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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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sierra lamar is case. they say she was murdered and the suspect is torahs. taurus was arrested and at a safeway on monterey road. the victim this family and employees will speak in just a few moments. just two hours, the police off assists this expected to it called a news conference this morning. his name is santa land rigs and he is from morgan hill. he is accused of murdering sierra lamar that's been missing since march 16th. she was last seen heading to our schools bus stop.
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the red volkswagen jet the longest to the suspect. i'm really proud of the dedication of our investigators have done. we've had a 24 hour a day operations on many evenings. i'm really proud of them. since your lamar's disappearance volunteers have coordinated search, of meeting at the bernadette's elementary school. are hurt purse was the on fall in the days of her disappearance. she says that they have sufficient evidence that she believes only warrants the arrests but a successful prosecution as well. seeress family is expected to be
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here at the news conference that it o'clock this morning. the rest came as a surprise to some people. it was like 530, we just saw a bunch of cops around. we could not see anyone else but the cops and that gun drawn and they took someone this way. dino who there were connected to do? no i had no idea. did you know i hurt? i didn't know her but to this in high school us are witches scary. will pauly klass was a victim of murder in sonoma county. since then her father has been an advocate for missing kids. he spoke with kcbs radio last night. we will do anything we do to
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get them to bring their daughter alive. we still assume that. we will continue with our search is and our goal is to find sierra lamar and bring her home to our family. we will have continuing coverage on the sierra lamar case, we will stream the news conference on our web sites. and be a team is leaving local arena for new waterfront facilities that it in the year 2017. kate is that a planned building site. for some people that plan can't come soon enough. they're looking to call this area of his new home.
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they are looking to build a 17 to 19,000 seats every man on the $500 million waterfront area. they're note design plans drawn out yet. city leaders are excited including mayor ed lee. even though this may official just recently, and business owners say they've known for quite some time. they said they're coming. the warriors do have a tight timeline. they hope to break ground in the next two years. they hope to open up for the 2017 year.
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others are excited because it's also a privately funded project. its more than just a rapid launch, but a lot of a new era. and a launch of the space x rocket. it is operated by the company's space x. it is the first for a private business. nasa is looking into the private sector to look in takeover into private ships. we discussed some records rid us of zero at 46 because of that dense cloud. it is patchy out there right now. we can see the of gathering
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around the east bay hills. temperatures around the '50s right now. but afternoon we will see some sunshine and windy conditions. we are running it a good to the five degrees below average. we have won our first accident blocking the morning gains. this is a heads up on southbound 101 right by below. speed under 40 mi. per hour. there's a lot of fog this morning across the golden gate bridge. you will see fog especially toward self san francisco. here's a live look from the cartagena's bridge.
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coming off the cartagena's bridge and into a maze, and just a reminder that this is an accident and slow on 205. you drive time is pretty slow. and that this topic, back to you guys. 6 07 now, at least eight people are hurt after a shooting in only city. one of the victims was a pregnant woman that was kicked and punched after she went down. unknown if the shooting was connected to the playoff game. in four men were arrested and
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released on bell trade evict them treated for cuts and bruises. the team and a pilot in southern california managed to my head any homes when he crashed into a neighborhood. it went down in glendale. phoenix when he reported trouble with the engine. he hit our alliance but tonight it any homes. the engine is going into the neighbor's yard. the pilot was the only one on board and he is not on in stable condition very john: it is time tucker renew his mariners i license.
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the suspect in a fatal hit- and-run in the east bay is expected to be arraigned this morning. spencer from san ramon is accused of killing a bicycle in essence san ramon. the victim it is a chinese nationalists who was visiting family in san ramon. one of the coaches burst into a flames. it took rescue workers said the are so cool 70 survivors from the wreckage. about 10 of them in critical condition. and ahead of you enz new clair agency, they say they view met
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an agreement with chiron. some details are still need to be worked out. and america's ambassador to afghanistan is time to step down. he has been on the job since last july carry it used to on the task of of reopening the u.s. embassy after the television was forced out of power. and how many officers he used to track down his son still live on. and a building collapse is right behind him. [ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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and and is underwriting us in this sierra lamar cases in morgan hill. taurus is the scene murder and kidnapping charges. he was arrested yesterday at safeway. he owns they read jet that was previously linked to the case. yuca watched the live streaming of the news conference on our website. that is at 8:00. a bucks to $10 an hour. the council could choose to make it law without going to the labor city vote.
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they say it's necessary because of the high cost of living. they say the measure could hurt some small businesses though. and the facebook stock took a dive this bait a good day on wall street all around. yesterday's loss santa zuckerberg ergs fortune down more than $2 billion. let's go out to mobile 5. mobile 5 is travelling eastbound right now. they're cruising toward one the creek. everything is looking good in those these bombings. there no delays. thank you to kcbs in mobile 5 this morning.
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also in the bay bridge, they haven't turned on metering lights. you can see that it's only less than five minutes to get you onto the bridge. there is a dense fog advisory for the bay bridge this morning. we have this accident on south bound, and on willow road. there is some slow down around that will exit. in the yellow, 20 minutes is your commute to for the elmont past and livermore. we have an accident approaching got grants line.
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and your popular drive out to the east bay, the only one in the yellow is the it was bound by 80 drive. was down 24 hour through the cauca to tunnel. we have thought that fog out there this morning. it is very patchy right now. we are looking toward russian hill. some of that pettifog and visibility is down to a quarter mile. a little drizzle early on as well. were squeezing in more sunshine later this afternoon. gradual cooling throughout this week and stained windy all week long. you've got this trough coming down on the west coast. cooler days are ahead.
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the wind is howling toward the coast line. some when sustained 20 to 30 mi. per hour. the winds will be blowing pretty hard toward the afternoon our especially within the next few days. 71 in palo alto. breezy conditions june first continue in the east bay. 70 degrees for redwood. '60s out toward the coast. partly cloudy skies on friday. but the holiday weekend looking good. '70s, and even 80s into the holiday. thank you. an italian tv reporter that more action than expected parade as well live from the earthquake
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country. that's when an aftershock happen and that's when the thought of the building began to collapse perry and he said the earth shook in a very strong tremor, i don't know because still see me. farmers san francisco pitcher is mentioned in the robert clemens perjury trial. one of those players, was a giants pitcher back in 06. he mentioned two other new york yankee pitchers. and two men were accused of robbing best allot zero. casino employees helped one of the suspects as they were trying to get a waiver that got away
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with a hundred thousand dollar chips. he was ordering his officers to work overtime to find his son still and i phone. sally what he seems to be doing is the practice of privilege. because he is the chief he has the power anything to do what he wants. police say they reeler leave it searched for electronics. doctors divided or were the controversy of the new guidelines for prostate cancer. ♪
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it is a big fight healthy men should not get routine tests. as of said to many blood test to do more harm than good. and the ninth circuit court of appeals is under fire for a lavish ship. the price tag million-dollar is. included in the costs were resumed the causes and surfing lessons. the comments said that the loot
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trip will improve the administration of justice. and a woman is filing a complaint against her former employer. she was told by her supervisor that she was too hot for her workplace. oates has fired a gender and discrimination case against her former monterrey employer. and we have an announcement for the future home of the coldest day warriors. santa clara the please has made an arrest in the sierra ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, we begin with some breaking news
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on this year lamar disappearance. a suspect has been arrested in morgan hill. his name is and to lean torres. he is now charged with murder and kidnapping. he was arrested as a place store by monterey road in morgan hill. in about an hour now have the santa clara county sheriff
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is expected to all the news conference here at 8 this morning. in regards to the arrests and this year lamar is case. as you said he is 21 years old. he is from morgan hill. he was arrested last night at the safeway store for the kidnapping and murder of a sierra lamar. she is the team that's been missing since march 16th. she was last seen heading toward her school's bus stop. the key piece of evidence, the red oaks what been, that was connected to the mars disappearance was his car. still we need information. we have credible and good information now.
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since lamar's disappearance volunteers have a coordinated searches. her cellphone and purse was found and days following her disappearance. the sheriff has not said what evidence they had in support of this case but she has said that she has sufficient evidence that warrants this the rest and to prosecute. as you mai to imagine this is a very difficult time for the mars family. very emotional, thank you we said. it is shocking. i cannot believe how this has turned out. i am saddened for the family.
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it's depressing. a witness of the arrests told cbs five that the police were there with their guns drawn, and she thought that someone was arrested for shoplifting. he told kcbs 5 last night that the searches could continue for sierra at. the result of the kidnapping is dead with in the first three hours. and they will all sold be within a few miles from the location that they were last seen. we will have continuing coverage in their arrest for sierra lamar is case and we will stream the news conference that cbs web site.
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police say that one of the victims is a pregnant woman was kicked and punched after she went down. at least two people have been arrested. the nba team has agreed to move back to san francisco to play a in a new arena that will be privately financed. cage joins us with the latest. it looks like they said yes but sf. the warriors are planning to make a move to hear. they would like to play at the foot of the bay bridge. franchise owner says, we're waiting for them to ed downs their move. right now appears 30 to 32 is owned by the port of sampras's
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goh, currently used for parking. i have nothing against where they're at now but i do think that there is great potential for the worse come back home. they haven't been back since 41 years. the plan is to have this new arena opened by the 20 to 2018 season. the price tag means no new taxes for the people here. good news for san francisco. 2017 i guess is when they're going to start. and the senate will shine down on paid space, i did you see that? low cloud showing up right
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now. this kind of broken right now, a patchy fog this morning. the big concern is the wins. as we look down toward morgan hill, temperatures down to the '50s. the winds will be howling especially out toward the coast line. 77 and sunday in morgan hill. about 74 degrees and will mccrae. inside the bay you will find six c and windy in oakland right now. we will take you out toward south san francisco, we have a problem with this gravel truck and i guess it spilled onto the roadway. cars are veering out to the shoulder now with a some sort of damage.
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it looks like some of those delays are growing. as you could see through the stretch, southbound 11 near that oyster point eggs said there is a problem there. gravel spilled on the roadway. and we have a fog advisory on the bay bridge. the metering lights were turned on just about 50 minutes ago. new this morning, a new era in space travel is under way. and launch of the it space x thousand nine brackets.
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the rapid is privately owned by spaced text. a business. the first for a private business to launch. and they say they have reached a deal with the are ron to launch an investigation to its nuclear developments. some details still need to be worked out though. and in a state where is expected to be arraigned for a fatal hit- and-run. spencer is accused of a fatal hit-and-run in san ramon. and a southern california
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the faa says the pilot was trying to get to phoenix when he reported some trouble with the engine. though weans their break inside the street. the engine is go into the it neighbors will yard. the pilot was the only one on board and he is in stable condition this morning. and he is tulley, the third person he deliberately jumped it yesterday afternoon. he was rescued two hours later and not taken to the hospital with critical, but said not
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life-threatening injuries. and a year ago what's clear is that that you are the source of inspiration to me. to me, to this stay, to this country. joplin's graduating seniors spend their senior year in a converted retail store. and redwood city is gearing up for its first presidential visit in more than 70 years. he will be at the historic fox theater tomorrow night. he will wrap up the at route area visited with a round table meeting in palo alto. and it originally opened in
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1885, the restaurant also known for the suing the ira us on how taxes should be for tipping. the nation's big this people operator is standing together. and a push to expand free y 5. and the document mark sector berg's wife menem signed before they moved in together, coming up. we will crunch the numbers and toppled facebook would ,,
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let's start talking about the weekend. the weekend is going to be great to the getting there between now and then, of the winds will be strong. this is where the warriors will be calling home in the next coming years. still a look of the patchy fog out there. visibility is down to a quarter of a mile in santa rosa right now. that fog should break up though, but the winds will be howling. some of those wins 20 to 30 mi. per hour.
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at to the coastline and, so we will see this trough sitting along the west coast. those winds will be taken up especially apt for the beaches. sustained winds right now from 20 to 30 mi. per hour. winds will be blowing this afternoon. 72 degrees in san jose. 74 in hayward. in brentwood at 78. 74 in napa valley. and some '70s toward the santa rosa area. the holiday weekend is coming up and high pressure moves then. those temperatures are looking nice right in through the holiday. we have allen brooks with
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us, right now he is traveling toward concert. we saw a lot of requirements out toward the paid the expert stretch. the main ring lights were turned on before 630. we were jammed up for a low of it. they're working to clear this problem over at oyster point. a gravel truck spilled onto the roadway. just in that immediate area of san francisco, up to 10 cars where on the right-hand shoulder. and fog is clearing now so we could see the bridge lol the
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better. southbound one of one great all the way toward the tunnel. a quick check-in with the rich men bridge. for silicon valley, that this time of the morning is when you'll start to see the bright lights. and once again if you have questions about your commute, messages. chrysler is recalling about 7000 jeep wranglers because of fire concerns. vehicles in question is a 2010 jeep wrangler. there have been reports of at least 14 fires so far. owners will be notified when they could bring the vehicles
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back to the deal alert for a fix. here is jason breakfast with it the case cbs money talk. so relieved their stock could come roaring back but right now is taking a phased plan. right now facebook is dropping another 6%. that's about $6 under its opening price. but some of the under raiders stay that they should've stayed between the 28 to $30 range.
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one of the keys for the market was apple which was really been under pressure within the last month. its next generation phone should be coming out in the fall. also this morning pugo, closing its 28 and half million dollar purchase. it now makes kool aid heart will the dow lower by 1 points but nasdaq up by one point. facebook, a keep an eye out on that stock. it is down 6%.
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there is a lot of speculation whether he asked marked priscilla the chan had zuckerberg signed a relationship contract. the newlyweds are not commenting on this contract. william went to also he said in an interview that he got only a half an hour's sleep the night before the ceremony.
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that was because it was noisy outside his window. will your cable subscription is about to get to pretty mobile. this is interesting, how does this work? cable companies are realizing that they have to get a low more wireless oriented. here's what they're doing, the they have five major companies including comcast, bright house and time warner. if you subscribe to one of these firms you will therefore have at this step any other hot spots. what you'll do is to log in with your laptop or tablet and
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into a eight spot because you have a lot alexian for it. if you're traveling you will look for any of the hotspots and you'll be able to use the hot spots. it gives you a lot of flexibility and it allows the company said become more wireless savvy. this will start to give us a cohesive natch network of why fire. all the other why fire providers will be threatened by this. this is i will stuff. it's a whole hodgepodge of companies that offers it.
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it's pretty early right now , three out to this year you will see a lot of more of this population. it is the biggest break in the search for sierra lamar. a man is arrested in the teens disappearance and,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. some breaking news this morning from santa clara county. a man is arrested for a murder in this year of a mars disappearance. the insurance and the victim's family will speak from an hour from now.
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that's right bear expected to hold a news conference at 8:00. the 15 year-old was last seen on march 15th. the suspect arrested last night was torres, he was arrested at a safe way facing charges on kidnapping and murder. he owns these read data that was connected with this case. we've also learned that sarah's family is expected to be at the news conference this morning. cbs five will stream be 80
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am conference live at our web sites. and the team plans steps privately fund a eight new homes for the golden state warriors. i remember when they were building at&t park and the drive was horrible. around the bay area, we are seeing some patchy fog. temperatures are mainly mild, around the '50s. winds will kick up everywhere around the area.
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temperatures will be cooler than average today. we will continue to cold temperatures off, but the good news is that to the holiday weekend is looking good with its temperatures. and you will notice that traffic is extra like this morning. i think people may be getting a head start on the holiday weekend. not bad of a commute heading toward san francisco. sao boat, southbound one-to-one, oyster point scrabbles built. thanks for watching cbs five. next local update


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