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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> a local politician plans to introduce not add new legislation to hold pg&e executives accountable >> lots of clouds across the sky right now, will they break up today? we will talk about that coming up >> we are following an accident in palo alto and we will have all the details coming up >> we begin this hour with breaking news. investigators are looking into an officer involved shooting in the city of napa that happened just before 11:00 last night. the napa valley register says the injured suspect was rushed to the queen of the valley medical center. the officer was not hurt. members of several napa county law enforcement agencies are now trying to determine what led to the shooting. police in san francisco fired at a man who they say was trying to rob a woman at the
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intersection of fremont and mission streets. at the time, officers were returning from an unrelated investigation when police observe a woman screaming and struggling with a man. the suspect showed a handgun and that is when one of the officers opened fire. the suspect drop the gun and was arrested. nobody was hurt. >> lisa washington is in sunnyvale right now. yahoo! is changing ceos once again >> the revolving door at yahoo! is moving once again. scot thompson resigned after fighting to keep his job last week. he also revealed to board members that he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. the job now those to ross levenson who was previously in charge of content and advertising for yahoo!. scot thompson had been ceo for
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only four months. the challenge for levinson is to continue the company's turnaround. >> of the biggest thing is that it has to come up with a better social media strategy. yahoo! is sitting there watching facebook thrive and watching who will continue to thrive. it does have a lot of eyeballs but not a lot of profitability. >> in addition to the departure, five board members will also be leaving. we are live in sunnyvale, at least a washington cbs five >> yahoo! board member fred ponderosa has been appointed chairman of the board. he was a board member who led
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the investigation into inaccuracies on thomson's resume. in a statement he said the board is pleased to announce these changes and is confident they will share the best interest of shareholders and further accelerate advances the company has made since last august. >> heads are starting to roll at j.p. morgan chase. three top traders are expected to be let go. the shake-up follows an apology from the ceo of the world's largest bank. jimmy diamond says he was wrong to ignore the warning signs but he says the bank is in no danger of failing >> we will still earn a lot of money this quarter so it is not like it is jeopardized. we hurt ourselves and our credibility and we fully expect to pay the price for that. >> a big week ahead for facebook. the chief executive mark
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zuckerberg turns 28 today and on friday the company is expected to start selling stock to the public for the very first time. the ipo could value facebook at nearly $100 billion. at 28, zuckerberg is half the age of the average s&p 500 ceo. >> today gov. jerry brown will officially deliver the bad news about to revise state budget >> we're now facing a $16 billion hole, not the $9 billion we thought in january. >> the governor blames the deficit on higher tax revenues, lower tax revenues. he says cuts to education and public safety are not acceptable. republicans have reacted to the governors' appeal by saying there must be more cuts. protests are planned against
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pg&e outside the company's headquarters. >> it is expected to be a busy morning here at pg&e headquarters as you mentioned. they will have the annual shareholders' meeting and protesters are expected to be here as well as a politician who will be introducing new legislation. it is their annual shareholders meeting, the first for the new ceo. it is expected to be met with unhappy customers and at the same time, san mateo assemblyman jerry hill is planning on introducing a bill that would require top utility executives to give back bonuses if the company is fine for safety violations. what he says is that he is trying to stop what happened in 2011 when the former ceo left pg&e after the zambrano pipeline blast with about a $38 million
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severance pay. also at the same time, the take back your power rally. protesters will be outside rallying against what they call abuse of power and profits at their expense. like we mentioned to you, it will be quite a busy morning here with allot of events going on all at once. we're live in san francisco this morning. >> welcome home is the message from san bruno to people moving back into the neighborhood that was destroyed in 2010. 30 homes were lost in the explosion that killed eight people. a bay area news group reports that two families have recently returned and three more will return soon. >> a little bit of traffic and weather. >> what a beautiful weekend.
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little bit cooler on mother's day but enough sunshine out there from mothers. things are changing overnight as we have had low clouds move in. let's get you out live right now with plenty of clouds extending over the bay. temperatures are staying fairly mild at this hour mainly into the fifties although santa rosa has managed to move down to 40 degrees. we have an area of low pressure spinning off the coast which will bring some clouds in. temperatures will be on the cooler side. today will be two-five degrees below average but not for long. let's check out the roadways with elizabeth >> we will take you out towards the peninsula once again. we see a lot of red traffic sensors which means it speeds below 25 m.p.h.. apparently there are fire crews
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blocking one lane of traffic. there are no injuries to report but unfortunately this is what it is doing to the drive time. pretty slow right now. in the meantime we are seeing allot of brake lights coming out of the altamont pass. speed sensors that 13 m.p.h. as you make your way into livermore. a little bit better around pleasant in but still slow and go. 883 oakland, nice and polite. no delays or problems all the way out towards the downtown oakland exit's. highway 4 is one of the slow spots typically and today is no exception. everything looks great out towards the pittsburgh-based point. stage two of the amgen tour of california kicks off this morning.
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except rolling closures and delays. >> time magazine stole the show last week. this week is at newsweek. it shows president obama under a rainbow halo. the caption reads the first k president. the cover story marx's announcement that he supports the rights of same-sex couples to marry. a new cbs poll shows that 25 33% say that same-sex couples should have no legal recognition. some same-sex marriage was the focus of churches across the country yesterday. at one east bay church pastor made it part of his sermon despite risking alienation of more conservative parishioners >> it was impossible in my mind to be committed to equality justice and freedom for all
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without meaning all for everybody. that is what i shared >> absolutely fabulous. to name the issue within the black community is so important. >> i'm glad he let it be known that he approved of the two congregations >> the rev. says he felt it was important for him to comment on the issue. the president is likely to be talking about that again when he visits new york. he's scheduled to take an appearance on the view and then he will deliver the commencement address this afternoon. >> a massive search continues in l.a. county for an fbi agent believe to be armed and depressed. police say that he could be suicidal and is believed to be carrying his handgun. he is not considered a threat
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to anyone but himself. investigators have not believe it revealed why they believe he might be distraught. the pentagon will open more than 14,003 roles were directly involved in combat but advocates push for a change in policy since women already risked their lives by serving on the front lines in patrols and in risky police and military security units. >> the impact that toll lanes are having in the bay area. >> it could be a slam-dunk for san francisco. the mayor's letter urging the warriors to hop across the bay from oakland to san francisco. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here's a look at some of the top stories on this monday. police opened fire at a robbery suspect in the city. nobody was injured. scot thompson has quit as ceo of yahoo!. the wall street journal reports that thompson told the board that he was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer as well. >> governor brown plans to unveil a revised budget. the california deficit is not $9.2 billion but rather $16 billion. >> bay area drivers accounted for 20 percent of the distracted driving tickets last month. cell phone calls, texts and
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other distractions led to 6000 citations locally during national distracted driving awareness month in april. 30,000 were issued statewide. i saw a woman one morning eating a bowl of cereal while she was driving into work >> >> let's go live to the bay bridge toll plaza. as you can see, so far is not too bad. if your lit using fast track flames, so far everything is in the clear what we are starting to back up in the cash lanes which is usually the first indication that they will turn the metering lights on. it is starting to get a little bit slow at the incline as well >> we're following a problem blocking one lane of traffic northbound 101 by embarcadero road.
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>> this is what it is doing to the drive time throughout the palo alto area. still in the yellow between highway 37 and woodside road. the altamont pass, we had one earlier accident. westbound 580 at grant line road is the only incident we have had across the stretch. we still see brake lights all the way out towards the dublin interchange. elsewhere, the richmond san rafael bridge, this is looking pretty good this morning through west down 580 and southbound 101. things are flowing nicely on northbound and southbound 101. elsewhere, west down 580 these
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are alive traffic sensors picking up current conditions. once you get past their, the pittsburgh-based point area towards concord, everything is looking good. stage two of the bike race kicks off at 11:00 this morning. we do have a photographer live on the scene right now. bicycle riders are actually heading down toward santa cruz county. for an update on your weather forecasts, here is lawrence >> if you are doing in the bike riding today a nice day. clouds extending over the bay right now has a weak disturbance is spinning out on the coastline. a low will bring a cooler
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temperatures all across the board. a mixture of sunshine and clouds but warmer weather is on the way. here is the low pressure we have been watching clouds and cooler temperature as it moves through. today, a mixture of sunshine and clouds as we look towards the afternoon. temperatures will not be that bad but only the low '70's in places like san jose. 50 degrees in pacifica. as you get to vallejo you will see a bit of a breeze into the afternoon. sunshine in passing clouds towards the coast line. about 61 in sausalito and 62 degrees in san francisco. the next couple of days we watch those temperatures bike once again. they will cool off on thursday
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but this next weekend, more sunshine. we will start to heat things up with just a couple of passing clouds. >> today, it is time for the defense to start calling witnesses in the corruption trial of john edwards. lawyers have not indicated whether they plan to put him on the witness stand yet. he is accused of masterminding a scheme to help hide his pregnant mistress. the maximum penalty if found guilty would be 30 years in jail. >> mayor ed lee is now openly trying to persuade the golden state warriors to return to the city. the chronicle reports that he sent a letter to the team signed by all 11 city supervisors, a legislative contingent and business and labor leaders. they want a new waterfront irina built with private
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financing >> bay area gas prices have risen more than 10¢ per gallon according to the aaa auto group. regular unleaded is on average $4.35 in san jose and oakland and in san francisco, $4.41 per gallon. the new report finds that a new toll lanes at a key interchange in the south bay are working. overall traffic delays have eased up a bit. during one week, more than 9000 drivers took advantage of those polled lanes. >> who is topping the list of the most powerful mothers in 2012 >> a glitch in the,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> some of the world's best by nicholas are here in san francisco getting ready for stage two of the amgen tore of california. live pictures today, the race begins at the marina green in san francisco at 11 05 this morning. here they were yesterday writing 120 mi. around sonoma county. on tuesday stage three will go
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from san jose to livermore. >> how would you like $16 million for inexpert they get? that is what prince william should get next month on behalf of his late mother's estate. the princess left behind vast wealth when she died including stocks and jewelry. her will said that the princes would each get half of her estate upon turning 30 years old >> the time now, a new debate over a magazine cover >> and newsweek is depicting president obama up on its front page >> 8 dustup between two rivals on the track. >> a new ceo and five new board ,,,,
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>> stock futures point to a lower open as wall street starts a new week >> markets are down as europe works on what to do about greeks. executives now out at yahoo! and there have been changes that j.p. morgan chase. >> is 630 now, we begin with some breaking news, investigators from several law enforcement agencies are looking into an officer involved shooting in napa just before 11:00 last night near paris
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road. the napa valley register says the injured suspect was then, no word on his condition. in san francisco police opened fire on a robbery suspect in the south market neighborhood last night at the intersection of fremont and mission streets. at the time officers were returning from an unrelated investigation when they heard a woman scream. after the woman broke free the suspect showed a handgun and that is when one of the officers opened fire. nobody was injured. >> the ceo with a padded res june is out at yahoo! this morning. we saw washington reports that cancer may have played a role in his decision to leave >> yahoo! has had four full-time ceos within the past five years and scot thompson only had the job for four months before to resign on sunday.
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he had been recently criticized over discrepancies on his resume that noted a computer science degree from a small college outside boston which he never earned. now we have learned that he reportedly told the yahoo! board that he has thyroid cancer. apparently was found while the board was investigating his academic record. it is not clear how much the medical condition played on his departure. >> some of the stockholders were very unhappy with the direction yahoo! was going and and i don't think it is so much scott thompson and the fact that he exaggerated his resume but it is an opportunity to shake up the board >> with stock prices lagging last month yahoo! laid off 2000 employees. five board members are also leaving. they had approved of hiring
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thompson as ceo. the job will now go to ross levenson who oversaw content in advertising. he will have a companywide meeting with all staff members sometime this afternoon >> also part of the shake-up, fred all amoroso has been appointed chairman of the board. he led the investigation into the reported inaccuracies on thompson's resume. a top executive at j.p. morgan chase is retiring. ida true oversaw at least two other executives at j.p. morgan could leave the company as early as today. that follows an apology from the ceo of the world's largest bank. he says he was wrong to ignore the warning signs that he says the bank is in no danger of failing.
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governor jerry brown will release his revised budget in sacramento based on higher than anticipated deficit. >> we're now facing a $16 billion hole, not 9 billion we thought in january >> he blames the higher deficit on lower tax revenue. he says cuts to public education and safety are not acceptable. he wants to increase income tax for highest earners. >> later this morning, the new ceo of pg&e each holds his for a shareholder meeting. the media will be allowed to attend although no recording will be allowed inside. sandbur now has a special ceremony this evening for residents returning to that neighborhood that was destroyed.
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38 homes were lost in the gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people in september of 2010 and the bay area news group reports that two families have recently returned to the neighborhood. three more will shortly return. the ceremony starts at 630 on claremont drive. >> warrants is looking pretty good with his new hair cut >> we took it down very low. what you think? around the bay area we have some clouds out there making for a beautiful sight if you're just getting up. it looks like as we had throughout the day we will see temperatures warm up although they will be below average for this time of year. we do have low pressure spinning off the coast line bringing more clouds across the skies. 74 degrees in morgan hill, 72
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in san jose. maybe the mid-70s on a warm and in the east bay and that is all we will get too. a couple of clouds in a mixture of sunshine. there is a warm up on the way and we will talk more about that in a moment >> we can see the gorgeous sunrises are talking about. what is not so beautiful is the traffic. metering lights are on and it is stacking up towards 880. we're just hearing about bart delays. apparently they're having switching issues on the tracks between san bruno and millbrae. only 5-10 minute delays and we will let you know if there's any impact in your commute towards sfo but just call up heads up. ace, the unique, county and all
6:37 am
other mass transit is good to go. we have more problems along the peninsula. since 530 this morning we have been following an accident in october. now we hear there is another accident northbound 101 at san antonio avenue so really slow speeds across that stretch. a short time ago that drive time was in the red so it is looking like they are trying to clear at least one of those incidents. >> we want to catch you up on breaking news, a standoff in albany over a patch of land owned by uc-berkeley continues and we hear that police are moving in. >> a spokesperson is on the phone with us, good morning.
6:38 am
>> this morning officers from the university of california police department moved on to the property and we are in the process of clearing it as the camping continued drop the week despite promises that it would be disbanded. it is very unfortunate we've arrived at this point so we are moving on and doing what we need to do to honor the commitment to our faculty and students. the project must get under way this weekend if we didn't take this step that would have lost a full year of work >> how many people are out there? >> 710 were sleeping on the track last night. we gave them the opportunity to leave voluntarily and most of them did but a few were arrested. a number of individuals still remain outside the property. >> last week to put a padlock and barricades of but people continued to come and go
6:39 am
>> that's right. they were scaling the fence, cutting defense, damaging property. we really gave them every opportunity and explored every avenue but this is where we are >> has a been peaceful so far? i imagine they're just waking up >> i think they were not expecting us this morning and resistance was minimal so far. >> the faculty said they would do everything they can to they can get back to the research >> the faculty and students are involved in important projects. they need to get their crops into the ground this weekend if they are unable to do that they would have lost an entire year of work. >> is this the end, do you
6:40 am
think? >> it is really hard to tell but what we know for sure is that our research will be commencing this week and i think it is also important to note that urban agriculture will continue to work. at this point we will be moving ahead in in doing what a great research university does >> think you so much for joining us.
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the company that manufactures the cars >> a troubling new study about young adults with optimism >> what goes into a hot dog that costs $1,500? we will show you. >> first, let's check out the ,,
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>> temperatures cooling off a little bit. a few more clouds outside as yet an area of low pressure spinning off. mainly in the 50s but you have those clouds that continue to wander through. we will see them on and off throughout the morning hours. some sunshine and a couple of clouds. over the next couple of days we will warm back up again but this monday is cooler than normal as that will keep the temperatures down just a little bit. below the average for this time of year. a little sunshine and a few clouds by the afternoon. temperatures not bad but cooler. 72 degrees in san jose. and 70 degrees in mountain view. eastwick temperatures in the '60s. and as you get inside of the bay you will see sixties and fifties
6:49 am
along the coastline. the next couple days we will see high-pressure building into the 80s and an equal to as of thursday and friday before warming back up again. >> will take you out back to the peninsula. 101 through palo alto. we have had three separate accidents in that same area. the first on more than an hour ago. one lane is still blocked in the palo alto area. a few fender benders in the back up. a pretty slow ride on 101 right now. the drive time northbound 21 minutes between 2 and 37 and woodside road. 280 would be a better alternate. in petaluma we're seeing requests on southbound 101. petaluma pelorus south bay multiple vehicle crash. still in the median costs and slower speeds. in the meantime, a look at our time saver traffic cameras. stop and go as a maker west down
6:50 am
from 237 for commuters heading to san jose. a quick check of the bay bridge coming up, in the meantime back to the desk. >> executives on the move out the door at 2 american companies. it >> to chat about that from cbs money watch .com is jason. >> good morning. scott thompson, no surprise, he did not survive the resume' gate at yahoo. forced out of the door having quit this weekend. and had such fund operator d'angelo, getting what he wants. investors seem to be happy with this move. a big distraction with his ceo issue. as a result yahoo stock is trading higher in the early going by 1.5%. the totals falling at j.p. morgan chase in the wake of their $2 billion loss.
6:51 am
executives expected to resign. wall street opening up, a deep hole this morning, more greek that worries as a stroke to form a government over there. the dow dropping 134 points. nasdaq down by 28 and the s&p lowered by 14. j.p. morgan chase giving up 2.5% at the pressure to the financial sector. back to you guys. >> in this morning's health watch, trolling new statistics regarding young adults with autism. a new study in the journal pediatrics fines autistic adults are 50 percent less likely to have a job in the first two years after high-school and other special education students. also a slippery to pursue higher education. this year in the u.s. 50,000 kids with autism will turn 18. if you think $10 is too much for a hot dog at 80 4:00 a.m. and think again. >> then there is this hot dog, a
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man in arkansas created this with toppings including lobster tail, saffron, and gold flakes. the price, $1,500. only four were sold for a very special occasion. the money all going to a local homeless charity. it took two minutes to eat it. >> $1,500 but at least it is going to charity. >> i heard it was good. >> ok, the timeout is 6:52 a.m.. >> police taking action against occupy the farm right now. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters...
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>> back at 60 5:00 a.m., still no word on the condition of the suspect shot and wounded by in that the police officer just before 11:00 last night. at the napa valley register says that he was rushed to the medical center in the officer was not injured. >> want to give you updated on the breaking news in albany. police are preparing to remove occupy protesters who have been camping out on eight tracts of farmland. you're taking a live look from chopper five out at that land. you can see police lines in the street. the owner, uc-berkeley. has repeatedly asked protesters to leave. >> right now dozens of officers standing in line outside of the property. all agriculture there. there have been there for three weeks. we're told there are 10 people on the property. they say that they want to insure the lead to still use for cultivating crops but uc- berkeley says the occupiers had to prevent insiders from doing
6:57 am
their research and apparently they're leaving peacefully so far. but still a big police presence there. it looks like their time is up. ok, it is another triple digits day for the best cyclists in the world. stage 2 amgen tour of california begins at 11:00 a.m. and it starts in the city of marina green in san fransisco. the riders will pedal down the coast through santa cruz, 170 mi.. >> they covered a similar distance yesterday as stage one bound for sonoma county. >> that will head back up through livermore. i think or to give them a pretty good weather. >> no triple digits. do not need to worry about heat exhaustion today as you'll see a lot of clouds in the bay area. as we had throughout the day we will see those clouds picking up
6:58 am
a little bit. temperatures mainly in the '50s. a mild start to the day. by the afternoon cooler than normal as you can see temperatures moving up in the '70s and to san jose. 73 in livermore, 70 degrees in santa rosa and 64 degrees in oakland. as we look to the next couple days we will see high pressure building back and. temperatures likely to move back into the 80s in the warmer spots. pettifog along the coast. we will cool off thursday as another disturbance lester but here's the good news, next week and it looks like high pressure builds the can and as temperatures will once again start warming up. one recognize? >> you have been talking about how nice the sun rises. here's a live look at the sun hot, and all that traffic. a lot of cars, back to work at the monday morning commute. it is still pretty slow all the way out to treasure island and then we see speeds improving heading to the sky way into san fransisco. let's go to our maps. still dealing with some sort of signal issue that part is done
6:59 am
with between san bruno. they're having to make stops at sfo. hearing it delays of five to 10 minutes. otherwise ace, muni, caltrans, everything reporting no delight. and the peninsula has been a mess all morning. northbound 101, we had the first accident on embarcadero road and a few fender benders behind it. your drive time is now in the red, 22 minutes on northbound 101 between highway 237 and highway 84. still working to clear some of those accidents. in the meantime 280 is a much better alternative. it is monday, you can feel it. >> we leave you with a great story. a former janitor at columbia university. now a graduate of that ivy league school. >> the 52 year-old came to the united states as refugees from war-torn yugoslavia. as a columbia employee he did not need to pay for the class as he took. he graduated with honors over


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