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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> >> good afternoon everyone .. >> a routine probation check and with a gruesome discovery in an east bay neighborhood.
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deputies found the body of a young man inside of a blood soaked castro valley home. here is kate with what investigators know about him so far and what they don't. >> we have surest blocking our house and we woke up to news events. it is weird. >> weird is one way to describe a series of events that unfolded in this castro valley neighborhood. those that live near the 4300 block of a mega avenue woke up to find the quiet neighborhood crime scene. >> it is a quiet residential neighborhood, i walk my dog down the streets today and you never see anything like this. it is very quiet and peaceful. >> around 7:00 last night that changed and several rows of crime scene tape were put up. >> it is crazy. >> patti reising crimes by cashier's deputies patrolling different parts of the neighborhood, knocking on parolees doors. >> when they entered the house there was a significant amount
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of blood and at that time they froze the house, and later discovered the bodies. >> deputies say the body was a male in his 20s. they don't know who he is or how he died but just that some kind of trauma was involved. that is not believe it was the parolee in question. neighbors tell us the crime scene was home to stacy and cody trip, but police could not confirm that information. either way the discovery was unexpected. >> it is very unusual circumstance. yes. we do probation and parole searches quite frequently, not very often you go in and find a bloody scene and then peabody to go along with that. >> the sergeant says the body was found in the garage, it was taken to tell me the county coroner's office for examination and now an investigation continues. in castro valley, cbs 5. >> this afternoon a judge is likely to decide on the ethics commission will see a
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controversial video. the clip is said to feature the wife of sherrif russ mcginnis sang was caused by her husband, ross mirkarimi who pled guilty to eight misdemeanor charges and now the ethics commission is weighing the mayor's request to remove him from office. the board of supervisors will make that final decision. a doctor is now facing dozens of felony charges. investigators say the doctor charged patients $100 per bottle for prescription drugs which they then resold and abuse. one of the patients died of an overdose. issues convicted she could face up to a dozen years behind bars. >> the nursing program at the oakland school where seven people were shot to death last month has been placed on probation. a state board has given oikos university two years to make improvements to the program otherwise they could lose state approval. one of the biggest problems is the passing rate on state licensing exams. 50 percent of students passed in
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2010, but last year the rate fell to just 41 percent. the state average is 75%. passing grades are supposed to be within 10 percent of that average. other stores around the bay area, members of the occupied the farm movement will regroup as afternoon at the albany community center. police arrested nine people yesterday during a raid at the protest site. they had been there three weeks demanding the land be used for community farming. uc-berkeley owns the land and use it for agricultural research. more than 200 san fransisco schoolteachers on notice that they may lose their jobs. the district issued them pink slips to help bridge and a $3 million budget gap. they're hoping to avoid most of the layoffs by negotiating $30 million in contract concessions. the teachers' union hate the idea and has voted to strike necessary. >> that j.p. morgan chase told shareholders that the banks costly mistake was self- inflicted. he insisted he was not against new financial regulations.
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danielle nottingham reports that this comes as the justice department launches a full investigation. >> j.p. morgan chase ceo jamie diamond faced shareholders in tampa following the bank's $2 million loss in bad trades. >> the bottom line is that we will learn from mistakes and fix them. >> since those losses last week, chase stock has dropped 13%. appearing on the view, the president said that this is what wall street needs tighter regulations. >> jp morgan is one of the best managed banks there is, jimmy diamond, the head of it is one of the smartest and chris-craft. and they still lost $2 billion in capital. >> congress passed wall street reform two years ago. but much of it has yet to take effect. one part of the 2010 financial reform bill is called the vulgar rule which is supposed to limit certain large speculative
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investments but it does not kick in until july. >> if you continue to believe in the importance of hedging risks as an institution but we understand the need for rules to assure that hedging does not work as something different. >> it is not yet known whether the rule would have stopped the risky trades that got cheese into trouble but some lawmakers want to see it take effect immediately. >> it is a sensible step forward for more accountability and more transparency. >> wall street watchers say the bad trades they made are still out there, so the banks $2 billion loss is likely to grow even larger. danielle nottingham, a cbs news washington. >> he won a shareholder endorsement of his $23 million pay package and he will also keep the title as chairman of the board. most of the shareholders had already voted before dawn and revealed the trading loss. >> british prosecutors have filed criminal charges in the phone hacking scandal that rocked the rupert murdoch's
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media empire. she facers the jurors that could put her away for life. she and five others are accused of plotting to hide evidence. during his 2008 presidential run. >> that is according to records introduced today in his corruption trial and north carolina. he is accused of using illegal contributions to hide his pregnant mistress during his campaign. evidence shows one of the donors made regular deposits into her checking account for living and travel expenses. roger clemens former trainers says that he is projected the baseball legend with steroids because he saved it. he says that he held on to medical waste from one of the procedures after his wife complained that he would become the fall guy. he is on trial for perjury, accused of lying to congress in 2008 when he denied using performance enhancing drugs. he contends that he was only
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given vitamin shots. coming up, tackling alzheimer's, the new nationwide plan just announced by the obama administration. >> facebook frenzy, as the company really worth $100 billion? >> stage three of the amgen tour of california is officially underway. it starts here in san jose and after the break we will hear from some of the california cyclists >> i am in new york, coming up we will figure behind the scenes at google .com, how flashy sales idea turned into a billion dollar company. >> a massive fire races through a southern california stripmall . the dramatic pictures right after the break. >> i am in the cbs 5 weather center, a foggy start to the bay. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios,
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>> 150 firefighters battled a two alarm fire this morning at stripmall in los angeles county. the fire broke out before 4:00 a.m. at a general merchandise store, in palmdale. look at those flames. so intense that the roof caved in. the fire finally knocked down about 7:30 p.m., the business had been open only for a couple of weeks. a while fire north of phoenix now burning to square miles and forcing evacuations. the gladiator fire has destroyed two buildings since it started on sunday near the historic mining town of crowned king. right now containment is still at zero in the area is under mandatory evacuation order. another fire in the tarp national forest has burned nearly seven square miles. >> stage 3 under way in the amgen tour of california and this afternoon competing cyclist
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will make and a sense of one portion of mt. diablo. we saw washington in san jose right now at the spot where the riders got started today. this was a tough ride for them? >> a tough ride for sure. as he said, they're already on their way to stage three of his race. in fact right now all that is left is a few of the workers that are breaking down the stages and removing the barricade and science as their packing up to head to stage four which will start tomorrow but it was all about stage 3 that began here in san jose less than an hour ago. the 150 riders started at the berryessa community center. they're heading east to livermore where the race will end. the cyclist will face the challenge of climbing mount diablo. this is a first for the amgen tour of california. we spoke to a couple of the california site list before the stage began. >> yes, today will be challenging. yesterday was a very challenging race. most of the sprinters mated over the top and i am expecting the same.
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very challenging. the kleins are too far from the finish. so it is hard for the cars to really want to go 100 percent. >> it is a historic time in the area. all of the site was down here know the climb very well and drain on it all the time, i've heard the name many times throughout my career and i'm getting pretty also i have zero heard a lot. >> the mobile australian team can get over the climb. >> there were hundreds of spectators and cycle enthusiasts as you heard from a guy there who his exit from australia. all of them waited patiently to watch the riders cycle by in the first few seconds after the start. there are five more remaining stages of the amgen tour. it will and this coming sunday in southern california. we are live in san jose, lisa washington, cbs 5. >> they still have a long way to go. thanks. designer clothing at nearly 75% off.
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the story's the very excited. one website or you cash in. >> and a car crash flooding a los angeles street. look at the damage as waterspouts high into the sky. that is coming out next. >> sunshine for some and also >> sunshine for some and also looking for others.,,,,,,
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet!
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>> 82 car crash took out a fire hydrant as you can see here in los angeles. causing the awning of a nearby gas station to collapse .. police say and temporarily shut down the pit investigation to investigate the crash. one person into a hostile should be ok but quite a mess this morning in los angeles. >> i peeked outside because it looked more and that greece just hit me. >> and because he did not trust me. >> that too. you know, it is starting to look pretty good outside right now. a lot of sunshine in most spots. still gray along the coastline. over the bay looking good as we have mostly sunny skies. temperatures now just beginning to heat up the gas a little bit of a breeze keeping the senators down in the city of san francisco only 55 response .. 70 in concord and 67 in santa rosa. as we sailed into the afternoon skies are born to be mostly sunny away from the in the
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coastline and the images will be warmer as well. those low clouds and fog are going to move on shore overnight tonight and into the bay. some of the valleys, enjoy the sunshine, we have some changes for the middle of the week. high-pressure holding on right now and it looks like it will be in place for one more day. then we'll start to see these week systems off the coastline run over top of the ridge which will flatten the ridge and begin to cool down temperatures. the fortunate we will see very nice numbers all around the bay area. attached are trying to break up but not going to do much along the coast and an overnight tonight is on to push back on shore inside of the day and some of the valleys computer models to get through the valley. it's not take a long time to burn off tomorrow. temperatures today will be cool in daly city, and 60 degrees there some patches of fog. 68 in burlingame. 73 degrees in redwood city and as your head down the peninsula temperatures are warming up nicely. 81 in morgan hill and about 82 in gilroy.
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as you had to the east bay the centers are warming up well into the '70s especially over the hilltops. 80s and antioch in brentwood and those images in the mid-70s in hayward. 67 in alameda and 66 degrees and a little breezy in berkeley in the afternoon hours but still the north bay looks very nice. plenty of sunshine in the napa valley. 70 degrees there. 76 and sunny in santa rosa as he approached the coast line, the influence from that onshore breeze, and of the fog along the coastline, keeping images down into the 60s and mid-60's in seventh disco. the next couple of days we're going to see pretty nice weather but by thursday we will cool things down once again. the good news is that on friday was are to warm up and this next week and again looking very good. that will be. >> thank you. thank you. a new national alzheimer's plan. more than 5 million americans have alzheimer's or related
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dementias and that number is expected to keep growing. today the health secretary promised help for affected families now and in the future. >> we have made considerable progress. but what we know is that much more needs to be done. and aides to be done right now. because people with alzheimer's disease, and their loved ones and care givers, need help right now. >> this summer health-care providers can start getting free training on detecting early signs and on the best methods for care. it spent $50 million on all summer research this year. >> facebook is raising the target range for their stock. the big ipo. shares will now sell between 34 and $38. that means more money and that would value facebook at more than $100 billion. some analysts say that price is hyperinflated.
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>> from wall street's standpoint is really expensive. but no one on wall street wants to be left out so it is wrong to be hugely popular and will probably do very well. what it does after that? we've no idea because facebook needs to create a business to live up to that $100 billion valuation. >> important note that more than 40 percent of americans log into facebook at least once per week. >> if you have not heard about guilt group chances are you will soon. what began as a simple idea has quickly become one of the biggest success stories in internet shopping. wall street is logging on and hoping for a piece of that action. manuel gallegus has a look behind the scenes. >> kevin's company is not only glamorous. it is a game changer. as ceo of guilt group he has revolutionized the way we shop online. >> people get on line and are furiously trying to put things into their card. >> that frenzy is because you need to be quick on the click.
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the website is building their fortune with/sales, discounting hot brands for a short amount of time. >> a big part is creating urgency and scarcity. but it does not work unless people feel like the goods are valuable, well chosen, and will curated. >> he started it five years ago with only one employee as the recession took hold his discount business was booming. today more than 1000 people work here. here at headquarters in new york you can actually see where people are on the look website around the country and what they're baring in real time. for example someone bought a dress in the east. >> they should 10,000 packages a day to shoppers all over the world. the company rang up $500 million in sales last year. line may be leading the pack now but he knows that competition is never far behind. >> even if you have a good idea, within six months there will be eight other people doing it so what really matters is if you're doing it better than everyone
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else. >> the company hopes to go public next year and with a market value of over $1 billion, it is shaping up to be a gold mine. manuel gallegus, cbs news new york. >> i am signing up. >> losing weight like a roller coaster. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today for tony's table we will make something delicious. my mother made this and she made it so good. it is pasta with cauliflower. cauliflower is coming in at a really good rates and prices are coming down. when you buy the cauliflower it needs to look like that. nice and white. free from any browning and they're usually wrapped in cellophane. take the cellophane off and then put it in the refrigerator. i sac state some with extra virgin olive oil. then i added some chicken stock. the first leg caramelized it and then added chicken stock. and then some reasons. it is nice sweetness to it. you could add pine nuts but added almost because pine nuts are very expensive right now. at a little bit of a possible cost the water. we had the rigatoni and mix it
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around like this. i'm going to taste as cauliflower. pasta with cauliflower? sicilian style? you will love it. i am tony tantillo in this is tony's table. mom, thank you for the recipe. >> mom is watching. would you like to lose some weight? here is some incentive. a virginia man weighing 3 under pounds was not allowed to ride a roller coaster at a theme park because of safety reasons so he was embarrassed and decided to,,
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