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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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morning. suspect in sierra lamar case expected in court today will give you more insight how investigators found him skies mostly clear and the winds are back rain in forecast road work out their including walking eastbound lanes of highway 4 through antioch good morning ever body thursday may 24th. time now for 30 president obama wicks up in the bay area this morning anne mackovic at moffett field where the president boarded air force one later this morning first he will have this final fund raiser that was on at the fairmont hotel in san jose his first trip to san jose since he became president that fund- raiser ridge is scheduled for palo alto but it was changed to
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san jose for logistical reasons. president had to fund-raising events after he arrived last evening when a van at a private home in atherton and a rally at the fox theater in redwood city. tickets range from 250 to $12,000. i do need your help, i'll get to that in the second i'm here because your country needs our help. the theater was packed it was a sold-out crowd and the streets outside were packed with people. most were there to assure the president but there were protesters to if enough people tend steady his actual record and what he is standing for the he'll be defeated in november that would be a great relief for the country. the president will fly to
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iowa this morning, and then home to washington tonight. set to leave from moffett field in a few hours at 10:00 this morning and will be several million dollars richer by that point anne mackovic cbs 5 president obama and likely challenger mitt romney agrees it will boil down to a simple question who is more qualified to fix the economy. run the tells a time magazine reporter he will fix the inflation rate to 6% we have an economy in trouble and some is spent his career in the economy more suited the one who can fix the economy the one who spent his life and politics. it is expected election expected to be decided by if you battleground states. for campaign 2012 coverage code
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to cbs s f dot com the suspect in the sierra lamar case goes to court this afternoon. investigators say dna evidence from sierra march clothing tied this meant to the crime. this is a case can galvanize the morgan hill and community for months as they took part in these search for sierra lamar. the suspect garcia taurus expected to be arraigned on murder charges today at 130 this afternoon in san jose. he was arrested monday at gunpoint on suspicion of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. it was the fbi who told investigators to focus on a repeat offender someone who may have tried this before. we had their behavior
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analysis unit from virginia who talk to a lot about these kinds of cases and what to expect. it was dna evidence from sierra as clothing found in a purse bids on the side of the road that tied the suspect to the crime reportedly he has been not cooperative investigation, he was questioned for hours but no closer to finding her body despite his criminal past, and what is family knows they're having a hard time coming to terms with the charges against him, calling him a good son the depends on how the case turns out that is for a jury to decide. investigators searching for links between the suspect and other attacks against young women if they think it the suspect could be connected to a
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rape in december 2009, a young woman attacked while jogging on mission view road in morgan hill, investigators said preliminary evidence does not link him to that attack. for more on research and details on the suspect go to cbs s f dot com there is an outside possibility the president having his morning cup of coffee and watching you right now. no pressure on lawrence karnow happy birthday to you. will try to bring sunshine today mostly clear skies political and spots in napa valley, some temperatures dipped into 40's, in pacifica 54, in san jose will see when the
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conditions between the rich and area of low pressure. the temperatures will stay cool at the coast '50s and '60s, and '70s in the interior valley. maybe some rain coming up. will take you to highway 4 once again we have a lot of an overnight road work all east down lanes of highway 4 at leverage blocked for another hour or so slow in west bound. just the anti duck eggs is uconn slow down and relax. he was down 580 at the macarthur made some paving workers and our co-workers headed to the station saw the road work out their various lanes blocked, was slow you down as your head towards the toll plaza. a huge break in a missing
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child case new york police have a suspect in custody for the eight on page case. he was last seen in 1979 walking to school bus in manhattan. he was the first missing child to be featured on a milk carton, officers were release more information on the men implicated himself in the disappearance. facebook hopes to start a winning streak it was up a dollar yesterday on wall street shareholders are suing facebook and banks involved in the ipo accusing them of hiding the lower sales forecasts. congressional panels are reviewing the ipo offering facebook says the suits are without merit. one company may be thinking of switching from the nasdaq to the algerian writers and a p
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quotes anonymous sources saying facebook is in talks with the new york stock exchange no one is officially commenting california's budget deficit texaco on gov. brown popularity the latest poll shows 43 percent of likely voters disapprove of his job performance 42 percent approved. the first on the majority has expressed disapproval of gov. brown. the cyber attacks pulled off ice terrorists a man breaks into a television station is personal problems that led to the outburst a hungry shark that comes,,,
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a firsthand look at a man and san francisco's mission
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district youtube video shows people tossing trash cans and breaking windows causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. this happened april 30th along valencia's street. protesters but aware from a pre mayday rally. police arrested one protester that night. to men who were gutted tv station recovering from injuries after being attacked by men in topeka, kansas. the man was upset because the tv station would not help him with problems with the veterans affairs. he is shown here again into a lobby and then being subdued. the suspect in custody. u.s. officials say pakistan should release documents and a doctor who helped them catch osama bin laden's. pakistan has rolled him a
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traitor and the conviction has put more strain on the u.s.- pakistan relationship. the engine and a new battleground between the united states and al qaeda. state department experts have purchased ads on a yemeni trouble website. the show coffins of dead civilians to implicate the impact of al qaeda attacks. alan paton brag about killing americans. police and los angeles took an unruly passenger into custody after a united flight landed last night the passenger began fighting with the crew while the plan was in the air. it was a flight from newark new jersey to los angeles. a bridge safely set for an employee got his job back everytime it goes under the golden gate bridge a cash
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register goes to ching the cruise ships bringing big bucks to san francisco register goes to ching the cruise ships bringing big bucks to san francisco in the piedmont bir discover britvisit:lumbia.
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the winds are kicking up in the bay area. pollen count on moderate side. will have more on forecast coming up a live look at conditions across the golden gate bridge. road blockages on the north tower, roadwork going on. check of other bridges coming up. six people recover from
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injuries on the nuclear-powered submarine of the new england coast. it began at the portsmouth naval shipyard in maine. the reactor was operating at the time and not affected because of the fire unround. an embarrassing situation with the alumni association the directory contains current information but people who went to the school including ted kacyzinski's the unabomber class of 1962. serving time for our ration of explosions that killed three people. the alumni association projects in progress including the information it was submitted by kosinski himself. berkeley's police chief defending how he responded to his sons cellphone being stolen. the officers bought two hours of
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overtime. the chief justified his actions that cellphone theft investigation could involve a supervisor depending on the circumstances and location of the signal. a comment by san francisco supervisor made has gone viral. i tried to figure out what harvey milk would have wanted so we decided to do something unique got out of a ouija board. have a close my comments tuesday when they would discuss how harvey milk would feel have been a u.s. navy vessel named after him. he said it was a joke would poke fun at the what we had on the board of supervisors and what are we would have wanted i thought it would be found at the seau's or a ouija board. he says the closest he has come to the occult is reading the harry potter books. barry bonds appealing his
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obstruction of justice conviction the court has given prosecutors 45 days to respond to his appeal he has two more weeks to reply. arguments not expected before this fall. it does from the collapse of the world trade center at tax continues to second yorkers. people live in homes damaged after the 2001 attacks likely to report respiratory illness and those who were not damaged. among the 6500 residents in the study have reported upper respiratory problems. l a follows san jose and san francisco banning grocery stores from handing out plastic shopping bags. city council passed the measure yesterday after a four month review of the council will decide to formally adopted it will become the biggest u.s. city to have a ban.
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yahoo has a new app that defines on-line searches. it also has a plugged in version for web browsers like internet explorer, users can see web searches displayed in a panorama of thumbnails. the carrier searches from smart phones to desktops. keep your eye on intersections this weekend more people run red lights memorial day weekend than any other one. $2 million in 18 states ran a red light last year the violations 27% higher on memorial day weekend. officials said drivers may be anxious to get to their by their destinations. mclear program open yesterday at sfo the system lets travelers bypass the document inspection check point light
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scanning fingerprints and eyes. it cost 107 $9 a year a luxury cruise company adds the bay area to regular destinations princess cruise lines says it will base the ship in san francisco year around. the grand princes will make 30 calls boosting local economy about $30 million each time. if you look closely you can see mike sugerman aboard the ship which is 15 star is 5 and three football fields long. a safeway clerk who saved a customer under attack will go back to work ryan young protective the girl against her violent boyfriend in monterey he was suspended without pay after reviewing surveillance video. managers decided to reinstate him with pay. i'm happy closure brought to the situation and returned to
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work and adam turned out the way it did. police called him a hero for stepping in, and on-line petition got almost 200,000 signatures. a massachusetts mom upset over school workers who pulled out her sons to on purpose. they pulled out the wrong too. they found out in an e-mail the teacher clemency to wrigley to it was a distraction this will remove the moler instead of the loose tooth. did hold my kids down out of someone who's done medically trained pulled the tooth that is not lose out of his mouth. the superintendent of schools says an investigation under way. a bay area sixth grader could be ground and national
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geography was the 30 year-old student from prince of peace christian school in fremont one of 10 finalists in this year's national geographic be in washington d.c., finalist compete for scholarship money and a trip to galapagos islands and a chance to represent the u.s. in russia at the world championships. let's go to lawrence with whether will see winds around the bay area will see sunshine the temperatures are cool and off whether chance of rain in the forecast. a clear start in the 40's and 50's right now. we should seek cool and windy conditions on the coastline '50s and '60s there sunny and windy inside the bay. temperatures starting to come down a bit. you'll notice the skies i sent a clear. it looks like it will stay that
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way all daylong. all the winds are kicking up around the bay area is so sunny and windy especially along the coastline, as head towards the afternoon. just a breeze now but you'll see yellows and oranges very strong gusty winds develop and 20-30 mile per hour sustained winds. temperatures not bad, 73 @ morgan hill 63 and windy at pacifica. inside the bay and a fill the winds blow pretty good. 74 and sunny in santa rosa, 72 san francisco. partly cloudy skies for tomorrow and chance for a few showers many of the north and east bay hills. dry over the weekend. a check on the bay bridge
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toll plaza so far everything light in looks good approaching the gates a stall approaching the incline, it will not impact the morning drive. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza was the slowdowns they're doing road work on the west on 580 connector to 80, you'll find lines blocked on macarthur mays, down to one or two lanes. elsewhere west on 580 at macarthur boulevard getting word on a small brush fire, crews on st. working to put it out. when lie and is blocked. when she get past macarthur things improve. ongoing roll work in antioch eastbound lanes of highway 4 scheduled to be blocked until 530 this morning west on were
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seeing slowing. just in antioch everything improves after a point. the wall belgrade more lines blocked schedule until 530 or 6 this morning. the international olympic committee has bear down the list of cities line to host the 2020 summer olympic games which would istanbul, tokyo and madrid. final votes in september. another late-night for the bay area's best bird callers piedmont high school by their annual appearance last night on late-night with david letterman.
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that been practicing for months. the winners appeared on johnny carson's tonight show for years letterman has continued the tradition a biology teacher started a contest in 1963. video from australia and 18 ft. shark goes after a small blue shark that last itself on the fishermen's line. according to local papers the encounter had been 200 yds offshore and you can see the men taking turns trying to touch the sharks and knows no way. i think they need a bigger boat. that is scary the best way to ward off a shark is pop it on the nose.
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i think they were trying to touch it. a bay area city does the unthinkable the high school tradition about to vanish. and arrested decades old missing child case coming up terry probin president obama which up in the bay area after visiting a city he has done it before and the plan to do so this morning. the suspect in this year and the market is expected in court today. which of you the key to the fbi told investi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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president obama wickiup and the bay area what is to of the first time today


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