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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 22, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> we believe that this is the worst kind of crime, a stranger objection of a young girl. >> from a missing person to present murder victim. a tragic turn of events in the
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missing teenager case of sierra lamar. >> investigators just laid out key evidence against a man accused of murdering a missing morgan hill teenager. authorities are searching a reservoir for her body. we have live team coverage starting with len ramirez developing new information on the evidence in this case and he joins us with the very latest. >> that is right, we have learned that the crucial dna evidence in this case is not blood or semen as it is in many cases. but skin fragments that were somehow imbedded in her clothing. clothing that was found inside of her bag that was discarded somewhere within a 2 mi. radius of her home when she disappeared two days after her disappearance. that is just one of the revelations that we are getting this morning from the sheriffs department. and it is crushing news to the family of sierra lamar. >> her mother, father, and
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sister appeared in public for the first time since learning news of the suspect's arrest. they heard the news that the 21 year-old suspect, most likely kidnapped sierra lamar at random, and murdered her. >> it was an absolute stranger objection. there's no information that we have of any type that the two know each other, or have had any contact. we believe that this the worst kind of crime, a stranger abduction of a young girl. the discovery of her cellphone, her clothing, what she wore that day, and her personal belongings, have contributed to our belief that she is a victim of murder. >> the sherrif said that forensic evidence taken from clothing less in heard bag that was found in a field two days after she disappeared led them to the man whose dna was in the law enforcement data base. >> from march 28th until the present time we have had 24 hour surveillance on garcia.
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we needed additional information and we were continuing the investigation. hoping that he would lead us to where she was. >> on 8 1/7 bases his car, a red volkswagen jeddah with a black hood. the crime laboratory confirmed the car contained copper dna and a share for feel that there's evidence that garcia taurus had attempted to kidnap or assaults young women before. >> there were three assaults in morgan hill about three years ago, in march of 2009, we have linked one of those to the suspect for forensic evidence. >> that case involved the taser of a young woman who got away but the case was never solved, despite the crushing news, her family says they still hold out hope. >> record-breaking numbers of people showed up to search, and law enforcement doing it simultaneously. i believe there's a reason she was not found so we're not giving up on that. >> very devastating news for the
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family. but the community certainly appreciates them come forward during this very difficult time for them. on to the case, there's a lot of evidence that the investigators are going through. obviously they're looking at a link to those 2009 cases. what we found out about those 2009 cases is that one of those cases has been positively linked to the suspect in this case, for forensic dna evidence. and the way that came about is that once the sheriffs department got the information from the crime laboratory about her bag evidence dna, they went around and started asking local law enforcement is that any attempted kidnappings in the area. morgan hill police then came forward with that information about the 2009 case. and from that information there were able to match the dna from the 2009 case to the suspects present day cases, and so that
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is now positively tying him. there were two other cases involved in that area and incidentally the reason that they started asking local law enforcement is that was a tip from the fbi, the crime laboratory from the fbi were here early on in the case. they basically told the sheriffs department not to put too much attention on the sex crimes data base people but to look for other attempted kidnappings or assaults of young women and that is exactly what they did. so they are able to strengthen their case now as a result of that investigation. we have also warned that the suspect in this case who was questioned for about two hours here last night, is now invoking his constitutional right to remain silent. he is at the santa clara county jail. >> he has been under surveillance for nearly two months. why now? why did this decide to act last night? >> very interesting question. and from what we're finding out, there was a lot of internal tension between the sheriffs
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department, which wanted to go with an arrest sooner because a public safety, and the district attorney's office which wanted to make sure that they actually had a rock-solid case against him. so there was a very fine line between the law enforcement agencies in the county. in the days leading up. at a certain point they decided that they had to make an arrest for public safety reasons. >> thank you. right now researchers are back at their reservoir looking for her body. the have searched that reservoir many times before. she has been missing for more than two months now. lasting the morning of march 16th before leaving for school. within 48 hours investigators found herself on not far from the school bus stop. they also recovered her bag with a neatly folded clothing inside. march 47 fischers department officially declared her disappearance and abduction. investigators place the man under surveillance that next day based on forensic evidence.
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they seized his red volkswagen jeddah and a forensic team began combing through that car. last night investigators move in and made their arrest. >> the suspect's family says that investors have the wrong man. lisa washington spoke to his sister and mother and she continues the team coverage for morgan hill. the family says he is innocent? >> that is right, they say that he did not even have a motive and there was no way that he could have done what he is accused of. we are at the maple leaf rv park in morgan hill. the last known address for the suspect. we spoke with his mother just a few moments ago, after which she said to her son about the sierra lamar case, was it something that they ever discussed? she said that they only talk about it briefly because she works a lot and here's what she had to sit when we ask for that question. >> he said that he never saw the lady. he does not have any contact with her.
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he said that he passed close all the time. but the police say that they have evidence in the car. >> again, that is the mother of the suspect. her son, 21 year-old garcia thorez is accused of kidnapping and murder in the disappearance of the 15 year-old sierra lamar. it is been more than two months since the morgan hill teenager went missing but both the sister and brother-in-law say that they don't think the suspect was involved in this case. they say that he is married, he has a one-and-a-half year old and it baby on the way. and they just do not believe that he would be involved in something like this. we are live in morgan hill, lisa washington, cbs 5. >> we will have continuing coverage on this case throughout the day. stay with cbs 5 and for the latest developments. >> they have played in open for 41 years but tonight the golden state warriors confirm they're
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moving back to san fransisco. the centerpiece of their plan is a privately financed arena right on the waterfront. cate caugurian joins us live with more. >> good afternoon. today's announcement marks the 18 months of hard work, five months of searching, and the beginning of five years of a busy schedule for the golden state warriors. >> it has been 41 years since the warriors played here in san fransisco. and in my humble opinion, it is time to welcome them home. >> save the date, the warriors say yes to seven cisco. >> this is not the end, this is the beginning. >> that means a shawn patented a new next door neighbor. >> the addition of the warriors arena would absolutely affect me. >> he owns a bay area staple coffeehouse where supposedly such meetings about the big announcement took place. >> it is a tradition, it has been here since 1958.
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and you cannot remove us. >> he has a front-row seat at the conference to prove it. he knows that when the warriors open their new doors in 2017, more people will be coming into his. >> theres at&t park, a wonderful addition, and now they need more stuff so that i can make more money. >> the stadium will boasts 19,000 seats. its prime location on appear acceptable to public transportation. >> we are the bay area basketball team. we had to find the best site to serve the majority of fans for the long term. >> the warriors owners call it a future world class than the zero. with state-of-the-art technology to bring players and fans together. >> where else can you go today, except for your mobile home and computer where you can be with 20,000 people, all cheering, crying and laughing and emotional? breathing the same air face-to-face? that is what binds us together.
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in the past and in the future. this will be the perfect venue for that. >> , the warriors leader say that this was a tough decision for them but they are thankful for the city of oakland for them to be their home for so long and ashley mentioned that 50 percent of them in the east bay and 50 percent of them here but this was the best option for all fans. we're live in san fransisco. >> thanks. >> tropical give away on the taxpayers dime? the u.s. government funded trip to draw fire. >> this is not a distraction. this is what this campaign is going to be about. >> a war of words on the campaign trail. why one democrat is calling the president's latest advertisement nauseating. >> a death defying plunge, and niagara falls suicide jumper that survived the 185 ft leaked. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a man has survived 180 ft. plunge over niagara falls in an attempted suicide. the unidentified man, in his '40's, is only the third person to survive a plunge without some sort of safety device. witnesses told police that he deliberately jumped yesterday afternoon, emergency crews were able to rescue him a few hours later. he is expected to survive. >> the president is trying to make sure that republican mitt romney's work at a private equity firm will be a continuing issue. is never tasman features workers from a steel company in missouri at bain capital bought and then shut down. the latest attempt by democrats, like republican primary canada's earlier, to define mitt romney as a ruthless businessman. >> bain capital walked away with
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a lot of money that they made off of the plant. mitt romney is a job destroyer. >> this is not a distraction. this is what this campaign is going to be about. >> his campaign calls the advertisement an attack on the free enterprise system and also says that in capital bought the steel company two years after mitt romney left the firm. the latest poll has mitt romney and barack obama running nearly even. if the election were held now 49 percent said they would vote for the president and 46% for mitt romney. the difference is within the margin of error. and the two candidates are in a dead heat over who is best equipped to repair the economy. each man at 47%. redwood city during up for its first visit by a seeded president in more than 70 years. the president will host a fund- raiser at the historic fox theater tomorrow night. ticket prices ranging between to under $50 to 1000 and event is nearly sold out. the president will wrap up his
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visit with a round table meeting on thursday morning in palo alto. >> the ninth circuit court of appeals under fire for a lavish trips that critics say is an example of taxpayer dollars going to waste. court workers plan to go to a conference on mallee coming up in august. the price tag is $1 million, included in the cost is surfing lessons and exercise classes. they see the conference will help improve the administration of justice. >> prostate cancer and the psa test. a new study says that it is not worth the risk. >> 3, 2, 1, 0 ... >> it was picture-perfect. how this blastoff could launch a new era of space travel? >> still gusty wind in the bay area.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the launch of the space becks falcon 9 rocket as nasa turns to the private sector to resupply the international space station ... >> this falcon 9 rocket blasted off early this morning. it is carrying the first private spacecraft down for the international space station. nasa wants to see if they can deliver cargo to the space station. right now a nasa relies on the
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russian space agency to make all of its deliveries. this is one of 12 planned launches. >> a little fog along the coast but pretty good. >> getting better and better. jury duty was cancelled. this is my lucky day. today we're starting to see more sunshine but the wind is kicking up out there. whitecaps likely to be showing up over the bay as we're going to see plenty wind there. yes indeed, the wind is whipping for some of the trees, even in the valleys. temperatures are warming up. 75 degrees right now at concord. 74 in livermore and 59 degrees and cool in san fransisco with 70 degrees in san jose. this afternoon, expect gusty wind. especially along the coastline. sustained winds between 20 and 30 mi. per hour but already starting to see wind gusts in the mid 30's. be careful special with a high- profile the local. tonight corn to see a return to far as the wind begins to calm down but i think that mostly
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clear and some of the interior valleys. overnight lows in the '40's and 50's. your ego. transitioning between two systems. this trough carving stuff along the west coast suffering in a cool breeze over the next few days. this will not be the only win the davis week. several days were the centers will stay cool especially those side with some of that wind. picking up according to computer models, sustained 20, 30 mi. per hour. those are strong winds developing. and denied it looks like things will begin to calm down as we head into tomorrow and likely pettifog on the coast. plan on 75 in san jose and 60 and + 3 in pacific up. east the numbers appear and the '70s. 66 degrees in livermore valley and asthma get inside of the bay looks like you will see some sunshine with patchy fog continuing along the coastline. only '50s and '60s there. the next few days to murders will continue to fall. greif try it with partly cloudy skies and the good news is the holiday weekend is warming up.
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calm winds and looking good. that is the latest from here, back to you. >> thank you. big news in the fight against prostate cancer, a government panel says that healthy men should not get routine screening tests. the psa blood test can actually do more harm than good. they believe too many men are harm from treatment of tiny tumors which would have never killed them. but that advice is sparking an outcry from some doctors. >> the newly public stock of facebook slides further on its third trading day. the menlo park warmly anticipated initial public offering valued the company at $104 billion but the stock has plunged after the company went public last friday. these structures are down 2 percent today, dropping the value of the company to about $91 billion. >> it may be one of a,,,,,,,,
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>> >> today at tony's table we have a tip on stage. my favorite herb. we have a great dish. first the tip. when you buy it, you need to make sure that it is nice and green, just like this. it is so important. free from yelling or browning at all. rub your fingers through it like
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this, it needs to feel silky. if it feels dry do not buy it. when you bring it home simply put it on the counter, cannot store in the refrigerator. and use it the day you buy it. i added capellini beans and mushrooms, some chicken stock, i cook them together to make them nice and moist. and then i took a little bit of stage. and put it on top, just like this. just the least. no stems. this chicken breast is going to fall apart, and this juice, from the beans and the mushrooms and the stock is going to taste absolutely incredible. easy to make, just a few ingredients, and that is it. i am tony tantillo. and this is tony's table. with a little bit of stage. by everyone .. >> i like that. >> a your book prank is making high-school seniors in san jose and internet sensation.
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>> they all shared the same last name. so in place of the standard seignior " each girl submitted a single word which then formed an entire sentence. >> we know you're thinking, and no, we're not related. >> people started sharing the photographs and it made it onto tumbler and then from there it took off onto the huffington post. >> 3 girl said it was just a joke but added that it want to remind people not to stereotype others based on race.,,
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