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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 23, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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company of tom selleck this evening? geoff: oh, yeah. [laughter] although i can't figure out why you're wearing those coconuts. craig: yeah, i don't see any points of the coconuts myself to be honest. is it some kind of cbs censorship thing where you can't show a ginger nipple on tv? sorry for blowing your cover there, tom. [laughter] geoff: he has unusually large areolas. craig: a lot of people like that. i have a large areola on one of my three nipples nipples. geoff: it is so large, it just looks like one large areola. craig: it looks like i just left a plate sitting on my chest. geoff: like a fleshy bulls eye.
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craig: that is a name i used once in my life. geoff: i remember that and i paid a lot of good money to see you. [laughter] craig: well, there goes your minute. [applause] [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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we believe this is the worst kind of a crime. a stranger a reduction to the young girl new details of a man investigators believe killed sierra lamar's. how they infiltrated his neighborhood ice to track his every move. is a misadventure that the proportions. pace book is sharing but some bankers may not happen plane fare what wall street to install the investors before they bought and craig gilbert is all the rage doctors call a super food but not all brands have the same health benefits. how to make sure you're getting what you think you're getting. we learn much
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more about the men under arrest for kidnapping and killing zero lamar it turns out detectives had been on his trail for months and in the past few days is suspect and his family discovered they were being watched that these books 21 year-old ensign in garcia thorez in the jail last night his family says he's innocent. is a shock to all was of course he didn't do it and nobody says that. everybody says that i know him. but investigators say opposite they say they've built up quite a case against him and watch his every move even have moved in next door to where he was living kid go with the detective work that led to the rest. can keeping tabs on him was a labor intensive but well organized operation and despite all of the manpower involved they're sneaky neighbors had no clue. played out like an episode of csi morgan held for two
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months ending garcia tauruses mobile home was under 24 are surveillance the renta i've been here up nearby and even played a cps tracking device on his looks like in jeddah which had been spotted on surveillance cameras this year is home the morning she disappeared the suspect apparently found the device and snoots he was being watched. i believe he may have known he was under surveillance but cannot know that for sure we were hoping he would latest wares here was close to the investigation tell cbs five dna testing confirms tiny fragments of his skin were found on sierra lamar's closed the ran cited bag toss your she vanished two months ago sierras dna was found inside his car get these moved in quickly to arrest somebody is not saying much they have not found her body not even a trace of her blood. we have gained some value from our interviews with him by this nothing's substantial and
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we hope it's some point he does tell us more the tells us no forensic evidence also connected him to attack back in 2009 at the safeway on tilden avenue in morgan hill. there is one in a series of three attacks at various state police and town in a single week investigators say he climbed into the backseat of a car and shops in female victim in the neck and head with a stun gun she got away. that becomes description of the attacker bears a strong resemblance to yesterday's buckshot. we did collect evidence maintain and preserve that evidence that the police apartment and that evidence was later checks directly with the suspects in we have a direct match finally court documents show why garcia tauruses dna was in the system in 2009 arrest for battery and saturate it turns out his role friendless 50 the time the da did not prosecute charges. garcia thorez being
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held without bail the santa clara county jail and is expected in court on thursday. even though investigators have charged garcia thorez with murder have yet to find here is body a dive team spent the day searching the reservoir and found nothing series mother in the meantime many places the suspect to tell police what he knows. i would like you to come forward inside the say where she is. and end this nightmare for as a family. sears mom has canceled a planned volunteer search for saturday saying that people need to be with their families this holiday weekends breaking news of the californian at a border tonight is a wild fire has destroyed several homes and hundreds more are in its path. this fire broke out in douglas county nevada drought 50
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mi. southeast of lake tahoe 91% just this reports for the area about a half hour ago. we still see this fire burning strongly adhere that bright red glow and it's all burning to about 3,500 a. of really dry brush. still early in the season of course fire season just started that this mass of one has already destroyed tombs near a house that is closest to the fire line in the residence just decided to stay put the don't want to leave they're just watching the fire burned in their backyard. and as of last checked crews have the fire about 10 percent contained. we have been tried to talk to the berkeley police chief, long and one is asked about criticism among some of his officers working overtime to find his sons stolen iphone. instead berkleys' mayor waiting and then told robert lisle he thinks it is inappropriate. for two hours
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cbs five cameras were denied access to the berkeley city council forced to stand outside these glass doors but right there in plain sight is where we waited to speak with police chief michael meighen who was so where are waiting cameras at one. looks directly at palance why might you ducking as? he's accused of asking his department's sergeant to hunt down his sons stolen iphone. crossing lines into north oakland it asking detectives to track that phone. a spokesperson confirms detectives were paid overtime and no police report was ever filed and oversize the department says despite the fact is event happens back in january. and while he remains at police and plain sight after a
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tuna melt hours of waiting telling me the chief would not be available for comment but berkeley's mayor does comment and is alarmed by the accusations against the cheek. did we to deployed to large numbers and and have people working in large numbers is inappropriate. this is the same police chief that sent a sergeant to the home of a newspaper reporter demanded a change to an article because the chiefs didn't like that article the cheapest upstairs talking to the city council but the city council cannot demand an investigation into anything the chief does that must come the city manager and as of tonight that is not happened. so where are all of these books friends right now? its stock is still slipping into the federal government is getting involved since it went public on friday facebook stock has
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tumbled more than 18% one investor is now suing nasdaq over the public till. and as elizabeth cook report to regulators investigating whether bankers kept certain information from those investors. two weeks ago of marks a bird was oust touting his new stock in banks backing the deal were raising the offering price some of those same banks were quietly cutting revenue forecast for the company at morgan stanley the lead firm on the offering an analyst sent out a cautionary notes that these books outlook was weakening but only to a select group of the bank's top clients. this should not happen absolutely not there's no debating that this is a misadventure of at proportions mark wolf is an economist and senior analyst with green crust capital the real issue is that morgan stanley didn't tell everyone it that everyone and no one minute there was some voices
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of skepticism as bus lacing up things and on i think everyone's have heard those massachusetts officials today succeeded morgan stanley of the analysts face book reports in washington and the sec chairman said there are issues that we need to look at with respect to face but the banks underwriting a stock offering just generally barred from issuing recommendations until 40 days after it begins trading and any information given now to must be given to all investors. this is posed with a chance to restore the public's faith in public markets and instead has been a reminder everything people suspected there were heated about public markets on wall street morgan stanley's statement tonight said it acted in compliance with all applicable regulations but one veteran of the ipo market called this a travesty. face bookie's said has become a laughingstock. the catholic church has
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ordered a group of single pregnant women house of a long time shelter the catholic welfare agency that owns the building is shutting down that house juliet goodrich tells us that church says it is for their own safety. many of the women that come to us have absolutely nowhere to go. for more than 25 years for hundreds of homeless pregnant women like 20 year-old erica was nine months pregnant. and 21 year-old natasha who is six months pregnant. it's kept me from were a at night when glance sleep but in recent days the roman catholic welfare association has asked them to vacate the building. this is the three day regional predates quake. they give us a 3 day notice
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and some they made it official the filed with the alameda county court the diocese says the costs organization hasn't paid rent since 2007 and is a rent isn't the issue and the support the organization's cause they say the main issue is about safety and that this building doesn't need earthquake safety codes. dirichlet's once it was a private organization and has lost much of its financial support for private donations jackson worries of the bay case the building there will be no place for homeless pregnant women like janet and natasha. we don't take in enough money to pay rent. did we spokesperson says their common goal is to keep costs what in existence they just want to help them find a safer place s per sometimes i feel like joseph and
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mary not being allowed into the and. we just need a place to go. in the mind of a serial killer and exclusive death row interview with one of california's most the tourist murders we hear his to regrets. is easier for police to sneak up behind you the new tool that is helping them catch speeders. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the killer one of california's most notorious murderers is speaking out from death row all along was the sherman tines claimed that he is not a killer he blames the so-called speaker killings on his childhood friend lord herzog. but now and an exclusive interview with koula gianulias he confesses in reveals what keeps them up at night. since february germantown and sent five letters from his cell on death row the most recent tells me he was ready to sit down and to meet face-to- face. is at a few inches away from the it wasn't contrary cage. asked repeatedly if he ever confessed to the murders and at the very end of our to our interview he admitted i had an active role. he wouldn't give any names telling me he is going to reveal the whole story and a book. he can still burn in hell as far as i'm concerned. john vander have
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been says german time is just out for publicity more money but still wanted to keep talking to help victims families just three months ago was german * maps sent letters led investigators to the remains of his daughters cindy missing since 1998. it means no more searching in no more maybes. when asked why is confessing he says people need to know the truth and that he owes it to his children. new speaker he says one of his sons no longer speaks to him and that caused him to think about the loss suffered by items families. it to the claims to have many regrets into twisted memories that still haunt him. and not going to share some of the details because they're very difficult to hear but they basically involved one incident where he says he had to. a girl that he knew one of his friends and he also shared a very disturbing story that at a very
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hard time listening to about a pregnant woman very far along in her pregnancy and he says that he walked in on board her sob and another man torture and this woman and eventually she was put out of her misery. san joaquin county deputies continue to look for bodies. watch that but fled police have any way to catch speeders into never hear him coming the scotts valley police department's is among the first in the country to appraise and you've itself fighting tool all luxury motorcycles designed specifically for law enforcement are not standard issue for motorcycle officers there's virtually no maintenance and their newly silent. it's great to be able to sneak up on people when they're doing what they're not supposed to be doing. it's nice to just tell up on people and see what is going on. the motorcycles top out at about 80 mi. an hour and
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they're made locally by scotts valley base zero motorcycles. its official the warriors are on the move. what the bay bridge is a backdrop the team said today is well leave oakland in 2017 for san francisco the warriors plan to build a $500 million privately funded area on the waterfront fans in oakland collet a slap in the face. were very appreciative to the home we had no plans for the last 40 years or so we're doing it for the fans. for doing this for the money. now the team must clean up. 30 and 32 at the cost of about a million dollars in exchange the warriors will get a long-term lease san francisco says no tax money will go into that project. have you noticed it seems like everyone is eating it but is greek yogurt to release any healthier than the regular kind? dr. kim on how to make
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sure it you're getting what you think you're getting. from the moment rachel wells discovered she was pregnant with twins eating became more important than anything else. i wanted to make sure that i was still putting the best things i couldn't my body's so a 80 t of wall mattene to agree to avert. craig gilbert is so popular today its amazing how the sales have increased so rapidly in the u.s. alone greek yogurt is a billion dollar industry one in four yogurts now sold here is great. and all the major yogurt makers are taking a bite. we had a look at a lot of unique flavors and also add it r granola at two different shades to stand out great yogurt discreet not because its imported but because it is strange that removes a lot of the liquid making the ogress
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thicker and creamier. but is a healthier? as you can see in let here registered dietitians say since liquid is removed compared to regular yogurt greek yogurt to pack more protein. roughly twice the amount in a single serving. ins that will make you feel for logger the strain may remove some of the cards and sodium. but also removes some of the calcium. see really need to read the label. it's too radical to is a bacteria that says the more culture is divided yogurts the better it is up for a healthier guts. the greek yogurt this to strains but nancy's regular yogurt has the edge with a whopping 13 different strains.
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unlike traditional yogurts that lots of active cultures traditional yogurts may also have yet to come to the environment is a is a lot more milk to make greek yogurts the leftover liquid contains ran too much can be a problem if it gets into the water. some that might not be back to you and me can be very bad in certain doses. the san francisco bay what regional water board and it too much of it ends up in water and can hurt a quiet life even damaging telefonica crops the greek yogurt makers agreed yogurt is also more expensive but wells is willing to pay. is not about me anymore. it's about how they grow. even sell the where the greek yogurts appearing added sugars. the greeks may be thinking would be done to the
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yogurt? but wait now there's icelandic yogurt. it's too restrained what is the difference? at this point it's all greek to me. dr. kim cbs five. some greedy over makers are making steps to reduce their way waste's chief on the is trucking access to local farmers to than fees to their livestock study field is developing a plan that will turn it into an energy source. it was warmer today than it was yesterday but not as warm tomorrow we'll have the pinpoint forecast + [ male announcer ] what if we told you the 100% electric nissan leaf was the perfect car for you... that you can charge it at home like your smartphone... that you'll never have to buy another tank of gas? [ brian ] really looking forward to not having to put 75 bucks in the tank twice a week just to go back and forth to work. [ shannon ] i have absolutely no idea
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evening @ want you to take a very good look at today across the bay area because we had a 21 degree temperatures been any good looking why because they're not going to be experiencing this kind of mild to one conditions tomorrow we're going to cool down and it will be just
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as wendy again tomorrow afternoon the winds will begin to relax this evening but as a father is still the passage of developing and sunny and breezy tomorrow and we are forecasting a miles holliday what's the future cats will keep an eye on say nbc the winds flattened out by the end of the morning commute into the begin to increase by the afternoon of 22022 m.p.h. and other breezy day with the westerlies 10 to 20 dusty 25 semesters in the pollen and i'd been listening to you and i read your e-mail's and in the next couple of days of the worst of for a little bit of relief on friday and tonight overnight into the 40's and '50's tamara's daytime highs again coming down ever so gently citizens '60s and the beaches '60s and '70s and the peninsula then we wraparound to the santa clara valley is a numbers stack up to 80 well
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inland and brentwood is going to feel a lot cooler with the numbers up to 72 days and sandras fell another call for the cooling on thursday they're going to feel the difference on friday with a slight chance of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and had 11 hits off kane but it's went 2 for 13 with runners in scoring position for two giants in the sixth what i suppose it is is going to canada 62 they went 64 and they go for this we've tomorrow in milwaukee. angels starter c.j. wilson held to the a's just one hit in eight innings and the other prized free agent in his fourth long ball this season he's still to 14 but the angels beat the a's five to nothing nba playoffs in the end they granger out with an ankle injury in game 5 who took full advantage plane weighed against the brunt of his 30 miami went 115 to 83 the series three games to do the top 54 tuesday night. dust and scored the game-winning goal in overtime they be the coyotes and had to the finals the first time since 1993. the braun threw that
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pass out of bounds. unbelievable. at no. 2 in the yankee stadium take the skills to protect your hand while holding your cellphone do think the batter's batteries so were some that thing? back to the giants' game he's out. donaldson converted catcher to third base and i would say that the great dive and roll from his rear end people play by donaldson and he gets in a one play for a tuesday night. giants are starting to roll with a little bit their three games,,


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