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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> the heated questions j.p. morgan executives will need to answer. >> why today will be a warmer day outside, we will talk about coming up >> some overnight roadwork to help slow you down, coming up >> good morning everyone. >> the time now is 430. we're on the scene of developing news in the east bay this morning. >> a possible homicide investigation. >> a body was found overnight and kate joins us with the very latest. >> that is according to castro valley, we've been having a regional mobile command center set up and multiple lines of police state and we're told that the reason these are here is because they're really trying to keep his back from where the actual activity is going on a few houses down. this is the 4300 block of
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omega avenue where reportedly body was found in a castro valley home. the sergeant told the paper it could be a homicide and if that is the case it would be the first homicide in this area this year. that body was found monday night but police officers on duty are not talking or confirming any information. we're waiting to hear more information to confirm any of vents that may have happened. they're really trying to keep people out and blocking the area. the cross streets are center street and marshall but we will be keeping an eye on it to give you more information as we get it. >> what those university is
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facing the possibility of losing its state license. the university were seven people were shot to death last month is now on probation. it has two years to make improvements in the nursing program. one problem area is the passing grade on state licensing exams. 58 percent of the students passed in 2010, the first year it had a program. the rate fell to 40% last year. passing grades are supposed to be within 10% of the average. >> we could learn today whether san francisco's ethics commission will be shown a controversial video said to feature belly on a lopez showing a bruise on our arms saying it was caused by her husband who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor and now the s ethics commission is trying to decide to remove him as the sheriff.
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>> i did my best, i think you can give us the same benefit of that out that we give you. >> he wants to cut $1 billion from metical including hospitals and nursing homes, cut in home support services for the elderly and disabled along with cuts to child care. and then make the state workweek a four day week and cut state workers' pay by 5%. j.p. morgan leaders will have to face shareholders today. jimmy diamond will need to answer to investors why he allowed it risky trade that led to the loss of more than $2 billion. the chief investment officer retired yesterday as a result from a loss >> facebook the initial public offering might be an even bigger deal been suggested before. the mercury news reports
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facebook will charge $38 for a share which is more been speculated. at that rate would be valued at more than $104 billion, a new record for an ipo evaluation. we will have a new report coming up. >> i think it is time for lawrence. >> $104 billion? he can buy as many sweat shirts as he wants. some low clouds and fog have moved back on shore. the atmosphere has started to settle down a little bit. over the city of san francisco, patchy fog in the background. forties' in a few fifties outside. i pressure will begin to build in today and a low pressure will
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move east. some seventies and low 80s inland. cool at the coast line in the '50s and '60s. >> in the south bay, not many accidents but we do have overnight road work out their including the connector ramp from southbound 882 northbound 280 in san jose. it is scheduled to be shut down until 6:00 this morning. here is a live look across the golden gate bridge. so far so good this morning across the bay bridge and no major road work to slow you down. more on the amgen tore of california, there will be rolling closures throughout the day. >> in los gatos doctor is in
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jail this morning, prosecutors called her the kingpin of a drug-dealing operation. investigators say she charged drug users $100 per bottle for prescription drugs which they then resold and abused. one of the buyers died of an overdose. people behind the occupied the farm protest planned to meet this afternoon at the albany community center. yesterday police arrested 94 people during a raid at the protest site. protesters had been there three weeks demanding the land be used for community farming. >> campaign 2012, a new york times poll shows the presidential race is too close to call. mitt romney leads president obama among registered voters, a statistical dead heat when you take into account the margin of error.
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one out of four respondents say they're less likely to vote for the president because of his support for same-sex marriage. nearly 60 percent said it has no effect >> december no disasters on is starting to become a neighborhood again. and welcome home ceremony was yesterday evening. that was where a pipeline explosion exploded in 2010. 26 of the homes are in the process of being rebuilt. to others are already done and those families have moved back in >> i have to say that i'm glad we are home >> it is a wonderful day to come up here and at a gathering like this. it is good. >> donated trees are being planted throughout the neighborhood as symbols of spirit, hope, and togetherness. >> stage three of the amgen tour of california, under way in just a few hours.
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nearly 120 mi. the road yesterday and today they will start in san jose and head towards livermore. for the first time in the history of the race the route includes a climb up and down mount diablo. >> that is impressive. the time now is for 38. social networking at bay area nightclubs >> the hidden sensors that will collect information about you >> a wake-up call about sleepwalking. the wake-up call for night time wandering. >> the graduation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> same-sex couples in colorado
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will not have rights similar to married couples. republicans shot down legislation yesterday during a special session. civil unions would have let partners make medical decisions for each other and enhance marital rights >> a restraining order designed to stop a former lover from contacting an alameda county supervisor. nadia lockyer obtained the order. the bay area and news reports she claims she is under stress because of a barrage of e-mail and calls from stephen chicano. >> thousands of bay area students could not get money they were expecting. a new insert featured 35 people of names of of people owed money by the city college of san francisco which owes $1.1 million altogether to students past and present and their is more money for millions of californians >> there is an amazing amount of
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money >> to school printed the names in the paper because students move so often. we have put a link to the state's unclaimed property data base on our website. >> how would you like to know where the best bar seats are in the bay area? there is an application for that. it uses facial technology to determine the types of crowds at 25 bars and restaurants in san francisco. the chronicle reports people can find out from the application how crowded the bar might be, how old the customers are and how many men and women are there. lots of hype about facebook spinoff idea >> why there is even more excitement this morning >> is not y,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the little bit of drizzle out towards the coast line with temperatures in the 40's and '50's. why today will be warmer day, coming up >> we sent our photographer out to 101 and trembled in san jose and everything is nice and light so far. there are rolling road closures of later on today for stage three of the amgen tour of california >> facebook is pulling out another surprise ahead of its ipo on friday >> it could go past the one hundred billion dollars market which would be the highest ever
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for an american company. jill is here with how facebook is making it possible >> market got an awfully nice birthday present yesterday because facebook raise the price range for the ipo to 34-$38 per share, from the original 28-$35 per share. the valuation of the company is now somewhere around 93-$104 billion under the new price range. it also makes marks after burger up to $8 billion, something around $25 billion, he can buy a lot of sweat shirts >> when facebook finally does the public, who gets to buy in? >> i think it will be awfully hard to buy in at the ipo price. 85 percent of the offering is distributed to the big players. those are the largest clients of the major wall street banks
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that are managing the ipo. only those who have big fat accounts get the investors. buying a no-load index fund. don't go crazy in the first few days. if you want to take the plunge make the decision after the fact >> so if you want to buy it in another week it will be at a higher rate. generally these things skyrocket and then come down and then level off, right? >> it is so interesting because on some level used to say everyone would want to get in on the offering because the price always goes up but that has not been the case so far so what i would be looking at is in a few weeks, it is facebook stock actually above the range or below the range and then the investor will make a determination. the bottom line is most ipos
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are actually below their offering price within three years. >> whether you think facebook would be a good investment could depend on how much to watch the market. the poll finds just over half of those surveyed would think it would be a good investment. 31 percent say it would not and 18 percent just don't know. 62 percent of active investors expect facebook to be overvalued. we will see what happens on friday >> adding insult to injury, yahoo! is sending its ceo packing without a severance package scott thompson is not going home entirely empty- handed. he also gets restricted stock valued at $5.5 million and yahoo! did recoup on invested stock from thompson valued at
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$60 million. he left over accusations that he patted his resume. google will reportedly released a big chunk of property in a southern california hot spot. the plan to build a campus in the venice beach area of l.a.. the area includes a former gold is jim building once frequented by arnold schwarzenegger. >> today, major steps will be announced to fight alzheimer's. later today the feds will outline work that has already started. major new studies, possible therapies have been improved including a form of insulin that is sprayed into your nose. sleepwalking is more prevalent among americans than previously thought. researchers at stanford found that more than 3 percent of adults are prone to
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sleepwalking. the study also found that people who suffer from depression and anxiety are more likely to wander while they are sleeping >> burgeon atlantic says calls will only be allowed on its airbus 8330 and boeing 747 plants that are specially designed to prevent interference with the aircraft equipment. a russian-made spacecraft blasted off this morning carrying a three man crew including an american astronaut. they're scheduled to reach the international space station on thursday joining three other astronauts or already there. a car crashed into a fire hydrant sending water shooting up into the air. the blast of water damage to gas station causing half of its
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overhead awning to collapse. at least one person was taken to the hospital and police had to temporarily shut down the intersection. no word on what caused the accident but quite a sight there. forget long drive, >> now you can check out yosemite falls from the comfort of your own home. the web camera updates every 30 seconds but what a sight. the park also has web cameras set up at halftone and el capitan as well. an oakland woman celebrate a milestone that few of us will ever see >> she just turned 111 years old. she celebrated with friends and family at her retirement home. she was born in mexico and move
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to the u.s. after witnessing pancho villa as last battle in the mexican revolution. >> one mexican-american community move towards free will she came along and she had a lot to do with that era >> something good and my family are all nice to me. >> she also says that she loves dancing, music, and her favorite food is enchiladas. >> maybe that is the key. >> can you imagine everything she has seen? the top baby names are in. >> sophia took the top spot for the ladies and isabella had been the most popular name for two years but dropped to no. 2. michelle miss the top 100 at
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144. >> thanks for pointing that out. for boys, jacob was number one, mason jumped from no. 12 to #two courtesy of courtney kardashians choosing that name. william was no. 3 and fink was 308 and warrants was the number #454. >> how many francs do know? lawrence is way out there. >> that just tells you something about my parents. around the bay area today we do have low clouds and fog that are stretched on shore. things will actually warm-up just a bit out there as temperatures are expected to
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soar back into the upper 70's and low 80's in some spots. low clouds and fog will likely to linger towards the beach is if you're headed in that direction. the temperature should start to warm up at least for a couple of days before we cool down again. we will see a bit of a sea breeze kicking in in the afternoon. pretty good gusts up to 25 m.p.h. but not too bad. more sunshine today and warmer weather. 60s towards half moon bay. it should be very nice towards the afternoon. inside the bay, 71 degrees in oakland. 76 degrees in santa rosa. we will cool down with more
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clouds on thursday but warmer next weekend >> towards the south bay, these are the live traffic sensors and everything is pretty much moving at the limit right now. that is road work still going on. it sounds like some of the connector ramp sellers still if you're traveling near 880-280 interchange. stage three of the bike race is today. berryessa road will be closed between morrow avenue and sable drive. the bike riders are heading today from san jose at 11:00 this morning towards a livermore. it there may be more rolling closures around downtown livermore. so far, there is still some
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road work on the north tower of the golden gate bridge. it is not really doing much to the morning commute and traffic is still very light this early in the morning. was down 580, no delay and was down 24 still looks pretty good. developing news in castro valley. it there are street closures with a reporter live on the scene. >> your name elisabeth was no. 11 last year >> 11 is my lucky number. >> britain's queen elizabeth has a brand new likeness in wax >> the new statue was unveiled
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yesterday in london. it is the 23rd manikin of the queen but is the first in 11 years. a diploma and a ring all in one day >> it happened force their cooper in washington d.c.. she met sam miller when the first charge college but are mother said she couldn't get in gauge until she graduated. she got her diploma and laid a big fat kissed on sarah and debris rained and she said yes. cracking down on local massage parlors. more digging and more evidence, the former bay area police officer who says he knows the identity of the zodiac killer, coming up >> a body is found in a castro valley home. >> 83 of the,,,,,,,,,,
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>> 83 of the,,,,,,,,,, at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.


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