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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a safeway in morgan hill for the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar, the morgan hill teenager who had been missing since march 16th. she was last seen heading towards the bus stop. the sheriff said that the red volkswagen that investigators believe was connected to our disappearance belong to the suspect. >> i'm really proud of the dedication and hard work are investigators have done. we have had 24 hour day operations on many things. i'm really proud of them >> cirrus family is expected to be at that news conference this morning. the sheriff said that they have been communicating through out the investigation keeping them updated on what was going on. the sheriff would say, would not say what evidence they have that supports murder but investigators say that garcia
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torres had been under surveillance for a significant amount of time. there are a lot of unanswered questions including if the suspect new sierra lamar. we're also hoping to find out if they know where her body is. there were several searches in the days following her disappearance. there were searches infields and reservoirs' in the santa clara county area. herself and was found as well as her purse. we will have to get those answers in the news conference at 8:00 this morning. >> the arrest came as a surprise to some people in the shopping center where that safeway is located >> it was 530 and we saw a bunch of cops and we couldn't see anyone else but the cops and they had guns drawn and took someone. >> did you know who he was? >> i had no idea >> how much you know about the sierra lamar case and how big is it in this area for you?
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>> i didn't know or but i went to the same high school so was kind of scary >> that witness said she thought it might have been a shoplifter being arrested >> paul reclast was the victim of kidnap and murder in sonoma county in 1993 and since then her father has been an advocate for families of missing kids and has helped the sierra lamar family to coordinate searches. >> i told them that we would do everything we could do to help bring their daughter home alive and until there was proof one way or another, that we had to assume that she was out there waiting for them to come and get hurt and we still assume that and we will continue with our searches and our goal is to find sierra lamar and bring her home turf family. >> we will have continuing coverage throughout the morning on the rest. stay with cbs 5 and cbs asset dot com for the latest developments in >> at least eight people are
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hurt after a shooting in oklahoma city last night right after the funder beat the l.a. lakers in an nba playoff game. police say one of the victims was a pregnant woman who was kicked were punched after she went down. police do not know if the shooting was connected to the game. another incident is raising questions about security at dodger stadium. four men were arrested and released on bail after a fan was beaten sunday over a minor car accident in the parking lot. the victim was treated for cuts and bruises. the team increased security after a more severe beating of a giants fan last year. this morning the golden state warriors are expected to announce that they're moving to san francisco or they last played 41 years ago. they are ditching oracle arena in oakland for a new waterfront facilities set to open in 2017. >> the golden state warriors are
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looking to bounce the ball across the bay and they're hoping that san francisco will be their new home. the announcement could be made as early as today. they're looking to build a 17- 19,000 seat arena. the move is official but no design has been drawn up yet. what is for sure is city leaders are excited including the mayor who says he intends to make it a top priority. while the news was just official yesterday, a nearby business owners say they've known for quite some time >> they are coming. the president of the team was here yesterday eating a cheeseburger and he said they're coming. >> the warriors do have a tight timeline. the team hopes to break ground in the next few years and be ready to open up its new home
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by 2017. that is when its lease is up at oracle in oakland. while this isn't the best news for east bay, it is pretty good news for here in san francisco because it is a privately financed to reno which means no new taxes. >> it would be good to have the stadium in a downtown area as opposed to down by the airport. >> is a polarizing issue so a lot of people will be happy and a lot of people wall. >> they have a devoted fan base but in five years they will need to come over here >> >> around the bay area today we do have patchy fog early on. it is pretty thick especially
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across the coastline. we may see some delays at sfo this morning so watch out for that early on. temperature's staying fairly mild. 53 in santa rosa. these temperatures will be cooling off a bit and some 90 conditions expected. average is usually in the '60s and mid-70s but today we will be two-five degrees below average and we will continue to cool down. >> let's go live towards the bay bridge because we still have a fog a advisory in effect. you'll notice a lot of thick fog this morning. especially on the san francisco side of the bridge. elsewhere let's go tour maps and they did reopen the ramp in san jose a little bit ahead of schedule. that is now open and we still
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see road work in lancet northbound 101 by tully road. caltrans expects to pick that up before 6:00 this morning. overnight we have been following a fatal accident east bound 92 in the flat section of the san mateo bridge. they did get all lanes open so right now, you are pretty clear from the flat section of oil out towards i rise. >> new this morning the chief of the u.n. nuclear agency says he has reached a deal with iran over inspections. he says some details still need to be worked out by an agreement will be signed soon. he spoke on return from iran after resuming a long stalled probe into the nuclear program >> your taking a look at the lift off from falcon 9 from cape canaveral florida this morning.
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the demonstration flight to the international space station is the first for a private business. nasa is looking to the private sector takeover orbital trips now that the space shuttle fleet is retired. >> uc-berkeley has released the name of a student who died in a crash. she was killed early friday morning at california street and allston way in berkeley. her six year-old son was critically injured and remains hospitalized. police have not release the identity of the driver who also remains in a hospital. the pilot blamed for the worst oil spill in san francisco bay in two decades tried to sail the bay again. he served 10 months in jail after his ship crashed into the bay bridge pumping more than 50,000 gal. of fuel back in 2007. >> the state senate green light
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to plan to cap csu high earners pay. any state university employee making more than $200,000 per year would have his or her salary frozen for two years. the bill's author says it is wrong to give large raises when student fees are increasing. the assembly votes in the next few days. it appears that investors do not like facebook stock. facebook fell despite a positive day on wall street. shares plunged 11% in the second day of trading. loss sent mark zuckerberg fortune down more than $2 billion. >> a former san francisco giants pitcher mentioned in the roger clemens perjury trial in washington. the judge allowed a witness to name other players he said were involved with human growth hormones and one of them is pitcher mike stanton who pitched for the giants in 2006. he also mentioned two other new york yankee players, andy
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pettit and shock and awe block. a hyper who went missing in yosemite has been found. he was spotted by a search and rescue team. he was found in good condition 5 mi. from where he was last seen. he was hiking with a group of fellow students when he disappeared but he should be just fine. >> a one big bill that a college student will have to pay for downloading songs on the internet discover britvisit:lumbia.
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>> back to the breaking news, a man is under arrest in the sierra lamar case from morgan hill. 21 year-old into lean garcia torres is facing murder and kidnapping charges. he was arrested at the safeway store in morgan hill yesterday afternoon. the sheriff says he owns the red car that had been linked to the case. the shares plans to give us more information about the arrest later this morning >> to southern california men
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are accused of robbery at the lawsuit casino on the loss vegas strip. the use pepper spray to steal thousands of dollars of chips from a dealer. casino employees, one of the suspects and recovered the chips worth more than $100,000 but the other robbers got away >> a former college student may need to pay nearly $700,000 of fines for illegally downloading music. the supreme court is refusing to hear an appeal. in 2009 a jury ordered him to pay $670,000 to the recording industry for downloading in distributing 30 songs. a federal judge to reduce that fine. >> let's take a look at the roadways. >> foggy conditions this morning so here is a live look approaching the eight gates. we actually have a fog advisory in effect. it is nice and light this
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morning and yesterday at the bay bridge it kind of backed up early and then loosened up quickly as well so by 9:00 in the morning we barely had any traffic. elsewhere let's get a look at the silicon valley ride. everything still flowing nicely out of milpitas. it looks good. a quick check with mass- transit, no delays on bart trains heading into downtown san francisco. all other services reporting no delays. overnight roadwork on sir francis drake boulevard scheduled to work wrapup in the
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next 45 minutes. one more live look across the bay bridge at the upper deck heading towards the sky way and everything looks pretty good. a nice start to the morning. >> a lot of fog showing up around the bay area but patchy in spots. the wind will be the big story into the afternoon. let's go out there right now, we do have a lot of clouds early on today but trying to break up. the wind will really be kicking up towards the afternoon hours and we will see a gradual cooling for the better part of this week. we have a trough just to the north of us so we have cool air working its way on shore. computer models are showing some of that early on today and
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really picking up later in the day. as the wind blows the temperatures will continue to come down. 72 in san jose. 71 in palo alto. '70s into the east bay. the '80s are gone for now and probably won't return until the holiday weekend. the next couple of days the wind will continue to kick in and temperatures will drop on friday. good news for the holiday weekend, temperatures are warming up at least near 80 degrees. >> less than one week until the big celebration, the golden gate festival will be held in san francisco on sunday and it is free. there will be fireworks and
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music and a vintage car display. it will officially be 75 years for the golden gate bridge. festivities will run from 11 in the morning to 11 at night. for more information to be a big part of the celebration or you might want to stay away, go to and click on the news story. >> prostate cancer and the test >> the new study that says it is not worth the risk not worth the risk >> 1 s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> wind kicking up around the bay area today and the pollen count is on a moderate scale. >> once again, a live look. with around 580 smooth sailing this morning. coming up will talk about road work and where it is picked up. >> a pilot in southern california managed to avoid hitting any homes when he crashed into a neighborhood. the plane went down last night in glendale. the faa says the pilot was
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heading to phoenix when he reported trouble with the engine. the plane cut through power lines but did not hit any homes. >> the wings broke and the engine was going to the neighbor's yard. >> california lawmakers might get smaller paychecks. a 5 percent pay cut is being considered for elected officials and if approved everyone from the governor to the state school superintendents would get less money in their salaries. salaries range from $95,000- $174,000. the ninth circuit court of appeals is under fire for a lavish trips that critics say is an example of taxpayer dollars going to waste. judges and other federal court workers plan to go to a conference in maui in august for
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$1 million. included in the costs are surfing lessons and fitness lessons. >> the university of notre dame and many other roman catholic institutions are suing the obama administration. at issue, the government's role that most should provide birth control coverage. president obama this offer to soften the role but the bishops claim he has not gone far enough. a government panel says healthy men should not get routine screening test for prostate cancer. they say the test can do more harm than good. they say too many men are harmed from treatment of tiny tumors that would never kill them but that is sparking an outcry from some doctors >> and new controversy involving the berkeley police chief ordered his officers to find.
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he ordered for detectives to track it down and work two hours of overtime. >> sadly what he seems to be bringing with him is the practice of privilege, that he is the chief, he has the power and he will do it the way he wants. >> berkeley police say they regularly search for missing electronics. the chief is already being investigated for sending an officer to reporters, because he did not like the story that he wrote >> the old this italian restaurant in america has served its last meal. it shut its doors yesterday in north beach. it originally opened in 1885 on broadway. the restaurant is also known for suing the irs on how taxes should be calculated on a tip income. the supreme court rejected that lawsuit in 2002.
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>> frequent flyer frustration >> how one airline overcharged its most loyal passengers. >> an eight hour rescue after a teenager is swept down a waterfall. >> breaking news in the south bay, it investigators making an arrest in the disappearance of sierra lamar. the suspect is charged with kidnapping and murder >> the golden state warriors are making their way across the bay after 41 years. we will tell you the details after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we have arrested and on garcia torahs for murder and kidnapping. >> a break-in the case of sierra lamar. what we're learning about the man accused of killing the morgan hill teenager. >> the wind is really expected to kick up >> we're talking about the fog as well so be extra careful on the roadways. a full look at the commute coming up >> good morning everyone. nearly 530 now and we began with breaking news on sierra lamar disappearance. >> a suspect has been arrested in morgan hill. he's 21 years old.
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>> he was arrested at the safeway in morgan hill. lisa washington is down in san jose where the sheriff plans to give us a little bit more information later this morning. >> we are at the sheriff's office where the sheriff is expected to hold a news conference at 8:00 this morning regarding the disappearance of sierra lamar. we hope to learn more about the suspect and what led investigators to him. the suspect in this case is 21 years old and can't garcia torahs from morgan hill and was arrested last evening at a safeway for the kidnapping and murder of 15 year-old sierra lamar, the morgan hill teenager who had been missing since march 16th. the sheriff said last night that the red volkswagen that investigators believe was connected to her disappearance
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belongs to the suspect. >> we have had his car but we're looking for people to tell us where have you seen it? where have you seen our suspect? we need information. we have credible information now but we need more >> her family is expected to attend a news conference this morning. she would not say what evidence they had that supports a murder but investigators say that garcia torres had been under surveillance for a significant amount of time. we would like to know and shares department would like to know if the suspect is connected to sierra lamar. i also want to know if he knows where sierra lamar body is. there were several searches in the south santa clara county area.
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you may also remember that herself fun and her purse were found in the first few days following her disappearance. we hope to get answers this morning when the news conference gets under way here at the county sheriff's office. >> a witness who was at the safeway in morgan hill describe what happened when the rest went down >> it was 530 and we saw a bunch of cops around and they had their guns drawn and they took someone away. >> do you know who was? >> i had no idea >> how much you know about the case and how big is it in the area for you personally? >> i didn't know or but i went to the same high school so it was kind of scary >> that witness said she thought it might have been a shoplifter
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being arrested but it was not >> marked class whose daughter polly was murdered in sonoma county in 1993 has helped coordinate volunteer searches for sierra lamar. he told kcbs radio that the searches should continue. >> the sad truth is that 76 percent of these kids that are kidnapped and murdered are will be dead within the first three hours, not even 72 hours but within the first three hours and they will also be within a few miles of the location that they were last seen. >> we will have continuing coverage throughout the morning on the sierra lamar case. stay with us for the latest developments. the people hurt in a shooting this morning, police are not sure if it was connected to last night's nba playoff game. it happened after the fund beat
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the lakers. one of the victims was a pregnant woman who was kicked or punched after she went down. >> a big announcement expected this morning from the golden state warriors. the team is reportedly moving to san francisco to play in a new arena that will be privately financed. >> the plans are in place and we could be standing on the new site of the new home of the golden state warriors. the plan is to play here, leaving oakland for your 30-32. warriors fans can expect to see a 17-19,000 ft. arena near the foot of the bay bridge. warrior owners and san francisco mayor ed lee are hoping to transform this crumbling 13 a. lot >> i have nothing against where
5:35 am
they are now but i do think there's great potential for the warriors to come back home >> the plan is to have it open by the 20, 2017-2018 season. no new taxes for the project that is expected to take place. it is a good deal for people in san francisco but not so much for oakland and my foot caught brought up the fact that it might not be such a good idea for giants fans who use this area for parking. >> hopefully they build a big parking lot >> a beautiful day behind us, a little bit of fog >> the wind will really kick up in the bay area today. some dense fog in visibility
5:36 am
down to a half mile now but is broken elsewhere. by the afternoon we will find some sunshine and temperatures will be cooler today below average. 77 in morgan hill, 77 in antioch. 74 and walnut creek. only about 60 degrees in san francisco. more on the temperatures and a holiday forecast coming up. >> right now along the peninsula northbound and southbound 101 near candlestick, everything is pretty nice. it looks great all along northbound and southbound 101. we do see some brake lights coming out of the altamont pass.
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in the meantime, 16 minutes out of the altamont pass towards 680. we see pretty slow speeds in antioch. 20 m.p.h.. he remained slow of the way through those antioch exits'. a quick look at the south bay where they picked up all the overnight roadwork including near highway 7280 interchange. all lanes are open so it is free-flowing across the south bay. >> new this morning, a new era in space travel is under way. it lifted off from cape canaveral this morning. the rocket is known by space x, a business owned by the co- founder of a pal and tesla motors. the demonstration flight is the
5:38 am
very first for a private business. >> the suspect in a fatal hit and run in the east bay is expected to be arraigned this morning. he is accused of killing a bicyclist in dublin. police found parts they went to his car at the scene of the crash. the victim was the chinese nationalist was visiting family. the ship pilot blamed for the worst oil spill on the bay into decades is trying to sail the bay again. he is trying to renew his mariner's license. he served 10 months in prison after the ship crashed into the bay bridge and dumped more than 50,000 gal. of fuel into the bay in 2007 >> america's ambassador to afghanistan is planning on stepping down. he has been on the job since last july and is expected to step down after one year. in 2002 he took on the task of reopening the u.s. embassy.
5:39 am
the head of the u.n. nuclear agency says he has reached a deal with iran on allowing an investigation into the iranian nuclear work. the chief says an agreement will be signed quite soon. he says some details still need to be worked out but he cites iranian officials saying it will not stand in the way of signing the deal >> tens of thousands of jeeps are recalled. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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wall street looks like it's going to continue higher.
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the stock futures raising higher this morning. the nasdaq and jumped 68 points despite facebook losses. mark zuckerberg ergs fortune of but smaller today after facebook plummeted almost 11 percent today. it costs it still worth billions. san jose council members will consider raising its minimum wage from $8 to $10 a hour. the ballot has the required signature us to grow to about it. by 43 scoring the job, the
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number one priority for college grads leaving school. so we have good news and bad news today, let's start with the bad news. the unemployment rates for workers under the age of 25 is about 20 if twice as five as the national average. and only 51 percent of young graduates have full-time jobs. the rest are doing a in part time and supplementing income that way. here's some disturbing information, of students who graduated in 2009 are wrote later or earning a median salary of $27,000. that is $3,000 less than
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students that graduated before the recession. you have kids wondering why and what i go to school what about steve given? yeah to remember that if you go to college, you are twice as likely to go to call a job than someone who didn't. but here's the deal students to in turn, but earn a salary that's 15 percent higher than those that don't. so the experts tell me if of graduates can land a job. assemble a list of people you parents know in the industry that you are targeting. you don't ask for a job in the
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moment, you once the learned more about the industry and keep in touch that way. you want identify alumni that work in the phil that you are pursuing. and finally, you have to treat the job search like a job search itself. craig goals and make a it gold for the number of people that you like to contact for the week. for more on money watch dog, how to turn internships to paid internships. the problem with facebook is that there's so much hype, but when you look back to the history of the war show, i wouldn't get too caught up in what happens in the first two
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days, and two months or two weeks, this company will have a long history. silicon valley companies did quite well in these analysts said the of annual brands. madam views google is third and memos facebook this is set at 19. it looks like a cloudy foggy thing going on right now. yes. we have a live shot for you out there. looking out from the trans american building. it did fall around some spots. visibility down to about half a mile in santa rosa. watch for drizzle as well to.
5:48 am
we're merely in the '50s. winds are picking up. winds are at 70 mi. per hour in sfo. it looks like the wins will be the big story. the fog will lived and will be replaced by sunshine and gusty winds. temperatures will be coming down outside. you will see some strong gusty winds developing. temperatures today we are expecting a lot of seventies in the south bay. '60s back up toward the coastline. probably won't see the '80s until we return to the holiday weekend. nestle days we will watch these tortures strop right in through friday.
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we're going driving with all five this morning. heading toward the richmond and san rafael bridge. bridge traffic looks good as well. let's head to the bay bridge where we have the fog advisory in effect. you could see fog is very thick. at the bay bridge you could see delays. a slight delays, no matter and whites gets. south bound one-on-one, just cruised through 11 traffic. when as vacancy fog is really thick on the south end. it lot of bright lights at a
5:50 am
westbound 580. slow traffic through livermore all through the dublin interchange. traffic is stacking up a little towards to 05. let's check with traffic back to you guys. is asserted president obama delivered a commencement address to the seniors of the high school that was completely wiped out. you are the source of inspiration tonight. to me, to this stay, to this country. pretty impressive, joplin's high-school graduating seniors
5:51 am
attended class is in a converted retail store. redwood city is gearing up for its first rose presidential visit. president obama is said to a post at the fox theater tomorrow. he will wrap up the trip with a round table meeting at paul tow. this is what ticket for loot loyalty,,,,,,,,,
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we're looking at some cooler temperatures around the bay area. '60s and '70s around the baby, the peas along the coast line. we're traveling east on 580 toward the east shore freeway. amazing story of survival as a man plunges the hundred and 80 ft. down niagara falls. he is only the third person to survive without a safety device. it is said that he deliberately
5:55 am
jumped yesterday afternoon. he was taken to the hospital with critical, but not the non life threatening injuries. as a teen waited in he was swept by a 10 ft. waterfall. he regained its footing after the drops. chrysler is recalling about 7000 jeep wranglers because of fire concerns. the vehicles a new question are 20 jeep wranglers with metal trait under the plates. owners will be notified to bring their vehicle back to the dealer for a fix. they're supposed to be reward for being frequent fliers but
5:56 am
frequent fliers with delta air actually pay more. we were a bit shocked and confused to how this was happening because we're booking the exact same fight. dealt the planes it on a computer palm that has now been fixed. to sexting for on safety, the woman that clams she was fired for being too hot. and police make an arrest in this year lamar this disappearance. the suspect is being charged with kidnap and murder. coming up we will show you the new site of their home. how many officers does it
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and the big announcement about the warriors' new home. and of swooping through the bay area now, of the winds will be the big story in the afternoon. and one dense fog advisory by chp, plus delays already at the toll plaza. to


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