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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 16, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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together, every step of the way.
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was going pretty much lost please call image 0 for saving the pregnant woman under attack. so why did safeway's suspension without pay? more than a dozen bodies were found buried beneath the bay area hospital. why nobody knew they were there. and cats infected with parasites that affects humans in strange ways? is a little creepy it's almost like a science-fiction story. how changes people's personalities is what scientists call feline fatal attraction. by
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most accounts the guide to the right thing. he saw a woman getting beaten up so he stepped in to stop the attack. police are calling him a hero but elizabeth cook tells us his employers safeway suspended him. brian young was doing his job as a meat clerk at this safeway when he says he looked up and saw this guy beating his girlfriend. who was six months pregnant. he would turn around and pushed her or take her. i told him to calm down anti was irate. he refused to stop so ryan jump in. i saw that no one was intervening in the situation and i just became afraid for her safety. and also other customers safety. the guy was out of control. he was going pretty much lost in there. the police chief said chan was getting so violence if ryan didn't
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interfere things could have gotten a lot worse for the victim. but now ryan says safeway suspended him without pay supposedly because he violated company policy. and there is no word on if or when shall be allowed back. minister and about policies but at some point someone has to do something and in my mind in this case ryan did the right thing. ryan's wife is five months pregnant. in the have come out. it's a tremendous amount of stress on me. my wife is a two. and i don't think anyone should have to second- guess themselves are feel bad about doing what is right. even if safeway doesn't agree ryan has no regrets. tell me people have been injured or murdered in or what ever because in front of everyone because everyone wants to look the other way and nobody wants to get involved? we reach
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out to safeway's corporate offices to have yet to get back to us. the did you ever talk to a manager is safeway store in san francisco to says he wasn't aware of an official policy but he did say that employees are supposed to contact store security for the manager if they see a complex. the goal was to save money but tonight is central valley mother says her daughter is a victim of the state's prisoners realignment. her boyfriend beat her a joke, and she was under for three weeks her mother says dr. is bullied is she will never fully recover. her boyfriend and alleged attacker is a convicted sex offender because of prison overcrowding he only served 1/4 as 100 days sentenced for a previous offense. while he led a violent offender out? i even let them to their time in the county jail? the victim's boyfriend is
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charged with attempted murder and several other charges. the governor announced big budget cuts yesterday and said that it was the best that he could do but most californians think otherwise. our exclusive cbs five poll found 58 percent of california voters disapprove of the job he's doing is governor. that is less than a third letter proved the need to agree with him on how to fix the budget mess. 54 percent tells survey u.s. say they support his initiative to raise the state's sales tax increase taxes on the wealthy. they spoke one of california's financial mess the state could make more than $2 billion in taxes thanks to face books upcoming ipo. meanwhile facebook lost a big customer today general motors to says it will stop paying to advertise on facebook the automaker says it's not seeing much bang for its buck. a startling discovery
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underneath the bay area hospital construction crews in santa clara county medical center found 15 graves and there could be over 1000 more. tobaccos have been asked to back off. robert lisle explains why no one knew the graves were even there. the santa clara valley medical center digs for the future construction workers had no idea they were digging up. did we get to be up to 1450 bodies. their patients either too poor with no known relatives. they used to be a paupers' cemetery there. laid to rest and start of construction workers and found about 59 boxes of the very end of those pine boxes. prime box burial service senior the hospital opened in 1875. but this the press in and out from 1932 is the only documentation of the cemetery. but you have to look very close.
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because somehow the hospital or county. potter's field. by 1958 s the cemetery no longer exists. said that by 1966 they literally paid over potter's field and put a parking lines so the commission of the parking lot? those records system exists. so the county will be in court on friday asking a judge to remove 100 of the more than 1400 graves to continue building the new hospital services building. yet no one from the county was gone and there was those boxes were discovered construction in that area halted. the building will continue and the remaining grades are expected to continue resting in peace. that is below new offices and a new cafeteria. in santa clara county robert lisle cbs five. san jose adults will now be on the hook for underage drinking that happens in their home tonight the city council unanimously approved what is
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being called a social post ordinance in fines homeowners for under a stringent even if they're at their the time it stems from a crash that killed the 2010 leland high school graduates. in my district which had just about a death every year because of the fact that kids are drinking in homes sometimes parents are not even aware of it. and then getting into a car and driving and causing crashes. san jose is the largest bay area city to adopt such a lot. a 10 year-old girl from san jose is suing her school district because she says many of her teachers are terrible. did with the nonprofit group students matter is behind the suit that wants to return five state laws including teacher tenure dismissal procedures and security based layoffs. daniel martinez of san jose is named as a plaintiff along with six
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other california students they sue the alomar school district l.a. unified and the state department of education. people are paid to do a job are doing their job and if they're not so they should be fired as the average joe. am absolutely assaults i believe that our test scores in the past couple of years have shown that our teachers are performing at the best they can. state education leaders have not commented alan rock and the los angeles school districts are named to the suits because that is where the plaintiffs attend school. duckweeds his out of jail and doing homework. a man that prosecutors considered dangerous is at home tonight is a judge handed him an unusual assignment. kristen errors on the terms of his release that includes something you'd expect an elementary school student to do. it happens march 28th three
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men arrested richmond accuse tried to rob an undercover agent at gunpoint there were allegedly tried to sell the agency grenade launcher one of the suspects opened fire on the officer who fired back now six weeks later when the men behind bars on federal charges has a shot of freedom. federal judge yvonne gonzales rogers agree with the magistrate that he should be released on $150,000 bond the cab's according to court records while out on bond mobley was reading list of books designed by gonzales rogers he will have to read for an hour every day and write for a half- hour about what he has read. if you're the prosecution side have to be shocked the attorney's office was not permitted to talk was about the case that this former judge called the judge's decision unusual considering the crime. did with the fact that somebody put a gun to atf's atf officers had the aids pretty shocking.
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defense attorneys argued in court that he played a minor role on the crime but prosecutors believe he is a drug abuser who's been in trouble before, says the judge's move sounds like an attempt at rehabilitation. the charges be serious but it's obvious the judge care is a little bit about his potential. the lawyer did return a call and request for comments and prosecutors have argued he is a flight risk if released on bond he was still with his grandmother in sebastopol. in oakland kristen air cbs five. hit the eye opening test drive it shows just how quickly it text on the wheel can turn it into a car crash. mcdonald is taking a healthy fast food to level the bay area city getting a mickey d's like you've never seen
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before. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and drive of the drivers do anyway. seeing is believing alan martin shows us what is being done to drive home the message.
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the average teenagers spends 60 text messages a day. and they're dragging their eyes at&t and business to sell wireless plans and cellphones. a lesson in how dangerous it is to be behind the wheel and text. if you're not careful you and that the bad accidents still have to be smart snow text messages with is where the light in weight. interviews with we think are invincible. the captain's take tests as drinking and driving can be deadly combination so can texting in writing. have rather a program like
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this exists then teenagers going to a funeral for a friend had died while texting was driving a sophomore is working on his driver's permits. how did you do? the toby did bad. did waves as it is speed limit and did the thing on this side the road. and not have ever tested in the real i was on the road from said the road? did we is the number of times driving off the road. house by los we'll without her? that's a phrase you mites not typically hear a mcdonald's that is until now. juliet goodrich on how the fast-food chain is trying to change its unhealthy perception starting
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in berkeley. berkeley embraces organic fresh and local. and mcdonald's wants to join in and departed this culture. it is launching a new campaign we discover what is under the golden arches. well have e-mail's the big macs super sized fries and now this still exist so too does oatmeal blueberries and yogurt and that is to a couple pies. the mcdonald of san problem berkeley is trying to reach brendan sell for a modern you let in the menu. there's no question about its mcdonald's is offering healthier food to take a look at the menu with a random sampling and here's a we got. me to victoria and don this is an impromptu visit here we're going to see exactly what they ordered and to a lower order referred me over to our face here run for help to many?
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healthy. in your 24-hour the sandwich. the big mac. the think they're getting healthier? mcdonald's says it is committed to serving local and state will produce. the strawberries are from watsonville blueberries are from northern california. it's even invited berkeley moms to block about healthy eating to dine here and see firsthand. and as we saw from victoria and don has a little something for everyone. we thank them for letting us right along. i'm not buying either by the way. and the things to those who took me through the drive- through mcdonald's isn't going organic but they say they're going help the air you can still choose the five r healthy smithy it's your choice. in berkeley
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juliet could read cbs five northern california researchers studying parasite found in cats that can also infect humans and when does it can cause desired changes in human behavior dr. kim on what the parasite does that's one expert describes as creepy. armed with a bad of catchall mary jane is trying the best to lower joe jones and jimmy out of hiding the judge so is keeping his distance and to jimmy is nowhere to be found. did we jimmy and jo jo are feral cats. they're now level they're full of surprises. here is another surprise. while the main seat may seem to have to control cats researchers now believe something commonly carried by cats can actually be controlling you. a tiny parasites.
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the parasite can only reproduce in the intestines of cats cats then excrete millions of microscopic eggs in the soil and water. that is widespread and women are told not to have a litter boxes. and the baby can then suffered serious brain damage is in even die. however an estimated 60 million americans are also infected with the parasite, clay and without the facts. so is our immune system that really helps to control the parasite and keep in check? but now there is growing evidence the parasite can creep into your brain and directly manipulate your behavior. it's a little creepy it's almost like a science-fiction story but is what is actually happening the doctor is an infected infected disease specialist and people affected are 23 more times likely to develop schizophrenia or bipolar disorder and says all the
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parricide dozens directly cause mental illness the work of scientists yourself fighter takes a step further. his covers how individuals chronically infected with parasites of subtle personality changes in europe as it appears to tweet princess slowdown reaction times and cause individuals to take more risks. new speaker this is due to the fact that they don't actually have the right conception of rest and would like to say across the street from cars coming against a light. what a parasite steer you into oncoming traffic potentially killing you? wants to survive as they get added. let's see how these guys are growing the doctors and experts at the uc-davis school of veterinary medicine 13 studies the parasites in the wild and domestic animals. conrad sends says since the parasite ultimately needs to get back into a cat to sexually reproduced study show how it
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performs a pretty nifty trick in my son affected with toxins the parasite and goes to their brain and alters their behavior instead of running away from cats and mice will flock to catherine the catch any to mao's the parasite get back into the cats. that is a fatal attraction for mouse and while the and not mines once upon a time we were potential prey for bigger cats that may explain why pair's side slows down it wants to get back into a bigger cats. is not unreasonable. wiley cautions there's no hard evidence linking talks in the mind control it is worth studying. the more we know about the potential consequences in the brains of humans the more we will melt where to act and how to prevent those unwanted consequences. but in the meantime as a precaution should get rid of cats? as for him she
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can't imagine life without them. noblesse how the doctor can cbs five. you can protect your cat by keeping indoors or if it's spending time outdoors mature defeated farewell and get regular checkups with the mets. also consider putting a balanced caller to scare off any infected birds or rodents. what a cloudy and cool nights. why we will see the caught it cover on wednesday bu, he really did it was
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not met on the springtime in the month of may it looked more like a summertime weather pattern of the low clouds and fog is poring over sutro tower to the temperatures down along the coast and the set city of san francisco today only to the '50s when the average has a 64 otherwise we did have the clearing in the sunshine at least 10 degrees warmer in the nearby inland locations tonight with a cloud cover and freeze the numbers into the '40's and trucks into the fifties we do have a very fat layer of low clouds and fog he'd tied to the coast and moving into the bay. trucking well inland all the way to the delta. tomorrow morning community will see the clouds gradually retreated back to the open ocean. and as that does so
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well the temperatures that will go up except for right there on the media's coastline. sematech coast and spinning around the santa cruz. alan blinder in 74 pass. let's get down to the basics first up tomorrow pollen count remained high speaking your highest duties and '60s to the beaches the '60s and '70s and on the peninsula and that is to go farther south at the low 80s and morgan hill and gilroy and one of the west and northwest winds up to 1582 degrees for one of the war is locations in the valleys. no. no. stacking up will be cool in the upper 50s. now thursday we have the upper level trough that will enhance our marine layer so therefore conditions but then the temperatures rebound nicely for the weekend that is the and one forecast dennis was up in your world? did your the one about the this attempted to the boats? in happened. and to the defense held,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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powell's in san francisco not even the ball back and get cleanly the giant committed three more errors tonight against colorado. timman saddam gave up four runs: intel put on single to left cabrera scored the game was tied for but marcus cooter who had not hit a home
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run this season when talks on diablo in the ninth inning the rockies win five to four in the giants' 3 game when streak is over. towns in canada at anaheim where they're looking for is first win since april 18th no home runs for albert schools but he did drive and two runs the deferment santana and the angels' bullpen to set up the a's four to nothing in oakland was 49. i had made a hand ready for the tuesday night top five. kids do not try this at home. brett laura cole up by bill miller that had the empire he was ejected in nt will be suspended not a great day for a umpires overall. he took out hunter. he's ok. no. 4 paul george to the steel in one hand but the big story here is the pacers at the sons the keys and they tied the series at one. can i have my
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money and the bulldog how about you? forfeited institute. bulldog wins in he does a base plate. at no. 1 he had a surprise. the baird could add was cottoned 40 lbs. and landed in his boat to that is an impressive cast of the barracuda live exclusively on cbs five will be right back. ,,,


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