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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  May 19, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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were shocked and confused and frightened by the severity of these allegations charged with making explosives to carry out attacks against president obama and other targets the armless brew three men claim they were making. a chinese activist at the heart of a struggle between china and america is on american soil. mass of flames light of the sky on broadway's of a rope in oakland it was not cars burning what was inside the building that surprised neighbors. i'm an indirect jell-o
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molotov cocktails but they say they're making something else in karen brown i knew police say the suspects were targeting. as noisy protesters marched in chicago three members of the splinter group record facing charges of domestic terrorism. some targets including campaign headquarters of president obama, home of mayor rahm emanuel and other downtown financial institutions the out of state trio and part of an anarchist group was arrested in an apartment raid on wednesday police say they're making molotov cocktails. the men say they're making beer. they are shocked and confused and frightened by the severity of the allegations
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protests have been peaceful and watch as this man pulled from the crowd. de have since people are planning violence? no. i would like to say property damage is not violence you're not hurting anyone but that is not one of their tactics protesters continued to march the heads of state attending a nato conference start to arrive in chicago the main focus for both sides will be the war in afghanistan. world ladies working on winding down the war effort protesters want the money spent at home. it is the war machine of the 1% we are fewer in chicago saying nato should be disbanded in the wrap up to sunday's rally the march to the home of mayor rahm emanuel should you not to protest
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and at city hall? desperate times call for desperate measures with a thousand police officers on and they plan on keeping the measures within the law the president met with shiite leaders at camp david today the european financial crisis at the top of the agenda for the eight economic powers the group put pressure on iran on its nuclear program this support plan for tapping into government-held oil supplies if there is a shortage. our hope is we can resolve the issue in a peaceful fashion, that respects iran's sovereignty and its rights in the community but recognizes its responsibilities the president left for chicago to attend the nato summit. finally free after torture and house arrest the chinese activist to triggered a
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diplomatic standoff between u.s. and china now on american soil. dru levenson has more where the eight activist and family landed. his family and wife and two sons entered here he was whisked away to new york university and spoke with reporters. he arrived at new york university on crutches. with the help of the train's letter he think the american government and others for efforts to bring him to the united states. after turbulence i have come here thanks to the assistance of friends the chinese activist left a beijing hospital saturday and boarded a united airlines flight with wife and two sons. the white house says the state department worked with chinese
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authorities to get him a visa. we welcome this development and he can pursue a course of study in the u.s. his flight to the united states ends a diplomatic tug-of- war that lasted a month before he left he told reporters he was worried chinese authorities would try to retaliate against his extended family still in china. the blind activist an outspoken critic of china's forced abortion policy is. he escaped house arrest last month and sought refuge at the american embassy. he was able to go to a local hospital to each seek treatment and reunited with his family he then asked to leave china and hillary clinton were to get him out of the country, he said after he's done with law school he would like to go home but not clear if the chinese government will allow that. he says after seven years in jail it is time to recuperate
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both his mind and body. in massive fire lit up the east bay sparked inside a warehouse on oakland's of a row lisa washington has more. as i looked out an explosion of flames from the top of the building about 35 ft. high and never seen anything like it so close an overnight fired on dotterel turned into an early morning wake-up call for heather davis and and her neighbors you can see the flames billowing and the white smoke and i thought how strange why isn't this smoke darkened firefighters battled a three alarm fire and a warehouse on the 3000 block of broadway for four hours. they found marijuana plants and
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lots of them. is possible is being used as a marijuana grow there's a lot of that going on inside i knew it was not abandon their is a lot of activity over the years i was not quite sure what it was i did not expect a warehouse for marijuana plants it is not known if the ground operation caused the fire at heather davis and said she doesn't mind people growing marijuana it should not be done and the building i am not terribly surprised i know there is growing in oakland, i just wish it was not indoors because it uses energy, i think outdoor growing is better it surprises me and concerns me and maybe the planning commission to get on their horse and work on the neighborhood oakland fire investigate the cause of the fire and oakland
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police will determine who own the marijuana plants reporting in oakland lisa washington cbs 5 a dirty job volunteers set to throw mud in the bay area's trash hot spots and lift off and they cut off lift of did not occur would stop lift off for the space sex rock that what happens next to get supplies to the space station? the earth on a collision course with the shadow of the moon whittaker about the club's coming our way tomorrow. after a break.
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please do not suspect foul play after finding a man's body in a south sider river. he volunteers cleaning up the guadalupe river in san jose found the body at 1030 this morning police are not selling
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much about it appears to be a man in his 50s. cleanup efforts of or the bay area as volunteers picked up trash in waterways as part of a national river cleanup day. that included one in the east bay in desperate need. anne mackovic reports. crazy there's some much trash that is why the demands to end of quinn was a trash hot spot for the groups save the bay. it is worse than i thought dozens of volunteers gathered along martin luther king shoreline to pick up everything from rappers to cigarette butts. were constantly trying to find fresh hot spots in the bed clean those up incurs the community to participate as to the kinds of problems plastics cause.
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trash that comes from road west washes into storm drains and into the bay. i feel like i'm contributing to it and now they're contributing to the solution and a dirty job. save the bay has year-round opportunities you can find up more by going to cbs s f dot com in oakland anne mackovic cbs 5. save the day told us they collected 40 bags of trash that is 400 lbs. of trash a rocket carrying supplies to the international space station does not make it off the ground. address defects may be needed. were looking at more of the san more clouds along the shoreline were in the low 80's inland, along the shoreline the '60s that is usual for the bay area something unusual next.
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it looked like all systems go for the launch of an unman probably on rock and in cape canaveral this morning but a technical problem scrabble launching. nasa hopes it can mind lunch tuesday or wednesday rental pinkston reports the countdown for lift off when all way down but the rockets never launched. we've had a cut off lift off
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did not occur at last second technical problem shut down one of nine engines scrubbing the first launch of our private spacecraft to the international space station. this is not a failure we aborted what purpose engineers will try to figure out what went wrong. they'll either have to make a repair or worse case replace the engines the shell used to be nasa's were course for delivering supplies and cruised to the space station and now the shuttle no longer flies nasa is looking for a cheaper way to get to space x one of five firms competing for nasa contracts it launched the falcon 9 rocket two times before once the capsuled reaches the space station it will do practice maneuvers before it can dock. an armed will reach out and pull the capsule and. it helps to have astronauts
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aboard the capsule by 2015. randall pinkston cbs news kennedy space center. we are in for a tree during daylight hours tomorrow brian hackney is here for the first time in 17 years a major solar eclipse in the united states tomorrow just in the united states and close to bay area will talk about where and when. and never ever looked at the sun directly unprotected, that is trouble you will be tempted tomorrow by the almost all solar eclipse. let's look at ocean beach. hazy out there low clouds on the web temperatures were nice 60s on the shoreline and low 80's inland. will have low clouds formed tomorrow morning and sunny tomorrow, a partial solar
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eclipse in bay area you have to go up to about eureka for that north of sacramento and carried tomorrow the earth plunges in the shadow of the month and about 5:15 p.m. the deepest part of the clips happens at 6:33 p.m. tomorrow evening easily visible from the bay area. you have to protect your eyesight is going to get a glimpse of this. the deepest part at 6:33 p.m. the sun will be 84 percent yclept it. does that mean things will get dark, snow. that is when the disk of the moon is consumed within the disk of the sun to have to go north of the bay area for that up to guard revell and north of sacramento that would be the at
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clips and that is cool. i tried to see one at tallinn island 17 years ago, and rain. inland temperatures will reach the low 80's and mid-80s for fairfield and mid-seventies for bay area. clouds and will fog along the shoreline. head inland for a shot at the a collapse. temperatures will be in the '60s to the '80s tomorrow the usual summer forecast. the giants like planned at home against the a's there was a time when the mets did not want to play at at&t part that was 10 years ago. then the want to petition to use their designated hitter another come-from-behind win sports next.
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the bay bridge series has been one-sided to last three years on the san francisco side the a's have lost 11 straight at at&t. it was fedora hat day at the park. gemayel weeks it's this to the left he makes the shoestring catch the giants had opportunities to score, they
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grounded into four double plays. the give up one hit in seven shutout innings los song has allowed three earned runs this month. the squares to bunt and get set by the a's argue it hit the bat it appears the may have been right here remains in the game and comes around to score after the ground rule double by buster posies. the giants scored four runs in the seventh half and beat the a's 4-0. the ncaa softball regionals. stanford plays baylor in an elimination game. top-ranked cal plays an elimination game tonight. another come-from-behind i'll have another won the preakness.
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i'll have another it makes his move on outside one furlong to run bodie meister in front of i'll have another bearing down, it is bodie meister and i'll have another in a dramatically this year they come at the wire i'll have another iran's don bodie meister to win the preakness the triple crown on the line in three weeks i'll have another has a chance to be horse racing first triple crown winner since affirmed in 1978. and show playoffs rangers goalie had 36 saves and recorded his second shutout in the eastern conference final. scoreless through two periods and the rangers' goal 3 in the third they beat the devils to take a 2-1 series lead. at the byron nelson a
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championship jason dufner since the birdie to move to the top of the leader board. he is a one-shot lead. nba playoffs greg pop of badge not thrilled with this team in the first half chris paul with a lot to by griffin the clippers open up a 24 point lead in the second quarter but he was calmer when the spurs went on a 24-0 run to take control san antonio winds 96-86 for 17 straight win the go for this week tomorrow. game 4 between the lakers and thunder is the nightcap. the lakers hit 41 of 42 from the free-throw line they held on for a three point win. elate can even the series at 2 tonight. then need another big game from kobe bryant. he was master briefly with his
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former teammate derek fisher. you guys have played against each other so often sam result of the times we played one on one and a gem by ourselves no different i love him but he's a midget. the dennis allen era and oakland under way. they continue off-season workouts. on defense that may go to a 3-4 during tommy kelly made man the middle by himself. you always going to get hit if from a roadside or less side every play you have to have the mind for a right, pat _ and to go here and put my hat on as long as you get the mentality are you a good crazy or bad
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crazy? a good crazy crazy like a fox what is a bad crazy like ron artest. now known as meta world peace. tommy kelly a good crazy. on the football field. activist told this fight goes to the frogs coming up at 630 a push against green wesson said it is much ado about nothing. a stolen car investigation enters into the dead suspect and hospitalized k-9 officer how it started and ended and the officers prognosis. that is it for eyewitness news will see you in half an hour until then news updates on cbs s f back, could not.
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