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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 22, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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geoff: i would have to agree. craig: i think there is somebody out there watching tv tonight that needs this kind of thing. [applause] and i like to reach everyone. [laughter] that sounded dirty. geoff: there goes my penis. craig: oh, wait. i don't think you should say that word in front of the construction workers. [laughter] geoff: i'm terribly sorry. craig: all right. you know, you never contribute in this part of the show. you kind of creep me out, you sthrand. you don't really do anything. when it is time for physical comedy, you just kind of freeze. [laughter] you know, you remind me of an
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even slower -- i say you remind me of an even slower version of foghorn leghorn. [laughter] anyway, the girls are actually doing some construction work around the studio. geoff is having a new ass. right, geoff? geoff: yes, it is made of titanium. craig: yes. it is made of titanium. tune in tomorrow for a new robo, ,,,,,,,,,, to you and the breaking news in the top of the broadcast debbies in santa clara have arrested a man in connection to sierra lamar's disappearance. it took him into custody some nights the owner the red volkswagen said that they seized in connection to this case garcia thorez is
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facing murder and kidnapping charges. sierra lamar's was last seen two months ago before leaving her home for school. public safety is our main concern we don't want anyone else to be heard we don't want any more little girls betaken. santa clara county sheriff's deputies will conduct a news conference tomorrow morning with all the details they can disclose may 21st and from the weather center getting everybody in today's high as 59 degrees and san francisco to 79 degrees until why does clouds hovering above the bay bridge and have been lowering in the bay bridge that tower stands about 576 ft. high whenever you get a ceiling that lowers blood back to better plan on airport delays at some of the flights tomorrow morning. currently are temperatures continue to be in the fifties but look at our high today only 59 degrees and san
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francisco and in comparison to that's where between nine and 18 degrees cooler 55 and fog at the golden gate bridge with wesley at 10 so overcast skies tonight and that is heavily up tomorrow with a great conditions and then we will see a clear out earlier but very breezy due to this area of low pressure cooler air masses billion to the state of california but as the subjects to the east where the pressure gradient and the winds will worsen on wednesday and that will build upon around so for the next 48 hours and account is on how saddam limit on everything his boss me out there tonight with the gray skies '40's and '50's to the overnight lows the '50s and '60s to the beach is 60 '70s and the peninsula to low 80s and morgan hill and to the north are talking 80 degrees in,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a new kind of weight loss challenge that is really paying off. why is especially a good bet for men. good evening we have big breaking news in the sierra lamar's case tonight. the
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15 year-old sierra lamar's has been missing now for two months but nice investigators tell us that she was murdered and that they have the man in custody. he is a 21 year-old man from morgan hill and works at the safeway store their his name is incident garcia thorez he was booked into santa clara county jail facing charges of murder and kidnapping. we are expecting a news conference in just moments again sierra lamar's police believe that they had arrested her killer. new speaker we have a check now with robert lyles who was at the shares department as we speak and has the very latest on this case. let's get right to share florissant she's actively giving updates on the arrests. this car is connected the red car is connected. that is a car that belongs to anton garcia. can you tell us who is in custody
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he was booked earlier this evening and we're continuing the investigation. willie disinformation tomorrow what we have because we do want to the un on everything we can solicit the four small but we have a physical evidence that the next that two. part of that is elevenses there breakers is about to apparently this 1990's red giants in milwaukee tonight is volkswagen jeddah you tell us this grows in the first buster more about that and who with the posey deep to left as a three run jack intemperances go. it registrar of the vehicle is? he is the registered owner proves all with the 14th inning. and we're looking for anyone who had seen where that car was still need more intimate ones hector sanchez said it plans other catcher comes off the know there's more information bench and launches the second were there any witnesses? your big league last in the giants reports that it was dna evidence went 43. can you talk to us about that? robert poole makes its first appearance to oakland's new one for three innings. the
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it's important to let you know basis of left kocher's scores is the have made an arrest a person has been booked into jail. why taken to one lead to ryan gets this evening? he was arrested because is to save tom malone gets the when the a's to one. many was 2 for 2 that we thought that the arrest should be done. and public safety is our main concern we with a walk and a star with the don't want anyone else to be sacramento river cats tonight. hurt. we don't anymore little girls taken. this is very very because of foul ball in the first. in the third inning. no. 3 difficult for the family the family has been very very supportive all along they understand we kept them apprised debt sales tax crystals when of everything that's happened with the investigation we think it's important that they know it's very difficult for them cobb of the celtics and 76ers' tomorrow when we did a press conference the family will be game 5 killer crossover for there. did we tell us about brandon bass for the celtics garcia thorez? again we will that taking three to two games lead and never won the thunder address that tomorrow he has been under surveillance and will had a net eliminated your loss angeles lakers in five games fill you in on the details when russell west are still certain we did a press conference tomorrow. he's been charged with murder that means that we believe that we have probable cause to believe he committed
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the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar's. and once again you said , that the physical evidence you're not commenting on whether there is dna but did you find evidence in that red jetta? was serving have evidence in the case of evidence from many sources and again we will pop the tomorrow we have not found syriac we're asking the public to continue to look for her into finder for us. is there anything in the car to suggest that sierra lamar's still alive? i think we ought to fill even on the details tomorrow but no. so you cannot plea that she is alive? for charging the suspect with murder. can you tell us how the rest affected? if he does give us until tomorrow morning it's been a long day for all of us it a long day for detectives will have a family here tomorrow and will be better prepared than we are right now and we will release everything we can release you. detectives have worked nonstop around the clock. did we
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their lot of heroes in this apartment detectives are the heroes the person who first showed up at the scene is a hero by new that this was not a runaway child ends our search and rescue team that found the evidence that they found so early in to the investigation and a lot of people have worked very hard and have done a wonderful job. is this from a suspect? i think we're done ok. that is the latest year for the st. clair county sheriffs are again the confirm that a 21 year-old from san my team has been arrested and charged with murder and kidnapping in connection with the appearance of a 50 year-old sierra lamar's as you just heard the sheriff departments say they're not commenting on whether or not there is evidence found inside that vehicle but she is saying he's been arrested in charge of murder and they do not believe that sierra lamar's is alive we're expecting a press conference as an inch and tomorrow for greater details on exactly how his arrest was
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affected and more important is just how long they had the suspect under surveillance 9 and led them to move in with an arrest at night but that is the latest from outside the santa clara county sheriff department but see you. one quick question and that is conference is under way when before we started on the air did you happen to mention what they suspected any connection between the suspect in sierra lamar's? she would not comment on the relationship that may or may not have had to get their sea again stated that she would not comment on what evidence is collected either from that 1990's red jetta or if any of the evidence dna what have you met suspects now under arrest in any of the belongings found with sierra lamar's. committee good point because the police department they had a difficult job and they're promising they tell us
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nothing the please do surveillance they tell us nothing but police now make an arrest and it is illegal as the guys name and nothing else. it's a little frustrating the ask for the public's health and then they give us nothing. he absolutely right that i think he will for the press conference started mid that there were some issues that they had mistakes if you will that they made particularly in the leasing of the nation about the vehicle they had that vehicle at the entire time now why they didn't release more information about the registered owner will hopefully we will file greater details about as a martyr in the press conference. the suspect as rubber mentioned was arrested at the safeway in morgan hill pet store is on tenants avenue by monterey road and that's where garcia thorez the suspect apparently worked as you mentioned earlier detectives say they have charged him with murder and kidnapping and juliet
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goodrich has been also working the case right now at the scene of the arrest and she'd just talked with one girl who saw the whole us go down tonight ribbon to go to julia as soon as she is set up if you remember this case it goes back to the morning of march 16th and that is when sierra lamar's disappeared suez on her way to school in the morning and that is the last anybody has seen it of her. to get good grades at the arrest site right now has some information from there. degrees when the parking lot here at the safeway as you said on tenants in morgan hill and this is where it all went down we talk to witnesses whose take that around 5 billion 6:00 tonight they saw dozens of cop cars right outside the safeway one eyewitness tells me that she actually saw guns drawn and officers at bringing out a suspect from inside the safe way she had no idea what was happening she works in a
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nearby yard shot and spas maybe it was a shock after being arrested and no idea that the connection was to sierra lamar's here's your interview. it was like 530 and we just saw a bunch of cops around and couldn't see anyone else but the cops in the had guns drawn and just took someone this way. did waves at that point to know who we might be. thomas do know but the sierra lamar's case and how big is a bit in the bay area? do know her? did we didn't know her and went to the same house clusters as can scary. obviously a lot of buzz here we're trying to get more information on the suspect to find out if he was an employee in past employees i went inside to talk to the manager and they say it this time they cannot address the media with any of those questions one woman came to me and said i can't believe that he was arrested and knew him so a lot of the buses circulating about the suspect
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again he was arrested at the safeway and morgan hill and will certainly have more to mission at a news conference tomorrow morning live in morgan hill juliet could receive as five. of course will keep you updated on the story through the evening if anything breaks and also on cbs sf dhaka, we reporter in the bay area crime wave has been going on for awhile thieves stealing people's mark bonds but in all those stories we never heard it something like this. the berkeley police chief ordered a number of his officers to work overtime to find one teenagers still in iphone is the cut tells us that teenagers was the chief's son. this and want to give police the benefit of the doubt we would hope it would be such an effective administrator it is a came from outside of berkeley but when she learns
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that he ordered for detectives to track down his sons missing cellphone and worked two hours of overtime on the taxpayers' dime saw the body seems to be bringing with him it is a the practice of privilege. that he is the chief he's got the power is going to do whatever he wants according to the berkeley police department officers regularly search for stolen electronics these investigations can involve a supervisor and multiple officers depending on the circumstances of the case and the location of the signal. police also admit they filed police reports on the missing phone. doing things off the books it's a bad sign. remember this? the least he showed up at my door and is something that may happen in the 1950's and some other countries where journalists aren't as protected as they are here at least she is being investigated and for
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sending one of his own officers back in march because he didn't like his story. andrew believes these recent actions point to a bigger issue with berkeley pd. we need them to do with that in the booths open policies. the search that stolen cellphone went as far away as north oakland's and a source tells the san francisco chronicle that as many as 10 officers participate in the search the berkeley pd can only confirm that four officers were paid overtime and in the hands that phone was never found. live in berkeley as the cut cbs five top-level judges accused of exercising poor judgment the million dollar conference in a valley that you are paying for. why some frequent fliers may be getting overcharged for weeks. may be one of the greatest senior pranks of time needed bay
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[ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. warriors during up for a big announcement tomorrow while the team is staying mum reports indicating the warriors are
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leaving oracle read and oakland for a planned waterfront arena in san francisco. robert lisle on how normally feuding politicians are backing the move it to cross the bay bridge. there's always been a battle inside the day as is the grass greener and san francisco or the east bay. it must be greater in the south bay because that is where the niners have punted to the germans not to lose another franchise mayor ed lee has turned his attention to the parquet trying to woo the warriors. i've nothing against where they're at now but i do think there's great potential for the warriors to come back home. proposed new prisons. the present was the team was here yesterday. the cheaper and they say they're coming. degrees is not
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the last weekend and they all had practice in the back 10 days ago in their laps every city supervisor including to sign off on this letter urging where executives at a virtual political coup in san francisco. we want the warriors a series of consider here is use though the huge economic benefit for san francisco convention bureaus chief says an estimated $80 million privately financed water for the arena would bring in millions in revenue and how many millions were the warriors hit him. the services of the track is and san francisco to and tim airport complex in the trash may
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lie at the heart of this proposal support insiders press subscribe san francisco is sexy especially to prospective players oakland is crime-ridden. i don't think the warriors are going anywhere yet the police have not indicated that to us in san francisco reviles cbs five. and construction of that unanimous stadium in another milestone today crews began pouring concrete for the foundation of the next six weeks will be telling about 30 tv anchors a day to support the stadium in also been selling 30 mi. of underground utilities cabling and pipes that stadium scheduled to open for the 2014 season. did we it's the ninth circuit court of appeals is under fire for lavish trips that critics say is an example of taxpayer dollars going to waste judges and other federal court workers plan to go to a conference in mallee in august price had a $1 million. included in that cost it seems more like
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a vacation in a business trip and they're demanding answers. the circuit says the conference will improve the ministrations of justice. this goes to be rewarded for being well customers frequent fliers with delta actually paid more to travel an investigation revealed that people log on to this, accounts at higher prices for the tickets more than half the time to business executives first uncovered the problem when they check for tickets online a few weeks ago. did ways of the claims of price differences on a computer problem that it says it now has 6. for most people trying to lose weight and was not easy to shed those pounds and now there's a powerful the incentive paul evan on the way
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a short-term motivator but says the upfront investment will help people get into a hotbed of hitting the gym. using money as a weight loss strategies and make a good bet especially for men. compared to just 15 percent of the women jayson immense the reward was key to getting him involved. did we get the money was the biggest part of its ad in the money played a huge role in keeping with the gym. hospitals and government agencies also ante up the money to the program adding that people like eric at a and jason will make healthier choices when disney cash reward you can find a link that we lost program to help the waves on our web site click on the news links. your vote frank has made
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this prank an internet sensation the all-star the last name so employees to the standards senior quotes age girls submitted a single word was formed entire sentence. we know you're thinking and now we're not related. people said sharon a fine dough animated not to tumbler and then write it down, and for that and to happen to impose. the three wins,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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