alan gordon with the header in the 89th minute quakes earn a tie they're still in second place. on game day, which taught to the a's at history making slugger hard to think of anyone making a first impression tonight at 1130. what he has in common with babe ruth and lou gehrig. are you surprised there doing so well despite injuries? the a's yes because they're
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not projected to do well this year, the giants is disappointing, how you look at they are supposed to be contenders. magic johnson leads the l.a. dodgers. that does it for this edition of eyewitness news 60 minutes next. happy mother's day. good night. ,,,,,,,,
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