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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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does it mean that i will been going to the foreclosure? but i will be more difficult making ends meet. tonight the story of dan and jerry just one man's starring in the governor's $16 billion trauma. the former chp officers says he knows to the real zodiac killer is an says he is still alive. this scary encounter in a parking lots. entire bridge tolls more expensive meters. now it's a different approach to alleviate traffic congestion. how bay area drivers are being rewarded instead of punished. the evening and thinking. the note would be a joke of it weren't so painful. california is once again deepen a halt this time to the tune of
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$16 billion. and you know what that means that pat cut. i did my best. think he should give us the same benefit of the doubt that we give you. here's the the governor wants cut a billion dollars from metical including from hospitals and nursing homes cut in home support services for the elderly and disabled along with cuts to welfare and child care. direct money from local redevelopment agencies into the general funds and to make the state work week a four day week and cut state workers' pay by 5%. the governor turns that if it will be much worse if voters don't approve the tax hikes in november he has a fight on his hands to get the legislature on board that is not to mention the unions to have to approve any pay cut for workers but just how rough would it be for state employees? sherrington introduces us to a guy named
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stan. he reviews applications for water rate increases that the california public utility utilities commission and makes about $100,000 a year. now without it with a daughter in college in the mortgage he is bracing for a 5 percent pay cut. is a man that i will be going into the foreclosure by its the will be more difficult to make ends meet. dan has worked for the state for 24 years when he started state employment and job security and benefits the private sector and be. and a great medical benefits that have great health benefits. what did they complain? is a conception about everybody gets a fat tents in the state let's check the numbers. the average state worker makes more than $64,000 a year about 47% less than the private sector. until you had the benefits. a state employee who makes $60,000 a year earned
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$19,000 a year in pension and health benefits. that is compared to $6,000 a year in benefits for someone earning the same salary in the private sector. it has been moving in the direction of having the state worker carry a bigger burden. he says he pays 8 percent for his pension and more than 20% for its health insurance. the average working californian pays $157 a month for health insurance a state employee pays $171 a month a quarter of the costs for individual insurance. the state pays the remaining $452. and every budget year dan faces the trauma of more cuts furloughs or even layoffs. i tried to think about it. someday could happen. for dan working for the state is a trade-off as a manager he doesn't get paid overtime to do more work with your resources but he does get job stability. he kept his job
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but colleagues lost their private sector jobs after the dot, boom. and it's not just state workers and gripes about pay 200 teachers in san jose's alum rock crash the school district meeting to demand what they call a fair contract can have to 15 months of negotiations. the district says it's committed to getting contracts. we've learned that plainclothes police officers have flooded the streets of san francisco's financial district. joe vasquez tells us there looking for not one, not to but three serial bank robbers. since april 1st terrapin tank 10 degrees and san francisco concentration of which are in its financial district that is according to the spokesperson who celsius 5 that he has to be the end of the details on the russian robberies' and can't even name the banks involved investigators
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report that there are three serial bank robbers involved and that they're working separately the state police have increased patrols among uniformed and plainclothes officers. a team of police officers from central station a robbery abatement team has been dispatched to the financial district but in the meantime they ended up intercepting to strongarm street robberies in progress. police say the 45 year-old walked up to a woman and asked for directions outside the copper galleria as she began to enter he snatched her purse a passerby helped to grab it back then please this stanford got into his red jeep and drove a block away to the street where a police officer was stations. at which point he intervened after a short struggle he took the suspect into custody. he is charged with robbery and attempted robbery but bank robbers or still lives. joe vasquez cbs five. a celebration tonight in the neighborhood that has had little
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to celebrate is the stand for in the neighborhood that was literally blown up in that pipeline explosion marks a year it takes us there. teddy bernardo is the very first residences and renault's cost more never had to move back into a home completely rebuilt in the ground up. it feels great. 38 homes were destroyed in a pg&e pipeline blast in september of $2.90 but up until now those of returns did not face the task of complete reconstruction. is strange because you just your own house. this center second night in her completely rebuilt home. will never get over some of the images is sought ever had to say that i'm glad we're home. this is my neighborhood. donated trees have been planted drop in the red and symbols of spirits hope and togetherness and sandras mayor says these are not
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the last time neighbors will gather to mark important milestones in the rebuilding process. it's a wonderful thing to come up here and gatherer it's good. now despite all the smiles here pg&e still faces 90 civil lawsuits in connection with this explosion most of those seven groups together and will be heard in july and pg&e ceos said today the cost of selling all those suits could reach $2 billion. reporting live in san bruno cbs five. to campaigns thousand 12 system is six months ago in the race for the white house was cooked tells us at this point it's looking very tight. cbs news york times poll shows this race is neck and neck. there rummy leads president of, among registered voters 46 to 43% as a statistical dead heat when you take into account the margin of
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error they say they're less likely to vote for president obama's because of his support for same-sex marriage 60 percent said it has no effect. dot the women's issues were also front and center and today president obama's has advice for women. president the bombing gave a commencement speech to 600 graduates at the college in all women's college in new york city. as he works to court female voters. did we its we know we're better off when women are treated fairly in every aspect of american life whether it's the valley presence of, as the school office speaking opportunity back in february as a national debate over birth control and women's health issues started heating up. never is these devices this. don't is involved. fight fiercely to the table. that fight for a seat at
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the head of the table. his of to the needs of women my class and ron paul said today he will stop spending money on his campaign effectively shutting down as bad for the white house. elizabeth cut cbs five. retired bay area chp officers say he knows the answer to one of the bay area's most enduring mysteries. he says he knows the identity of the zodiac killer. the serial murderer terrorize the bay area decades ago tonight tx cop tells robert lyles that killer is still alive. india is still living right here in the bay area. i know he is alive there's no doubt in my mind's eye would say that i am 95 percent positive we have the right man. in fact he was in fairfield. the aquarium for 5 he does. according to lynda la verdi who plans put this in a book of
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the zodiac killer cover-up. the zodiac is now 90 years old and never rested says lafferty because of cover-ups by da's, local sheriffs one particular judge. new speaker the judge was having an adulterous affairs at the suspect's wife but he is not name the suspect or judge and is more than 440 page book the now 79 year-old was a chp officer for 16 years and while on patrol in november 1970 lafferty says he came face-to-face with the zodiac killer. he said a scare the hell let you? said. was in the parking lot of the hunter hillcrest area to stop by '80 in vallejo. it's like was looking into the eyes of death. apple the visor down and i'm looking at this composite sketch and since that citing a 1970 he claims no law- enforcement agency would taken seriously. their attitude is and less
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the suspects is their own data one talk to. so for decades lafferty and six other former cops and investigators track the zodiac the ralph swan county watching american even attend a meeting as and when the suspect's wife died in 2007 lafferty went to the state department of justice. did you feel vindicated by that? no because i've gone to 40 years of b.s. i gonna do for years of frustration. as long force of law murder to walk free? basically they did. so asked lafferty of use certain of the evidence if he is certain of the suspect's name why not release it in his new book? he says by doing so would put a targets on the head of that 92 year-old. 11 vallejo robert lyles cbs five. degrees with a brain looks like with alzheimer's this sign that the change everything why
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doctors can't find enough patience even though millions of americans have it. if you went to college there could be a check with your name on it. the million dollar refund for current and former bay area students. fed up with a commuter crawl? this traffic grew has the critics. degrees
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ninth prosecutors call her the kind of a drug-dealing operation. investigators say dr. emergence charge to drug addicts $100 a bottle for prescription drugs which they then resold or accused one of the attic died of an overdose. if convicted he faces 12 years in prison. is underway in the talk is of a test that can actually detect the disease which is affected so many families. white and used tells us research's though not coming up against an unexpected hurdle. the goal is to invent
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the first-ever detection test for alzheimer's. involving mri is pet scans and even spinal taps from hundreds of patients to find the disease before the patient even knows there's a problem. dr. raymond turner's of the georgetown university medical center one of 57 sites for the study. we may be able to screen treatment even before any symptoms begin. putting a ribbon with all of alzheimer's runs over time is one key to early detection so is this the buildup of toxic proteins this one read called one of the hummocks signs of the disease. images from this project have excited researchers from around the world that there is a problem. the problem is in finding volunteers to join the study. patients. this one study is to under 50 patient's short nationwide
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almost every clinical trial related to alzheimer's a short on volunteers because most patients with the disease don't know the habits and help the patients fear becoming a guinea pigs. some of the patients in the missing child feel the threat of alzheimer's personally. 79 year- old mary lyle has agreed to 18 months' worth of tests and scans because alzheimer's has stricken her husband. when i think that may touch my children and my grandchildren i do once a good diagnosis and the good cure for this. so this is not too hard? no is not too hard it all. cbs news washington. did least getting caught yourself all while driving could soon cost you even more the state senate just voted voted to raise tickets for first offenders but 40 bucks to $199. police are costing more offenders every day
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the house of patrol issued 5900 tickets to bay area drivers just last month alone. statewide the chp give out to 30,000 tickets. that is more than double the monthly average. did waves new fees are rising tolls and it feels like it costs money just to look at your car these days let alone drive is. but what if there was another way a better way to control traffic? as with anger shows us the program that is paying off for bay area drivers and it could be a glimpse of the future. at some point you had the situation where there's is too many cars on the street. the san mateo bridge is terrible is to make way across frustrated at costly entirely predictable was the time when people 7 freelance this same people every day a senseless thing case. in premises same time.
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as old as many of them are our highways can actually have a lot of cars. most systems work fine. because the last 10 percent of them makes the condition problem severe the bad news is we're often end at 85 or 95%. it's a present easily traffic engineers pull up stakes. yet to pay in order to use the road with the wrong times. froze the bay bridge during rush hour and a higher toll. in many countries don't get to drive on 11. of stanford university is approaching all of this a bit differently. that estimate may be 17 box may 19th. this clause giving drivers and incentives. did we do get a small device to put in the wind chill their vehicle. and as they pass one of the 16 entry points or at the campus they will be registered
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on one of the readers that will have. it's done dissimilar from its frequent-flier program. the better chances you have on the bigger prizes to win. the the first 24 hours we have but a thousand people signed up having care about getting on campus before it o'clock so cities around the various start handing out cash know. but we did some asking and today to knowledge options beyond analyzing tolls and congestion pricing there just to get creative. and perhaps the parking now discounted parking charge borer combining it with a multi use stranded card that would allow you to leave your vehicle but then use the bus. to make 10 trips across the bridge. as an example. the attack but technology is ahead of us for all the stuff its initial public acceptance and
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understanding that we can build our way out of the problem. in that is the merging question for the bay area. should we keep forcing drivers to pay more or should we make it pay to be a more savvy driver? as with clear cbs five. did waves as for the cash stanford is standing down as well as a mix of stanford traffic funding and federal research grants. thousands of bay area college students could get money they were not expecting a newspaper insert today featured 35 pages of names of people owed money by city college of san francisco. altogether the college rose $1.1 million to students past and present the biggest individual amount is $2,000. and there's more money out there for millions of other californians to. there's an amazing amount of money sitting in the state controller's office in california estimated about $6.1 billion. it's a lot to notify people who have been noted
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unclaimed money based on the last address but ccs death put the names of the papers and students move so often the students have until june 25th to claim the funds or they become property of the college. sued a link to the state's unclaimed property data base at cbs sf dot com click on news. behind me we head north be to today had a high temperature of 64 degrees now all the neighborhoods that were,,,,,,,,,
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degrees below normal notice tomorrow a significant warming and our inland areas by 11 degrees in concord a. 10 degrees warmer in livermore and is a big reason take a look at our future cast as the clock ticks on by use of the clouds will increase along the coast there is your san mateo coast for the morning commute and to look at the low clouds and fog even rolling in
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landed at 50 mi. with the tri valley retreating by the early afternoon hours but staying over cast along the coast were we have our highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. and we fell back into the clouds the overnight hours on tuesday and wednesday morning so how does this all stack up as far as your headlines are concerned? it will become part of a summit tomorrow and warmer and then the temperatures according to our seven day forecast of when to go up and down wednesday that the first-ever 99 to the 40's and '50's with clouds covered gathering actinides allergy sufferers the count of moderate to high the worst day this week will be on thursday in the meantime year temperatures cities and '60s of the beaches '60s and '70s across the peninsula to the low 80s in the santa clara valley at 82 degrees and brent brent would also ladies and sonoma the extended forecast calls for sunshine cooler temperatures by thursday and friday we denizen'' boards. which category the a's lead the major leagues in and russell
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was all smiles and hitting his first homer in the giant atop nine. giants at 31 the beginning continues after potential game ending double play goes under the glove of walking areas so it's three to two now bases loaded it can areas, but this one? yes. the giants beat the rockies 3 to to have won three straight games. the a's down in anaheim were equipped to games that ties in ross sausage share earnings to snap a three game losing streak set smith gave the a's a little cushion the effect of the to run double the beat the angels five to nothing and now lead the majors with five shutout this season. they're not fans of world peace in oklahoma city ron artest russell was broken kevin grant combined for 52 points in the thunder blow it blowing up the lakers won 19 to 90 and 81. have in my hand to
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the top five. stage two of the tour of california holden's the overall lead by eight seconds. member for andre tasted right kevin garnett finishing on the other side of the rim beating boston to even the series at one game apiece. how about number three? the tigers catcher had it any strips the next ball. and number two dodgers third baseman just in cellars makes the over the shoulder catch which pays the prize wares to help from the home fans? on the home fans number one player of the night's national catcher sandy on major league debut lasted only four innings he sprained his ankle and was placed on the 15 day disabled list and that plays very reminiscent of what happened to buster posey it wasn't a break in this case but he plays four innings in his major-league debut in goes on on ♪
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