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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 19, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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black boxes the did you know most cars have one suit? when you when the vehicles was struck there wasn't a complete stop. how the information was recorded and how can be used against you. as of
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$16 billion were bad enough california could be another billion dollars in the whole. the governors tried to raise taxes but we've learned that some state employees are drinking away your money. day after day after day. david gould scene with the exclusive and hidden camera investigation. with hidden cameras we copies caltrans supervisor is drinking 32 oz cups of draft beer wants the time. that is nearly three cans in each cup drinking for hours while earning your tax payer money. when he's attacked there's the you're doing this on the clock? this is name is john m. slaughter a 21 year veteran of caltrans last year he was paid more than $95,000 in taxpayer money. most mornings we saw him
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and his caltrans partner package begin working on the widening of the 91 freeway in yorba linda he is the supervisor. their shift is monday through friday 6 a.m. to 230 with a half-hour for lunch on the days we watch them they'd leave the jobs at around 11. then end up that angelos hamburgers in anaheim. hit the old fashioned drive-in with waitresses on roller skates and sheep draft beers. on may 10th we saw there caltrans truck parked outside the restaurant to around 1230. on the patio we watched as he drank too 32 oz beers in about an hour that is a half a gallon a if sitting next to him was another caltrans surveyor supervisor recant who has been with the state for 31 years. he also drank two beers he works
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the same shift and makes about the same $95,000 salary. he sat with them but didn't drink when they left she got in the driver's seat of the caltrans strapped employer in the passenger's seat and can't drove away his own truck. on may 14th ems ladder was back in angelos' with hidden cameras we watched both working on a crossword puzzles for nearly two hours while earning your taxpayer money. we sought ms would drink and drink and drink here and continue to drink those 32 oz draft beers for the entire time. did ways he's died each one of the andes on the floor like a scorecard had and when it was over this caltrans supervisor consumed for a huge paps that is equivalent to more than 10 cans of beer this time they left in begins personal car he began his she drove. the next
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day he was at again from roughly 1132130. we saw him drink three beers over the course of the same two hours again he was joined by can lead to years. typical scene with cbs to news reduce video-tape do drinking 3 32 oz beers is on a daytime? he claims he already popped out even on the day we saw him at the restaurant in the caltrans track. how do they do this on state time? and not. what time he got out today? aaron dunn. know your still on the clock. you're in there drinking beer is on state time? did we know that my lunchtime. your drinking beer and a lunchtime is allowed? but as a dancer and caltrans says alcoholism allowed anytime employees on the clock
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weather at lunch or not. to resign last week and you drink too 32 oz beers last week. was the last week we have one video-tape you want to see the video? at that point the owner pulled away and turned on us. one is to the video say the video. your going to arrested for coming on his property to go. don't put your hand on the camera. but these days taxpayers the owner called the police and camps not out of leaving his truck to pick up by another caltrans employee who also claims he was off the clock. drop o'clock? did we them off the clock. we then went back to the caltrans yard to see how it happened and no one wanted to talk about what we found all we got were doors slammed in our face. degrees the whites in public office? did we tweeted to begin off in the distance but she didn't want to talk. in a
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document about your two-hour lunch yesterday? eventually caltrans officials agreed to look at the video and have opened investigation. if the allegations made by your video card substantiated and after our investigation shows that the workers did violates caltrans rules of the drinking on the job will fire them. did we should confirm their on the clock from 6 to 230 when we saw them drinking except camp on may 15th when the seminal put in for two hours of vacation. is not suspicious study you're telling me he took two hours of vacation time from the same hours that we saw him drinking? as i said is still under investigation all three have been placed on 15 days' unpaid leave until the
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investigation until the investigation is completed. the question is no longer a are you on this book its are you in case book if he bought a share today in the $35 and dollars starting price to be nearly enough profit to buy gumball the stock finished about where it started ever expected if frenzy once the shares went on sale dave ryan tells us there enough pledges that the sec is now investigating. this was not the way this book's opening day is a public publicly traded company was supposed to go the trading didn't even start on time. trade execution messages were missing or delayed underwriters had to step in to stabilize the price at $38 and at the end of the day in these books shares eke out only a 23¢ gain however none of that in the enthusiasm and egg based with headquarters there were plenty of smiles as days of founder mark tucker rallied his employees telling them the
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company's mission won't change. in the past eight years all of you out there have built the largest community in the history of the world's separate moslem post and is facebook page listed company on nasdaq and then he rang the market opening bell by remote control. and with more than 500 million case shares traded it was the vote of confidence in the future media investment adviser says the fact that the banks to underwrite the ipo had to step in and buy shares to stabilize the price is not that unusual. it's been that win the business for when companies go public that they stabilize the price sometimes they're paid a lot of money to underwrite and to litigate the to do that the part of what they do is to stabilize the markets but this is not a budget company and that wasn't supposed to be part of the program. green crust capital economist says in the end a 23¢ profit on day one is
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not a successful ipo. to equate the average first day is about a 15% gain in the and teck land is even larger about 25% gain and we have basically nothing% gain here sunday unveiled a great new style that the tech world and she fell on the red carpet. in west los angeles cbs five. just when it seemed it was all over with another issue surrounding president obama's birth certificates has come up. it's arizona again the secretary of state says unanswered questions may prevent him from putting the president on the november ballot. he says it's his responsibility to make sure all candidates qualify for the office they seek in tonight hawaii's attorney-general is telling arizona prove its if it wants confirmation of mr. obama's birth records in house to approve it legitimately needs its it was an emergency the state medical board says couldn't wait a central valley
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obstetrician accused of getting high it work has been suspended indefinitely investigators say the statistics year-old peter hatboxes on humans known as paupers called the jungle juice and a maximum net impact their chemicals used to clean video cassette players a dinner found dozens of inhalants and the doctor strass can't medical board documents show the doctor admitted he's been using them for quite some time. this is this situation recalled was dangerous enough that he could possibly harm somebody. he might possibly accidentally kill somebody. to equate to was suspended from his job at lotus memorial and promised to get help and said he got another job at the medical group in stockton state regulators say the doctor was not suspended right away because they weren't notified. starting tonight some of the two dozen bars and san francisco are keeping tabs on their customers and they're doing it with the new round that
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lets users now what's going on at their favorite watering hole by its the welcome is not all, or market-share on why and some are calling is creepy. the drinks are falling here in the long polk street the other thing that is flowing is the information on who is in sight a list in terms of gender an estimated age it's all available on nafta is just launched in san francisco called seen tap. degrees cool harper is seen tap cl. you can even see the melts a few of racial as well as the average age and of course it's fully representative of the crowds never individualized there's nothing personal here when you walk into the bar this camera about the door counts your entry and then another camera uses what is called face of this section to estimate your gender and age. for not recording any images are taught the zero western union video that those
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assurances have not stopped a firestorm of publicity they say the least six bars have backed out of plans to be part of the launch over privacy concerns. it's a little creepy been no it isn't like the idea of a computer pressing grades but does see the value in the act and if there's more men there then it would be more tempting to go to that bar. and a local owner says he will monitor customer feedback now that the gap is live. did we to think keep people have raised their voices about issues relating to the base of his of having technology but it concerns a lesson in the third thing that information 40% 50% and 42% and the average age for the women 25 the average is for the men 30 to all of this data the organizers of seen tap say is abrogated no individual
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information is being conveyed. corporate and live in san francisco mark sayers cbs five. a safeway employees say the pregnant woman for being attacked and get suspended but the suspect says that's not the whole story which he believes he is the real victim. is the bay area's version of the loch ness monster the mysterious creature roaming the halls but rarely ever seen and it's just been spotted again. not in cps are fast track is the kind of tracking device hidden in your car. if the government one that david's a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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two fighting with his pregnant girlfriend is tonight in oakland man says you haven't the whole story the incident made headlines when is if we simply was suspended after he intervened to buy suspects says he is the real victim. were really happened last month ran down cities of this man beating his pregnant girlfriend. degrees until the intercom down. and saw that no one was intervening in the situation and i just became afraid for her safety. and also other customers say to the guy was out of control. he was going pretty
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much lost it. young jumped in and the police commended him for protecting women from serious injury because of the amount that is the in this courtroom where he pleaded no contest but still tried to justify shutting shoving his girlfriend. i tried to get away from her. did we will return to duty? heaved physically spotted the physical. i did not fight back. it's hard to sell from his mug shot at the oakland man claims chooses bennet from simply without pay from filing store policy which is to call security in a written statement safely claims he was not suspended for coming to the aid of one for customers that action was courageous and correct has
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collected nearly 5000 signatures what company investigates yount was also expected and the talent september was in limbo. is a tremendous amount of stress on me my wife as well. and i don't think anyone should have to second-guess themselves are filled battle like doing what was right. . attorneys arrested for allegedly hitting and killing a cyclist and then taking off is out on bail tonight. police found pieces of a black mercedes-benz the crash scene and it chases them dispenser smith's car dmv records show smith has to parse the violations the victim is 57 year-old he was visiting family in dublin. we've heard a black boxes and their plans to help investigators determine the
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cause the crash with they may not know is that there's a new law requiring similar data recorders for your car. elizabeth on the information that would collect as many drivers concerned for their privacy. when san francisco police officer nick parco was killed by suspected robbers the fleeing into a stolen van it wasn't immediately clear if he moved his cruiser into their path. he was responding to assist and when she wasn't well in the intersection of cambridge in felton he was struck by the suspect vehicle. did police but u.s. said the captain daniel mahoney was as simple as black and white. when the vehicle was struck a was a complete stop moneys captain that the station buddies also a crash reconstruction experts who uses electronic data recorders to determine exactly what is happening when vehicles collided. did we in some cases i can get to five seconds of
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progress data many was been recorded five seconds prior to the deployment of the air bag or the airbag module making up ntt has to play if your car has an air battery has the module that can house a kidder quarter you can see it is not meant to be accessible but by law the owner's manual house to tell you it's their. hook up to that diagnostics. to download the data you have to suffer and hardware blood into the same quarter mechanic would use to diagnose engine trouble. so as the reconstructionist and went to look to see what that person's be there doing on the brake and gas the recorder can show the car's speed contingents be the crash the time it took the air bag to the plate the number of impacts into even with the driver's seat belt was engaged in those personal details that troubled people of privacy concerns and for them and the
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reason privacy expert has some advice. in five the day recorders don't even use cps so they don't know where you are and they're not transmitting any information out wirelessly similar action had to become your got your car and double that date at california state law says you on that data anyone else who wanted to has to have your permission or court order and bill passed recently by the u.s. senate would make that the federal standard. did we take it by consent of the owner or the vehicle or three court order. where does authorizes asked to do so other than that would never do it some insurance companies are requiring policyholders to agree in advance to surrender the data indicates a officers-the data came from the patrol car the driver of the stolen van went on trial. the download was able to
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show of course that when the vehicle was struck a was a complete stop and apparently the jury agreed because mr. kelly was convicted of federal laws require advance data recorders in cars is working its way through house committees we have the text along with a description of the information quarters will have to track on cbs sf dot com just click on news. did waves the himalayas have yet the in the bay area has its big black cats. the mysterious animal has been spotted again this time in the presence in hell's one pass about a man who says he saw the couple of years ago also says he's seen a share mom lyon's a police say em says 2 ft. high. it's hard to tell in high grass.
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he was barely 36 in. long. in the body length. in his tale is probably 18 to 20 in. and it came up in the curl. the equates wildlife experts say it's highly unlikely the animal as a panther but it is not impossible they say more,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the evening we take you to san francisco's city hall where we have a giant as in lotus current air temperature incentives is goes to degrees other notable members also in the '50s the winds are still breezy in some locations like from the peninsula of the west at 13 tonight made clear in the '40's and '50's will see some of developing in the overnight hours and then high pressure building for the weekend riding is the sunshine and warmer conditions saturday but also a pretty mild weekend for your sunday in speaking sunday the
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talk of the town is the solar eclipse in a ring of fire that begins at 516 when the new moons slides in between the earth and the sun. but the eclipses 633 in the evening hours we will have a little bit of coastal status of the west's moral '60s beaches '70s around the peninsula palo alto otherwise it is across the seine clara valley it also and bread with discovery bay hercules and also internal temperatures and ladies now but 82 in sonoma little bit warmer than that of wessex's along the north coast 60s along its the extended forecast just a couple degrees cooler on sunday otherwise tranquil weather pattern. and,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bay bridge series round one in milkman's fan club and a chance to deliver again tonight they not a starter jerry parker of the third and to pin 81 lead in the fourth after hector sanchez is double the d.a.'s and make it interesting to note to jos donaldson. today to $6 and also finished the night with five runs batted in oakland would get the go-ahead run to the plate in the ninth but it's the ground that in the game. the signs hang on to beat the a's 86 barry 0 picks up his third win. some of the job were the lakers might go down to rio to the thunder. in l.a. gets the win column led the lakers with 36 in a series tonight. given the top five. josh harris singles and the ninth test and berliners bid for his third career no-hitter tigers back to settle for a one
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shot out. the 76 as for down 18 the first half but came back to the celtics even the series at two games apiece. and never dream have delivered kerrey would step out the only outie face this afternoon after the game the former wreck near your announce his retirement. i never to the percenter feel there doing his best willie mays impression with the over the shoulder catch. and a number one red sox manager bobby valentine was happy after he rejected with pulling him down it didn't work,


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