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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 14, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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bargaining table, to have nine and a half hour working days for certain state employees. working four days per week and not five, and then a few times a month, closing a state office. >> by cutting alone it is not to it. >> he wants to raise the state sales tax by a quarter of a percent and raise taxes on people that earn over to under $50,000 but if voters say no. >> it will be felt at the cal state campuses in the uc campuses and at every school district in the state. >> $5.5 billion trigger a cut could result in three weeks your school. so 15 days less. >> republicans counter that this is not the time to be asking voters for a tax hike. >> we have to absolutely did this place balanced, run more like a business. >> it has taken a long time, more than a decade, to get into this mess, we're not want to get out of it in one year, or even two years.
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but we're getting there. >> by the days and both the senate and the assembly leadership said they were going to make those cuts and there were going to get the budget to the governor on time. that budget however will only stand as long as voters say yes to the tax increases. if they do not, that lawmakers will have to come right back here and try to do it again. >> the doctor says this will not hurt, but this is going to hurt? >> this is to hurt. but it will hurt much more if they don't get that money. >> thank you. >> to have seen cuts in the past because of california's budget woes and if the governor has his way, state workers will see their pay cut once again. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee has more on those taking the brunt of these particular cuts. >> the idea of another salary cut did not go over well with the state workers that spoke to today and is not just a employees. this budget stands to affect
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millions of californians and that's what drove rallies across the state today, with a lot protesters saying that the spending cuts are " overly aggressive ". >> allowed crew of protesters stormed the state building in san jose. they are not happy with the governor's budget proposal that calls for $1 billion >> we cannot take any more cuts. the heaour patients are already absorbing so many of these cuts, year after year, and we just cannot take it anymore. the rainy day is now. >> protesters visited the offices of four state legislators to deliver on happy mother's day cards, hoping to get their message to sacramento. >> and they're not the only ones who are upset that the state workers we spoke with were particularly incensed after undergoing furloughs that cut
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their income by 50% in the past, now the governor's new proposal asks them to cut 5 percent by working a long day, four times per week. >> it is injustice. we are the working people. we bring revenue to the state of california and i disagree with the brown proposal. >> it is not fair to his employees, it is that's not fair. we're paying a disproportionate share of our income to help balance the budget. >> the uc and cal state systems are both facing huge cuts in the coming fiscal year. the already stand to lose $400 million, and if the governor's tax initiative is not passed in november, they could lose another $100 million on top of that. >> it is not going to be easy, but we are going to be able to continue to open our doors to the 20,000 students that we expect in the fall. >> governor jerry brown aknowledge that the state's money problems are tough but when you're facing a $15.7 billion deficit, it comes down to some tough choices. >> but, when i have to cut and
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people lose their jobs, or a mother loses their child care, i am reluctant to do that. if there is a plausible reason why we might not have to. >> so what do you think of the governors of four day work week that he is proposing? the sacramento bee conducted an on- line poll today. 43 percent believe that it is a terrible idea. 20 percent say the four day work week is a fair trade and better than a straight pay cut. what a to 3% say that they love the idea because it means a three day weekend. but remember, whether you think this is a good idea or not, the governor still needs to go through the means to get their approval to read several steps ahead of us here. >> unfortunately nothing else is being cut like the cost of food and transportation and health care. those cost just keep going up. >> and after years of dealing with this, that is why you see so much worker frustration in the state. >> we're learning of a string of robbers at banks and severance clause financial district.
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in the just the last few weeks. joe vasquez is here with the effort to catch those thieves. >> since april 1st there has been at least 10 bank robberies in san fransisco. the concentration of which are in the financial district. that is according to several >> please spokesperson tells cbs 5 that he has to be vague on the details on the rash of robberies and can't even name the banks involved. investigators report that there are three cereal by robbers involved and that they're working separately. all three are men, too were white males in their '30's, the third is an african-american male in his early '40's. he says that police have increased patrols among uniformed and plainclothes officers. a team of police officers from central station, a robbery abatement team, has been dispatched to the financial district. their mission is to stop the bank robbers but in the meantime they end up intercepting two strong armed street robberies in progress. police say is 45 year-old man walked up to a woman and asked
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her for directions outside of the crocker galleria and that she began to answer is that sure purse. a passer-by help for rabid bat and an police say that he got into his red jeep and drove a block away 2 bush st. where a police officer was station. >> he saw his second robbery taking place at which point he intervened and after a short struggle, he took the suspect into custody. >> he starts with robbery and attempted robbery. but bank robbers are still on the loose. if you have any information on them or ask to call the san francisco police department. >> a three week standoff in albany is over. chopper 5 was over had today when police raided the encampment of protesters at uc- berkeley is research field. and they did make some arrests. but kristin harris has new details tonight on why the fight just as not seem to be over yet. kristin. >> they made nine arrests to be exact and since then police officers have this fence up here and if you look behind the fence, you can see them actually
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guarding the entrance to this tract of land but protesters say they have a plan to return. the morning raid of occupy the farm in kamen was swift and dramatic. >> what am i being arrested for? >> with 10 minutes warning police came in and made nine arrests. rating a university of california own tract of land that protesters had taken over three weeks ago with hopes of transforming it into an urban farm. >> it is absolutely unnecessary use of force. >> college of natural resources uses the land for research. university officials say the have repeatedly tried to strike compromises with the protesters but research activities have to start here and time ran out. >> on saturday said it would disband the encampment, they continue to sleep here on saturday night and continue to sleep here on sunday night. what ever little credibility they had was completely lost.
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>> barricades' and police officers around the tract of land as occupy protesters plot their next moves. there's talk of protestors returning here tuesday evening after meeting at the albany library. some say these arrests have only empower them. >> they think that they will be able to put these kids up and that will keep us from going back in here and farming again. is just going to give us more encouragement. but next time, we come will probably have more people. >> you can see back here live in albany some occupy protesters have gathered here. there were not allowed on this part of the sidewalk earlier today but if you are back and talking amongst themselves. police say that they are aware of the meeting tomorrow and they say that they do plan to have a police presence here for some time. >> thank you. >> an undercover crack down on illegal car sales. consumer watches there as these cameras get arrested. >> it is monumental. >> for bicycle racing fans and
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is worth every second. the big obstacle ahead for the amgen tour of california. >> this navy veteran served time for drugs, the why, and domestic violence. and then a second chance. >> it makes you feel good. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> busted. an undercover sting targets used car sales people pretending to be something they're not. here is an exclusive with more on the scheme these guys are using. >> at this spot in cemetery is one of many in the bay area where used cars on the side of the road are but a common sight. but it turns out that often they're being taken straight from the auction for this record and being sold directly to you with fraudulent paperwork and often no recourse if something goes wrong.
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so in an effort to crack down we joined the dmv in a statewide undercover sting. >> this undercover d m v officers about to do some car shopping. they have very specific deals in mind, illegal ones. >> exchange funds, walk away and that is one me make a move. >> unlicensed dealers pose as private sellers often with told cars bought at insurance options. after some cosmetic work they're sold to buyers that have no idea how badly the car was damaged. we were there when the dmv found at least five cars at the spot shop in san mateo. off camera the suspect insisted his intentions were entirely legitimate but regardless of what his plans for ... >> we will inform him to register them in his name. >> in san carlos another deal. >> the seller over here is not license with the state of california. >> he is not just peddling the salvage all,. >> also the green jada across
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the street. we will give him an opportunity to move them off the streets. >> if you buy one of the cars there's no guarantee it is safe. the air bags could be missing or the engine could be faulty. there's not much you could do about it. also a bad deal for california. >> the state loses money on taxes, the dmv loses money on restrictions ease. everyone loses. >> said for the criminal that makes cash. next up, baby city, some free repair job. and then, real trouble. officers say are bogus pink slips. >> not only do we have and for an unlicensed deal activity but we have an for counterfeiting. >> at a few photocopies. >> it is three felonies. we will transfer to a prisoner to the cemetery county jail to report on those three felonies. >> there are 139 citations and three arrests this weekend and in addition to fines, many of these car sellers were forced to put their name on the title
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meaning that like it or not, they now own these cars and are responsible for taxes, fees, penalties, and in some cases we're talking multiple cars were far less than had originally intended to sell them for. >> an expense of day for many of those people. thank you. >> an unusual reckless driving arrests. petaluma police say father was driving with a 100 mi. per hour to get to kids to a soccer game. one day this was pulled over on highway 116 near pine the way. officers say that he was weaving in and out of traffic to pass vehicles. he, his 9 year-old son, and his son's friend were in the car. he faces charges of reckless driving and child endangerment. in a few minutes the city of san bruno takes a huge step forward in rebuilding following the devastating pipeline last. city leaders will hold a welcome home ceremony for two families that recently moved back to the neighborhood. pg&e has help those families
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rebuild their homes but some are still suing the utility for damage that cannot be fixed. >> things were passed down from my grandparents, my wife's grandparents. and you're supposed to pass them onto the kids. that is all gone. >> we're totally committed to resolving these cases. and we do not want to go to trial. >> there are more than 90 civil lawsuits filed against pg&e for the pipeline disaster. eight people died in that blast and destroyed 38 homes. you do not need to drive for hours to soak in the serenity of yosemite falls. now anyone with a computer can see yosemite national park main attraction any time of the day. a live high-definition cameras now pointed at the landmark. that web cam updates every 30 seconds, the web cam is also set up at halfdome, you can find live images on the national park service website. we have a link on,
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click on news. >> they trained for months and then it comes down to this. cyclist on the amgen tour finished a two of the race. that will eventually take them to los angeles. len ramirez met them at today's finish line. >> that is right, after five hours in the saddle and 170 mi. from san fransisco all the way down here with a couple of mountain passes thrown in, it came down to another sprint finish. very exciting for the riders, a very long day in the saddle but for the fans it was all just a flash. it is not a long as lasting fan experience in world sports. >> it was a blur of strong men. >> but for bicycle racing fans and is worth a second. >> it was a blur. very impressive to watch the athletes. >> after starting in san fransisco the race headed south along scenic highway 1 to finish at this college for the first time ever.
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>> is very monumental, a big deal. we do not really get events like this comment with such international claim to fame. >> fans started gathering hours before the riders were set to rise. riders detour to get a taste of the santa cruz mountains and fans like this couple set up to enjoy the day. >> we, because we got to see the best of the cyclist from all over the world. it is a once a year experience, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some people. >> the course uses the same goes the many cyclists ride for recreation. >> these cycles are in for a lot of pain and their legs will burn. >> this is what it looked like at the end of the stage. 22 year-old pettersson gone, is locked in writer, took his second stage of the tour. >> to it was a very hard day for me. after 5 km in the race, we
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worked on the front, but another one in the team ... >> and so he wore the yellow jersey again for the second straight day. he will wear it tomorrow as an exciting stage comes through the bay area. it will start at a community center in north east san jose and then go all the way on calaveras road up and over the top of mt. diablo. by popular demand. bay area cyclists have been asking for this for years and tomorrow it will happen. it will end in the city of livermore. that will be an exciting finish as well. it all ends next sunday in los angeles. >> up mt. diablo, that will be quite the burning right for them. >> exactly, a lot of writers have been wanting to see that. this time they're going to go over mt. diablo, it will be a great mountain top stage.
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>> thankyou. " war vets get in trouble with a lot of is not just any court room, special justice that takes into account the sacrifices they made for their country. >> she,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> they serve their country, now many bay area veterans need help. the state inspector general says that disability claims can take more than eight years to process at the oakland the veteran affairs office. but one program is showing progress. sharon chen nan shows us how an innovative chord in the south bay is helping them put their
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lives baclives back together. >> six days over. >> fantastic! >> he celebrates the it's day he is sober. he did jail time last year for drugs, the why, and domestic violence. he was facing a divorce and foreclosure. >> suicidal, i actually went through the motions of picking my burial plot. >> and today? >> it is like starting new. everything is ahead of me. >> the difference ... judge steven manley has held a veterans court in the santa clara county superior court room for four years. >> i have been punished, it paid a price. yet they are wounded in ways that we don't necessarily recognized. >> veterans often return home with or wounds, judge manley says that half of the veterans with mental illness never get treatment.
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but veterans the to get into trouble in and up in his court to battle against an internal enemy. from drug addiction to ptsd. >> be make treatment part of the probation because we want to stop them from coming back into the system again and again. >> now you why new man, it of rebuild your life. >> edward completed his mental health and drug treatment program, as the veterans court graduate he gets the crime of domestic violence cleared from his record. >> my insides are clearing up and i feel much better. >> there are 12 of these courts in california and 90 in the united states. this one is the only one in the bay area and one of the first in the nation. about 140 veterans come to court each month. what they find is unprecedented. county and veterans administration staff in court offering one-stop shopping for help. >> in part i think that it works because to bring the services to them.
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>> judge manley himself becomes a cheerleader in coach. >> fantastic! >> he says he has graduated dozens of veterans but only 12 percent have committed a new crime. that is hope for richard was halfway through its domestic violence program and 30 with his wife. >> every time i come here people are applauding me and me feel good to come to court. >> with more troops returning home, the veterans court is ready to offer an army of support. >> good job, and they're proud of you. you have come a long way. >> judge manley says there are plans to take the bay area's second veterans court to san mateo county. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, one of my favorite views in the bay area. taking a peek at mt. diablo. all eyes will be on that particular mountain tomorrow as the amgen tour of california continues. for those of you keeping score, from the south gate in danville
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up 3,864 ft.. the record time 43 minutes and 33 seconds. we will see just how fast the cyclist in up to the top of the summit tomorrow. the view will be incredible because we had a cold front that left us with numbers into the 60s. visibility on the myth at this hour but we will see some clouds filter into the area. you still have less than an hour to get to the baseball park, if you're heading out to watch the giants actions. clear skies, dress in layers. simitar currently 62. into the fifties. warmer weather on tomorrow. here's a look at the highs. 65 in san fransisco, livermore 72 degrees. but tomorrow we will warm by a good 11 degrees and many of the inland locations. here is the front as it breezes through the northern section of the state today. even thunderstorm activity to the north and west of reno. otherwise leaving us with clear
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skies now but areas of fog developing. after midnight sunny and warm tomorrow. wait until you see the 7 day forcast. tonight into the '40's and 50's. but the pollen counts, i am suffering. it is on the high side. we will pinpoint your forecast. temperatures in the 50s and 60s at the beaches. seventies and eighties in the santa clara valley. up to 83 degrees in brentwood and then north in numbers up to 78 in santa rosa, low wages and sonoma. more on the 7 day forcast next time around with your pen 0.4 test. >> an oakland woman celebrated a milestone today. one that few of us will ever see. she just heard 111 years old. she celebrated with friends and family at her retirement home. she was born in mexico in move to the united states after witnessing the last battle of pancho villa with the mexican revolution. she became a young activist in her home country supporting
6:27 pm
cesar chavez. she even found time to start to restaurants. >> when the mexican american community moved into the farmville area, she came along. and that is when spanish- speaking councils got started issue had a lot to do with the effort. >> i am busy all the time doing something, something good. and my family. they're all nice to me. >> she also says that she loved dancing. mariachi music, and her favorite food? the enchiladas. >> could for her. it is on an extremely tight timeline. costing billions of dollars. just how much money construction of high-speed rail would cost per day? >> i am in lafayette where they're trying to close down massage parlors. why they say they're risky business. >> and the guy who ceo officially out. ♪
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing...
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and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> residents of lafayette are suspicious of their cities sudden surge in massage parlors. they think some of the shops
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offer more than what is advertised. the city is now considering a strict new rules to force out any questionable businesses. >> the city council is meeting at the library tonight. they want to be able to close down some of these massage parlors that they believe are fronts for prostitution. as of this massage therapist prepares for a client, theres lemonte thing that gets riled. >> what really bothers me is being treated like a criminal. >> the city of lafayette will likely pass an ordinance requiring such therapist like her to be certified by the state of california and register with the police department each year. >> by the practice is no different than a chiropractor. so for me to have to go through that sort of process is very demeaning. >> she says that she knows it is important community. >> it is what people are talking
6:32 pm
about and read about. >> in recent months and massage parlors have opened at an alarming speed. the city does not issue business licenses but expects that there are 20 misogynist thises and there's a new one opening up. at this one it would not answer the door. at this one the woman said her boss was not around. but neighbors say that they only see male clients and they're convinced something shady is gone on. >> i believe it is prostitution. i believe there are many sexual acts that are being advertised on the websites. they get quite explicit. >> many bay area cities like redwood city and a walnut creek in pleasant hill are cracking down on these businesses. >> our goal is to not stop massage therapy, actually we want to have legitimate practice immerse to flourish . it is a way to ensure that they all have the necessary training and are above the board. >> it will also restrict hours of business, closing them between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., getting a state license
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will be time consuming and cost $150 every two years. but that leads the alternatives. some cities require massage therapist to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases. >> it is a lesser of other evils. i think that it is better than having to do some other sorts of things. >> if all goes as planned the ordinance will be in place in july. >> rich californians will bear the burden of the state's $16 billion budget deficit, if the governor gets his way. the governor laid out his revised spending plans today and it would cut $8.3 billion from the state's budget. however it would increase funding for k through 12 education. the plan is contingent upon voters agreeing to hike income taxes on those making more than to under $50,000 per year, and boosting the state sales tax. >> it has taken a long time, more than a decade, to get into this mess. we're not want to get out of it
6:34 pm
in one year, or even two years. but we're getting there. >> if the tax initiative does not pass an additional $6 billion would be cut from the budget on january 1, 2013. installing high-speed rail for the central valley could also burn through taxpayer money at great speed. industry experts say the construction would cost just over $3.5 million per day. $6 billion in total. if it is not done by 2017, that would put some federal funding at risk. meeting the deadline would require the fastest rate of transport construction in u.s. history. >> yahoo stocks got a bump on monday. investors were buoyed by the departure of ceo scott thompson. wall street reacting after allegations that he had had his resume'. they expect his successor to sell their stake in the ali baba group. he was due to speak with
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employees monday afternoon. on sunday he sent a note saying that despite a bumpy road, he believes that god who is achieving genuine and meaningful success every day. thompson has not received a severance package from yahoo. he was required to surrender on vested stock of $60 million. he did get to keep a bonus and other stocks, together worth $6 million. thompson was with the auto for just four months. >> one of the highest-ranking women on wall street out of a job tonight. she retired as chief investment officer for j.p. morgan chase today. the nation's biggest bank is trying to minimize the damage from a trading mistake that cost the bank $2 billion. now the president and other politicians are calling for tougher financial regulations. >> the banks cannot regulate themselves. they are financial institutions that run the risk of taking down
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everyone's job. their run the risk of taking down everyone's attention, run the risk of taking down the entire economy. >> the j.p. morgan chase c o is expected to face tough questions tomorrow at the company's annual shareholder meeting. some lawmakers have also called on him to leave his post as a director at the federal reserve bank in new york. >> women's issues front and center as the president gave a commencement speech to graduates at barnard college in new york city today. it is and always in school. >> we know that we are better off when women are treated fairly and equally in every aspect of american life, whether it is the salary that joran or the health decisions you make. >> political analysts say that he is trying to court a key part of his reelection bid. female voters. in 2008 the president won 56 percent of the women's vote. thousands of students are owed money. just how much one bay area college is shelling out in unclaimed funds? what you have
6:37 pm
to do to claim your cash? >> they are food, but they are a living and breathing sentient being that happens to be slower on the food chain. >> a far cry from big feeding ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, thaw
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>> mark zuckerberg is set to make millions of dollars. and today he turned 28. the much-anticipated facebook public stock offering is this week. the initial offering could value facebook at $100 billion. that is more than disney were for. that would net him more than $17 billion. the wall street journal reports that he would bring the nasdaq opening bell friday remotely from his headquarters in menlo park.
6:40 pm
>> he does not care about this but isn't it great when you dig into your pocket and find cash that you forgot about? thousands of bay area college students past and present, could also get money that they were not expecting. mike sugerman shows us how they could cash in on unclaimed money. >> want to make easy money at san fransisco city college? you could let dentist mess with your mouth, but there's an even easier way. >> who has money coming back? money from city college. >> an article piqued our interest. 35 pages of names. unclaimed money owed to people by the city of college san fransisco. >> amazing amounts of on the money sits in the state controller's office. an estimated $6.1 billion. >> sadly he had $0. but someone always had upwards of $2,000 coming from the city college. which took the somewhat unusual step of publishing their duty in
6:41 pm
the paper. it turns out that is the wall. >> they need to notify people based on a last unaddressed. but if you're a student you can move all time. >> i checked with lots of people on campus, it is not just dugan's, the state controller has its own website for the rest of mosque. >> you can go to the website injured on running to see if there's a unclaimed funds. >> so we did, governor jerry brown have more than $61 coming back. maybe he could use that to help fill the budget gap? ross mirkarimi has $5. that will not pay his defense bill. me? also $61. now, for the reams of paperwork it takes ... mike sugerman cbs 5. >> you can find out of city college or the state owes you money by going to our website just click on this story @
6:42 pm
>> from the cbs 5 weather center, we have been noticing it was a much cooler day in the bay area and still only in the '50s with. we will start up the areas warming by a good 10 degrees tomorrow with a 10. forecast. >> the giants second baseman has >> th[ male announcer ]seman has knowing your customers
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together we'll go far.
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>> the the debate over free range forming keeps many people talking over the dinner table. >> in marin county is a debate that hits at the heart of local livelihood's. here's more on the farmers trying to provide the purest source of food at the fairest price. >> when i open the gate to a new section of pastor ... his hungry cows come running. he is hoping the customers will do the same. >> we try to make a high-quality product, the way that mother nature intended, by eating grass. >> this form in marin county is one of several leading a growing movement towards free range humanely braised meats. the conditions are a far cry
6:46 pm
from those of giant feedlots of the midwest. >> it is not necessarily right or wrong, i do not match the conventional side. i don't say that organic is the only way to go. i think the consumer needs to decide what it wanted to. >> that is not the opinion of mark kirk at his ranch, the pigs have a run of the hillside. he does not approve at all of feedlot ranching. and says this natural approach ethnic higher-quality product that is served at expensive restaurants from berkeley to beverly hills. and he says that it is the right thing to do. >> they are food. they are. but they are a living breathing since she and beyond. they just happen to be lower on the food chain. but i think that they deserve the respect of the environment deserves. >> both ranchers spend time educating kids, hoping to cultivate the man in the future. but the prices can be daunting. up to $22 per lb for some beef.
6:47 pm
he recommends cooling with friends to purchase a quarter of this year that could bring an average price down to $7 per pound. but he says that while the feedlot meets may seem cheaper, better or hidden cost been passed on to someone else. >> society is paying for the cost of that fact reform in all the ecological ravishing as that is doing. all the issues it is creating. >> the way they raise their animals is also raising awareness at a time when consumers demand both. >> it is very rewarding and fulfilling to produce a product that people like and that connect with where the attitude is coming from. >> good evening, we kick started the brand new work week on a cooler note. let's take a look at the temperatures across the bay area today. anywhere between 60 and pacifica to 70 in fairfield. low seventies in the santa clara valley and 71 to the north and
6:48 pm
not up. the range of 64 degrees in half moon bay to 74 in gilroy. right now 68 in livermore or the western wind is blowing up to 14 m.p.h.. we have this area of low pressure, it just was right they're hanging off the northwestern section of the state. some thunderstorm activity blowing over the sierra nevada. that has dissipated. this is a live with her camera where the coast is relatively clear but we have some missed on milan's. we will see the development of areas of fog overnight. tomorrow morning official summed up at 5:58 a.m., turning sunny with a warmer day. again a bird's-eye view. keep in mind that we have this area of low pressure blowing through today. behind it high-pressure will muscle into the bay area. the temperatures will respond and they will rebound before the next blow comes in on thursday. overnight in the '40's and 50's. a cooler night at 49 in concord. the pollen count remains on a
6:49 pm
high side. and the wind tomorrow between 10 and 20 offering the pollen around. but count on a warmer day. '60s and '70s, around the peninsula into belmonts. otherwise we will jump up to the low '80s in morgan hill and in gilroy 76 degrees. backing for union city. east of the bay brentwood up to 83 degrees. also in pleasanton, we will have 82 in livermore and we head north to a nasa at 79 degrees. low '80s in sonoma. 60s, for the most part from bodega bay, and upper 50s in stinson beach. the extended forecast, we need to walk to his carefully and slowly because you will notice the temperatures are on the rise. tuesday's steady holding wednesday with an area of low pressure will blow for on thursday with a very slight chance of a north day sprinkle or two. other was to start using temperatures trending upwards by
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>> the giants second baseman who has yet to play this season and will have an mri on his back according to the manager.
6:53 pm
sanchez back became sort while rehabilitating his injured shoulder. charlie colson keeping second base warm. he got his first major-league hit yesterday in front of his family, including is expecting wife who traveled overnight from georgia to see him play. >> she actually just finished nursing school and she was out in fresno with me. the giants were offering to fly her out. and to have my family there, with my wife, and my little girl, but will be borne in 20 weeks, we can tell her that she was there for my first big league game. it was special to have everyone there. >> then she had to fly to san francisco tonight with the giants played. long before grand an edge became a savior for the oakland a's lineup, the former tiger was helping children in the michigan area hospitals. he visits on his office to seek sick children. one of those kids was eight
6:54 pm
year-old tommy shoemaker waiting for a heart transplant. i spoke with him last night on game day. >> , had been waiting for the heart that will match him for some time. and that morning that was in there signing happen to be the time when he got his new heart. and he was so disappointed that he could not get my autograph because he had to go get his new heart and it was a funny story to me. a major to make a trip back to see him. instead of me giving him an autograph, i said, you were so nice to want to meet me, when you sign my on the way you can see on tv. so beside my arm and that night i hit him a home run. and that is very rare for to come through with that request. >> oh my god, i jumped up and down, i cannot believe that he hit a home run. >> that night i hit a home run, i came back home and my kids said " why don't you put our names on your arms? ". so i got conned into getting
6:55 pm
tattoos. >> the lakers, a man of world peace will play oklahoma city for the first time since he elbowed james hardin in head eighth. he was asked if he would extend a handshake to the nba sixth man of the year? >> i don't want to shake the substitutions hands. >> even before the game? >> don't start up the but >> even pregame? >> i've never done that in my life. >> umpires are supposed to go unnoticed. that is not the case for one little league official who screams out ... >> the phoenix suns prove he has good hands when it came up with a ground rule double in the
6:56 pm
giants' game against arizona. and as the beatles once sang " i get by with a little help from my friends ". he lost it, and then he found it. just another day in life for the toronto blue jays' eighth. something will send you in the back, brendan phillips prefers to flip it instead. power up as one? don nelson, he goes into the hall of fame this summer. but this week and he finally got his diploma from the university of iowa. he finished the eight units that he lacked 50 years later. the first english premier league title since 1968. the edge rival manchester united on goal. a huge win. >>,,
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