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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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know about. the golden gate bridge now celebrating its 75 year of existence storm clouds now rotating in it, could we see rain drops today? will talk about that. some developing news from vallejo. a man is now dead after being shot by police officers. it was on carolina st. and sonoma boulevard. it was near a elementary school. will actually it turns out he was holding a non lethal weapon. those are the details we will tell you about in the second. streets are still blocked off. take a look at what the scene looked like earlier.
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it all started at around midnight when the officers got a call about a cap robbery. when they eat arrived they eat found the suspect and it seemed he was holding a brought up. he held it in the direction of them and they shot him. now what they're doing is they are back here on scene with a san mateo officers on scene to help them because they did not have a crime lab. they will begin to look into what happened here. the streets here are still blocked off. they don't expect him to the it blocked off much soon. to the investigators will
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perform an autopsy of human remains found in pleasanton. they were called the dublin canyon road near rule creek drive where it someone thought it was a peculiar place for a trash can. there is nothing that indicates for sure if it is the body of such it era lamar. cero was last seen her morgan hill home for school on march 16th. garcia-torres' was arrested on monday based on dna evidence from her bag and his car. and the men who confessed to a 19709 murder of a 6 year-old boy, of pates.
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the man apparently told police that he lord the boy into a convenience store where he works and then choked the boy to death. the boy was one of the first boy's pet have his picture appear on a milk carton. and travis was honored yesterday at his church. he died on wednesday when insurgents attacked his patrol with improvised device. it was his first appointment. it started late last night on saratoga avenue and williams road. fire fighters said the building was difficult to ventilate. the dumbarton bridge will be close in the direction of all
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traffic a little closer look at the project. traffic is pretty light here at 6:00 in the morning and that is one of the reasons why there shutting it down on memorial day weekend as opposed to at this is a close the last 77 hours since our sun o'clock tonight. warning of this memorial day weekend kosher runs from fremont to menlo park. they've been doing a lot of prep work so that they could finish the project tonight. a few weeks ago the put a steel plate to across all six lanes. the entire bridge these to be close for the first time for this job. the crews will be cutting across all six lanes to replace a
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seismic joined with a larger expansion joints. it will help the bridge better absorb energy during a sides met adults. is expected to be closed until 5:00 tuesday morning. wind is not helping our live reporters today. we think you get for that. and mean the reporters here are is a look at the many lines that will be affected over the next several days to allow sourced construction crews to make road improvements.
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it is with being. it is the unofficial start to the summer. we could see snow in the that the up to 6 in. as you head into the high country. there is even a chance of showers locally. check it out, a beautiful start to the day. the clouds are rolling in and the winds kicking up. chance of showers of those temperatures staying cool usually in the '60s upper '70s. the good news is we will be dry out for the weekend. we will have your complete holiday forecast coming up. and we've got mobile five out on this get away friday. so far he has not run into any delays.
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jumping over to the bay bridge, and no wind advisories' for the bay bridge. use caution as you work your way across the span. so far metering lights are off and no delays there. winds advisory up for the live in the sierra bridge and the san mateo bridge. we do have some police activity that he mentioned a little while ago. it is blocking roadways, alternates art mere island for sacramento street to get around that mass. and a big birthday bash for the golden gate bridge.
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75 years yawn. elizabeth is at a vista point with a preview of this celebration. not a bad few to wake up to. there have been preparations going on for this big anniversary for a while. the have set up 10 stages are around crissy field. this has been 75 years of existence. we have some pretty cool archival footage of when the bridge was first built in the 1930's. it's hard to believe that not that long ago there was no bridge. what is in store for the celebration, and at the big chevet and will beat the fireworks show at 9:00 p.m. friday night. the best views were told between four. and the marine.
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the caps set off with a boat, parade and live music. there will be no bridge walk. kind of harkening back to the 1937. we are having a golden gate festival. the traffic impact, please do not drive. you can use public transit. there'll be bike parking. please do not drive. we will show you some video footage for that the the it anniversary coming up at 630 commie in the meantime our fog is always the concern. so far they've done this. they have used a high technology
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camera super impose on a sunny cultivate bridge. mike to kiss it photo at the top of the bridge. and they're using fog resistant technology. but so hopefully we could see the fireworks show regardless of the conditions. and for a list of the golden gate bridges 70 fit celebrations including closures just go to our website cbs as f stock comp. on tuesday the alameda council propose a cost to trim
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the police department. it could include closing the city jail. the city faces a $5 million deficit. the dragon is now said to have up with an international space station a little later this morning. it makes it a first private visit to do so. the space station will capture the dragon in capsule with a robot on in i think there is astronauts that are spinning around they're the right now and they are hungry. we will keep track on this and when a doctor who will go back to it. a special delivery, the
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historic meet it in space. and the plan to keep the warriors from heading to the bay. and how $3 could,,,,,,,,
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at stories. they say suspect is dead after the man appeared to turn a weapon on them. it turns out the man was holding a pellet gun. and pedro hernandez said that he choked aid, paves.
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the temporary ban was put on last month after a deadly blow crash near very islands. we don't think the game is over on the warriors are any of the team. one is this but it's not a done deal yet. herbert city is moving forward with the plan of a thousand acre coliseum. they will weigh in on the warriors moved live. stop the market, the city's planning commission is giving the ok for the high-density office. yesterday the commission cleared the way for as many as six new towers here in this city.
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right now is not looking too bad for a busy weekend. lots of closures for this weekend. a live look along 580. we see some very busy conditions on the eastbound side. so far so good. jumping to mobile five, allen brooks is out and about and we are not seeing any delays. the traffic is still very light as you work your way through traffic there. we still have wind advisories' along the benicia bridge and the san mateo bridge. rich men and bridge
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celebrations are in effect this weekend so the bridge will be shut down for a fireworks show starting at 5:00 on sunday night. the dumbarton bridge as well, closed in both directions for road work. we have crowds rotating in and the bear area right now. a good start to your the right now. what a beautiful shot as your sun comes up from the amount back to camp. it will be windy again in the afternoon. temperatures will be well below the average.
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and this low dropping in to california, enough to keep maybe the possibility of a thunderstorm in the bay area. and if he liked to go khamsin a chance of showers in to the sacramento valley. you conceive a chance of up to 6 in. of snow across the sierra nevada. then it looks like things will begin to settle down overnight tonight. temperatures will be way down bowe. '60s inside the bay. maybe low 70's inland. temperatures will stay below average this time of year. the good news just parlayed cloudy skies on saturday and
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clearing up by the time we roll into the week next week. it should stay dry on monday. csu chancellor charles reed is stepping down. the 70 year-old read it has headed the csu campus systems. during his enrollment he says he will continue serving the university's until a replacement is found. people if you go on-line all have to do is donate three bucks cut romney's campaign or enter into a drawing for a dinner with mitt romney and trumpet.
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is 620 right now, she brought smiles to students for half a century. the goodbye to a beloved bay area principal. ♪
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says goodbye to one of its most cherished educators. marion grady is retiring. she is now the principal and she hasn't had it easy. she is legally blind and she moves around the school by
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herself. i choose not to use a cane but someone will see me and a child will go, are you are right mrs. grady ". and we all have our dream jobs even the first lady. but michelle obama shared with people magazine that she would really like to be, beyond say. there is just one problem is obama says she can't sing. she goes on to say that the anser looks like she has a little more fun. she may not be with the same as she can dance. and she is terrific at which she does too. a new reality show takes on doggie dilemmas. it debuts right here on wednesday on cbs by. our facebook friends 1 it's to
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show off some of their dog best. this is molly from dublin, she has our own facebook page. she says on our facebook page that she let steep. coming up the second chance facebook investors are getting for the big ipo flop last week. in looking good for 75, of the birthday bash that scorn to it caused a traffic mass are around the golden gate bridge. and officers are still on seen,,
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we're taking some live pictures right now of these ex of dragon. it is supposed to be docking in just a few minutes. docking in the international space station. it is kind of lake. there is no time caught up in space and they want to be very very careful. a little over 30 ft. away as it stalks it is carrying about half a ton of supplies and instruments for the astronauts that have been spending around the earth for the last couple of months. an unmanned bustle there. we will keep an eye on it.
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we'll go back to it when it finally collapsed it connects. we have some developing news from vallejo where an officer involved shooting has left a suspect said. it is near carolina st. and sonoma boulevard. kate is live with the scene. honestly, it's two mistakes that landed this officer involved shooting. the suspect we're learning is a 53 year-old male that has had prior contact with the police. it ended at this incident. first that suspect tried to rob a cab at the intersection of sonoma and georgia. then he pointed a gun at
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officers and they have little time tariq act and they shot and killed the suspect. it turned out afterwards that they found out he was holding a pellet to spend. and then it was too late. it's just senseless that you see a dead body over there in the road. that's my church, it seems like it's senseless. the cops had to kill somebody, but it's not every day on the news you hear about someone in some town been shot. the coroner's office is now on scene. san mateo county sheriff's is on scene to help because salon road doesn't have their own crime lab to process the evidence.
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it happened near a elementary school and they want to clear it up right before school starts. new information about the suspect, 53 year-old male with prior contact with the police. we will continue to update you as we get more information. back to you. tell me that the coroner's office is trying to identify a body found in a trash can near pleasanton. they were called the dublin of canyon road near royal creek drive by someone who thought it was a strange place for a garbage can. the body appears to be a female but at this point there is nothing that indicates the body is of sierra lamar. and to lean garcia torres was appointed a public defender
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and a year reasserted. he will be arraigned next week. sierra's was last seen leaving home march 16th. police are arrested and tulley net loss was a based on dna evidence in her purse and in his car. 51 year-old pedro reportedly told police that he lord the boy into the basement of the convenience store and then choked the boy to death. f. bates is one of the first children to have his face on the back of a milk carton. and the body of a soldier killed in afghanistan war triumph. he died in his first deployment and he was only 25. the fire started last night
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on saratoga avenue m williams road. firefighters found fire coming from the second floor. the building had a metal roof which makes it very difficult to a polka hole and ventilate. the dumbarton bridge is being shut down for seismic retrofit work. and mackovic is on the dumbarton bridge where work has been going on for nearly two years. they have been going on with this project since 2010. we're looking at a 77 hour closure. it starts at 10 tonight. you might see mornings of the closure from fremont to menlo
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park. but they have been doing a lot of products work. drivers may have noticed in the last few weeks a large still played out across all six lanes. that has allowed workers to get in under need the bridge. they are replacing a 18 in. seismic joined with one twice its size that will allow the bridge to move more in case of the earthquake. it is said to be finish at pent- up then the of 2013. there is a chance that they could be done early and we will keep you posted on our website. more transit challenges for
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anyone who relies on light rail and bus lines in san francisco. starting tonight transit routes will be routed for road work. they are in urging people to work from home or ride a bike if possible. we are talking snow in the sierra us, and maybe 6 in. of snow. if you're going to camp, and be prepared because we have some scattered showers heading toward the afternoon. if you're headed out the door right now you have a couple clouds moving on through right now.
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temperatures are cool. as we head into the afternoon the temperatures are going to be down. '60s in the south bay. some '70s and worn spots in land. more on your holiday forecast coming up. check out the road. there are wind advisories for the lebanese and and san mateo bridge is. northbound lanes are still open but southbound use an alternate. carolina streak and sonoma and is aware that is happening but there are other closures because of that.
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use mayor ireland or broadway street takes as an alternate. it is really big, is really large and is celebrating its 75th birthday this weekend. the golden gate bridge. tens of thousands of people are expected to turn out for a festival and a fire work. could morning. it is very orange. international orange is the official color of the golden gate bridge. the big to do, and it is the big fireworks show on sunday night at 930. some fireworks will be set off at the bridge. dogs putting this together promise that it will allow you. they're going to be different celebrations are around the day.
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depending on the weather we are expecting thousands of people. maybe we'll have a hundred thousand people, it is really hard to estimate. please don't drive is what they're saying. you'd use mass transit, walk, bike. there will be free bicycle parking. we have some video to show you of that. this is from 1987, you could see hundreds and thousands of people crowding the bridge. it's a little, but no danger to the people. there are concerns over terrorism so they're not doing the bridge walk this year. the celebration this year is going high-tech, yes there is the for that.
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you could learn cold endgate bridge facts. you can become a certified experts if you look through this. if you put your finger over the bridge you could even painted yellow and black. the bridge was almost painted yellow and black of the navy had their way. we like there international orange. damage control, the refunds for people that bought facebook stock last week. and the fight over the words that would have adlai e. in the hot seats. it we are up and so is the stock market we will crush,,
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we've got rain we got snow, happy memorial day. we've got some chance for snow in the mountains not just a little but a lot and the high country. you could see some clouds over the city of san francisco. there is a 20 percent chance that we could see some showers here locally. maybe some thunderstorm south. this flow is dropping into the bay area, not a lot of moisture but holding together enough that we may be able to squeeze out some raindrops. if you are headed into the high country, it looks like this may
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be 6 in. of snow. winds of 45 mi. per hour so be prepared for some winter like conditions if you're headed in that direction. some scattered showers are popping up. they will be hit and miss. it looks like tonight things will calm down around the bay area. temperatures are born to stay cool, maybe some low 70's. the holiday weekend is looking good, high pressure will be you building in. the startup with some good news this morning. a live look out at the toll plaza, no metering lights. traffic is doing ok right now. later on is expected to be very busy as folks had out of the bay area for a busy traffic weekend. denise the bridge and san
6:47 am
mateo bridge, it wind advisory is still in the fact there. mass transit is always answer to avoid problems. a strain, no service will be any effect. here is a live looked at the golden gate bridge. we've seen some windy conditions but no official when the advisory. once you get to the bridge, no problems. dunham barton bridge is closed in both directions memorial day weekend. you might get some money back if you invested in the specs ipo. it jason's brooks is here to talk about that. you have to be one of the select few to get that money
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back. thousands of morgan stanley clients could get some money back if the company thinks that they overpaid when the stock debut did on friday. that criticism mounting against morgan stanley and investigators looking into that. apple's ceo tim cook doing something you don't typically see. turned down $75 million dividend for apple employees. don't feel bad for him, he hasn't taken the poverty or anything like that he's still making 73 million in stock compensation from last year. at the moment the dow is lowered by 20 points while the nasdaq is
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up by two. facebook is down one and a half percent. it's become a battle of the bay over the golden state warriors. jean quan says don't count o glenn out yet. i'm going to welcome in that competition. i think we have the best idea for it. it they have been odds just as we've been since we've made the announcement. i think we've got a beautiful sights and a beautiful proposition here.
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we are looking for to this great opportunity to bring the warriors' home. they've been the various team for 40 years. we are excited about bringing them home if he can. did you send jean epirus and say sorry for stealing her team? i think we have of opportunity to have them in an even better than you and a experience for their fans. we're excited to build a cultural center and that's what we intend to do. will they be called the golden state warriors or will they be called the san francisco's state warriors?
6:51 am
we have never had a discussion about the name because right now we think that the necessary test discuss. i'm fine with the name because it emphasizes the bay area it. mayor ed lee hopes to involve us be known as the known as the warriors day venue is ever cisco. merely have this question
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for you, what do you say to all the fans that are angry about the golden state warriors leaving? you're going to have a lot of fun, you will come to san francisco to view it regardless of where you are. they did a study in put a pullout there and that people in the east bay like the idea. they want to come to a waterfront arena hangout at the game. jean quan should get season tickets. there is no way any investor would produce a team at this site unless it made financial sense. the golden gate bridge,
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a officer involved shooting in vallejo. police fired five shots after the suspect appeared to point a gun at officers. the suspect weapon turned out to be a pellet gun. will the finally connected. it was supposed to connect a ron 5:00 but had a little sensor problems on board. they finally connected about a minute ago. they are carrying about a half tons of supplies for the astronauts. it will be the first-ever privately owned space station to dock with nasa. a big anniversary weekend for the bridge that starting 75 years old. the golden gate bridge.
6:58 am
it is going to be huge. they aren't sure of how many people to expect. bottom line, it's going to be really crowded across the 70 golden gate bridge. it was the bridge built against all odds. its celebrating its big birthday. the big fireworks show sunday night at 930. there is going to be a huge traffic impact. there will be no public parking allowed around here including the presidio and crissy field. you are encouraged see what am bike. no cards will be allowed to cross this band around the fire work show. the sidewalks will be close to
6:59 am
pedestrian seoul earlier than that. it is kicking up around the bay area right now. we are seeing some windy conditions and chances for scattered showers. it is 58 and '60s are around toward the coast line. maybe a isolated thunderstorm. but things tri-tip as we head into the weekend. let's head straight to the bridge. no at wind advisories for the bay bridge but not the case for the benicia and san mateo bridge. there are some unique closures going under way tonight starting at 7:00. dunbarton and bridge also shut down this weekend. mo


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