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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  May 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a run on the world and to hear in the bay area today's annular eclipses and save the date for the next blacked out. taking on the gun lobby tonight at cbs 5 exclusive. the legal loophole a big area lawmaker wants to close to stop californians from my assault rifles. a sticker that could save your life it gives his sense of security if anything happens how a emergency responders use it to make sure you get the right help run away good evening i'm and ann notorangelo if you missed it don't worry we have you covered. the annular eclipses in about two decades has come and gone and brian hackney is here
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people wrote wanted to see a at chabot observatory in the event of the clubs find an astronomer thousands turned out to catch a glimpse of something we have not seen in 18 years in the bay area and annular eclipses that touch the west coast. it began of the south coast of china this taken from the southern islands of japan it was a is sunrise that blocked by the disk of the month and a ring of fire, from their 4,000 mi. across the ocean until touching the west coast and we began to glimpse of this afternoon at 5:50 p.m. time lands from the chabot space and science center you can see the hmong take a bigger bite from the sun, at maximum the clips was 6:33 p.m. it was 84 percent yclept and we
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did not get a ring of fire we were 200 mi. to far south but the had the ring of fire in southern utah. it came to an end over the skies of west texas at sunset tonight over lubbock a taste of things to come in august 2017 we will have a total solar eclipses. not here in the bay area and a little north. the total eclipse completely different from what we saw today. i will start planning or ever you are bible stand next to you some clearing out the city's customs stores some left on the closet floor iran through san francisco along the way anne mackovic on the race that ended happily for most it is chaos more than 50,000 people came
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out for the one hundred first running of the bay to breakers from serious runners to of the disease these are mermaids it all started at 7:00 a.m. at the embarcadero leading to a 7.5 mi. course across the city from the bay to the ocean people throwing tortillas and mobile parties along the way. drinking was banned people were doing in any way but officers only made a handful of arrests. after the crazy jump across the city the racers and up at the finish line at ocean beach. feels of some we made it as is tradition plenty of people who arrived at the finish line in the buff. it is comfortable and fun the celebration continued
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allover san francisco and while there was a party of five people live along race route say this year relatively mild not too much garbage not a lot of alcohol i think it was nice and experience for all involved. quite the spectacles on to get half the dough anne mackovic cbs 5 the fastest woman runner had was from ethiopia she finished in just over 39 minutes, the fastest man running was from kenya he finished just under 35 minutes raising money to fight cancer not usually this contentious but when smoking involved and an election year stakes get higher than that don knapp with more. not one penny goes to new funding
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and type prop 29 forces say the proposition about who gets to spend the money on what and where you get a slice of the tax funds to a group of unelected people to spend as they see fit on cancer research in this revolving fund could be as much as a billion dollars a year tax is used for the government to impose behavior on citizens what will we find to change behavior? will we tax fast food or sugar or unhealthy sexual behavior to pay for as did the research you can go on that notion find some resonance with people who see the prop 29 ads is a big brother telling you what is better for you if so we get rid of starbucks and coffee man and a lot of other things something we americans enjoy supporters of prop 29 say
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the tobacco industry's message is misleading the figures are irrefutable if you're is the cost of smoking consumption goes down and was found among kids if the tax is being used to change behavior is that bad? if you penalize bad behavior you your welcome to small but maybe you should not or bear some of the costs the not telling you what to do the charging more to do it. prop 29 forces favor the tax say they feel a bit outgunned the money we've been able to come up with is about $4 million, the tobacco industry is already spent 40 million on this and by the time is over their expenditures could be between 80 and $100 million profit 29 opponent told cbs 5 the tobacco sexes taxes nine needed for research
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time is running out for those who want to vote in the june primary election is june theft to molest a to register to vote boaters who choose to moves on to the general election and whether ballot measures become law, which have a link at cbs s f dot com click on links and numbers. anti-war activist in berkeley shows support for their counterparts in chicago protesting the nato meetings the occupy bridge and occupy nato protesters began this morning with an for regina anders over interstate 80, calling for peace across the world and never ending war. effie in war as a policy tool and here with people with been trying this for years the protest in chicago or
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more active and violent police arrested 45 people, karen brown shows us as officers or to control the situation world leaders have sights set on leaving afghanistan. a line of officers tried to move protesters back as they clashed at the end of an anti- war march outside the nato summit. police arrested and handcuffed several people. the demonstrators marched through the streets of chicago sunday many calling for nato to be disbanded we do not need an alliance we have the united nations and other alliances the money for all these wars needs to go to people's needs some veterans through the war medals on the ground as the join the protest calling for an end to the war in afghanistan. as police officers work to control the anti-war protesters inside never allies announced it
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want to move their troops to a support role a year earlier than expected of the middle of 2013 we expect the afghan forces to take the lead of security and across the country u.s. forces will have a combat role through 2014 during a meeting with afghan president karzeid president obama's said the transition will be challenging the loss of life continues in afghanistan, there will be hard days ahead, but we're confident or on the right track monday the group of leaders work on how the coalition will support afghanistan after troops leave and out will continue to pay for the mission karen brown cbs news gun rights activist here up for a new fight it bay area lawmaker introduce legislation to close a loophole that is taken a big bite out of california's laws on assault rifles.
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tonight the battle over the boat but and when i saw the news story i was horrified state senator leaving the referring to recent report about the so-called blood but and if you you can't top that out in modification allows the magazine to be removed quickly with the tip of a bull and a removable magazine with other features such as a pistol grip are banned under california law, but the bullet button is illegal because it does not work with your finger so the magazine is considered fixed the modification allowed military- style rifles like the ar-15 to proliferate in the state some think the senator says musts thought it is important that individuals in california cannot
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own assault weapon that is crystal clear there's no debate and no discussion senator yield introduces a bill to ban the blood bike and. i'm proposing to prevent any mechanism that would allow the conversion of assault weapons into a way that you can fire these magazines without much effort. the senator's bill is in the cross hairs of this man i am not sure if a legislator has the appetite to buy about something so large this man runs the cal guns foundation and created the bialek bike and i created because of of the way for quite dangerous on the range he said if magazines are fixed than bullets can jam
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the bullet button allows you to remove the magazine and clear the jam essentially keeping the rifle much more functional. since the ar-15 is the most popular selling firearms in america they're not protected under the constitution the second amendment is because general gage wanted to take bostonian firearms. he says he is ready for battle it will never be easy but at the end of the day in sacramento we want to help people protect the general public and and as my priority senator you will introduce his bill monday and we ask the state department of justice for comment but it declined allen martin cbs 5 typically the worst case scenario for distracted driving is a crash in this case it was a
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crash followed by an assault the chain of events that landed a bay area team in hospital and need a bay area team leading the sow american hopes for a gold this sticker could save your life. why it is a game changer for paramedics and patients it,,,,,,,,,,
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bay area paramedics' part of their program that helps them work better in an emergency whenever second counts, it asked to do with a sticker elizabeth cook shows as it helps them help you. as a mother of two teenage boys joan levenson is prepared but in a real emergency i cannot give my own phone number and if your child is hurt know where you can focus on anything other than taking care of the child she signed up for life square a program that connects emergency responders to a patient's vital health
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information begin is a sense of security if anything happens people need to have the information right there he was finishing up his last year of school at stanford and came up with the idea when the biggest problems in health care information not shared between hospital systems lights were users are given a sticker that goes in place is easily accessible to first responders my phone, my wallet my purse my bicycle helmet i put on my son's phone this car links emergency crews to the patient's name contacts medications allergies and preexisting conditions warrant county fire battalion chief says lights were and as a game changer when we arrive at that incident one of our jobs is to bring order to the chaos it takes time to get the
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vital information in the town could be spent getting the patient the care they need politics is a stamp with the smart phones and crews can almost immediately can deliver the right kind of treatment. will this program save lives? it has the potential to, the more people who sign up the more opportunity we have to use it lights were is doing a pilot program in marin county plans to expand throughout the bay area elizabeth could cbs 5 because it is tested last word is free for people in marin county she plans to expand the service to the entire bay area. and marketed to insurance companies. it teenage driver on the peninsula got a reminder about the dangers of distracted driving. his biggest problem is not the accident but what happened after
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the crash this played out on highway 1 01 in belmont, and 19 year-old senna was a man driving in his previous spots 20 motorcyclists a few of them from the hell's angels he takes out his cell phones he was video taping of lost control of the vehicle he had one of the bikers and then bounced off the medium and rent and was second biker what traffic in doorstop then motorists saw the driver being attacked by other bikers and he was punched on head and threatened with a knife the teenager and two of the bikers taken to hospital with minor injuries-no one has been arrested because the driver cannot identify who threw the punch is off the c h p hopes that all motorists will come forward c h p investigators say they have no idea why the team
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driver of the tape the bikers yes were trying to figure out what was going on clues may be in a cellphone video that officers had not seen the on the person charged is the 19 year-old cited for driving while distracted. linda yee cbs 5 when the founding members of the group the bee gees has died robin get some helm died today after a long battle with cancer the dg soared to fame with in 1977 soundtrack of " saturday night fever " it was built around their falsetto pitch and discos sounds. it became one of the fastest selling albums of all time robyn gibbs 62 years old. we're looking at fog and low clouds in changes in the weather
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pattern will bring in low clouds tonight and cooler weather for monday, will look outside low clouds along the shoreline will have the forecast after a break. i'm dennis o'donnell next on game day tim lincecum with a self analysis of the 2012 season. waiting for something bad to happen you'll hear from one veteran forty-niner like he's excited about a new 40 niner. he has a lot of speed and something to prove he has a lot of speed and something to prove will be joan baez sausalito's j. r. hildebr,,,,,,, will be joan baez
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you don't exactly have that green thumb. but your siding? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro.
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today was about the sun and moon. brine to resist again you were excited about this what you side. this guy under way at quarter after five and would give the newscast and i said and, let me show you this cow i travel no are without the filter so we look at the clips
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i was just about it for more spectacular thing i've same why did we get a total solar eclipse? i have the answer yesterday why the moon was in the news two weeks ago out the door clouds tomorrow mostly sunny for the rest would go with stratus " low clouds in the morning and sun in afternoon, it will cool down this week you can see low clouds along the shoreline on future cast the forecast for tomorrow the clouds of the coastline in and out they go. will start out with low clouds in the morning and clear in the afternoon the temperatures will fall, expect and the clouds mid- 70s in the bay s f o high of 63, for the rest of the country
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rain in new york, forecast for looking at temperatures about 5- 15 degrees cooler than today, it will be a cool week ahead may be a drop or two on friday. why was it not total? remember a month ago or two weeks ago we had the super moon, the moon goes around to the other side of the earth it is farther away so because it was unusually close today it was an unusually far away still was not big enough to cover the entire sum we only get the ring of fire. this july him a chance to do what we have not done before the great american table tennis this july him a chance to do what we have not done before the great american table tennis ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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