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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 21, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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keep saying the paperwork is not any good. >> the veterans office has 34,000 backlogged cases making it the second most backlog office in the country. its error rate is 39% according to a recent inspector general report. >> some of us are angry over this. >> is a vietnam veteran suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and lives in his pickup truck. his anger spilled over at a hearing at the war memorial. >> i have been waiting over two years. >> we know that there is a problem at the veterans affairs office in oakland. >> the western regional director says the weak economy has driven in an unprecedented claims. >> 40 percent inquiries in the amount of work coming in the door. >> and not enough workers to handle it. but they claim there's a plan. by 2015 there shooting to have no claims pending over 125 days.
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>> we're going to get there. >> please let me finish ... >> maxtor these veterans are waiting for a shot to speak to someone firsthand about their claims, some are hopeful and some are hardened. >> i would say it looks half empty once again to me. >> and while the oakland office is working on a permanent 6, those 34,000 cases that are backlogged are being farmed out to other offices. so that this office can catch up. >> i'm wondering, obviously this problem did not just happened so is this the first and then had a meeting like that with high officials? political as well as officials in the veterans affairs system? >> this is actually the first time, certainly, that a lot of those veterans had the opportunity to speak directly to the director of this office. and certainly many of them very excited to have to congressmembers' they're speaking out about an issue here
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to their hearts. >> hopefully they will come back, again and again to make sure that the job gets done. >> let's hope so ... >> thank you. >> construction of a new forty- niner stadium in santa clara hit another milestone today. crews began pouring concrete for the foundation. over the next six weeks they will be drilling 30 a. per day to support the stadium. >> there are 3000 of these piles, the average length of 55 ft.. that could stretch from here to candlestick park. over 31 mi. of foundation elements going into the ground. you'll never see them again. there buried. >> in addition to the anchors, that have been installing underground pipes. it is scuttled to open for the 2014 season. >> and not played in san fransisco for more than four decades but there is word that the golden state warriors are closer to moving back across the bay. you're still mature with a man
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that says the team's present told him that it is happening. >> that is right. all indications appear that it is going that way. as for reaction, well, it depends on what side of the bay joran. here's the story. >> it is a huge economic development for san fransisco. >> i think it should stay in oakland. >> reactions on both sides from the word that the warriors may be jumping back to san fransisco and building a 17 at 2 20,000 seat privately financed waterfront arena at the base of the bay bridge. and have it all up and running by the 2017 season. >> there's great potential for the warriors to come home and still be the bay area team that they are. >> the san fransisco convention bureau chief has been meeting with the team's new owners for month said an arena would mean more than just a basketball team. it would be a draw for conventions, >> and the n.c.a.a. basketball finals, the all-star game, major
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concerts', >> we have hathat would be very. >> building anything big and seventh disco is tough but trying to build something right on the water and you have double the challenges. >> it would be for those who have in our mental issues. >> we have always known they would reach four other options. certainly since it has the right to pursue trying to attract them there. >> one of the first to hear the news was sean penn, owner of the reds job the house which sits next to the original site. >> the presence of the things here yesterday, eating a cheeseburger. >> were you surprised when he found out you'd be sitting next door to an arena? >> yes. of course. why would not be surprised? >> one person is not too surprised is the seventh disco
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mayor ed lee. that is because he has been meeting with the warriors owners for months. flying down to los angeles once for a private luncheon with them. what is his concern in all this? he wants the team in that arena because the seventh disco 49ers are leaving and he wants something to replace them. >> sounds like a lot of movement for many teams. >> a lot of money also. >> thank you. >> i really hope that the warriors to come. i love going to the games. it would be great to have them closer by its and when they make that announcement. >> nancy pelosi chimed in her approval for the potential move. house minority leader says that she loves going to the games and thinks it will be great if the team moves closer to her home. >> today was the deadline to register to vote for this year's election. if you have not held in that registration your out of luck. meanwhile the severance is a political party is already
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talking trash but it is over an issue that they actually agree on. grace lee explains. >> i am right in the middle of it. san fransisco, this is your trash, and the reason i am standing here in the middle of it is because of proposition 8. if you think this does not affected and 11 san fransisco and you are probably wrong. this could affect every business and every resident use as garbage services. >> it is the voters' decision. who should control waste management? currently they hold a monopoly that has essentially been in place since 1932. and have wide support in the community from the severance the democrats and the gop as well as the chamber of commerce and building owners. all of them are against proposition 8. just look at their " don't mess with success " billboards around the city. >> we need to break the monopoly of, i think that you need to think twice and look at just how well the company has served san
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fransisco. >> tommy kelly helped to author the proposition and says he knows he is fighting an uphill battle against powerful forces. >> blue sky walker had an easier time blowing up the death star. it is a monopoly. >> but he believes it is time for a change, from a monopoly to competitive bidding process. >> we don't have add the kissed advocates at city hall the we showed. >> right now they handle all the recycling and garbage pickup and transportation in san fransisco. under proposition a it would break up that monopoly into five parts. five separate contracts that could not be held by one company. kelly believes that would bring the rates down. >> in every case, in the state of california for the past 10 years, when we have gone from an exclusive agreement to competitive bidding, that shows a 25% decrease in cost. >> opposition says that
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is not true about rates. they say they will raise rates because ever since it would be required to pay for more is the structure and that bureaucracy to manage the multiple agencies. >> we know what our costs are going to be. this throws a monkey wrench into that system that has been operating quite well for many years. >> here is a snapshot of the way rates stand now. for basic services, it is $27 per month in oakland is higher slightly. and in san jose $34.30 per month. for basic services. just a note, proposition 8 would change the way they set the rates. right now use it rating's board, multiple steps in order to come up with this rate. if this proposition passes that would give this power to the board of supervisors. >> thank you. shutting the door on thousands of students, how congress is making it even more difficult for kids to go to college?
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>> the golden gate bridge plans a big anniversary this sunday. hoping that it is nothing like the last big one. that story coming up. >> investigation into caltrans employees caught drinking on the clock.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a decision that is saving the country billions of dollars. but at what cost? thousands of college students trying to figure out how it will afford to go to school now that congress is eliminating programs. here is ann noterangelo with an east bay student caught off-guard by that news. >> it is something that they did the secret of the night. there was no forewarning, no
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type of " this may be happening ". >> public got an e-mail with the bad news. with one year left before graduating from cal state east bay, he is losing his program this summer. >> you are in a safety net and then they drop you out of nowhere. >> history is not uncommon. no one talked to him about college and high-school so he went to work, realize that he wanted more and rolled in a community college. but he has had to take remedial classes and getting a four year degree well working is going to take him about seven years. now he does not know how he will pay for it. >> he represents a generation of students that are going to be facing this precise dilemma. >> she was his counselor at the community college. she says that 3000 students here received telegrams and they could be blindsided like douglas when they transfer to four universities. >> we want the students to look at other ways to fund their education but because this requirement is retroactive, these students don't understand
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this is coming. >> cal state east bay says that more than 1000 students at the end of their grant eligibility. this is the single largest source of free money for low- income students in the country. that could mean $5,550 per year. among the changes effective july 1st, the grant will be good for six years instead of nine. to be eligible if family's adjusted gross income must be under $23,000. and with few exceptions, students must have a high-school diploma or ged. douglas is considering taking out a private loan because he is not quitting now. >> i would be the first and mike family to get a 4 year college degree. >> any once again a master's degrees and that he can become a college counselor. he has life lessons he wants to pass along. >> in the bay area headlines, sandwiched between martin luther king jr. and john f. kennedy, you now find nancy pelosi drives. the new name east of golden gate
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park. the street was renamed by mayor ed lead today in honor of democratic leader nancy pelosi and her 25 years in public service. rough weather in the pacific delayed yesterday's plan departure of the uss iowa. it will be towed to los angeles where will become a floating museum. they're monitoring weather conditions and are ready to leave on four hours' notice. >> less than a week until the big celebration. the festival commemorating the golden gate bridge seventh anniversary will be held this sunday. most of it will be at christie field but also the surrounding area. starts 11:00 a.m. goes until 11:00 p.m. and is all free. there will be fireworks and music and a vintage car display and organizers are promising history will not repeat itself, mike sugerman shows us what went so wrong 25 years ago. >> alan, if you were around 25 years ago, if he were alive or in the area, you have an
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incredible memory. the day that went so wrong. >> 25 years ago there was a day when roughly half of the population of san fransisco tried to cram onto a mile and a half of patients. >> it is a day that stands out around the world. i mean, you have 300,000 people gathered on the most famous bridge in the world, and you have another 500,000 around. >> this ridge spokesperson tried to get on the bridge that they but gave up. it was too crowded. i made it. that is me right there. i was the radio reporter chosen to be with san fransisco officials leading the group from the city and it would meet people from iran here in the middle of the bridge. so literally, i was right in the middle. >> it is like inviting people to dinner and not knowing how many people would show up. >> they were expecting 80,000 and got six times that many and that became unmanageable. >> we were lucky. >> one of the most miserable
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days i have ever spent. this was a cellphone i use that day. 1987. it weighs 25 lbs.. it was so crowded, i could not put this down on the ground. so many people around me that there was no room to move this thing. i had to hold this for two hours, it was horrible. if you had to go to the bathroom, forget it, kids were throwing up because there were so scared and because the bridge was swing from the weight and the wind. other kids got separated from their parents. many of them. >> are you scared? >> not really. >> the arch of the roadway flattened out from the lake and engineers had to do some quick calculations to make sure that it would be ok. >> as chief engineer was on the top of the south tower and did some calculations, and the road that was on the bridge was the heaviest load ever. it was not a low that would put the bridge in any jeopardy structurally, whatsoever.
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>> can you imagine if it did? with all those people on its 20 stories above the day? there will be no bridge blocking this time around. and the reason for that is not a city concerned so much as much as the terrorist 9/11 kind of thing. there will be fireworks and they're hoping again for better weather than this. because i assure you there's a big orange bridge behind me that you cannot see right now because of the fog. at the golden gate bridge, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> if you want to know where to go to be part of the weekend celebrations, or how to steer clear, go to >> the state in financial crisis. and check out what these guys are doing. >> they are in their drinking beer on state time. >> employees drinking on the visit:
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>> as this $16 billion was not bad enough. california could be another $1 billion in the hole. >> the governor is trying to raise taxes but we have learned that some state employees are drinking away your money. day after day. david goldstein is here with the exclusive hidden camera investigation. >> which hidden camera is, we caught these caltrans supervisor is drinking a 32 oz cups of draft beer well on state time. nearly three cans in each cup. drinking for hours while earning your taxpayer money. >> what you say to taxpayers, you're doing this on the clock. the state is billions of dollars in the hole and you are out here drinking? >> this is a 20 year veteran of caltrans. last year he was paid more than
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$95,000 in taxpayer money. most mornings we saw him and his caltrans partner working on the widening of the 90 freeway. he is the supervisor of this woman. their shift is monday through friday, 6:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. with a half hour for lunch. on the days that we watched them they would leave the job site around 11:00. and then end up at angelo's hamburgers in anaheim. an old-fashioned drive in with waitresses on roller skates and cheap draft beer. on may 10th we solve their caltrans truck parked outside of the restaurant around 12:30 p.m.. on the patio we watched as he drank too 32 oz beers in about an hour. that is half a gallon. sitting next to him was another caltrans surveyor supervisor. he has been with the state for
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31 years. he also drank two beers. he works the same shift and makes about the same $95,000 salary. she sat with them but did not drink. when the left, she got into the driver's seat of the cal trans truck, and character away in his own truck. on may 14th, the pair were back at angelo's with hidden cameras, we watch both working on crossword puzzles for nearly two hours while earning more taxpayer money. we saw him drink, and drink, and drink, and continue to drink those 32 oz draft beers for the entire time. he stacked each one of the empties on the floor like a scorecard. and when it was over, this caltrans supervisor consumed for a huge cups, equivalent to more than 10 cans of beer. this time they left in her
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personal car, again she drove. the next day he was at it again from roughly 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m.. we saw him drink three beers over the course of the same two hours. again he was joined by camp who had two beers. >> i'm david goldstein with cbs 2 news. we just video tape to drinking 3 32 oz beers. is that on state time? are you drinking on caltrans time? >> he claims that he had already clocked out, even on the day that we saw him at the restaurant in the caltrans truck. >> how can you do this on state time? >> i'm not doing this on state time. excuse me. >> what time did you lockout? >> i'm done. >> no, you're still on the clock, you were in their drinking beers. >> that was on my lunch time. >> you drink beer on your lunch time? is that allowed? >> he did not answer but
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caltrans says alcohol is not allowed any time an employee is on the clock with her at lunch or not. >> we saw you here last week you drank 332 and spears last week. >> that was in may. >> at that point the owner of angelos told him away and turned on us. >> mr. camp, do you want to see the video of you drinking the bears last week? >> you can be arrested for coming onto his property. you need to go. >> don't touch the camera. >> the owner called police and camped stockout leaving his truck to be picked up by another caltrans employee who also claimed he was off of the clocks. >> your off o'clock? >> yes. >> we went back to the caltrans york to find a supervisor to see how that could happen but no one wanted to talk about what we found. all that we got were doors slammed in our faces. >> this is a public office?
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>> we saw her off in the distance but she did not want to talk. >> can we talk for a minute about your two-hour lunch today, and yesterday? >> eventually caltrans officials agreed to look at the video, and have opened an investigation. >> if the allegations made by your video are substantiated, and after our investigation shows that their workers violated the rules of drinking on the job, we will fire them. >> she confirmed that they were all on the clock for 6:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. when we saw them drinking except for camp on may 15th but he somehow put in for two hours of vacation. >> isn't that a little bit suspicious of you're telling me he took two hours of vacation time from the same hours that we saw him drinking? >> as i said, it is still under investigation. >> well, caltrans announced that because of what was uncovered,
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all three of those employees have been placed on 15 days' unpaid leaves until investigation is complete. >> 18 degrees. it was 18 degrees cooler today in livermore compared to yesterday. good evening everyone. let me show you why the big cool down here in the bay area. first off the temperatures. as they sat across the bay area .. 56 degrees in pacifica and 66 degrees across the bay and oakland. 76 degrees in concord. we're working a 20 degree temperature spam but that is the culprit. a very deep marine layer rushing on shore. it is affecting our temperatures currently in the '50s and '60s the closer to the day. seventies away from the bay. this is a live weather camera in dublin where it is 68 degrees under mostly sunny skies but breezy. western at 17. gusting up to 33 at sfo. a breezy afternoon on tap for your tuesday and then we have an extended cool down. this is the futurecast where you
6:27 pm
can see the onshore flow will make it in overnight tonight. and then retreat rapidly by tomorrow morning. and then the clouds hang tight to the immediate seashore before burning off. it should not be as extensive tomorrow, or as deep as it is at this hour. overnight in the '40's and 50's with daytime highs, 50s and 60s at the beach is otherwise '60s and '70s across the peninsula from south san fransisco all into redwood city. ladies and morgan hill, outside #81 degrees, well inland. and in brentwood and tracy and oakland, 75 in santa rosa. and here is the extended forecast. a cool down beginning wednesday with very windy conditions. and then only low seventies in the inland areas on thursday and friday. we'll talk about a holiday for just coming up next time around. >> i am len ramirez in redwood city. where the hottest ticket in town is for the president on wednesday night. but who is wrong to have to move out when the president moves in for the evening? >> end, a protester shut down
6:28 pm
the streets of chicago as the president met with other nations' leaders. his focus? getting america out of afghanistan. >> 105 and counting. a milestone for an increasing number of people. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> redwood city is preparing for its first presidential visit in decades. the president will talk to supporters wednesday night at the historic fox theater. that is where len ramirez is to show us how the city is getting everything ready. >> the city is getting ready but the president has three events in the bay area. two of them have ticket prices of almost $36,000 each. that would make his appearance at the fox theater where tickets top out at $1,000, seemed a relative bargain. >> his name is not the one in lights on the marquee, but president barack obama will be center stage at the historic fox theater in redwood city wednesday night. >> once the shock wore off people got into it. >> exciting for redwood city
6:32 pm
which is enjoying a renaissance but has not had a presidential visit in seven years. >> people wanted obama to be here. we have become a great venue and for having him come is one of the most exciting things that has happened in the long time. >> the reception with the president has already sold out of to under $50 tickets, all that are left are $1,000 tickets. >> can't have was concerned that everything would be blocked off that i would not get to physically see him. but i will be around. >> he is right. security will be extra tight. redwood city police and the secret service are working out the final details of the motorcade route. there will not be parking anywhere close. even shops and restaurants near the fox theater will have to close for half of the day. >> we share offices with the fox theater. >> he is one of the managers of a fast-growing social networking application for smart-phone. it will have to close by noon on wednesday but he is not complaining.
6:33 pm
>> i think it is amazing to have him here in the bay area. we are happy to have him and we're supportive of that. >> republican national committee is complaining saying in a statement today " president obama can't seem to decide whether he wants to attack free enterprise or asking for money to fund his campaign ". we're back here live in redwood city where preparations are underway. the event starts at 6:00 p.m., it $250 ticket. barely only a few of those in the have already sold out. there are $81,000 tickets still available if anyone wants them. >> the president is taking heat from roman catholic institutions in schools over his stance on birth control. the administration believes that most employers, including catholic ones, should provide birth control coverage. the university of notre dame and many other catholic institutions are suing the
6:34 pm
administration saying this in this religious freedom. >> as nato leaders firm up plans to end the war in afghanistan, there were enough for way from angry protesters. activist march for a second day to call for an end to spending on the war. karen brown it tells us if they did not derail the political process. >> the president met with world leaders on the final day of the nato summit. leaders are approving the timetable to end the war in afghanistan. nato forces will leave the country by the end of 2014. >> that region and the world have a profound interest in afghanistan that a stable. >> outside of the conference protesters are demanding that the war ends now. >> we're here because we have had enough of a war machine. we're tired of paying for it. >> demonstrators have been peaceful, for the most part. but on sunday, a group of protesters clashed with police. leading to dozens of arrests. the police may outnumber the
6:35 pm
protesters today, and yet many of the downtown businesses were shut down in anticipation of the protests which centers around bowing. the aerospace giant told their employees to stay home. the war in afghanistan has become very unpopular. two out of three americans oppose the war and the numbers are higher in other nato countries. france's new president says that he will follow through on his campaign promise to pull 3300 french troops out of afghanistan by the end of this year. when coalition troops leave, afghan forces will take over the country's security. but they will still need money and new leaders are figuring out how to finance afghan troops. nato believes that it will cost more than $4 billion per year. >> a suicide bomber disguised himself as part of a military parade in the capital of yemen before killing at least 96 soldiers. investigators say the bomber hid
6:36 pm
his explosives under a military uniform. dozens were wounded in the blast. the defense minister and chief of staff for their but not hurt. the attack comes 10 days after the army of yemen launched a u.s.-backed offensive against al qaeda. >> thousands homeless in italy as the aftershocks of an earthquake rumbled on. the earthquake killed seven people and injured dozens when it hit towns over an hour drive from bologna. it will take a week to assess the damage and how much it will cost to rebuild. 11,000 people are either too afraid to return home, or they have no home to go back to. >> an achievement that many would be proud of. challenges of becoming a centenarian. >> you may think your saving on sales tax when you make announced a purchase online but announced a purchase online but you may be wrong.
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>> wall street snapped its losing streak with the dow closing up 135 points today. the mechanism be 500 also saw significant gains. a market change from last week performance. but despite the good day on wall street, facebook is having trouble finding people to like their stock. the menlo park company stock fell 11% from the friday closing price to $34.30 per share. just today, the company lost nearly $10 billion of its market value but is still worth $96 billion. >> usually when companies go public, that is their big day and they fall back a little bit until the improve that they're worth that evaluation. facebook has not proven that yet. >> shares of other social media companies also fell today
6:40 pm
including linked in. >> a warning for some jeep owners. on the consumer watch, julie watts is here with news of a wrangler recall. >> chrysler recalling 70,000 jeep wranglers because the underside can catch fire. the vehicles in question are 2010 jeep wranglers with automatic transmissions. there's a metal plate under the transition that can trap debris and lead to a fire. there has been reports of at least 14 fires so far. owners will be notified when the can bring their vehicles back to the dealer for a 6. california once online shoppers to cough up sales tax on all purchases. tonya taylor e-mail us to save the state board of equalization is demanding that she pay $800 within the next 30 days for taxes on cigarettes that she bought on line five years ago. why is she just now hearing about it? they tell us that they sends out overdue tax notices as companies report purchases. and in some cases it takes a couple of years. the statute of limitations however is eight years.
6:41 pm
speaking of sales tax, amazon may have come up with a way to keep a big portion of the sales tax there soon going to start collecting from californians. the los angeles times reports that amazon is working on a deal to build two huge warehouses and southern california. the city's they're located in are offering to return a lion's share of the taxes collected back to amazon. but the this tax debate could be a windfall for them. the deal has attracted the attention of lawmakers seeking to ban the sales tax rebates. >> you can run but you cannot hide from the government when they want taxes. >> they will get their taxes. >> and eight year statute of limitation? >> it is something to think about when you buy an online purchase without sales tax. >> thank you. >> i am in the weather center but outdoors right now take a look have a golden gate bridge where it is stockton and gray and windy. how all these conditions will factor tuesday, in the pinpoint
6:42 pm
forecasts. >> i'm dennis o'donnell and i have a question for you. what is wrong with tim lincecum? that is the question that has taken the bay area by storm. taken the bay area by storm. can you guess what this 49 year-
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>> ridging 100 years cold is something to be proud of. and it seems that quite a few more people are hitting that milestone than you might think. >> here is more on the joys and challenges of becoming a centenarian. >> prof. george knowles is 105 years old. and his secret to living a long life is easy .. three things. >> i minded my mother and i was never a smoker >> assisted living helps, but it may not be that easy for everyone. these aging experts say it's the fastest-growing age category as those 85 and older.
6:46 pm
according to the u.s. census, there are 70,000 americans that have reached the central mark. >> people are healthier, they're taking better care of themselves, and also medical technology has really gone through so many improvements. so that what used to be maybe death sentence is now a chronic health issue that can be managed. >> centenarians are clearly on the rise but patrick at the institute of aging ones that not all who reach old age are hurting. >> it sounds great when you're talking about a century and that can read and write. but it is different when you talk to someone even much younger, maybe in their '60's or 70's, or ill. do not have the opportunity to be engaged in life. >> a 2010 census shows that more people are reaching the age of 100. san fransisco has a population
6:47 pm
of over 800,000 as 248 residents who are over 100. san jose counts 106 people for 100 and in walnut creek, with a population of 64,000, 47 people are over 100. there's a rare but growing group, people who have reached 110 years. unlike this woman from oakland to celebrate her hundred and 11th birthday. and if the professor continues living right, he will make that a class in just five years. >> good evening everyone. we had a cool down today. let's talk about. let's get right to work began, a scene from the golden gate bridge. it is stockton, such a great evening commute. condensation on the camera lens that has been slept there by the blowing winds off of the ocean.
6:48 pm
the measures in the '50s and '60s in the day otherwise '70s in the peninsula and into the inland areas. now, today we have quite a cool down. in fact san fransisco was 59 but yesterday was 68 degrees. the big difference was livermore, down 18 degrees in comparison to yesterday. that is the scene in dublin where we have great sunshine. you notice the tree is waving. this evening will be breezy with northwest runs between 10 and 50 m.p.h. in a breezy afternoon slated for tuesday with a gradual cool down. the special by midweek. this is just how windy it is outside right now with wind gusting to 8 mi. per hour in san jose to 33 in sfo. and also to the north in napa. an area of low pressure skipping across the pacific northwest will continue to move ever so slowly. and that is what will cause the pressure gradient their for encouraging onshore flow. everyone becomes overcast in the
6:49 pm
'40's and 50's. the clouds retreat back to the coast sooner tomorrow. and so the temperatures their 50s and 60s otherwise '60s and '70s, and around the peninsula jumping up to the low '80s in morgan hill and gilroy. otherwise 77 degrees in san jose. close to normal for this time of year. if you want the 80s and you'll have to go inland to discover day and brentwood and tracy. hercules also knew that a degree mark. otherwise 80 in sonoma while most of the north bay remains in the '70s. once you get closer to the ocean is in the '50s and '60s. northwest wind between 15 and 20 mi. per hour tomorrow. it will begin the on wednesday and thursday. with that cool down just in time for the holiday weekend. temperatures begin to trend upwa,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
>> you are about to enter the twilight zone. >> >> tim lincecum and barry zito,
6:53 pm
four years represented the best of the giants and the worst of the giants, i have brought in my anchor team, is this graphic accurate? >> show me again. >> is this graphic accurate? >> no. because tim lincecum does not have three wins. >> show me the real graphic. you will see it. see how much better batteries ito is doing then tim lincecum? if you listen to anything or have watched anything. it is all about the collapse of tim lincecum, and why he is struggling. the two-time cy young award winner and melted down in the fourth inning giving up the lead in four runs. capped by this wild pitch that allowed a score. tim was ok, he was hit on the chin. that shots before the frustrating season of tim lincecum. >> i'm not trusting my pitching.
6:54 pm
i'm trying to be perfect. i can miss 3 in. on both sides if i just trust my movement. it is one of those things, nothing to fine with it and just trusting it. i keep going back to that. it is so true. >> the giants' starting their one road trip in milwaukee. one giants fan had quite a catch. a foul ball in the first inning and then in the 30 got another one. is the twilight zone tonight. scoreless in the first. buster posy to left field. into the second deck. a free run home run. 3/1 seventh inning. the giants in charge. jamie moyer made his major- league debut in 1986. thronald reagan was in the oval office. he became the oldest pitcher to win a game earlier tonight. amazing milestone. this is tony for arrest, he actually faced more in 1986. rocky in miami, the most since
6:55 pm
anyone since 1921 as records indicate. can i have a live update? they're losing 6/4. >> if it want to fire me get 1205, i will go home and find something to do. >> the number of good days in the near future. the magic have fired their coach as well as general manager otis mess. putting an end to his yearlong question as to whether the all- star tweet howard really wanted him fire off. the all-star center is still with orlando. at this rate dana king will have to enter rehabilitation. her favorite horse has done it again. >> the clippers were swept out
6:56 pm
of the second round of the playoffs by the spurs. but there's a nice party gift. look at the gravity. j.j. henry with a shopping of the weekend. at the byron nelson championship. a pitching wedge on the green roles in for a hole in one, a double bogey on the next hole. finishing two shots back. baseball with a flurry of great catches. the former athletic brian sweeney is a duty. and then there is toronto going over the railing to make the catch. with a hand stand to boot. nothing tops the quick thinking of the rockies and using his umbrella to catch a ball. that is brilliant. that is the play of the week. >> " i'll have another code
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