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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> it could be the beginning of the end, the fight over the future home of the golden state warriors >> here comes the fog and the wind is kicking up also. >> we have been falling in fatal overnight accident across the san mateo bridge. we will have all the commute details coming up >> a busy day, good morning, it is tuesday may 22nd. >> we have breaking news on the sierra lamar disappearance >> a suspect has been this arrested in morgan hill. he is 21 years old. the sheriff says he is charged with the murder and kidnapping of sierra lamar >> garcia torahs was arrested at the safeway in morgan hill by monterey road >> lisa washington is in san jose where the sheriff plans to give us more information later this morning >> the santa clara sheriff's is
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going to hold a news conference at 8:00 this morning. we hope to learn more about the suspect and what led investigators to him. here is what we know. the suspect is 21 year-old anton garcia torahs from morgan hill and he was arrested last night at a safeway in morgan hill for the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar, the teenager who had been missing since march 16th. the sheriff said last night that the of the red volkswagen that investigators believe was connected to her disappearance belongs to the suspect. >> the red one is his car, we have had his car, we still are waiting for people to tell us where have you seen the suspect it? where did you see the car? we need information, we have credible information now but we have we need more >> spears family is expected to be at that news conference this
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morning. the sheriff said they have been communicating with the family throughout the investigation and keeping them updated. the sheriff did not say what evidence supports murder but investigators have said that garcia torres has been under surveillance for a significant amount of time. there are a lot of unanswered questions in the case including if the suspect new sierra and where her body maybe. there were searches in the ponds and reservoirs' and several fields in the south of santa clara county. we will need to get more information and news conference begins at 8:00 this morning here at the sheriff's office in san jose. >> the suspect was arrested at the safeway store in morgan hill. one witness described what happened >> it was 530 and we saw a bunch
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of cops around and we couldn't see anyone else but the cops and they had their guns drawn and it took someone away. >> could you know who might be? >> i had no idea >> how much you know about the case and how big is in the area? >> for me personally, i did not know her but i went to the same school as her so it was scary >> the witness thought it might have been a shoplifter being arrested but it was not. a missing kids advocate whose daughter polly was murdered in 1993 as help coordinate volunteer searchers for sierra lamar. he told kcbs radio that searches should continue. >> the sad truth is that 76 percent of these kids that are kidnapped and murdered will be dead within the first three hours, not even 72 hours but within the first three hours and they will also be within a few miles of the location from where
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they were last seen. >> we will have continuing coverage throughout the morning on the rest in the sierra lamar case. stay with us for the latest developments >> this morning the old state warriors are planning to announce they're moving back to san francisco. the team plans a privately financed $500 million waterfront arena built on pier 30-32 near the foot of the bay bridge. >> i have nothing against where they are at now but i do think there's great potential for the warriors to come home >> mayor ed lee has been personally involved in bringing them from oakland. he says the new arena would not require any money from the general fund or new taxes. the port of san francisco would give a free long term lease exchange for the building and the investing in fixing of the pier.
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a new era of space travel is now under way. falcon nine lifted off from cape canaveral florida this morning. it is owned by a business run by allen must who co-founded a pal and pass love motors. the demonstration flight is the first for a private business >> let's get a look at the weather. it was a little bit foggy this morning >> we're starting out with some drizzle as well so that is the main concern early today but by the afternoon i think it will be the wind as we will see more wind picking up over the next couple of days. we have a lot of clouds hanging over the bay bridge and especially at the coast line. temperature's rather mild starting out today. even low 60s right now in san jose. cooler days are ahead as we
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will see a rather transitional week. >> within the last 15 minutes or so they have just reopened all lanes of east bound 92. we have been following a fatal accident, a solo vehicle crashed into the center divider. for awhile lanes were blocked overnight but just around for 15 or so they just reopened all lanes of highway 92. everything is now wrapped up. as far as other bridges, we do have a fog advisory across the bay bridge. a live look at traffic heading toward san francisco and doyle drive. >> uc-berkeley has identified the student was killed in one
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car crash. the 22 year-old died at the scene early friday morning at california street and allston way in berkeley. her six year-old son was critically injured and still remains hospitalized. police have not release the identity of the driver who also remains in the hospital. >> a pilot in southern california managed to avoid hitting homes when he crashed into a neighborhood. faa says the pilot was heading to phoenix when he reported trouble with the engine. the airplane cut through power lines but did not hit any homes >> the engine was going to the neighbor's yard >> the pilot was the only man on board and he is in stable condition. >> the pilot blamed for the worst oil spill in san francisco bay and two decades is trying to sail the bay again. he is trying to renew his mariner's license.
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he served 10 months in prison after the ship crashed into the bay bridge and dumped more than 50,000 gal. of fuel into the bay and 2007 >> coming up, facebook is losing lots of friends on wall street >> top-level judges accused of exercising poor judgment. the million-dollar conference that you are paying for that you are paying for >> controversial guideli,,,, that you are paying for >> controversial guideli,,,, at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities
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who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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>> mark zuckerberg fortune just got a little bit smaller. facebook stock plunged 11% yesterday. the work around $96 billion. >> usually when companies go public that is their big day and then they fall back a bit until they can prove that there were fat valuation. >> shares of other social media
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companies also fell including sienna and a wink din. zuckerberg network now stands at 17 million, $17 billion. >> council members in san jose will consider raising the city's minimum wage to $10 per hour. the measure already has enough valid signatures to qualify but the council could choose to make it law without going to vote. it began as a project for a sociology class at san jose state. a state commission is expected to consider a 5 percent pay cut for elected officials and if it is approved everyone from the governor to the school superintendents would get less money. salaries for elected officials range from 95,000-$174,000. the governor proposed a similar cut for state workers >> the ninth circuit court of appeals is under fire for a lavish trips that critics say as example of taxpayer money going
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to waste. just as they planned to go to a conference in now we in august within $1 million price tag and exercise classes. they say the conference will help improve the administration of justice >> the search for a stolen iphone >> the bay area police chief accused of going overboard to help his son >> to prostate cancer tests do more harm than good? >> one of the great all-time your book spence is burning up the internet. visit: discover britvisit:lumbia.
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>> the wind is expected to kick up and that might blow around some pollen in the bay area. we will talk about a coming up. >> we have a fog advisory for the bay bridge and some overnight road work still in
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lanes. >> america's ambassador in afghanistan is planning to step down. ryan crocker has been on the job since last july and is expected to step down after only one year. it is the second time as ambassador. in 2002 he reopen the embassy after the taliban was forced out of power. the president says afghanistan is on track for its forces to take over security operations. nato combat troops are scheduled to leave in 2014, the outcome of a nato meeting that just ended in chicago. the president says afghanistan will still have trouble spot will be stable enough for the coalition to leave >> after the summit the president headed to joplin misery to deliver a commencement address to seniors at a high- school that was wiped out by the tornado >> what is clear is that you are the source of inspiration today. to me, to this state, to this
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country >> joplin high-school graduating senior spent their final school year attending class is in a converted retail store. today marks one year since the tornado killed 161 people. redwood city is gearing up for its first presidential visit in more than seven years. the president is set to host a fund-raiser at the fox theater tomorrow night. tickets range from $250 up to $1,000. he will wrap up the trip with a round table meeting thursday morning in palo alto. >> alameda county supervisors continue to replace a board member who recently resigned. the vacancy is a subject of a special meeting this afternoon. finalists will face public interviews before the board makes its election.
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berkeley police is taking criticism for ordering his officers to work overtime or finding a stolen iphone that belongs to the chief's son. he ordered for detectives to track down and work two hours of overtime. >> fatly what he seems to be bringing with them is the practice of privilege, that he is the chief, he has the power and he will do it the way he wants >> berkeley police say they regularly search for missing electronic sometimes involving multiple officers. the chief is already being investigated for sending an officer to reporters home because he did not like the story >> chrysler is recalling 70,000 jeep wranglers because of fire concerns. 22 and models with automatic transmissions have a metal plate that can trap debris that can lead to a fire. there have been reports of at least 14 fires so far.
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owners will be notified when they can bring their vehicles back to the dealer for a fix. a government panel says help the men should not get routine screening test for prostate cancer. the group says the blood test can do more harm than good. they believe to many men are harmed for treatment of tiny tumors that would never have killed them but that advice is sparking an outcry for a number of doctors >> and man has survived 180 ft. plunge over niagara falls in an apparent suicide attempt. he is only the third person to survive without a safety device. witnesses tell police that he deliberately jump yesterday afternoon. emergency crews were able to rescue in two hours later. he was taken to a local hospital with critical bogdan life-threatening injuries. in washington a teenager survive going over a waterfall there. he was hiking with his family when he decided to test out the
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water on saturday. he was swept down a 10 ft. waterfall and regained his footing before going over another drop. it took crews eight hours to rescue him. >> they are supposed to be rewarded for being loyal customers but frequent fliers with delta actually paid more travel. investigation revealed people log onto skype mile accounts at higher prices for tickets more than half the time. to business executives first uncovered the problem when they checked on line a few weeks ago >> we were shocked and confused because we were booking the exact same flight >> delta blames the price differences on computer problems that have now been fixed >> a year book prank has made a high-school seniors in san jose and internet sensation. the all same, share the same last name so each girl committed a single word that formed in
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entire sentence. >> we know what your thinking and, no, we're not related >> people started sharing the photo and then it made on to tumbler and then took off to the huffington post >> the three of them we talked to said it was just a joke but they added they wanted to remind people not to stereotype others based on race. pretty smart. >> it is nice there on the same page because sometimes it would go to the other page >> there is a lot of speculation about whether mark soderbergh past his new wife to sign a prenuptial. according to the author of the book about silicon valley, his wife had zuckerberg sign a relation contract for years ago. the requirements are one day per week and a minimum of 100 minutes of a long time. the newlyweds are not
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commenting. >> i guess that is smart of her >> she has known him since college so she probably has a pretty good idea he is dedicated. >> behind every strong man is a stronger woman. i am very impressed with her. around the bay area today we do have some dense fog a especially out at the coast line. i think he will be the wind as we head through the afternoon that will be the main concern. slippery roadways as a watch out for that, this afternoon will be sunny with cooler temperatures in the '70s. windy conditions as you make your way toward san francisco. we have a system sliding by yesterday in between systems so we will see some pretty gusty
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wind in the afternoon especially near the coast line. we will try to clear out the fog but i suspect there will be some patches left over. more fog is on the way but the wind will be kicking up all around. 67 and breezy in union city. a lot of seventies in the east bay but even on the breezy side there so it looks like the '80s are gone for now. 65 in oakland, 58 in daly city and 59 in stinson beach. the next couple of days those temperatures will continue to drop. another system drives through the bay area on friday but sunshine returns for a holiday weekend. >> westbound 580, some foggy
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spots but we can actually see the headlights. we're starting to see a bit of changes in and the color but so far it looks pretty good through livermore. in the south bay we're following the overnight roadwork. caltrans has that scheduled until about 6:00 this morning. there is also roadwork on northbound 101. elsewhere along the peninsula at 101 and 280, these are live traffic since is picking up top speeds. everything looks pretty good through san mateo county. here is some of that fog we have been talking about. there is one official fog advisory issued by the chp on the bay bridge. this is the san francisco side
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of the stand. >> sandwich between martin luther king jr. and john f. kennedy will find nancy pelosi drive. j st. was renamed by mayor ed lee yesterday in honor of democratic leader nancy pelosi 25 years of public service. a 10 year-old boy brought in a huge stingray in texas while fishing with his father from a kayak. >> his tale is cut off. someone got him before us. meet people. >> his excitement was tempered with sadness when you realize the stingray was injured with a missing tail. they did give him a kiss
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before setting him free and this is the same boy who previously caught several sharks. he is a great fisherman. >> he has a good heart to. >> some nail biting winds for bay area baseball fans >> the giants and the brewers went to extra innings last night. the eventual game-winning home run and the giants win 4-3. robert coles making his first appearance in oakland as an angel last night. coco crisp who is back in action, he scores and the a's take a lead. the a's win 2-1. >> a new era in space travel. >> a historic liftoff at cape canaveral coming up >> a brazen casino robbery on the las vegas strip
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>> investigators make an arrest in the disappearance of sierra lamar. we will show you the suspect >> is a done deal, the golden state warriors are making their way across the bay. we're live at the sight of their new home and with details after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> and the rest in the search for sierra lamar. the evidence that links the suspect to the teenager's disappearance >> they have not played in san francisco in nearly four decades but this morning, the announcement the warriors are making about a new home. >> they're doing some lane changes right now across the golden gate bridge and we have a
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lot of foggy cameras. >> it is for 59 now, we begin with some breaking news in a two month old missing persons case in the south bay. >> there is an arrest in the disappearance of sierra lamar. his name is anton garcia torres, 21 years old. the santa clara county sheriff says he is charged with murder and kidnapping. >> the store is on tennant avenue by monterey road, a safeway store. the sheriff in the victim's family will speak a little bit later this morning. >> the santa clara county sheriff will hold a news conference beginning at 8:00 this morning when we hope to learn more about the suspect and what led investigators to him. that suspect is a 21 year-old


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