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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  May 22, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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torres is being held without bail here at the main santa clara county jail south. he will be charged with kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar. her mother and father appeared in public for the first time since hearing the news of unrest in their daughter's disappearance. they stood and listened to the shares announcement that the suspect most likely kidnap occur at random and murdered her. >> there is no information have out of any type that they know each other or have had any contact. we believe this is the worst kind of a crime, a stranger abduction of a young girl. >> herself on and clothing have contributed to the belief that she is a victim of murder >> garcia torahs was arrested monday night at a safeway store in morgan hill where he once
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worked. investigators had been tailing him since march 28th ever since dna evidence of lincoln to the crime. tiny flakes of the suspects can were found in her clothing and inside her purse that was located two days after she disappeared. the suspect's dna had been in a law-enforcement database following a 2009 arrest for assaulting his sister's boyfriend. sources tell us that during the surveillance undercover investigators rented an rv and moved in close to garcia tori's at the same trailer park where he was living >> from march 28th until present time we have an 24-hour per day surveillance. we needed additional information and we will continue the investigation. we were hoping he would lead us to where a steer was >> that never happens on april 7th bases his car, at a red volkswagen with a black hood. investigators say the crime lab
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confirmed the car's interior contain this year as the dna. she was abducted while walking to the school bus stop on march 60. we also learned that garcia lopez had that morning off her family says they have not given up hope and pleaded with the suspect for compassion. >> i would like you to come forward and say where she is and it ended the nightmare for us as a family. >> investigators say that garcia lopez had been contacted several times and garcia lopez knew that he was being followed by the sheriff's department when they arrested him and took him in for questioning he apparently talked to investigators and gave up a little information for about two hours but after that he was taken to the main jail and since
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that time he has invoked his constitutional right to remain silent. he is no longer cooperating with investigators >> a quick question because there is no evidence that sierra is alive or not but why did they move in now? they are pretty convinced so why now? >> they had been following him and became kind of a struggle between the two major law enforcement agencies in the county. the sheriff's department which investigate the crime and the da which prosecutes the crime. the d.a. who wanted to hold out as long as possible to gain as much information and evidence as possible to make the strongest possible case in court. the sheriff's department was concerned that he was a flight risk or that he could our armed another young woman. >> early in the investigation when the for searches were organized, authorities say they had many suspects but it was a chance discovery
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>> we have been looking into his past and he is 21 years old with it a common-law wife, a girlfriend, with whom he has one child and another child on the way. he lives nearby this safeway where he was working and where he was arrested yesterday afternoon. >> he said mom, be strong, i need you strong >> the mother of the murder suspect insist that her son is innocent >> he said that he didn't do anything and she is my son, i love my son, what can i say? >> his sister agrees >> shocks all of us, of course he did not do it. i know everybody says that but i know him >> court documents obtained by
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cbs five shows that antolin garcia-torres has had some past brushes with law-enforcement. he was arrested in 2009 for battery and police charged him with sexual assault of a minor. the first charge stems from a fight with his sister's boyfriend. a source tells us the second charge had to do with the fact that his girlfriend at the time was pregnant with his baby and she was more than three years under age. statutory rape. he also had previous charges for resisting arrest and vandalism but none of them lead to a conviction. morgan hill police say there will likely be a future criminal charges. it turns out they found physical evidence that links him to at least one of three attacks in women into safeway parking lots in 2009. police say in one of those cases he jumped into the backseat of a woman's car and zap her with a stun gun >> we have a 100 percent match. >> police say they will be circling back with the victims in these random attacks.
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all of them got away but it has morgan hill police wondering if he got bowl by virtue of having committed allegedly these past crimes here and then went on to a much more serious crime with sierra lamar. >> investigators are still missing a grim but critical piece of evidence, her body. investigators were back at you this reservoir scanning the lake bottom for any unusual objects. volunteers also plan on continuing their own search on foot. they say news of the arrest is made the more determined than ever to find her >> i was angry but excited and confuse all at the same time but i have not slept because i was so excited to get back here and be briefed so i can start searching again >> community outreach has been wonderful and we were
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communicating with the community. the community has come together to search for her >> stay with us for continuing coverage of this case. you can also log on to cbs sets up dot com any time for the white very latest >> it is a move that is sparking anger in one bay area city and excitement in another. the golden state warriors are moving across the bay. >> it has been 41 years since the warriors played here in san francisco and in my humble opinion it is time to welcome them home. >> that is the mayor along with the warriors owner and the nba commissioner. ken is live in mobile 5 at the waterfront. it will first be transformed for america's cup so what do the warriors have in mind? >> it occurred to us that a lot of people do not know where
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you're 30 and pier 32 are so we actually decided to drive out on it. it is used as a huge parking lot right now. it is 13 a. of blacktop on top of an old pier. if you talk to the warriors owners they absolutely love this location. >> we are the bay area's basketball team. we needed to find the best sites that serve the majority of our fans for a long term. >> where else can you go except for sitting at home on your phone or computer where you can be with 20,000 people all cheering, crying, laughing in the experience. >> shut the door >> the owners say they absolutely love the location but it will take some fixing up. it will take about $100 million to clear off the blacktop and actually strengthen the pier so they can support the arena. when they finish, look at the view that people coming to the
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games will have. wonderful views of the bridge, out of the island, the east bay, they will be right out on the water and at&t park is only a few blocks away. by 2017 this will look completely different. they will have restaurants here, there will be retail here and a brand new nba franchise. the warriors back in san francisco. reporting live, i'm ken bastida in los mobile 5 >> if i lost my cellphone you think the city would fought send for cops to find it on overtime? >> a bay area police chief under fire in the case of his sons missing cell phones. how the department is trying to defend the top cop >> why pet treats linked to so much trouble are still on store shelves >> a,,,,,,,,
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>> berkeley's police chief is under fire again. is the watchdog group says the chief had officers working overtime at taxpayer expense to find his son stolen cellphone. some people are outraged. >> the chief was actually out of town today and didn't speak to us but we did speak to residence in berkeley. they told us this was a waste of taxpayer money and a conflict of interest. >> it is ridiculous >> is inappropriate use of funds >> they got paid overtime >> a chorus of disbelief and disapproval in berkeley after news broke about what you might call iphone gate. the chief's son had his cell phones stolen from his locker at a high-school, a fairly typical crime but in a typical response.
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four detectives with the police department's drug task force were paid hours of overtime to try to track the cell phone down and they never found it >> if i lost my cell phone do you think the city would send for cops on overtime to find it for me? >> in an e-mail a spokesperson told us it is common for officers to actively investigate and in progress tracking signal from a stolen electronic device. this is the second time that the chief has been under scrutiny. in march there was a backlash within his own apartment after a chief sent an officer to reporters home in the middle of the night to correct a newspaper story. civil rights attorney says that this time there might be more to the story >> you don't spend thousands of dollars to find a cellphone but on the other hand it is the chief of police and we don't know what was on the cellphone >> the phone may have contained personal information that could have put the chiefs at risk but
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still, residents are angry over a perceived waste of taxpayer dollars >> he should probably be required to reimburse the city >> i think he should step down or be replaced. >> he will apparently be at a city council meeting tonight in berkeley. the city has spent $25,000 investigating that incident with a news reporter. >> how to help your child lose on healthy body fat without forcing them to diet. >> from the cbs five weather center we have been monitoring the gusty winds in excess of 28 m.p.h. in san francisco. ,,
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>> dog treats from china continue to take their toll on pets year. nearly 1000 dogs have reportedly become sick or died in the past six months. julie what says that jerky
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treats remain on store shelves. >> i don't think they should be sold in the u.s. >> animal lovers outside the store were horrified to find a potentially deadly toxic dog treats are still being sold nationwide. at issue are chicken and turkey strips and nuggets went to potentially fatal vomiting kidney failure and diarrhea, all symptoms that complaints about the treats made in china date back to 2007 but since november they have skyrocketed and in six months the fda has reportedly logged over 900 cases of illness or death wind to various brands that we found on bay area store shelves >> it's terrible, they should ban them for sure >> technically they can't. despite tests the fda has yet to find a specific tocsin responsible for the illness and cannot recall a product based on
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complaints alone but they do point out that there is nothing to prevent the company from conducting a voluntary recall so we reached out to various stores that sell the streets. despite the complaints and a sleepy arena says that it is safe to feed as directed occasionally in small quantities and in separate statements both bill monte and pet smart tell us to continue to sell the streets because the fda has not identified a contaminant. statements that the pet owners hoping someone does something soon. >> we were fortunate that we can't this in time >> efta has inspected plants but has not released results. if your dog becomes ill they ask you to immediately report it and save the streets for possible testing. warning signs are increase drinking, your nation, a bomb in diarrhea and lethargy. >> in southern california police shot and killed a mountain lion that wandered into a busy area
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of santa monica. a janitor spotted him this morning just a few blocks from the beach. police in fish and game tried several times to tranquilize the cat but they said they had to shoot him when he tried to jump over a fence >> in n.y. mother put her six year-old daughter on a diet but what can parents do if their child is overweight? >> arcola ignited a fury, and obese child forced on a diet, deprived of food and humiliated in public by her own mother's >> i think it was bad >> this 14 year-old and her mother read the article and get why any parent would worry about obese child disagree about how she handled it >> how about you talk before you do that in front of her friends >> there will be some kind of eating disorder in her future which is really sad because it
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probably could have been avoided >> but we cannot avoid the bigger problem, 17 percent of american kids are now clinically obese. now a program under way at packard children's hospital might be just what the doctor ordered. cindy runs the pediatric weight control program that helps overweight children develop healthy habits intended to last a lifetime. 80 percent lose weight. a key factor is it is not only up to the parents >> when kids come for program we always tell them that joining will really be up to them >> gabriel says he lost 12 lbs. in six months and feels great >> i run faster and play sports better. i'm lighter on my feet >> the program uses a traffic light system where food is color coded into red yellow or green >> it is basically to have lots of greens, not as many yellows and very rarely read said >> while no food is denied, with
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the system kids learn to regulate what they eat themselves. >> he has the tools then the resources to get back on track and be healthy >> there is another benefit >> i have lost a little bit of weight and we have changed our life style and we we eat. >> they now incorporate a lot more exercise into their everyday lives. kids in the program set goals and when they reach one of them they get a reward but not with food or money, with an activity of their choice. playing basketball or even playing a board game with parents. >> from the inside looking out, it looked perfect but it was windy >> what a difference from 24 hours ago when we were completely socked in at the golden gate bridge. let's take a look at our live
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weather camera looking at san francisco. so far we have made it up to 64 which is spot on for this time of the year. compare that with yesterday only 50 degrees. notice how the camera is waiting in the wind. the wind at ocean beach is at 35. air temperature is 60 degrees. tomorrow with the sunshine we will have some breezy afternoon conditions and we will continue to see the cool down. gusts up to 45 m.p.h. at sfo. 30 m.p.h. at napa and concord. 23 in the east bay. the oakland a's are hosting the angels, 63 degrees but the wind will continue to blow. 40's and 50's for overnight lows but i want to get to future cast because you'll notice it will take a while for the wind
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to subside. tomorrow morning is commute, less windy. tomorrow afternoon to wind will increase again. gusts up to 35 or 40 mi. per hour above 1,500 ft. because we have a series of impulses to the north of the bay area bumping up against the ridge of high pressure. it will stay with us all the way through thursday. the wind is blowing the pollen around. tomorrows highs are coming down in comparison to today. when you look at the 70 degrees in morgan hill that is average for this time of year. it will feel lot cooler than 80 degrees in brentwood due to the wind and it no. 8 temperatures, upper 50s in daly city. a gradual cool down continues with the gusty wind on thursday. friday an area of low pressure
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actually produces a slight chance of a couple of sprinkles and then we rebound under partly sunny skies with temperatures pretty close to normal for this time of year. >> thousands of students told to take their studies elsewhere.
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>> california state university is cancelling spring semester ignitions next year because of budget cuts. over the last three years the state has cut one-third of its funding. csu administrators say they have no choice. 18,000 students are being turned away. >> it was heartbreaking.
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i see it at my home, it is my next that and i cannot get there >> california voters do not approve the tax increase, csu will see more cuts and will be forced to slice fall freshman class is in half >> president obama will be back in the bay area tomorrow. this schedule includes three campaign fund-raisers on the peninsula. the biggest is a rally at redwood city fox theater. that is the first presidential visit to redwood city in more than seven years. did wall street insiders get advanced warning that facebook ♪
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>> here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. now that there has been an arrest in the sierra lamar case the hard part begins. the major challenges prosecutors face as they build the case against antolin garcia- torres >> i was absolutely horrified. >> taking on the gun lobby, the legal loophole a burial lawmaker wants to close to stop californians from buying assault rifles. >> the cbs evening news is coming up next >> the latest news and weather is always on cbs s.f. dot com. have a great night everyone.


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