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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 18, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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easier banking. every step of the way. [ male announcer ] attention but it wouldn't have happened without this woman. how she turns up birds idea into the gold mine this today. a big area family want answers after a routine police called ghost from. but the officer felt he had to shoot the 11 year-old family dog. a little-known report that lets you see if your accidentally been charged for some of his mistake. and how to get for free. and this woman
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lost her husband to the widow maker says he invented a device to save others from the same fate degrees tonight to the medical breakthrough born out of a wife's grave. and about nine hours the most sought after stock in recent memory will be up for grabs. face book will be priced initially at $38 a share on the nasdaq under the ticker symbol fbi the price as is the company's value to about $104 billion it's a record for a newly public company. but kiddo tells us face book may never have made it this far without one key player and is not marked up a bird. marks are the bird is expected to ring the opening bell and a few hours and to the employees there tonight at the ones that are in the event they call have gone the company
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released a few photos a moment ago is your employees to pull all matters to work on personal projects in the run-up to the idea we see plenty of stories about the incredible amount of wealth the company's trading we haven't heard about one of the key players in woman referred to as the only ground up working at this book. perhaps the silicon valley have we never heard of for their business and government savvy combined with marks of a large engineering skills she is the and his gang. i was really serious begin high school and it works out to it was the now 28 year-old the credit they spoke in his harvard dorm room but it was stamberg and who found that she feared that had a stop losing money again the black. if she hadn't been hampered if she came in and basically created a business shuttle months worth of meetings tried to figure out what business they spoke was even an sam book is a harbor harvard grad over to the u.s. treasury department she then went on to
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build the online ad business at google before leaving for face up in 2008 that 400 is the company's best plan template simply rake in $31 million last year mostly in stock even though she is worth $1 billion she is emerging as the poster child for a work life balance. the a lot of his office at 537 home for dinner with my kids at 6. now part of corporate america's elites channel is a gender gap last year. to the promise for a more equal world in a world where men can have our homes and women ran have run institutions. would be just a much better world. as for run from the white house. did we get the issue will end up in washington and i honestly think she could someday be president and that's not a joke at aspirations to do something the matter is and right now at don't think there's much ado that would matter much that they spoke. anticipation of the huge media crush tomorrow
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morning the company is actually about the media to park in one of the lot on their property there's plenty of food and of course a lot of security to make sure nobody wonders on to the campus overnights. live ketosis 5. hundred $4 billion is a lot of money right? so to put in perspective the market value is more than the amazon dot, mcdonald's craft and disney just a few if you're looking to get yourself a piece of action is something you may not know this of shares will actually go on sale until 8:00 pacific time an hour-and-a-half but after the nasdaq opens the market is delaying the start to keep things as orderly as possible. these are co-founder address robert gave up his u.s. citizenship and that means he can save about $100 million in taxes from all the stock. one u.s. senator says that is outrageous. this is a great
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american success story gone horribly wrong. this one 2 d friends united states of america just to avoid syntaxes and we aren't when to let it get away with it. she is co-author the legislation to punish people who give up their citizenship to dodge taxes. the brazilian born sovereign who has lived in singapore since 2009 says the decision it had nothing to do with taxes. in a statement to cbs news says i have paid and will continue to pay any taxes due on everything i learned while a u.s. citizen. well as different story at another silicon valley giant hewlett-packard report say h-p plans to cut as many as 30,000 jobs worldwide it that is about 10 percent of the work force is part of a restructuring plan expected to take at least a year '80 has been hit by declining revenue and profits.
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kids in the bay area family are devastated at the death of a family dog at the hands of a police officer. a dog that was 11 years old. it happened vallejo his as juliet goodrich tells us the officers as he dealt threatens and opened fire. someone selling sent house and house by gunfire coming from vallejo police officer chased cattle and shooting and killing bemoan the family's dog 11 year-old bell. a mixed breed labs year marks in the state's and shoot the dog. similar says he contacted police after his bank account was hacked and money was stolen. he says officer calvin made an unannounced visit to the house and the first thing he did it was sure the dog. his wife found belt dead. police officers out of the
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street singing sirens aracaris ends she said he was scared shot the dog but explained that still heartbroken 5 year-old lucia. she was a great job. her brother jack says the officers should come over and apologize. the vallejo police department says officer calvin and legitimately feared he was going to be attacked by two growling dogs. the police department's professional standards division at reviews the incident. they have one request for the sake of their children lucia and jack. jet blue at this point would bear a greater tickets a down at the kids explain happens apologize bring them a teddy bear i don't know. as the did it play a police officer has now been official statement as to what happens during the incident the damage
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says it intends to get counseling to help children cope with the loss of their family pets. in vallejo to live coverage cbs five. and getting a best look yet at the case prosecutors republicans charged the men including this serve palance videos showing chairman martin. at 711 and the details would let the deadly shooting according to the autopsy reports martin had t h see the system but not enough to affect his behavior and cinnamon was treated the next day for a broken nose and those cuts to head the saw their police report concludes the confrontation was ultimately avoidable. that is spent in the works for nine years is all but a done deal governor brown signed off on a compact with a federated indians of great and manchuria to start work on a 65,000 sq. ft. facility outside a runner
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part of the casino will house 3000 slot machines and steel beams the tribal chairman sense at all creates thousands of jobs in a portion of the revenue will go to the city and county. i'm proud that after nine years the tribe has been able to deliver what it has always promised and that is to have it business it in a compact that will benefit indian and non- indian alike. all it is needed now is an ok from the fed is and that is considered a foregone conclusion construction on the project could begin as early as mid summer. loom was alive by her pants for sir leon fire the california woman had to rush to the hospital after her shorts suddenly burst into flames the culprit was exploding rocks. one on where she got them why and her home is now has that scene. a 43 year-old mother and
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her children or walking along the shoreline at this state beach when one of our kids pick up these rocks. one was speckled green and the other one to black sheep of them in her pocket and went home. hours later the rocks caught fire burning the mother and her husband to try to help her. did according to witnesses jackson had flames coming offer for short so we're still unsure of what cause the actual firing we do know that she had the rocks in your pockets the rocks are being tested is to speak with the ones county health care agency in the san clemente family has still not returned home according to a neighboring house of his materials cleanup crew was in the house just yesterday he tells me insurance for picking up a high acid ratings and until the test results come in the family cannot come home. had never seen anything like this and that this bill to permit the responded to the college 27 years on the job and is never seen anything like it the rocks below normal that these highly flammable rocks may
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occur naturally most likely contain are coated with white phosphorus and highly flammable material and as gear sella's a small spark friction can cause them to burn like a road flare. not far from the senate of three power plants the rocks covered shoreline this cell as this case is one for the books. did we don't have anything to do with the mercury plans whatsoever. and a nationwide scam taggant certain women have been spread on their worst fear to call them that tens of thousands of dollars. did we do a good beginning overcharged for car insurance and not even notice how see if your accidently paying for someone else's mistake. ,,,,
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italy woman's worst fears tried to saddam them out of their jewelry and they're in jail tonight. success but for residents fl inside their luggage at $850,000 worth of jade, silver, and even one woman's wedding ring. one moment about why savings up to thousand dollars. it's really hard for me to
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see my mom upset. and one of the elder abuse. the suspect their chinese nationals who told the women that their families were plagued by evil spirits. the investigation taking its new self driving car out for its ban. google got a special permit for the test drive on one condition and someone had to be in it in case things went haywire. the car uses the rooftops as are video cameras and artificial intelligence to navigate and watch out for traffic. eventually came to a stop as a group of children across the street. did waves your car insurance rates are climbing and you don't know why. here's a clue. and elizabeth cook shows us the of
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reports we all have. when that car insurance -- we learned his insurance company used something called a " report to set his race. has absolutely clueless. it plasterboards. look at how many claims to file in the past seven years to figure how much to charge you. some and a lot of people don't necessarily know about until it shows up on the reports to have had negative mark and the report. we've learned you can pull your report once a year for free when dell pulled his he learned at a $40,000 worth of insurance claims almost 35 grant belongs to his brother. he was involved in two major accidents. i was surprised. and that's why couldn't believe that somehow got to get this corrected delta estimates up
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says he is live with his brother at the time he contacted the company behind the core reports lexis and nexis the refuse to talk was about dell's case but says if someone brings them the state to their attention to look into it and get back to between 30 days they then reached out to the insurance company to see why the raises rates a letter he says his brothers driving history was not included in the increase and said it was based on his own speech in violation and an accident he had. the drastic increase in rates he better start looking for lexis and nexis. the explanation and thinks others should also check their clear reports. and you can check your clue with a + reports for free once a year we put those on our web site cbs asset data, news and if you find a mistaken disputed with each agency. elizabeth cup
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cbs five. heart disease is the number-one killer of men and women in the united states and back with 1100 people die each day from its some of them from a condition known as the widow maker tonight are going to the minnesota woman who has invented what could be the easiest way to spot trouble before it is too late to this cbs station in indianapolis has a story that is truly from harsh. and a rustic retreat at the end of a road outside northfield minnesota is about the last place you would think would be home to a medical breakthrough. but a garage start up is where murray johnson bypasses the business world in pursuit of her life's work rent seven heart attacks. run to reduce the number of widows and widowers and little kids that don't get to grow up with their father and mother.
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murray has been the last decade developing a hand-held device that can quickly detect heart blockage is accompanying is about to launch fda trials. where we do we have to be consistent bright outlook from an invention born of one of life's darkest moments. murray didn't know it better project began just before she and husband are about to have their second child. i have this year the u.n. to die and leave me with this baby she's a biomedical engineer i was in this project to computerize stethoscope and record all of this information from and discovered that he had brought by his doctor but a stress test nine months later she went to the ymca to meet him for his usual workout. and there was an ambulance
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and there is a body with a white sheet and return to my daughter who was for and said it went to pray because someone has died here today. police to tell marina she was a widow. an autopsy showed a heart attack in robb's left anterior descending artery. this is a blockage year usually causes sudden deaths. remember at 3:00 the mornings sitting on my desk my lights were off the head the global computer screen and i could hear got whisperer aid helped form an algorithm that could pinpoint her problems to sound very says justice to hear the sound of water rushing past rocks in a stream the son of blood rushing threat blockage is audible to and heard of ice picks up at current. so this is one of the initial prototypes listen to this is the patient in a
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different way sensors pick up turbulence in an artery. for an injured vice the cadence and cardiologists believe it could change the way they practice. dr. wilson is the chief cardiologist she says the kitten shows promise of even replace the treadmill stress test because it is easier and cheaper. that makes the game change because this is something that can be scaled up and can be used in a physician's office. arab labor the device can bring the hope of tomorrow last year the businessmen that murray in a meeting for potential of investors he agreed to be one of the three test subjects and was his turn she had is look at the base and suggested that i'm not cardiologists a you should go see a doctor. again stress test and labeled as healthy he wasn't convinced and asked his doctor for a ct scan. essentially the wanamaker.
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his life saved by divine of women to. with pat on the fun together. hair has been illegally to 41 but she believes her invention lucky countless families together. necessity may be the mother of invention that part of her world surely it's love. he was a beautiful human being. dr. johnson did postdoctoral work at stanford clinical trials for the guys start next month and if the fda approves it it could be in doctors' offices by october 2013. it sure has been a windy day today and the winds and the music locked into the air in san francisco tonight the areas where the wind will continue to blow on friday as i,,,,,,,,,,,,, the dons a the
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talk of the town america building. but bob has now wipe away but we do have. reconditions with a clear skies in the '50s the winds will, in the overnight hours but still it back up again tomorrow afternoon and here you have your morning commute to little breezy along the immediate seashore in fact is these breezy all day long winds increase in the valley of napa and also taught adult that and as westerly cent to 20 will continue throughout the evening commute and began to subside after the sun sets park ride pressure builds in from the south and passing to east causing some pressure. but tomorrow less wind and more sunshine and facts are going to go for a warm weekend on tap at seven day forecast is coming up into the '40's and 50's meanwhile degrees overnight in san is a through willow glen and the cupertino and looks like our
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numbers '50s and '60s we coming around the media seashores '60s around millbrae backing through palo alto and also 76 degrees in santa clara's of the temperatures increase east of the day now and year '80 it will be '80 in sonoma the extended forecast does call for a warm weekends was still a little bit as strong as moving in late sunday into monday otherwise it pretty good weather picture that's the point when forecast a that is what that. there was say it more defense of the ballparks this time was in the,,,,,,,,,,
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linebacker ron mcclain was sentenced to 180 days in jail after being found guilty on all charges stemming from the shooting incident in alabama. he will serve his sentence following his appeal then come to a likely suspension from the nfl. those of the st. louis cardinals at at&t the game was tied for the sixth inning and he threw motive for space is going to skip into the dugout. about scores and the giants went 75 it's the most runs and scored 19 games at home big daddy kane to except his third win of the year. last week branded edges the hottest hitter in baseball this week he's out with a groin injury and today the is placed among the 15 day disabled list bob melvin would be around to see the a's finished up in texas
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after the umpire ruled that mccarthy did not catch the pop- up bad call the d.a.'s would overcome. here is a go-ahead single in the canned meats beat the rangers 5 to 4 to split the series ryan cut expenses could scoreless streak to 99 2/3 innings dissension among the ranks was to a miami heat are cooling off kuwait was held to just five points and apparently was blaming everybody else. the bases blow it up in the second half look at the big man roy led the way 19 points and 18 rebounds and five blocks the winds 95 to 74 in leading the series to the one who's the boss? how about the l.a. kings would become the story in tinseltown. they beat patti stood one to take a three nothing series lead leaving them one point away from a trip to san cup finals for the second time in franchise history again who is their coach?.


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