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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> homes and streets blocked off in the east bay. this morning, the castro valley neighborhood that is now a crime scene >> a new setback for oikos university. >> why today will be a warmer day coming up >> so far things are looking great at the bay bridge toll plaza. we still have some road work out there and we will tell you about that in minutes >> we continue to follow in developing story in the east bay >> and homicide investigation has turned a quiet neighborhood into a crime scene. it is happening on a omega avenue.
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>> kate has the very latest for us >> several homes along this lot for this area of omega avenue are blocked off and investigation is taking place right now. we see several sheriff's office deputies and cars station all around the area. we do know that a body was found inside a home. we were able to get in touch with alameda county coroner's office and they don't have any information at this point. officers will not say much so we don't know anything about this person. the alameda county sheriff's office on the scene, we have seen a regional mobile command center as well. they say it could be a homicide and right now that is exactly what they're looking into. it is right next to marshall elementary school. there are multiple lines of
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police state and they actually have them stationed off between every home just to keep people out or keep the area they are investigating really secure. we do want to know if this is in fact homicide, it will be the first one in this area this year. >> new this morning, oikos university is facing the possibility of losing its license. a state board says that it has two years to make improvements in its nursing program. one problem area is the passing rate on state licensing examinations. the pass rate fell to 41 percent just last year. the state average is 75% and passing rates are supposed to be
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within 10% of the average. >> a decision may come today on whether the ethics commission in san francisco will see a controversial video said to feature ilion a lopez showing a bruise on her arm ormer sheriff who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor. now the ethics commission is preparing to decide on the mayor's request to remove him from office. governor brown is making a plea for his tax hike initiative. many programs face deep cuts in face of the $16 billion deficit >> i did my best and i think you should give us the same benefit of the doubt that we give you >> here's what governor brown wants, to cut $1 billion for metical including hospitals and nursing homes, cut in home support services for the elderly and disabled along with cuts to child care. and make the state work week a
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40 week and cut state workers' pay by 5%. >> about 200 teachers in san jose's alum rock school district crashed a board meeting demanding what they call it a fair contract. the alum rock educators' association still has no contract after 50 months of negotiating with the district. >> i love alum rock but i have already updated my resume. i have to do what is best >> stop, please, somebody stand up and tell him, please let's get this over with. what is it going to take. >> the district says it is committed to getting a contract. it won't be your average
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shareholders' meeting for j.p. morgan chase. bare ceo will need to answer to the investors why he allowed the risky trades that led to the loss of more than $2 billion over a matter of weeks. the bank's stock has fallen 13% since last week's announcement. the chief investment officer retired yesterday as a result. on the view, the president talked about the need for financial reform >> they were making bets in these derivative markets. we don't know all the details yet and it will be investigated but this is why we pass wall street reform >> congress passed wall street reform two years ago but much of it has not yet taken effect. j.p. morgan has spent more than $21 million trying to water down those regulations. >> let's get a look at the
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weather with lawrence. >> i'm hoping for a little bit of sunshine. we have the fog out there right now. high pressure builds in overhead and it will compress the marine air quite a bit. away from the coastline we're looking at some pretty good weather. high pressure is going to build in overhead. that will warm the temperatures up in some places inland it will be moving well above the average. '70s and '80s. >> outside, if this is what it looks like now, not too bad. no major hot spots out there so far this morning. here is a live look through the dublin interchange.
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right now the drive time is 15 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. elsewhere, a live look at one of the time saver traffic cameras across the golden gate bridge. we still have ongoing road work but so far is still very early and it is not impacting much of the morning commute. coming up we will get a look at mass transit. >> a former chp officer says he knows who the zodiac killer is and who has kept him from being caught. he spells it out in his new book, the zodiac killer cover-up except that in this book he does not name real names because he does not want the man who is now 92 to become a target. >> you believe that the killer is still alive >> i know he is. no doubt in my mind at all. i would say i'm 95 percent positive we have the right man. >> you believe he lives in
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fairfield >> i know for a fact that the best >> he says the killer has never been arrested because of cover- ups by prosecutors, local sheriffs and a judge that he claims had an affair with the suspect's wife >> a los angeles doctor is in jail this morning. prosecutors caller the kingpin of a drug-dealing operation. doctors say she charge drug addicts $100 per bottle for prescription drugs which they then sold and abused. if she is convicted she could spend one dozen years behind bars. members of the occupied the farm movement will regroup at the albany community center. yesterday nine people were arrested during a raid of the site. protesters had been there three weeks demanding the land be used for university farming. today the l.a. city council will vote on a ban on camping in
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city parks. it is trying to go into effect before crews take down a fence that has surrounded city hall for months. the proposed ordinance includes a specific ban on tense but homeless advocates say that some people have no other place to stay >> in campaign 2012 is a cbs new york times poll shows the presidential race and neck in neck. mitt romney leads president obama 46-43% which is a dead heat when you take into account the margin of error. one in four respondents say they're less likely to vote for the president because of his support for same-sex marriage. nearly 60 percent said it has no effect. republican presidential candidate ron paul he essentially suspended his campaign yesterday. he e-mail some supporters saying he will no longer put
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money into states with primaries. >> the sign of the san bruno explosion and fire is starting to resemble a neighborhood that it once was a few years back. it welcome home killed eight people, destroyed 38 homes, more than two dozen homes are in the process of being rebuilt. >> i have to say that i'm glad we're home. this is my neighborhood >> it is a wonderful day to come up here and have a gathering with people smiling, it is good >> donated trees are being planted the route the neighborhood as symbols of spirit and hope for the neighborhood >> today is stage three of the amgen tour of california. 120 racers will crisscross three bay area counties.
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it is a difficult climb that they face today >> difficult indeed. this stage might be more difficult than the others, this is the seventh year of the tour of california. over eight days the riders will travel 750 mi.. san jose is the only city to host the race for all seven years. stage three begins at 1115 this morning. the racers will race for 115 mi. from the very essence community center towards the east bay back country and for the first time, climbing up mount diablo. this will end in livermore and each stage brings a new challenge. >> today is a very hard day for me. after 5 km in the race, we were
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in front >> 22 year-old peter say in one stage is one and two. he hopes to continue that lead in stage three and there will also be another race in san jose this morning at 815, the king of the mountain race. it is for serious amateurs including some local officials and silicon valley ceos that will raise 3.5 mi. down sierra road and then go to a county park to watch the real race. >> i just like to watch from the sidelines. it is called mount diablo for a reason. >> a new bomb shelter in the u.k. hacking case
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>> and wild fire is growing in arizona. >> a new lease on life, a dramatic rescue of a dog that was swept away in,,,,,,,,
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>> let's take a look at some of
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the top stories here on this tuesday. the oakland school where seven people were killed last month has more problems, they are on probation because too few students are passing tests. j.p. morgan chase co will try to explain how the company lost $2 billion in a matter of weeks recently. facebook upping the ante ahead of its ipo on friday. it expects to sell stock between 34-$38 per share, higher than the previous rates which means they will make a little bit more money. >> time to get a look at the traffic >> let's go out and talk about the traffic. we're live over the bay bridge
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where you can see everything looks pretty good this morning into san francisco. no problems this morning at the bay bridge. they wrapped up all the road work on the upper deck as well. to the south bay where we see that?. it was on the connector ramp from 80 to 280 basically both directions. it has picked up slightly ahead of schedule. stage three of the bike race kicking off today from san jose. right now east bound berryessa road is closed between moral avenue and sable drive. it will head towards downtown livermore. here is a live look across the golden gate bridge. in the meantime, southbound 101 looks pretty good through the great down towards the doyle drive and a quick check of the
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east bay so far in the clear. i think we have time for this, in developing story in castro valley, we still have the street closures in and around marshall street and omega avenue so we will bring you more reports coming up shortly. >> more fog and low clouds around the bay area today. visibility is down to a half mile around santa rosa. parts of the south bay looking clear into san jose but in the afternoon we will see more sunshine and warmer weather. plenty of sunshine and mild conditions inside the day. low clouds and fog likely to linger just a bit keeping the temperature's down into the 50s and 60s. low pressure is kicking
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eastward and high pressure is moving in to allow for warmer weather today and tomorrow. still a bit of a sea breeze into the afternoon. still, that will be just enough to cool you down. 81 degrees in morgan hill, 74 in hayward. temperatures in the '70s and even low 80s probably into pittsburgh. inside the bay temperatures running in the '60s and '70s in oakland and san leandro. the next couple of days are some of the nicest days of the week and then thursday we have more clouds but no rain in the forecast. we start to warm up again next weekend back into the upper 70's and 80's.
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>> we want to take you out live to palmdale in southern california. there is a large structure fire that crews are working on. we don't really know what that building is but a lot of fire trucks are there >> account 14 fire trucks to be exact. it looks like it is possibly a commercial building a little bit north of l.a.. my guess is this is a commercial fire so we will get the very latest as soon as we get it. it wild fire in arizona forces people from their homes. the 1,300 a. blaze is threatening a historic mining town. many people are ignoring the mandatory evacuation order. ayer has destroyed two
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buildings and a trailer so far >> a former executive for one of rupert murdoch's newspapers is facing criminal charges in england. rebecca brooks will be charged with obstructing an investigation into phone hacking. she's accused of plotting to remove boxes of documents and hide them from police. >> the san jose city council today expected to vote on new restrictions for payday lending businesses. he says these are the types of businesses often used by low- income people who need quick cash in before they get their paychecks. fees can add up for people who can least afford them. the restrictions would include a cap on the number of pay lenders in the city. there are currently 38 in san jose >> the lafayette city council is planning a crackdown on massage parlors that are fronts for prostitution.
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an ordinance would require therapist to be certified by the state and would have to register with a police department each year. if approved it would take effect in july. >> a dog swept away in a river, [ mechanical humming ]
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>> we start to warm temperatures back up today. some of them slipping back into the '70s and the low 80s. >> here is a live look at south bay traffic on 101 near trimble exit. we're just getting word of a new accident and we have details coming up >> we will go back to live pictures down in palmdale california, a little bit north of l.a. where you can see at least 14 fire trucks as they attack the commercial fire. we are told that the roof completely caved in. we do know there are houses in the area but they're not threatened right now. we looked up the company and it
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is one that specializes in wholesaling. apparently the but the warehouse appliances, jewelry and electronics. there is a nearby strip mall that does not appear to be threatened. we will keep you updated >> and doggy in new hampshire is safely back on solid ground >> he got a little bit too close to the river and one rescuer had to rappel down the wall to pull the six year-old golden retriever out of the water. he looks fine and he gets out by himself. both he and the best friend or doing just fine. cell phones in the sky >> the airline now letting you call from 30,000 ft. >> j.p. morgan ceo in the hot seat this morning. president obama speaks out on
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the need for more financial regulation. >> a castro valley neighborhood that is now a crime scene >> san jose gets ready for stage three of t,,,, ,,
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you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> right now several east bay homes blocked off by crime tape. a live report on castro valley first homicide of the year >> low clouds and fog around the bay area. why today will be one of the nicest days of the week >> so far no major accidents this morning. we do have street closures for the big the amgen tour of making
5:31 am
its way through the bay area >> good morning everyone. >> we want to take you back out to palmdale in southern california just north of l.a. where firefighters are working on this structure fire. you can see that the building, the roof caved in, it is an active fire and they're still trying to put out the flames but apparently it started earlier this morning at this company called it c g l inc. >> they hold a lot of goods, appliances jewelry and what not, so a lot of that has gone up in flames. bare roof completely caved in. there are a number of apparatus in the area. we counted 14 but there is probably twice that now. no injuries to report, it is a commercial warehouse. it we will have more as we get
5:32 am
more information. some developing news in the bay area over in the east bay >> investigators have spent all night at work in a quiet neighborhood where the body was found. it is happening on omega avenue in castro valley >> crime scene technicians have been coming in and out of the house >> will want to make note that whole incident started early last night and crime scene investigators are still on the scene. they're standing by outside this house along the 4300 block of omega ave. cars have been coming in and out of the area and we do see officers standing by. it started around 6:00 last night when a body was found in a castro valley home. the coroner's office does not have any information at this point but we don't know who the person is, if they are male or
5:33 am
female or the gender. sheriff's deputies are staying tight-lipped. alameda county sheriff's are on the scene and we have a regional mobile command center. the sheriff says they are treating it like a homicide investigation. it is a quiet neighborhood right next to marshall elementary and police state is actually blocking off multiple areas. we even have some closures in the neighborhood blocking off omega avenue between center and marshall streets. we do want to make note that if this is an actual homicide he would be the first one in this neighborhood. we tried to speak to sheriff's deputies but they're not saying much at this point. we hope that in the next few hours the public information officer could give us an update of we'll give you more information as we get it. >> the space school where seven people were killed last month faces more problems.
5:34 am
the state board says the university has two years to make improvements in its nursing program. one problem area is the passing rates. 58 percent passed in 2010, the first year they had a nursing problem program. it fell to 41% last year. >> a decision could come down today whether the san francisco ethics commission will be shown a controversial video said to feature ilion a lopez featuring a bruise on her arm and saying it is caused by her husband who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor and now the ethics commission is preparing to decide on the mayor's decision to remove him from office. it lost out of stalker in jail this morning, prosecutors called heard the kingpin of a drug- dealing operation.
5:35 am
they say she charged drug addicts $100 per bottle for prescription drugs which they then sold and abused. one of the attics died. if she's convicted she could spend one dozen years behind bars the >> news of the state's budget deficit continues to sink in this morning. >> i did my best. i think he should give us the same benefit of the doubt that we you view >> here is what the governor wants, to cut $1 billion for metical including hospitals and nursing homes, cut in home support services for the elderly and disabled along with cuts to welfare and child care. direct money to local redevelopment agencies into the general fund and make the state workweek for days and cut pay by 5%. >> does it mean that i will be going to foreclosure or anything but it would be a little bit
5:36 am
more difficult making ends meet >> he says that when he started working for the state, employment meant job security and benefits envied by people in the private sector >> j.p. morgan leaders will face shareholders at an annual meeting. there see only to answer to investors out to allow the risky trades that led to the loss of more than $2 billion in a matter of weeks. the bank's stock has fallen 13% since the announcement. this chief investment officer resigned yesterday after 30 years. president obama spoke about a need for reform on the view >> we don't know all the details yet, it will be investigated, but this is why we passed wall street reform >> bogdan frank wall street reform was past two years ago but has not completely taken effect. congress is planning of new
5:37 am
hearings on financial regulation. >> we're glad to see you guys today. up and down whether all week long. today it will be on the upside although you would not know it by looking outside. low clouds and fog sweeping on shore with drizzle towards the coast line. temperatures are running a little bit cooler today. by the afternoon of looking good as we see some sunshine. 81 in morgan hill and 77 in san jose. inside the bay, not bad. 66 degrees in san francisco. how much longer will it last? we will talk about that coming up >> we will take you out live toward san jose this morning. once again we have the
5:38 am
photographer near the trimble exit and 101. northbound and southbound are still nice and light so give it another hour or so and things will start to look different. no. down 101 is quite from san jose towards santa clara. there is an accident coming in southbound 882 southbound 101 on the connector ramp. it is not causing any delays. it may even be to the right- hand shoulder already. stage three of the race is heading from san jose towards livermore this afternoon. eastbound berryessa road is closed between morrow avenue and sable drive by the various a community center. they're traveling up the road towards downtown livermore. so far no metering lights on
5:39 am
the bay bridge. heading on the upper deck towards the sky way, things are moving at the limit. >> stage three of the big bike race >> in a few hours riders in the amgen tour of california will start at the berryessa area and make the climb up mount diablo. lisa washington is in san jose with today's leg of the competition. >> it gets underway at 1115 this morning. right now things are being set up here at the community center. this is the seventh year of the tour of california. san jose has been a host city for all seven years of the race. take a look now have video from stage 2. stage three begins this morning in san jose. the riders will raise 115 mi.
5:40 am
from the community center towards the east bay back country and for the first time they will be climbing up mount diablo. each race brings a new challenge in even more excitement for those who enjoy watching >> i would say it is monumental, and a big deal because we don't really get events like this. it is pretty cool >> 22 year-old peter sagan one stage is one and two of the race and will continue or hope to continue that lead starting here in san jose. we should tell you there will be another race this morning in san jose starting at 815. this is the king of the mountain race for amateur cyclists. about 300 of them and local officials will be racing 3.5 mi. in san jose.
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to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. gatt is that massive loss affect all of us? >> here's jill schlesinger editor at large that cbs money watch .com to lotus notes. of is the lot of customers and taxpayers want to know if they are at risk. >> bank and brokerage customers keep grieving because you are perfectly safe.
5:45 am
the taxpayers, you don't need to worry either because the reality is that on this trade jp morgan can absorbable lost. the bank has plenty of money on hand. the big loser so far is shareholders. over the last trading sessions stock prices are down by 30 percent. >> how about the banks? we heard from the president. he wants more regulations of these guys, and for all us, we see $2 billion lost in a matter of weeks and we say " are you kidding me? ". but i guess it is not that big of a deal because it was 1/21% of their tire company? >> is not that big of a deal because there well-capitalized but it is a pretty big deal when you think about the fact that the ceo, a man supposed to be known for managing risk of running a tight ship, does not understand the magnitude of a trading loss like this. it did not start at $2 billion. someone should have raised a flag with a couple hundred million. but the real question here is,
5:46 am
as a country, how much are we going to let banks do these kinds of activities and what better regulation to we want? >> those questions will definitely be asked. let's talk about facebook. a pretty big birthday present for mark zuckerberg? >> the ipo range has increased so much so that mark zuckerberg, it is at $38 per share and now on friday looks like mark zuckerberg, after having a net worth of only $80 billion now looks like it to be more like $25 billion. you could get in on the ipo package would not even get a hoodie. he could at least give us all hoodies? >> i like that idea. >> by a shared get a hoodie ... >> may be 100 shares. >> ok, jill schlesinger, >> what you think this book is a fad or a good investment might depend, to watch the market. a poll finds that just over half
5:47 am
of those surveyed think that it would be a good investment. 31 percent say it would not and 18% just don't know. but among active investors. 62 percent expect facebook to be overvalued and 27% say it would be fairly priced. >> more technology news, god who sending their ceo packing without a severance package. scot thompson not gone home entirely empty-handed. he'll keep it $1.5 million bonus that he received when he signed on and give restricted stock valued at five or $5 million. the sunnyvale based company recouped on the vested stock awards from tocsin abou >> we're talking millions and billions, we're in the wrong business? >> in your looking at me? i agree. i completely agree with you
5:48 am
michelle. but i will tell you what, we have great weather coming away, a lot of sunshine in the bay area by the afternoon. starting out with plenty of low clouds early on and some drizzle along the immediate coast line and as we had throughout the day low clouds will lifted most spots. we will seek a more sun shined, warmer weather. 60s around much of the bay seventies in san jose get some seventies and if you 80s returning to the valley. you get the idea. high pressure building and. we're in for warmer weather not only today but for tomorrow. after that we have another weak weather system diving in our direction help to cool us off. a sea breeze kicking in late in the afternoon a special allure of the coastline. wind up to 20 mi. per hour around san francisco and sfo. a gentle breeze for the latter part of the day. we will warm up. 79 degrees expected in campbell and 74 in palo alto. 74 degrees in union city gets 35 in fremont. the state debitors as high as 81
5:49 am
in antioch. 78 in the napa valley and as you get inside of the bay you will find sunshine and 71 in oakland. 66 in san fransisco and 60 in daly city. the next couple of days we'll see a carbon copy as ii wednesday. very nice weather, kulich of which is expected on thursday with more clouds and the answer to warm things up as we head into next weekend. lester on the roadways. >> we will ticket to the bay bridge toll plaza where you can see that there are a few delays. not much. you can see a few delays in some of the cash lands. the middle lanes, the faster lans are getting by five. the media room lights are not on. usually after 6:00 is what research to see the delay. right now you could beat the rush and head to services co with no major problems. in the east it we're getting word of an accident south about 680 at parker ave. the left lane has been blocked for 10 minutes or so. they're working to clear it and the meantime we're seeing a slowing of the censors.
5:50 am
no surprise, the usual spot. west bound highway 43 antioch. when you get into pittsburgh but we're bouncing and brake lights, a similar story having to the altamont pass and this changed quite a bit in the last five minutes or so. a borderline of red traffic sensors. either there's something on right there or the drive time will change and a minute. we'll check back. in the meantime less than 580 a 60 minute drive time from the altamont pass to double the interchange. very slow speeds as you had to livermore. still falling developer news, a body found overnight in the castro valley. a lot of police presence and a lot of police activity around marshall street. shut down between castro valley boulevard and omega ave. we will let you know as soon as the reopen the streets. we have reporters live on the scene. updates throughout the morning. back outside here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. here's some of that fog that lawrence mentioned. otherwise no major problems.
5:51 am
earlier roadwork your the north tower has now been picked up and of course remember our radio partner, 106.9 fm. >> an airport security supervisor in new jersey is under arrest accused of stealing a dead man's identity. fortuities this man worked at newark airport and one by the name of jerry thomas but authorities say he is really an undocumented immigrant from nigeria. they say he is the birth certificate, social security number of a man murdered in queens back in 1992. police are now investigating whether he was involved in that killing. a british-based airline will soon allow people to use their cell phones on some flights. >> some restrictions. the calls will only be allowed on the airbus a 330 and boeing 747 her plan is specifically designed to prevent the interference. the service will begin on flights between new york and london. so you can talk all across the
5:52 am
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>> the speed limit is now much lower on streets around most schools in san francisco. starting this week the posted limit is 15 mi. per hour around 181 public and private elementary and secondary schools. all in the name of public safety. the city of san jose currently testing a similar program at three schools. >> 5:55 a.m., major steps will be announced to fight alzheimer's. the obama administration has set a 2025 goal to find ways to effectively treat the mind destroying disease but later today the feds will outline work that has already started. a major new studies of possible therapies have been approved including a form of insulin that is supported in to your nose. another is a drug to ease the effect of alcohol. researchers at yale university say the drug could prevent people from getting drunk. the daily telegraph reported blocks the effects of alcohol
5:56 am
and the central nervous system and researchers say that could reduce the number of deadly drunk driving accidents. >> big brother will be watching you this weekend at bay area bars. in the application uses visual detection technology to determine the types of crowds at 25 bars and restaurants in san francisco. the application will reportedly have information about how crowd of the place might be, how old customs are and the ratio of men and women in the crowd. and, >> , bar owner i'm not sure i would want that. >> yes, you want to get them in without knowing. >> technology, you can do it all. in the next half-hour, she was expecting the degree but not a diamond. the surprise interruption to a college graduation. >> the bay area's greatest unsolved mystery. hear from a former chp officer that says that he knows the identity of the zodiac killer. coming up. >> developing news out of the
5:57 am
castro valley. a body was found in a home less night, investigators still on scene into the early morning hours. a live report coming up. >> stage three of the amgen tour of california gets underway in san jose in just a [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. today, i choose color. to see it. to feel it. to be in it. to be upon it. and to live a life surrounded by it.
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