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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  May 25, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> >> you were watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> hello everyone in good afternoon. >> in case you have not heard, san fransisco is doing some celebrating this memorial day weekend. a little party going with the city during up for a big 75th birthday bash. typically that is the diamond anniversary but ann mackovic shows us that here in san
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fransisco it is all old. >> that is right. the gorges bridge behind me, it almost looks surreal sometimes in the sun shined. celebrating a 75th birthday this weekend with a ceremony this morning. >> san fransisco ♪ open your golden gate ♪ >> and iconic song from beach blanket babylon at this dedication ceremony to kick off a weekend of anniversary celebrations including a ribbon cutting at one of several new visitor centers on the san fransisco side of the bridge. now, a lot of the attendees were wearing some form of orange in honor of the bridge to. international orange. the golden gate bridge is a national landmark and national park posting 9 million visitors from around the world. governor jerry brown spoke today and name to may 27th golden gate bridge day. and also took the opportunity to
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get political. >> people say we cannot afford it. you have to question that. because when we could not afford it, we built great monuments. great expressions of courage, that is what this bridge represents. >> for san fransisco, and the bay area, this bridge is a faithful companion. for californians, of course it is a source of great pride and a symbol of who we are, the golden gateway. >> the bridge opening ceremony lasted a week and began a 27th 1937. the next big celebration 50 years later there was a bridge walk and there were so many people actually sank 7 ft. under the weight. so they're not want to try that again this year. in fact they will have a big party instead with a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge. there's a festival going on in really green. the bridge will be closed to pedestrians from 6:00 until
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10:00 and two cars from 9:00 until 10:00 p.m. for a big fireworks show at 9:30 p.m.. you can find more about the celebration on >> thank you so much. the 75th anniversary weekend celebrations include closures around the bridge. to learn more go to and we have posted great archival footage. you saw some of that on the bridge. check out. >> do not forget the dumbarton bridge will be close this weekend. crews doing seismic retrofit work as part of an $60 million upgrade project. the bridge will be closed and 10:00 tonight until 5:00 tuesday morning and to get across the bay were going to need to take the san mateo bridge or go round highway 237. well it is not just the drivers will be dealing with the stores this weekend. muni will be quite the master
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read several lines will be shut down for rogue wave or track work. it will take 10 days for that and during that time the train will not run at all, there will be limited service on the jade church line and rerouting on the one to fill more. >> oakland police today talked up a technological tool that they're now using to find where gunfire is coming from. part of a response to a number of complaints that police are not doing enough to fight violent crime. as capable parent tells us, officials say that the witnesses are still very important. >> the oakland police department showing off its new collection. thanks to officers these guns are off of the streets and more criminals are behind bars. >> violent crime and safety of the committee are a priority in this organization. >> oakton please wants to change this. those are sounds of shots spotter. >> it is the innovative acoustic technology that has been strategically placed throughout the city to capture gun shy
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noises as they are done. >> the technology allows them to pinpoint the location of shops within seats. owen was one of the first cities to use this at a technology. it censors cover 6 mi. of the city. the newest backs that allows officers to be notified within 45 seconds of a shot fired. as recorded thousands of shots in the area but only 30 percent of those shots are reported by neighbors. >> we're hoping that the public sees that there is another way for them to get involved, that there is some confidence in the fact that we're taking these gunshot calls seriously and that this really impacts their community. >> both oak lawn police and the mayor know that technology can only go so far. >> nothing replaces a citizen confirming that they have seen someone with a gun, or that they have heard a gunshot. >> the city hopes to expand the program, looking for federal grants to cover more ground to the city and the police know that relying on sensors is not as important as relying on
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neighbors trust. an oakland, cate caugurian, cbs 5. >> police in vallejo shot and killed an attempted robbery suspect that they say pointed a weapon at them. it happened shortly after midnight on sonoma boulevard. officers tried to stop a man that turned to pull out what looked like a gun and pointed at them. then they opened fire and nearby residents are now troubled. >> it is senseless. i mean, you see a dead body over there on the road. and that is my church. it just seems like it is senseless. you know, the cops had to kill someone. >> the 53 year-old suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and investigators later discovered that the weapon the suspect had was actually a nonlethal pellet gun. later today the alameda county coroner will do an autopsy on the body of an adult woman found in a garbage can. police made the discovery yesterday on a road that runs parallel to interstate 580 near the stone ridge mall.
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the found the remains inside of a 45 gal. container that had been placed in since robbery. police have not yet determined the woman's identity or her age. >> exactly 33 years to the day since a boy disappeared and now i suspect is due in court. the six year-old manhattan boy banished in 1979 while he was walking toolto school bus. a man admitted that he lured the boy into the family store and strangled him enter the body of with the trash but the confession may not be enough for a conviction. >> and jury wants to see evidence beyond that, especially if the defendant's lawyer will challenge that convention saying the klein is mentally ill and that he made it up. >> hernandez is expected to be first with second-degree murder but right now there is no forensic evidence that links him to that case. a 24 year-old canadian man in federal custody after rushing the cockpit of an american airlines flight from jamaica to miami. here you can see a man being
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transferred from a police cruiser to a white van at miami international airport. the fbi says the incident was not terrorism related. well, it is the unofficial start to summer. what do you need to know to prepare for the big weekend rush? >> george clooney made it but that is not all. the sexy men over 50 list is out. >> and politics can sure be rough. like this were flying at this parliament meeting, coming up. >> i am a cbs 5 weather center where we're seeing snow in the sierra nevada and get a chance of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> take a look at this, a
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scuffle broke out in the ukrainian parliament. the violence happened yesterday as deputies debated a bill that would allow the official use of the russian language in some parts of ukraine. the country's president supports it but opponents want to assert independence from russia. >> the man behind a lavish general services administration conference in las vegas has left the agency. he was pleased on administrative leave in march for his part in an organization of a 2010 conference that cost taxpayers 800,000 hollers. an inspector general's investigation found at the conference was nothing more than a huge waste of money. >> it could get more difficult for low-income students to go to college in california. under the governor's revised budget plan, fewer students who qualify for a grant and those that do qualify might get less money. the chronicle reports that the governor wants to tie the states' grants to federal pell grants and that would limit the amounts that some students could get.
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time is running out for lawmaker's to keep a copy student loan interest rate at its current level. last night the senate defeated two measures, one backed by each party, to extend the rate on stafford loans. without congressional action that rate would double in july to 6.8%. well, they're out with a list of the most taxing men over 50. >> former secretary of state colin powell makes the list. he is 75 and in the club. george clooney is an actor and human-rights activists. former utah governor john huntsman is also there. jon bon jovi just turned 50 in march. and you agree with that? >> yes. >> just a few of the 21 men named this year. they are judged by their physical appearance, sense of heart. >> and they're cute ... >> struggle may soon be over, how they finally solve the catch up bottle conundrum.
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>> but first, success, a rendezvous that in 250 mi. above earth. >> around the bay area today it could be a very active afternoon.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a big milestone in a new era of commercial space flight, this rocket has docked with the international space station. a capsule launched tuesday from cape canaveral floridflorida at
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carrying food and clothing. if everything goes well, they will open the hatch tomorrow. busy travel weekend ahead, 35 million americans expected to hit the road over the big memorial day weekend. >> aaa says that is up 12% from 2011. a gallon of gasoline is down 20¢ compared to last year but a third of those surveyed say that prices are high enough that they still need to cut back in other areas. many plan to stay in a more cheap hotel or with relatives during their vacation. >> they are economizing hostile choosing to travel and one was to do that is to take shorter trips. >> when it comes to air travel aaa says that air fare is 7 percent cheaper than last year but despite that, fewer people will travel by air. >> we are going to have a slow start weather wise but i'm told by a good source that the weather looks pretty good? >> the unofficial beginning of summer is good. and it is not looking like it right now. but if you have snow showing up in the mountains right now, can
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you believe that? not just a dusting but some honest to god snow coming down. can you believe it? the sierra nevada seeing maybe 6 in. of snow on the ground today. i know a lot of people like to go there and do some camping. we just checked in at lake tahoe, they're seeing it at the lake level. high-definition doppler radar showing things picking up. we have seen cells making their way into parts of the east bay. this one was looking pretty good for a while. some of these cells will intensify into the afternoon and become more widely spread. the possibility of isolated thunderstorms and be prepared, it could be a wild afternoon as those clouds are just beginning to build over parts of the east bay hills. more of that this afternoon. sumter's now 63 degrees in concord and 64 in santa rosa and 56 degrees in san jose. we're expecting the possibility of thunderstorms developing throughout the afternoon hours and the windy conditions also. but the weekend, here's the good news. looking good, should be dry with
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a slow warming. the low rotating down the state of california. you see all that snow piling up in the sierra nevada. a fairly dry system by the time it gets your but there's a chance of more rain on the way as we had throughout the afternoon. a low drops through the high- pressure sneaking in over the weekend. if you have travel plans to date could be wet outside. you're traveling in the sierra nevada you are looking at temperatures very cool in the '40's and '50's there for the highs but lots of snow showing up across the high country. winter weather advisory at 6,000 ft. we could see a half a foot of snow. the snow level dropping all down to 5,000 ft.. anywhere over the past today, we have snow, in your direction. things sticking up into the afternoon and then overnight tonight's starting to settle down just a little bit. and then is to look to tomorrow we will see more clearing around the bay area. more sunshine makes a return. about 70 degrees on the warm and in concord and 60 in pacifica. 62 in san fransisco and the next couple days, the big holiday
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weekend. the official beginning of summer. finally starting to feel more like spring as we get into the latter part of the weekend. snow in the sierra nevada, and half a foot. be careful if your head in that direction. >> thankyou. well, for countless job-seekers technology is the key to a top- notch career. and as a share on reports, this week's jefferson award winner is making sure that everyone has a chance to acquire all the right skills. >> spending years working in retail and banking, but when she was laid off she wanted a more stable career, so she studied information technology. >> it was all foreign to me. >> as a technology specialist she supports four children building computers and troubleshooting problems. >> you have to face what you want, you have to have faith and courage and belief in yourself. >> for success she credits this bestride center and the executive director.
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for the last eight years, barry has led the oakland base stride center offering classes on five campuses that prepare low-income students for financially successful careers in information technology. >> usually students on say to me " thank you for those technical skills ". they say " thanks i have hope now, i have a path and a direction that can sustain me and my family " and that is what it is all about. >> he says those that complete the program are 60 percent more likely to get a job and 75% if they earned a second cert. of the four and 50 students each year 75 get paid internships, the center itself offers internships through their store. interns repair and refurbish computers and supply technology support. >> if they have work experiences through one of our businesses than thetheir likelihood of getting a job goes up 90%. >> his last job was in food preparation and now he is about
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to graduate from the stride center to pursue a career in the video-game industry. >> they really believe in me and it feels so good to know that the staff is behind you. >> he supervises three stride center all night including danielson and says the graduates are well-prepared for a professional career thanks to barry's leadership. >> he has a good heart, he knows when people are in need, but instead of just a handout, he gives these people some skills. >> barre himself has spent 25 years as a high-tech executives. but when he first started he was a single father who received support from others, and today his mission is to give back. >> i want to be the hand that says " if you want to do this we will help you do this call. so for help students make strides into high-tech careers, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to bury half away. >> if you'd like to look into training at the center use the
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links on, click on the connects button at the top of,,, ,,,,,,,,
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>> today at tony's table we will make a simple cost but using these noodles. very large noodles that are becoming popular in the states.
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italian parsley, when you buy it make sure that it is nice and green all around. the bigger the leaves the better. and make sure to take off the stem because it will make them better. so try to remove them. a little bit of work but it is worth it. when you bring it home flooded into the refrigerator right away. open up the bags of that they can breed. we took the pulse and took it down and then added all oil, tomatoes, and salami. any type of sausage you can use to make a sauce. adding a little bit of toss the water and turning up the heat. to absorb the liquid we will add to different kinds of cheeses. a woodpecker reno romano and parmesan. now we at flat leaf parsley. a little bit of red pepper flakes to give it speiss, and a little bit of regular pepper, and a little bit of salt, but not too much. this pasta with tomatoes and parsley. i am tony tantillo, and this is
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tony's table. >> that looks so good. >> i wish to table was right here. >> at 5:00, a burger king has a that you have never heard about. the grill brush. >> the dangers of the grill brushed have sent some people to hospital. that is coming up tonight at 5:00. but first, the national nightmare is over. >> at last technology has caught up with catch up. >> look at that things slide! amazing! >> there you go. the mechanical engineering students at mit have come up with a super slippery coating that makes anything from catch up to manas, practically leaped out of the bottle. they call it liquid collide. >> it works on everything that we have tried so far. glass, different types of plastic, metal. >> this is stuff that people already eat in some foods. it is perfectly safe.
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>> these students are already talking to food companies and have also applied for patents. they even have a slogan " liquid glide, let it slide ". >> every year when i was a youngster my parents would wrap up a bottle of ketchup for me and i would on rapid. >> don't think come in bottles that you can squeeze? >> but you never get it all the way out. >> that will do for the cbs 5
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