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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  May 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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fatally shot a man possibly a robbery suspect this is near caroline and sonoma boulevards a crew is on the way to the st. and bring more information as available. coroner investigators and alameda county conduct an autopsy in remains found in pleasanton police made the discovery late yesterday morning on rural creek drive some thought a strange place for a trash can. the body appears to be female there's nothing to indicate it is that of sierra lamar the missing morgan hill teen but investigators are aware people are anxious to know we are sensitive to that, as soon as coroner's office can report to us than we can reports that you authorities are not commenting on several bags of evidence loaded onto a police van. that stretch of road closed for several hours as police searched
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the scene the man accused of killing and kidnapping sierra lamar to a state judge yesterday and appointed a public defender sierra last seen leaving her home on march 16th, deputies arrested the duo c a tors on monday based on dna evidence. pedro hernandez expected to be arraigned in new york today for the 1979 murder of a 6 year-old boy, eton patz case. he told police he lured the boy into the basement of a convenience store and choke the boy to death. he was one of the first missing children to have his picture on the back of a milk carton south bay more's the loss of all local soldier. he died on wednesday when insurgents attacked his patrol with an explosive it was his first in deployment overseas. he was 25 is but a phone into
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the bay area later today. options for crossing san francisco bay or the weekend are limited, dunbarton bridge will be closed as part of a seismic retrofit project anne mackovic with more. bright early and windy. the closure stars on the dumbarton bridge at 10:00 p.m. tonight at closure at that last 77 hours although they hope they can get it done a little bit early. we've seen the signs warning drivers of the memorial weekend closure that runs from fremont to menlo park, they've been doing prep work so the can get to the meat of the project and not including putting a steel plate across all six lines along workers to start in the work on the concrete underneath. the entire bridge needs to
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be closed for the first time on the job this week and the crews will cut across all six lanes to replace its size and it joined with a larger expansion joints that helps the bridge absorb energy during eight seismic event. they are replacing it with one twice its size that allows the bridge to move more in the case of an earthquake. a $60 million project said to be finished early next year, the alternate route we have talked about a 237 and 92 of the san mateo bridge to get around the closure, will keep you posted on progress on cbs 5 and cbs s f dot com anne mackovic cbs 5. it is windy out there it was whipping around the
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bay area and will continue with a chance of showers to the system drops down into the bay area, you can see the low rotate not a lot of moisture because he scattered showers and a thunderstorm in the bay area. the leading edge of the system moves in temperatures stay cool 49 degrees in livermore 50 degrees in san jose, temperatures run cold again and windy. usually runs the '60s we run well below average, a chance of rain drops more on holiday forecast and now a check on roadways. a live look get the bay bridge quiet, but get where friday this weekend will see some substantial delays at the bay bridge people trying to get an out of town.
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if you can leave early i would to the golden gate bridge not a bad drive, we do have road work and the fact that is wrapping up a 530 this morning at 24 minutes to go southbound 112 golden gate bridge toll plaza. use richmond san mateo bridge that is a better option. antioch a full freeware closure from leverage that is in effect until 530 westbound sees tellez as well. he will check mass-transit next. an alert for new writers in san francisco tonight several lateral and bus lines and shut down or rotted. here's a look at the lines affected they include two light rail lines and for bus routes. it allows crews to make street and rail improvements. a birthday bash happens this
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weekend for golden gate bridge during 75 years old dozens of people expected to come out and enjoy the big festival at crissy field and watch fireworks. elizabeth when you're at this point. this is part of the ambiance of the golden gate bridge a little wind and fog. we experienced the elements firsthand. a big celebration this weekend they're setting up tents and stages, they expect a lot of gridlock as well. the big shebang is 9:30 p.m. sunday night fireworks show some fire were shot off the bridge others will come from a barge in the bay and the organizers promise it will while you the best views will be between four. and ran aground, also of the
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marin headlands promises good for ops it caps of the day of celebration exhibits a boat parade and live music there will be no bridge walk. without about how to better spread the crowd and out and spread the festival harkening back to 1937 when the bridge opened at the golden gate fiesta and we are having a golden gate festival. traffic impact please do not drive, there will be no public parking in a presidio crissy field or in iran the green. use public transit you can walk or bike there will be free bike parking, no bridge walk like for the 50th anniversary when people crammed the bridge, they are shedding down bridge traffic and cars before and after the fireworks show. also shutting down the bicycle and pedestrian sidewalks. 6:00 p.m. sunday night.
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we promised fought informations fog is a possibility, for 20 bucks tourism officials will let you do this pictures of superimposed on a sunny golden gate bridge a photo this is one of our reporters mike sugerman, he took one of these photos and he looks good up there. you can get a photo of yourself with a son in golden gate bridge. they are using fought resistant fireworks technology. hopefully will see something for the big celebration sunday night. back to you. it shows him walking up one of the cables. it is green screen. but a lot of people thought wow did you really do that. it is green screen technology that we used for weather and traffic maps
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a blast from the past, a look get video from 1960 to cbs 5 documentary entitled " the bridge builders " the award winning film shows everything from the approval to the opening in 1937 includes bridge workers photographs and news from the. for a list of the weekend celebration including closures around the bridge go to cbs s f dot com and we posted great archival footage of the bridge. firefighters and no. they can you sell the in your beach volunteer fire department has an annual fund-raiser on sunday it only has 450 people but the isolated community it's up to 1 million visitors per year. there's lot falls and heart attacks and issues that happen
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on the beach or pull people off the trails were out biking or hiking. with a limited local fire budget they depend on their annual fund-raising event the 45th annual firemen's barbecue sunday from noon till 5 at in your beach picnic grounds. budget problems force and east bay city to make tough decisions next tuesday the alameda city council here's a proposal that calls for trimming $1 million from the police department. that could include closing the city jail. the cuts, as the city faces a $5 million budget deficit. you might want to think about going to san leandro about to buy a car twice people have been robbed going there to buy a car. a campbell car showed up on san jose avenue the men and of
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stealing their money, it happens saturday there were two suspects in that case a robber and look out. morgan stanley on the verge of compensating investors as a result of the facebook ipo controversy. the firm is reviewing orders retail clients placed for stock. facebook stock currently $33 a share $5 more than initial selling price one week ago. more snakes coming out of hibernation you can blend the dried winter season. after years of teaching it is time to say goodbye what made his principles career so amazing.
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the back to breaking news from vallejo at live look reports of an officer involved shooting in that area at carolina and sonoma boulevards their lincoln elementary school. an officer fatally shot and on and possibly a robbery suspect. it happened at midnight. will bring you more information
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as becomes available top stories on friday amid a county investigators tried to identify a body that found in the garbage can. britain's appeared to be that of a woman. the coast guard has lifted a ban on syllabled racing in the waters outside the golden gate bridge. time running out for lawmakers to keep student loan interest rates at its current level the senate defeated to measures to extend the right without congressional action on the rate will double in the month of july. check on traffic. lots of wind advisory is so take it slow and go on the bridges the ignition bridge in san mateo bridge especially. let's start in vallejo.
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sonoma boulevard also high with 29 potential closures in that area use florida or sacramento to get around the activity. live look at golden gate bridge traffic not too bad, when she hit the bridge was the delays due to construction that will not be wrapped up until after 530. southbound 1 01 into the toll plaza it looks better when june hit the bridge. full foreclosure in effect in antioch at leverage. the should wrap up in a few minutes. causing delays eastbound and westbound. went advisory's is for the benicia bridge, and led a bridge not to bad. san mateo bridget wind advisory in effect. things are quiet on the bay bridge now. no delays between 1 01 and 880.
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here's lawrence the changes coming our way clouds rolling in, when the conditions continue outside. it is cool in the 40's and '50's this hour. a couple patches of fog and clouds move end, a chance we could see scattered showers in the bay area. the windy conditions continue, maybe a thunderstorm, this struck down in the bay area and brings with it a chance of showers the sierra nevada you could see snowflakes so be careful and high country. chaco looking at 44 degrees at chance of snow. yosemite snow and high country and winter weather advisories in effect today. some forecast called for 6 in. of snow that is incredible. snow level dropping down to about 5,000 ft.. the system goes through the bay
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area and scattered showers may be an isolated storms, we get through today the weekend of tokay temperatures will be running in the '60s may be low seventies inland. the next seven days things warm up and all of the weekend but safe. people are traveling and get up there and go camping the unofficial beginning of summer and snow in high country. hurricane preparations along southwest coast of mexico hurricane but expect to hit land later today it was downgraded to a category 2 hurricane schools are closed and emergency shelters been set up south of puerto vallarta. state fish and game say snakes are coming out of hibernation earlier because of a drier winter after heavy rains. the state police and control systems a young snakes carey van
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and that could and controlling how much they deliver. they are agitated and because they have been sleeping they're looking for a mate or new territory they're running around making a mess. and the best chance to run into a rattlesnake is in brushy area so if you go hiking stay on the path. disturbing case of animal cruelty this happened in stockton it pair of adult strapped in and 80 fire work to a small dog and detonated it. the dog nicknamed rocket underwent emergency surgery that left him with a large wound and may have damaged his hearing but he is doing better than anyone expected. very sweet and loving even when he first arrived he was lovable 8 $2,500 reward with the of
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information leading to an arrest for who ever did this as for rocket he will be put up for adoption. the privately financed space sex dragon moments away from docking with the international space station. it was supposed happened at 5:00 so it is behind schedule, we are live pictures of the capsule, the first-ever trip for a privately owned space ship. it is unman the delivering a half ton of supplies and food for the astronauts there. spacek scone by a billion there the co-founder of paper towel and tesla motors. new details on the mission to mars by the year 2033, a study group was to put humans in orbit around the red planet president
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obama mentioned a similar plan the goal is to collect rocks nasa's curiosity rover said to land on mars this august. i love this space talked i would go up. people pay hundreds of thousand dollars to get a seat. if tuition already high enough, and deeper cuts under a revised budget plan. it principle retires why she's won the most cherished educators in the bay area.
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plans for this friday's storm clouds dropping in the bay area and windy conditions may be showers. when the conditions cause trouble on bay area bridges lots of road work to report. latest budget plan from governor makes it hard for low and middle income students to college in california. your students would qualify for grants to go to you see or csu
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schools those who qualify might get less money. the governor's plan would reduce cal grant's if held rents are lower. city of san francisco's says goodbye to a cherished educators after 52 years teaching mary grady retires, she is the principal she is legally blind but she moves around the school and don't decades by herself she retires with 400 days of sick leave. healthy and dedicated. a big reward for a smart east bay student 13 year-old student finished third at the national geography bee in washington d.c. and earned a $10,000 scholarship 18 from texas took the top prize. the popular cookie now off-
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limits to many californians and may not ever get the answers as to why he spent five years in jail for a crime he did not commit a facebook message a clear a football player's name lie and vallejo a robbery suspect shot and killed will tell you what officers found after they killed him. someone celebrates a big birthday this weekend as sous? latest on the anniversary celebration this weekend next.
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we're live in vallejo, an officer shoots and kills a robbery suspect surprising
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details in the investigation. when the conditions on bay area bridges and busy on 580. gusty already the clouds moving and we could see showers will talk about the holiday forecast the the scene stealer and callous movies golden gate bridge celebrate a big birthday this weekend of the latest on the celebrations it is friday may 25th breaking news in vallejo a deadly officer involved shooting. near caroline the st. and cinnamon boulevard which backs up to lincoln elementary school. here is new information about what the suspect carried it is hard to hear the me give you the rundown it is an active scene at 79th at, boulevard and caroline the st., investigators wedding on the coroner's office and start the
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investigation and take the body away, still a lot of activity in vallejo, when we started at midnight officers got a call about robbery at the intersection of sonoma and georgia and that on the suspect who saw what they thought was a handgun a beretta and the suspect one of the gun at officers and that is when they shot and killed the suspect it turns out it was a non lethal weapon it was a pellet gun of some kind we confirm that with the authorities here on the scene. investigation begins we expect a release on what the exact weapon was the suspect at, we want to make no this happened within feet of an elementary school with guest officers on saying what will be going on expect to have it cleared up within the next half hour they are waiting
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on the coroner's office and then start the investigation as to what happened in vallejo. back to you. a body found in a garbage can in pleasanton police made the discovery late yesterday morning call to dublin canyon road by someone who thought it was strange to see a trash can in that spot. the body appears to be a female nothing to indicate it is the body of sierra lamar an autopsy conducted later today authorities now commenting on bags of evidence loaded into a police van. chisholm they plan to seek the death penalty on the man accused of killing sierra lamar. he will be arraigned next week sirrah last seen leaving her morgan hill home on march 16th deputies arrested the duo him on
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monday based on dna evidence the menu confessed to the murder of secured eton patz case our wind in a new york today 33 years after the boy disappeared pedro hernandez told police he settlor the boy into a basement of the convenience store where he worked and choking to death. he was when the first missing children to have his picture appeared on the back of a milk carton at san jose shoulder soldiered killed in afghanistan arrives at sfo letter today. insurgents attacked his patrol with an explosive it was his first deployment overseas second lieutenant was 25 years old. firefighters in san jose contain fires and eight vacant office building. it was on saratoga avenue. smoke was coming from the second
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floor, the work was complicated by the fact that has a metal roof which makes it difficult to ventilate one of the bridges across san francisco bay closed all weekend long the dumbarton bridge closed as part of a seismic retrofit. anne mackovic with more. it has been going on since 2010, this is the first time during the construction projects they have to completely shut down the bridge all six lanes shut down at 10:00 p.m. tonight this closure could last 77 hours, they hope to get it done early, will keep you posted it is all about earthquake safety. you may have seen the signs warning of the memorial day closure which runs from fremont to men ballpark. they've been doing a lot of prep work to get to the project starting tonight.
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drivers may have noticed a large still applied across all six lanes that allows workers to get underneath the bridge and demo the concrete and prepare the work for memorial day weekend. they are replacing an 18 in. size and join with one twice its size that allows the bridge to move more in the case of an earthquake. the project is set to be finished early next year, there is a chance they could get an early but now the closure scheduled to last until 5:00 a.m. tuesday will keep you posted on cbs 5 and cbs as set out com, out of and autumn and greg routes are to 37 and the san mateo bridge. live on the dunbarton's anne mackovic cbs 5 more transit challenges for anyone who relies on light rail in san francisco crews were shut
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down tonight beelines for improvement projects. that includes to let rail lines and four bus routes. transit officials people to work from home or bicycle the big question holiday weather what does it look like a storm system drops in the bay area and now, which could see scattered showers and gusty winds it looks like more clouds on the way. a better chance of showers throughout the day. a lot of cold air not a lot of moisture, but it may be enough to spark some scattered showers and thunderstorms and snow in the sierra nevada, down to 5,000 ft.. temperatures on the cool side in the 40's and '50's running below average at will be a cool and windy day. '60s and '70s are normal by the
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afternoon will struggle in the low seventies it will be cool and possibly wet today. more on the holiday forecast. the wind affects your drive this morning a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza near in lights off. no official advisory for the bay bridge. to the benicia and san mateo bridge wind advisory is in effect for san mateo bridge. no major snags between 881 01. wind advisory for the benicia bridge both hands on the steering wheel. the dumbarton bridge) starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight through 5:00 a.m. tuesday for the memorial day weekend. avoid the area if you can. the south bay is one of the bright spots early morning road work on one a one through san
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jose has been cleared. traffic for a light through downtown san jose. no delays on this friday morning with take a look at the octomom pass in a few minutes big celebrations sunday to to mark the 70th anniversary of the golden gate bridge thousand people expected to turn out for celebration and fireworks. i have been telling myself it is just a little breezy and we experienced the elements just a little fog and went, the winds have died down, the big celebration this weekend bottom line if you're not going to the celebration you may want to avoid the area all around vista point and crissy field. the big shebang will be the fireworks show 9:30 p.m. sunday night some fireworks shot off
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the bridge and other shot off the bay gang of a barge in the bay. we want to get the best views between four. and burn a green the marin headlands promises good views. the fireworks show caps of the day of celebration including exhibits a boat parade and live music depending on whether we spend thousands of people may be will have 100,000 people we do not know. there is going to be a big traffic impact please do not drive, there will be no public parking in the presidio crissy field and rick green. you can use public transit or what and bicycle. freeboard cigar parking there will be no bridge walk. no bridge walk like in the 1980's 1000 people crowded the bridge.
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we'll show you video footage we have from crews in 1987 took of the bridge walk. we'll show you archival footage we half when the bridge first built in the 1930's at the birthday celebration going high- tech. i want to show you this video app for your phone, you can't learn a bunch of different factoids about the bridge. you can become a certified bridge experts. you can use your finger to painter bridge yourself. it is code gigi bridge it will be a cool weekend. for list of the golden gate bridge celebration weekend including closures go to cbs as
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set out, and we're posting archival footage of the bridge. the facebook fallout some investors may get their money back. and a rising football star sent to prison for a crime he did not commit.
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stock futures are mixed it this weekend ahead of the big holiday weekend. ashley from money watchdog, joins us now. good morning. tokyo's nikkei monday aimed
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carat hong kong but also lost a fraction. facebook down about $5 from its opening price. blue chips posted a gain from another time this month. early investors of facebook may be getting their money back. morgan stanley will reportedly compensate shareholders who overpaid. shareholders do not know how much they were paying because of a technical glitch opening day. facebook has lost 14 percent as census ipo. what about the time now in keeping law the disputed interest loans interest late so
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low? last night the dead senate defeated the measures backed by each party to extend the rate on stafford loans parent. democrats won the paper this by eight and increase in taxes. plymouth to rule raised in july, and double it from 3% to 6%. the jet nearly was based on administrative leave for organizing a 10,010 conference
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in las vegas. he is no longer with the agency. and a high-school football player is clear at of rape after six years behind bar. as brian biggest he pleaded no contest in the charge of rape rather than risk the 40 year sentence if convicted. now these accuser has recanted her story and the conviction has been exonerated. no one is supposed to go through what i went through but i know that i am here today and i will remain unbroken. banks received a scholarship to unc and says that his accuser, contact him to make
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amends and offered to help to clear its name. we have a cold system that's chopping. you see those clouds beginning to move in. this is a system that stopping around northern california. it is a cold and windy start today. a couple patchy fog out toward the coast line. there is a 20 percent chance of rain drops outside and even a thunderstorm. guess what, we could even probably sees no up in nevada. snow expected at about that 5,000 ft. in south lake tahoe. speaking of snow, maybe as much as 6 in..
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cold air is moving in if you're going camping. very cold conditions. maybe some isolated thunderstorms, the best chance will become an toward the east bay. the weekend is looking fairly nice. 68 in san jose. 70 degrees in concord. warmer temperatures in the holiday. maybe some eighties to mid '80s toward the end of the week. would you hit the road this morning some of our bay area bridges said it is going to be very windy. wind advisories have been issued to the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. it is very windy this morning. dunbar bridge will be completely
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shut down for this memorial day weekend in both directions. that goes under way at 10:00 tonight and all open spec up tuesday morning. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. traffic is light. again the golden gate bridge will be closed sunday night from 9 to midnight. mass-transit reports that there is some construction underway and it will affect some of the me and a lines. so far all services are on time. we'll check back in just a few minutes. the coast guard's has lifted a ban on sail boat races outside the golden gate bridge.
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it gives the colt ahead now to three day race from services go to moderate. it is set to begin today. they had to scrap a departure for the uss iowa because of some bad weather. it is heading to l.a. to become an interactive museum. and a special way to honor our nation's. ♪
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon
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and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. ♪ inclines may be on to something. a study in the new england research says that those forms of birth control or verses and a
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woman that made her get to take a pill every day. the salmon suites suppliers gained the label off of new bags because the makers change the way that a clean it chips. right away i went to my cabin next to see if it were certified dairy and i had to bags, it a better be one good slice of cake. a piece of cake from the roiled wedding was sold at the auction for more than $2,500. the bidding has started at 160 bucks. a special word for veterans at
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the animal care center, can receive a new home. if the need a dog in your in the military you get a free adoption. in the show about the so-called go to guy debuts here on cbs five. dogs in the cities solved the dilemma between humans and each other. facebook shows off some of their pets. this is casey with their territory mr. monkey. and dockside digging holes right, here is jaded joined the sun on the beach there. and michelle obama's dream job,
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of the surprising women that the first lady wants to trade places with. it was coined to take this scene from jumping across the bay to services go. and a fatal shooting involving a hot officer invalid code. what they're planning to do during the 77 hour closure,,,,,,
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officers shoot and kill a robbery suspect in vallejo. will tell you the surprising find they found after they killed him. and will tell you more about


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