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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 24, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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male or female and the age. here's my interview with a lieutenant from the pleasanton police department. >> when officers looked inside what did they find? >> what appeared to be human remains. >> at this point we do not know male or female? >> that is correct. >> how fast might this investigation be? there's a lot of concern about sierra lamar. when we hear about this naturally jump to a conclusion? >> we're very sensitive to that, so just as soon as the coroners office can report to us what information he gleaned from their inspection and can report that to you. >> investigators have been on the scene all afternoon and they just cleared the area and opened the roadway. so right now we're just waiting to get more information on the identity of this body that was found in a trash can. the body has been taken to the coroner's office and that trash can is being investigated. we're trying to find out if it is male or female and the age. all this happening just a few
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hours ago along the side of the road. >> thank you. >> the man accused of murdering sierra lamar faced a judge today. he was in court for less than 60 seconds. he said nothing, and he did not enter a plea. len ramirez shows us the crowds that gathered outside of the courtroom had a message for him. >> that is exactly right. they want him, if he is the killer of sierra lamar, to tell authorities where the body is. that is a crucial question as we go into this courtroom. the courtroom was packed. family of the suspect there as well as supporters of sierra lamar. but the defendant, so far, showed very little emotion. >> the suspects appeared in court for the first time to face the charges that he kidnapped and murdered sierra lamar. he remained somber well the public defender asked for a postponement of the arraignment
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because he was just assigned the case. despite a courtroom packed with relatives, he stared only at the ground during his brief appearance. outside court the district attorney said that he is seeking the maximum charges. >> discharge murder under special circumstances and kidnapping is a death penalty charge. >> the suspect's mother and siblings and his wife, wearing the black and white dress, and i exited the building together but said very little. the family of sierra lamar did not attend the hearing but dozens of volunteer search members did, some carried signs with a picture, pleading for the suspect to tell where she is. one volunteer recognize the suspect as for former safeway store clerk. >> that was frightening and made me sick to my stomach because i thought, here this guy has been living, surviving, and then is charged with the most heinous crime. >> according to one legal
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analyst, by charging special circumstances, which could lead to a death penalty case, the district attorney left the door open for possible bargain for intermission. >> was that tons of the district attorney would have leverage? >> they're not supposed to use the death penalty as a bargaining chip but i'm sure they would like something to approach the defendant with so that if they could get information on where she is, they may be willing to consider that in their evaluation of the case because, obviously that is a significant issue, and something i'm sure the family would want to see. >> again, we learn today that this is a death penalty eligible case because of the with the distant attorney is charging it, murder with special circumstance of kidnapping. we're told he has not yet decided whether or not he will seek the death penalty but the only other option is life in prison without the possibility of parole, if this defendant is convicted of this crime. >> thank you. >> well we have just learned that a bay area soldier has been killed in afghanistan.
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the second lieutenant from san jose was killed when insurgents attacked his patrol with an improvised explosive device. he was 25 years old. >> the mayor of oakland says that she is not born to sit on the bench while the warriors pack up and move across the bay. christin ayers is here with her game plan to keep them and the cities to other sports teams. >> that is right, the oakland mayor is still courting the warriors. she believes the san fransisco deal will not pan out so she is making big plans to turn this into a sports and retail complex. but it may be too little too late. >> we do not think the game is over on the warriors, or any of these teams. >> have a defined mayor facing cameras for the first time since the golden state warriors announced that they're leaving oakland for a waterfront stadium in san francisco. >> san fransisco was just an idea and a handshake. >> and despite that handshake, she says the city of oakland will move forward with plans
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for 1,000 a. coliseum city. shopping, hotels, and more important, room for the raiders, the a's, and possibly even the warriors' eighth. >> the coliseum city project never relied on anyone tenants in order to move forward. >> call it " if you build it, they will come " mentality. >> the warriors have already bolted and the a's ownership has made no secret of their desire to move to san jose. but still she says the warriors will have to jump through hoops to make the san fransisco deal happen and pay the city of oakland millions to move on. >> as far as i'm concerned the oakland deal is further along in the san fransisco deal. >> we stand ready to reserve a place for the warriors when the become exhausted with san fransisco. >> she maintains that without these teams, the coliseum city can go forward and create 32,000 jobs in the process. oakland residents say the result one issue. >> will play there? that is my
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question? >> she says that as something to not want to stay in oakland and the space could be used for other things. she announced today a balanced budget and she told us that the money for reports on this project will come from a reserve fund from that balanced budget. >> this is so big and there is so much money at stake, i'm sure that there are many backdoor deals. but the language that the mayor is using is a little interesting in terms of whether or not this is a real deal for oakland or whether it is real for san fransisco. it is confusing. >> that is correct. it is confusing at this point. there are politics on both sides but certainly she seemed to believe her own words and i think she is putting this plan out there as a way to tell the warriors to come back if they want to. >> congresswoman nancy pelosi went to bat for the california high speed rail system. she is urging state lawmakers to act now to get that $68 billion
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project moving. here is priestly with what some say is at stake if they do not do that. >> the clock is ticking and you could describe this as a high- stakes game of chicken between the state and federal government. billions of taxpayer dollars are at stake so with a high-speed conference today, we caught up with nancy pelosi to ask her about that. >> it is the future. our state prides itself on being the future. we like to think that we do things first, here in california. >> the house minority leader is pushing for high-speed rail in california today. but she enologist at the $60 billion project cannot go forward without the state legislature. >> it is not an endless commitment and the state of california has to step up to the plate legislatively, and i am sure that they will. >> what is at stake is the first leg from bakersfield to fresno. before that can happen california passed to appropriate $2.7 billion.
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after that the feds will kick in its share of $3.3 billion according to the high-speed rail authority. but the question is whether the state legislature would approve it in time to get that federal money. some believe that they need to be as soon as june 15th, the budget deadline. >> the secretary of transportation came out and urged the legislature to try and get this done in the month of june. because, if not, then have some tough decisions they need to face at the federal government, the dot the money to evaporate which would happen if if it is not move by september. >> despite federal pressure, the state senator who heads the budget subcommittee on transportation says hold on ". >> i think that june 15th is not a real deadline. i have been pushing to make sure that we take the time, get it done right, i would like to look at some time in the middle of august. >> the senator says he is a fan of high-speed rail, but at this point there are too many questions to commit california by june 15th.
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he wants to wait at least until august. >> time is important of the most important thing is to make the right decision am sure that we get it right. that is my first priority. >> what about that time? the senator says they do not need to appropriate the money by june 15th. he says that for this type of pressure to have more time but it is wrong to be a dance because i have to make sure that they do not scare the feds and have them plow the money. live in san jose, i am grace lee, cbs 5. >> the president left the bay area before noon just 16 hours after he arrived. and during that time he raised $4 million at a trio of silicon valley fund-raisers. >> your success should not be determined by the circumstances of your birth, no matter where you come from, no matter what you look like, no matter who you love. >> this was at the fox theater in redwood city, a bay area city that does not seek a presidential visit in 80 years. many were excited to see him but there were vocal protesters.
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>> don't believe the lies about social security and medicare. >> the president left the bay area for iowa and is expected back to the white house later this evening. >> let's face it, we all hate traffic. well, some other course than others. there's a stretch of bay area highway that is one of the worst commutes' in the country. >> the soccer kids first the environmentalist. we'll tell you who is winning and which side the city is cheering for, when we come back. >> we saw the picture in the paper and we realized we were famous. >> the golden gate bridge celebrating a milestone, what ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> commuters in contra costa county probably already know that they have one of the worst commutes' in the country. here's a live look at the cbs 5 traffic map of highway 4. a recent study shows that it is home to some of the most slow commutes' in the united states. but drivers could be in for some relief. >> .com lives in antioch and sits on highway 4 every day. >> at least 20 minutes, 25 minutes to go to and half miles. it is a nightmare. >> this quarter has been a bottleneck and a back to me for many years. that is no secret to the people who have been out here. >> no secret to those that drive the span of highway 4. the national freeway traffic study released this week shows the stretch between bailey rode to somerville road is ranked the no. 10 worst commute in the nation. >> over the years there has been more developments, and east
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contra costa county, more demand on the freeway. >> experts say the nightmare highway 4 commute cost drivers 60 hours of time per year. caltrans and the contra costa county tradition authority plan on doubling the amount of lanes. with five different projects now under construction. >> what these pressures will do is take the highway that is now two lines in each direction, and access for lans in each direction. it will also make it wide enough for a median for rapid transit to go down the middle. >> the construction is a solution but it is not helping the traffic flow. >> that change the speed limit to 55 mi. per hour for the course simply because it is safer when you have this much traffic and work going on. >> just wait for the headache because the construction here on highway 4 will be done until 2015. >> also, among the worst bay
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area commutes', highway 4 west bound in the morning from hillcrest avenue to bailey. 580 in berkeley from cyprus to university in the afternoon and 101 at sunnyvale from failed fairoaks. a woman was crushed to death by a big rig when it overturned in san jose. highway patrol says it appears the truck driver was speeding as he was getting on the interstate, he lost control. his trailer swarm onto a car and killed a female passenger of the car. her daughter was in the car and we're told she is not seriously hurt but the truck driver is in critical condition. >> a long-running battle over 80s of golden gate park could come to a head. the fight pits some environmentalist against park officials were pushing for a facelift of athletic fields. joe vasquez is here with what is at stake. >> take a look behind me and you can see kids playing right here on a lot of sense of city hall. that is just a few of the many that have come here.
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there are hundreds of people upstairs at a public hearing right now. the overwhelming majority of whom are in support of a renovated soccer field. everyone agrees, kids need a place to achieve goals. what is being kicked around at the san fransisco planning commission today ... >> we should not have place services with these chemicals. >> is whether the soccer field, one of the primary soccer fields in the city, should be substantially overhauled. >> i think that we should change these fields into a turf field because last month when i played there, i slipped and i hurt my back very bad. >> the soccer field is on the western edge of golden gate park near ocean beach. more than 80 years old. fenced-in and only available by reservation. because of chronic wet conditions it is closed more than half of the time. and then there are the gopher holes which city officials say are constantly injuring children.
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a twisted ankle or need. >> these fields allow us to increase the hours that our kids get to play. >> the park's director says that it is time for a facelift. one that calls for a new drainage system and lights. and, much like a soccer fields here, the city wants to put an artificial turf so that teams could be played no matter the weather. >> golden gate park is 1,017 a.. we're talking about seven of those acres. and converting them from a bad fenced-in soccer field, into a very good one that is going to allow for an extra 10,000 hours of play. >> he has described this as the environmental equivalent of paving the hopeless with asphalt. >> she represents a group of opponents, they are raising environmental concerns, among them, the artificial turf, and the protection of the 80 species of birds. >> we're trying to save the birds but we're trying to save more than that. there's something called major deficit disorder where kids are
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not interacting with nature anymore. and so what message are we giving children, that it is ok to be an environmentalist unless it is inconvenient? >> full disclosure, i have two kids at play soccer here in the city but they don't plan on that field. so i do not have a dog in this fight the ones that you are going to be here at city hall. the last estimate was that it could be until midnight when a decision is expected tonight. reporting live at san francisco city hall, cbs 5. >> you are going to drive to this weekend's golden gate bridge celebration? i will tell you why i wouldn't, coming up. >> after years of teaching, it >> after years of teaching, it is time to say " goodbye ". visit:
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>> golden gate bridge looks pretty good for being 75 years old. that milestone is being celebrated in a big way this weekend with a fireworks show that is said to be more spectacular than the one for the 50th anniversary. but there are some things that you need to know before considering joining in on that fund. mike sugerman gives us the scoop. >> first of all, that is the second most photographed man- made objects in the world. what is the first? i will tell you after this story. but the story is about driving here. there will be tens of thousands of people coming here. leave the car at home. >> we are going to say " happy birthday " to the golden gate bridge. >> signs are everywhere. this road will be close, so will this one, these two, and this
6:22 pm
one. >> we are expecting a lot of delays, and there are a number of road closures. >> the golden gate park conservancy is among everyone else telling people to not try because it will be jammed. >> depending on the weather we are expecting thousands of people. so, maybe we will have 100,000 people, we do not know it is hard to estimate. >> that is the main area for the day, a festival of music and most of the 1400 porta-potties. businesses are jumping for joy, hoping it will not be a flop. >> we're trying to balance everything, we're welcoming everyone into our doors. >> this was not here 25 years ago when the bridge did some bouncing of its own, with the most weight it had ever handled. if more people than they could have ever imagined. there will be no bridge walk this time around. >> we thought about how to better spread the crowd around. kind of harkening back to 1937
6:23 pm
when the bridge first opened, they had a golden gate party and we are having a golden gate festival. >> they did not have terrorism concerns back then. >> the first most photographed man-made objects? the eiffel tower. although after this weekend with a 100,000 people taking pictures, maybe that will change? >> and for a list of the golden gate bridge seventh anniversary celebrations including closures, around the bridge, go to we have also posted great archival footage of the bridge. >> certainly there will be some fun members of the bridge this weekend. tonight we have a closer look at what was like to be among the first to witness the birth of the bay area iconic symbol, as well as someone that actually gave birth on the golden gate bridge. >> it was a spur of the moment thing and we got out there we thought " maybe we would be the first to cross the bridge ".
6:24 pm
>> he and his two friends from galileo high school were not the first. >> realize that as soon as we got out, that there were others " were well equipped to be the first. >> but there were close. >> a sleepless night near the toll plaza and their hopes for being first were dashed, the three best friends simply chalked it up to just a teenage women so they mustered enough energy to mug for the camera. >> then we saw a picture in the following day's paper and we realized we were famous in that was a bigger deal, and a way, in those days, seeing her picture in the paper, then crossing the bridge itself, or the building of the bridge. >> there are other bridge stories. some lesser known. >> to finale the most unusual experience i've ever had. >> she was 54 years old when daniel found herself about to have a baby. >> we were on our way to the hospital here in san fransisco
6:25 pm
and my water broke at the tunnel. and he was ready to come out. we stopped, prior to the toll plaza. my mother got out and ran for help. as she got out i was already pushing his head out. >> eric taylor was born on the golden gate bridge. four edgar, fortunately he kept in french that newspaper photograph and hung onto his 25ยข souvenir card as well as one very vivid memory. >> we all took a look over the side and we did not take another look because it was so scary. the water was so far down and it bothered us some state in the middle of the bridge and cannot walk along the edges. >> edgar did walk halfway across the bridge for the 50th anniversary. he turned around because it was too crowded. saturday he attends a lunch for those that walk the bridge opening day. if you have a story idea, head to and click on connection. you can send me an e-mail. >> thursday may 24th, good evening from the cbs 5 weather center.
6:26 pm
do you want to know what a windswept blue sky looks like? take a look at this in dublin where we have one lonely cloud out there. look at the tree is wavering. sfo wind gusts of 52 m.p.h.. hayward wind gusts at 30, stronger in napa, 20 in concord, you get the feeling just that windy it is out there. some of the wind gusts right now over the waters up to 40 m.p.h.. air temperatures still pretty much in the '50s and '60s after realizing highs today of up to 76 degrees south. play along at home, san fransisco wind gusts 29, notice that it stays breezy on my lawn up until tomorrow morning. there you have it. as the day progresses northwest was between 10 and 20 m.p.h. with strong wind gusts of wind occasionally. but the big story happens to be the most cloudy skies. and the cooler conditions. so the palin still comes into play but it will not be as strong as it is today. meanwhile tonight overnight into the '40's and 50's.
6:27 pm
tomorrow daytime highs coming down considerably. 50s and 60s at the beaches, six around the peninsula. 67 a recent santa clara which is almost 10 degrees below average. heading to the east bay, and do north's to napa. 69 will be outside #in sonoma but reconditions and mostly cloudy skies, a slight chance of a rain shower, maybe an isolated thunderstorm. the extended forecast shows that we have clearing and a slightly warmer conditions for the weekend. if you're headed to lake tahoe bring your snow boots. we'll talk about that with a pinpoint forecasts. >> as baby boomers agent is one of the fastest-growing crimes, what you need to know to protect yourself and your parents, coming up on the consumer watch. >> all one it was my freedom and i got that today. >> his dreams of a professional football career were shattered by a rape conviction. and tonight he is a free man. one key piece of evidence that forced a judge to overturn the verdict.
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>> >> financial abuse is one of the
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fastest-growing crimes created by strangers and relatives and even salespeople. julie watts explains the big effort to protect the vulnerable groups from losing their savings and their homes. >> they were such good people, and trusting. >> those wonderful qualities allow them to fall victim to financial elder abuse in the form of a reverse mortgage. >> my dad sole intention and his dying wish was to provide the care my mom needed as her disease progressed. >> that never happened because one month before her father died a salesman convince him that a reverse mortgage was a great answer. it a bad deal that cost them their home and care deserved. that is what brought stand here today to the call to action summit in san fransisco. an annual than raising awareness about the increasing risk of elder financial abuse costing american singers $2.9 billion each year. >> a lot of caregiver fraud,
6:32 pm
medicare fraud, insurance fraud, and other products that are being sold to seniors that should not be sold. >> she tried the first elder abuse case back in 2003, and since then numbers have skyrocketed. the key to protecting the aging population lies with the children. >> stay involved and ask questions. that is the best offense. >> she says to talk to parents daily and ask for their interacting with. educate yourself about various scams and then one your accounts. limit financial access to care givers in after parents not to sign anything until someone else has reviewed its. prevention that could have protected her parents. >> it is left up to the adult family members to be the voice for a senior. >> in addition to predatory financial products they are the targets of many scams. and once they fall for one, they become a repeat target. prevention and education is key. if you have a story or a complex
6:33 pm
head to and click on the consumer watched link. >> the nypd has a suspect in custody in one of the nation's most baffling missing children's cases. tomorrow marks 33 years to the days since the six year-old banished on his way to school. police say that a man named pedro hernandez has just confessed to killing that boy. they're now trying to verify his story but they have little to go on other than his word. >> he alleges that he lured the boy, killed the boy, and disposed of the body. it does not appear that it was disposed of in a way that it will be able to be recovered now. >> he was the first child to be pictured on a milk carton, his disappearance inspired the designation of may 25th as the national missing children's day. >> it once promising football star cleared of rape after six
6:34 pm
years behind bars. >> brian banks pled no contest to a charge of rape back in 2002. rather than risk a 41 year sentence, if convicted. now his accuser has recanted her story and the conviction has been vacated. the onetime star athlete with a football scholarship to usc was represented by lawyers for the california innocence project. >> i may never get the answers as to why i was supposed to go through what i went through. but i know that i'm here today, and i'm not broken. >> he is now 26 and says that his accuser contacted him on facebook after his release from prison and offered to help clear his name. >> investigators are looking for the cause of a fire on a nuclear-powered navy submarine. it broke out early yesterday evening at a naval shipyard in maine.
6:35 pm
seven people were hurt fighting the fire. crews say that the conditions inside of the submarine made it grueling four firefighters. >> 0 visibility, smoke right down to the ground. a very hot, the submarine is metal so which holds heat, and that is why the guys were taking a beating. >> crews had a fire under control around 6:45 a.m., no weapons were on board and the funds never reached the nuclear propulsion system. >> they're shy but dangerous. what is behind one bay,,,,,,,,,
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6:37 pm
>> the head of united airlines declined 84 of what the pilots union is calling an employee get no inside of the parking lot at los angeles international airport. more than 30 harvey serve as living quarters in a parking lot
6:38 pm
where employees camp between assignments. united has been in a contentious labor talks over the past three years. company representatives say the scene at lax and that parking lot is nothing more than a p.r. stunt by the pilots union. >> this was an option that became available to me, and i took it because of the affordability. >> pilots have been working under the same contract since united declared bankruptcy in 2003. >> watch your step outdoors, the bay area seeing a bumper crop of rattlesnakes. experts say it could be a banner year. here's what not to do if you run into one. >> bay area hikers, consider this or wake-up call. what little winter we had is over and the rattlesnakes are coming out of dormancy a little bit early. at this wildlife museum in pleasant hill that have been getting a lot of calls about snake sightings.
6:39 pm
>> i like snakes, but if a rattlesnake bites me, i will probably hate them afterwards, if i survive. >> i do not like they're creepy tongues. >> devon take some of the fear out of it by showing off this golfer snake which is often mistaken for rattlesnake in the wild. he says that all snakes are more active right now. >> they're looking for a mate, or new territory. they're out there running around right now, making a mess. >> he recommends to stay on pads. if you should get in and do not apply a tourniquet and do not try to suck out the venom. that never actually works. instead remain calm and to a phone and call 9 1 1 as quickly as possible. if you live in the house that has open space and to find a rattlesnake in your backyard, what are you supposed to do with that? that is where things get tricky. you could drop it and release it somewhere else, that is parking lot against relocating while life and you're not doing this again in favor because out of
6:40 pm
its territory it will probably become lunch for a predator and if you try to kill the snake in your home would become open territory, inviting others to compete aggressively for the prize. and there's one more reason why you should not kill a rattlesnake. >> rattlesnakes are nature, and you don't want to hurt nature. >> you could always call the lindsay wildlife museum, they will know what to do. >> it certainly has been a forecast that has blown you away. now we're talking rain and snow and the day to expected with the pin 1 forecast. >> one picture looks to join an exclusive club at stanford. could the giants let up a home run,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> tomorrow the city of san francisco says goodbye to one of its most cherished educators. she is retiring after more than half a century. >> she has taught her students more than just facts and numbers. patrick shows us one of her final lessons was on how to
6:44 pm
overcome adversity. >> marion grady is a principal at land park elementary school for one more day. >> there's movement and action all of the time. >> that is because on friday after 52 years of teaching, she is taking a well-deserved retirement. >> i am retiring with 400 days of sick leave. it is not that i've never been sick. but not that sick. >> ruling with a firm hand ... >> i know these three boys have trouble telling the truth and i know that there are different issues. >> died in her flock like a gentle shepherd despite what most people would describe as an obstacle at best. >> i am legally blind. i had both retina detaches. when the surgeon said " it would be too hard " i said " i can do it ". >> she moves around a school that she has known for decades
6:45 pm
by herself, and refuses to self pity. >> they're very protective which i think is humorous because, i don't really need the protection. i choose not to use a cane. but sometimes you see me cautiously going downstairs. and a child was a " are you all right? ". >> even though she has trouble knowing who is to. >> i can see the shapes of their heads, with kindergarteners it is hard . >> she has taken her to some but liddy with a generosity seldom seen these days, passing a huge lesson on to her students. >> it was a learning experience for them. because i did not quit. i just found other ways to compensate. >> reporting from san fransisco, cbs 5. >> some breaking news from the peninsula. power is out at the hillsdale mall in san mateo as well as parts of the surrounding neighborhood.
6:46 pm
they say the problem may be a blown transformer but of course it is also very windy. it is not clear if that is the source of trouble. >> from the cbs 5 weather center. allen was mentioning the windy conditions so let's take a look at just how windy it is south. if they live weather camera looking out at san fransisco or the current wind is gusting up to 20 m.p.h.. otherwise sfo 52 m.p.h. wind gust. and also won the golden gate bridge where is the white knuckled commute. air temperature 58 degrees in san fransisco, 68 degrees in santa rosa after a high today of 76 degrees there. tonight: off to the '40's and 50's. and we will start to see increasing cloud cover. speaking of increasing, the wind is still increasing this evening. and it look like it will continue to blow all the way through tomorrow morning for. although napa will begin to see the winds subsided, it will increase during the afternoon hours northwest.
6:47 pm
between 10 and 20 m.p.h. with stroger wind gusts but the main story focus is that right there. an area of low pressure causing the very windy conditions as the brushes against the ridge of high pressure. but this low contains moisture and we have a chance of isolated rainshowers tomorrow which translates to snow in the high sierra. 60 degrees south shore dropping rapidly saturday to 39 degrees, we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the lake tahoe area tomorrow through the evening hours. 2 in. of snow expected above 6,000 ft.. 8 in. at the highest terrain. cooler temperatures on tap tomorrow, the pollen count will come down but still on the high side as we experience today. tomorrow's highs are coming down. '50s and '60s across the beaches, sixties will be common across the peninsula to mid-60's in campbell. the senator is averaging 10 degrees below normal. the outside #in brentwood would be 69 degrees otherwise 65 in
6:48 pm
livermore and the average high should be around 76 degrees. north of the golden gate bridge. '50s and '60s, and. otherwise, south of the golden gate bridge 61 degrees in the city where the average high is 64. tour you have the extended forecast, partly sunny and a little warmer on saturday. sunday prolonged sun shined through the holiday monday. near seasonal conditions in the upper 50s along the beaches, 76 degrees england. and if you're looking for something to do with the kids this holiday weekend, it is the bay area kid festival in concord with an air temperature of 75 throughout the weekend.,,
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>> the new ballpark is quickly becoming known as it edges park. at the giants were dominated earlier this month that at&t park. the $500 million park has a fish tank behind the plate and an interesting home-run sculpture. it did not take long for them to light it up. carlos santana got this off of ryan vogelsong, a travel 458 ft. and the sculpture went crazy. the giants got to sanchez in the
6:52 pm
sixth. a double to left. making it 3/1. right now it is 8/1 giants in the seventh. the oakland a's host the yankees at the coliseum but this afternoon they had a day to relax on the links and raise money. >> i have not got around but we will see. it is still early. we need a few more drinks in us. >> josh donaldson with a nice wedding. despite the oakland struggles on offense recently. the team is in good shape. >> when the trades and sales, like a kid, and with the stadium issue going on. you figure that this would be a bad team. but they're holding their own in second place right now. one of the premier teams in the western division. >> at the colonial in texas,
6:53 pm
former masters champion zack johnson tells the birdie on the 10th. shooting six under 64 and is the leader after the first round. the shot of the day 63 over from the fairway on the 18th. he sings the approach for eagle and moves to one over for the tournament. stanford baseball coach mark marquess has never had a first overall draft pick in his 35 years on the farm. but that could change next week. >> when your 21 years old, and were throwing 95 mi. per hour, there is an interest. >> is the * select mark fell on march 1st they would be home to the first overall tax in the major-league baseball, nba, and wnba. >> i don't feel any pressure to be picked first. >> is in flux the best quarterback? >> i would take andrew locked. >> he has not been the focus of
6:54 pm
pre draft coverage. but he has garnered a lot of attention and is all circles. >> he is pitching 1000 radar guns, and a million questions about how he is doing. how that would affect him in the draft. with communication the way it is, you can drive yourself crazy. >> he finished at 6/7 and today leads the pack 12 in strikeouts, second in wins, a two sport athlete at monte vista high school, he moved from houston to danville when he was 12th. his strength amount comes from his face which he said was tested at an early age. >> a move to california when i was 12. it was just one of those things where i started public-school out here and i started to hear guys talking about different things. guys talk about girls in an inappropriate way. and i heard swearwords for the
6:55 pm
first time in my life. a challenge i face. and fortunately i think it was one of the biggest steps for me and my growth, in my walk with christ. >> next month he hopes that it comes full circle when the astros select their next franchise player. >> going back to my hometown would be a dream. >> according to baseball america he is not the only bay area player that may be chosen in the first round. kyles and murders projected fourth and stanford slugger 23rd to the colonels. chad ocho cinco escalate was broken into this week. the patriots wide receiver posted a video on twitter complaining that fees took his wallet, credit cards, and ipod. that is not what had him so upset. >> these guys took my starbucks card. not just any starbucks card. i earned the gold card. do you know how many coffees i have had to drink to get to
6:56 pm
that gold card? i feel like i'm about to cry. because, ... >> i think that he will be ok. starbucks will probably give him another card. >> i watch that video and it was so funny because he said " i just went into the ihop ... i was eating pancakes ". and someone robbed him. >> they did not get a whole lot. >> he kept his sense of humor. >> >> we're coming back at 10:00
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