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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 24, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone. >> we start with some breaking news, a woman crushed to death on 680 bi and out of control big rig. it happened in san jose 10:00
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a.m., the chp says that the truck driver lost control as it was getting on the interstate. his trailer swarmed into another car and killed a passenger in the car was described as a woman in her '40's. the big rig driver in critical condition. drivers should expect delays in that area for another hour. >> a quick visit to the bay area for president barack obama marking his 15th visit to the golden state since his been in office. air force one took off less than two hours ago. ann mackovic is here with the residents happy to see san jose sharing the presidential spotlight. >> the president boarded air force one just after 10:00 a.m., finishing a 12 hour stay in the bay area, waving to the press. having raised $400 million for his campaign. officers on guard on the roof and the ground as the president made it onto the tarmac from highway 101.
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>> nice to see him as a the city but i wish it did not cause traffic in the morning. a little inconvenient but at least it recognizes san jose. >> that is where he held a morning meeting at the fairmount hotel, the first time the president has held an event in san jose since taking office thaw. >> it would be nice to see him in town. it is not every day we get to see the president in san jose. >> the round table included 20 supporters of the asian american pacific islander community and almost $36,000 per head. phil last night redwood city got the honors after dinner at a private home, barack obama spoke for half an hour at the fox theater. >> your success should not be determined by the circumstances of your birth. no matter what you look like, no matter who you love. >> tickets for the sold-out events range from june 50 to $12,000. those that did not have one waited outside, including protesters. >> if enough people can gradually study is-4 record and
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what daschle stands for, that he will be defeated, hopefully, in november. >> most that came up to see the president did so out of admiration. >> the president has to go where the money is, and the votes are, to reach as much audience as he can. >> after leaving the prison was headed to i want to make some comments on alternative energy and then back home to washington d.c. tonight. >> ♪ >> philadelphia students sang for the presumptive republican presidential nominee today. mitt romney met with children and teachers at a charter school following a round table discussion on education earlier in the morning. he told educators that the education of minority students was the sole rights issue of our era. and remember that for all of your campaign 2012 coverage you can find the latest on our
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website >> this afternoon a man suspected of killing 15 year-old sierra lamar is expected to make his first court appearance. kate is out of the hall of justice to tell us why prosecutors have a difficult case on their hands. >> good afternoon. you are exactly right. in an hour-and-a-half, the sierra lamar case will begin with the suspects first appearance in court. prosecutors plan to charge the suspect with murder but at this point to they don't have a body. instead they have a suspect to, by authorities accounts, is unwilling to work with investigators in the search for the 15 year-old sierra lamar. the suspects has been held in the santa clara county jail without bail and at this point the prosecution will be going into this arrangement with circumstantial evidence. the reason he was arrested monday night was because investigators were able to tie his dna to the clothing of sierra lamar that were found in a bag 2 mi. from where she disappeared. without a body it will be tough
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but legal experts say that the circumstantial evidence should be enough for prosecutors. >> obviously is the case that prosecutors would prefer to have as much evidence as possible. and the lack of a body means that there is some missing evidence, at least relative to other cases. that said, it will not be an insurmountable obstacle for the prosecution if other evidence is there. it like in this case to a jigsaw puzzle in which only one piece is missing. >> the assistant professor from santa clara university says he does not expect too much to, the arraignment today, he says the defense were more likely try to upset a date for preliminary exam. also he stressed that the pieces are a plus for the prosecution at this point the lack of a body won't hinder their case against their suspect. >> thank you. for more on the search for sierra lamar, details about the suspect, head over to
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>> new york city police have a possible suspect in custody in connection with the disappearance of a little boy more than 30 years ago. here is the potential break in this cold case. >> a possible suspect now in custody in connection with the disappearance of six year-old boy who vanished exactly 33 years ago on may 25, 1979. police sources tell cbs news that a man named pedro hernandez has admitted to coaxing the boy into his family store and then killing him. police are now trying to verify the things he has told them. >> on the other hand have an individual that has provided what they believe is a pretty credible story. >> the boy disappeared walking to the school bus. he was on this block making the trip by himself for the very first time. he became one of the first children to appear on the side of a milk carton for a missing child alert. this morning the mayor said that an arrest in the case could bring closer to his parents. >> as a father, i cannot imagine
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what had gone through and i certainly hope that we're one step closer to bringing them some measure of relief. >> last month investigators dug up the concrete basement in a building that was along the route the boy took. the search can up empty. >> the facebook ipo is now the subject of two congressional inquiries and a growing number of lawsuits as well. the issue is whether investment banks told some of their clients, but not others, that they were cutting their forecasts for the stock before the company went public. morgan stanley declined to comment and facebook says that the lawsuits are without merit. the menlo park based company may already be thinking of switching from nasdaq to the new york stock exchange. their initial public offering was delayed by half an hour on friday because nasdaq had to work out some technical glitches. reuters and the associated press " anonymous sources saying that facebook is in talks with
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the nyse but so far no one is officially commenting. >> california's financial problems are starting to hurt gov. jerry brown's popularity. the public policy institute shows 43 percent of likely voters disapprove of the governor's top job performance. 42 percent approved. is that in public opinion registered days after last week's announcement that california's budget deficit had grown to nearly $16 billion. >> a comment a supervisor made about a week the board has people riled up. >> trying to figure out what harvey milk would have wanted, so we decided to do something unique in the office and we got out the week keyboard. >> analyst made those comments tuesday when the board was discussing how harvey milk would feel about having a vessel named after him, a naval vessel. he told us that it was called just a joke. >> just poking fun at the the board of supervisors. and people trying to say what
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part you would have wanted. i thought it would be fun to have a seance. >> he says the closest he has come to the occult is reading all seven harry potter box. just a joke. get ready foreclosures. what you need to know before hitting the road for the long holiday weekend. >> and listen up parents, if you use colorful laundry detergents, you may want to hide them. >> and a landmark near texas a&m is no more. see the implosion of the college station plaza hotel coming up just after the break. >> i am a cbs 5 weather center, plenty of sunshine now but the wi,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> the plaza hotel in college station texas is no more. just a pile of rubble now. crews brought down a 17 story building on thursday. there was a designated area where spectators could watch the events safely. developers plan to build apartments and retail space at that spot. >> venting smoke from the nuclear-powered submarine to find out what started the fire overnight on the u.s. as miami when it was docked at a naval shipyard in name. the nuclear reactor was isolated in another part of the submarine and was not involved. the funds injured seven people including five firefighters. they were all treated and released from hospital. >> construction crews taking advantage of the memorial day weekend to move ahead with projects. tomorrow night caltrans will shut down all of the flames of the dumbarton bridge for
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retrofit work. it will stay closed until 5:00 a.m. tuesday. and muni will close part of the church won for improvement work and they expect major delays on the golden gate bridge sunday. officials expect thousand people to show up for the bridge seven infest birthday celebration. for anyone hitting the beaches this memorial day weekend, there is a new beach report card. it says they area beaches scored well this year. they scored a b or better. tracking water quality and pollution. and santa cruz county is home to one of the worst speeches in the state. cal beach came in second on that list. avalon harbor beach in southern california earned the top spot. also on the list, surf rider beaches in malibu. public health officials are warning parents about the
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dangers of those single dose laundry detergent pot. there are small enough to swallow and brightly colored. there is a growing number of incidents involving children who swallow the packets. >> some of these kids have required in addition where they put a tube down to delta breeze until they get over the episode. >> toxicologists are not sure exactly what is in the packets. at standard detergents to deploy only cause mild nausea, if anything. thaw but you just want to stay away from those. >> she is now the first lady of facebook. how mark zuckerberg new wife went incognito to buy her wedding dress. >> and where she bought address. the first incredible images from outer space. we'll tell you what this video is showing. it will not believe that. >> looking nice outside, lots of sunshine and wind is kicking up, of the
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>> beer summit you have never seen it before. nasa capture these pictures of the sun's surface. a nasa admits there is no scientific value to the images but they are pretty cool to look at. >> pretty neat. no one more fascinated >> i am loving those shots and
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love in the weather we have been having. the wind is not that. transitioning into the summer. they're going to be whipping around the bay area. high-pressure trying to get in here but unfortunately not until the weekend so we have a few things to worry about if you are headed out. we could actually see some snow up here in the sierra nevada. that is sierra at all with the wind is blowing around but they could see a couple of snow flakes later on tonight and into tomorrow. we have a chance of some snow there. luckily we are talking about sunny skies and wind beginning to kick up outside. tenders for enough a little bit. 71 degrees in concord. 60 with wind picking up in san fransisco. as we had throughout the afternoon we will watch the winds intensified. getting very gusty along the coastline. partly cloudy tonight. a little bit on the breezy side, maybe some raindrops in the bay area. not much. just better showers but a weak
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system sliding for making some headway. speckle clouds drop into the bay area. sunny but windy today, tomorrow a chance of scattered showers, the wind is the main story. maybe win. more windy than yesterday. sustain with between 25 and 30 m.p.h. gusting stronger between the mountain gaps. watch out for that probably going to stay breezy especially out to the beaches. otherwise patches of fog along the coast. 68 degrees in san jose, 60 and windy in pacifica. he's the '70s but only low to mid '70's all round east bay this afternoon. and inside of the day the wind will be within once again. 62 degrees and severance go and 67 in sandra fell and 65 degrees in mill valley. the next couple days we will watch the center's tumble. there is a chance that we could see a few showers in the bay area.
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the best chance over the north and east bay hills. partly cloudy skies drying up very nicely for the weekend. this unofficial beginning of summer. mostly sunny as we head into moral day. great weather coming our way estimates run in the '60s and upper seventies. 75 years of enjoying the golden gate bridge. the festival takes place this weekend, a great weekend to enjoy it. lots of sunshine. >> thank you. can you name all the capitals of all 50 states? i think i could. a fremont teenager probably can. the 13 year-old finished third today in the national geography bee taking home a $10,000 scholarship. the competition started with 4 million students in schools across the country. the owner of a wedding shop in
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denver got a big surprise this week. >> she learned that she had sold a address to the bride to be of mark zuckerberg. she owns a little bridal shop and it turns out that the new west of mark zuckerberg used a fake name to shop in their. no one that works there had any clue. >> saturday when we learned, after the wedding, the she had won a down from us, we still did not realize that she was actually one of our brides. >> the down with pricey, but not for mark zuckerberg. $5,000. even if she had known her shoes was selling the dressed him, she would not have raised the price. >> it is good that she went in cut needle. >> and courage in the bay area to be fresh and stay healthy. a look back at 20 years of tony tantillo. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we're here with a fresh grocer. tony tantillo, you're talking tomatoes. >> we're talking tomatoes, because these clustered tomatoes are fantastic and so much of
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them. as low as $1.49 per pound. nice and read all the way around. the stem needs to be green. it needs to have a wonderful aroma. once they start to turn brown that means all the nutrients from the stem have been taken so it will fall off. so enjoy it like this. and store them on the counter at all times, never in the refrigerator. it smells like a backyard grown tomato. >> we're tempted to put them in the refrigerator. >> you know this already. how do you eat healthy? you have been doing this for 20 years. many peristyles, many suits. >> we will take a little look, we have a surprise for you. >> good afternoon i am tony tantillo, your fresh grocer.
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♪ >> i have great news for you, these apples are just as sweet and crunchy and juicy as they were the day they were picked in september. >> today's tip of the day is dandelion greens. >> beautiful black plums, >> peppers >> today's tip of the day? potatoes, like mother nature add the butter inside of these tomatoes. >> degree vegetable that we all like, but how many of you have heard of the eight plant asparagus? >> these duties right here, black mission figs. >> big and serious >> kale, >> here's a great tip for you. if it is squeaky that means it is fresh. >> i am your fresh grocer, always telling you to " eat
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fresh and stay healthy ". >> look at that, you are awesome. just awesome over the years. >> that was a lot of hair styles. >> you looked handsome throughout it all. >> and you have not run out of vegetables yet? >> i have done a few twice. >> you have to take a look at this beautiful cake. gretchen spends hours, how many hours to spend on this? 20? look at her this morning.,,
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