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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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mean more cuts to public education and safety >> low pressure spinning towards the bay area and we will talk about it coming up >> so far we're looking pretty good up and down the nimitz in oakland but we do have some road work out there. >> it is monday may 14th. >> we begin with some developing news in san francisco, police opened fire at a robbery suspect in the south of the market neighborhood. >> it happened late last night at the intersection of fremont and mission streets at the time officers were returning from an unrelated investigation. police say they heard a woman scream and then saw her struggling with a man. the suspect showed a handgun and that is when one of the officers opened fire. the suspect drop the gun and was arrested, no one was hurt. >> another change of management
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for a silicon valley giant. scot thompson had come under fire for patting his resume. he told yahoo! board last week that he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. his interim replacement is this man who has been head of global media for yahoo!. he will be working with a new number of new board members today >> some of the stockholders were very unhappy with the direction that yahoo! was going in and i don't think it is so much scott thompson or the fact that he exaggerated his a resume but i think it is an opportunity to shake up the board >> yahoo! is planning on a massive reorganization. the company has identified 50 services it wants to shut down or sell >> governor brown will release his revised budget today in sacramento and based on a higher deficit than anticipated >> we are now facing a $16
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billion hole, not $9 billion we thought >> he blames the higher deficit on a lower tax revenues and legal blocks to some planned cuts. he says further cuts to public education and public safety are not acceptable. fellow democrats say they will help sell his tax measures to voters >> between now and november, all of us will be a rather aggressive in talking about the importance of the governor's tax measure >> the measure could be a hard sell. boaters are resistant to increase taxes. at least three executives at j.p. morgan are expected to resign after bad trades cost the bank $2 billion. the shake-up follows an apology. jimmy diamond says he was wrong to ignore the warning signs that says the bank is in no danger of
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failing. >> we will still earn all lot of money this quarter so does not like the company is jeopardized. we hurt ourselves and our credibility and we need to pay the price collapse >> lawmakers to back the bill are pushing for a final version that will prevent the kind of trading that led to the bank's $2 billion loss. >> this week promises to be in the biggest ever for facebook. the chief executive of facebook turns 28 today. on friday the company is expected to start selling stock to the public for the very first time. the ipo could value facebook in your one hundred billion dollars which would make it worth more companies such as disney, ford, and kraft foods. at 28 mark zuckerberg is half the age of the average s&p 500 ceo but it does not matter.
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>> i just want a little piece of that pie. >> i cannot even fathom those numbers. >> what would you do? >> anything you want! around the bay area we have some cooling temperatures. we have a little bit of a cool down yesterday and we have a few clouds out there right now. temperatures running in the '40's and 50's at this hour. we have an area of low pressure embedded in the ridge. it will help cool down the temperatures in the bay area. the cooler day outside today but we have a warm up on the horizon. >> so far we don't have any major accidents on the roadway but we do want to tell you about
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this road work scheduled to be picked up in the next hour and a half. in the meantime, the north bay is looking great. traffic is still very very light. one lonely headlight heading towards the golden gate bridge toll plaza so everything is looking pretty good. westbound to 37, so far pretty quiet leaving milpitas. we do have the bike race that begins later this morning so i will tell you what that will do later on. >> time magazine stole the show last week. this week is newsweek's current with its cover. the magazine shows president obama under a rainbow halo. the caption reads the first k
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president. this follows his announcement that he supports the right of same-sex couples to marry. he is likely to be talking about that again today when he visits new york. he will attend a number of fund-raisers, he will be on the view today and he will deliver a commencement address this afternoon >> a massive search continues for an fbi agent believe to be armed and depressed. 35 year-old steven ivan was last seen by his family last thursday in burbank. is family believes he may be suicidal and is believed to carry his handgun but is not believe to be a threat to anyone but himself. the city of oakland is urging the public to send any videos or photos that may have caught vandalism in the act. it refers to may 1st when people painted graffiti and smashed windows at other banks
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and businesses downtown during a rash of occupy protests >> zambrano has a special ceremony this evening for residents returning to the neighborhood that was destroyed 38 homes were lost and now the bay area news group reports that starts at 630 on claremont drive. >> the standoff in albany over a patch of land owned by uc- berkeley continues. protesters say they will continue to maintain community access to and coexist with university scientists. protesters say barricades and a police presence are what are hindering scientists and we will have a live report coming up at 5 man. >> the major shift today for women in combat. >> a troubling new study about
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>> starting today the pentagon will open more than 14,000 combat related roles to women serving in the army. female soldiers had been excluded from those jobs because the roles were either close to combat or directly involved in combat. the head of the secret service is one of the witnesses called to testify next week about the prostitution scandal involving agents in colombia. the senate homeland's security committee is one of four committees looking into the incident. nine secret service members have been didn't dismissed
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>> today, lawyers for john edwards begin their case in his corruption trial. the lawyers have not indicated whether they planned to but edwards on the witness stand yet. he is accused of masterminding the scheme of using secret payments to help hide his pregnant mistress. the maximum penalty if found guilty is 30 years behind bars. roger clemens former trainer and friend is supposed to take the stand this morning in the perjury trial. he has testified before that he supplied steroids to clemens and even injected him. clemens is accused of lying to congress when he testified that he never used steroids. >> despite her on popularity mayor jean kwan will keep her job. organizations for the committee to recall her announced they did not get the amount of signatures needed. according to recent polls three out of four oakland voters are
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not happy with her performance. that same poll found a majority of voters are not ready for a recall because it is too expensive. >> while they don't totally agree with me on everything people want us to work on the issues i'm working on >> for first term ends in 2014 >> a gold and moved by the san francisco mayor >> the letter he sent to the warriors urging them to leave oakland >> smashing competition at the box office all weekend long, ever milestone in movie is about to hit >> what goes into a,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> what the clouds outside with low pressure but towards the coast line. we will talk about a coming up >> the golden gate bridge is looking great so far this morning. traffic is very light headed into san francisco but we're getting word of a new accident in fremont. >> a petaluma man had an excuse for driving more than 100 m.p.h. on highway 116. the 29 year-old boys were in the car with him. he was arrested after an officer clocked him at 104 m.p.h.. bay area drivers accounted for 20 percent of the distracted driving related tickets in the state last month. the lead to 6000 citations locally. national distracted driving awareness month. in april 30th thousand were issued statewide.
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>> crews are battling fires, the latest concern is a fire that has prompted evacuations in the town of crown cane. most of the residents are defying the order. the largest fire has burned over 100 a.. a community meeting planned tonight with for dealing with san jose's crazy homeless problem. officials say the homeless problem has gone up 20% since the economic downturn began and they say it has been more difficult to raid camps because of new cutbacks. today's meeting starts at 7:00 at the plants shopping center. mayor ed lee is openly trying to woo the golden state warriors to return to san francisco. a chronicle reports he sent a letter to the warriors signed by all 11 city supervisors.
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san francisco's legislative contingent along with other leaders in the city. they say they want to work with the team to have a new waterfront irina built with private financing your at&t part >> troubling new statistics regarding and young adults with autism. a new study finds that autistic adults are less likely to have a job in the first two years after high school and other special ed students and are also less likely to pursue higher education. this year in the u.s. approximately 50,000 kids with autism will turn 18. every four hours a child goes to the emergency room with an injury from a bottle, pass a fire, or sipping cup. kids get hurt when they fall and are using one of the items. the most common injuries are cuts in bruising to the mouth and face. if you are a slippy fan, 7-
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eleven has something new for you. the convenience store chain says its new drink will have 50 percent fewer calories. the first labor will be sugarfree main go. it says it plans to rollout other flavors throughout the year. 8 ounces of the drink is expected to have 20 cals. i cannot wait for the coca-cola flavor >> i like banana. one of cycling's biggest events in the country is now underway in the bay. dozens of the world's top cyclists rode around sonoma county for the first page of the amgen tore of california. some of the spectators came from across the country just to watch the event. >> we haven't been here and we wanted to see this part of the country so what a better way >> today the cyclists will start in san francisco an finished in
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at costs and santa cruz county. stage three will go from san jose to livermore. the russian spacecraft carrying a nasa flight engineer and two russian crew members is ready to launch today. the joint american and russian mission will take the trio to the international space station where they are expected to arrive may 16th. they will meet with a team of american, a russian, and a european web been a board since december. another chapter in the final voyage of the shuttle enterprise. it was offloaded from the airplane it was piggybacking on. they sped up the video a little bit. it was a delicate maneuver, they had nasa working through the night. the shuttle will soon be heading towards a retirement home in new york city.
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a new survey suggests a lot of airline passengers ignored directions to stop using those electronic devices. i'm guilty. the first few minutes, maybe but i eventually turn it off. >> and online poll said one out of four respondents say they don't always follow flight attendants instructions. federal government says that passengers need to turn off the devices because of potential signal interference. >> there were tors aboard the uss iowa during the weekend in the port of richmond. the ship has been there since october for repairs. it once carried president franklin roosevelt to world war two summit. >> there is a tremendous amount of world war two history. there are multiple generations
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of serve on this vessel. >> on sunday, the hundred 80 ft want ship will be towed underneath the golden gate bridge and down to the port of l.a.. who are the most powerful mothers of 2012? >> working mother magazine came up with a list. number one is sarah bleakly. she is beyond a self-made female billionaire. also on this year's list, angelina jolie, hundred games offers suzanne collins and beyonce. >> and ohio teenager got an unlikely prom date >> and 18 year-old needed a
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backup date for proms as she passed a cleveland browns quarterback and a surprise, he said one not? >> it was like, hey would you consider going to my senior prom with me because my date backed out >> i am nervous. we were taking pictures and if it was getting ready and i felt like i am really legitimate and this is my prom to. >> it turns out he never got to attend his own senior prom because he graduated early. he knows joyce because she tweaked sample lot and signs up for his autographs. >> if you think $10 is too much for a hot dog and a baseball game think again >> this one includes lobster tail, saffron, and gold flakes.
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the price is $1,501. only four were sold for a special occasion with the money going to a local homeless charity. >> on glad we know it was going to charity because anyone who buys it if it is not going to charity >> isn't the idea of a hot dog supposed to be inexpensive? around the bay area today we have clouds rolling in and low pressure spinning off the coast line. mostly cloudy today over the bay right now. mild temperatures in the valley. this afternoon, fifties and low 60s towards the coast. a few more clouds will come in
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across the sky and keep temperatures just a little bit cooler outside. really not too bad although the temperatures will be down today. east bay and numbers in the '70s in most spots all of 60s in vallejo and benicia. about 70 degrees in santa rosa. the next couple of days we warm things up as high pressure moves back in. >> we're going back out towards the bay bridge toll plaza where there's not much going on. pretty quiet this monday morning.
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really no delays all across the upper deck. let's go to the maps because we are following an accident northbound 880. apparently the driver of the car struck the center divider. that is off to the shoulder but the fire crews are on scene. just a heads up if you're traveling from fremont. further north if you are heading up towards oakland, here is a live look at everything is pretty quiet so far up towards the downtown oakland exits'. these are the live drive time sensors. as you make your way through livermore, dublin and pleasanton still look pretty good as well. stage two of the bike race happens today starting in san francisco and heading toward santa cruz. they say to expect rolling
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closures from pacifica to half moon bay so watch out for that and we will be talking more about it throughout the morning and the rest of the week. >> a big weekend at the movies >> the super hero blockbuster the avengers continues to shatter the record books. last week it had the biggest grossing opening weekend of the year with the one hundred billion dollars. this week became the first movie ever to bring an one hundred billion dollars on its second weekend as well. worldwide it is on track to hit the $1 billion mark. domestically the avengers match the competition. dark shadows was a distant second at $28 million. how would you like $16 million
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for next birthday? >> that is what prince william should get next month on behalf of his late mother's estate. along with stock in jewelry. her will said that the princes would each get half of her state. >> it started with textile and driving >> this morning the great lakes or one state to keep people off their phones >> same-sex marriages the combination. the reaction at local churches. >> the ceo of yahoo! is out but not before making a startling announcement about his health. >> occupy the farm protesters still camped out and they turne,
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