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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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,,,,,, human remains found stuffed in a trash can near a bay area mall tonight we of learned about the victim. and in an effort to get the answers as to why was supposed to go through what i went through. a rising football star was spent years in prison for a crime he did not commence the question his accuser dared ask him that finally cleared his name. state lawmakers came up
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with a clever name to pad their pockets this holiday weekend and you're paying for it. a sinful sweet white popular trader joe's streak is suddenly off limits for a lot of californians. good evening within the past two hours we have learned that a body found stuffed into a garbage can was a female remains for left along dublin canyon road near foothill rode in pleasanton not too far from the stone ridge mall to the goodrich is in pleasanton and juliet probably on the minds of most tonight could this be sierra lamar's? dinner that is the big question especially the small town like pleasanton this is being considered a homicide tonight pleasanton police tell us say yes to have identified the body as that of a female cadet not been able to confirm identity or age. just before noon pleasanton police got a phone call this is this is trash can on the side of dublin canyon
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road. it was location of the can is self that was suspicious and when officers looked inside what they find? they found what appeared to be human remains the were taken to the alamo, the back to the coroner's office to determine whether not the male is about it was miller female atrs later police revealed that the body is that of a female but they cannot confirm and age or identity. how fast the investigation be? so when we hear about this we naturally jump to some sort of conclusion. we're very sensitive to that so just as soon as the coroner's office to report to us what information they have cleaned and from their inspection and can report back co 4 pleasanton residents the discovery is disturbing. we've been on the property 50 years and it's just been a nice quiet for larry really. cardin says she can't help but wonder if there's a connection to sierra lamar's.
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did we definitely came up in sure hoping it isn't but this when they find help in finding alive. did which was a tonight that body is at the alameda county coroner's office and that is where we get all our information as to identity, at age. the big question is if it is not sierra lamar's if there is no identity then the police agencies here in the bay are going to have to look into missing persons reports who is that person in that trash can? the juliet could receive is five. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar's face a judge today in selling garcia thorez was in the courtroom all of 60 seconds he said absolutely nothing during the hearing looks down most of the time and the judge appointed a public defender outside of court the d.a. says garcia thorez is eligible for the death penalty but his office hasn't yet decided whether to seek it. they're now supposed to use the death penalty as a bargaining chip ensure that
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there would like to have something that they can approach this defendant with so they could get information on where sierra lamar's is they may be willing to consider that. steer was last seen leaving her home for school on march 16th that these arrested garcia on monday based on dna evidence from her bag and his car. a soldier from the bay area has been killed in action in afghanistan tonight st. john the on the catholic church in san as de pays tribute to chavis or got no he attended church there the second lieutenant died yesterday when insurgents attacked his patrol with an improvised explosive it was his first of plenta overseas second lieutenant morgado was 25 years old. in over a month millions of americans are going to see interest rates on their student loans double their set to jump to almost 7 percent on july 1st well today the city rejected
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proposals to stop that increase not only our students worry the get go tells us lots of parents were also on the hook. professor alan heard will be 60 years old and a few days by retiring from teaching in your practice to have to wait when the recession hit she downsize her office sold her home and took out loans to pay for college for her two boys $100,000.80% compound interest. what you own student loans? probably at this point is $132,000. with government funding down and twisted up more americans are our winner with a college back to 1993 less than half of graduating college students have loans in 2010 the number shot up to two-thirds. the average amount owed is not $25,250. today the senate rejected proposals to keep the student loan rate increase thing if congress fails tax the
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current rate of 3.4% will double to lifers. in this increase to increase the cost of going to college so much so that we're starting to talk about college becoming a luxury that only a few could afford stephen work station budgeted from credit sent as a state with a history degree was just $8,000 but if he goes for a masters and hillo tens of thousands. you can't get married can kids can settle down can take on new debts yet to get your life on hold its frustrating. should be working in her '70's if she stays healthy. working beyond that is what concerns me. because you don't do that and i don't know where will stand in 10 years in san jose csi of fairfield school district board members dog's a meeting last night's to talk about the district covering all sports and most after-school programs but tonight upset
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families were back at its mandaean series event for the two hours making it clear that they don't want those programs to go away. the research says a $6 million deficit is forcing the cuts. this is a major issue that affects everybody. why is this still under the table? pigweed you're taking away mentor's counselor is the father figures and motivation to get good grades. many parents are very frustrated because the decision was made in february but they say there were never told. those cuts go into effect in the fall the district says and more cuts are likely. degrees they want their $142 a day per diem over the memorial day weekend sell state lawmakers are shifting their schedules to make sure they get it. per diem payments lapse if the legislature breaks for more than three days so both the assembly and senate move their regular thursday sessions to friday and that ensures that
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they'll continue collecting the tax-free money while they're away for the holiday. the total cost to taxpayers is $65,000. california car and fire crews have mixed responded to twice as many fires this year as they have last year and there is a big one burning right now eastern san diego county the banner fire is now 1,200 a. of in accounting center started this afternoon with the holiday weekend coming up firefighters all over the state are on standby for more trouble including a tiny but they carted bay area crew that could use a hand. there are dealers contractors and software engineers that is said to make their living and when the alarm goes off the risk their lives for free. the men of maybes volunteer fire department may have to wear him down turnout coats and rode around in a 25
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year-old truck but when the rollout of that old wooden barn the college firehouse they don't lack for guts or dedication. when the houses down the road, fire and we responded. 66676 on the service area. and it's a good thing he the other volunteers were there near be to the community of only about 450 people. it's isolated along the marin county coast. county fire crews could be 15 or more minutes away depending on whether or traffic those units often mean the difference between life and death. is this if your talking of someone is had a heart attack was a mistake in a bad fall. the department's new chief is inheriting an old problem. how to keep the volunteer fire department up and running with a dwindling state resources.
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your basic turnout with his jacket pans helicon gloves were talking about $4,000 per guy and then there's trucks and all of the other equipment and extrication equipment that we need compounded the problem is the fact that the beach is a popular area for hikers bicyclist and beachgoers out to a million people year all too often need help. there's a lot of false heart attacks issues that happen on the beach or we have to pull people off the trails or out in the met mountain biking but there is a way for visitors to the area to get something back. every memorial day locals here through an old-fashioned barbecue open to public to raise money for their volunteer fire department. it's a family event and that this close-knit community can't afford to be without these family members. 3 long way away from any outside help and a good bill lot worse if even a good fire credit
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still a committee of. the 40th annual fireman's barbecue the $20 donation could get your parking + 10 bucks in coupons. i will never forget this day. this then five years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. and a friend request on facebook with clear his name. a datsun strapped explosives? the dog survived tonight to see how rocket the dog is doing. and a lot of californians are in a cookie chrysippus
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case of revolutionizing the nation's approach to missing children tonight's near city police have made an arrest in their decade-old disappearance of a ton paid to the six year old boy vanished on his way to catch the school bus 33 years
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ago tomorrow now demand is come forward to confess that he killed a little boy. 51 year-old pedro hernandez says he lured away indian families but data with the promise of a soda detectives are trying to determine if the confession is true he spent five years behind bars for a rape he did not commit nellie former high-school football star from southern california has finally cleared his name. he broke down today is a judge overturned his conviction. how i casebook message helped wipe his record clean. at the end of brian banks ordeal is marked by tears after a judge threw out the rate charged that sent him to prison for more than five years. my only extreme in the world was to just be free and have the same opportunity as everybody here. he was the 16 year-old star linebacker with a bull ride
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scholarship u.s. see in a dream to win the nfl when in 2002 a classmate accused banks of raping her in this dealt stairwell of their high-school all the banks insisted it was consensual and there was no sex he told the tv this defense attorney at the time given a choice pleaded no contest rape are risky trial that could send him to prison for life. the go into the courtroom to juries when to see a big black teenager in your automatically going to be guilty those were her exact words. to the deal went to prison and had to register as a sex offender. and thought that was the end of it. i am enclosing the laptop danced thinking what does this see? banks arranged a meeting with a private investigator who videotaped all think. did waves
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gibson later explains they had wanted to say that publicly for fear of losing $1.5 million settlement that your family had gotten after suing the school district. did we may never get the answers as to why was supposed to go through what i went through a bus i know that i am here today and there remained unbroken. unbroken and working to get his life back on track. those dreams of playing in the nfl might be realized yet. if it's an unbelievable case of animal cruelty in stockton police say a pair of adult staff and and maybe firework to a small dog and then detonated it the dollar underwent emergency surgery last night's the explosion left him with a large wound he is doing better than anyone expected very
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sweet and loving. even when he first arrived he was still pretty level. and there is a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest as for rockets he would put up for adoption when cesar covered. it's good for bonds but too much calcium may actually be bad for your heart a new study from switzerland found the calcium supplements can increase the risk of heart attack by as much as 30%. but food that is naturally rich in calcium is not the problem. researchers speculate that is because the minerals enter the blood were gradually through food as opposed to all the ones with the help. it's hard to find fault with a good cut key while tonight's that is exactly what's happening those of coast tells us there talking about chocolate chips. it's not a crisis of old testament proportions the jewish
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orthodox trader joe's chocolate chips are a big deal. to make everything taste so good the oakland mother three goes to about five to send bags the week to buy dinners every friday night and for holidays her family is strictly kosher which means they don't mix the meat or dairy the serbs had a little closer because there were dairy free but not a recent change hatter rushing to checkers supply. did we really went to my cabinet to check on the chips that i had deceived their dairy and i have three bags two of them were dairy. and one of the bags thankfully the open bad was as of may 18th suppliers says that makers change the way they clean the equipment and in all parts of chips in the same area where it processes milk chocolates. to a bill to use the chocolate chips anymore because we use them for meals and we have meet the change had closer
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keeping shoes stocking up but she has faith trader joe's will have a change of heart because she says the other part of top woodchips just don't measure up when it comes to good quality chocolate chips chittered shows it is the only one that we use there is even a petition. and selling on the day and there we marked up by the way there's even an online petition with over 4000 signatures to try to convince traders chose to change its mind and go back to being coaster car we reach out to trader joe's to sit this evening and have yet to get back to us live in oakland laura elizabeth cook cbs five. the winter beginning to subside in fremont but meanwhile we're talking about rain and snow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, from the
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weather center good evening everybody all is quiet on the golden gate bridge but the winds are still hauling up to 35 m.p.h. 38 nfl concord still with winds at 35 m.p.h. in santa winds began to decrease but the clouds are increasing '40's and '50's for overnight lows this is what is interesting we haven't been talking rain for quite some time and we have at least a good shot of its as well as the possibility of a thunderstorm and many miles holiday weekend to future cast watch the clock ticked on by in the bottom line is you leave the house tomorrow make sure you grab an umbrella is a smattering of showers over the mountain tops in the new kind of get the flavor here the idea the will have a hit and miss scattered showers along the creek concord hercules and tunnel in the cloud cover begins to dissipate as we enter friday evening chance of rain here we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the greater lake tahoe area at 2 in. of snow above 6,000 ft. where talking 8
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in. of snow in the higher terrain locally with mostly cloudy skies citizen 60s across the south bay up to 60 degrees in morgan hill 16 degrees outside #and read what otherwise low to mid 60s across the bay 69 in sonoma and low 60s and sipping cisco the extended forecast calls for partly sunny conditions by saturday as high pressure builds and and then sunday and monday but more ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i'm doing to that 3
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in milwaukee the giants took their talents to south beach and get their first glimpse of the miami marlins to $500 million to the stadium. but not everyone is crazy about all the bells and whistles in miami and the bottom of the second giancarlo stance in with a 458 ft bomb out friends is the third homer this season. san francisco's it's that to run double part of a four run inning in the four are be a milky cooper had three hits in as the majors to 67 this season he also drove in for the
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giants broke out for a season- high 14 runs and beat the marlins and they're pretty statue 14 to seven. nba playoffs pacers as larry bird called his team's off after there will not buy heating game 5 david west got the message and this strong with indiana led by 2 1/2 the day had no answer for duane wait to have his given the post season 41 points and 10 rebounds the heat when the final three games of this series to advance to the eastern conference finals. a service interview by saying they're mad that they can pull off my pants. status is seen as car was broken into earlier this week that this jury is wide receiver losses wallace, cards ipod in even his starbucks card was a sudden the most adjusted so begins the top five. not to any
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seven cards i earned the gold card. you know how many copies and had to drink to get to that gold card? i had $220 left on my stomach scarred. that a lot of love in los. a pioneer and pop of but have your lopez took matters into its own hands freezing of the mound and making the catch in foul territory. and number three the opening round of the colonial have been memorable double what the masters today he had to settle for a regular eagle snack johnson has the wind one-shot lead and never to sniff dogs throwing out the first pitch at the white sox game and tim t- bill is so popular the yes even snoop dog to go. wayne wade sense to the braun vice james blows the finish and girls in to the cameraman in my wake of sorts tomorrow he will either take on,, discover british columbia.
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