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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in san jose >> time to talk about the weekend and the weather looks like it will cooperate. >> we have an accident in daly city in the northbound lanes of 280. >> good morning everyone. it is friday. good to have you with us. >> the time is 430 and we will start with some breaking news. officers are on the scene of a deadly crash. >> a car crashed into a tree at 1/5 team this morning just off of california way. >> as you can see, this area has actually been taped off and is been blocked off for quite some time because the accident happened around 115 this morning at the intersection of california street and allston way. berkeley police found that one car had hit a tree had gone. we do know that one person was
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pronounced dead on the scene and two others had been transported to a local hospital and they are currently in serious condition. berkeley police do not want to give the names and identities of people involved in the crash. we do know that two of the passengers were in their 20s and one of them was a child. it was the passenger that was pronounced dead. the driver and a young child are in serious condition. investigators are on the scene trying to figure out what the cause of the crash was. we're not ruling out speed or alcohol, it is still in the early stages of the investigation. they expect to be here for a couple of hours so police say if your waking up in the early morning steer the intersection of california and allston way be sure to look out because they will be blocking this area for quite some time. today is also a city holiday so
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people will be out and about. >> the other big story of the morning, facebook hitting wall street >> the company start selling its shares of stock this morning and we are in menlo park where facebook headquarters has been buzzing all might >> we just saw some employees drive past us here at the headquarters. they were screaming out of their car, very excited this morning. mark zuckerberg is set during the opening bell at 6:30 a.m. our time. some employees have been here on campus all night at an event they call a hack up on. they released photos of the marathon coating session, showing that the company is ready to expand and not resting on its laurels. facebook goes on sale at $38 per share. the company will be worth $104
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billion, worth more than mcdonald's or disney. early investors stand to reap as much as $18.4 billion. mark zuckerberg is now worth $19.1 billion. he's still behind bill gates and larry ellison so there is still some room to grow. the hyped-up status is still tenuous. >> they're under enormous pressure to show how to make money. there under pressure to show how to make more money from advertisements. general motors just pulled a huge campaign and this does not look good for facebook. >> facebook gets 80% of its money from advertising. this new valuation means that needs to increase exponentially to prove its worth. a long-term goal of facebook to
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be kind of a gateway to the internet. >> if you are looking to get yourself a piece of the action here is something you might not know, the shares will not go on sale until 8:00 a.m. pacific time, an hour-and-a-half after nasdaq opens. they're doing so to keep it as orderly as possible. stay with us throughout the day for continuing coverage of the blockbuster ipo. >> the acts could fall as early as next week at another silicon valley giant, hewlett-packard is trying, planning to cut as many as 30,000 jobs worldwide. it is all part of a restructuring plan expected to take at least a year. they've been hit by declining revenue and profits. governor brown is turning to the national media to emphasize the serious nature of the
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deficit. he tells cbs this morning it is critical for voters to pass his nov. tax measures and for the state to make some more budget cuts. >> we're going to start living within our means, something that has not truly happen for the better part of 30 years. >> it calls for a quarter cent sales tax increase and higher taxes for those who make more than a quarter million dollars per year. you can see more of the interview here on cbs five at 7:00 a.m.. the postal service has decided to close processing centers. congress remains deadlocked over how to help out. the plan is designed to save more than $2 billion per year. >> the last five weekends in a
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row, amazing. we will deliver again. it looks like we will see plenty of sunshine. today we start off with mostly clear skies with just a patch or two of fog along the coastline. the cooler start today because the skies have stayed clear. 47 degrees in santa rosa. 49 in san francisco. i pressure is gradually building in which will set up a beautiful weekend. '70s and '80s inland and fifties to 60s cosi. >> we're getting a couple of accidents in, mostly fender benders. things are flowing nicely especially across the golden gate bridge. you may find some ongoing road work on the southbound approach
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but for now you can see traffic heading towards doyle drive is nice and polite. this is southbound to 80 why he keep boulevard. another of accident in napa county up by highway 12, both of those should be clear in the next 15 minutes. the drive time in oakland is still clear. >> we're getting our best look yet at the shooting death of trayvon martin including its surveillance video showing the florida teenager at a 7-eleven. according to the autopsy report martin had t h. see in his system but not enough to affect his behavior. some and was treated the next day for a broken nose and cuts to the head. a police report concludes the confrontation was ultimately avoidable >> today the bay area's largest
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county will hold a new tribute to long for some officers who have been killed in the line of duty. 38 officers made the ultimate sacrifice. peace officers memorial will begin at noon outside the sheriff's department headquarters in san jose. going on the attack against homeless camps san jose is resuming cleanup of transient encampments because of increased crime and trash. three months ago police stop providing security for crews to remove trash but a recent fire at a homeless camp and increased complaints about burglaries' made the city's reinstate those cleanups >> president obama will be courting bay area voters with deep pockets next week. the chronicle reports the president will start wednesday with an event at the fox theater in redwood city. but goldman's, heirs to the levi strauss fortune, and
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thursday he will sit down at an asian-pacific islander even in palo alto. >> bringing las vegas to the bay area >> the casino project that is all but a done deal >> the rare sight you can watch over the weekend >> conan o'brien in a hot seat. his appea,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> new this morning, in insurgents attacked in afghanistan has killed two members of the international military coalition. it happened today in eastern afghanistan but nato is not disclosing any other reaffirmation. 154 nato service members have been killed in the war. so far at least 100 of them were american >> world leaders will spend the weekend in maryland trying to find a solution to the economic crisis in europe. president obama will greet them camp david for the 38th annual g8 meeting. some occupy precursors are also expected in the area. it is estimated that the debt crisis could last two more years
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>> word strike is to blame for a deadly helicopter crash that killed two marines at camp pendleton. a new report says the chopper collided with a red tail hawk that had a wingspan of about 4 ft.. the chopper fell in three pieces to the ground. >> three people killed and another three injured in a shooting in louisville ky. here is a look at the chaos that occurred between the two incidents. as reporters were arriving at one seem more shots rang out down the street. investigators are trying to piece together exactly what happened. >> firefighters are heading to northern colorado as wind keeps spreading a wild fire. it has burned at least 11 square miles 20 mi. northwest of fort collins. about 80 homes were evacuated
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yesterday. most people have been allowed back but are warned to be ready to leave again. two firefighters in oregon are recovering from injuries after battling a blaze at an apartment complex. at one point the roof collapsed causing one firefighter to fall through. somehow the firefighter was not injured. the fire destroyed six units. >> coming up, the oakland raider who is on his way to jail >> out of the google test drive went for the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> want to go to the baseball
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game? the bay bridge series, sunny and mild temperatures well into the '60s. it should be a great time to take in the games >> so far everything is looking great at the bay bridge. here's a live look at a time saver traffic camera. we will look at the friday morning commute coming up >> british world war two planes may be seen flying over the silicon valley for the next few days as part of the winds of freedom tore. vintage warplanes are on display at moffett field. the aircraft will include a restored the 22 complete with more than 100 bomb markings. if you want to spend the money you can even fly in some of the planes. it runs through may 26th. it will be next week before the west sidewalk on the golden gate bridge is reopened. they hope to reopen it by today
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but the bridge district says construction will continue into next week. the sidewalk has been closed since january. >> a tribal casino project in sonoma county that has been in the works for nine years is all but a done deal. facility outside ruark park. the casino will house 300 slot, 3000 slot machines and table games. it will create thousands of jobs and a portion of the revenue will go to the city and county. >> i am proud that after nine years the tribe has been able to deliver what it has always promised, that is, a business and a compact that will benefit indian and non-indian alike >> all it needs now is the ok from the fed's but that is
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considered a foregone conclusion. >> a message from pg&e this morning. president obama has no plans to pay your bill. the utility says that thieves have been conning people out of personal information by claiming that the president is offering a credit. this is apparently happening all around the country. people have been targeted for social media, phone calls and even in person. google has taken its new itself driving a car for a spin. it got a special permit for the test drive on one condition, someone had to be inside just in case. the car uses a rooftop censer, video cameras and artificial intelligence to navigate the streets. eventually came to a stop as a group of children were crossing the street. >> we hope so! in this morning's healthwatch, genes may hold the key to success in life. new research finds that genes play a greater role than
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previously thought informing character traits such as self control or decision making. in a study of twins scientists found genetics to be more influential in shaping character than a person's environment at home and their surroundings. a simple blood test is being developed that may identify women at risk of postnatal depression. it tex for variants that have been associated with depression and stress. doctors hope will pave the way for new drug treatment for mothers likely to develop depression. ♪ >> fans are remembering the queen of disco this morning. donna summer died yesterday at the age of 63 after battling lung cancer. she sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. >> an oakland raider linebacker will be spending some time behind bars.
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orlando mcclain was sentenced to jail found guilty and all charges stemming from his shooting incident in alabama. mcclain will serve a sentence following his appeal and it likely suspension from the nfl. the olympic torch was lit last week in olympia and has been making its way around in a relay. mr. de david beckham and princess and led dignitaries in the handover ceremony. tomorrow the porche heads off on every leg through england ending in london's olympic stadium for the big opening ceremonies. david letterman and conan o'brien have one big thing in common, they both lost out to the tonight show and jay leno >> so o'brien a visit to dave's late show last night.
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>> i think the longer we just sit here, the more uncomfortable it will make jay leno. >> o'brien succeeded letterman on late-night win dave came to cbs. you want to look up to the skies this weekend for a site we have not seen in nearly two decades >> sunday night there will be rare solar eclipse known as the ring of fire when the sun will appear in a thin ring behind the moon. in the bay area the moon will cover about 84 percent of the sun and the rain will not fully formed so astronomers suggest you head to the california and oregon border where you can see the phenomenon in full effect. the last time the ring of fire appeared in the u.s. was 1994.
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get ready for one hot summer. forecasters predicted warmer than usual summer for about three-quarters of the u.s.. the weather could be especially troublesome for california folks for the prospects of wildfires. california expects to have a very busy fire season >> it looks like it will be a nice weekend out there with mostly clear skies. a little bit breezy in spots but we're not seen the wind that we had yesterday afternoon. by the afternoon, still breezy at the coast line. inside the bay, sunny and mild well into the '60s. low 80s returning to the valleys. i pressure building in very nicely.
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still a couple of patches of fog at the coast but otherwise looking good. mostly sunny skies all around the bay area this afternoon and really some pretty nice weather. about 62 and a little bit breezy in half moon bay. the state temperatures, and 80 showing up in antioch and brentwood. 78 and the napa valley. 69 degrees in oakland, 65 in san francisco. the next couple of days, the weekend is looking good with warmer temperatures the route. warmer temperatures come monday and tuesday with partly cloudy skies and warm back up wednesday. >> we will take you out towards the south bay where we still have a lot of areas of overnight road work still going on.
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caltrans says it is scheduled to wrap up about 6:00 but oftentimes they finish ahead of schedule. again, something to be aware of. they're scheduled to wrap up by six but some areas there already finishing. everything is moving up ok across the deck. this accident i mentioned in daly city which northbound to 80 brett i 80 boulevard. apparently they're having some trouble getting that car out of the senate abide so it is still blocking one left lane. we no longer see any slowing on the sensors so just a heads up if you're traveling on 280. by times for the east bay are looking good. no delay on the nimitz and westbound 24 is in the clear. that is a quick check of the
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traffic, back to you. >> bay area baseball fans can gather at one place this weekend as the region's two major league teams go head-to-head. the a's and giants will meet for a three game series in san francisco. the a's have a slightly better record so far and both teams are in second place in their divisions. the baseball commissioner says it is up to the a's to look for additional sites for a new ballpark >> i now the san francisco giants are preventing the a's from building the new ballpark in san jose. the giants say the city is part of their territory and doing so would cut into their fan base. beware of extra fans at coors field. a swarm of bees caused a delay during the baseball game yesterday. they called in the vacuum
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cleaner. the bees settle down right near the dugout and beekeeper came in. >> no protective gear? that is the photographer! nice. >> they're not allergic or anything i guess. >> a swashbuckling inspiration won this year's doodle 4 google contest. you can see the second graders work of art on google. the theme is if i can travel in time i would visit, and his response was to sail on a pirate ship for treasure. he got a $30,000 scholarship and $50,000 technology grant for his school. >> the daily deals that group on is now under investigation for >> a nationwide scam turk
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targeting certain women. outfield's prey on their worst fear to con them out of tens of thousands of dollars >> a fatal car accident in berkeley hills one passenger. the driver and a young child are fighting for their life. we will have a live report coming up. >> there is about to be a new symbol on nasdaq making,,,,,,
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>> a car hit head-on with a tree in berkeley. we will have a live report with the berkeley police department coming up >> 3 hours until facebook goes public. just how many people will become instant millionaires >> will it be nice weekend? we will talk about it >>


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