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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 16, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> he has a tough job. we will see. >> so far the toughest part of the job seems to be trying to balance the state's budget. and while a good number of voters say that they would go for the combination of taxes and cuts that the governor is talking about, ask them if they're ready to vote for the tax hike? and it is wobbling with only a majority of 54 percent saying they're willing to pay more to help the state out of its financial hole. >> throwing more money at the problem is never going to solve anything. >> they have plenty of time to plan for this. and i did not do it. >> are you going to vote for taxes? >> yes. absolutely. >> with this live like that, he says the governor has his work cut out for him. >> i know that the governor is trying to make people think of government spending as teachers, as policeman, as firemen, as prison guards, as mental health professionals, but oftentimes what the public thinks of state
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governments, they're just thinking of bureaucrats in sacramento. >> >> those bureaucrats and politicians in sacramento are key to the governor's plan to try and get this passed. he is hoping to get this budget no matter how painful it may be, passed january june 15th so that he can show that they're ready to take some action other was a 54%, a slight lead that he has on that tax could evaporate quickly and find himself in on improving poll numbers. >> this is not a win-win, it is not a lose/lose, it is a mess. >> the reality of politics today. and he is the guy that has the shotgun one way or the other. >> thank you. >> angry about another possible tuition hike, student protesters disrupted this morning's meeting at the uc regents. >>
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>> those orange jumpsuits meant to look like prison uniforms, protesters singing about working on the chain gang. the regents are talking about a recent report on the tree and the protesters and the impacts the governors made budget revisions had on colleges and universities. >> students are being sentenced to death because of rising tuition costs. and literally being sentenced to prison because of the crackdown on student protests. so we're here to say " we need more accountability for uc in the state budget that is being liberated now ". >> undergraduate calls for california residents including tuition and room and board and campus fees, have risen to $31,000. university administrators say a 6% tuition hike could be considered if state funding does not increase. >> on the other end of the financial spectrum, two days until facebook goes public. the social media giants said
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25 percent more shares will be sold because there's so much demand for their stock. they raise the expected price range for their shares. it is expected to value the company at more than $100 billion. no doubt is the hottest ipo in years but mike sugerman asked if it is a good idea to buy. >> and my only one that wonders, what is the big deal with facebook? >> from the very beginning it is focused like a laser on the quality of their products, the quality of the user experience. >> i see these smart as on tv predicting great things for the stock which could open at $38 per share. but don't remember a friend stirrer or myspace which was bought for $580 million and sold for $35,000,000.60 years later? dozens something usually come along every year or so to make the new big thing? the next old thing? >> shot by facebook stock?
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>> absolutely not. >> i have some smart friends of my own. this is one. jim parker is another. he runs the cbs website. >> it could be the next big fad but the question is if it will have long-term staying power. >> i have a lot of users and if they could be fed up it could grow and grow. a very well-run company with world-class engineers and could possibly keep up with the next big thing. apple opened at $20 per share, it is now $568 thaw. >> apple runs the risk of being just another technology company in a couple of years and if that happens you're going to see that stock prices go down. >> the key thing for investors is whether or not this book and wrote down what the average now. that is the key for the company, starting out with such a big devaluation. >> i am not seen the revenue flow to match the evaluation and that is the same problem that we had during the original .com
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global earth. >> i don't know why i am asking, i do not have any extra money lying around. more of the bad news, general motors says it will not advertise on facebook because they do not think it is worth it. but if you do think that facebook is going to do well, picture apple, if you bought it in 1980 at $22, that share is now worth $44,000. so maybe in a couple of years we will be talking about the facebook share that you guys bought. because i do not have any money. >> that is gambling. >> and is just air, what is this stuff? i don't get it and there is a lot of rich people buying, god love them, maybe it is a great deal. i do not know anything about any of this stuff. >> if it can single-handedly assist the economy and give it a boost. great!. and then of course the state will benefit from the taxes. >> $2 billion i understand.
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>> nearly 2 million people depend on it for their drinking water but the agency that runs the system of self they reservoirs' admits that they have a problem. with oil spills. christin ayers tells us that this is going on for more than a decade. >> that is right, santa clara county water officials tell me the eight spills that have happened over the past 11 years have all been small. quickly contained, and it posed no threat to the public water supply but still the district attorney's office is investigating now and it want to know why this keeps happening. >> employees noticed in november at lexington reservoir. popular for fishing and boating. 5 gal. of hydraulic oil on the surface of the water. it had leaked from the valves that opened and closed the dam and weeks later it happened again. this time 20 gal. spilled at the coyote reservoir. >> we had eight weeks since the year 2000. >> smaller leaks that the water district and the department of fish and game say have nothing
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to the water supply but the district attorney have had enough and a strongly worded letter warned of a lawsuit. due to the serious nation onatuf the violation, they say civil prosecution is. with the goal being deterrence and compliance. >> i'm shocked because this is christine. >> the santa clara county water district say they are working on it, they tout the testing the water under goes before reaching the public. >> we would be aware if there was any impact on water quality. any contaminations. and we have not seen any. >> the bigger problem is the valves themselves. their old and faulty and cannot be fixed without emptying the entire reservoir. >> that is something that is expensive and has its own environmental impact. >> officials say it will take millions of dollars and likely more than a decade to fix the problem entirely and in the meantime were leaks could happen. >> we're trying to do as much preventive means as we can with the systems that we have to reduce the chance of them
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leaking. >> water officials recently met with the district attorney's office to share their preventive plans. if the lawsuit goes for them the water district would owe thousands of dollars in fines. >> an update now on a cbs 5 exclusive that we brought you earlier this week. san fransisco please on the lookout for three bank robbers. and now have obtained these surveillance pictures. police think that this man is responsible for several bank robbers in the city as well as one in iran on monday. they also say this man helped in at least one san fransisco robbery. he is missing three fingers on his right hand and to on his left. and police say that this man is responsible for several unrelated bank robberies in the financial district. >> police have put a stop the man with a highly contagious disease behind bars. carmen rodriguez has tuberculosis. but police say that he was not taking his medication. he refused. joe vasquez reports it is an
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unbelievable story that a man is giving for ignoring doctor's orders. >> tuberculosis patients 34 year-old carmen rodriguez from stockton told investigators that he did not need to take a medicine because he had just spent part of the weekend on a drunken binge and also took methamphetamine. that is according to the stockton record which quotes him as saying that he was concerned for the help of his liver. he was arrested and thrown in jail yesterday where health officials were able to watch and take his medicine. a professor from uc-berkeley says there are 10,000 cases of a highly contagious disease in the united states. more than half of those cases come from people from outside of the country. >> if they're not treated there's a high mortality associated with both of these forms of diseases. >> we're talking 10 percent of people that don't take their medicine? >> and if it is resisting a could be higher. >> authorities said they felt they needed to act quickly because he has a habit of going to his home town in mexico when
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things get tense here. >> state health officials tell me that back fully, as it turns out, this is the lowest time for him tuberculosis cases in recorded history. only 2300 cases per year in the state of california. i spoke with officials here in alameda county as well as differences go and say it is extremely rare to have to jail someone to force them to take their medicine but it does happen. >> >> i am len ramirez in san jose with a new fire department response plan. just ahead, why your next 9 1 1 call may not be responded to with a fire engine. >> what is happening to all of the bumble bees? the suspected culprits get teams of researchers think may be the answer to that mystery. >> something is living inside of this cat and 60 million americans. >> that is greedy. >> why it has been linked to changes in personality.,,,,,,,,,
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>> changes to the emergency response system in san jose at a time when the fire department is facing budget challenges. new lifesaving equipment is on the streets. len ramirez shows us that it will help rescuers saved more lives and save money. >> if you call for the san jose fire department with a non-life threatening emergency, there's a good chance that you will be visited by one of the squads. >> the reason started this what was to maximize our limited resources in the city and have these squads respond to low priority calls. >> these vehicles that are smaller than the engine but bigger than an ambulance. they are 52 person fire crews spread throughout the city who were also trained as paramedics. the advantages that the foreperson engine crews can
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remain at the ready for big fires or life-threatening emergencies. >> we are hoping to match the resources, with the corporate call. >> they're still struggling to cover the city after layoffs in 2010 and the closing of a fire house due to budget cuts. >> with reductions we saw engine call volume spike dramatically in the core of the city which means that every time they're out on a medical called they're not on service for a larger incident like a structure fire. >> the squads are supposed to solve the problem and when there is a bigger fire, they can respond to that also. >> we have come up with the best solution so that we can't continue to serve the citizens of san jose. >> the squad's program uses some of the firefighters who were previously laid off, and then rehired by san jose, thanks to a special federal grant. it is a pilot program that is just now kicking off. if it is successful it will become a permanent part of the
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response plan here in san jose, one that certainly reflects the tight budgetary times. >> thankyou. >> dublin police searching for a driver that took off after hitting and killing a bicyclist. police say that no one witnessed last night's crash, but they do have a clue. a mercedes emblem that apparently fell off of the car. police believe the front part of the car is damaged and have alerted repair shops around the area. >> other bay area headlines, richmond firefighters responding to a warehouse fire early this morning uncovered a huge marijuana growing operation. police say that there were more than 2000 plants in there. a street value of about $200,000. it is not clear if police made an arrest in this but investigators think that electrical equipment started the fire. >> today marks two months since a morgan hill teenager disappeared. friends and family spent the day searching for 15 year-old sierra
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lamar. last week investigators found a volkswagen jada that may be willing to her disappearance and police still think that she was kidnapped. >> cats infected with a parasite infects humans in a strange way. >> it is creepy. almost like a science-fiction story. >> how it changes people's personalities. a look at what scientists call feline attraction. >> it can do more than make you fat.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a tiny parasite commonly carried by cats can also infect humans. but now a growing body of evidence says that this creature may actually creep into our brains and manipulate our behavior. dr. kim joins us now with more.
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scary. >> creepy. this microscopic organism is one of the most successful parasites found anywhere on the planet. found in soil and water. no matter where it is found, it has to get back to a cat and that is how humans become prey. >> armed with a bag of cat food, mary jane is trying her best to lure a cat out of hiding. but he's keeping his distance. and jimmy is no where to be found. jimmy and joe are feral cats. >> they're very lovable. my black that is my best friend. >> here is another surprise. well it may seem tough to control cats, researchers now believe that something commonly carried by cats can actually be controlling you. a tiny parasite. >> this is a very clever parasite
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>> it can only sexually reproduced in the intestines of cats, capped excreta millions of microscopic eggs into soil and water. or into cat litter. that is why pregnant women are told not to candle litter boxes. >> the parasite can go from the mother to the baby >> the baby can suffer serious brain damage or even die. an estimated 60 million americans are also infected with the parasite chronically and without ill effect. >> is our immune system that really helps to control the parasite, keeping it in check. >> there's growing evidence the parasite can creep into your brain and directly manipulate your behavior. >> it is creepy, like a science- fiction story. >> he is an infectious disease specialist and his research found people infected with the bacteria were two or three times more likely to develop schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. and while it does not directly
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cause mental illness, it is a factor. this doctor takes it one step further. >> i was very surprised. >> he discovered how individuals chronically infected with the parasite developed subtle personality changes. the organism appears to slow down reaction times and cause individuals to take more risks. >> he postulates that this is due to the fact that they don't actually have the right perception of risk, of what it might be to cross the street. >> why would a parasite steer you into oncoming traffic, potentially telling you? >> it wants to survive and it is very good at it. >> dr. conrad is an expert at a uc-davis school of veterinary medicine. her team studies the parasite. she says that since the paris that ultimately needs to get back into a cat to sexually reproduced, study show how it performs a nifty trick. it mites are infected with the
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talks and >> their site goes to their brain and alters their behavior. >> instead of running away from cats mikemice will run to cat urine, the cat will attack the mouse and the parasite is back in a cat. once upon a time we were potential prey for bigger cats and that might explain why it the parasite slows us down. it wants to get back into a bigger tax. >> it is not unreasonable. >> while he cautions there's no hard evidence linking it this parasite to mind control, it is worth studying. >> the more we know about the potential consequences of the parasite in the brains of humans than the more we will know where to act and how to prevent those unwanted consequences. >> in the meantime, as a precaution, should we get rid of cats? >> absolutely not. >> we love cats. >> of course not a solution.
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>> she cannot imagine life without her cats ... you can protect your cat by keeping it indoors or if it spends time outdoors make sure to feed it very well and get regular checkups with a veterinarian. consider putting a bell on the collar to scare away infected birds or rodents. to protect yourself, wash your hands after gardening, thoroughly washed all fruits and vegetables and if you camp, drink bottled water. also cook meat thoroughly. >> too much sugar can do more than just add to your waist line. it could also make you stupid. it website a six week study on rats. they found that bring activity in rats with a high fructose corn syrup diet was so affected that they had trouble remembering the route through a maze that they had just learned. a second group of rats also received a maggot three fatty acids and were able to navigate the maze much faster. researchers say a diet high in
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omega 3 that the acids can counteract iq loss. >> note to self ... do not to eat chocolate ... or sugar ... >> dana took a look at this and said " tommy this is not true ". this is the live weather camera. i don't make this stuff up. it is foggy at the golden gate bridge. because of that deck of low clouds and fog, we had microclimate come into play today. only 54 in san fransisco, mountain view 64, 74 in kentfield. and these numbers are averaging between 10 below and tan above normal for this time of the year. yes. that is a microclimate. that is the current sunshine near mt. diablo where it is still 74 degrees. otherwise you see the mid 50's the closer you are to the ocean.
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overnight everyone sees overcast conditions in the areas of fog in the '40's and 50's. by tomorrow morning's commute, the marine layer extends inland at least a good 60 70 mi.. it'll be quite deep. already 1,200 ft. deep and enhanced by that area of low pressure to the north of us that scams by the delta. and really encourages that onshore push .. 50s and 60s at the beach is tomorrow. these numbers will come down to the '70s in the santa clara valley and as we go further north towards napa and into the northern portion of the bay area, 50's at the beaches and mid-70s inland. we start to see a little bit of a climb upward in the numbers on friday before we topped off again in the low '80s. over the weekend in the inland areas. that is the pinpoint forecasts. >> thank you. >> first it was the banks and then farms, now occupy protesters have a new focus. here is the don ford with the beef with an east bay drug maker over the declining bee
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population. >> the population in the united states have been declining for years. scientists believe that one of the factors is the increased use of pesticides. dr. susan believes that they have narrowed which ones are the worst '40's. >> the insecticides are particularly problematic, these insecticides. >> studies published in the journal science suggest that they may fog of the bee's brand making it difficult for them to find their way back to the hive. local beekeeper has seen the effects of pesticides, not originally intended to kill bees. but they have a devastating effect on a friend's five. >> its spreads through the flowers or fruits or vegetables, these these caught and brought it back, and kill them very quickly. and there were hundreds of them on the ground. >> it is not known what killed those bees but protesters blocked the entrance of this
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researcher laboratory. the berkeley facility only researches hemophilia medicine but the protesters still want to send a message to the headquarters, to stop producing pesticides that may be killing bees. >> they responded by saying " there's simply no evidence that we are to blame for the long- term effects of the health ". scientists at uc-davis have not link to a particular pesticide to die off of these but are convinced that pesticides are not good for bees. in berkeley, don four, cbs 5. >> there are more than senators on the menu. the to do list that came with a launch the president delivered to congress. >> to you really know what is in your sunscreen? many of us are actually laying on the wrong stuff. potentially harmful ingredients that we should be avoiding. >> it turns out that wearing the shoes will not give you the,,,,,
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>> they are the two words that dominated congress at this time last year " debt ceiling ". and tonight both sides say they
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want to work out a deal to avoid another political showdown but danielle nottingham shows us that they have already appeared to be on the ground to collision course. >> the president stopped by a washington d.c. sandwich shop to highlight part of his to do list for congress. >> one of the items on that list will be to provide tax breaks for companies like these, that are hiring new employees, or raising wages and salaries of their existing employees. >> the president brought sandwiches back to the white house for a meeting with congressional leaders. he pressed his to do list with them and then turned to what is shaping up to be another showdown over the budget and the national debt. republican leaders say that they will not raise the country's debt limit without big spending cuts. >> where is the president's plan? to tackle this looming debt crisis? where is the president's plan? to stop the largest tax increase in american
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history? >> last summer the debt crisis created a bitter standoff between the president and congress. something the white house is trying to avoid this election year. >> we're not going to recreate the debt ceiling debacle of last august. >> on the senate floor lawmakers were already digging in their heels. >> as far as i can tell they're only plan is to take shots at our plan. >> are we wasting a day of the senate's time on useless political showboat's? >> the president is pushing for new tax revenues to be part of a budget deal but republicans resist any tax increase. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> john edwards maybe just days away from learning whether the scandal that imploded his political and personal life, will also cost him his freedom. his defense team abruptly rested their case today without calling the former presidential candidate to the stand. court watchers say the strategy suggest a last-minute decision
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by his attorneys to quit while they are ahead. >> the advantage of not putting him on the stand is that it takes away the government's ability to stand up and say " john edwards lied about everything and then got on the stand and lie to you ". >> address is accused of using illegal donations to hide his pregnant mistress during his 2008 campaign. his defense says the money was a gift and edwards was simply trying to avoid humiliating his family. he faces up to three decades in prison if convicted. a jury could get the case by friday. >> the fbi investigating j.p. morgan chase in light of the bank's $2 billion loss. >> all that i can say is that we have opened a preliminary investigation and it depends on a number of factors. >> the fbi director confirmed that the probe at a senate judiciary committee hearing today. j.p. morgan chase lost $2 billion in a series of complex financial bets. tragedy has hit the kennedy
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family again. the estranged wife of robert kennedy jr. was found dead. the body of mary kennedy was found this afternoon in her home in new york. the cause of death is not known yet. she had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. her husband is a prominent environmental lawyer. the couple had four children, mary kennedy was 52. >> occupy protesters urging bus drivers to bend the rules. they want ac transit driver this to get passengers to use fresh expired transfers. passengers should not need to pay the 25ยข for a new transfer. >> we're asking customers that have these transfers to show them to the driver's. to say " i have a transfer ". and it will be respected up to three hours and also for multiple use. >> right now transfers are good for two hours. ac transit did not comment. >> in node is coming, a huge change for verizon customers. >> before you put on sunscreen,
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a closer look at what you're actually putting on your skin. actually putting on your skin. the good the bad and the
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it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move. [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options.
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with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. >> verizon wireless customers upset over a big change that will cost them. no more on limited data planned. the company announced that it will make all customers switch to a tiered it that the plan as they upgrade their networks from 3 g to 40. as these contracts expire customers will be pushed to upgrade 24 g and forced to sign up for a tiered that a plan. how much that will cost that is not yet known. details will be released later this summer. just wearing a pair of these fit issues is not going to get you in shape. we're sorry. the shoe company will pay $40 million to settle charges by the federal trade commission that the shoes would help you lose weight and tone up.
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people that bought the shoes could be entitled to a refund. the company used kim kardashian to sell those shoes. >> this is the time of year when a lot of us go shopping and grab sunscreen. but julie watts shows us that a group is raising some red flags about many of the sun protection products on the market. >> when it comes to sunscreen, most of us got the message. >> every day. at least 26. >> absolutely, every day. >> on weekends, bike riding or sailing or something. >> it turns out that many of us are putting on the wrong stuff. at least according to a new report by an environmental watchdog group. >> american consumers are left in the dark when it comes to picking out a good sunscreen. >> she says a review of 800 sun protection products currently on the market found 75 percent contained potentially harmful ingredients. like a form of vitamin a.
6:39 pm
>> that is one ingredient that has been shown to actually expedite the development of skin tumors and skin lesions. >> another ingredient to avoid, hawks the band's own. >> it has been linked to hormone disruption so is very important, especially to kids, to avoid this ingredient. >> the report found 60 percent of products marketed for kids don't have those agreements. the reason why you may want to use your kids' sunscreen instead. >> we were glad to see the children's market look a little more positive when compared to products geared toward the general population. >> what should consumers look for? the report advises a sunscreen with one or more of these ingredients. zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. along with a sun protection factor of 30 to 50. why not more? >> anything above 50 is really more or less a marketing claim. >> the former president of the american academy of dermatology says the data on those questionable ingredients clearly
6:40 pm
is not complete. but still everyone agrees that using a sunscreen with a broad spectrum protection is important. to read the full report and see a list of the best and worst sunscreen go to watch. >> held for a bad or dangerous date is only one click away. >> the text message goes up to six of your friend saying " a- rod ". and you're my gps or mats. >> an application that could get you out of a dicey situation. >> typical microclimate coming into play. current 50's at the beaches, seventies in land, now the spots that will cool tomorrow with a pinpoint outlook? >> comedian shows up at at&t park disguised as, guess who? >> what is the biggest puzzle you have ever done? >> 2000 but the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the average teenager sends more than 3000 text messages per month. so what better way to reach them with an important message about
6:44 pm
health? >> k. kelley shows us that is exactly what this week's jefferson award winner is doing. >> move over e-mail, when it comes to a teenaged communication, text messaging is in and that is how the new anti violence application, circle of sex, is reaching young adults. >> we put together a very simple iphone application where you can contact six of your friends from your contact list, just in case, to prevent a situation from happening. >> situations like dating violence could be avoided with the push of a button. say that you feel threatened on a date. >> with a tap of your fingertips you can simply say " call me, i need an interruption ". >> or you have lost your right and need a ride home? >> a text message goes out to six of your friends thing that you need a ride. >> is free, discreet, and the latest innovation from this woman and her nonprofit.
6:45 pm
internet sexuality information services. >> what we try to do is take technology that has already been developed, that is in use by the general population, the general public, and then apply it to social good. >> she has pioneered using technology to educate youth on sexual health. starting with the first health question and answer service online. she was just out of gravel and working as a health educator at columbia university when she started a campus website to answer student health questions. " dole asked alice " would be the go to resorts for sexual health, on the fledgling world wide web. >> we were onto something in 1993 and we're still on the same path. >> i-pass that has taken her from the origins of the internet to today's cutting edge technology. everything from mobile health tips to social media campaigns on sexual health, to online notifications that alert
6:46 pm
partners that they may have been exposed to mst. >> for this san fransisco state students now works as an intern with debra and the team. >> she has been able to run the sexual health field, and not just staying with 101 peer education. >> that means critical education is reaching a larger audience than ever. >> we want to raise the next generation and the next generation, sexually responsible and mature healthy adults. >> so for adapting sexual health information to the digital age, the jefferson award goes to debra levine. >> circle of six and the other health resources are all online. to find links to to click on the connect button at the top of the page and then " jefferson awards ". >> a springtime date but it felt
6:47 pm
more like a summertime weather pattern. 54 degrees in san fransisco and 64. 74 in kentfield, 84 degrees in gilroy. looking at mt. diablo where we have an abundance of sunshine, albeit breezy. and the numbers are still stuck in the '50s through the '60s, up to 74 degrees now in livermore. compare that with this. the evening commute at the golden gate bridge, shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog. 53 degrees, wind is whipping out of the west at 21 m.p.h.. tonight, overnight, sunset at 8:14 p.m. but we will not see it because we will have a deepening the marine layer. it will pan out to be a cooler day for your thursday. temperatures in that '40's and 50's. across the bay in the upper '40's in redwood city. this is the futurecast. you take a look at the current situation and then watch this. low clouds and fog moving all
6:48 pm
the way into the valley overnight. extending all the way into the central valley. it will gradually retreat but is being enhanced by an area of low pressure. sideswiping the delta producing gusty winds and maybe even a sprinkle. that is what is looks like on satellite imagery. cooler air mass will take an nosedive in the bay area. even though we will see partial clearing during the afternoon, the damage is done. temperatures go down. the pollen count goes down with a cooler air mass as well but the wind will be whipping out of the west between 10 and 20 mi. per hour and that will certainly stir the pollen around. meanwhile temperatures in the 50s and 60s at the seashore. '60s and '70s, around the peninsula. and although these temperatures are cooler than what we experience today, they're rather seasonal for this time of year. 76 in brentwood. 76 in napa as well. low seventies in santa rosa and '60s around mill valley. the extended forecast calls for a gradual warm up on friday and
6:49 pm
i do mean gradual. then over the weekend even though we do begin with a marine layer, it will not be as deep as it is right now 1,200 ft.. we will see a retreat to sunny skies both days. gradual cool down on monday before we began to rebound on tuesday and wednesday. that is,,
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>> giants fans did not give enough of him, he is the type of slugger that they could have used in this lineup and i think that he would have made a big difference but they were not able to hold onto them. fortunately they will not see him tonight. apparently it is so cold at at&t park tonight, so cold that the cardinal's hottest hitter who is batting 360 will not be in the lineup against the giants. >> madison baumgartner will not face the national league player of the week carlos beltran. the former giants will miss his third straight game with a knee injury and even know brian wilson may be done for the year, he is still a huge part of this giants team. he held court in the clubhouse, talking about everything from rehabilitation. >> i like it, he's pretty tan,
6:53 pm
not really in shape. where the same hat out easily. hopefully i can get one. the first time that i saw it, lsu made one. and my mother bought it. and i walked into her house and asked what it was. she said " it is you ". i immediately got one. i went on line that day. i'm not allowed it to condition. today is my first day on the bike. i will keep it easy. basically protecting me from myself. otherwise i would go outside and run sprints with the team as i feel that i'm capable of doing. but i have a year. the doctor says it is one month. >> is there someone at that you bank on during this time, keeping an awful subjects like for you? >> just coming into the clubhouse. i don't have a clubhouse at
6:54 pm
home. i don't have a locker. i shall look into that. >> a handful of players have tried to come back after having to tommy john surgeries' but wilson hopes that he is the one that a successful. >> i did a lot of research. it was not fun to research it. let's just say that i would like to be one of the only guys to come back from it. and i will. >> wilson is sticking by his prediction to be ready to go for next year's opening day. at at&t park, back to dennis. >> thank you. that is gary sinise. who's he? lt. dan. that is right. c.s. i, not very good on the mound but he gets another season. the oakland a's in texas getting their first look at the japanese sensation. giving up one in the first but struck out josh rat pack to end the third. the rangers answered back in the fourth. taking tom malone deep. that is gone, part of a four run inning.
6:55 pm
4/1, texas. sixth inning. a bad hops, this one cost a suspension. plant laurie has been suspended for games for spiking his helmet which hit the umpire. he said the helmet tokay " unlucky hop ". he is appealing the suspension. slovakia showing what a: the terminator. stage four, 130 mi.. once again at the finish, he won every stage of the tour of california so far. sending his overall lead to 16 seconds, ththis cannot come as a complete shock. as you know, play-by-play broadcasters are not always objective. case in point, manchester city pol mercy.
6:56 pm
>> incredible! i've never seen anything like it!. do i that is unbelievable. 3/2. >> that is a lesson on object city. >> what language was he speaking? >> the king's english. >> the best broadcast rights ever interviewed was harry carey. he said he was a bud man and a cubs,,
6:57 pm
>> he and the democrats are pushing for new tax revenue to be part of the budget deal. republicans are resisting any tax increase. the treasury secretary says the u.s. will be fall on its loans if the debt ceiling is not raised by the end of the year. another political showdown is shaping up over a bill that protect women from violence. a new bill does not offer as many protections for illegal immigrant victims as the senate bill. by the end of the month mitt romney should have enough delegates to be the official nominee. he won most of the delegates in the oregon primary leaving him 153 shy of that he needs for the nomination.
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