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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 17, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of the world's financial stage. just like zinc up one the opening bell, mark zuckerberg will do the same from facebook company headquarters in menlo park tomorrow morning. marking their transition from a private to public company. facebook is expected to be worth around $104 billion. many of the employees will become instant millionaires, as for mark zuckerberg who famously started facebook in his dorm room at the age of 19, he stands to be worth $19 billion. that will make him wealthier than both of the co-founders of google. venture capitalists peter steele, the chairman of the board plans to sell shares to make $640 million. mike, runs a start up in palo alto. he believes that much of the money raised tomorrow will be plowed back into other start- ups. >> i see a lot of the rising of angel investing. a lot of these employees will give back to the community, perhaps funding other start-ups.
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>> this is an incubator for the next technology generation. >> definitely very inspiring for all of us. >> many today are hoping to be the next facebook. >> it gives you that extra motivation and drive that you need to maybe cram the numbers of the extra hour, or go to the after meetings because who knows what could end up being the difference? >> as rich as a few people here are going to become, there are many people here that believes it will not go to their head. remember that these are engineers, very practical people. in fact one of the younger entrepeneurs said that it was talking to a friend here who says that they're going to party all night long, and then at 6:00 a.m., they're going to ring that bell, and then go to sleep and it will be just like another day. >> the facebook ipo has made mark zuckerberg b-29s most rich person in the world. coming up at 6:30 p.m. we will
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hear from a man behind the world's most popular social networking company. >> just as the facebook ipo is coming, wall street is on a downward spiral. the dow saw its 11th loss in 12 days, dropping 156 points. the nasdaq fell 60 and the s&p lost 20. >> major layoffs for hewlett- packard. reports say the silicon valley company plans to cut as many as 30,000 jobs worldwide. that is about 10 percent of the work force. this is part of a restructuring plan expected to take at least one year. >> he spent seven days injured and alone on the side of the road. but tonight a man that crashed his truck off of highway 101 is alive. that crash happened in south san jose. len ramirez is at valley medical center without police finally found this guy. >> you rarely hear doctors used words like " dracula's ".
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that is how they describe the survival and recovery of michael sanchez who spent more than one week flat on his back out in the woods after a crash. when michael sanchez arrived at the regional medical center in san jose, doctors say that he was not responsive and seemingly drawing his last breath. >> very shallow respiration. it was as low as it could be. no spontaneous movement of his arms or legs. he did not open his eyes. no response to any stimuli. >> he apparently crashed his pickup truck in a thicket of trees and bushes in the middle of an exit ramp in southbound highway 101. that was about 1:00 a.m. on may 8th. a witness to call 9 1 1 also told officers that a man walked away from the wreckage. >> despite that fact, the fire department showed up, we utilize the fire department portable lighting, and researched the
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immediate area. >> his family reported him missing days later when he failed to show to a family funeral. police investigating the missing persons case when back to the scene when they realize that his pickup truck was the one involved in a highway crash. officers found him alive 60 ft. from the crash site while looking for evidence. >> i know that investigators were related to know that-we found someone. >> he did suffer some sort of blow to bed. >> his doctor says he appears to have spent the entire week unconscious and despite being in a coma, he is showing signs of recovery. >> he has had some spontaneous motion of his extremities, he is opening his eyes upon stimuli and he had none of that money came in. and by what is amazing to us is that he is having a return of kidney function. >> and doctors say that it is still too soon to say whether or not he will make a full recovery. he is still listed in critical but stable condition here at
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regional medical center in san jose. >> a vallejo families demanding answers. maybe even an apology after an officer that was shot anshot and killed one of their two dogs to. he came to take a report about an identity theft continent. that is when to the family dogs can around the side of the house, and charged that the officer. the fire, killing a large labrador mix. >> he had no response, he said " i'm sorry, i felt threatened ". >> he was a great doddie ... so, when the police officer came here, and he saw her, and suddenly he shot her. so, now she is dead. and i can't see her. >> the department says he made a
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mistake firing a gun at a house where kids were honest living. >> what should the officer do? >> i think that he should come over and apologize. >> internal affairs will investigate the shooting to see if the officer was within the department policy. >> another bay area headline, a high-school student from the peninsula caught cheating will not be allowed back into his honors class. that was the ruling today from san mateo county judge. the student's father sued the school district after sequoia union high kick him out of honors english for copying a classmate's homework. other bay area headlines, the recognize this guy? if so, martinez please want to hear from you. they think that he may have something to do with a downtown graffiti spree on may 6th. a camera spotted him around the same time that area businesses were being vandalized. and take a look at what dropped anchor in san fransisco union
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square today. a 66 ft. tall catamaran. is there to launch the use america's cup. it will kick off during the 34th america's cup. >> a group of con artist that targeted superstitious old women are behind bbars. >> the seventh disco mr. attorney charged six suspects from china with scamming elderly chinese women. they were arrested at sfo while trying to flee the country. instead of their luggage was $850,000 worth of silver, jade, and even one woman's wedding ring. >> the victims in this case or spiritual, they're suspicious, and they're being taken advantage of. >> their chinese nationals that approached their superstitious victim's, telling them that their families were plagued by evil spirits.
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the cure? a purification ceremony requiring cash and money. some victims gave up their life savings. jason's mother lost $50,000. >> it is very hard to see my mother crying. it is kind of like ... >> police say that this is a classic bait and switch. >> number one, this is elder abuse. >> police say so for 21 victims have come forward. >> we're worried that there's a great likelihood that there is other victims out there. >> police confirm this is an ongoing investigation and if you know anyone who has been approached to rid your family of evil spirits, the authorities want to know right away. >> a huge budget crunch in california, so why does the uc system have plenty of money to build new buildings that sit empty?
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>> burger bonanza and the east bay. how long these people were waiting to satisfy their errors for a double double. >> the roll into town under different names and promise the best value for your gold. the disturbing trend that we,,,,
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>> a new business opened its doors in the east bay. you can smell it from here. this one has been on the drawing board for months. and from the look of it, all those lines, the waiting is paying off. here is the newest burger joint in pleasant hill. >> at the new in and out burger in pleasant hill, the doors opened at 10:30 a.m. but that was not too early to start chowing down. >> it is lunchtime somewhere. >> within minutes the line was out the door and continue to
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grow, and grow, and grow,. people have been waiting for more than one year to satisfy their search for the burger. >> it took us awhile to get it done but it is always worth it. and that happens from time to time. >> regular customers have occult like attachment to this place. they know how to order off the menu for items such as animal style, with cheese sauce and grilled onions. and while the rules say they cannot make more than a quadruple murder, many sanchez, a fifth patty and slipped it in himself. >> why would you do that? >> i was trying to make history, get into the record books. the first one to do it. >> they have mostly hard to get with their customers, the nearest one was 50 mi. away in san ramon. but fans of the double double say that as part of the allure. >> so you go the distance for as opposed to another hamburger place that is just around the corner. >> it makes it feel more special? a >> it does.
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>> that is what people are scratching their heads when the proposed putting another restaurant on this property just 3 mi. up the freeway from the new one. but then some neighbors complained and now ... >> we have withdrawn our application for that one, and it is in limbo. >> but here, the neighbors are happy, the company is happy, and boy are the customers happy. everyone wins. well, almost everyone. in pleasant hill, john ramose, cbs 5. >> the president will be courting bay area voters that have deep pockets next week. the san francisco chronicle reports that the president will start next wednesday with an event at the fox theater in oakland. he will be the star of the dinner, the goldmans, bears to the levi strauss fortune. on thursday he will sit down at an asian-pacific islander events. anyone hoping to meet the
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president should have a few thousand dollars to spend. the daughter of cuban president raul castro will be in seventh and last week after being granted a u.s. visa. anti-castro activists are angry about the decision saying that she is an apologist for the communist government in cuba. she will attend an academic conference in the city and one other events. >> you have heard of buyer beware but it turns out that cellar should take the same advice. >> it was fraud right to my face. >> what we found well undercover at a road shows? >>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> in this tough economy many have resorted to selling family heirlooms to try and make the ends meet. but one of the largest gold
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buyers in the country is accused of fraud. julie watts has the result of the five state under cover investigation. >> gold is selling for more than $1,500 per ounce but these companies are offering pennies on the dollar. and while that might be legal, lying about the quality of your old is not. >> you were watching an undercover gold by. >> i need to confirm the gold content ... >> they're passing through town for one week only promising the best value for gold. >> i was curious. >> marlene and her friend saw the same company advertise in the local paper under a different name. treasure hunters road show. >> it said " as seen on tv ". with the words " road show ". they thought it was the antique road show. a common misconception that got them sued. and i felt deceived again when they got to this event at
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hampton and. >> i had a piece of 18 karat gold and i knew that it was 18 karat gold and told me that it was not. >> to believe that they were taken for hundreds of dollars and they're not alone. we compile complaints from across the country mostly from seniors like the seven one-year- old and west virginia and and 80 year-old on the canadian border. both grandmothers, desperate for cash, selling family heirlooms for pennies on the dollar. >> this one is clearly marked 750 ... >> after this your heard similar complaints from his customers he decided to visit the same road show traveling under yet another name. this time premier state buyers. >> i had a gold bracelet, and gold coins, the individual look at it for a few moments and told me that were slated to read that was fraught right to my face. >> he agreed to lend as $8,000 worth of gold for the investigation and before handing it over detested both peace for weeks and character count. we took the gold to three
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separate jewish to confirm its value and then brought it to a show in santa cruz. we knew that 13 of the pieces were 18 year-old after carefully examining each item, this manager told us >> that is entered in 14 ^. >> half of what you have on the table is copper. >> maybe he missed the 18 ^ stamped and the acid test was wrong? an isolated experience? we decided to find out. so we sent our goal to cbs stations across the country asking teams in sacramento, boston, philadelphia, chicago, and dallas, to go undercover. in two cities they got the carrots right, but ... at two other shows, including this one in dallas, cbs producers were told that 18 ^ pieces were only 14 carats. and three out of the five initial offers that we received were less than a quarter of the gold actual value. >> after months of undercover investigations, which traveled
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here to springfield illinois. to their corporate headquarters. >> we're not in the business to lying to people. >> this is their spokesperson, it turns out the company operates 120 traveling shows for week under least eight different names. first, he examines our gold. >> that is 18 terror cold. >> then we showed him the video. >> to which ones are 10? >> i believe, but which one was it? i think, ... i believe that one was 10. >> that one is this one. our 18 terror bracelet. >> there's a trend here. either he does not have a cursory knowledge of gold or he's lying to customers. >> it is a concern for me to see that. >> on five different occasions, across the country, this is not an isolated incident. >> that is a very small percentage. >> he says that employees are not trained to purposely deceived customers, but we
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obtained this buying guide which shows that employees are trained to make a first offer of a dollar and 50¢ per pennyweight when the going rate is 30 times that. >> is that excessive? >> is absolutely illegal. >> do you feel guilty? >> why feel guilty? i'm not one out there doing those types of things. >> of those types of things happen to be great for business. it brought in $300 million last year and despite their earnings, to listen to the investigation, thousands of the company's checks stopped clearing when the bank closed their accounts. >> it is an unfortunate situation to be honest, i have no idea why was closed. >> the company ceo close the irs more than $3 million. and according to court documents he has been using the company bank account as his personal piggy bank. meanwhile the company has been splurging on luxuries like a country club presidents, even an airplane paid for in part with silver coins. >> you did buy a jet and a house
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with silver? >> sure. >> does the bank closing your account had anything to do with mr. parsons using company funds for extravagant personal expenses? >> i don't know. that is a great question. >> the bank will not comment on why it close their account. but unexpected closings are often due to fraud investigations, improper use of funds, or irs liens. the company is now scrambling to reissue checks out of a new account. one of those checks is hours and we're still waiting for our money. >> need to get an appraisal. >> your first stop needs to be a license to jeweler. you don't necessarily need to sell it to them but have them tell you what your jewelry is worth and it will most times give you an honest answer. >> what a day in the bay area, microclimates came into play again today. let's take a look at some of the high temperatures around the bay area. 50's along the coastline and 60s across the bay. pumping up to the '70s in the
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santa clara valley and drifting into the eastern portion of the bay area. now but at 73. and then 80, a concord 82 degrees, all due to a northwest wind. but that is the operative word. wind. right now, with the air temperature in the '50s and '60s and '70s, it is blowing outside. a blustery evening in progress. sfo with wind gusts at 46 m.p.h.. concord currently at 23. sam story in san jose. the wind will take a while to subside and then we will have a breezy afternoon tomorrow but not as windy as today. and we're going to have it warmer weekend. tonight overnight temperatures into the '40's and 50's and the skies will be clear. tomorrow we will start off with a hint of stratus next to the coast and into the bay. that will clear out in leave us with an abundance of sunshine. '50s and '60s around the seashore. san mateo at 67 degrees. 79 degrees in morgan hill and low '80s in gilroy.
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across the eastern portion of the district, 81 degrees in brentwood, tracy and oakley and also discovery day. 74 degrees in benicia and stacking up to 80 degrees in santa rosa and sonoma. the wind out of the west at 10 to 20 mi. per hour. here is your 7 day forcast. that pressure gradient that is causing very breezy conditions today and tomorrow? that will not be a factor over the weekend as the temperatures assure into the low '80s both days while the coast remains in the '50s and '60s. and a stagnant weather pattern continues until this time next week. >> thanks. just two weeks after the huge superman, the heavens offer another stunning spectacle. a ring of fire eclipse. this is what it should look like the sunday for much of the western north america. it happens when the moon blocks out most of the sun, leaving a ring of light around its. but remember to not look
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directly at it. experts recommend looking at safe viewing glasses. >> we have been telling you about the facebook ipo all week but what about the man at the center of it all? it turns out that he was not always a good confidence ceo. we have a glimpse at the man behind the world's most popular social networking company. >> jobs are the number-one issue for americans this election year, so who's better at creating them? democrats or republican presidents? we have stunning results up next. >> ♪ >> during the disco era she burned up the charts. coming up, we have a look at the coming up, we have a look at the life and career of donna summer,
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when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> 12 hours and counting before facebook officially changes in status from private, to public. the social media powerhouse hits the nasdaq tomorrow at $38 per share in an initial public offering that could net the company more than $18 billion. the price will push the company's market value beyond
6:29 pm
$100 billion. bigger than amazon .com, disney, and mcdonald's. the facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg will bring the opening bell remotely from the company's menlo park headquarters. >> this will make mark zuckerberg one of the most rich people in the world. and at 20 years old he is half of the age of the average s&p 500 ceo. but there and simon shows us that he has grown up a lot since launching facebook from his dorm room at harvard. >> i am glad this is not live. >> it was 2006, two years after launching facebook from his harvard dormitory. a nervous and camera shy mark zuckerberg ... >> i am not on today. >> he sat down for a cnn interview. >> can you say your name and pronounces the that no one messes it up?
6:30 pm
>> yes, it is mark zuckerberg. >> what is your title? >> founder and ceo. >> our producer had to ask the most basic questions. >> how did the company start? >> it cannot start as a company. i was a sophomore at harvard. and i guess that about i have never really been asked how the company was started. >> how did facebook start? >> now i am embarrassed ... you would think that i would have been asked that. >> speaking was he may have been rough around the edges but it was clear he had a laser light focused of what he wanted facebook to become. >> we view the site as an information directly. it helps you better understand what is going on around you. and once you're better informed about the people around you, you
6:31 pm
are in a better position to meet people, connect with these people. >> like bill gates and steve jobs before him, he is one of those rare ceo who has pioneering accomplishments, same, and persona, making it him a captivating figure. >> in private he is an entertaining and engaging fellow who is funny, as a lot of friends, i do not think that to this day he would like to be as much of a public figure as he is. and if it were up to him he would never be on stage. it would mostly be sitting in front of a computer, coating. that is what he loves to do. >> is facebook a dream job or a stepping stone to something else? >> definitely not a stepping stone. i do not necessarily think about what my dream job would be but i guess that this is pretty cool. i get to build what i want. >> and, as wall street anxiously awaits the ipo, capitol hill is
6:32 pm
eyeing a recent status update from one of the company's co- founders. the brazilian born eduardo is poised to make a mint when the company goes public. but earlier this year he renounced his u.s. citizenship and moved to singapore where there is no capital gains tax. some lawmakers view it as a move to protect his windfall. >> he has turned his back on the country that welcomed him and kept him safe, educated him, and helped him become a billionaire. this is a great american success story gone horribly wrong. he wants to d friend the united states of america, just to avoid paying taxes, and we're not going to let him get away with that. >> he has authored legislation called the " expatriate act " which would impose taxes on expatriates' that move to avoid that. he denies doing that and insists that he has every intention of paying up. >> for the first time,
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minorities are the majority in the united states. minorities make up more than 51 percent of all births between july 2010 and july 2011. up from 37% in 1990 according to the new census data. the reason? there are more minority women in their childbearing years. >> these policymakers, most of whom who are older and white, will they support programs to support this new generation of youth that does not look much like them? >> minorities make up more than 50 percent of the population in washington d.c., new mexico, texas, and hawaii. in california minorities make up more than 60 percent of the state's population. 14 million latinos live in california, more than in any other state. >> one of the biggest issues for voters this campaign season is jobs. which party creates more? republicans or democrats? grace lee tells us about a new record,
6:34 pm
the results of which may surprise you. >> the numbers from this bloomberg studied look pretty convincing. the data bricks down how many jobs were created under a democrat versus republican presidency. this is over the last 50 years. when a democrat ruled the white house 42 million jobs were created and while republicans were in office only 24 million jobs. less than half. this was analyzed by former michigan gov. jennifer grant home who sat down with us earlier today. >> i was not shocked that democrats have done well but i was shocked at how well they had done. >> as a democrat, the host of the current tv " the war room " says even though this report plays to a side of party politics, the numbers don't lie. >> there is an old maxim that says " in god we trust, all others bring data " that is all that this is. this column that i wrote was only about the data. and it used bloomberg who was very respected, non-partisan.
6:35 pm
>> it is not just about jobs. the report estimated what your annual returns would be if you invest $1,000 in a democratic reverses a republican in the last half century. and what it found is that under democrats to have nearly $11,000 and returned and under republicans only about $2,000. >> the stock market has done better under democratic presidents. it is true gross domestic product and the growth of the economy. >> my gut reaction is that i would like to verify that. >> we spoke with howard at seen since the republican party and he says that this is not a reflection of republican presidents. but a sign of a dysfunctional democratic congress over the years. >> my thought is " i don't believe that, i would have to see the figures to see where they came from " because it does not a sense. >> state republican share was so outraged by this report, when i sent it to him that he called me and issued a statement he says " mark twain said that 60 percent
6:36 pm
all statistics are misleading, it and this article falls into that category " jo". the policies of presidents matter more than their party affiliation. so the debate rages on, but a delhi raises an interesting perspective this election year. >> empty. essentially there is no faculty on the corridor. >> university ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> if you have noticed more sold sides in your neighborhood and your correct. bay area home sales rose last month to their highest level in april since 2006. the biggest hikes were in san mateo, rent, and san fransisco. contra costa county saw the
6:39 pm
largest increase in median prices. the survey was produced by david quick. its president sworn the market is taking a step towards normalization. but only a step. >> with a 6% tuition hike looming, students are looking at paying double what a uc student paid it one year ago. and why the uc system has plenty of money to build new buildings when some of them are sitting empty. >> empty. essentially there are no faculty on the corridor. this office is on occupied, this office is on occupied >> walking in this dark hallway, this uc santa cruz professor points to his old office. he now works in another located across campus, in a new building that he says is not needed and should have never been built. he says that he has found a direct connection between a new campus construction and hikes in student tuition which university of california region said are likely if they do not get an
6:40 pm
additional $125 million from the state. >> that is the amount that we need to prevent a tuition increase in 2012/2013. to preserve the quality of the uc academic programs and student services. >> it makes me angry that the university is telling students that they need to pay more tuition because they're cutting their budget. and then they are borrowing money to a used to leverage all sorts of expansion in areas that don't have anything to do with the quality of education. >> overall the uc system has nearly $2 billion worth of new construction projects in the works. many financed by bonds that are backed by student tuition. in fact, credit rating services give them a and a one score. based in part on its ability to raise tuition, and it made more out of students that a more. >> peter taylor is the uc system's chief financial officer and former executives at lehman brothers. he says that using student
6:41 pm
tuition as collateral is standard. and the university system is smart to take advantage of the current low interest rates. >> when the climate is attractive, where contractors are cutting every penny and nickel out of their bid to make sure that they get the business, when we can afford to build much more attractive, when interest rates are at historic lows so that are in karst are about as attractive as they have ever been, that is the time to invest in future quality. that is not the time to pull back. >> some of the new buildings are not being used. this new structure at the uc riverside campus was intended to be part of the medical school but has not been open because the school does not have enough money. others, located in berkeley, stand ready waiting for more funds to come in better days. but some argue the new betimes are on to be harder and harder for students to find in the future. >> it is uncommon to use the strength of our balance sheet to put ourselves in a position to allow the state to meet these goals, that during what we hope
6:42 pm
is a temporary dip in state support. >> the pattern is essential that the university wants to raise its total money. generated from enrollment. for both increasing role mr. we head to and increasing tuition. at the same time that they cut their spending per student. >> this summer regions are expected to decide whether or not to raise tuition at outclasses may not be in session, protesters may be less likely to take a break. if you have a story idea that log onto and click connect and scroll down to closer look and send me an e- mail. >> patio furniture blown over, bike rides disrupted, it is windy out there and the wind is causing big problems. we will talk about that and your friday forecast but first >> it could be worse, you could be a raiders fan because one of their linebackers is going to jail.,,,,
6:43 pm
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>> from the cbs 5 weather
6:46 pm
center. good evening everyone. we have another microclimate day like a summertime weather pattern. 79 degrees in san fransisco and 82 degrees in santa rosa. 80 in concord. that is the scene in the city by the bay where it is 55 degrees but the big story happens to be the gusty winds. curly winds are blowing right they're looking at mt. diablo which is a shrouded in clouds of to 22 m.p.h.. sfo 36 m.p.h. wind gust causing holes on departing flights. up to one hour delays. meanwhile gust in san jose. watch these numbers by all around. it will remain breezy. but notice the coast. a breezy day by the day and by the seashore all day long and also at the delta. otherwise the wind is being caused by what we refer to as a pressure gradient. an area of low pressure skimming
6:47 pm
by the northern half of the state today. butting up against a ridge of high pressure that is trying to provide us with a great looking weekend. tomorrow we'll have less wind, albeit breezy. but more sunshine than what we saw today. the bottom line is your headlines tonight, with a sunset at 8:14 p.m., skies gradually clearing, the extended forecast calls for more weekend. the seven day outlook coming up after tonight's lows in the '40's and 50's. clear skies, tomorrow's highs going up in comparison to today. more seasonal and '50s and '60s along the beaches and '60s and '70s, and from south san fransisco. all the way into palo alto. upper seventies and low '80s morgan hill and gilroy. including the valley and santa clara valley. 80 in antioch, low '80s in discovery day and 80 degrees also in pleasanton. no. a number stacking into the upper 50s along the seashore. seventies in san rafael, 80 degrees in sonoma. 65 degrees in san fransisco,
6:48 pm
spot on for this time of the year. the extended forecast, check out your saturday and sunday. both days 60s at the beaches and 80s in land. seventies at the day, and we will hang on to the tranquil weather pattern. and we have bay to breakers. idealistic conditions. low clouds and cool. that is or pinpoint forecasts. >> ♪ >> she was the queen of disco during the '70s and '80s. donna summer died of cancer today at her home in florida at the age of 63. her cancer diagnosis and subsequent battle against it was something that she kept hidden from the public. some of her biggest songs were " last dance, love to love you baby, and she works hard for the money ". fans remember her as a powerhouse. >> big hair, crazy colors, just
6:49 pm
overwhelming. she was fantastic. >> people left flowers on her store on the hollywood walk of fame. she sold more than 100 million records worldwide and became one of the first performers to have three consecutive double this album's go to number one on the charts. she was said to be working on a new cd over the last few weeks.
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[ male announcer ] knowing your customers is important to any successful business. which is why at wells fargo, we work with you to get to know the unique aspects of your business. we can recommend financial solutions that can work for you that have helped millions of business owners save time, reduce expenses, and maximize cash flow. as the number one small business lender for nine years running... we're with you when you need us. so you can be there for your customers. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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>> guilty on all charges, that is the fate of the raiders linebacker, stemming from a beating altercation in alabama last november. he was found guilty of third degree assault, reckless endangerment, menacing in the state of alabama and wrong discharge of a firearm. he was sentenced to 180 days in jail but was released on bail. he is appealing the charges and will serve his sentence following the outcome of that appeal. then of course comes a likely severe punishment from the nfl. the curse of game day strikes again. the guest on the sunday night sports show, and it was placed on the 15 day disabled list. never come on game day! you will
6:53 pm
suffer the consequences. the a's power hitting third baseman has been out since sunday with a sore groin. everything is bigger in texas including this to foot hot dog that cost $26 and is 3,000 cals strong. brandon mccarthy in the sixth inning appeared to catch this attempt but the umpire said " no ", the skipper gets thrown out. you be the judge, did he catch it or not? he did catch it. the a's do not lose their composure, josh read it is gone. sam score in the ninth inning, bases loaded. brandon snyder ends the inning on a groundout. coke has 19 and two-thirds of scoreless innings, that is an oakland record to start the season. 10th inning, base hit off of mike adams, the a's at 5/4 and win by that final and slid the
6:54 pm
series with the rangers. the cardinals are arriving to the ballpark today. watch the last night here, how does he get paid to do that? brandon crawford batting second. to run scored and a base hit. crawford 2/5, first run since april 23rd. keane was not great in six innings, the big blow was matt holiday, st. louis lead 4/3. his a storm of the season. tied at 4, david freeze rolls away this ground role. giving the giants a lead. the colonels were sloppy with three errors. for once the bats continue to role for big daddy kane who has had the worst support since 2006. brandon bell scorches the double to give san fransisco a 6/4 lead. came runs his record to 3/2. there used to rain delays in denver but this was the first at this field.
6:55 pm
the game was delayed after a swarm of bees gather around the dugout. to get rid of them, look at it, he has no protection. pretty gutsy. he uses a vacuum, the diamondbacks and up stinging the rockies and 9/7. northgate, in walnut creek battling clayton valley. the broncos rally in the seventh inning. mishandled by the clayton valley in field. and the leaders down to one. then, the ball goes to the backstop. sloppy defense by clayton valley. and right now, that game is tied in extra innings. i will just guess that this is exclusive video tapes. the pacers president will name to the executive of the year. taking it to miami in the second half. 19 points and 18 rebounds and five blocks. the pacers blowout the heat 94/75. they now lead the series two games/1. when is it better not to hold a
6:56 pm
post game news conference? the rangers lost against the devils and that is when the new york coach took to the microphone. >> a number of things went wrong. and >> can you talk about the decision to set gavin down in the third? >> no. >> is this kind of effort that you would need to win this game? >> no. my answer to your first question is no. you need to improve as a hockey team every game. >> we have all been part of those news conferences where the coaches are just very short. i remember one time creek was asking bill walsh questions and he got so mad he said " why don't you come up and answer the questions? why don't you come up here? " but rick stood his ground and was tough
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