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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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commission and services will see a controversial video. the video is said to feature ilion lopez showing in paris on our arms and sang it was crossed by her husband ross mirkarimi. he pled guilty to a misdemeanor and now the ethics commission is preparing to decide on mayor ed lee's request to remove him from office. the los gatos doctor is facing
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dozens of felony charges this morning. investigators say that the doctor charge patients $100 per bottle for prescription drugs which they then resold and abuse. one of the patients died of an overdose. if convicted she faces 12 years in prison. >> a former chp officer says he knows who the zodiac killer is and who has kept him from being caught. he spells it out in a new book that he wrote, the zodiac killer cover-up, he does not name really is because it does not want the man who is now 92 years old, to become a target. >> you believe that the zodiac killer is still alive? >> i know he is. no doubt in my mind at all. i would say that i am 95 percent positive that we have the right man. >> in fact you believe that he lives in fairfield? >> i know for a fact that he does. >> lafferty says the killer has never been arrested because of
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cover-ups by prosecutors, local sheriffs, and a judge that lafferty clams had an affair with the suspect's wife. >> governor jerry brown warn californians that steeper cuts could be coming if voters do not approve his tax initiative. the state is $16 billion in the red. >> i did my best. i think that you should give us the same benefit of the doubt that we give you. >> about governor laid out his plan yesterday to cut $1 billion from metical including from hospitals and nursing homes. cut in home support services for the elderly and disabled along with cuts to welfare and the child care. and direct money from local redevelopment agencies into the general fund, making the state work week a four day weekend cutting their pay by 5%. it is not just a workers hit by pay cuts, 200 teachers in san jose crashed a school districts meeting yesterday to demand what
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they call a fair contract after 15 months of negotiations. the district says they're committed to getting a contract. >> another peek at weather and traffic and lord says that this is your coat today. >> is next couple days, looking very nice. starting out with low clouds and fog and drizzle along the media coastline but in the end it should be much nicer day ahead. the temperatures starting out cooler than it did yesterday. upper '40's into santa rosa. 53¢ francisco. we're on to crack the temperatures as a little bit outside not that there will be he quit but the temperatures moving up the scale. usually '60s and '70s like we had yesterday. by the afternoon we're looking at plenty of those temperatures moving up into the '70s and the low '80s and warmer spots inland. >> thank you. back outside, we will show you a live look at traffic near the dublin interchange. headlights on was down 580.
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a touch lighter. through livermore area because of this accident right here. a stalled big break. we can go to the maps for that. was down 580 near northland. you can see others a huge bottleneck of traffic just behind the stalled rig. only blogging on-line but speeds are below 25 m.p.h. adding to the altamont pass. once you get past northland the censors changed back to green meeting that speeds improve quite a bit over 40 m.p.h.. all the way out to the pleasanton area. let's see, at the bay bridge, so far no metering lights. so no huge delays at the toll plaza. there is some slight delays in the cash lance. fast track users are getting by okay and this is usually right around the time they turn the metering lights on. anywhere in the next 10 minutes or so. so it should get more crowded. but right now looks good heading into the sky way.
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traffic is moving fine heading to doyle drive in san fransisco. and we continue to check in with part all morning and so far all trains are running on time. back to you guys. >> and former executive for report rocks newspapers facing criminal charges and england. british prosecutors plan to charge the former editor rebecca brooks was trying to obstruct a police investigation into phone hacking. she's accused of plotting through boxes of documents from news international offices and height computers and documents from police. >> jp morgan leaders will face shareholders at an annual meeting today. the ceo will have to answer to the investors get as to why he allowed risky trades that led to a loss of more than $2 billion. the bank's stock has fallen 13 percent since last week's big announcement. the chief investment officer retired yesterday as a result of that monster loss. facebook meanwhile made it official a few hours ago.
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social networking website plans to sell their stock for $30 per share. a little higher than the earlier estimates which means it will make a little bit more money. the company said to complete their initial public offering late thursday, began trading on the nasdaq market friday morning. the increased range will clospuh the value of this book above $100 billion. officers say that about a dozen banks have been robson's april the first. investigators believe that there are three suspects involved in their working separately. anyone that might have information is urged to give the services will police a call. >> members of the occupied the farm movement will regroup as afternoon at the albany community center. yes a day police arrested nine people during a raid of the protest site near san pablo ave. protesters had been there three weeks demanding that the land be used for community farming. uc-berkeley owns the land and
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use it for agricultural research. the site of the san bruno explosion and fire is starting to resemble the neighborhood that it once was. a welcome home ceremony was held last night on claremont drive. that is wary pg&e pipeline blew up back in september 2010, killing eight people and destroying 38 homes. 26 of the homes are in the process of being rebuilt. two other homes are already done and those families have moved back in. today's stage three of the amgen tour of california and its starts in san jose in just a few hours. then 120 riders will cross three bay area counties. >> i hope there will arrested because they have a big day. lisa washington is here with the challenging climb the riders will face today. >> good morning, yes it will be a challenging day indeed. normally when the race starts in san jose it starts downtown but they have switched things up a little bit this year. it is starting at the community center. as a result we should let
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viewers know that part of the road is closed because of the amgen race. san jose has hosted the tour before, i have done it for all seven years that the race has been in existence. take a look out at some video from yesterday. this was staged to in san fransisco. started in san jose. the race will begin at 1115 at a.m. and writers will have 150 mi. to travel from the community center. it will end in livermore. but not before climbing mount diablo. for the first time ever that will be a part of this race. the cyclists will need to ensure the challenge of mt. diablo. for the world-class for cyclists, each stage rigs a new challenge and more excitement for those that just watch. >> a very hard day for me. and after 52 km in the race, we
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work on the front. >> that of course is one of the cyclists participating in the amgen tour of california. the 22 year-old peters say in one stage one and stage to end hopes to continue that early today with stage three. which also tell you there will be another race in san jose this morning. this is the king of the mt., starting at 8:15 a.m., 300 amateur cyclists including some look like the officials and silicon valley ceos will be cycling for 3.5 mi. on sierra road. and later on to the state park to watch the amgen cyclists as they continue on their way to livermore. we're live in san jose, lisa washington, cbs 5. >> i know the leader of that race, blew out a tire and they want and still one stage one and then wiped out in stage two. got back on his bicycle and ended up winning that stage as
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well .. >> and moocher cycles are doing it so want to get you on the bike? >> moving along. carl the 3 mi. and watch those guys go by. six tall a.m., a very emotional day, probably the most emotional day in the john edwards trial. >> a route studded, a massive fire burning of a warehouse in southern california. southern california. ,,,,
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he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. >> here's a look at the top stories. first day castro valley where crime scene investigators are going in and out of a home on a mega avenue after a body was found there last night. we are on the scene and will have a live report coming up at 6:30 p.m.
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the state has put oikos university on probation because too few students are passing state test. the eldest daughter of john edwards will take the stand for the defense today in her father's trial in north carolina. the former presidential candidate faces six charges related to campaign finance violations. >> 616 at a.m., a special prosecutor has filed court documents for the second degree murder trial of george zimmerman. he's the man accused of shooting trayvon martin to death. an act he said was in self- defense. the prosecution witness list includes more parents and zimmerman's father. the retrial of roger clemens is about to resume in washington d.c.. a star prosecution witness told the jury yesterday that he ejected clemens with steroids between eight and 10 times when he was the toronto blue jays trader there. he contends his former trainer only gave him vitamin shots. that continues today. some developing ms and southern
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california. a fire at stripmall in los angeles county. >> the fire started an hour ago at a company called c g l located in the city of palmdale and we understand that the roof of the building has caved in. you can see right there. the company specializes in the warehousing and wholesale of apparel, jewelry, housewares, and electronics. so far no word on any injuries. this is a live picture right now. much different from 20 minutes ago. >> they're beginning to get it under control. all you can still see quite a bit of smoke as the pan up and get a better look. not as many forms as there were an hour ago. but just a total loss their as you can see. a number of apparatus on hand. still pouring a lot of water onto what was a pretty big fire around 5:00 a.m.. >> that building is 6000 square feet. and just a total loss. >> the reports of injuries. it happened overnight and it was a commercial building so that is
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good news. ther >> let's put a check of the traffic out there. >> we will start off with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we just learned in the last few minutes at that have turned the metering lights on. so we are left with backups now. in all lands, you can see it is jamming up towards the first over crossing their in the distance. about a 10 minute wait to get you onto the bridge. fortunately we have not seen too many major incidents. no hot spots out there right now. except this. we could consider this a hot spot. this is a stall and you can see how much traffic is backing up on west bound 580. not an accident, is called big rig blocking one lane. but we've learned from our radio partners that it is backing up all the way on to 205 in tracy. but we don't have live traffic sensors there but it will be a very slow ride having to the altamont pass. they're working to clear it now but it is messing up to commit their through the altamont pass
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area. once you get past northland, speeds in for quite a bit. it is a bottleneck in for that stall. is the traffic, here's a live look at 883 oakland. northbound and southbound 880. so far everything looks pretty good heading into the oakland coliseum and a nice move right in the northbound lanes heading to the downtown oakland exits. a 15 minute drive time between 238 and the maze. we have been following a developing story all morning after a body was found at " night in castro valley. a large police presence on city streets. marshall street is still blocked off between castro valley and boulevard and a on the valley. we have a live on the scene all morning bringing us live up to it so we will continue to follow that. in the meantime i want to check in with bart, all transgendered including those heading into downtown sentences, and as of a were made on time. that is traffic. >> thankyou.
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if you are headed to the bay area, we're starting out with more low clouds and fog and drizzle along the coastline but i think that as we have to the day is going to turn out to be a nicer day outside of here on tuesday warm sunshine in the bay and the interior valleys and then it looks like mr. to cool down as we head into thursday but enjoy the next couple of days. looking very nice outside as high pressure builds an. that low moving east setting the stage for a nice warm up today. these centers popping up all around the bay area but still you cannot get away from the sea breeze, a 20 mi. per hour wind gusts developing in the latter part of the afternoon especially along the coastline. other was looking good. these numbers heating up in the south bay. 77 degrees in san jose. 77 in santa clara and 81 degrees in morgan hill. mainly in the '50s and '60s along the coast. temperatures warm up to the seventies and low '80s in brentwood and antioch and in to pittsburgh.
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79 degrees in pleasantville. instead of the bay 66 degrees, some sunshine into services to what some pet to farm in daly city at 60 degrees and 71 mostly sunny this afternoon in oakland. out over the next couple of days we're looking at high-pressure ticking over but then we have a weak system moving in thursday that will help to cool about it temperatures with a few more clouds but next week and is looking good. warm sunshine on the way to read that is the latest from here, back to you guys. >> well, it is 6:21 a.m., the newly taken sites of yosemite without even going there? ♪ [ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters...
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you talk about a dramatic attempted burglary. the stolen truck traveling at high speed when it plowed into two pillars and threw a brick wall. the suspects did not steal anything but officers say that they were very precise in have a smashed into the building, so the crash appears to have been planned. >> for get a long ride, that you can check out yosemite falls from the comfort of your home. anyone with a computer can see the falls at any time. a live high-definition cameras pointed at the landmark. the web cam updates every 30 seconds. the park has what can set up at halfdome and the captain. a diploma and it rang all in one day. it all happen for him one student at american university. she met sam miller. and here we go.
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they both started school together but her mother said she could not get engaged until she graduated. well, she graduated and seconds later she got the ring, my guess is that she said yes. >> there is a sense of completeness that comes with finding the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. and, when i looked at that day i just felt that yes it is easy ... but you look at her in d.c. wife and mother and the best friend and you see someone . >> the back of a score points or what? no word on when the to get married but that is a nice little story. and what a kiss! say that one for the wedding. >> coming up, hidden sensors that collect information about you at bay area nightclubs. >> and the harsh crackdown on pay day lending. down in the south bay.
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>> you were watching cbs 5 and eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good morning everyone, it is tuesday may 15th. >> 6:30 a.m., and we begin with breaking news this morning in the east bay. investigators have spent more than 11 hours at work in a quiet neighborhood where a body was found. that investigation happening on a make avenue in castro valley. >> crime scene technicians have been going in and out of the house for a number of hours now. she joins us with the latest. >> they have been coming in and
6:31 am
out ever since we have been here and they have been on the scene for about 12 hours now. you can see multiple rows of crime scene tape and it appears that they're making an effort to keep us as far back. keeping us away from the actual crime scene where they're coming in and out of right now. this took place in the 4300 block of will make avenue right near marshall elementary school. they blocked off this road between center ed marshall streets. this all started when a body was found in a home in castro valley about 6:00 p.m. last night. we don't know much about the victim at this point, whether it is male or female. or how old a person is. we know that alameda county sheriff's are on scene right now, investigating it as a homicide. as for this area, it is a quiet residential area right next to an elementary school. traffic again blocked off. what this would be is the first homicide here in castro valley. we're still waiting on more
6:32 am
information from sheriff's deputies. we're standing by now hoping public information officer can shed more light on the events and give us more information as to what happened last night. we're live in castro valley. >> the east bay school where seven people were killed last month faces more problems. oikos university in oakland on probation now as a state board says that they have two years to make improvements in their nursing program. one problem area is the pass rates on state licensing exams. 50 percent of students passed in 2010, the first year they had a nursing program. it fell to 41% last year. the state averages 75%. pass rates are supposed to be within 10 percent of the average. >> a decision could come down today on whether the san fransisco ethics commission will be shown a controversial video featuring elyce, lopez showing a bruise on her arm and sing it was caused by her husband. ross mirkarimi. he of course pled guilty to a
6:33 am
misdemeanor and now the ethics commission is preparing to decide on the mayor's request to remove him from his office. she obtained the order that is in affect, at least until a court hearing later on this month. a bay area news group reports that she claims she is under stress because of a barrage of emails, text messages, and calls, >> news of the state's budget deficit continues to sink in this morning. at $16 billion in the red, that means lots of statewide cuts. >> i did my best. i think that you should give us the same benefit of the doubt that we give you. >> here is what the governor wants. to cut $1 billion for metical including from hospitals and nursing homes. cut in on support services for the elderly and disabled along with cuts to welfare and child care.
6:34 am
direct money from local redevelopment agencies into the general fund and make the state work week a four day week and cut state workers pay by 5%. >> jp morgan leaders will have a face-to-face shareholders meeting today, and it should be interesting to say the least. the ceo will have to answer to the investors as to why he allowed risky trades that led to a loss of more than $2 billion over only a few weeks. the bank's stock has fallen 13 percent since last week's announcement. the chief investment officer retired yesterday after 30 years as a result of that loss. and on the view the president talked about wall street reform. >> they were making bets and derivative markets. we don't all the details yet. it will be investigated. but this is why that we passed wall street reform. >> congress passed wall street reform known as the dawn frank, two years ago but much of it has not yet taken effect. j.p. morgan chase has spent $21
6:35 am
million trying to water down the regulations in the meantime. >> less a check on the weather ... a spectacular day to day. >> we should have a great day. you would not notice by what we have outside right now. delays at sfo at 36 minutes. low clouds continuing to the day with high pressure building overhead. the marine layer will break up later on and leave lots of sunshine behind. '40's and 50's right now, by the afternoon looking at a great weather. 78 in cupertino and 77 in santa clara and 77 in san jose. the east bay back into the upper seventies and low '80s with plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. san fransisco looking at 66 degrees along the coastline and '50s and '60s. let's check on the roadways with elizabeth. >> still jamming up on the altamont pass. beckham to tracy because of a stalled big rig next two west about 580. you can see the speeds under 25
6:36 am
mi. per hour. a long line of red traffic sensors in that area. when you get into livermore and pleasanton area at those speeds improved. part is dealing with switching issues between the san bruno station. so they are saying to expect five-to-10 minute delays. they're having to reroute trains. and then for muni riders, between 5 and 10 minutes delays on the ocean view line in down from the castro station. deal with mechanical issues. this is developing ms. kate has been live on the scene of this overnight a body was found in the castro valley so it remains shut down between center commercial street. one more live report from the scene before 7:00. and near the bay bridge toll plaza where the meter and lights are on now. it continues to back up. jamming gear the over crossing.
6:37 am
a 15 minute wait to get you onto the bay bridge. >> san jose city council members expecting to decide whether to restrict pay day lending businesses in their city and there are dozens there. matt bigler joins us live on the telephone to explain why some believe those lenders need tighter controls. >> as you know clamping down on pay day landers has been a social issue among bay area cities. san fransisco, oakland, they had all passed restrictions on check cashing businesses. the san jose ordinance would put a cap on pay date lenders at 38 but would also try to keep them out entirely from low-income areas. as investigated by the census bureau. or within a quarter mile of a low-income area. a very tricky process but this is what the ordinance is aimed at. community groups have accused check cashing businesses of preying on the poor and minorities. charging interest rates
6:38 am
equivalent to 460 percent and only publishing the interest rates in english. not everyone is supportive of the measures. they say this is an example of many government and tells the mercury news that low-income families would be in a bind if they cannot get a quick cash to pay bills or buy groceries. elsewhere, if this is passed tonight san jose would become the largest city in the country to pass restrictions on pay day lending. reporting live, >> thankyou. would you like to know where the best bars are in the bay area? there is an application for that. it uses facial detection technology to determine the types of crowds at 25 different bars and restaurants. the city. the problem is that people could find out from the at how crowded the place might be and how all old customers are.
6:39 am
>> technology nowadays. >> today is h 3 of the amgen tour of california. >> 120 riders will crisscross three bay area counties. lisa washington and san jose right now with the difficult climb that riders face today. >> they're on to be climbing mount diablo. we'll tell you more about that in a moment. it started sunday in santa rosa and will end this coming sunday in los angeles but today it is all about the trip from san jose to livermore. san jose is host to the amgen tour for all seven years of its existence. yesterday was a jew in san fransisco. it started at the marina. the riders will raise for 115 mi. from the community center in san jose torres the east bay it back country including, for the first time, climbing mount
6:40 am
diablo. if they will end the race and never more this afternoon. each stage does it bring a new challenge and excitement for those that just want to watch. >> it is monumental, it is a big deal. we do not events like this, with this international plan to fame. it is critical. >> there is also going to be another reason san jose. this is the king of the mountain. featuring 300 amateur cyclist including some local elected officials, ceos from silicon valley companies reason for just 3.5 mi. on the cdcr road. after that it will go to the county parks of that they can watch the amgen to or writers make their way to livermore. live in san jose, lisa washington, cbs 5. >> thanks. facebook is pulling out yet another surprise that of its big ipo launch on friday. we'll fill you in. >> and this unicycle that you
6:41 am
can control all with your body weight. >> the market opened at 10 minutes ago and we take a quick look at the early numbers. we have some good news to report. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it was bicycle to work day and lawrence came to work three hours from his home and then by to san jose. is he doing it again today? >> he allegedly light. >> around the bay area we have low clouds and fog that have moved on shore. a little bit of drizzle along the coast one but in the and i think that it will be much nicer day as high pressure builds an overhead. warmer weather developing inside of the day.
6:45 am
along the coast are still some patches of fog and cool air. we will see cooling as we head into thursday but let's worry about the sunshine. the rich making its way to the bay area after a low kicking each word meaning that we're in for more sun shined for seven hours. the wind a little breezy along the coastline. some of those winds up to 20 m.p.h.. otherwise, just a gentle breeze and most bus and the images are not bad at all. as we head into the santa clara valley 77 degrees in santa clara and 77 in san jose and 81 in morgan hill. 50s and 60s along the coastline with a couple patches of fog to read these they numbers up into the '70s and also the low '80s is afternoon. 70 degrees and the napa valley. as you see inside of the bay, 71 degrees in oakland this afternoon. 66 in san fransisco and 73 degrees in petaluma. the next couple of days were on to see very nice weather. maybe the nicest days of the
6:46 am
week. by friday warm back up again and this weekend looking nice. lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures coming away. >> we continue to follow installed big rig in the lands of was down 584 more than an hour now. right by the north wing exit. a stalled big rig blocking one lane and we have just learned that towtrucks are out there now but in the meantime we're seeing super slow speeds. a half an hour delay out of tracy. we lose sensors on to 05 but we know when it is really jammed up over the top of the altamont pass. once you get past northland then speeds improve because it is bottled lacking just before that. out to 680 because of that traffic backing up behind northland and out of tracy. the altamont pass road maybe a good alternate that tends to back up when things like this happen as well. to mass transit, still dealing with slight delays for part.
6:47 am
between 5 to 10 minutes. still dealing with the same switching problems that were yesterday between san bruno. muni back on time systemwide, pace, caltrans, ferries, everything else is looking good. he was down 237 just started to back up. you can see just a little slow and go heading out to san jose. usually right around the time that it tends to back up a little bit. your drive time still ok at 7 minutes, 237 from 880 out to 101. 8800 and as he passed the coliseum, tail lights moving northbound. not to bad heading to the downtown oakland exits. remember kcbs our on-air radio partner so when you hit the road you can get more information. >> 6:47 a.m., today some major steps will be announced to fight alzheimer's. the obama administration already
6:48 am
set a 2025 goal to find ways to effectively treat the mind destroying disease but later today feds will ally the work that has already begun. major new studies and possible 37 approved including a form of insulin that is spreading to your nose. >> facebook feels that it is worth even more than its previous ipo price. here is jason brooks with cbs money watch .com to tell us a little bit more. >> a lot of excitement over the facebook ipo coming this friday. and it is driving a lot of retail investor interest. because retail interest has pulled out of the market for the past years. they have raised their price cut up to $38. at the top range of that, facebook could raise upwards of $12 billion, placing a value of $104 billion on the company. do not be shocked if they raise that once again right before the ipo. getting a look at the u.s.
6:49 am
economy. april not a good month for retailers. sales only up its hands of a percent compared to a 17th of a percent gain the month before. much of the reason for that was earlier mother's day and easter so sales were drawn off into march and may. as far as pricing goes, inflation still little more tame for consumers. it was flat last month thanks to prices falling at the pump by 2.5%. as you can see, consumer side inflation up to 23% over the past 12 months. greece continues to rile the markets. new elections places new doubts on that country's bellsouth's and european debt contagion. right now the dow up by five points after losing 125 yesterday. the nasdaq gained for and the s&p has just turned negative. groupon shooting higher. they talked earning expectations with their shares for up over 17 percent. back to you guys.
6:50 am
>> thank you. >> facebook fitting more visual on your farm. if apple wants a piece of the photoshopping pie. we're joined now with facebook and its mobile redesign. >> this is you try it now. people upload 250 million photographs every day. to facebook. can you believe that? if you're not doing photos on your mobile application to your out of sync. facebook has changed their application for the guy from an android and the moramobile version of their website. the photos used to be small and crunchy looking and that it will be up to three times larger. so we will get immersive so experience when you go to facebook on the mobile device. he did not get that before. as part of the reason when it bought instant gramm. this will be on all major
6:51 am
platforms. and it it is still a separate company owned by facebook and you can see the dna. if you have used it will start to feel more like it but it is a real difference. >> we have a before and after shot. >> it is a very small photo on left. a little bit of text. look at how much more the photograph takes up? it would look trivial if the photos were just bigger but when you have a small device, you have to to give the edge of the real estate for its to be ... for a to even work well. we're all about photos and visual and mobile. those are the things that are growing right now and facebook was weak on that in terms of visuals, as well on as in advertisements. but they're trying to get better. >> i know that apple wants a piece of that high? >> yes, we believe on june 11th a big developers conference, they will roll out a new version of the cloud that will sink not just personal videos but also let you share photos between
6:52 am
people using the iphone application. it will be apple's first foray into photo sharing. like what facebook did. it is a key thing you need to have and everyone is walking to do well. >> hard to believe that apple is playing catch-up. >> if they have the root of being an innovator because they do so well, but they get a mass number of people to do it. they are the volume leader. >> thank you. over to you michelle. >> you may have noticed fewer people commuting to work on a unicycle these days. but the people at honda may someday reverse that trend. today reporters in tokyo got a chance to test drive the honda unicycle. it is made for the last balance above us. use with your body to steer it. they say more testing is needed so there is no immediate plans to sell commercially but it looks pretty cool. >> 6:52 a.m., the top baby names
6:53 am
are out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. >> some developing news from the east bay. a body was found in a quiet neighborhood more than 12 hours ago. kate is with investigators were still on the scene in castro valley. >> actually the coroners office just arrived on scene and they're about to go into that house here on the 4300 block of omega ave. around 6:00 last night a body was discovered. we're told that the public information officer will be arriving on the scene to up to us with your permission as to what happened, who that person
6:57 am
was, whether they were male or female, and knowing who the residents are in the home. a neighbor says that this is a scary scene to wake up to. one neighbor nearby says that her kids had a hard time sleeping last night after hearing sirens at 7:00 and now waking up to seeing officers still here. the investigation is ongoing. we expect to have more information as a republican from each officer is expected to be on the scene. >> thanks. let's get one last check of the weather. >> lots of clouds around the bay area now but by the afternoon should actually be a nicer day outside. temperatures right now in the '40's and 50's. clouds moving in in many spots. still clear in san jose. by the afternoon plenty of sunshine. tempters warming up. seventies and low '80s and the valleys. plenty of '60s and '70s and around the day. patchy fog along the coastline. the next couple of days will be
6:58 am
the nicest days of the week. by thursday clouds roll in and we cool down a little bit but we were backed up as we head into next weekend. >> we're getting busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a stall first, reported near treasure island. traffic stacking up on the incline and the bay bridge toll plaza is jamming up towards the west grants over crossing. here's a live look from mobile 5. mobile 5 traveling northbound on 680 past pleasanton and to the danville area. there were actually cruising toward the back up that we have been experiencing on was down 580 through the altamont pass. since 5:45 a.m., a stalled big rig has been in the lands. it is still is very slow out of tracy. we're hearing about half hour delays from 205 to the north when exit. you can use the altamont pass road as an alternate. it will take about 20 pence to get past the stall. you're seeing a big bottle neck
6:59 am
behind the exit. that is causing your drive time to be lighter than normal for the altamont pass. so, traffic is very light right now. through livermore, and pleasanton. >> thank you. a good day for a bike ride. stage three of the amgen tour of california gets underway in the south bay in just about four hours. >> these are live pictures of the start in san jose. riders finished the day in livermore and for the first time in the history of the race the route includes a climb up mt. diablo. >> the top baby names are in >> according to social security, sophia takes the top spot for the ladies. isabella had been the most popular name for two years, trucks and to no. 2. michelle did not make the top 100. 144. >> i am ok with that. for boys, jacob was number one. courtesy of


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