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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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2007 >> small leaks that they say have not tainted water but the d.a. has had enough and in a strongly worded letter warned of a lawsuit. due to the serious nature of the violations the d.a.'s office has decided a civil prosecution is appropriate. >> i am shocked because it is pristine >> water district says they're working on it. >> we would be aware if there was any impact to the water quality or any violations of quality standards and we have not seen any >> the bigger problem is the valves themselves which cannot be fixed without emptying the entire reservoir >> that is something that is expensive and has the environmental impact >> officials say it will take millions of dollars and likely more than a decade to fix the problem and in the meantime more leaks could happen
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>> we're doing as much definitively to reduce the chance of them leaking >> water officials met with the date d a recently and shared those preventative maintenance plans. the d.a. may or may not decide whether to go ahead with a lawsuit and if they go ahead the water district could face up to $25,000 of fines. >> the police mug shot says it all, a stockton man infected with a highly contagious disease is behind bars accused of not taking his medication. an unbelievable man, a story the man is giving for ignoring doctor's orders says all county officials say he has not been taking his medicine and did not show up for recent appointments so he was breaking the law and they had him arrested. tuberculosis patient are mondo rodriguez of stockton told investigators he did not need to take his medicine because he had just spent part of the weekend
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on a drunken binge and also took methamphetamines according to the stockton record that " some saying he was concerned for the health of his liver. he was arrested and thrown in jail where officials say they were able to watch and take his medicine. there are about 10,000 cases of a highly contagious disease in the united states. more than half of them come from outside the country >> if they're not treated there is high mortality associated with these diseases >> 10 percent of people who don't take medicines >> be higher >> authorities felt they needed to act quickly because he has a habit of going back to his home town in mexico when situations get tense here. a doctor with the department of public health tells us that tuberculosis is at an all-time low. last year there were 2317 cases statewide but obviously with the
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morbidity rate as high as it is, they're taking it very seriously. >> an update now on an exclusive we brought you earlier this week, san francisco police are on the lookout for three bank robbers. now we have obtained these surveillance pictures. police think this man is responsible for several bank robberies in the city as well as one in berlin on monday. he is missing three fingers on his right hand and to on his left. police say he is responsible for several unrelated bank robberies in the financial district. richmond firefighters responding to a warehouse fire earlier this morning stumbled upon a huge marijuana growing operation. police say that more than 2000 plants were inside. they have a street value of about two and $2,000. >> today marks two months since a morgan hill teenager
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disappeared. friends and family spent the day searching for sierra lamar. last week investigators found a red volkswagen that maybe when tore disappearance. >> customers having lunch at a san francisco restaurant had to be evacuated when a fire broke out. it happened near the financial district and one was hurt. investigators think the fire started in the chimney flue that runs from the ground floor to the roof >> new details about a mystery grave discovered under a hospital. >> behind me is the santa clara valley medical center expansion project and that the far end of that construction site is where they found those coffins and that unearthed quite a mystery. >> there used to be a paupers' cemetery there >> as crews graded the plot of
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land in february to build a loading dock at the medical center, they dug up a gravesite >> when they discovered more than one pine box they decided to do research and figure out what might have been on the site but it is much easier said than done. it took months of research to figure out what the land was before becoming a parking lot in 1965. that gravesite disappeared on county maps in 1968. the county had to go back to 1932 map to discover that was once a grave site. there is little to no data on the grave site other than the county purchased it in 1871 for $12,000. this is a picture of the hospital from history san jose who added, unfortunately the cemetery was forgotten much like its residents >> anyone who came here and died here was likely to be any less
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so they were buried a couple of blocks behind the hospital >> more than 1400 people may have been buried here not only the construction site but throughout the property as well but only 100 or so under the construction site would be removed. one historian guess is they may been buried during the flu epidemic. >> i think it will be extremely unlikely to be able to identify the remains >> the county will go to court on friday to ask a judge to give permission for them to remove the coffins and then figure out what to do with them. it will likely be cremated or in their actions will be scattered at sea or in a garden. >> eating like a cave man does not mean you need to give a great tasting food. >> verizon wireless makes a bold move that could cost you.
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the big changes to the unlimited data plan, next >> ,,,,,,,,
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>> verizon wireless customers are upset about a big chains that will cost them. the move to kill unlimited data plans >> wireless carrier told wall street today that plans to make all customers switch to eight tiered. a plan as the upgrade from three g-four g. >> about six months after they unveiled the new network got rid of its $30 unlimited data plan but has allowed both customers to keep their existing grandfather plans. today we learned that as of those contracts expire customers will be pushed to upgrade to for ge and all four g and customers will be forced to sign up for a
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new data plan. we do know they will allow users to share data within family plans and among multiple devices mean you only need one plan for your phone or tablet and all your other devices. i did speak with a representative and ask what happens to the customers who refused to upgrade. can they keep their on ltd. plans and she told me she would not comment. they admitted today that many 3d customers are still on unlimited plans sizzle how does it affect other carriers? >> while at&t and does still on her grandfather plans it has been criticized for slowing down data once you hit a certain limit. sprint now claims to be the only major carrier to still offer truly unlimited data. >> president obama met with congressional leaders over once
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pushing his legislative to do list and even brought some food. >> one of the items on the to do list would be to provide tax rates for companies like these that are hiring new employees or raising the wages and salaries of their existing employees. >> the president brought sandwiches back to the white house where he met with key lawmakers on what is shaping up to be another battle, bitter battle on the national debt. republicans want serious spending cuts before they raise the debt ceiling again. major developments in the john edwards corruption trial. the defense abruptly rested its case without calling the former presidential can it to the stand. >> it takes with the government's ability to stand up and say that john edwards lied about everything and then he got on the stand and lied to you
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>> edwards is accused of using illegal donations to hide his pregnant mistress during his campaign. he faces up to three decades in prison if convicted and the jury could get the case by friday >> a change in the way they respond to emergencies. cooking like a cave man does not mean giving up flavor. the ingredients that more than make up for all the bad that you are taking out >> if you are lucky enough to be heading out to the san francisco giants baseball game, you still have plenty of time to make sure you bundle up. temperatures in the l,,
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>> police in dublin to and nearby searching for a driver who took off after killing a bicyclist. police say no one saw the crash last night but they do have a clue. in mercedes emblem that apparently fell off the car. police believe the front part of the car is damaged. they told repair shops to look
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for that. if you dial 911 in san jose you would see the big change made to the early response system. it is what is missing and that will help rescuers saved more lives and save money. >> if you call for the san jose fire department with a non life- threatening emergency there is a good chance you'll be visited >> the reason we started it is trying to maximize limited resources in the city calls. >> they use vehicles that are slower than an engine but bigger than an ambulance. there also trained as paramedics. the advantage is that foreperson crews can remain at the ready for big fires or life- threatening emergencies >> we're hoping to match the resources and the firefighters with the appropriate call. >> san jose is still struggling after layoffs and closings in
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firehouse the >> will we saw with the reductions is we saw engine call volume spiked dramatically especially in the core of the city which means every time they are out on a medical call means they're not out for that larger call like a structure fire. >> when there are bigger calls the squads can respond to them as well >> we have come up with the best solution so we continue the services in san jose >> the program utilizes some of the firefighters who were laid off and then rehired by san jose last year when it received a special federal grand. it is considered a pilot program that will run for one year and then be re-evaluated. if it proves successful they could become a permanent part of the fire fighting strategy. >> just because eat like a cave man does not mean your eating
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bones and acts and twigs. how it can include a tasty variety of food and not cost a lot. >> in michele's cave, cooking is a family affair. >> they happily tell everyone they like to eat like a dinosaur >> she had questions when she went caveman >> what does someone eat for breakfast and lunch and dinner? and what do they eat every day? >> now she has answers for all the other converts. >> >> on her blog you get a good look at what she and her family eats >> i tried to make it enticingly and we try to make the pictures look like something you'd want to eat that looks better than what you are eating right now and it just so happens to be healthy for you >> so what is for dinner? roast
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beef, asparagus, fruit. in the cave you give up sugary salty processed foods >> part of the beauty of eating this way is also read calibrating your palate >> that means adding some real spice to your life. charles n. jolie, the co- authors of a paley of comfort food, use fresh herbs from the garden and curry paste >> curry paste is an absolute godsend in that the ingredients are typically red chili pepper, lemon grass, sol, shallots, spices, limes >> add some more ingredients to >> this could literally be cooked chicken, steak, shrimp, anything >> it is the perfect combination of protein carbohydrates and fat >> it is quick and easy and it won't break the bank >> you could have a meal for four people in your house sold
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for well under $10 >> it does not need to be any more expensive than the way you would regularly eat. a box of cereal is pretty expensive compared to broccoli apples and oranges >> the real challenge is learning how to cook again >> people have forgotten how to cut and they don't want to spend time in the kitchen, they want everything fast and there is a reality that quality and speed, there is a trade off >> it is clear to anyone that this is time and money well spent. tomorrow, a look at the science behind the diet and if he can really help you live a longer better life. >> you can find dozens of those delicious recipes on our web site that is where you can also see
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more of the doctors' reports on the cave man died it >> >> it was like a summertime weather pattern today. it was 82 degrees and i came to san francisco and it was 52 degrees. looking towards mt. diablo, it is the warmest it has been all they lawn in that area at 79 degrees. meanwhile, san francisco just jumped up to 58. the wind has been very problematic and the sun's shining inland, clouds and fog at the coast. the band is out of the west with gusts up to 24 m.p.h.. very cold at the golden gate bridge. it will pan out to be a cooler
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day tomorrow. 49 in redwood city. otherwise, upper 40's through the delta at including discovery bay and low '50's at the tri valley. the marine layer is roughly 1,200 ft. deep but we do have an area of low pressure. that is enhancing the marine layer so it will become more widespread by the morning commute. with a low pressure, once the clouds disintegrate we will see the cooler air mass. we will have a cooler day on tap and a pretty brisk today with the wind as well. the pollen count actually goes down to moderate levels but it will be blowing around up to 20 m.p.h. so you will still not find much relief for the
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allergies. 50s and 60s along the coast tomorrow. 76 degrees in campbell. 76 degrees throughout much of the region including sonoma. the extended forecast calls for gradual improvements and over the weekend, above normal numbers in the inland areas back into the '80s.
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and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> just wearing a pair of these fitness shoes is not going to get you in shape. the shoe company will pay $40 million to settle charges by the ftc that the shoes would help you lose weight. people who bought the shoes could be entitled to refunds. the company used kim kardashian and brook work to sell the shoes >> facebook is apparently listening to investors and
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boosting the size of its ipo by 25 percent as demand grows for its stock. they say it is likely to be the largest ever internet ipo and it could value the company at more than $100 billion. >> we are outside of facebook headquarters right now where calm friday night they're telling us 1000 new bay area millionaires could be walking out of that building and you can feel the buzz all over silicon valley from the maserati and ferrari dealership clear down to menlo park where the real estate agents are chomping at the bit. we checked in with debbie at a real-estate office and she told us that the facebook employees have already started coming in. >> there is a tremendous amount of buzz around the neighborhood and a lot of activity and
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watkins and we look forward to the increase sales and customers coming in and facebook clients coming in to buy new homes. we have some who want to stay in menlo park and it is hard to get in under 2 million at this point and then we have a couple looking at woodside and they say if they can wait until september they can look at higher prices close to six or 7 million and may be up to 10 million. >> you heard that, $10 million. most of the stock options cannot even cash in on tell the middle of next year but that is not stopping them. they know they will need tax shelters that they're already looking at a very tight market. menlo park and atherton have less than 50 homes for sale combined and the real estate agents are telling me that there are already bidding wars for
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those $10 million homes among these employees. >> a new study shows brain injuries on the battlefield are a lot like those on the football field. what that means t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. facebook goes public in just a few days but will it live up to the hype? what the historic ipo really means for you >> it is almost like a science- fiction story >> cats infected with a parasite that infects humans in a strange way. how it changes people's personalities. >> the weather will be pretty this weekend >> it will turn out to be warmer than today because you can certainly feel the difference. we had a typical microclimate with clouds that the coast with very windy conditions with temperatures in the fifties. we will have a dip in the temperatures tomorrow and gradual warming on friday but much more pleasant over the weekend.


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