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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 18, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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most high-technology stocks just that hike. these books ipo closed in nasdaq with a whimper one of the most anticipated openings and tech history. that this was almost humiliating for those that were rallying the stock. i think everybody was expecting much more we're talking about the most hyped ipo ever. analysts say the reason for the hype is investors were hoping that these books stock prices would soar but remained close to its opening price. all that pointed to stop by how much faith you have that facebook can go tremendously exponentially and without pickups in the next you're too. and that is where the market parsley said were not sure. also not sure of that means some investors didn't know if they're able to buy or sell during that time possibly spooky them. bank in sight at $45 in
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debt has soared above above a hundred 20% since its ipo group on not doing so well. it has dropped from an opening price of $20 to 1158 and zinc and was closely tied to face but with its on-line games like farm bill has dropped a whopping 40% since his debut. but insiders say the baker to drop faced with is a friend just yet. and it has huge potential. faced with is different than all his other companies because as 900 million users everybody knows about face but not everybody knows about group honors in debt or even yell so face of does have that advantage but it's got to turn those users into money. also the investors may be
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disappointed let's put this in perspective investigate face took managed to raise up to $18 billion in capital in one day is already bought up the social kicking up call, and now has a huge purchasing power in silicon valley. paisley cbs five. did we learn ramirez is live in menlo park back around facebook headquarters today. thats right here it is with headquarters in menlo park can definitely feel the fizzling out this afternoon but that is not the way the day started out. did we is the morning after they spoke workers pulled in all my hat on to remind them of the company's past marks uppermost remotely rang the opening bell as during in the future as a publicly traded company. going public is an important milestone but here's the thing. i'm a citizen to be a public company armistice to make the world tomorrow opening connected
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the enthusiasm of the morning was shared by baseball fan steve leone from pr came to the company's headquarters to take pictures of the giant like icon out front. they loved it. and what is going to do this picture? posted on facebook. but in downtown menlo park street reaction to face books ipo was not so enthusiastic. it didn't take off like a thought when i third would jump into the going crazy but faced with is getting to be everything is now. some grass ascent is at the charles schwab office closes the facebook headquarters it seemed to be a slow day inside. 3 surprise there's no more people? absolutely because these people have survive some of the crash of the recession and the housing markets of these people are actually the ones in the neighborhoods this book was the topic of conversation but not in the most positive light. i think that this book is price way too high and not wait
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too many shares. and of course now the big question is what is going to happen on monday when the markets reopen? and marge shepherd celebrated his hacker mentalities today there's still a lot of hacker in him the question is for investors and a lot of people looking at this is the good ceo? will he be able to shepherd this company now that is a publicly traded company and people have to be answered to let the shareholders. dear tweeted is a new ball game and here's why everyone doesn't think it was a fizzle you know that saying to the rich get richer? fun as investments in face of during the early years will reportedly make him the richest rocks star on earth. crude through isn't passed investment group his stake is about one-and-a-half billion dollars he said his face but money will go toward his charity work in africa. and glenn said more than face up to get wall street of its slump. worries about europe's debt crisis turned out to be the bigger issue today
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the dow lost more than 73 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also saw losses today new details of this week's deadly hit and run today police arrested at an attorney they say killed a cyclist and east bay it happens tuesday night in dublin on 40 rode it near willow creek drive christian areas on the pieces of that has puzzled the lead police to the suspect. it was several pieces are left the scene the suspect is behind bars tonight at santa rita jail the neighbors tell us just yesterday he was standing here, in front of his home while police surrounded it searched his garage in that total is damaged mercedes. neighbors say spencer smith is a quiet guy a father of two who lives here in san ramon with his wife and attorney in fact neighbors never expected to be arrested in the hit and run that killed him tuesday night. it's horrible and bad. did we don't believe that that man
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ran over somebody. in the person is dead. that is horrible. it's absolutely horrible. the waves a shocking crime that happens not for christmas, and dublin police found a mercedes emblem in a few other pieces of the scene of the crash and quickly figured out that the car that hit him was exactly like this one detectives tracked the pieces to smith and found his car hidden the garage. it's a search warrant to open the garage and a car had the same parts missing that we had extensive front-end damage to the hud, the french gilt grill on the windshield. we checked and dmv records show that smith had been cited for speeding twice since 2010 and once in 2009 for having a license or registration or place police say it smith was cooperative. even same-sex unions and distraught or an orderly neighbors say it
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strangely after the accident this of driving his mercedes and started driving his wife's range rover authorities say the man died in the crash was the chinese national he had been visiting his family in san ramon for all four weeks. to notify them this morning of the arrest and who are very pleased. we left several messages with smith's lawyers today did not return our calls police are investigating the a very driver was impaired when his car careened into a tree in berkeley overnight the crash killed a passenger in one of her twenties the driver in the child suffered serious injuries. and nasty accidents in fremont kill the driver of a cement truck. the driver collided with a big rig near the nation's streets. the force of the impact destroyed the cab of that cement truck the other driver was hurt by it is expected to be ok. is a strange looking package with a suspicious no
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shutdown is at is a city block for hours it was left at a willow glen's nail salon the package turned out to be harmless police are trying to find out to left it there jurors in the john edwards corruption trial took off the weekend without reaching a verdict during five hours of deliberations today their requested a list of all the child exhibits as well as some of the supply is suggesting there in this for the long haul edward to accuse using campaign money to have his pregnant mistress during his 2008 bid for the white house. years of the eight richest nations orden helicopters headed for camp david for this weekend's g-7 summits on president obama's agenda getting support for a more forceful response to violence in syria as well as solidifying a plan to deal with iran's nuclear development. harleys and soccer balls are just the beginning the massive amount the feeling headed to the coast where following last year's tsunami earthquake. did
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we for the past 10 years all new build boards and san francisco have been banned so why is the city planning department making exceptions? all of the story coming up. + hope for those who happen tough on their bodies the diet that can help turn back the clock until,,,,,, myth of prop has
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found a well-rounded. libya is live at the story now. what turns out that the law also imposes some restrictions on the existing ones and now it turns out an outdoor advertisers who violated the room got a special deal. to all billboards large and small must have permits to the city planning department there is 1700 billboards in san
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francisco and it turns out more than half of them like this one did not. and if they're caught the must remove them and 30 days or face fines of 100 $2,500 a day city law also bans any new billboards for the past 10 years but outdoor advertisers is say the law restricts their business they sued in said they won't pay the $7 million in fines in local beautification groups said the city caved in and gave them a better deal. this is concerned because their fatigues 5 all the suits from these illegal board operators. until december a disco chronicle of how to make a deal including reducing fines or would of been a costly long trial. for concerned about giving up $5 million in fees. that air due to the city in san francisco's best leader in these tough economic times. and it
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turns out part of the negotiated deal also allows the advertiser to take down 44 of its large a legal billboard for 120 smaller ones and new legalese of locations san francisco beautiful says that is a direct violation of the new billboard ban. we're seeing the argument where < age is more. it doesn't make sense does that up. we tried all day to get someone in the planning department to respond to the charges no one did answer our calls. this is and the city of san francisco to nullify the negotiated deal. reported live in san francisco man of them fall victim to predatory lending in the new plan to protect our troops at home. aboard the uss iowa the big
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stick being restored to its former glory this time as a floating museum bound for l.a. will have the story coming up. into the cbs five what is enteric its microclimates and role-,,
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thousands of pieces of plastic styrofoam household goods expected to make landfall starting next year experts say the debris is not for your active but still does pose a danger to marine life. we no harm sea turtles and we know it has an impact to the coastal economies so we can't predict the future in terms of exactly where this decree would end up we certainly can make sure that prepare for it. is married to your program faces a 25 percent funding cuts under the obama's administration's budget next year them in states may have to pick up the slack. internet help watch the healing powers of the cave dr.
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kim shows us how an olympic athlete has become a caveman convert to restore her body. it's another beautiful day in capitola. per day to get out and play whatever your age. neva. surfing is a thing that loves to do a nice if it's that i can do this better and be safer if i crash. for the albertville and beck's. she knows what it's like to crash and lead downhill skier the former libyan hold six national championship titles and as recently inducted into the u.s. ski hall of fame. dick weis adding that people haven't misconception that athletes and help these people on earth and especially in a sport like mine i let me surgery's in my body took it took a toll on my body. athletes run the risk of premature labor and their bodies into the ground to the evil believes going caveman will help
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to bring hers' back. it's time to reverse the clock on that and to diet is probably the biggest thing you can do for your help sell the very clean. with paley of that means me finish poultry nets concede snow grains and for even almost a dairy. as for paley of restoring her body still may have a point. their elements of westernized non bailey of foods that promote inflammation. dr. loren calmer day and is the godfather of the modern paly movements he says a western diet promotes in place in the guts and that's been linked to inflammation in the joint. in pale yellow and experience a change. the equate at its the way it makes you feel. you feel better. did ways ucsf research shows the paley died can also stabilize insulin as well as blood sugar levels which is good for the body and mind. i feel like a more stable and even kill a person. she
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still sharper and more focus. the best athletes at the ones who are able to keep that very intense focus over a long period of time. and foods can enhance the focus in they can also ruin your focus. as for turning back the clock at think it's made me look and feel better than anyone close my age. it's used to working evictee just turned 47. as for training she says find your plate thing and then trained seeking keep playing. and don't over do you want to preserve your joints. she calls it the minimum effective dose she's prince lifts weights and tries to get out and serve a couple times a week doctor can cbs five. when slubs blue skies of this city by the day in the six city of san francisco at the time to turn around the district and upper 50s we're still sitting at 80 degrees is live looking out toward the bay waters in the golden gate bridge a little haze out there
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otherwise your friday evening sporting temperatures from 62 in the city to 80 degrees and sandras of windsor westerly of 14 not discussed yesterday as the look out toward mount diablo it's 74 degrees with the southwest wind at 13 this man officials said 815 this up with stratas clothes and into the bay and a warmer day and no big changes watch this. i found this interesting it's our future kasten by early this morning will rise and shine to a little below clouds and fog next it goes into the baby wipes away rather quickly and we have the sunshine under the influence of high-tech had pressures are talking about warm day in that fear get away friday heading around the state's may 80ยข drop the central valley 88 degrees in writing nearly 70 in the high sierra otherwise overnight tonight board is the fifties under a mostly clear sky with a patch of fog developing after
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midnight debitors tomorrow along the microclimates '70s on the peninsula and then jumping up and so low 80s across the santa clara valley dependent gilroy 79 degrees above average we're going all the way up to 84 degrees in bread with tracy oakley and discovery bay. 84 in pleasanton and in danville. otherwise 76 in mill valley to 83 in sonoma and low 60's will be coming around the day through the extended forecast in very little change each and every day but as a look at the sunday forecast one thing we do want to keep in mind is that we do have a solar eclipse sunday nights at begins about 569 picks up at 633 and it will all be over by 740 we haven't seen anything like this since 1994 please do not look directly into the sun. yet to read those really cool glasses. dewi's live in mobile 5 tonight preparations are underway for the final
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voyage of one of the most powerful u.s. battleships of all time tend sts is on the deck of the uss iowa. will avoid the 887 ft. long uss iowa they made for these. they made wisconsin, the new jersey, the misery and made iowa. i what can be better than 30 knots of breeze behind me there goes up almost 210 ft. there 12 fax aboard the ship that is more than 108 ft. wide and it would do as they say 30 not to the water and when it got on station data unleashed these guys 16 in. guns that had a 2,700 lb. projectile which would allow us 24 mi. that is a bomb basically that led way almost as much as a vw bug when they hit your island in the pacific you knew about its the ship was sitting in the
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mothballed fleet for the last 11 years appearances soon and there was an effort for a while to try to keep it afloat and try to keep it going may be restored as a museum for the island that fell apart and to the application went back avenue group in los angeles but up so sunday the ship will be towed down to the harbor in l.a. will be there for repairs from the while they hope to open it as a museum on july 1st and i talked to guide is served aboard the new jersey mike mcintyre years ahead say. at this time i was in the navy and it was just my job now that i look back on it was really a big part of american history and today we want to show that's to the american people. i said new jersey and in the high web fantastic feasible history unfortunately lead in the bay area. ,,,,
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veterans are especially vulnerable to financial ripoffs. these days that mortgage is topping the list of the consumer watch what on the service men and women hit hard by those predatory hormones home loans. it waits alone was terrible. staff sergeant daniel isn't alone military budgets in the foreclosure crisis. also has one of the highest foreclosure rates. one in 12 homes here been foreclosed on the past three years. attorney-general camilla harris would listen to stories about servicemen being targeted she joined the financial protection bureau from travis air force base wing of scams
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targeted it servicemen and women particularly vulnerable and young population is about predatory lending practices and therefore they may have a sense of urgency about leaving their home these believes is more than just that. bases and guys in the know that we're getting paid first and 15th of the month and what's not a sure thing is paying off those prison loans and bad credit for these men and women can lead to loss of security clearance and even their jobs there is hope however service members have special protections under the mortgage sediments projections will soon expire in unless state lawmakers passed a homeowner's bill of rights. and i'm optimistic. the legislatures of the right thing and so a staff sergeant the '80s. if it'll help us who will? then the home and as bill of rights is making its way to the legislature and if passed it
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will extend to many of the current protections and taxing all of us under the national mortgage settlements many don't realize that settlement put things expires in just three years a vote on the bill is expected by the end of the month. and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'e
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of the stories we're working on to the news at 6:00 tonight a flock of buyers driving of home sales making last month they strongest april in six years.


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