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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 15, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> there are 1500 private vocational schools in california, the industry has been under intense heat the past few years. so the assembly member marty block from san diego got a bill passed the house that forces some schools to let students know exactly what they may be getting into. >> whether the institution is accredited, whether the institution has high default rates on student loans. it lets the student know what their job placement rate will be after graduation. >> some private schools say that they already do all of that, they list that information, job placement, graduation rates, all you need to do is look online. >> we have been doing this for years and that is part of what you check when you go to an institution. >> you could drive a mack truck through the current laws, which he could learn to drive at the national truck driving school in the bay area. and other private school. if for some may be tricky. >> we cannot get enforcement's that hired a last summer.
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this was one of the first complaints we began looking into >> it took a year of steering complaints to get the state department of consumer affairs to act at the medical institute. >> so what are the job placement figures? we do not really know because it is so lax the win put numbers together now. this bill should clear it up but we can point out that if you looked at cal, stanford, job placement rates after that. it is about 50 percent now. so it is not a good market matter what. but this will make sure that people that go to the schools will have an idea of what they're getting into. >> thank you. well, the oakland school where a gunman killed seven people is officially on probation. the nursing school at oikos university now must show progress towards raising passing grades and fixing other problems. if they fail to do that, they could lose state approval. it's passing rate was 41% last year, the state average was 75%.
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>> a decision that is leaving prosecutors dumfounded. a man that they considered dangerous is out of jail tonight. but he has to follow an unusual set of guidelines. they're similar to what an elementary school students would be asked to do. kristin airs on the case involving a book report bond. never heard of it. >> the u.s. attorney's office is appealing this decision, but if it stands, this young man accused in a shooting of a federal agents would have to read a list of books as a condition of his bond. >> it happened march 28th, three men arrested in richmond, accused of trying to rob an undercover agent at gunpoint. they were allegedly trying to sell the agent a grenade launcher. one of the suspects opened fire on the officer in the officer fired back. six weeks later one of the men behind bars on federal charges has a shot at freedom. at this federal judge agreed
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with a magistrate that he should be released on $150,000 bond. the catch, according to court records, while out on bond, he must read a list of books assigned by rogers, he will have to read for one hour every day and write for half an hour about what he has read. >> if your on the prosecution side must be shocked. >> the u.s. attorney's office was not permitted to talk to us about the case but this former district attorney dan o'malley called the judge's decision unusual, considering the crime. >> the fact that someone, him or his co-conspirator, put a loaded gun to an atf officers had, that is pretty shocking that he is out at all. >> his defense attorneys argued in court that he played a minor role in the crime but prosecutors believe that he is a drug abuser who has been in trouble before. o'malley says the judge's move sounds like an attempt at rehabilitation. >> the charge is very serious and he is presumed innocent but it is obvious the judge cares a little bit about his potential.
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>> that maybe the bottom line, it sounds like this may be an effort at rehabilitation, prosecutors have argued that he is a flight risk but again, he would be staying at his grandmother's house is released on bond. >> so we did not get the list of books that he has to read, do we know what level of reading this is? >> you know, we don't know at this point. that would be something that the judge would assign in particular. i don't know. maybe something about the justice system, to kill a mockingbird? those are some of the suggestions we heard today. >> war and peace? there are a lot of books. >> many to choose from. thank you. we have developing news off the california coast. officials say there are too entangled whales off monterey. one is a humpback mellon tangled in a crab net, the other is a gray whale. crews will go out tomorrow to try and set them free. three other wells entangled in
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fishing lines off of california just this month alone. >> hosting a house party in san jose could have harsh consequences if underage drinking is involved. len ramirez is here with the latest on the bay area city council proposal targeting parents of a teenaged partners. >> when under aged drinking happens it is the adults that the price, that is the idea behind the san jose new social host ordinance. >> in my district we have had a death every year because of the fact that kids are drinking, in homes, sometimes parents are not even aware. and then getting into a car and driving, and causing crashes. >> this council members as it was the drunken driving fatal crash of a high-school graduate step closer to a proposed ordinance that would at fines and rigorous and cost to homeowners were under aged ridging occurs. one parent says that it is about time. >> children should be monitored. it falls on us as parents. and we are responsible.
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my father was killed by drunk driver. not far from here. >> san jose would be the biggest city in santa clara county to adopt a social host ordinance and similar laws have been used in rant county for years. between 2006 and 2009 police brought the county issued 61 tickets to adults who allowed underage drinking to occur at their home. >> will this cut down on under aged to get orders? >> probably not. >> some say that pound pulling parents responsible what helped .. >> there would be more repercussions of parents would not let it happen. >> again, we are joining you live from leland high school with a community in san jose has been working on this ordinance for about two years now. it will be discussed at the city council meeting tonight and voted on, that meeting starts at 7:00. alan, it is said to be a slam- dunk for passage. >> thankyou. in other bay area headlines, investigators trying to identify
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a man found dead in a home in the castro valley. deputies discovered the crime scene last night during a routine probation check. they think the man was in his 20s but so far they don't know who he is, how he died, or why he was at that house. tonight san jose expected to become the largest city in the country to put tough restrictions on pay day lenders. the city council will vote on an ordinance that would prevent those businesses from opening in or near their low-income areas. it would also cap the number of pay day lenders allowed in that city. and a bit of extra noise today at san fransisco union square. a local janitor's union accusing a cleaning contractor at the macy's store of sexual harassment. they're asking macy's to transfer the supervisor to another store. >> a new detail on the hit and run that nearly killed san fransisco pedestrian. he was critically injured after being run down and dragged through a notorious north beach intersection.
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police still looking for leads on the vehicle but joe vasquez shows us that we're learning much more about the victim. >> he was a fixture on the busiest corner of north beach. the homeless man with sad eyes that panhandled just about every night may have gone unnoticed if not for his remarkably polite manner. >> he is a very sweet spirited person with a good word for everyone that walks by. >> now the 62 year-old is in hospital fighting for his life. police say that he was crossing this intersection where columbus meet stockton and green at 11:30 p.m. saturday when he became the victim of a violent hit and run. he was dragged for quite a distance. >> right now they need to stop internal bleeding in his head, and then working on his broken bones, getting them stable. >> she runs north beach citizens, and homeless outreach center, she is helping her family members to travel and from louisiana.
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>> what did he do before it was harmless? >> actually was a stockbroker at morgan stanley. the influx of crack in the '80s took hold of him, it is not an unusual story. >> a story impossible to verify right now. >> one of the most dangerous intersections >> neighbors have their own stories about the many near misses of speeding cars at this strange five with stop. >> i have been threatened by driver speeding up to try and scare me because i think i am jaywalking when i actually have the right of way. it is very confusing. >> police are focused on finding the driver of a ninety's white chevy s u v. witnesses only got a partial license plate, just two and four at the end. in have fun and damage. people in north beach go before a break in the case, and a swift recovery for the man on the corner that they barely know. joe vasquez, cbs 5. >> bay area pet owners finding out the hard way, that you can move away but still be blindsided by a bill for hundreds of dollars.
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>> the tour of california races through livermore. domestic output this east bay city on the world stage? >> and an eye opening test drive, the reality check on,,,,,
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>> most pet owners know that they need to license their pets when they move to a new place. but as julie wolfe explains in tonight's consumer watch. one bay area city require something unusual when pet owners move away. >> she thought that she knew everything about taking care of her dog. that is until last month when she was blindsided by a bill for nearly $500. and it seems the dog was partly to blame. when she and her family moved from fremont to the city of danville two years ago, they did
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not inform fremont that the dog had move also. >> we move with the dog and did not tell fremont we would not be licensing their >> and fremont has an unusual law requiring pet owners to update the city of any change in their animal status. including moving are passing away. violators face escalating fines up to a maximum of $1,000. >> that is crazy. >> i was not aware of that. >> if the data base is not up- to-date with current information, then it is useless. we know that people move often and week to send notices when licenses are due for renewal. >> she says that she never got the notice is because they went to her old address. >> testify that you move does not prevent you from having that responsibility to making that notification. >> that is out a fiber from $60 to nearly 500. sure we found out about it when the city of fremont took the money directly out for state tax refund. >> i got this letter from the franchise tax board sang the
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$480 had been intercepted on behalf of the city of fremont. >> we called dozens of other bay area cities and counties and found that sonoma county is actually the only one that requires you notify them if your dog dies or move away. but there is no penalty if you don't in sonoma and many other cities say they appreciated if you did give them notification. she protested refine and it was dismissed. but as for the dog, he is happy in his new home now that he is out of the doghouse. >> are you sorry for what you did? >> >> he looks very sorry. this story caught our attention. a dog fight taking place on to coast. lots of legal fees in between. a man in new york suing his former girlfriend for custody of the plug id/beagle that he says is his. she moved to southern california with the dog but the man says that is dog napping and has spent $60,000 trying to recover
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the dog. >> i had to hire two private investigators to find her, i know it sounds cool to be working with private investigators but it is not and it is incredibly beat costly. >> a judge will hear arguments tomorrow. >> the amgen tour of california tore through the east bay today. stage three of the 80 rates took riders along a grueling 115 mi. route starting in san jose. and cbs 5 was along for the ride. >> the community center was the start of stage three for the amgen tour of california. it is in northeast san jose, a neighborhood well known to riders and raised in the past because it is also home to the infamous year road climb but this year the riders won't be going up the sierra. it will be going along calaveras boulevard st. to the state to livermore and then another famous mountain top in the bay area, mt. diablo. >> it is now 1:53 p.m. and most
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writers are peaking at 2,100 ft. in elevation right here in mt. diablo. they look like they're not sweating at all and climbing the mountains like machines. >> they start their descent down the mountain to their finished and in livermore. >> that is where we find and. hello. >> people here are still you for even though the cleanup is well underway. it has been two hours since the writers made their grand entrance. >> it was an unbelievable race to the finish with cyclist going 40 mi. per hour as they hit first reading crossed the finish line. it was 22 year-old peters say in who cross the finish line first, making history having won the first three stages at the amgen tour of california. he wrote 150 mi. in 4 hours, 50 minutes and 49 seconds. the city of livermore could not have scripted their role in the race any better. >> a burst of excitement at 12:30 p.m. as the breakaway
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group of four riders pass through livermore on their way to mt. diablo. for 25 minutes later, the main pack of writers and cycled through. >> rolling to a wide open countryside ... >> some spectators follow the race on their phones. >> if your a bike aficionado which i am, this is the holy grail. >> it is as close as you will get to that fort-de-france experience. >> 20,000 people downtown livermore today, and because the race is passed through and finished here, they spent a whole day >> it was cool to see the books go by, and the kids love it. >> what do you think about cyclist coming through your town? >> i love it. i watch the tour de france sa get to see my heroes. >> it is a huge deal, it is live tv shown in 120 countries around the world and we get to showcase everything that livermore has. >> this all came to be by accident. years ago the amgen tour
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officials were scoping out another california city when there gps guided them through livermore. they liked what they saw and they keep coming back. >> they actually saw us out to make sure that we were applying this year to be a finished city. so they wanted to come here. >> they're hoping the race will come back next year. this one day event brings in nearly $2 million. >> $2 million? wow. >> and then the racers and who just do it for recreation, they come back and they do the route for up to years of this brings in more visitors. a great economic benefit. >> very cool. thank you. >> until technology catches up with a speed of a teenager, young drivers see more and more likely to send and read text messages while they are behind the wheel of a car. tonight we have a closer look at a virtual reality simulators that is driving home the message of how dangerous it is to text and dries. >> the average teenager sends a
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60 text messages per day. if they are driving, their eyes are off of the road for five seconds for each message. at 55 mi. per hour, that is about the length of a football field. technology is a good thing, we use it every day but you need to be smart. >> at&t in business to sell wireless plans brought their virtual reality simulators to san fransisco gateway high school for lesson. a lesson in how dangerous it is to be behind the wheel and text. >> if you're not careful you will wind up being a bad accents we need to be smart. node text messages with a life. >> he did not crash but he had three infractions. >> we think we are invincible in our youth. >> this capt. stake says just as drinking and driving can be deadly combination, so can texting and driving. >> why rather that a program like this exist then a teenager go to a funeral for a friend
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that died we'll texting and driving. >> the sophomore is working on his driver's permits. how did he do? >> i did poorly, they told me i did poorly. but i thought i did ok, i stayed within the speed limit. i just did bad it from stang on my side of the road. >> not that i have ever tested behind the wheel ... >> those are your infractions. >> 49% above the speed limit? on the wrong side of the road? four times? number of times driving off the road? i did not cross the road. but i did crash. >> i did, i broke the speed limit have the time, four sons crossing over and driving on the wrong side of the road. not a good thing. if you have a story idea log onto, send me an e- mail. >> you start out ahead it when we go home tonight. >> you want me to fall,,,,,,,,,,
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>> short warning signs are all along one beach in the central coast after a fisherman says that a 14 ft. great white shark slammed into his kayak, tossing him out of the kayak and into the ocean. it had a 22 in. bite out of the kayak but the fisherman was not hurt during the encounter near hearst castle. >> it is kind of overcast down there. >> you always have those scary stories before weather. the only sharks' i like are wearing ice skates and are in san jose. this is a cbs 5 weather camera, yes it is overcast, some
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condensation on the camera lens there as well. a notable numbers in and around the microclimates right now, 59 in oakland, cooler in san fransisco. what you are not seeing is the wind blowing out of the west. it took 25 m.p.h., adding a chill in the air. this is a live weather camera where currently at the summit is 68 degrees and also the wind is out of the west at 17 m.p.h.. some down at 8:13 p.m., some coastal clouds, pushing on shore overnight. but tomorrow will pan out to be sunny and warm. and wait until you see the 7 day forcast. but first off, '40's and 50's across the board, 52 in alameda. and piedmont. this is the next area of low pressure. it will affect thursday. again, that outlook coming up. we will go ahead and forecast the air temperatures tomorrow. the '50s and '60s along the beaches and '60s and '70s coming around the peninsula including south san francisco. 79 in campbell and we jump up to
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the low '80s in gilroy and morgan hill. northwest winds between five and 15 in the afternoon hours east of the dates up and off at 82 in brentwood. napa valley to the north in the mid-70s. where san fransisco average five-year is 64 counting on 65 degrees. the extended forecast, that area of low pressure to the north of us will cause morning cloudiness and much cooler air mass on thursday. and we gradually recover over the weekend with a tranquil weather patterns for tuesday. that is your pinpoint forecasts. >> thankyou. do you think that you can solve the state's $16 billion budget question? how you can balance the budget yourself. >> and a new way to test for hiv at home. and the concerns of doctors about that. >> higher bridge tolls, more expensive meters. >> now a different approach to alleviate traffic congestion.
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>> millions of taxpayers across california want to know tonight why is the budget gap so much worse than state leaders
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expected? we send graced lead to sacramento to get their answers. >> not just talking about a couple of dollars. we're talking about $6 billion. the deficit basically increased 70% from january to may. we decided to come here to sacramento to ask the state comptroller because of the chief financial officer for the state and he says there are some of factors that this is not an exact science. >> the economy in california is improving. but still sluggish. >> looking back, he says the state saw an unexpected drop in personal income tax in the billions of dollars. they believe that more stock would be sold this year because the market has done so well. >> capital gains is an incredibly dynamic proponents of the tax revenues in the state of california. >> you're basically predicting human behavior? >> exactly. the timing of facebook is one example. >> alleges the to will have to agree on a budget plan in june, but the current budget is
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assuming that californians will agree on the november ballot initiative to raise sales tax. if they say " no " the state government will have to find an extra $6 billion. >> how much does california need the tax initiative that will be on the ballot in november? >> desperately. we need the revenue. we certainly need the revenue for public schools and public safety. >> most of the money will fund k through 12 education. without the initiatives we could lose three weeks out of the school year and another $100 million to the uc and cal state campuses. not everyone is on board with funding education with tax. >> absolutely not. the last seven times we have had a tax increase that went from the voters, they said " no ". we're already one of the highest taxed states in the nation. you cannot tax yourself to prosperity. >> the controller says to think about it like a family household and this family is in trouble and has been for a few years and he says that if his family
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continues to make cuts, looking at every penny it spends, and become more efficient, then we could be out of the woods in just a few years. >> do you think that you can untangle this mess? the nonpartisan group " next gen " gives you a chance with a latest version of their online budget challenge. the website lets you see how the state budget works, or doesn't work. you can also balance it on your own terms or see the consequences of the options now being considered by lawmakers. >> for the most part the choices that we present is current policy choices being considered in sacramento. we're trying to say " this is very important to so many millions and millions of californians, here's a way to get better educated on the state budget ". >> like california, they're rushing to update the mast to reflect the state's new $16 billion deficit. you can find a link to the challenge on our website, go to and click on news and look for the budget story.
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>> tonight the richmond city council considering a new tax on soda and fruit juice. the idea is to fight obesity but as don four reports, business owners are not too happy. >> the city of richmond has its own problems. 52 percent of children and 58 percent of adults are overweight or obese. city councilman thomas bauman says the issue starts with soft drinks. >> more people lose more years of life due to sugar sweetened beverages than they do from firearms and gun violence. >> he wants a new test for the city of richmond. 1¢ per ounce to discourage the purchase of sugar sweet and soda. that adds 12¢ to a can of soda. it is estimated that if voters approve this in tax, it might raise between two and $8 million per year. some people are just not convinced. >> people definitely have the
6:33 pm
freewill to decide what they want to read what they want to drink. i definitely believe that. and it will whether it is taxed or not. >> gilbert shepard has been around richmond a long time, he says that something needs to be done. >> sugar drinks should be banned from schools. in makes kids get fired up. >> still others believe that richmond has bigger fish to fry. >> problems with schools, we're always concern about crime. i do not know if soda is the right place where we should be legislating at this point. >> tea and coffee would be exempt because the customer as the sugar themselves. but you need to ask yourself, who would be against this? >> ridiculous. i'm totally against it. >> he says it would hurt his sales. >> i don't want prices to go up. >> the proposal goes on about the summer for a vote. >> another legal set back for
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suspended sherrif ross mirkarimi. a judge ruled today that a video at the center of his domestic violence case can also be used in his upcoming misconduct hearing. the clip shows his wife displaying a bruise that he allegedly inflicted during an argument. the city's ethics commission will use it to help decide whether he should keep his job. after that the board of supervisors will have the final say. >> americans could soon test themselves at home for hiv. late today an fda panel recommended the makers of a mouse tests for the virus be allowed to sell it in retail stores. theresa garcia explains why not all experts are on board with this plan. >> this test takes only 20 minutes, a person swabs the upper and lower gums and hiv antibodies are present, a line appears on the test along with a line that shows the test is working similar to a home pregnancy test.
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>> this is another option for people to know there each day the status and test more frequently and to do so in the comfort and privacy of their own home. >> a company study shows the test is 93 percent accurate to identify people who are hiv- positive. the fda standard is 95% and government divisors say that this test would miss about 3800 people with hiv each year. the home kit was better in determining people who did not have hiv, correct 99 percent of the time. it is estimated at 1.2 million people are infected with hiv in the united states and about 240,000 of them don't know it. many hope that this test will prevent new infections, but some experts are concerned for people who test positive without a doctor closed by. >> there are profound implications for your life and probably have lots of questions. and there's no one around to help you answer them, to comfort you, to reassure you, to tell you that terror is available. and to talk to you about
6:36 pm
prognosis. >> the company says they have created a customer support center that would help those consumers with questions and the next lap, 24 hours per day. cbs news los angeles. >> coming up next, how facebook is playing the price is right when it comes to their ipo. >> an inside look at,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> facebook is raising the price of its stopped ahead of its friday initial public offering. the social networking company expects to sell its stock for 34 to $38 per share. higher than the previous range of 28 to $35. high demand from investors led to the higher pricing. the idea will value facebook at more than $100 billion. >> some breaking news out of the state where occupy the farm protesters apparently tried to retake a tract of land on my uc-
6:39 pm
berkeley. they marched to that property in albany around 5:00 and were met by a group of police officers who were guarding the area. officers forced them off the land yesterday. the protesters tonight have left the area, no word on any arrest but we'll keep an eye on it. a big 75th anniversary celebration underway in san francisco, in addition to the golden gate bridge, another icon that left its own unique mark on history. patrick shows us that the chances are your tearing a piece of it in your pocket. >> this was a rare inside look at a money machine, the u.s. mint in san fransisco turning 75. >> specifications are closely guarded secret. >> they're making money with pride. >> we're making american art through coins. >> the coins are collector coins. not the kind used in a gumball
6:40 pm
machine. >> a new corn for the sentences comment. neither the reverse process or in the other prove have been struck in san fransisco. >> these are going to be points. we saw on finished coins being polished, and ready for shipping. >> this is awesome. these are the actual shipping containers that will go to the subcontractors who will buy them and ship these orders. a laser scans each coin and checks for imperfections. and then perfects them. >> we checked all the incoming material to make sure that it conforms to specifications. very different from what you would see at a normal circulating facility. >> the heads and tails of the story is the >> if you do it right the first time that it wants. >> if you do it right the first time you only do it once. >> these coins will be instant classic sparing the unique san
6:41 pm
fransisco market. >> fed up with a commuter crawl? this traffic guru has created six. a plan that rewards drivers. >> five or $10 here or there, that is enough to motivate me. >> from the cbs 5 weather center we're taking a look at the 21 degree temperatures stand today from the coast to the inland areas. even warmer tomorrow. we will pinpoint those neighborhoods, but dennis, how about the a's? >> down in southern california, another shut out. and a fishing story caught on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> rising tolls, a kind of feels like a cost you money just to look at your car these days let alone drive it. but what if there was another way, a better way to control traffic? elizabeth shows us a program that is paying off for bay area drivers and it could be a glimpse into the future. >> at some point, you have the situation where there are just
6:45 pm
too many cars on the street. >> frustrating, costly, and entirely predictable. >> most of the time these are the same people every day in essentially the same place. pretty much the same time. >> as old as many of them are, the highways and ashley handle a lot of cars. >> they work fine at 85 percent but it is the last 10 percent and makes the congestion problem severe. >> we are often at that 95 percent. >> it is a lot of people to cause congestion and a few people to get rid of it. >> this is an incentive, you have to pay in order to use the roadway. >> cross the bay bridge during rush hour and a higher toll. >> in london, it is up to 8 lbs.. >> stanford university is approaching this differently. >> i have made maybe $17, maybe
6:46 pm
19. >> the school giving drivers and incentives. >> that will get a small device that it will put in the windshield of their vehicle, and as they passed one of the 16 entry points, or exit the campus, they will be registered on one of the meters that we have. >> to make more trips to or from campus outside rush hour ... >> the better chance that you have and the bigger prizes to win. >> within the first 44 hours we had 1000 people signed up. >> i have been careful now about getting on campus before a o'clock. >> so will cities around the bay area start handing out cash? no. but we did some asking and a to aknowledge options beyond ever rising tolls and congestion pricing. it will just to get creative. >> perhaps with parking, economy parking charge, or combining it with a multiple use transit
6:47 pm
card. that would allow you to leave your vehicle behind and using boss. >> coffee shops to offers. that is one example. >> the technology is ahead of us for all the stuff. is an issue of public acceptance and understanding that we can't build our way out of the problem. >> that is emerging question from the bay area, should we keep forcing drivers to pay more? or should we make it pay to be a more savvy driver? >> as for the cash, stanford is handing out a mix of traffic funding and federal research grants money. >> a cool day today along the coast and the bay, seasonal in inland areas. 57 degrees in san fransisco and 70 degrees in concord. good evening everyone. this is the scene in the east bay. a live weather camera looking at mt. diablo. a bit breezy there. and senators tumbling into the 60s and mid-60's. right now transition to the city
6:48 pm
by the bay. san fransisco only 57, average 564 and you can see the clouds are obviously moving in at 56 degrees and winds gusting up to 31 m.p.h.. tonight sunset at 8:13 p.m., not going to see that the beaches, otherwise sunny and warm wednesday. wait until you see the 7 day forcast. tonight in the '40's and into the 50s. 50 degrees in fremont. this is the futurecast, you can play along at home. you can see the clouds filling in around the day. that is your morning commute and then watch as the morning progresses and into the afternoon. it will pan out to be a warmer day, with the lack of cloud cover the whistle have this area of low pressure upstream. this is going to affect our thursday, buy it really enforcing a stronger onshore push and bring down temperatures. you'll see that forecast a first of moderate pollen counts again on wednesday. it will worsen on thursday. tomorrow's temperatures '50s and
6:49 pm
'60s, sixties and seventies around the peninsula. no. this is a 50 m.p.h. caught off in the low '80s in morgan hill and gilroy. and in allan rock other was 80 degrees in pittsburgh and san ramon. as well as livermore when the average high is right around 76. not too bad, numbers rising above average levels. and north of the golden gate bridge from 59 degrees in stinson beach 278 in sonoma. south of the golden gate bridge 65 san fransisco which is bought on for this time of year. the extended forecast does call for cooler temperatures on thursday and friday due to that area of low pressure to the north and then we see warmer weather with the warmest day th
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> yes, it is the middle of may and i am still talking of football, because the biggest factors in the success of the dennis allen coaching debut with the raiders will be the health of darren mcfadden. he's back practicing with the team saying that he is finally back to full speed. we better take his word for it, he missed nine games of last season after suffering a freakish foot injury, that setback also heard his mood.
6:53 pm
>> being out there and having injuries like their, you cannot do anything about it so it will get you down. >> how did it to you down? did you stay home and look out the window? >> i ignored the media. >> always did a good way to get out of there. a slugger on the disabled list, the a's could use manny ramirez and his 555 career home runs. he will begin a minor league tuneup saturday with the sacramento river cast on the road in albuquerque. he is serving a 50 day suspension and cannot return to the majors until may 30th. meanwhile down south bartolo colon in and i'm looking for a 2 gang sweep. third inning down 1/0. the struggling albert pujols, knocking it down, but scores two/zero mss. albert pujols again, this is not what they did this guy to do but it works today. pick and not make the place of
6:54 pm
the a's lost a final four/zero for the final score. another shot out, leaving the a's majors in shutouts pitch with five. when it is cal softball team begins to run to the women's college world series, decided they're going to go in as unanimous no. 1 team in the country. some of their inspiration comes from a fictional hero. >> this junior starting pitcher and her younger sister danielle are a big reason why the cal softball team is ranked no. 1 going into the n.c.a.a. tournaments. the opposing teams don't even believe that the two are actually related. >> people come up to us all the time and asks if we're sisters. they leave us, i literally have someone asks me for my id. >> joe kleine is a finalist for the u.s. as of all player of the year award enter numbers are staggering. the junior from sacramento is 30/2 this season with a 1.13
6:55 pm
earned run average and 246 strikeouts. >> not flawless by any means. >> now she is known for her wicked fastball. she counters that with a buckling changeup. her teammates compare it to sorcery. >> i really like throwing it because i think of harry potter for some reason when i throw it. like i am like ... i don't know, i feel like i'm casting a spell or something. it is weird. but the team watches me do it. it is like casting a spell. like that. i don't know. it is fun to watch. watching people swing at it and missed. that is very cool. >> it started several years ago when their father built a regulation size softball field in their backyard in sacramento. >> the reason why she's relief chainto throw me changeup was to make me look stupid. >> we put our heads together and
6:56 pm
she said, you need to step it up, and i thought " i can do this ". it is all about making each other better. >> you have to be good if your father bills a field in your backyard. talk about a field of dreams. if you watch this newscast you know that i am not a good fisherman. i competed in a tournament. i'm not a good fisherman. but then again i could have been this guy. >> did you see that big flash of silver? look out! >> that was a barracuda. a barracuda. kevin got quite a surprise, he was filming a show,,
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