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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 21, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> >> your watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> hello everyone and good
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afternoon. >> so, is the honeymoon over? facebook stock plunged after the opening bell. at one point down 12% but has since recovered. but only slightly. cbs money watch .com is here to explain what is behind this sudden slump. are you surprised? >> i do not know if there was even a honeymoon to begin with. that is why we were looking for a bigger ipo. instead the stock was only 23¢ higher. half a percent gain before a minimum of five to 10%. usually when companies go public that is their big day and then they fall back a bit. until the can prove that they're worth that evaluation. facebook does not prove that as a result their stock is taking a dive. right now facebook shares are dropping by 9.5% to $34.55. that is $3.50 under their debut
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price. they have lost $10 billion in market value today. a staggering figure. they had the biggest ipo at $104 billion, losing $10 billion in your second day as a public company is a note of concern. better news for another company in silicon valley. and that would be a country that has not had a lot of good news. yahoo. they finally worked out a deal to extract half of their stake out of a chinese the commerce site. that is worth about $7 million. half of the stake. jack who use that to repurchase shares and will focus on the media. some investors have been clamoring for, to get that money. they also have a large position in japan, majority owned by a company trying to work on that deal as well. cow kustock moving higher, the stock was up 4% and an right now
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yahoo shares moving higher by 1%. a quick look at the numbers. overall in nice rally today, it has been a struggle for the past three weeks because of your but right now the dow was up 107 points. in the s&p is up by 17. a side note, the market is moving higher, oil bouncing back $1 per barrel today. >> mark zuckerberg has lost $2.2 billion since 9:30 a.m.. >> easy come, easy go. he debuted at no. 29 on a list of billionaires. so he is doing ok. but clearly the focus is moving the company for improving the can monetize their 900 million users. >> thank you. >> a milestone in the construction of a new 49 stadium. cruz and santa clara began pouring concrete for its foundation. lisa washington is at a construction site and now to show us today's activity. and see crews are working behind you? >> they're working right now and
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that is why we have to have a hard hat on because we are at the construction site. as you said, they're touting this as the first construction milestone for the new 49ers stadium that will be built here in santa clara. behind me what you're seeing is an auger. like a giant screw, that is used to install pylons. they will support the stadium structure. we were able to get an up close look less than one hour ago. over the next 25 days, 3000 piles will be installed to secure the 1.8 5 million square foot stadium. the arms control up to 75 ft. into the ground. the penetrated earth is displaced and fluid grout is pumped down the offers them. a special concrete mixer being used just for this project that mix is added to the trucks as they arrive on the site. this process cut of pressure kraut displacement has minimized noise and vibration.
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>> you took these piles, there are 3000 of them. 55 ft.. you could stretch from here to candlestick park. over 31 mi. of foundation that goes into the ground. and you never see it again. it is all buried in here to support the stadium. >> it is a specialist for these people because there are on a time schedule. they have to pour 30 of them each day for the next six weeks. and it has to be timed perfectly. >> i am pinching myself to actually see it happening. to see people working on the site in to see concrete being delivered. it is a dream come true. >> now, 120 piles will be installed each day. 50 workers will work 10 hour shifts six days per week and perhaps the best news of all ever wants to know, yes they are on schedule to open in time for the start of the forty-niners 2014 season. a lot of work happening right now. and will happen over the next
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two years here in santa clara. as you heard the vice mayor of the city sang. she will be excited to see the work happening on site and for the jobs it will bring to this area. we're live in santa clara, lisa washington, cbs 5. >> new signs that the golden state warriors could be moving to san francisco. the bay area newsgroup and espn reports the team is planning an arena on pure 30 and 32 in san francisco. a statement from the owner says that they're not prepared to make any announcements at this time. deer read a would be privately funded. >> keeping riders safe after 9/11. that was the plan for $30 million in federal grants to buy surveillance cameras for muni but five years later, only $9 million has been spent. here is cate caugurian with where the rest of the money is wrong. >> thousands ride san fransisco muni transit. the organization is committed to keeping commuters safe. in 2007 they got the first of a series of federal and state
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grants to install an upgrade cameras at bus, train, and inserts. >> it will be a good thing. the need to make the city safer. and a better place. >> more than 500 cameras were purchased only 43 were installed in the past five years. >> that seems pretty pathetic that it has taken so long to get these things installed. >> seventh disco mta says the reasons they have installed so few cameras is because not all the heartbroken but if that is the case then why buy them in the first place? >> baby the real question for me is, what is happening with muni that this whole thing is not happening and the way they should be happening? >> muni used grant money for other projects like track and signal upgrades at saint francis circle and the church intersection. >> some circumstances, you have to make decisions on where you find your profits. and in this case we have these intersections, so we program
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those funds for those projects. >> the muni spokesperson said it was a tough decision but this move of money was approved by the feds and still falls in line with keeping commuter safe. he says there is a plan for the new cameras. >> we have plans to provide the cameras throughout the system in two years, in the next 18 months you'll see them on all vehicles and we currently have a camera program in place and we're working with those right now. >> 2 years of this plan runs on time like the muni. >> pg&e has exceeded the maximum pressure on natural gas lines more than 120 times since the deadly sambar no pipeline explosion. the san francisco chronicle says that safety experts in the company's top nasa officials are worried by the number of spikes. internal messages show 40 of the pressure surges have occurred just this year. the explosion in central killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. tonight there could be a showdown over water bills in silicon valley.
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the san jose water co. once the public utilities commission to approve an annual rate hike over three years beginning with the 21. % increase. >> today a judge in new jersey sentenced a former rutgers university students for 30 days in jail for a crime that led to his roommate suicide. the man did not show any emotion as the judge read out his sentence this morning. a jury had convicted him of 15 criminal counts. >> down the road, you can expunge this judgment. but you cannot expunge the conduct, or the pain that you cost. >> the defendant used 8 internet webecamera to expose a sexual encounter between israel and another man. is remain committed suicide days later by jumping off the george washington bridge. jurors have resumed deliberations and the corruption trial of a former democratic
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presidential candidate john edwards. he arrived in court today in north carolina with his daughter by his side. edwards is accused of using nearly $1 million in campaign funds to hide his former mistress and her pregnancy. if convicted he could spend 30 years in jail and be fined up to $1.5 million. final voyage of the uss iowa has been delayed because of a storm approaching the west coast. >> the battleship was supposed to leave richmond yesterday and then had to los angeles. now will depart on thursday it. but it's a los angeles the ship will be rededicated as an interactive naval museum. forget the ipo facebook, there is a major status update for mark zuckerberg. >> italy on edge, cleanup underway as aftershocks rocked the country following a major earthquake there. >> nato allies and protesters spend a final day haggling over the war in afghanistan. coming up, we'll have the very latest from chicago. >> a ring of fire in the sky.
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the incredible show that captivated crowds. >> i am once, and the cbs 5 weather center. the clouds beginning to break up around the bay area now. tried to get,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a suicide bomber killed at least 96 soldiers today in yemen. that blast sent soldiers running for cover during a rehearsal for a military parade in the capital of yemen. it appeared to be an attempt to assassinate the defense minister the right to greet the troops minutes earlier. he was not hurt. this attack comes as the country's leadership steps up the fight against al qaeda. today aftershocks have been
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shaking northern italy one day after a strong earthquake killed seven people. some buildings that were centuries-old collapsed in the 6.0 magnitude earthquake and emergency crews expect schools and churches, some 3000 people spent the nights in cars afraid to sit and homes. the prime minister coming back from nato summit to oversee the government response in this country. >> the nato summit in chicago wraps up today and protesters are once again on the streets. karen brown reports that the president and leaders from other nations are finalizing plans to end the war in afghanistan. >> the president met with world leaders on the final day of the nato summit. leaders are approving a timetable to end the war in afghanistan. nato forces will be pulled out of that country by the end of 2014. >> the region of the world had a profound interest in afghanistan that is stable. >> outside of the conference
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protesters are demanding that the war ends now. >> we're here because we've had enough of the war machine and we're tired of paying for it. >> demonstrators have been peaceful for the most part. but on sunday, a group of protesters clashed with police. leading to dozens of arrests. the police may outnumber the protesters today, and yet many of the downtown businesses were shut down again in anticipation of the protest. which centers around bowing. the aerospace giant told their employees to stay home. the war in afghanistan had become very unpopular. two out of three americans oppose the war and the numbers are higher in other nato countries. france's new president says that he will follow through on his campaign promise to pull 3300 french troops out of afghanistan by the end of this year. when coalition troops leave, afghan forces will take over the country's security. but they will still need money
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and nato leaders are figuring out how to finance afghan troops. nato believes it will cost more than $4 billion per year. >> the united states has already spent $400 billion on the war in afghanistan. well, we are constantly talking about an economic downturn but for some people that is not the case. >> a penthouse just sold for $90 million. >> i just ignored it ... >> the numbers of teenagers with type 2 diabetes doubles. what is behind the sudden spike? >> : gridding changes to the weather in the bay,,,,
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>> from asia to right here in the united states. millions of people watched as the ring of fire eclipse was in the sky. take a look at this time lapse from 6:00 last night, seen in areas across asia this morning and the western united states last night. it was in 18 years since the last annular eclipse at the area. we have to wait a few more years. >> you watched under a welder's masks? >> yes. in need to be safe.
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i would not have eyeballs left. around the bay area, we noticed changes. clouds moving an earlier just beginning to break up. the wind kicking up especially along the coastline. we'll see more of that in the coming days and that will help to keep it to mr. down. right now a pleasant 70 degrees in concord and 73 in santa rosa. and a cool 59 degrees in san fransisco. high clouds drifting over that. we will see those coastal clouds continuing with a mixture of sun. the wind will be picking up and that will be the big story over the next couple of days. koula temperatures as we progress through the week. it week system sliding into the bay area. most of the rain is staying north of us. but just strong enough to usher in cooler air as it passes through. that will help to drop those temperatures. things getting active in the tropics. is that time of the year. this is alberto developing off the coast of florida. just sustained wind at 40 m.p.h..
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a weak tropical storm. the latest forecast as it moving right off of the coastline and not doing any damage there. beginning a little bit bigger along the coastline. but to give you an idea, we're headed to that time of year where things get active in the atlantic. on the west coast we're looking at a couple of clouds. more of that will be pushing on shore. tomorrow a cooler day in store for the bay area. only in the '70s today. not that. 60s along the immediate coast line. seventies and low '80s inland. a far cry from some of those low ninety's yesterday. a cool 59 degrees in daly city. for the next couple days we will watch the temperatures continuing to drop. dropping through the week into friday. but next weekend we're getting it right again. high pressure building in with temperatures in the '70s and '80s. the wind will blow and it will be bluster for the better part of this week. >> thank you. in your health watch, a new study finds the number of teams
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developing type 2 diabetes is rising sharply. the federal study finds between 1999 and 2008, the percentage of teenagers with either pre diabetes or diabetes jump from 9 to 23%. this could have serious health effects later in life. >> this leads, possibly, if we don't intervene, to younger and younger people getting cardiovascular disease. and it is a wake-up call to work on aggressive treatment and prevention. >> teams at the greatest risk for overweight or obese up to 61 percent of them had at least one risk factor for heart disease such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. well, talk about living the high life. >> the shocking price of a,,,,,,
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>> next use is a tuna with a pinch of salt and dredge is it in the dried onion flakes. when you cook with tuna it is very important to see rid a few minutes. and that is all. >> the tuna is cooked in a separate pan with olive oil. it is turned as the and inserts to brown. after a minute or two it is seared on the outside and raw on the inside. and then it is sliced thin. >> discuss like butter when it is raw. >> the chef coats the plate with butter not squash puree, and then he adds cooked spinach and finally the slice tuna. it is garnished with alfalfa sprouts and fresh herbs. this is tony's table. now the fun part, i get to try this tune up. the too red, the spinach, >> that makes me so hungry. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, patients going for liposuction are getting a different prescription. >> 1 bay area plastic surgeon is turning down the procedure and
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the alternative he provides coming up at 5:00. facebook founder mark zuckerberg, capping off one of the biggest weeks of his life by changing his relationships that as to married. on saturday the 28 year-old social media guru married in a small ceremony at his home. well this may be the perfect wedding gift for the couple, an unnamed buyer has paid a record $90 million for the penthouse in downtown manhattan. 11,000 square feet, 23 ft. ceilings and rosewood flooring and everything you could ever
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